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Flmonla Salve Soft Drinks
Felt (on So delicious that people forget
ions antd i:l all about those with a "kick." t
ilet Soap Cigars and Tobacco
C rits the ling qualities Best grades of pure tobacco
odesirable f the lands and a ndd ntgenuine favorites with the
sd smokers.
pIefmery Home Remedies
ljst he deliFeýe st st dic- Fr any ordinary ailment. A
ptd by refinenwýnt an d few cents wiil keep sicknoss
ationery Prescriptions
Late ny ste. or the ('are and accuracy is observed
pain and neat va:
pLin and neat Nari y. I; oes in the preparation of all pre
or brokein packagU scriptions.
Confectionery No=Cal Pills
Delicious candid' aild -wts,, Stiniulent and liver cleanser
by the box or the ioinirl. Pure, Contain no calomel -5 doses
wplesomle. for 25 cents.
Local Items
eId n tion of Local and Personal
gppenigs of The Week. '
The Era-Leader.
pMaklinton, La., Jan. 27, 1921.
irs. EscoeCorkern of Z Ana, of
Franklinton friends Sun- IM
S. Johnstnn and young eo
biter of Hacikley, were in
klinton Monday.
J.Barris,R. H. Babington, d
Ogden Doremus were Boga- Y
viaitors Sunday.
re.C. T. Corkern is improv- w
ow0ewhat now after a criti
ess thru the past week.
T. J. Simmons was a f
-r guest Friday of Mrs. G. b
Goodbee, at toe Fern Hotel. i
B. E. Bickham suffered
stomache trouble Saturday t
t and Sunday from ptomain ti
and Mrs. Ed. Foil left
Monday for Folsom where
will be located in a new I
more convenient to Mr. c
and Mrs. Ottis Fussell
heirfour weeks' old son,
r., of Pine Clitf, visited
Fiesell's parents, Mr. and
F, Morgan this week.
aractive bit of work has
'tshed on the D. B. Wal
ber shop, making a full
front which furnishes
ee of light in the tonsor
ra besides adding to the
ce of the building.
Billy Knight of Pine
who is now beyond the
score and ten mark, was
injured Monday while
wood Tne mules he was
became frightened and
=sudden lunge threw Mr.
tagainsta timber and hurt
and side, from which
red acute pain.
ore Positive Proof i
Than anything we could say about
the value of
e Cherry Bark
Cough Syrup
Is its tremendous number of sales.
All other cough remedies combined do not sell as
well as this.
We stand behind its claims for purity, and
guarantee that it will bring you prompt relief.
bington's Drug Store
M. M. Moore and H. F. Stafford
were Bogalusa visitors Monday.
Mrs. Fred Frey and Joyce ,
Junes spent the week-end at w
home. cc
D. E. Sheridan of Bocga!us,.
was in Franklinton Mni;d ys
night and Tuesday. A
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Simmons N
of Bogalusa spent Sunday with
Mrs. T, J. Simmons.
I pay cash for chickens ano di
eggs. ' Call at my residence.
W. Y. Wood,
P' A. Tims is visiting his little
daughter, Elise, in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Magee. c
John Love left Sunday for a
week-end visit with his brother, D
R. D. Love at Poplarville, Miss, .
Bob Jones came home sick t
from the University last week
but was able to take up his stud- C
ies again Tuesday. a
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Carp rea
turned to the New Orleans in
tirmary Friday with their little t
infant who is so critically ill that
its life is despaired of.
For fresh Oysters and Fish,
fruit, vegetables and groceriesi
of all kinds. Phone 108. Fish
and oysters delivered every Sat.
urday. e
1urday. F. W. Magee,
The B. K. Knight double quar.
I tette rendered special music
Sunday night at the B. Y. P. U.
s and preaching s9rvice, which was
Senjoyed by an overflow congrega
1 tion at the Baptist church.
s Mrs. W. F. Varnado returned
SSunday from Pickwick, Miss.,
.e where she visited her children,
Mr. and Mrs., D. A. Varnado,
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Varnado,
ie and Mr. and Mrs. F. A, Varnodo.
is Mrs. J. E. Wood is having her
le new residence on South Cleve
LS land street greatly improved by
Id an exterior coat of paint and very
r. artistic interior decorations done
rt by the skilled hands of the
:h Messrs. Barker, Mitchell and
Fisher, painters and decorators.
Help for Starving Children.' Cll
All those r(si rn, to contribute L
Ifnly amount to thc 16 lef F;lnd will
for the starv';in ci (:dr' of Six
Europe, can leave t a : onunint at Fehi
th ra - Loder oftic *hs we k and
a n (1 it \ lIn t L e t I ( ! l ( S h t , t o 1)
a ut rities Monia1. W. J.1
7:'0 U'cir:k P. .d. , l)it(:U e hear
\'; 1)1'(111 . C hai
i,"('" l~rnr.tit, W , : n
Il na Gooduce vi:,t1 d L I (;isa tIhe
fi-ends 'l ion t
:Ir. ;I1(:i Mrs. A\iert Si [B o[00
of 1,'% Orleans, -pent the week.i- i
end(1 with Mrs. Coyne.D
Note the change (of hour of the ligh
picture show to 7:)() Show to T'I
begin promptly on timi~e. R. I
Born-On Thuirsd iy, January
20, to Mr. and \l .. Akare M
Varinadu at their hoi:e at Pick-. not
wick, Miss., a .oi,, \\Vllhialm Fi auik blov
Varna(lo, I
( way
Miss Susette iKeithley return- alon
ed to her at Brookhaven Sunday dent
where she will rematHi tihru the Stri
week having her dental work MaS
completed. I Si
Miss Nrtma Merrett who i at ir
d(ling stenographic work for the
Abort Mackey Grocery Co., in Hou
N(wc Orleans spent the week-end Ht
with rts. J. E. Bateman, Jou
1 rt. John Love entertained at blo'
dir ner Suonday in honor of Mr. E
aid NI rs. LatimIore Foil, other sout
(-+ .=hing Miss Abbie Broy
l(s Inid %ir. Richard Babington.
Misses Eva Mae, Ina Lee and A
C1hvOe Gibson with Messrs. Cecil' S
Bui ris, Arnold Si mmons and fou
Dea. ;" bgin all of Bgainsna, mn-.
torrl( Ivr . Sunday and spent' C
the diy. with Mrs. S. H. Burris. line
John Barker, Roy Mitchell and Wo
Charlio F'isher of Elizabeth, N. J., cht
are at the F-rn Hotel while at'
work (on the Wood's residence re:
and are expo.csiig to locate here
permanently if they tund the at
trade will justify it.
Gordon G >ndhee wrote his
mother this week from the Train
" ing School at Monroe saying he
. is getting ;loig well with his
b studies, is healthy and fat and is
Swell satisfied with all conditions
- at the Institute.
r- Connell Faces Serious Charges lik
c Dr. Niax Connell, who tarried in
-' here a short while about two
is years ago, in the practice of den'
a' tistry, was arrested in New Or.
leans last week by E. E. Blount, lol
~d chief of police of Summit, Miss., Ith
and two detectives of the New to
Orleans force. th
0, Dr. Connell is charged with be*
lo, ing a fugitive from justice from br
lo. Osyka, where he established den- fa
tal parlors after leaving Frank.
er linton, and also from Indianapo. T
Je- lis, Id, Ijis brother, Emery ol
by Connell, 22 years old is sought al
ry o a similar charge. m
ne * It is said that detectives from
'be Indianapolis are charging the a
nd young dentists with the theft of
rs, one or more automobiles and A
while E. Connell made his escape
: from, the authorties at Batonk
Rouge when they attempted to
arrest him, Dr. Max C(onnell was
held in the parish prison in New
Orleans and when authorities at- I e
tempted to leave with the prison·
er Friday for Indianapolis, a'
writ of babeus corpus was issued
in the prisoner's behalf and ho I
*will be. given ia bearing in the
city court Friday of this week,
Fine Eggs For Sale.
Royal Blue Barred Plymouth
Rock eggs for hatching; from
fine exhibition and heavy laying
I birds. Flock is headed by two
sons of King Royal Blue, First of
Tennqssee. $2.00 per 1h deliver'
Mrs. Homer Sylvest,
I S.t .. Franklinton, La,
Rboms and Meals.
h (Good meals 40 cents eaoh.
Regular Board $23,00 per month.
- Mrs. F. F. Morgan,
H1l 4t leveland Sh
Cluib Husbminds Banquetted. @*
Ladies of the Waverluy Club
will entortaie their husbar.d; at
Six O'clock dinier Tuesday.,
Fenruary 1st, sei ving turkey
ahd all the "frills". eth reccepton
to b- at the rI' ii ince of Mrs.
W. J. Burri1 oil Main f reet.
Tihe club ladies have on their
hearts the organuiz;i on oft a
Chambor of (crnmmurnt among "
the busniies men of town and
are hoping to ;ee plans laiud andi
the initial orlai. Izit )ion per f1c te d ,
on this oCca.1oIn.
Signal Whistle at Light Plant.
Two-Long blasts jn-t b f ore
lights are turned on. P. M. onl y.
Three-Short blaste, calliing
R. R. Fornea.
For Fire.
Main street froml Cou:t II. u.t
north to Fair ground. Shoirt ilistst
blown continously thus .........
Tenth Avenue from new high.
way north, to better guide you,
along this street are the resi
ldences of Messrs. Monk, Cirp, "
Stringer, Greenlaw, and D. N.
SSingal. Two short blasts blown "
at intervals thus..
lain Street. South from Court 4
House, along this street, Fern o
Hotel, H. E. Richardson Dr.
Jones, D. R. Johnson.
Signal. Three short blastsI
blown at intervals thus... ..
East of N. 0. G. N. railroad
south of Depot
Signal. Four short blasts, thus
Along Railroad, north of depot,
lSignal, alternating three and
I four blasts, thus, ..
t' Cleveland and Lee Street, this r
line runs from residence of W. Q.
Wood to Baptist Church, back of
church by Merchants Grocery,
J. 1I. Burris, down to E. L. Maget.
e residence.
Signal, six short blasts blown
e at intervals, thus...... . ...
Along Railroad south of depot, ]
SSignal. Five short blasts, thus
e Out-Fine long blabt.
'3Mt. Hermon Notes.
January 23, 1921.
We are having beautiful spring
!. like weather and it puts new life
in us, and pulls the blues off our
1 Things are picking up right
r.smartly around Mt. Hletmon. A
lot of road crews are at work on
<the "to be gravel" roads and be. *,.
fore long we will be hitched to
the world again.
ej We hear rumors of weddinge,
m but we can't get on to the real
ad facts so can't name the parties.
k* We learn that Rev. Frank
o- Therds has accepted the pastorate
ry of the Mt. Hermon Baptist church
bt and will hold two services a
, White lightning is in evidence
he again in this country, about t n
of nights ago at a negro colation on
ad Arthur Ott's place a few miles
pe frot" here, a negro woman was
on knocked down with a pistol and a
negro man shot and seriously
pas but not fatally wounded, and they
eiaythery didn't have much fun
on·j The Government has fallen
a down on its job in the prohibition
hd measure. We whipped the Ger
mans, sunk Submarines, and
the cleared the air of ships, but
' alcohol seems too much for us to
rorn Tragedies in Ireland, following
rina the week end, were reported more
twoIfrequent and with increasingly
it of horrible features,
ver' Farm For Sale.
Farm of 106 acres. 40 acresj
f fenced, balan3e woods, 3 1-2 mi.
west of Franklinton. Good 6.roomr
1 house and good out buildings and
ach i water, near school. Terms, half
Dthb. down and terms on balance. Ad
Every Bite Every Ounce o
I You Eat of Waste ,
represe nts an expendituve reprelsents a financial loss to
Soef mn sv. Get the most you. Avoid waste. Avoid
SfIr it. G-t the best for the buying foodstutfs that are
pr I 0-) t ii lasting re- not pure. All sui h iare waste
inl ' i -,f ju ctlous hopping. ful. Your neiglbors and
Make Il-l)t ( )ito count. If friends are finding it protit
you want to (b all of those able to trade with us be
tr:g, it will sany yoau to cause we do not Sell rast'.
tradie at this store. Try it There is no econou;y for
* nd y,1u will be convinced. you in waste.
SIsn't It About Time To Try Out the
SStore that does so well for Others?
. 8-lb. bucket Compound.....$1.45 *
f Snow Drift ........................... 1.60 (
I eef~og®ýýýýýý®foo~e~fofee
The Conservative Path
Many years of experience in bank
ing, convince us that conservative
methods are always best---best for
the bank and best for the people.
Having gained a reputation for
careful, conservative management,
we shall steadfastly endeavor to
maintain it.
Deposits Guaranteed
' Capital and Surplus - $90,000.00
'*,. ********.,.* ** .***.****
SFraLnklinton Lumber Company 3
2 ;
* Lumber
Z Mouldings
* Sash and
* Roofing Doors
* Lime
and Brick
SWe Can Furnish Anything in Our Line.
Before Buying.
* * * ~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~
Dollar For Dollar
Waverley Theatre, Friday, January 28
7:0;Q P. M. Sharp, Prices 20Q and 35c.

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