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$1.50 Per Year. Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton. $i.50 Per Y
... .. . . - - . .. .. .. . . .
ster Suit Filed Against a
Sheriff. a
The community in general,
th whatever side of the political b
ntroversy alligned, have been (
ry much wrought up over the F
-jling of a suit against Sheriff c
.Bateman to disqualify him for
i"olding the office to which he was
elected in the recent primary.
The suit was brought by the
following voters: J. P. Wood, 0
A. D. Kemp, J. J. Miller, J. P. a
Seal, W. A. Brooks, B. M. Fisher, t
A. Carrier, O. P. Mizell, W. W. P
Rawle, S. J. Reviere, Chas. L. h
;Seal, Lee Ezell, Thos. H. Rainey, P
J. Crawford, Bolivar M. Reviere, b
Lester M. Corkern, J. R. Sohil. s
ling, Sam F. Galloway, Elton h
Magee, A. L. Talley, C. C. Adams Ih
D. C. Wood, W.W. Adams, A. B. c
Moore, R. E. Keaton, John t,
Brooks, F. M. McAdams, C. J. C'
~Elliott, W. L. Adams, J. E. d
_.Pierce, J. M. McClendon, H. A. a
nnedy, J. W. Seal, T. P. tl
ee, Joe. D. Seal, M. L. Seal, E
F; ortinberry, Jesse Hunt, a
IrIlitheat, J. T. Byrd, J. H. e
iB . E. Moore, W. F. Mc. C
Geh.e,iC. Fred Magee and J..B.
Talleywhe make the following b
charge against him. P
T1the failed to file an ex 0o
penes aooount for the second t
That his expense account for
for the first primary was false, in.
nreat and not in accordance
SAct. 213 of 1912.
That he paid by way of cam
expenditures to Geoe. W. g
ado,'; sum not less than
00 for transportation and
oe in primary.
t he sent to J. P. Parker,
. An unknown amount
Bankston, Abner C. Pen.
m. P. Bullooh, J.C. Green, e
Booty, Willie Fuesell and
8nell for the purpose of
ring votes.
e h gave Claibe Jenkin a
to buy votes with and that a
JieLns did buy the votes c
f. i, .night, Jimmie Knight,
MuleyMcCain, and Cushalo
,qt $5.00 each.
paid Wiley Creel $20.00
f0otr.db iand assistance. Paid
leg. $50.00 for his vote
ce. Paid C. C. Welchb
$ash and offered through
b Ept. L. Magee,toap 0
i jailor for his support
he offered Leon A. Siam
[ tte year 1919, amounting to
b tQ~5Ooure his vote,
atPh t ed H. J. Stafford
S .00 for his vote. That he offer.
a~S Eugene Fuesellan unknown
sum of money for his vote. That
jhe offered Joe Kennedy $100.00
for'W, vote and support. That t
he ofer-d Doe 8eal $150.00 for 1
i hi vote and support. That
offtered Enoch Kennedy an un.
wn amount for his vote and
it. That he paid Robert
an unknown amount for his
That James A. Magee act
or him and with his know
, offered E. D. Sheridan
.00 to solicit votes for him.
Whit Magee, acting for
, offered Elton Magee an un
wn amount for his support.
Sin addition to the violation
id Act 213 alleged above the
J. E. Bateman personally
his repreeentatives acting
his knowledge and consent
t funds furnished by him,
.many other voters and
- other sums of money
ptly infiuenoe votes,.
pition olose with a pray.
ae the nomination of Ja*- I
Batemans anua led;and
a ljuda.d4 ineligible to
t and S. Reid, Ponder and Ponder
and M. I. Varnado, as attorneys
for Plaintiffs.
Mr. Bateman will be represented
by Ott & Johnson and 0. H.
Carter of the local bar, Harvey
E. Ellis of Covington, and St.
Clair Adams of New Orleans.
Enthusiastic Street Parade.
B On Monday morning at 9
o'clock sharp according to pre
arranged schedule, a parade in
the interest of the clean-up cam
paign, formed at the school
house and marched thrn the
principal streets, the spectators
being assembled on court house
square. The line of march was
headed by two immense Christ
ian and U. S. flags, after which
came fire chief, E. L. ,Mhgee at
the head of his volunteer fire
company in uniform and colors
drawing the chemical engine
and new fire-fighting equipment,
the firemen's mascot, little B. E.
Bickham, Jr, excited much com
ment as he boldly rode the fire
engine to bring luck to the new
In time with Burt Brock's big S
bass drum, an immense clean-up,
paint-up banner was held aloft
over Prof. Covington and his
teachers with their line of 400 a'
school children in costume,which m
was striking and inspirational.
Some of the most noticeable p'
features were the gold dust twins o
in their black tights with yellow ei
skirts and head rags, carrying PI
gold dust and mops for cleaning
suggestions. The twins were
followed by their brigade with
mops and tin pails. The old lady
in wrapper, apron and bonnet, m
with brush and package, the el
Dutch cleanser trade mark, head
ed a large following, in aprons la
carrying scrub-brushes and m
Dutch cleanser. Girls in aprons
and brooms, with dust cloths
and soap, boys with hoes, rakes
and shovels, paint brushes and a
cans. Flies and fly-swatters,
mosquitoes and disinfectants, di- b.
sease and health, flowers, butter- W
flies and beauty, all were appro.
priately represented, while the
Waverley Club in full represen
tation as instigators and backers
of the great move for a clean and to
beautiful city, under their colors
of purple and green concluded
the march.
On the return march to the
school the line scattered at the
masonic hall, when all com
mittees with their equipment for
work repaired to the particular
job to which they had been ap
pointed. Stores and business
houses suspended business and
closed shop till the work on their i'
Spremises was completed, all en
Stering whole heartedly into the !
program for the day.
Every day's work is to be car
ried on according to the. plans r
outlined in The Era-Leader last
week, and when the work is con
cluded it is the desire of the
club and committees that all
residents act as a standing com- f
mittee to keep the town of Frank
Slinton clean, sanitary and beauti
S Horses And Mules,
n I have 8 mares, young and
ie sound, well broke, good colors,
y right every way; also two 4 year
g old mules weighing 750 pounds
it each that I will sell at private
, sale up till 2 o'clock Saturday,
d March 27, and all that are left I
y will sell to the highest bidder
Saturday afternoon. These
pl horses and mules must be
-* sold regardless of price, Come
d at once if you need any stock.
ol . * Frank Howard. "
1 ,\ .O! \
I 1 i11.
t .
r r T "il i ; i ti ý
e I`
S" at e'
a1 - III
541~ 4
t l, •
S -s
- ~3#:~
Style Show Attended Regard. c
less Of Rain. c
The progressive firm of Beard
and Thompson mdt their engage
ment Wednesday evening with
the public, regardless of the down
pour of rain which deluged our
city thru the late afternoon and
evening. The bad weather, cou
pled with an unusually long list
of sick in the community prevent
ed a large attendance at the style
show, but the living models in r
beautiful gowns and attractive
millinery could not be resisted
even with bad weather and drew -
a pretty fair attendance of stylish "
ladies with a goodly sprinkling of r
Miss Louise Payette, head mil- I
liner of the firm and manager of 1
the evening, in street dress, made
a few introductory remarks end
introduced Mr.Beard, senior mem.
ber of the firm who, in a pleasing
way expressed his appreciation C
of their patrons and friends here,
showing something of the growth
of their business and outlining
their splendid plans for the fu
ture when they are installed in a
large brick Ibuilding which will
be speedily built for their occu
With the assistance of Miss Mil.
ligan and her pusic and expres
sion classes who served as the
living models, an interesting pro
r gram was rendered, after which
a grand march, led by Miss Pay
ette in afternoon costume with
two little pages, Wilfred Simmons
in white andDiokieWetzel in black
wended its way down the aisle
and thru the big hall of the build
ing and back again upon the
stage, giving opportunity for
Small Investment Brings Big f
bRturn. Mr. Weaaer' t
Plan is Simple, a
"I bought a package of Dr. I- 'n
Gear's Stock Powders from my local t
dealer and after feeding it to my
Jersey Cow, she increased from 6
quarts to 12 quarts of milk per t
i an afte continuing the Pow
dea for 30 days longer, she in
creased in butter fat from 5 pounds
r to 10 pounds per week, and at the
s and of month, she was making
12 pounds of butter fat per week
S--L. B. Weaver, Grand Rapids Mich.
Mr. Weave followed the advice
oe Dr. LerGea, Graduate Veterinary
lurgoon of d27em oxpe'ienoand
r is mo-nt ameeyy , ah e is the Doo.
e trs oiter to you: Get a package
h Dr. LeGear` fto ck Powders from
a Yoer dealer; feed it to yaour horses,
Smilk cows steers, ho and sheep as
direction and after a thorough
irf rults are not satisfactory,
iistern th emaipty carton to
vt dealte ald your monq will be
21,10 w
close inspection of dresses, hats, i
coats and fancy bags, etc. for the I
correct costuming of ladies for all i
The evening proved most en
joyable and the door receipts
were contributed by the firm to
the benevolences of the two
churches of the town.
In Memnorium.
In memory of my loving, wife
Mrs. M. L. Mizell, who died
March 19, 1920, at Isabel, La.
Interment took plaee in the ]
Mizell cemetery. She is survived "
by a husband and six small child. i
ren, a mother and six brothers.
She lived a devout, consecrated
life. To know her was to love
Her husband wishes to express
his appreciation for kindness and
sympathy bestowed upon him by
their many friends and relatives
during hip great bereavement.
Her dying testimony was that
she was going to a better hose.
"Weep not loved ones for me, I
am waiting in Glory for thee."
A Relative.
The next examination of appli.
cants for teachers' certificates
will be held in the Court House
at Franklinton April 5, 6, 7 white,
8,9, 10 negro. The examination
upon books of the reading course
will be held Satdrday, April 10th.
D. I. Stringfield, Supt.
Succession of Peter White.
No. 854.
Twenty-Sixth Judicial District
Court, Washington Parish,
Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of this estate and to all
other persons herein interested
to show cause, within ten days
from the present notification (if
they have or can), why the final
account presented by Paul Her
nandez, administrator of this es
tate, should not be approved 'and
homologated and the funds dis
tributed in accordance there
By order of the Court:
This March 23, 1920.
M. A. Thigpen,
(Seal.) Clerk of Court.
. W.s,.s
Men to work at the gravel pit.
Enquire of
E. W. Wetzel,
Residence Rev. Sweeney.
Become a stockholder in the
United States-buy War Saving
General News In Brief.
Constantinople was occupied
by a formidable force of Allied to
troops under a British general. to
Insistent representations have
been made by the United States to
to Bolivia to cease agitating the w
war feeling against Peru. ic
~erlin again became quieter as
Knapp's commander, Von Luett- be
witz and his troops left the capi- tc
tal and Ebert again assumed con- w
trol. oi
Dutch members of the lower
house of Parliament took the g
government to task for allowing ft
too much liberty to the former re
The Red Cross found Grand
Duchess Olga, sister of the late ft
Russian czar, living in a box car. et
The Senate adopted a reserva- i
tion to the peace treaty favoring
freedom for Ireland under a gov.
ernment of its own choosing. F
Republican waste in war graft P
inquiries and failure to pass con
struotive legislation were scored
by Chairman Cummings of the i
1 National Democratic Committee. s
Unanimous adoption of resolu
tions indorsing the '.United'
Americans" and denouncing Bol.
shevism were passed by the
Southern Pine Association.
A bonus or adjusted compen.f1
sation of some'kind for veterans
of the world war strongly favored
by ex.-service men of the nation.
The majority of the American I
Legion posts in Louisiana taking
a vote favored a cash bonus for
ex-service men.
Office Over Washington Bank
8:00 A. M. to 600 P. M.
Franklinton, Louisiana.
Condensed Statement
e of the condition of
K Washington Bank & Trust Co.
at the close of butiness
March 17, 1920
Loans and Discounts -------. $556,766 38
e Stocks and Bonds------------- 44,100 00
ad Banking House, Furniture and
Fixtures ----------- ------17,150 00
CASH ON HAND ---- $32,662 84
r CASH IN BANKS- --- 83,021 59- 115,684 43
Overdrafts-_----------------_ 270 14
Total---------------- $733,970 95
Capital Stock ------- $ 50,000 00
Surplus ------- ---- 20,000 00
Undivided Profits ----- 13,348 93-$83,348 93
DEPOSITS----... ---------- 650,622 02.
;'Bills Payable--------.........---------- NONE
ý. Total -_.__....----- - --- $733,970 95.
r .- .
d Failing to ratify the peace
d treaty the Senate ordered its re
turn to President Wilson.
re President Wilson was expected
,s to negotiate a temporary treaty
e with Germany to safeguard Amer.
ican interests pending final action.
s U. S. Senator Truman H. New
* berry of Michigan was sentenced
i- to serve two years in Leaven
- worth penitentiary and pay a fine
of $10,000.
sr John C. Scheuermann, ex-ser
ie geant, and George A. Rousell,
Ig former corporal of police, were
)r refused pardons in the Yarbrough
ease by State Board.
id August Noske, minister of de
te fense in the Ebert cabinet, resign.
r. ed, while fierce fighting was re
ported from the Ruhr district,
d with Communists in concorol.
v" The U. S. Senate expected
President Wilson to outline peace
Lft plans when notifying allies of
failure of treaty ratification.
ed Population statistics for 1920
be issued by the Census Bureau
e. showed that Crowley, La., has
6108, an increase of 19.8 per cent
in a decade.
1e Ford Car For Sale.
One Ford Car in good condition
S-for sale at $250. Enquire of
as Chas. J. Gayer.
0. Ford Cars For Sale.
n i Two Ford cars in first class
'g condition for sale cheap.
or Apply to
D. E. Nettles.
Phone 6
J. C. Denman
Office U pstairs in S. H. Burris
Franklinton, Louisiana.

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