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b et00 Per Yearh x
0 Per Ya Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton. $2.00 Per Year.
~--.-------~-------- _2.-NUMBS
~01I~ill · ~I':""~l-_ ~il~L1NIO N LA, nUSDA, EBZL'RY3. Y2.~_U1 EIl YH4si~~u~N 15\ R~,·n*(LalGD RR, ~~"L'TO "LATUR~lAI EBI~)A~J~t21~~~-- -~~~1:I~-N45.45
jnst pay Inconme Tax on
Only single persons whose net
ieome for 1920 was less than
a1,000and married persons living
:itb busband or wife whose net
Womewas less than ,2,000 are
0empt from the requirement to
eses income tax return.
The obligation to consider his
ra caseand to file an income
jreturn on time, if one is due,
ilsid squarely on the shoulders
oevery resident of the United
fetes, Guesswork is barred. The
re are sworn statements, and
acaracy Tis essential. Salaried
nos and wage earners must
aertain the actual compensation
7uived. Bonuses, shares in the
piofit of a business, values of
uartere and board furnished by
a employer, and other items of
1oapensation for services must
Returns must show both gross
pa net income. Gross income
ddes practically every dollar
jived by the taxpayer during
year 1920. The net income is
mined by subtracting from
a income certain deductions
ifiedby the revenue law, and
explained in instructions on
1040-A and 1040 filing re.
eusiness expenses are the prin.
l allowed deductions in com*
g net income. The law spe.
y prohibits the deduction
Behold and living expenses.
deductible business ex
or for salaries, labor, cost
ierohandise, raw materials,
supplies, rent, repairs, light,
,.delivery, selling cost, ad
g,andinsurance. Doctors,
wand like professional men
deduct from gross income
paid to professional societies
baeoriptions to professional
rent paid for offices,
to paid for light, fuel, wa
adtelephone used in such
and the wages paid to
year, as last, the tax may
in full at the time of filing
Ion or before March 15,
orian four installments, the
which is due on or before
15, the second on or before
_ the third on or before
r 16, and the fourth on
December 15.
return must be filed with
liector of internal revenue
distriot in which the tax
livee. Heavy penalties are
for failure oi willful re.
te make a return and pay
lex when due.
me tax blanks for indivi
Whose incomee last year
late than $5,000 are being
by the Internal Revenue
* The blanks, the last of
three series of blanks for fil
latome tax statements, are
Is at the office of Rn!us W.
not, internal revenue colleo.
110 Customhouse, New Or
January 8, approximately
blanks were mailed to cor
* in the state and on Jan
10, blanks were mailed to
whose incomes for 1920 ex
ed $6,000. Return blanks
e also been mailed to employ.
ho are required to list every
ee to whom they paid
or more during the last
naibility of filing and re.
the blanks rests solely
individual, according to
tenot, wbo stated that
not receiving the blanks
wad for them.
,is a gteet paia killer
andsremp ceamed a
i Suferer of 33 Years I)ies Fri
Mrs. Mary Corkern. wife of
Rev. Thomas Corkern, died last
Friday afternoon at her home
in North Franklinton after an
illness of thirty-three years from
About 9 years Mrs. Corkern
Shas been unable to walk or was
confined to her bed, and the
patient Christian life that
developed thru these years of
suffering have been a blessing
and a sweet benediction to her
family and the large circle of
friends who so constantly asso
ciated with her.
This last illness which seized
Mrs. Corkern seems not to have
been due to rheumatism but was
an acute stomach trouble which
she herself pronounced fatal,
notwithstanding the physician.,
and friends could not see any
cause for alarm. Upon her rc
quest the absent members of her
family were called to her bed
side, and being fully rational she
would from time to time calmly
express the wish that she might
only live till all her children gath
ered to speak to her once more.
Miss Annette Corkern from
Baylor University, Texas, ar
rived Thursday and on the same
train came a special pnysician
called in consultation, with a
trained nurse, all considering
the patient's condition very hope
ful. The oldest son, Rev. Willis
Corkern from Kerens, Texas,
reached his mother's bedside
near noon Friday, and as if she
had all of earthly joy which could
be afforded her, she soon sank
into the last sweet sleep from
which she passed into the be
yond as if calmly claiming the
Christian's promised rest from
all pain and suffering.
The departed is survived by a
husband, Rev. Thomas Corkern,
who thru all the years, with
truest love and perfect patience
has stood by his afflicted wife to
relieve and comfort in every way
possible and to have himself
grown so tender and helpful thru
his Christlike ministry to the
suffering, that he now draws all
mankind to him in confidence
and love. Two sons, W, A. Cot-k
ern, a minister of Texas, and
John Corkern, mechanic with
the Bulloch Motor Co,; and six
daughters, Mesdames Marion
Knight, C. J. Gayer, and Vera
Jenkins of Franklinton, Mrs. W.
F. Edwards of Bon Ami, Miss
Annette Corkern, attending col
lege at Baylor University, and
. Miss Elmer Corkern having the
- care of the home, constitute the
: immediate family of the disceas
A large number of close rela
tives and numerous friends are
affected by the loss of this Godly
woman but all are comforted by
the assurance of her eternal rest
and the memory of the Christ
like life, which was a daily in
spiration to her family and
The sweetest tribute was paid
> the mother in the home by the
- touching words said in the home
B services Saturday by Rev. W. A.
- Corkern and Miss Annette, in
y appreciation of the inspiration
d and comfort she had always
It proven to her family. Not one
but had been helped by her pa
. tience and Godly training, and in
y .placing on her casket the beauti
o ful floral offering from her fam
,t ily, all rejoiced that they had not
s waited till this occasion to bring
her flowers, but each one during
her days of suffering and trial
r bad done everything possible to
p brighten and gladden her life
and to give her the joy of know'
ing as bow blelpful and SWeet
her life had been to the home.
The fur ther s1rvic(s were con
ducted by heri pastor, Rev. H. E.
Pettus and the body laid to rest
in Ellis cemletery under a sweet
covering of floral otTerings whIich
but slightly expressed the wealth
of love and appreciation felt for
one of God's sweetest saints.
Tyleritown Bank Stockholders
The regular annual meeting of
the stockholders and directorsof
Tylertown Bank was held Thurs
day, January 27th.
The earnings of the bank for
the past year were very satisfac
tory to the stockholders and di
rectors and the usual dividend of
ten per cent was paid and a sub
Rtantial amount applied to depre
<idtion of Banking House, Furni
ture and Fixtures, Liberty Bonds,
The following directors were
re-elected for th- coming year:
l.. L Lampton, J C. Rimes,
Thad B. Lampton, T. Rt. Mc)on
ald and Robt, 13. NLampton.
TIe dlirectors elected the follow
ig .ffiWrs for the ensuing year:
L. L. Lampton, president; J. C.
Rirnes, vice-president; Robt. Bab
ington, cashier; E. 0. Murrell,
assistant cashier I Miss Helen Con=
erly, 1hookeeper.
The busin ss affairs of the Ty
lertown Bank are in a most ex
cellent condition, as is shown by
their published statements, and
the finlings of the board of direc
tors at the clnse of a year that
has been unuoually trying upon
the resources of a bank.-Tyler'
town Times.
Winter Brings many Ills to Pale,
Overworked People
Fortify Your System-Good Blood
Will Give You New Strength
to Keep Well
If you feel the least bit run
down, not necessarily sick, but
tired and blue and sort of down
and out, it shows plainly that
your power of resistance is low.
It is dangerous to go around
that way. You don't want to do it.
Make no mistake about it,
when you feel yourself slipping
into lazy habits, getting indiffer
ent to the things you naturally
like-no energy, no vigor, always
tired-it is time to look out. It
may not mean that you are sick
or that you will be. But there
are diseases that would have an
easy time of it with your system
when your blood has no fighting
You want to be well and keep
well and feel strong. If you
build up the quality of your
blood by taking Pepto-Mangan
you will be in trim to fight off
winter ills. It has just the right
ingredients to build your blood
up with rich, red corpuscles.
Pepto.Mangan gives your blood
the qualities it needs to pick you
up and start you off on a healthy
basis. You will notice the differ
ence soon after you start taking
it. You will have better color,
better feeling, and more energy.
You can take it in liquid or
tablet form as you prefer. Both
have the same ingredients. But
be sure you get the genuine
Gude's Pepto\Mangan. Ask for
it by that name-'"Gude's Pepto.
Mangan," and be sure the full
name is on the package.-Adver
Eggs For Sale.
Pure bred Barred tock eggs
for batching-$1.00 lyar setting
of 16.
0. V. Jones,
Franklinton, La..
45 St iloute I, I lbos
Heal Estate I)Deals.
The following transfers in par
ish real estate were made during
the past week as shown by
otfficial records, c
J. E. For'rest to W. H. Pettitt, I
70 acres in Evan James head. '
right No. 39-2.9. $1200 00.
Great Southern Lumb er Co.,
to B. P. Wedgeworth, Lots 3-5, B .
Block 120. $300.00
Great Southern Lumber Cu., t
to John B. Talley, Lot 1, Sec. 25
4-12. containing 47.48 acres. S470
and other considerations.
Robert Hoey to C. Plummer, C
Lot 11, Block 2 of W. J. Jones
addition to Bogalusa, fractional
lot, 10, block 5, of L. A. Pierce
Pleasant Hill addition to B3oga- t
lusa, +1250 00 cash, t
Covington Naval Stores Co., I
Ltd. to C, S. E. Babingtmn, lot 1,
square 30, Town of Franklinton, f
8100.00 cash.
A. L. Brown to Martin Ken- t
dall, a parcil of land in Rio, 35 f'
by 264 it.. n Isaac Jenkins homie
stead. $10.00
Union Bank t) Alonz') Brown, t
Parcel of land 35 ft. by 261 ft. in
Rio, Isaac Jenkins homestead,
$5.00 cash.
W. M. Kendall to Union Bank,
parcel of land in Rio, 35 by 264 fi
feet Isaac Jenkins homestead,
George J, Sanders to J. B.
Adkens 50 acres in headright 46,
$1216 00 cash and notes.
Win. H. Hardy to Ruth B. Dan
iel, 1-4 acre N. W. 1-4, lot 35, u
Arigt, $100.
C. R. Pope to J. E. Ball, lot 74.
block 5. Angie. $23.00 cash.
Mrs. Ophelia Magee et al to t
T. P. Ball, lot 25, block 5, Angie. i
Great Southern Lumber Co., f
to L. F. Guerre, lots 9 to 16 in
clusive in block 63, $1305 cash
and notes,
Morrison--Mackie Griavel t
P. L. Sanford, 25 acres in Wo:
Bickham headright, No, 50-4-11.
$1000 00 cash,
J. Mart Wheat et als to Green
Magee, 6.6 acres in headiright 410.
3-14, $750.00.
Edward Mizell to American
Brick Co. Inc., parcel of land in
Sec. 54 4-12, $500 00 notes.
Get, K Force to New Orleans
Gravel CO. Inc., parcel of land a
in Sec. 20-3-11 $10.00 and other (
Monroe Smith to Boguechitto a
Baptist church, 26 acres, head. 4
right 55-1.10. $1250 notes.
A. L. Brown to Mrs. D. A. i
Pendlason, 1-2 acre in Sec. 22-2
9. $1.00 cash and other consider.
Delos R, Johnson to S. W. 4
Wilkes, 46 acres Sec. 11-2-9.
$253 cash.
Rosa Topps to Delos R. John
son. 46 acres, Sec. 11.2 9. $239.25
notes and other consideration.
James Erwin to F. F. Morgan, 4
parcel of land Sec. 33 2-11. $1000.
F. F. Morgan to W. T, Adams,
parcel of land in Sec. 33-211,
$1340 notes etc.
J. E. Brock to Mary Morris,
lots 19 and 20 sq uare 5, Bogaluss.
$100 cash.
J. Ira Warren to Eugene
Magee, lots 1 to 16 inclusive
block 15, Hackley, $423 cash and
Wm, O. Monday to Victor iMt
thews 4 acres, Sec. 41.2-14. $200
Fine Eggs For Sale.
Royal Blue Barred Plymouth
Rock eggs for batching, from
fine exhibition and heavy laying
birds1 Flock is headed by two
sons of King Royal Blue, First of
Tennessee, $2.00 per 15 deliver
Mrs, Homer Sylvest,
44 Stt FraukUntonu La.
General News In Brief.
The House appropriations sub
committee was ready to report
lavorably a bill calling for an ar
my of 153,000, as suggested by
(;overnor Morrow of Kentucky
ordered troops to fight night rid
ing following the crises in the
tobacco markets there.
Secretary Colby, back at his
desk after a two months' trip, de.
dlared that the Sooth Americans
were very friendly to the United
That the financial situation of
the South is much improved was
the opinion of Horace Forteeoue,
Philadelphia banker.
Americans in Girrimany were
frustrated in an effort to take
Grover C. Bergdoll, draft dodger,
back to the United States.
HIenry Lnurv, negro was lyneh
:d by a mob at Alodenal, Ark,, for
the murder of 0. 'T. Craig, a plant.
or, and his daughter.
Three men wero' arrested and
!M20000 express monev orders and
ether papers were esiz d by of
ficers in Bogulusa, La,
Republican and Democratic Se.
nate leaders met in head-on oolli
sion over a drive to put through
the Fordney tariff bill.
A five-year-old Memphis boy
was horribly mutilated by a de
generate black wlh confessed
wheni arrested.
A niationwide survey showed
that 36.9 per cent of employes in
industrial planits were laid off in
1920, with the South slightly af
Dr. A. G. Smith
Office Over Washington Bank
8230 A. M. to 6-00 P. M.
Franklinton, Louisiana.
$ $
$ This Is Your Bank $
$ $
S We Are Your Servants
$ $
$ The purpose of this bank is to minister to .$
$ the requirements of this community in a
$ financial way. $
$ As bankers we desire to aid the public in $
$ building up the community-in bringing $
$ prosperity to each and every person. $
To promote this object we invite your $
S checking and savings accounts.
$ For the extention and promotion of your $
$ business we have money to lend on approved $
$ security. $
$ $
Washington Bank & Trust Co.
$ ·$
----OFFICES-- $
$ Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits $
$ Over Eighty Thousand Dollars. $
I$ $
Governor Parker, in a speech
before the Southern Tariff Con
gress urged a protective tariff for
cotton, rice and sugar growers.
Prominent New Orleans club
women suggested to Commission
er Ray that they handle entirely
vice problems in the city.
Delegates to the Constitutional
Conventiuton were making a tour of
five states in search of informa
tion on tax system.
Taxing Germany's prosperity,
in addition to a minimum in au
nual payments, was the Allied
decision as to German reparation.
Grover B.g-doll and his chauf
feur, safe i; Germany, told of
their escape from America with
British pas ports.
Three men charged with rob
bing an express office in Belle.
view, l'ia., and captured at Boga
Iusa, La., were taken to Florida
for trial.
The huge ship canal from the
Atlantic seaboard to Orleans re
ceived a big boost in the House
at Washington.
Eggs For Sale.
Pure bred Rhode Island eggs
for hatching-:2.0 per setting,
42-ft. J. V. RABB.
Rub-My-Tism is a powerful antisep
tic; it kills the poison caused from in
fected cuts, cures old sores tetter, etc.
Repair Shop
In Reese Uldg. Oppo. Courthouse
Work Promptly Done
and Fully Guaranteed
I)D not send your work out of

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