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$2.00 PerYear. Official Jurnal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton. $2.00 Per Year.
FRAN!(LINTON,___________~__ LA. 1921
I it
Securing the pa' a
ration of such rindibl a b
rvernor Parker, .\hYnI , 1 n
gule, Judge Fuster, .1nl f
f'eill, Superintend-ent f I:Jiu
aion Harris and thi" Mi-os Kate
0dJean Gordon 1ri r li ,alu;au's`
at day Saturday n rely iindi
aestheimportance Ma;yor W.
,Sullivan attaches to educating
Itraining the children of Bo-b
plus and should be recognized
the biggest of the many advan
g s this "father of the city" has
;aught to the municipality ofn
Rugal05as 1
The great stress lhid upon edu.
'pional' advantages by MayorE
Sollivan and his co-workers, in
pablishbing and equipping what
ideclared to be the most modern
ad best equipped High School 0
d1estate, and in putting forth
eery effort and expense to make e
dedioatiofn the most inportant
.eat in the history of the city,
1so impress the minds of the e
sand girls who witnessed Sat. a
ay's great celebration that F
aoeforth getting an education
11 not be endured as a conipul- r
evil, but will be classedi
ong the big things of life,
The Governor and his party
wet et the train Saturday by
reception committee headed
MIayor Sullivan and driven in
mobiles to Pine Tree Inn ýi
re they Joined the other out- I
town guests and all took up a
hto the new school building, t
g snaeopped on the route by the i
g picture camera, Included ,
tIbis line was a wonderful pa
tkof the 1800 school children
the city with their teachers, the
psesiug on into the big audi. i
where they stood until tie 1
ere and other vigitors were 1
on the stage. Under the
n of Miss Blainey of the
lii department, all.join
a mighty chorus, singing
Spangled Banner" and
Ott of the City Cout as
Sintroduced the speakers,
0? Parker first, who spoke
thon "Loyal Americans,"
phasiged the well equipped
*to should be the product
apl idid school system Bo
htibailtup for her chil
Pollowing the Governor,
OShane of New Orleans
a muncipal advantages.
Uatus Foster of the United
District Court, addressed
boy scouts, of which national
ilation the Judge is a chief
r. State Superintendent
harris coucluded the morn
addressee and after being
thru the new building all
to the hotel lobby and
a social hour with Boga
6charming and entertaining
Wanted! ii
Girls to work in Box Factory
at Roseland,La.
Comfortable working condim T
tions and steady work.
Address $
dYeneer & PkgCo.:
Roseland, Iduisia*s, `
+++ ++ .0ýii1ý r N +º
F)llrowing this came 'he ban- t
r~uet of ;(00 plates, with a menu I
t1 suit the King's own taste and r
after dinner speechelis fairly hub
bliung with wit and wisdom, Ilon.t
B. D. Talley presiding. t
The followding musical numbers
were enjoyed during dinner:
Cornet Solo, Mr. Underwod ;:
Vocal solo, Miss B3laney; High t
chooul Quartette; Trombmne solo,
Mr. Sam Koltum; Vocal solo, e
Miss Smith; Cornet and Trom- C
bone Duet, Underwood and Kol- s
tum. t
Dinner was followed by Five
minute talks from W. H1. Sullivan,
J. B. Lindsley, E. R. Cassidy,
Mrs. Bettie Sullivan.l r th, Judge
Prentise B, Carter, Mrs. L. F.
B3rignac and Prof F. C. Ratcliff. 1
Time was then given for visit
ing the various points of interest
of the Magic City, later the ruen
being entertained at Pine Tree
Inn while the ladies of the party
enjoyed tea at th Y. W. C. A.
The evening's 1,'ogram consist.
ed of music and speaking fora
adults, Judge O'Neill of the Su
preme Court of Louisiana- and
Miss Kate Gordon of the Wo
man's Party of New Orleans, be
ing added to the list of orators
who addressed the morning as
By courtsey of the City of Bc
galusa all Distri and palish offi- t
cials and their wives and the prin
jt'ipuls of the High Schools of the
parish were guests of the day,
and all unite in declaring it to be
the greatest day our great Cityl
has ever had.
Treat Irish Potato Seed
Against Scab.
University Station, Baton
Rouge, La., Feb. 3.-In making
preparation for the potato crop
Ithis year do not buy seed stock
that is badly affected with comr
mon scab, however cheap it may
be as it is not fit to be planted, is
thb advice of G. L. Tiebout, horti
culturist in the state extension
division. With a little precaution
potato growers can have reason
ably clean crops, he says.
"All seed potatoes should be
treated with formaldehyde before
planting whether any scab is visi
ble or not, as a small amount of
the disease is likely to be over
looked," says Mr. Tiebout.
"The solution to be used for
treating the seed potatoes is made
by mixinqg one pint of commer
cial formaldehyde with thirty gal
lons of water. Soak the seed in
I this solution for one-half hour to
two hours. This should be done
just before planting and before
the potatoes are out. After they
have soaked the desired length
I of time, they should be taken out
I of the solution and placed in a
clean place. They are then ready
for planting.
"The potatoes should not be
taken out of the solution andl piled Pi
ip while still wet anid left over
night. If the potatoes cannot be
planted immediately, they should
be allowed to dry. After the po- Th
tat:,es have been treated, they i
shoulrld rnot he allowed to come in P3
contalt with sacks or other mater- US6
ial that have been around un- ofl
treated potatoes. If it is neces
sary to again sack the potatoes, stt.
either clean sacks should be used frc
or else the old sacks should be hi1
soaked in the formaldehyde solu- W r
tion, ter
"The solution that has been La
used for treating one lot of seed
is still good arnd can be used again me
and again. It is not advisable, by
however to keep this solu'ion for in
several days, as it will gradually ad
lose its strength, ap
"The formaldehyde can be ob. rIe
-tiied at almnost any drug store. se
It canl uEually he obtained in
a;iled pound bottles at a very thi
m'deriate cost. It should be guar- in
rnteed to contain from 87 per bu
'ent to 40 per cent pure lorrialde. fri
hyde." til
1lrl'rlage Licenses, se
R. V. B3reland to Edna Pierce, in
Sunny Hill. M
dolhn S. Scarborough to Nettie ce
Lea, Bognlusa. nu
1 Ihert lohnison, New Orleans,
to r-li in h oti, Hliogalusa.
Ellis 13Brumfield to Thelma
Magee, Sunny Hill il
Riley Mallet to Mamie Whltkun, th
Bogalusri. ofl
The Charm of Good' Health Has Its ca
Source in Rich Red Blood, Noth
ing on Earth so Necessary L(
for Beauty uc
Restores the Quality of Your Blood, P1
Brings Back Your Color and lu
Renews Vitality
Personal charm is like a light.
It sheds its rays everywhere. Is C
the light of your. personal charm
hidden under the bushel of bad C
blood? Instead of habitual smiles ea
do you wear a tiied look--almost et
a scowl? Do you tire easily? Are
you pale and lacking iii vital en
ergy and ambition?
You are not really ill. Your 2
' blood has become weak and slug
- gish. It is half starved, What M
I you need is the blood making ee
, qualities of that splendid tonic, M
Pepto-Mangan. After you have be
taken PeptoMarigan a little
a while you will feel a big improve
7' meut. The smiles will come back. M
1 People will see a difference in tn
t you. You will have plenty of G
rich, red blood and feel stronger.
Pepto-Mangan has been build- A
ing red blood for years. PhysiA
cians prescribe it right along. u
B It has just the ingredients that G
starved blood needs. Sold in li
quid and tablet form. Both have 9
the same effect. But be sure
you get the genuine Pepto.Man- P
gan. Ask for '"Gude's" and be N
sure that the full name, "Gude's
Pepto- Mangar," is on the pack. F
J. Austen Chamberlain said
Great Britain proposed to cancel
interbAllied war indebtedness but I
the United States found the plan
An Atlanta woman admitted
adopting eleven children and
passing them upon her husband
as her own.
The National Executive Board
of the Business and Professional '
Women's Clubs and the Louisiana
organizatidn both held busy see*
siuns Friday.
The new dry enforcement officer
K declared war on certain brands of
"p.atanediio neas'! said to be be
nom~rinspr anite 80mor ik
Pigo tt Again Appointed Par
ish Sriivevor.
The recent 're-appointmenft of -
Thos. E. Pigott as soirveyor of p
Washington f) rish by Gove rnor rail
Pa:iker calls to wind the long and in tl
useful service of this popular vers
official. A
In his yountli Mr. Pigott was al
1 Reml
student in the Frank linton school,
from which lie graduatedl wiith ip
high honors, and was the tirst'
Washington Parish pupil to at
tend the Industrial Institute at A
Lafayette. who
He received his first appoint. Par
ment as surveyor for this Iparish by
by Governor Murphy J. Foster T
in 1890 With each change of my
administration he has beein re- by I
appointed, so that he now has a T
record of 24 years of continuous ed
service in the otiice. 10
.Mr. Pigott had given it out
of I
that he wished to retire this year
in favor of some younger man, F
but at the earnest souicitation of .tru
frieids hie let ia InaLce go bef ire 'I
the ltGovernor, with the result of 'ak
his re-appointwent for the S
seventh term. He was at the par- Rhe
ish seat.Saturday and was sworn 10on
in for the new term by Chess E~}
Mizell, clerk of court, and re
ceived the felicitations of his
numerous friends here, per
Rieal Estate Deals. II
rThe following transfers in par- lice
ish real estate were made during i;ill
the past week as shown by
official records. f t
Lampton FRealty Co. to J. H-. o,
Schilling, Parcel of land John in
Miller headright 40-2-11, 8800 x
L. L. Lampton to Stephen E. It ri
Babiugton, 25 acres situated in Rhi
the town of Franklinton 86,000.00i -
S. B. Seal to T. G. Corkerti,
Lot 1, Sec. 25-8-9, 8600 cash and
Louis E. Lavert to J. K. Moffet,
I ot 22, block 8, L. A. Pierce
Pleasant Hill addition to Boga
luea, $300 cash.
E. A. Burris to J. K. Moffct
5 acres, Sec. 47-3-13, $75.00 cash
Poitevant and Favre Lumbe, F
SCo. to Great Southern Luwbef -
SCo. Parcel of land, Sec. 38-2-12,
exchange of lands of Great South.A
t' ern, Sec. 2-8-12, value 8400 each. P
Siduey McNeece to J. 13. Lind
'ley, Parcel of land, headright 39.
2-13. $2085.00 cash and notes.
SFred D, lMagee to Myrtis A.
t Magee, All right, title and inter
R est in property of father Green
Magee and mother Sara Magee $
e both deceased. $100 cash.
Martina Magee McKaskill to
I. Myrtis A. Magea, right, title, in- $
ii terest and claim in property of
'f Green and Sara Magee. $200 cash.
Alice Magee Taylor to Myrtis$
A. Magee, undivided right. title,
interest and claim in property of $
t Green and Sara Mag'ee, $200 cash.
Sena Magee Tate to Myrtis A.
e Magee undivided right etc, in $
e property of Green and Sara $
e Magee, $200.00.
s D. A. Rogers to A. B. Holiday, p
Parcel of land in Sec. 22-3-13,
$75.00 cash,
d W. L. Smith to W. P. Dunlap, $
e1 Lot 2, block 20, Pierce addition to
p Bogalusa, $67.50 cash,
McCauley Rester to H. l. Lies* $
ter,. 1 1.2 arese Sec. 15.3-13. $
81500.00 oash.
Gd reat Southern Lumber Co. to
Id 0. V. Magee' 40.99 acres, Sec. 4.
Id 4-13. $204.95 cash.
Joe M. Williams to J. V. Rabb,
rd 1-2 interest in lots 2 and 3, square
al 818 in Franglintun. $500 cash,
18 5, A. MillHr to J. M. Williams, ~
8' All undivided half interest in iots
2; and 8 square 218 in town of
rFrautlilinton, $725.00 cash.
ier0. ona
of Wmi On . londay to Victor
14. Mathews. 4 aores in headright 41. *
8.14. %300 whyb
General News In Brief.
President Wilson refused the
rail workers' request to interfere
in the wage adjustment contro
A keen fight for United States
senator was expected in Mississ
ipj'i to decide the successor of
senator John Sharp Williams,
who will retire.
A census of all liquor held by
wholesale drug firms in various
parts of the country was ordered
by dry agents.
The president's veto of the ar
my reduction bill wia overbidden
by the House by a 271 to 10 vote,
The United States Senate adopt.
ed an amendment appropriating
I10,000,000 for continuing work
on the Muscle Shoals nitrate plant.
Fitrst steps looking to the con
struction df a fleet of modern high
[Wed naval airplalice urriers were
oaken in Congress.
Statistics ehuwvd American
ithodes scholars were takIing more
Honors at Oxford Uuiversity than
Federal statistics showed a 6
per ceut decrease of farm animals
last year.
Ii attaonks in Ireland, fifteen
deaths were reported, nine of po
lice, and six Sminu Fein being
Robert P. 13rindell, president
of the Building Trades Council
in Ndw Yurk, was found guilty of
Rub-My- Tism is a great pain killer
it relieves pain and soreness caused by
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, etc.
Dr. A. G. Smith
Office Over Washington Bank
8:00 A. M. to 6:00 P. M.
Franklinton, Louishna.
$ $
I This Is Your Bank I
$ $
We Are Your Servants
The purpose of this bank is to minister to $
$ the requirements of this community in a $
$ financial way. $
$ As bankers -we desire to aid the public in $
$ building up the community-in bringing $
prosperity to each and every person. $
To promote this object we invite your
$ checking and savings accounts.
$ For the extention and promotion of your $
$ business we have money to lend on approved $
$ security. $
$ $
Washington Bank &Trust Co.
$ $
Capital. Surplus a$il Undivided Profits
Over Eig ht/R !ousand Dollars.
The Queen City, the first com.
bined passenger and reight boat
from Pittsburg in 25 years, reach.
ed New Orleans Sunday after
In a statement on the coming
Constitutional Conventiqn N. C.
Blanchard, former governor, vi
gorously urged safeguarded and
restricted taxation,
The German party leaders made
statements condemning allied re
parations proposals as impossible
to be accepted.
A national executive committee
was named to aid in reorganizing
the machiner3 of the Democratic
Plans for a vast Christian edu
cation drive were discussed by
delegates from eighteen Southern
states in conference at Memphis.
The House was told by the na
val cominittee that the completion
of the building program would
cost $500,000,000.
Congress discussed disarua
ment, but went ahead with consid
eration of large appropriations for
the army and navy,
Coal operators in the Pooha
hontas field in West Virginia were
shown to have made 200 per cent
profit in 1920.
Rub-My-Tism is a powerful antisep
tic; it kills the poison caused from in
fected cuts, cures old sores tetter, etc.
Repair Shop
In Reese IBlag. Oppo. Courthouse
Work Promptly Done
and Fully Guaranteed
Do niot send your work out of

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