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$1.50 Per Year. Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton. $1.50 Per Year.
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W. F. Simm1ons Shot By Clif
ton Fussel.
It seemed to be purely provi
dential that W. F. Simmons es
caped death at the hands of 11. C.
Fussel on Wednesday evening, as
four shots were fired at him at
very close range, two penetrating
the right arm and one entering
the right side, tho striking the
heavy muscle the ball ranged
around the body which saved its
being a death shot.
It is said that following an al
tercation the two men had the
previous day, Mr. Simmons be
lieved he was due an apology to
Mr. Fussell and driving to the lat.
ter's place of business he left his
car and went into the house where
Mr. Fussell was at work, with the
intent he said of clearing up the
hard feelings. Mr, Fussel how
ever, seemed to believe Simmons
was following the trouble up and
instantly opened fire upon him
with a gun he had in his work
room; with the result above men.
Simmons was hastened to Turo
Infirmary where the balls were
extracted and after several days
of suffering was brought home
this week to recuperate.
Waverley Notes.
The Waverley club had a most
delightful out door meeting at
the Fair grounds Saturday, May
Very little time was taken for
the regular program, the evening
being given over to Miss Voss,
Y. M. C. A worker, who urged
the organization of a Girls Re
serve. Several girls responded
with Miss Texana Carter captain
of the older girls and Miss Vel
ma Magee of the younger girls.
The volly ball committee and
tennis committee for the play
grounds were urged to get courts
ready for service at once. Every
body was urged to meet at the
school house Friday eve at 3:30
P. M. to put the play ground in
good order.
The girls were served ice tea
and sandwiches by the club, all
leaving afterward with a feeling
of actual up-liftfrom the succes
of the developing work of the
young girls of the town and from
the hours' relaxation and social
enjoyment in the out-doors.
Notice To Bidders.
Bids will be received, addressed
to me, First. National Bank Building,
Vicksburg, Mississippi, until twelve
o'clock, Noon, May 17, 1920, for
the purchase, for cash, of
Lots One and Two, of Square
Two, in Rio, Washington
Parish, Louisiana
Belonging to the estate of George
Salloum, Bankrupt.
SOL FELNER, Trustee.
Commencement Programme.
The following is the commence
ment program of the Franklinton
High School. All patrons and
friends of the school are request
ed to keep the dates in mind.
1. Friday night, May 7th
Class Play, "Professor Pepp", a
farcical comedy in three acts,
Admission 23 and 50 cents.
Misses Burnet and Gayle direct
2. Friday night, May 14th,
Miss Milligan's classes in music
and expression will give a beau
tiful operetta, "Snow White".
Admission 25 and 50 cents.
3. Sunday, May 16th com
mencment sermon in the school
auditorium, Rev A. J. Gearherd
of Bogalusa. Program arranged
by Misses Magee and Greene.
4, Monday night, May 17th
,Class Nignt The senior class will
entertain with the regular class
exercises. No admission charged.
Program under the direction of
Miss Vickers.
5. Tuesday night, May 18th,
graduating exercise. State Super.
intendent Harris will deliver the
commencement address. Pro
gram arranged by Miss Vickers.
Free Bulletin On Food For
Simple, clean, wholesome food
of the right kinds fed to children
in proper quantities and combin
ations will go farther than almost
any other single factor in assur
ing them normal health and stur.
dy development. The principals
that should govern the choice of
food for children between three
and six years of age and specific
suggestions for meals made up of
such food are set forth in Far
mers' Bulletin 717. Food for
young children, in language that
should be easily understood by
any mother. Meals for children
should be served attractively, as
the illustrations suggest, in order
that a sense of neatness and or.
der may be inculcated.
This bulletin may be obtained
free by addressing the extension
editor, University Station, Baton
Shoe Repairer.
For first class shoe repairing
send yonr shoes to
Bogalusa Shoe Surgery,
Bogalusa, La.
A Call For Help.
An urgent call is sounded for
every interested resident of our
town to gather at the School Park
as early as possible Friday after
noon and help put the grounds
in order for the children to play.
Bring saws,, hammers, rakes
and hoes and help make this
ground a fit community meeting
point, and when you have once
witnessed the joy of the children
at play with these slides etc., you
will feel more than repaid for any
help you may give the cause.
MIt, Hermon Notes.
May 2, 1920.
Everything is very quiet here
now. The farmers are very busy
finishing the planting of their
crops, which is very late on ac
count of so much rain.
Profs. Burns and Huntley with
the entire agriculture class went
to Baton touge last Thursday to
attend the State Rally. The Mt.
Hermon boys made a good record
in their contests. The first and
most important was the winning
of a gold medal and a four years
scholar-ship by Lora Alford in
the corn judging contest who took
first prize.
The basket ball team played
their games with the following
teams and won second place:
Mt. Hermon and Rosepine,
score 26 to 12 in favor of Mt. Her.
mon. Baywood and Mt. Her.
mon, score 18 to 32 in favor of
Baywood. The line up for Mt.
Hermon was, J. C. Breland,
J. D. Banister, Murry Bateman,
Enos Miller, Colley 'Brock. We
just can't help but feel a little
tickle over the success our boys
and girls made in all the differ
ent contests they entered. And
we are proud to note the interest
the teachers are taking in their
Missis Annie Brumfield, Clyde
Lawler and Lavenia Roberson
went to New Orleans last Thurs
day. Misses Lawler and Brum
field returning via Baton Rouge
to attend the Rally.
Misses Maie, Eula and Eva
Miller motored to Amite last Mon.
day and spent a pleasant day.
Their brother, Houston went with
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Schilling
motored to Kentwood today and
spent the day with relatives.
Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Neal re
turned to their home in Coving
ton, Tenn., after an extended
visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Monroe Miller.
Prof. Massey, the celebrated
blind violinist, will give an en
tertainment next Saturday night
in the Mt. Hermon school audi.
torium. Everybody who can
should come and hear him as he
is a violinist of note and it will
be worth while to hear.
We heard yesterday that Hen.
W. L, Smith is very sick. We
trust he will be well again soon.
Little Gertrude had been very
naughty, and had been severely
slapped, first by nurse and then
by mother, with a promise of an
other dose from father when he
came home.
She sat on the floor, her eyes
filled with angry tears. Sudden
ly she rose with a determined
look upon her little face, and seiz
ed her hat.
"Where are you going?" asked
her mothe.'.
"Out to tell all the family secrets
to the neighbors," said the child
Help your government and
yourself at the same time-buy
War Savings Stamps
Bogalusa Plans (celebration.
The biggest Fourth-of-July cel.
ebration known in our history is
promised Washington Parish at
large this year, to take place at
Bogalusa, according to the plans
already well under headway un
der the capable direction of Mr.
Phil. J. Reily, publicity director
for the Great Southern Lumber
Company and the New Orleans
Great Northern Railroad.
Heading the treats of the day
will be the address of Governor
Parker, other features of enter
tainment to be Field Day events
with prizes offered in all contest.
Boxing, baseball and athletics of
all kinds, contests being open to
representatives from every school
and neighborhood of the parish.
Parades, automobile shows,
band concerts, public speaking,
everything to eat and drink-and
in fact a little of everything that
will add to the pleasure and en
joyment of the people individually
and enmasse.
B. V. Blaney who has made
himself dear to every section
of the parish thru his war work
in communityjsingin-, is working
in conjunction with Mr. Reilly in
getting all committees together
and formulating all plans to in
sure the success of the occasion.
The celebration will take place
on Saturday, July 3rd and there
will be two separate and distinct
celebrations for whites and color
ed, two distinct sections of the
city being allotted to the separate
When Children Grow Pale and
Listless Their Blood May
Be Weak.
Pepto.Mangan Makes Red Blood
Sold by Druggists in Liquid and
Tablet Form-Both the same
in Medicinal Quality.
When your child loses color,
acts and talks without spirit,
and does not play like other
children, act quickly.
If the condition is not a deep
seated disease but merely due to
poor blood, give Pepto*Mangan.
Gude's Pepto-Maugan is just the
tonic for pale, thin children
whose blood needs rebuilding.
It is a pleasant-tasting simple
combination of exactly the in
gredients that increase and en
rich the blood.
Beneficial results show almost
at once in brighter eyes, bloom
ing cheeks, a sprightly step, and
the whole system made more
Pepto-Mangan is obtainable in
liquid or tablet form, whichever
proves most convenient. Both
forms possess identical medicin
al qualities.
There is but one genuine Pep
to-Mangan and that is "Gude's".
Ask your druggist for "Gude's"
and look for the name "Gude's"
on the package, If it is not
there, it is not Pepto-Mangan.
Hardwood Logs Wanted.
Highest prices paid for all
kinds of hardwood logs. Apply
to A. L. Hickman, Supt.,
Richard P. Baer & Co.,
Bogalusa, La.
Notice is hereby given that at
a special meeting of the School
Board to be held May the 12tb,
the School Board will be request
ed to create and define a school
district for the Varnado school.
Said district to include all of
township 2-14, practically all of
2-13 anda portion of the south
side of 1-13 and 1.14.
D. H. Stringfield,
General News In Brief.
The American Railway Ex-I
Press Company announced the b
erection of a new $75,000 build- tl
ing near the Union Station in I
New Orleans. d
France's joy changed to dis
trust when it was suggested Eng- a
land means to lower the German e
indemnity at the Spa conference. t
Carranza refused to accept the
advise of his leading generals to
resign the Mexican presidency, it
was reported.
Chances for the nomination for
president of a "dark horse" by
the Republicans were said to be
better than at any time since
the days of Lincoln.
May day came and passed, with
principal cities of the nation un
der heavy guard but without dis
order, bombs or bloodshed.
President Carranza of Mexico
was reported fleeing to New Or
leans as a haven of safety from
rebel forces.
The fight of state bankers
against the par clearance system
by reserve banks, started in New
Orleans became nation-wide.
The acceptance of the Parker
revenue tax plan by lumbermen.
was regarded as indicating there
would be no fight before the Leg
Dr. Homer Dupuy, of New Or
leans, was elected president of
the Louisiana State Medical As
Republican ways and means
members virtually decided to in
clude in the soldiers' relief mea
sure a new paid-up insurance
A bill providing for the curb
ing of speculation in the sugar
was prepared for introducing in
the House by Congressman How
The Senate made a new record
for quick action and the naval
appropi iation bill carrying $464,
891,000 was made ready for pas
Capital - $ 50,000.00
Surplus - - 20,000.00
Undivided Profits 11,500.00
Deposits - - 700,000.00
Dividends Paid - - 22,500.00
Incorporated .... January 1914
The above result has been accomplished
by being an institution that is known
as NOT a ONE-MAN Bank. Get new
business by showing an interest in your
people's business affairs. Cultivate the
acquaintance of the young man and
help him whenever you can. Encourage
and take small deposits. Have many
small notes. Keep your directors well
informed on the affairs of your bank.
Washington Bank & Trust Co.
Fastest Growing Bank
in Washington PariMh.
The Supreme Court was asked
by the government to re-open
the "anti-trust suit" against the
United States Steel Corporation
dismissed March 1.
Sugar refiners entered into an
agreement with the attorney gen
eral to prevent re-sales of sugar
to the trade to decrease specula
Three thousand persons wit
nessed the marriage in New York
of Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., and
Miss Rachael Littleton of Chat
tanooga, Tenn.
Dr. Hubert Work of Pueblo,
Colo., was elected president of
the American Medical Associa.
tion and Dr. Isadore Dyer of New
Orleans, first vice-president.
On Friday, on the street be
tween my home and the restau
rant, I lost a cameo pin, white
face carved on a brown back
ground. Suitable reward for its
Mrs. Fred W. Magee.
Promptly delivered to your home
$1.00 Per Month
Phone 6
J. C. Denman
Office Upstairs in S. H. Burris
Franklinton, Louisiana.

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