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When Sickness Comes
When your doctor is called in, the next call is
on the druggist.
To your druggist is entrusted the responsibil
ity of seeing that the remedies prescribed are
carefully prepared, fresh and pure, and of the
required quality.
The one great big aim of our house is accuracy
in prescriptions. We permit NOTHING to inter
fere with this, and use every possible effort to
safeguard your health.
Are we your druggist? If not, may we not be?
Local Items
Brief Mention of Local and Personal
Happenings of The Week.
The EramLeader.
Fnklinton, La., March 18, 1920.
"ks, J, E. Bateman was a
'rescent City visitor last week.
Robert Magee came down from
ackson and spent the week-end
"Miss Ruby Holmes of Tyler
n was a Sunday guest of Mrs.
E. Bickham,
rs. G. W. Goodbee visited
and Mrs. Houston Wood at
usa Saturday.
sale-Tested seed corn,
ra grown.
Burris Bros., Ltd.
ey J. Vol Brock an8 Dr.
ith spent the first of
inAmite in attendance
ict court.
E. Wood was greatly
in bealth by her thl ee
tay at the V'ern hotel
turday for her New
ale--One eight wheel log
four mules and all bar.
Complete. Also five good
and four young mares.
H. J. Smith's Sons,
Covington, La.
nator Johnson, after contin
weakness from his recent
of flu left Sunday for
r Wells for a week's per.
S k is arriving daily at
to which we will take
orne in displaying at any
Beard & Thompson.
r. C. Doremus of Bogalusa,
the guest of his son, Mr.
n Doremus, during part of
week and enjoyed cordial
ngs of the friends among
he lived in former years.
A. D. Wood slipped on
ddy street Thursday night
falling sustained a com
acture of the right fore
broken bones tearing
flesh and making a pain
This is the second
Wood has had the
e of breaking this arm.
-Why not clean and re
e stained and blackened
nes and make them look
with 0. K. Cleaning
d. Also excellent for
and polishing silver
minum and metal goods
Guaranteed to do
med for it.
drug store, pdce one
s 50 cents, or from
On receipt of price.
mail add postage.
bn each package. Put
Novelty Company,
B'rfalkiu~op, Z.1
K. I. Bean of Bogalusa, spent
SMonday here.
P. E. Greenlaw left Monday
for a weeks business trip to the
SCrescent City,
Houston Wood has returned
to the employment of the Rail.
road, and left this week with his
family for Houston Texas.
Hats and dresses showing all
the beauties of spring. Models
to suit every style.
Beard & Thompson.
Misses Edith and Ernestine
Wood left last week for Wash.
ington D. C. where they go in
the employ of the census bureau.
Rev. J. A. McCormack is visit
ing Franklinton friends th s
week and is scheduled to preach
at 7 P. M, Wednesday in the
Methodist church.
Tom Bablngton resigned his
position with the Washington
Bank and Trust Co., at Bogalusa
to take charge of the books of
Babington Drug Store.
Joe 'F. Magee has returned
very much benefitted from a
week spent in the Bogalusa hos
pital where he underwent opera
tion for a growth in his nose.
Miss Sarah Williamson, who
won such wide popularity here
during her three terms of ser.
vice on the Franklinton High
School faculty, is delighting her
Franklinton friends with a
week's visit while her Brook
haven school is closed down on
account of influenza.
Mrs. 1, B. Magee was called
in haste Tuesday to the bedside
of her daughter, Miss Ruth Ma
gee at Whitworth College who
had developed bronchial pneu
monia and was pronounced in a
serious condition. Since Mrs.
Magee's arrival in Brookhaven
she reports the young lady as
decidedly improved, to the re
lief and joy of the anxious friends
here, 4
._ t
Notice, a
Nutice is hereby given that on
the 23rd day of February A. D.
1920, Brock Mercantile Compa
ny, Limited, was dissolved, 0. E.
Brock taking over all the assets e
and assuming all the liabilities a
of the said Corporation. t
Brock Mercantile Co., Ltd.
O. E. Brock. t
We have papers for the follow
ing from the War Department,
Adjutant Office:
Mrs. W. N. Passman,
Mrs. Samantha Morris, t
Mrs. Rebecca Givings, t
J. W. Carter, a
Monroe James,
Hannah Mf. Galloway,
Millie Jones,
Jim Williams,
Charles Fortinberry, r
Mary Conerly,
Thomas B. Conerley,
Mrs Mary Butler,
We would thank you to call
for same when in Franklinton. y
Washington Bank st Trust Co.
A. E. Hood was a business
vistor to the Crescent City Tues
Rev. J. A. McCormack visited
Franklinton friends this week,
being a guest in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Burris.
Get A Hilt Free.
To the one wno purchases
watermelon seed of us and brings
in to the store the largest melon
raised from said seed, we will
give as a prize, one man's hat.
The Babington Store, Inc. t
Read This.
The Rescue Fire Company had
an enthusiastic meeting Monday e
night. The organizstion was
completed; they will take part G
in a body with the school parade
at 9 A. M. next Monday,
If a tire breaks out, night or d
day, ring the Methodist church
bell a long time, and just as fast F
as you can, the mill whistle will is
iy also sound the alarm. to
e Phone E. L. Magee [ire Chief, vi
No. 82, Quick Service Garage, pi
d No. 11, and the Mill No. 19. tip
1- You can see the equipment at fr
s Motor Sales and Service Co.
Hybrids Selected by Louisiana Experi. ar
ment Station Resist Wilt m
Tomato varieties show a remark. cb
able difference in regard to their re.- So
siStance to the tomato wilt disease, jo
according to C. W. Edgerton, plant
pathologist, Experiment Station,
3 Louisiana State University. Some in,
Svarieties are affected very severely by
and in badly contaminated soil pro- th
duce almost nothing. Other varieties th
will grow and produce a fair crop on i
the worst infected ground. gr
The experiments which have been In
conducted at the Experiment Station
during the past few years have given an
us an idea of the effect of the wilt on
some of our common tomato varieties. M
The varieties may be grouped as da
Varieties which are very susceptible
to the wilt and will produce only a Th
small amount of fruit on badly in- an
fected soil: Stone, Bonny Best,
Chalk's Early Jewel, Acme.
Varieties which show some resist- bu
ance and will generally produce a part Vic
of a crop on badly infected soil be
fore they are killed by the wilt:
Earliana, June Pink, Manyfold, Ar. ohi
lington, Columbia. nit
Varieties which show considerable y
resistance and will generally produce
a fair crop on badly infected soil: er
Hybrids selected by the Louslana grc
Experiment Station, Norton, Marvel, ow
Of all the varieties that have been
tried, the Stone is the most suscept
ible to the wilt and produces the Car
poorest crop on badly infected soil. hol
This variety cannot be grown satis
factorily in those sections where the
wilt is bad. r
Farmers Beg Cotton-Club Boys to
Sell Seed.
The outstanding feature of club
work in this parish was the yield
made by members of the boys' cotton
club, reports Felix Dabadle, agent in 2
Evangeline Parish. The average was Im
461 pouinds of lint cotton to the acre, old
the yields ranging from 300 pounds
to 610 pounds. The boys' cotton was all
all ginned on the same day and on lug
the same cleaned gin. It was inter- old
eating to note that many farmers
were at the gin begging the boys to to1
sell them cotton seed for planting. 8t0(
at 1
"A county agent is a farmer train- auc
ed to serve his rural people as an Ma:
apostle of the high ideals of living,
the industry and the profession of gy
farming, and as a promoter of what- So S
evet will make for the welfare of
the individuals, communities and
states." This definition won a prize
in North Carolina. At
tThe Sport of Kings."
A mantle of rich silk or cloth ap
pears to have been the usual prize for
horse radng in the fourteenth cen- j
tury; bells and gold snaffes were run
for in the fifteenth century; cups grad
ually came into fashion in the siz*
teenth century. Racing colors of silk
and satin seem to have been in use in
Heary the Eighth's reign,
Shoe Repairer, E
For first class shoe repairing II
send yonr shoes to
Bogalses Shoe Surgery, See
Bogalusa, La. Wh4
Help your government and
yourselt at the same time--buy
War Savinag Stampn 0:
esS Prograli1.
Opening week Franklinton's
ted Clean-up and Paint-up Cam.
ek, paign, March 19.27.
d ., Friday 7:30 P. M. Pageant and
Mass Meeting at School House.
Saturday, Preparation Day.
Get tools ready. Lay plans.
Sunday, Sermon on the Godli
ness of order and beauty. Special
es talks in young peoples societies.
gs Monday, 9:00 A. M. School
on Parade. School D)ismissed for Va
Ill cant lot and Public Building
cleaning. In homes, fire preven
tion day. Clean closete and all
dark corners of accumulated
Tuesday, Clean housue day.
ad Wash windllows, scrub IIntl( sun I
Ly everything.4
as Wednesday, Back yarnl lay.
rt Get old cans, hottles ajnd ruhbbish
e of all kinds ready for oily wagon. 4
Scatter lime, repair fenoc's, tear
Dr down ugly, unus'ed out houses,
:h Thursday. Front yard day,
st Fence chickens out, plant flowers
ill in borders and beds, leave cen -
ter open for grass plots. Plant
f, vines to hide ugly places, plant
e, privet hedges to hide open founda.
tions. Gather up waste wood in
it front streets.
Friday, Fly, Mosquito, Rat and
Roach Day. Fight these pest,
clean up breeding places, fix
bruken screens.
Saturday, Paint-up Day Paint
1. and white-wash inside and out as
much as possible.
Sunday, Everybody go to
church for special prayers and
. songs of Thanksgiving and Re
, joicing.
t Sometime during the follow'lw
e ing w -ek will be inspection day
Y by Dr- Dowling or a member of
s the State Board of Health. Corin.
Sinaunity picnic dinner on School
grounds, and address by visiting
a Inspector. Exact date will be
Sannounced later.
n Drains and streets to be cleaned
I. Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
* Rubbish hauled North End,
. Thusday; Central District Friday,
and South End, Saturday.
Business houses and public
Sbuildings apply preigram to indi
t vidual needs.
Two loving cups will be put.
chased and owned by the comnmu.
nity. These will bs presented 4
yearly during the Fair to the own. 4
er of the premises showing the 4
greatest improvement, and to the 4
owner of the most attractive (
Both public and private plhces 4
can compete for the honcr of (
holding the loving cups. 4
Please keep this program. 4
The whistles will announce .
each morning that the days pro- 4
gram is on.
*--------------.--, .
For Sale. 4
20 tead of ma'es, horses and
mules; 12 head mares 4 to 6 years
old weighing from 1,000 to 1,300,
all broke; 3 mare mules weigh
ing from 750 pounds, four yearsa
old; 3 mules weighing from 900
to 1,100. In order .to close this
stook out I will sell these 20 head
at cost. I will also sell at public
auction on Saturday afternoon,
March 20, one Ford Car, one bug
gy and harness, one saddle, al
so a number of horses.
Frank Howard.
A few of .
the reasons Why
You should buy
your glasses from
L. L. Parker I
of Tylertown, Mise.
Better Fitted-4
Every Pair Guaranteed
and-A Home Man.
comeS March 22
One Day Only.
Oroee over Beard A Thompson's
YiaklatIRW, 14
Babington's Drug Store
SOldest Drug Store in Washington Parish.
Pure Drugs Potent Drugs
Leading Patent and Proprietary Medicines
Rexall Remedies--Satisfaction guaranteed or money back
Toilet Articles Rubber Goods
And the Latest and Best in Stationery
Kodaks and Kodak Supplies. Leading Magazines For Sale
Fresh Candies and Delicious Soft Drinks
SAgents for the AEOLlAN-VOCAIlON Phonographs.
S We Take Subscriptions For Any Magazine
or Newspaper.
** ...............,,,,.,,.,,,,··~~~
Safety and Service.
The directors and officers of this bank are
men who are well known--have a reputation for
fair-dealing and stand for the uplifting of the
community. They have made a success of their
own business enterprises, and are giving the
same attention to the bank's affairs as to their
own. The conservative and careful manage
ment of the bank's affairs assures you of safety.
The completeness of the service rendered by
this bank, the absolute protection of all funds
deposited in its custody, and the courtesy of the
management are largely responsible for the
steady growth of the institution. Come in and
talk over your banking problems with us.
We pay 4 per cent interest per annum on
time deposits. Banking hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
B. E. Bickham
0 Veribest Tripe
S Larg can--- 35c
S Queen Quality Flour
f In wood, per bbl----- $14.00
Pine Top Horse Feed $29
Single sack . $--- - 290
(Less in quantity.)
N'ccoa Nut Margarine
Per lb-- --------------- 45
f (Good as Cbuntry Butter.)
S Stone's Cakes
f Fresh Thursday's-each- - - 20c
Nice Line of Fresh Candy.
"Quality, Weight Price and Service."
B. E. Bickhami
SM*** Q*******.*....*444444
o Highest Grade and Most Practical
Courses in Business, in Shorthand and
in English. Best Equipments. Un*
;- equaled Facilities. Complete College
SHOULD BE EDUCATED t Bank. Only School with Actul 'Store,
TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES and Actual Money in which studenits
keep the books and balance cash.
Speelal accommodations for ladies. Personal instruction.
No asreprsentation to secure patreas. Graduates in seneral demand
kwh adi pius le ai ", 1 0_0. Ca.OUKI5 A ONS

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