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52.00 Per Year. Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton. $2.00 Per Year.
-y. ýýn M 1 1. Wný1ý1l:Tnv .I;A ý)):ýf ATf i11HBýD 1lPD I ._- ý
`'rely suggestions For Pota- Il
to Growerls.
i niversity Station, Baton
SLa., Jan. 12.-G. L, Tie- to
j of the State University Ex
"lot fol
Daion Division has issued timely
.gestions on the growing of
bijb potatoes, the planting sea- de
f; of which is near at hand.
To grow a satisfactory crop of ul
Jrb potatoes in this suction it is
0esary to plant the seed early h
Ste season so that the crop will al
rady for the harvest before wi
weather, according to Prof. r
bout. The higher prices usual- ad
reoeived for the very early po- ce
tos enoourges the early plant- fo
of early varieties, he says. ba
"Owing to the irregularity of o
'a and the variations of soil al
in Louisiana, no definite
for planting potatoes can be di
," continues Mr. Tiebout; of
iners should consult their 18
demonstration aQeut and
enced growers in their vi- ps
ty. Late January or early
ry (this latitude, Baton hi
)for early varities would al
about an average time, giving tb
ph potatoes, say for late tb
and early May harvesting. iti
ward and southward in the
plantinge would be made as
earlier as the case may $
normal conditions.
Red Triumph is the varie- of
popular for early plant
It is .a round red potato,
very early and meets the hi
t demands. As must be ex
:the Triumph is a low ci
ibut it frequently sells at a
in competition with the ti
other variety rapidly grow. t
popularity is the Irish Cob
is an early white potato.
ate white potato, known as
ite Star, is planted fre
in the southern portion of
The Burbank' and the
are grown also for late
Men and Women Are r
and Doing Bright and Early i
Pepte-Mangan the Famous
oBlod Tonic Prescribed by
thysicians for 30 Years
_______________________ t
uggish blood clogged with a
sons makes you lasy. You a
er feel like getting up in the
ning. And when you do get
-on miss that feeling of re
ug rest. You feel more
than when you went to bed. I
a good Pight's rest you
get up with a spring, feel
-e, renewed, refreshed.
you would too, if your
erefull of red corpuscles. I
omplexion would look
ureyes bright and clear; I
id feel the warm tingle I
your blood if you have a
heavy feeling in the
Begrn taking Pepto
be ideal tonic, It'has I
ding properties that
up and. give you
sagan is widely and
dorsed by physicians.
eand easy to take,
d in both liquid and
Both bave the same
I drug store. But
get the genuine Pep.
"Gude's. Ask for
name and be sure
a, "Gude's Pepto.
pn the package.-a
fomner United
net, was haeked
at by two ps8afl.
~rF- if M·t41
[lead of Family. tiets $2,000 3e
Single persons, though required
to file a return if their net income p9
for 1920 was $1,000 or more, are WC
if they are the heads of families, Se
granted a special exemption un
der the revenue laws. Such a du
person is defined by Treasury reg- Ja
ulations as "a person who actual- OV
ly supports and maintains in one Wi
household one or more individu- thi
als who are closely connected bo
with him by blood relationship, Al
relationship by marriage or by iZ
adoption, and whose right to ex- Bo
cess family control and provide Fr
for these dependent individuals is er.
based upon some moral or legal W(
obligation." Such persons are Ai
allowed the exemption of $2,000 P
granted a married person. In ad. an
dition, they are allowed a credit ii
of $200 for each dependent under t
18 years of age or incapable of tI
self-support beoause mentally or ti
physically defective. t
A married person living with to
husband and wife can not claim to
an additional $2,000 exemption as Ii'
the head of a family. His or her
exemption is based upon the mar- i.
ital status, irrespective of the be
support of others living in the r
same household. The additional wi
$200 credit for dependents does b`
not apply to the husband or wife th
of a taxpayer. For example, if a la
married man supports a father th
who is incapable of self-support, of
he is entitled to the $200 credit for Ti
such person. If through force of F
circumstancedT he supports his G
wife away from home he is en
titled to the $2,000 exemption al- of
lowed a married person, but not et
to a $200 credit for a dependent,
A son who has left home but P'
who sends his mother more than hi
one-half the sum required for her ai
support is entitled to the $200 h
credit, provided the mother can w
not support herself, Otherwise, e
the amount must be considered as
gift, and therefore, the credit is r
not allowed. A son living at T
home and supporting his father, 1
mother, or other relatite tay 0
claim the $2,000 exemption al- 0
lowed the-head of a family, but lc'
not the $200 credit unless such
a relative is under 18 years of age or
incapable of self-support.
Hunting Without License
Charged in Covington. ii
Covington, La., Jan. 12.-Dis- te
triot Court convened Monday with
h Judge P. B. Carter presiding and
u a number of nimrods went before a
e the court,,charged with violatione ,
of the hunting ordinahoe, princi*. tl
pally with hunting without li* '
j. oense. Bentences will be announo
u ed later, John Livingeton, ao- t:
1- oused of robbing a deaf youth in v
Slidell while on leave of absence, o
r pleaded guilty as an accessory, a
and he was remanded to jail for g
further consideration. His case
e has attracted interest because de.
tention has made him technically t
5 a deserter from the navy.
e The police jury Tuesday ap
d proved the project of the Board
tt of Health to hang from the river
u bridges signs with the legend, 1
"Covington, Nearly 100 Per Cent
d Sanitary, Keep it Clean," and
" took under advisement a project
d to render financial aid on the fifty.
e fifty basis to the New Orleans
Boy Sooute in establishing a per.
ft manent campith Covingtog.
* The grand jury Tuesday con
r sidered the case of F. B. Trench
o. ard accused of seriously womnd*
-injg Town Marshall, Ed. Jones
about one month.ago. 1N0 report
has yet been made. The aopused
last Liberty under $2500 boad.
. ewUll eek a sidtl, to amavlstr
UM - abSs & an~r huean mammendu
:3econiul State Wilde Older Boys'
That Louisiana is taking it's ist
place with the other states in th
work for boys is evidenced by the oft
Second Annoal State Wide Older
Boys' Conference, which is sche- ke
duled to be held in Lake Charles $4
Jan, 28-30. 1921. Boys from all
over the state are expected and M
will be entertained free. Since wt
the inaugurating of the older 2
boys conference in Louisiana last
April, the Y. M. C. A. has organ- ce
ized 20 Hi.Y clubs in the public 11
schoIols and their boy worker
Fred D. Thompson has been covy -
ering the State encouraging boy hE
work. The State Sunday School
Association, through its Young G
People's work and caimp confer- ht
ence program, has also been stim
ulating the Sunday Sohools in M
their work for older boys. These in
agencies have awakened within
the boys themselves the realiza. o
t :n that theirs is the opportunity H
to mould the boy life of Louisiana
for tighteousnees and Christian C
liviug. ci
Miin wcho have spent their lives L
in seruvice for and with boys will lt1
be present to give information,
recreation and inspiration, and w
who, rubbing elbows With the F
boys, will help them to determine
their future activity, bothin secu' o
lar and veligioUs circles, Among S,
those expected are S. E. Henning
of Atlanta, C. E. Buchner of
Tulsa. C, 3. Loomis of Atlanta. at
Fred D Tiiomjp.on of New Orleans q
Gee. D. Booth of the Louisiana 01
Y. M. C. A, W n. Tietje of Roan.
oke, Vani Carter recently return- i n
ed from the Dent, and others. li
Lake Ct:-lVs ii waking great 1
preparatio; ': r t in 4 ,eating. They
have thro\w n o pen their homes b
r and are pry p:Irirg to receive three j
hundred boys and entertain them
while there. The chairman of the
entertainment is Dr. Geo, B. n
Hliees, to whom may be sent a 1
Srequest for a home reservation. E
t The conference is for boys from ,
16 to 25 years of age and all who
care to attend may go, as the L
only credential necessary is good a
t conduct.
Poultry Club Agent Added to 6
,r Stall- o
Miss Elemer Wilson, until re- 2
cently home demonstration agent c
, in Mississippi, has been appoint
ed poultry club agent in the Ex
- tension Division of the Louisiana c
h State University to succeed Miss
d Margaret Park who resigned last i
'e spring on account of ill health, I
re Miss Wilson is a graduate from t
* the Mississippi State. College for
Women at Columbus.
While devoting most of her t
- time to conducting poultry club <
n work among the boys and girls
,, of the state, Miss Wilson will
t, also assist in promoting ,adult
r poultry work.
Rub-My-lism is a powerful antisepa
y tic; it kills the poison causod from in. t
fected cubt, cures old sores totter, etc.
. -Advertisement.
Notioe For Publloatlon.
SlDepartment of the Interior,
11. S. Land Office at Baton Rouge, La.
It November 24, 1920,
Id Notice is hereby given that Esco
et Butler, of Hackley, La:, who on the
2Brd of December, 1918, made Home
Y- stead, 1'o. 088i5, for NW t of NW 1,
is Section 8, and N Ef of NE , Section
r- 4, Township 1 South, Range 11 East,
La, Meridian has filed notice of inten
. tion to make Commutation Proof, to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, beforeClerk of Court, Wash
* ington Parish, at Franklinton, La.,
Be on the 21st day of January, 1921.
rt Claimant names as witnessess
.d J. Ira Warren, of eackley, .La.
* Hosis Dyson, of:lackley, La,
Pearl Gray, of Hackley, La.
Fletcher drQWl, of HIackley La.
p E. D. Glanelloni,
Real Estate I)eals.
The following transfers in par
ish real estate were made during -
the past week as shown by
official records. on
E. R. McCreary to A- Shoema- int
ker, 200 acree, Sec. 36 and 52-1-9, any
$4,000.00 cash and notes. Mi
Chess Mizell et als to H. W.
Magee, quit claim deed and no
warranty, 10 acres Headiright 46- br,
2-10. te
I. J. Green to Evie Green, par.
cel of land, Headright 47-54-34- C
11, $1.00 i
1. J. Green to Maude Green
Jenkins, 35 acres in Wm. Bick
ham Headright 47-54, $500 cash.
Maude Green Jeukine to Hollis ar
Green, parcel of land Wm. Bick- Ii
ham headright, 47-54, $150 cash. P'
A. A. Summerall to Maurice
Magee, Lots 1 and 2 square 217, si;
in town of Franklinton, $450 cash. bi
Chess B. James et als to Otis
0. James, 230 acres, Sec. 19-30, G
hleadright 39-1-11, $1500 cash. R
Andrew J. James et ale to Otis
C, James et als, 400 acres, quitC
claim on all property of deceased
Lula James, late wife of Chest
James $500 cash. til
Wm Burton to Fletcher Dyson, at
west 1.2 of Lot 1, square 231, in
Franklinton, $400 cash and notes.
Edgar E. Boone et ux to Jason nI
eCom et ale, parcel of land in th
iSec. -26-5, $3100.00. w
Willie Pope et als to W. W. ci
Warner, Lots 279-280 Block 30,
and Lot 260, bloek 30, Angi., B
quit claim title, $1.00 cash and ft
other considerations.
Willie Pope et ale to 3. B. War.
I ner, Lots 279-280, Block 30, Lots
197.198-200201, Blook 27, Lots E
119-120 Block 11 of Angie.
M. A. Pope et ale to Eli Fortin. m
berry, all rights to 20 acres in 0
SJoseph Ard Headright 52-1-14, $
$1 00 and other conszderation.
W m, Pope et ale to H. H. Ken.
nedy, all rights to Lots 127-128
129-130, Block 10, Lots 209-210,
Block 25, N. 1.2 of liock 5 in
Svillap'? of Angie.
F. P. Soues to J. B. Warner,
SLot 196 f3lock 27, Angie, 8$40 00
W. W. Kennedy to W. M, Crain
6 acres, Headright 37.1.13 $36.00 -
W. N. M. Orain to W. \. Kennedy,
20 acres, ileadright 37.1-13, $120 9
t cash. .
P. J. Deemares to Benton Pigott
- parcel of land Sec. 30.2-14 $200
a cash.
a A. P. Dickey to Ralph S. Fred.
It ick, Lot 13, Blook 2 and E 1-2 of '
I. Lot 12, Block 2, Pierce addition (
SIto Bogalusa, $1589.65 oash.
ir John O'Bryant et al to 0. W. '
Bickham 40 aores, 3-1-1* eitun. 4
r ted in Headright 56 eto, $600.00
b cash and other consideration,
11 Sheriff Sale-No. 8481.
It Burris Bros., Ltd.
Vs. q
Joe N. Magee.
Notice is hereby given that by vir'
a- tue of an order of seizure and sale is- 4
sued out of the 26th. Judicial District
C4 Court of Louisiana, in and for Wash
ington Parish, in the above entitled
oause, and to me directed, I will pro
ceed to sel. at publio auction to the
last and highest bidder, on
Sr, aturday. February 12, 1921
at the principalfront door of the court
house at Franklinton, La., between
the legal sale hours for judicial sales,
he the following described property, be- 4
e- ing and situated in Washington Par
j, ten, La,, to-wit:
)D Forty aores of land in the south
;t, east corner of the John Simmons *
n-a r. No( 60, Tp. 3 south, Range 11,
to east, St. Helena meridian, with lines
le- as follows: Beginning at the south
b.- east corner of said headright and run
~,I along the headright line 20 chains,
thence west to creek, thence down
the oreek to small Bayou on the west
side of the creek to South headrigat
line, thence to point of beginning.
Terms of sale.YCash wlthout p
This the 4th day of January, A4 D.
1981. *
J . I.aW ateual, I1whe
General News In Brief.
Eugene Evans, a convict out
on parole, was jailed for tho kill- p
ing of Burns Deavours, lawyer .
and world war veteran, in Laurel, a
The import duties sought by c
certain busiiwss interests were e
branded mere licenses to profi- t
teeor by Congressman Young. J
l)legates to the Constitntional
C(nvention arc giving close scru
tiny to the judicial system in use
in Missiessippi. (
Three government departments
are working to increase the facil.
ities of Guli pll ts in handling ex- I
port trade, it was announced.
Thi cost of living, despite cuts
sih;e July, remn-aintd almost dIu
ble the pre. war prices of 1914.
Governor Parker named former
Governors Pleasant and Sanders,
Ry 0. Young and W. D. laas
as Conatitutioial Convention
The Austrian government no.
tified the Alie of its collapse
antd asKed the rvparitiouns conm
Ini8si)II to take charge.
Soviet rule in Russia weas de
nounced as a worse autocracy
than the czar's regime by M. Sch.
warmz, sent by the American So
cialist Party to investigate.
drvorc rioting started in India,
Briiinii troops Using called out
from Lucknow to quell the fight
Louisiana inm mbors of the Jef
ferson Highwi-ay Association an
nounoed plans for connecting
missing links and obtaining con
t inued federal aid.
Office Over Washington Bank
Qr 0 A. MI . to us00 P. M.
7ranklinton, Louisiana.
$ Start the New Year $
$ RIGHT! $
$ $
$ $
$ BANK ACCOUNT is the Bank $
one sure friend to whom with $
$ you can go when you are $
are in need of ready cash. Us $
$ The man with money in bank and $
has confidence in himself, and that
self confidence spurs him on to SAVE
$ greater successes in life. our $
Your $
Start the New Year RIGHT. Money.
$ Open an account with us. Money.
s $
ý Washington Bank & Trusty Co. $
S $
$ -OFFICES---$
$ $
$pOitali, Snrplsne and Undivided Profits
$ Over Eighty Thousand Dollars. $
$ $
Opponents of the Fordney emer
gency tariff bill prepared to kill
off the measure by facetious
The commander of the Ameri
can Asiatic battle fleet was order
ed to Valdivostok to investigate
the killing of a navy officer by a
Japanese sentry.
The House voted to appropriate
$7,100,000 for dry enforcement,
defeating $1,000,000 and S100,
000,000 propositions.
John Orlando, an Italian mer
chant, was killed and his wife and
two children injured in an ax
murder m` ,eery in DeRidder.
A nation ii ide round-up of all
Oriental iIneligibles will be launch.
ed January z2 in obedience to
orders issued from Washington.
The New Orleans League of
i Women Voters was launched at a
Stempestuous meeting in state
The Louisiana Supreme Court
Srefused to issue a writ to compel
the lower court to annul its judge.
ment in the McBride racing caEe.
Middies Made to Order.
* The late style middies of white,
blue, red or green flannel or
serge made to order. Fit and
workwanship guaranteed.
42 4t. Mrs. Larcie Sturdivant.
S666 is a prescription for Colds, Fever
and LaGrippe. It's the most speedy
remedy we know.-Advertisement.
Repair Shop
In Reese 13Bldg. Oppo. Courthouse
Work Promptly Done
and Fully Guaranteed
Do not send your work out of
jTown. GIVE ME A .'RIAL.

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