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Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
Entered as second Dass Imatter April 5,1911
at the 1postoui1ce at Eranklintoo, La., under
he Act of Conigress of Mairch 3. 1879.
Ad .ert1isinf Rates on A)plication
Address all Comrnunications to
The Era-Leader, Franklinton La.
One Year.......... 2 · .00 in advance.
Six Months...... ............l .5
Three Months................ .15
Single Copies... ............... 0
Franklinton, La., Jan. 27, 1921.
- -- -- -
Suffer the Little Children over
Three and a half millions of the tatis
little ones of whom Christ said, by 1
"Of such is the Kingdom of Hea- redii
ven," are starving to death, freez- whi'
ing and dieing like flies of disease 4, 1'
just beyond. Suppose they were ma
Would you help them if they be
were? Then you will stretch out in a
your hand to aid, though they be lish
ten thousand miles away. If you
would do nothiug to save them 31a
there, you would do nothing to
save them were they at your feet. C
Herbert Hoover heads a cen- ent
tral organization of eight great aren
American Relief Societies. The
association comprises the Knights h
of Columbus, the Jewish Joint an,
Distribution Committee, the wi
American Friends Service Com- ed
mittee, the Federal Council of kn
the Churches of Christ in Ameri
ca, the American Relief Adminis- rem
tration, the American Red Cross,
theY. M. C. A. and the Y. W.e
C. A. It is called the European lae
Relief Council. of
One American has had the vio
sion to combine all American ef
forts to a given end. All Ameri. w
ca must back him to the limit. at
Collections are being made in
this parish now. Make it unani
mous. oc
mO~s, ci
Louisiana and Mississippi Cut or
One House Seat Each. tb
Washington, Jan, 19.-At the ai
olose of the most turbulent ses
sion of the present Congress, the a
House adopted the reappointment ci
bill today, with an amendment ir
limiting its membership for the a
next ten years to 435, which is it
the present total. By the reap
pointment Louisiana and Miss* u
issippi each lose one seat. Other a
states which losee seats are Misso- fi
unri two, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, g
Rhode Island, and Vermont, one e
These twelve seats will be shift- t
ql to eight states in this order: i
California three, Michigan two, a
Ohio, two, and Connecticut, New I
Jersey, North Carolina,Texas and E
Washington one each. E
The fight to prevent an increase
to 483 was won several hours ear
lier, however, when the House,
sitting in committee of the whole,
refused to postpone consideration
of the whole question of redistrict.
ing and then voted 198 to 77 to
keep the present maximum. It
was not long parliamentary
wrangling that the bill was
brought before the House for a
final showdown. The 435 amend.
ment finally was agreed tb by a
vote of 287 to 76, and the mea
sure made ready for Senate con
After the real fight had been
settled, Representative Tinkkam,
Republican Massachusetts, came
up with a proposal to reduce
House seats in states where ne
groes are denied the right of fran.
ohise and the battle started afresh.
Representative Longworth, Re
publican, Ohio, raised a point of
order against the Tinkbam amend
ment and after nearly two hours
of debate the point was sustained.
/ Representative Longworth was
sustained in his point of order
against the Tinkham amendment
by Representatives Mondell, Wy7
ming, Republican Leader and
Towner, Republican Iowa, attd
Garrett, Democrat, Tennessee,
Representatives Mahn, Mason,
and, Madden, all Republicans of
Illinois argued against the point
,; order and for the Tinkam -
apend anent.
Representative Garrett said the
Tinkham amend ment would ren
ier "clhaotic" the provisions it
proposed to amend and if adopt
e would throw the entire act into
"confusion and chaos."
With the exception of Represen
tative Garrett, Democrats took no
part in the discussion, which was
conurfined to the Republican side
and which was brought to an end
by Representatives Campbell, Re
publicani of Kansas who was in
the chair, sustaining the point of
Another wrangle developed
over an amendment by Represen
e tative Barbour to perfect the bill
by providing the machinery for
L. redistricting in the eleven states
. which will lose seats after March
eg4, 1923. The Barbour plan and
e many substitutes finally were de
feated, and the several states will -
y be left to work out the problem
at in accordance with long estab- T
)e lished custom and law. ary
u and
w 3lardi Gras Will Surpass Cel- of t
to ebrations Hefore War. cial
On every side preparations for of
aentertainment of the carnivalking not
are under way in New Orleans. opy
ie Several downtown buildings wa;
t have thrown the purple, green clu
nt and gold of the king to the four
he winds and the emblem has attract. of
Sed the attention of thousands who tro
of know the mirth that the jolly inf
r" monarch creates during his brief an.
reign. f
8' None of the grandeur and gor- frc
W. geousness of the carnival will be re¬
an Lacking this year. The parade cit
. of arrival for Rex will not be held.
vi- Consequently he will not ap- we
ofi pear until Tuesday, February 8, tel
nri, which is Mardi (iras Day and then Cl
nit at the head of a maguificent pa- ins
,i- Ever famed among Carnival so- nC
cieties for the beauty and gorge- he'
Aut ousneness of his parades the king of M
the carnival will this year pre- s
sent a pageant that will eclipse si'
the any given in former years. st
es- Decorations will be displayed W
the along the route, the American et
lent colors of red, white and blue be- re
sent ing intertwined with purple, green hi
the and gold. Most of the big build- is
i is ings will have decorations. n
ap- While the parade will be the 1)
iss. main attraction of Mardi Gras, it
ther will not be the only entertainment I1
sso- for visitors. ti
sas, Promiscious masking, the one C
ska, great event of the day bide fair to d
one eclipse any ever before attempted. t(
Mardi Gras day has always b
hilt, brought out the inventive side of
'der: New Orleans people and many h
two, and varied are the costumes that t;
New have been shown. Nothing bas e
and escaped the attention of the mask.
ers. They have even burlesqued
'esee death.
ear- While most of the costumes are
use, made of ordinary material, there
hole, are many that are very costly
ition land beautiful.
trict- Most of the people are demand
7 to ing the return of the full carnival, .
i. ISince the war the Mardi Gras fee.
itary tivities have been curtailed. The
wasI principal reason has been lack of
oor sa asutable hall or auditorium in
3end- which to give balls following the
y a night parades.
mea- Consequently Miomus, the Son
on- of Night, Proteus, the God of the
Sea, and Comus, the God of Fri
been volity, will not appear in glitter
tam, ing pageants this year. Of the
number Momus alone will enter
came tain with a ball in the mosque of
ddue Jerusalem Tempic February 2.
Sne- 0During the present week the
fran. Krewe of Osirie will entertain with
rresh, their brillant ball in Jerusalem
R Re. Temple. Then will follow the ball
of Mithras and that of the Atlan
mttof teaeu, the crowning event of the
mend- carnival being the ball of the
hours king at the Atlanteaus, on Mardi
iined. Gras night when the queen will
h was be crowned.-New Orleans States:
order Rub-MyTismi is a powerful antisep
Imept tic; it kills the poisom caused from in
auid fected cats, cures old sores tetter, etc.
and -Advertisement
eseee, "We 4Iave been married 10
[oeon, years without an argument."
ns of "That's right, let her have her
point own way. Don't argue,"
i toasted
h am "hm" n
s· I . ug % c
Waverley Notes. day
The Waverley Club mnt Janu- had
ary 12, with Mrs. L. H. Magee wr,
and Mrs. A. G. Smith at the home viet
of the former. The club appre- a "
ciates the friendly co-operation the
of Mrs, Magee, who, while he
not a member, never lets an ord
opportunity pass to help in every Th
way possible with the work of the the
club. tlhe
After routine business, a note
of New Year's gretii g w aa read do'
, from Mrs. Storm, 'The corresp r,d- ~p
Sing Secretary was instructed to for
f answer this. On
A communication was received ?!
from the- Pathe film exchange in ,i
e regard to Sunday Shows. The t,,.
e club decided not to co-operi ate, ac
. On motion from Mrs. Monk, it
was carried that the Club send ids
ten dollarse to the Literary Digests' is(
n Child Feeding Fund for the fam- ke
Sine stricken children of Europe. `
The art subject for the after- su
. noon, "German Painting" was hi
, led by Mrs. D. R. Johnson and de
,f Mrs. Denman. Mrs. Denman al
Sso led the Child Welfare discus- w
e sion for Mrs. W. J. Burris, this fa
subject; "Junior Body Building" aI
d was freely discussed by all pres- a,
Sent, The Club went on record as t3
,a requesting our local merchants to d,
n handle whole wheat flour, which w
J- is so necessary for the proper at
nourishment of children especial- 4
he ly.
it Mrs. W. S. Burris gave a short d
t lesson on citizenship. During n
this time the need of a Board of e
ne Commerce in Franklinton was
to discussed, and the Club decided 4
d. to take the matter up with our
Sbusiness men,
of During the social half-hour the
ny hostess served a plate luncheon,
at the delicious quail Palad being b
ias especially eijoyed.
k Mrs. Wilomb of Hammond, I
ked was a guest of the occasion. Shz 4
told of the splendid work of Ham
mond's Board of Commerce dur
e ing this social season.
re The next meeting will be with
ly Miss Crouse at Mfrs. Ada Babing.
d ton's,
al. Sweet Potatoes Yield Fine
es. Syrup.
he -
of Amerious, Ga., Jan. 20.-Pro
in duction of a new table syrup from
the sweet potatoes was announced
here by J. Ralston Cargill, an
3on Amnerious syrip matnufaciurer,
tbe Congress appropriated $7,500
'ri- for experiments on sweet potatoes
ter- several years ago, and the new
the product is understood to be the
er- work of the government chemists,
a party of whom is here to seek a
the location for an experimental lab
Rith oratory where the syrup may be
lem made in quantity.
ball No figures as to cost of produc
e tion are yet available, Mr. Car
the gill said, but he added that fifty
ardi six pounds of potatoes will yield
will about two gallons of syrup and
Ltee:- three Pounds of dry pulp, which
he said posseases high value as
dairy feed.
etc. Eggs For Sale.
Pure bred Rhode Island eggs
10 for hatching-8$2.00 per setting.
42-8t. 'J. V. RABB.
her ' W ii
Bogy War FGavingfs StalPe.6
Love of Justice Saves Cash
Honesty and a \v sl' t" ý(e js
tice (iani ) i) (I stror.r r+ than
'br(th rli'iy I. ' iistl as a result
Nh s LotI.2 ('in wy, it.y'ar-ol(I
wjto.v, recoveied SI*ib4u) of 81.700
which h11(t ben sto 11 fo1m 0i'r.
I is. Crow liv's at il ;c lI'y, a
Orn the day hv for i the the ft.
of the $1,700, which included $7si
not.Es totSihr l'i), t1 w) peisons
callhedi uan, e pt's. )c's homie. One
called to o(irruuw money, which
was refused. Inocleent weather
forced hin to nccepd t the hospi
tality of the widow's shelter.
SShortly a I tei he left the next
day Mrs. Crow discovered that
the m17,oney and ipapr whic h he
i had hidden beneath m a mattress,
we wre gone. The widow, on ad
e vice of a friend, twice consulted
a ''mystic.'' \\ ho told her that
oa the thief As e a farmer and that
le (he wouhi retu n the money in
n order to quiet his conselence.
y This led to a rumor circulating
he thre country tdts the identity of
the thief was known. -
te Abnut 3 mpiles from the she
ad dow's bone, two briothers neither
;d- of whom had called at her home
to for some time, met on a road.
One of the men said he could for
ied hwo0 get thte $eO mortgage
in hich Mrts. Crow held against
'he tic brother's farm, The brother
accelTted the proposition.
it The brother went to Mr. Sher
and idan, and after receiving a prom'
ts' ise that his identity would be
En kept secret, told his suspicions.
pe. Mr. Sheridan confronted the
er- suspected brother and charged __
+a him with to e t heft. The brother
Bnd denied any connection.
al- The next day an 18 year-old boy,
U-So who had been emploled on the
his farm of the suspected brother,
g" applied for work to Mrs. Crow
"es- and was accepted. During his
1 as first night in the house, the win
i to dow to Mrs. Crow's bedroomin
'ich was unfastened f rom the inside
per and the stolen property, minus
alt $5. was dropped inside.
Mrs. Crow has the money now
hort deposited in a savings bank. Her
ring nephew is working to secure
, of evidence that will lead to placing
was of formal charges against the
ded suspected man.-Daily States.
Our .. - - ----
the IVyandotte Eggs.
us h hdbe epoedo h
eon, Pure bred Wyandotte Eggs,
ing best strain, for sale at $2.00 per
i ettiing of 15.
ond, Hugh Burris,
Sh a 444tt Franklintotu , Lat
lam- -
dm- Sheriff Sale.-No. 3456.
Pedro Teran
V s.
with Manuel Lage.
)ing. Notice is hereby giveni that by virtue
of a writ ox fieri fncias, issued out
of the 26th Judiciil Distrtct Court in
ino shd for the Parish of Washington,
Louisiana, in the above entitled and
numbered cause and to me directed,
I will proceed to sell at public auction
Pro- to the last and highest bidder, on
foom Saturday, February 26, 1921
ined at the principal front door of the court
house at Franklinton, La., between
, mi, legal sale hours for judicial sales, the
aollowind described property, being
and situated in Washington Pariah,
T,500 La,, to-witt
atoes The undivided one-half interest of
new said Manuel Lage in and to the South'
3 the east quarter of the southeast quarter
nists of Section S5, Township 3, South,
a Range 12 last, containing 40.64 acres,
eek with all the buildings and improve
lab- ments thereon,
.y be Terms of salei Cash with benefit of
This the 17th day of January, 1921.
oduc- J, E. Bateman, Sheriff.
fifty- Notice For Publication.
and Notice is hereby given that
which there will be held a stockholders'
ue as meeting of the MoCreary Lumber
Company, at its office at Frank
linton, Washington Parish, Louis.
iana, on Friday, February 11th,
egegs 1921, for the purpose of appoint
ttting. ing cormmissioner&. .to liquidate
LBB, theaffairs of the said Company.
M. M, Moore,
*, 4J.0t Seoretary.
Shave, vDr an d Bathe
I Ciomfort
= ' l ii of
biur ning
o- -
;e. ill ter
ng lr-- "`·
Shoe Repairing By Machinery.
Save your money-:1 dollar saved is a doll i made. Send your
Shoes to THE SHOE HOSPITAL, 31 Columibia Street, Bogalusa,
La., where your Shoes will be reneweld by thle latest improved
machinery,' The old cobbling days are nelarly done. We give
special attention to outside trade and return Shoes by parcel post
the day we receive them, We use best quality at lower prices.
Ladies' Hand Turned Soles and French Heels a Specialk.
We employ only the best skilled shoemakers.
37 ColUmbia Street. BOCALUSA, LA
The Advantages
of An Account
TI'he advantages of a bank account are many:
Your money is in a safe place, ready when
you want it.
Your cancelled checks are receipts, indis
putable evidence of payment.
When it becomes necessary for you to
borrow, our depositors are given the
first consideration,
"Safety" with "Service."
4% interest Paid on Time Deposits.
(Any Size.)
(Any Description.
Having decided to give up handling Pion:
and Wagons, we offer to the public
the above merchandise at
We bought these plows and WaFons ait a very lo
price and it will pay you to loot: over our
Will be pleased to quote prices on rt ust.
The Million Article Stoa
M. MARX, Props
SBox 527 BOGALUSA, LA. Phone
wnnananwa W

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