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Tfr ýralleabet.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
Entered as second class matter April 5, 1910
at the postofnice at Franklinton, La., under
he Act of Congress of March 3.179.
Ad-!ertisinfl Rates on Application
Address all Communications to
The Era-Leadelr, Franklinton, La.
One Year.........$2.00 in advance.
Six Months.........*........$1.25
Three Months.. '......... ...
Single Copies...... ....... 0 **
Franklinton, La., Feb. 10, 1921.
Flowers for Our "City Beau
Interestin our "City Beauti- V
ful" Campaign should awaken by
from its winter slumbers now, aga
that the balmy days begin to re
turn with greater frequency, and Fel
the nameless magic in the air agE
warns us of Spring's coming, we
Now is the time to plan the flower for
yards, for the beautifying of our tioJ
homes depends much on the cit
wisdon we use in arranging the 1
flower beds. Tnere is nothing the
more effective than a wide bor- the
der of flowers all around the vai
house, and if the foundation can inc
be latticed in before the flowers raj
are planted so much the better. hu
Let us plant the hardy, showy in
flowers such as zinnias, daisies, lai
cosmos, and salvia. The salvia be
and cosmos will be with us un
til frost and with a little extra gi'
care as to watering in dry spells Lb
and keeping the dead blossoms di;
cut off, the zinnias will be with if
us then, too. In addition to the PO
many showy blossoms, there are w)
many wonderful plants which he
our gentle climate fosters, roses,
lillies, jasemines and palms, the
irris and gladioli. Let us plan
for these in profusion. There is
no more ennobling influence in
life than the love of flowers. We
owe it to our children to sur
round them these messengers of so
God's love. Did you ever see a
real lover of flowers, who was
not gentle and refined? Flowers
are a necessity. Let us as a com
munity become flower enthu
siasts. This year we must
"Clean-up and Paint-up" as nev
er before, but we must "Plant- R
up", too, if we are to become a
true "Ciiy Beautiful." Dig deep, 4.
and pulverize well, fertilize care.
fully and get everything ready
to put the seed in as soon as
Venire. b
No, Name Ward a
1.- Ernest Breland......,. 8,
2. W. E. Magee.......,.. 3 ti
3. Emmett Breland.... .... 4
4. J. W. Parker........,,, 6
5. A. J. Bridges......... 8
6. Rafe Miller Sr........ 2
7. W. M. Bateman...... 3
8. D. J. McElveep........ 3 tl
9. D. E. Bulloch.......... 1 C
10. T. D. Jackson........ 2 0
11. J. D. Talley...........6 6
12. W. B. Gilbert......... 4
13 M.S.Branch. ..,,...7. 7
14, S. B. Sheridan......... 6
15. Weeley McGehee....... 4L
16. G. H. Gardiner......... 4
17. W. E. Wallace........ 1
18, L.M. Sylvest........9. 9
19. J. R. Rester............ 5
20. C. W. Davidson.. .... 4.s
21. Q. T. Walker .......... .
22, J. A. Mqgee....... 2
23. S. L. Nobles.. .... .... 8
24. M. B. Hennesy,........ 1h
25, Walter Thomas....... 7 *
26. George Thomas........ 7 ii
27. G.W. Seal,,......... 5 a
28. Frank IBaham.... .... 9 n
29. N. E. Snell........,. 2 Cw
30. R. J.Parker........ 6 i
I hereby certify that the above
and foregoing is a true and cor- d
reot list of the venire drawn for ii
servioe at the Maroh term of the
26th Judiolal District Court of a
Louisiana in and for the Parish iI
of Washington, Louisiana.
This the 22nd day of January, a
Chess Mizell, e
Clerk of Court.
Buy War ~aniDgs Stampa
Close [hint Season on All rigi
Water Birds. Will
I dI
Warning was issued last week r
by the conservation authorities "is
against violations of the closed hay
hunting season, which began on girl
February 1. The department's
agents throughout the state ear
were instructed to spare no ef
forts in visiting speedy retribu- "at
tion upon the heads of the recal- ar
citrant. bo(
Monday, January 31, marked out
the end of the "open" season for tgs
the hunting of woves and the fer
various species of water birds, dr(
including ducks, snipes, geese,
rails and coots. The season for bri
hunting bear, quail and turkey
in Louisiana will close February
15. Rabbits and squirrels may dri
be hunted until February 26. sh
In all cases, the hunter is ga
given five days after the dawn of Pg
the "closed" season in which to w[
dispose of his game. After toat, ve
if he is caught with game in his ya
possession for the hunting of
which the season has "closed,'" in
he may encounter difficulty. N'
Wanted. pi
_-"__ __ _ te
Two gentleman boarders. For
particulars apply to a
Mrs. M. H. Holmes,
Peddler-I'm trying to sell h'
some almanacs to make a 4ving. sB
3 Won't you help me out? B
'Busy Man-i certainly will it d
3 you don't go of your own accord.
-Boston Transcript, y
I Rooms and Meals.
Good menis 40 cents each. s
Regular Board $23.00 per month. ul
Mrs. F. F. Morgan, n
1, 44 4t Cleveland St.
I, the undersigned, convicted
of grand larceny at the Decem. it
ber term, 1917, in the criminal
court of Washington Parish, La,, f
d and sentenced to serve five to 1
seven years in the state peniten
3 tiary, am applying for pardon,
4 46-8t Frank Williams, 1
8 Notice For Publication.
2 s1
3 Notice is hereby given that
Sthere will be held a stockholders'
1 meeting of the MoCreary Lumber
2 Company, at its office at Frank
6 linton, Washington Parish,.Louis. y
4 iana, on Friday, February 11th, a
' 1921, for the purpose of appoint- ,
6 ing commissioners to liquidate a
4 theaffairs of the said Company, P
M. M. Moore,
1 41-6t Secretary.
5 Estray Notice. b
Second Ward Justice Court it
5 W ashington Parish, Louisiana, f
2 Notice is hereby given, there has
5 been strayed before me, the under* -
signed authority, by T. I. Bick
1 ham, a freehold citizen of said s
ward, parish and state, and who r
being by me first duly sworn accord- C
7 ing jo law deposes and says that for Ij
5 more than six months last past there a
has been roaming at large at and ,
9 near his place one light bay mare t
colt about three years old, with dim
white spot between the eyes; and one
6 mare mule colt about two years old, a
light sorrel, no marks or brand.
The said colts to be sold at the re6i
'- dence of the said T. I. Bickham, in I
the Second Ward of Washington Far- *
ish, Louisiana, on
ie Saturday, March 5, 1921 F
at 11 o'clock a. m,, uniesa reclaimed f
SI by the owner and all cost paid.
STermb of sale, all cost to be paid in C
oash on day of sale, the balance on
t, iaiiinx ths credit, the purchaser to a
furnisibis note with approved security
payablp to parish treasurer of Wash- g
ington Parish, Louisiana.
This 28th day of January, 1921. 1
fl. D. 0tS,
Justie of the Fes.
(n, 1920, Western Newspaper Uniion.)
Bob turned impatently in the ham
"If you don't stop wfnBidng ariiund,
Nan," he said, "I'll move on. It's im
possible to rend or even to think in
your uneasy presence. By all thalt's
reasonable, what is the matter with
you ?"
Nan caught up a porch pillow and
aimed it at her brother.
"You are the nmatter," she replied;
"you and the rest of our anuless
crowd. I am so tired of mattring with
silly Cinud Barnett, and you had no
right to promise William Launcelot a
meeting with me this afternoon. Ilis
name shiows what Ihe would be like;
I don't want to know him."
SBob regarded his sister.
"Your real troulle," he said frankly,
"is too mnuch good fortune. If you
had to get out and work like some
a girls it would be better for you."
Nan merely nodded her pretty head.
"I think so too," she said-"and the
e same to yourself."
"I," her brother lnzily remarked,
"am contented with things as they
are. The rule does not apply. How
ever," he laughed as he opened his
book, "if ambition overwhelmus you get
d out on the Tarm and help Cy with the
r grapes."
r "I'1l do it," she said; "it will he dif
e ferent. I'm going to put on a gingham
i, dress and start for the vineyardl now.
I will apply incognito-Nancy Tucker
from Tuckersville; don't you dare
' breathe a word."
y Bob grinned.
Y "Yes-you-will," he jeered. htM
Nan was gone. Her pnl;k gtinghatm
Y dress was appropriately ftded. and
she tucked her hair under a commtntl
is garden hat and steered her little car
farmwnard. She found a convenient
Sparking place in a wooded spoit. and
JO walked on in a clheery sense of ad
Sventure. The pickers were variously
'assembled and the spreading vine
IS yards made an inviting picture.
)f The man called Cy waS Intt pl'as
' ing, as shie had hoped to find him.
Nan was really a hit disappointed;
perhaps in all this picturesqueness she
had also hoped to find a divertingly -
picturesque personality. Cy was mat
ter of fact to brusqueness.
)r "Get busy if you want the job," he
answered her timid application, and
pointed out the way.
Nan apptronched the loaded vines
hesitatingly, then smiled, and began
her task. The morning was extremely
hot; to the end of the orderly row
g. seemed a "long, long trail" indeed.
But presently as she hummed and
conscientiously picked, a man came
down the long trail with a basket.
d. "Good day for picking," he pleasant
ly remarked.
Nan tnodded. She was not acquaint
ed with the etiquette of the tile
yard, but as the young man Inter
h, spersed soft whistled tunes with cas
ual conversation, she forgot about eti
b. quette and answered him in good.
natured camaraderie,
"My name is plain Bill Jones," he
told her; "ensy to remember, I'm not
working here regularly'-'just filling in.
And you--?"
ed Nan turned down the brim of the
garden hat to hide her cotnfuston. "I'm
0* just filling in, too," she said,
al "Where are you going to eat your
a lunch'!" Bill Jones asked in the friend
ly annaer which wee not in the least
11' "I am going to eat mine back in a
shady spot near the fence. Aulnt Til
ly fixed a generous packet of said
wiches for me, and doughtnuts. You
will have to have one bf those. AUnt
Tullle's doughnuts were made to be
iat "Thanks," said Nan; "I will,"
ra' But the shrewd dark eyes read her
ter subterfuge as she attempted to slip
k- "You haven't brought lunch with
is- you," accused 1311 Jones, "Please stay
and share mine,"
And some way or other the appeal
it' Ing "please" was impossible to re
Lte sist. Two soiled and weary pickers
promptly made their way to a certain
shady place near the fence, and com*
muned as they ate their meal.
"I think," said Nan at last in a stmall
voice, "that I'll just work an hour
more, then go. It does make one s
back ache, doesn't it?"
Bill .Tones was at once sympathet·
IC. "Stop right where you are, if yiou
feel that way," he advised,
ias Nan cent slowly and regretfully
or* dow'-n the road to a woodsy spot where
ck- she had parked her car; it seemed a
-h pity to have to run away from the _
ed- only really happy day of one's visit,
for just because convention made that Sort
ere of hnppiness forbidden. Whatever
n ad would the Wilkints and her own family
Lre think of her enjoyment in such chance
ti acquaintanceship? She gazed rteftUly
Id, at her stained gingham dress. M
"Thought I'd get in and run the car in
gsi- out for you," a voice remarked.
in Bill Jones, In neat customary attire,
ar- sat in the sent, t
"Step in, Miss Na tl Exley," he per
suadled. "Please do not -deny the
led friendship I have worked so hard to
win. I was sitting around the curve -&r
in of the Wilkins' veranda this morning T
on when you and fob were talking. I
to asn the \'lillam Latnicelot Bob was tC
it y anxious to have you meet. William le
oh- Jones Launcelot, forester by profes- 4
slon-etut out the Launcelot, if you
like." a
Nan smiled. - w
MI IIts iii i.tbefl she sauld aod .! .
-lpa -I'
.Houme, Sweet Homes
thats the music fbr me
IT WAS a rotten night. AND WATCHING my wife.
RAIN, WIND, mud, slush. QUIETLY KNITTING away,
ý AND AFTER a hard day. IN THE firelight.
IT MADE m" sore. AND I Leard the rain.
TO GET all dolled up. BEAT AT the windows.
JUST TO go calling. AND THE winter wind,
ON A pair of fish. HOWL AROUND.
I NEVER could see. AND I stretched out.
BUT ORDERS is orders. IN THE old arm chair.
FROM FRIEND wife. TOOK UP a book.
AND "GEE," I said. LIT ONE of those cigarettegli
"THIS IS a bum life." THAT "SATISFY."
THEN THE phone rang. AND SAID, "Oh, Man.
AND THE party was off. IT'S A great old life."
I CLIMBED out quick.
. IT'S a great life, all right-esome.
FROM THE soup and fish. I times. 1ut in fair weatherorfoul,
4 * you've got a lean-to if you'vegot
Oo 2Ocents INTO THE easy clothes. Chesterfields-they always"Satia"
2 for . . * It's all in the way we blend these fine
in airtight packages. AND SAT by the fire, Turkish and Domestic tobaccos. And
inAlso obtairtignable in round ges. mind you- the "Satisfy-blend" can't
lins of 50, vacuum-sealed TQASTING MY toes, be coptedi
So50, vacuum-sealed
" eC tGAR 1T
"- ýihaa·q
On January 21st. the Paige,
Daytona Modeli, 6-b6 broke
every stock car record for speed
when it covered a mea:ured mile
In 3S-01 seconds-a speed of
102.8 miles an hour.
Today, therefore, Paige stands
as the unquestioned stock cat
champion of the World. And,
what is even more, the entireline
of Psaige 6-66 models is revealed
as the most important engi'
neering development of the age.
Take one demonstration in any
6-66 model and judge it for
That is all we ask.
.66 tLakeotroee Fen-Pa.tenparToiring Car $ jf o.&.Defb roft
6-66 Lorchmontl ili Four-PousengerSpor Type 95 f.o.b. Detroit
6-66 Fire. Pa.'enger(Coupo ......... ..... 775J.o.b. Detroit
1.66 J ecn-Paosenger Seddt ............. 5850 .6. Detroil
All model. will be rxhibited at Autd.
mobile ehowe throughout the country
Muneflctntvs ofl Paig, Motor Care and Motor Trro,
S -. For Sale By
S Franklinton, Louisiana.
THru MOU DEAUT!uP eKL 'IN , ix
Ordinance, E
Franklinton, La., Feb. 1, 1921.
At the regular meeting of the i
Mayor and Board of !Aldermen I
in open session on the above date c
the following ordinance was (
Be it ordained by the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen of the c
Town of Franklinton, Washing- I
ton Parish, La,, that there be
levied for the year 1921, a tax of
three ($3 00) dollars, upon each I
and every male person residing i
within the limits of said Town, I
6 i ,,MIn" _ && al+_ of 4
and fifty-five (55) for the purpose
of working the streets of said
Town, said tax to become due
immediately upon the promulga
tion of this ordinance, and to be
come delinquent on the first day
of March, 1921.
Provided, however, that any
person upon whom demand is
made for the said taX, Hha1' have
option to work on the streets of
the said town for a period of
three days in lieu of the said tax!
Be in further ordained that
any person refusing or neglect
ing to pay anid tax or ib place
tbereof to work on the said
g~iýCYa RD ti1iLiu yruvzu1 d a;Um
be deemed guilty of a miasfL
meanor, and upon conviction 4
the Mayor's court shall beflo
irn a sum not exceeding five di
lars, and in default of the 1q
ment of the said fine and cost
to be imprisoned in the parli
jail, located in the said totnfoI
a period of ten days.
He it further ordained tht
this ordinance shall gointoeled
immediately on promulgation.
Introduced and adopted I
open session February 1, 111.
C. 5. Gayer, Mayor,
H. F'. Sta'fford, Secretary.
Franklinton, rLa., 'eb.1, i1t
At the regular meeting ofth
Town Council of the Town of
Franklinton the following Oi
nance was unanimously adoptil
An Ordinance to levy, Colld
and enforce payment Qfa afal
al license tax, upon all permo1
associations of persons, corpt .
tions, or business firmspueli4*
any trfde, profession, oto
calling or business, withics
corporate limits of the Town
Franklinton, Washington Part
La., except those who are e
pressly exempted from sucbI
cense Tax by the Consitution df
the State of Louisiana,
Be it ordained that a liceI
tax, uniform with the licenseWe'
levied by the State of Looluia
be and is hereby levied .pOO
persons, firms, corporationsl
sociations of persons or '
nerships pursuing any
profession, vocation or Cal'
within the corporatelimitsof
Town of Franklinton, LBa d
the year 1921.
Be it further ordained
said lic:ense tax shall be due
Smediately upon promulgatio
this Ordinance; and shall
delinquent on the first da1'
March, 19"1.
Be it further Ordained j
said license tax shall be anu
Sby rule in the Mayor's
the said Town In the sae
ner and under the penaltie _
f)now provided, or that sy bB
f ,fter adopted for the eofllOCr
nent and correction of ilt
I Lax (due the State of Ui5aI'
Inturduced a ndl adoptedll
B en sesflon this FebrustV i, 'w
ii C. J. Gayer' MaYQ7
. o MV trffnrd. SeCrOWa7'

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