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How mrny, rm ny times you need something of
this ki::n.d T . kill lice on a colt or calf, to treat
a c: ..:: mai;ze or ringworm, to wash out a cut
or a ':,ech, to disinfect a wounrd or a running
sore. or gall. How often you could
m ce g.'od u;e of a reliable anti
septic if you only had it.
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You will fi :d i' t':e b.st kind of insurance
acrainst :-s f:o:n parasites and disease.
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There is always food money in healthy, thrifty, well
kept stock. Lousy, mnny, dirty, neglected animals
are a losing game anytime and anywhere: Use a
gocd dcp and you will have no trouble. Be-sure
you have the right kind. No question about
it if you use Kreso Dip No. 1.
For Sale by All Druggists
Ideal Drun Store.
Local Items
SIM lention of Local and Personal -
sappenings of The Week.
The Era-Leader.
tjgisaton, La., March 10, 1921.
M':rs, 0. F. Monk was a Boga
visitor last week.
Irs, Ada Babington entertain.
.~rs. Robt. Babington at lunch
full stock of all kinds of
wire at right prices.
C. S. E. Babington.
,aand Mrs. Benton Alford
Mta Hermon, spent the week
with Judge and Mrs. P. B.
hrad Mrs. C. J. Gayer and
omer Corkern and Beat.
Seakins spent Saturday with
o friends,
I visitors from the sur
country have come iii
tie revival services at
ist church by Dr.
tjeyJ. Simmons spent
4ays last week with Mrs.
limmons and was joined
by Mr. Simmons who
"over for the week-end.
Stringer has been
release from the navy
er's service, chiefly at
ncisco, and arrived
iday for a few weeks'
.his parents, Mr. and
D. Stringer before en
1 for the completion
tional training, ,that of
Sny lawn
\ 4
of Refinement
best quality, linen
ossible to produce.
dity tints and white,
and sabapes.
a Symphony Lawn
ty use,
me Boxes
24 envelopes
s ' ý'"'] t
Miss Freddie Warren of Hack
ley, was in town last week,
For sale-Asbestos roofing
paint for wood and iron.
C. S. E. Babington.
Mesdames I. L. Pope and R L.
McElveen were Sunday guests of
Mrs. Robt. Burris at Bogalusa.
Mrs, L W. McDougall and
children of the 1st Ward 'spent
the week-end with Franklintoli
Mrs, O. D. Richardson and'
children of Bogalusa, visited
Judge and Mrs, P. B. Cartei
last week,
See me before you buy that
wagon or buggy as I can save
you money, *
C. S, E. Babington,
Clyde Poole of New Orleans,
spent last week here with his
parents, and left Monday for a
week's visit with his brothers at
Monticello and Jackson, Miss.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Statford
moved this week into their beau
tiful little bungalow which has
just been completed on the cite
of the old City Hotel on South
Main street. it is an attractive
building and adds greatly to that
residence section.
Mrs. Robert Babington and
young daughters, Dorothy and
Lanier came down from Tyler
town Thursday for a visit with
,Mrs. W, S. Burris and were
joined Sunday by Mr. Babing
ton and son Charles, the family
being entertained at Sunday dini
ner at Mr. and Mrs. W, W. Bab.
W, L. Duncan of Alexandria,
was an honored visitor to our
town last week. Mr, Duncan
was reared here but moved away
about 30 years ago to Rapides
parish where he made a comfor
table fortune upon which he re.
tired and is now living in Alex
andria. He seemed to greatly ena
joy his visit and association with
old friends. Mr. Duncan is an
uncle of Mrs. ,M. H. Holmes with
whom he spent a portion of his
time while here.
Pigs For Sale.
Pure bred white Chester sow
with six pigs. Inquire at my
residence in North Franklinton,
49 2t. M. 8. Cone.
Sloan's Liniment should be kept
handy for aches and pains
W HY wait for a sevet~tpain, a
ache, a rheumatic twinge fol.
lowing exposure, a sore muscle,
eciatica, or lumbago to make you quit
.work, when you should have Sloan's
iniment handy to help curb It and
keepyouactive,and t,andon-thejob?
Wid.hui nrubbg, for it fenetrGat,
Appy a bit today to the aficted part
Nothe egratiyyt clean,prompt
at ollows Sloan's Liniment couldnt
its inany thousands of friends the
1d over if it didn't ma~ke ood.
'That' worth emnibering, Alte
swmWthrea tize:athe lat
Mrs. Lord of Isabel, spent
Tuesday here.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Simmons
spent Wednesday with friends
Joe N. Magee came up from
New Orleans and had a week-end
visit with his family I,lre.
Mrs. J. A. LaCour and two
childron of M eridian. Miss., are
visiting Mrs. Mike Babington.
Tommie Holmes of Tylortown,
spent several days this week
with his daughter, Mrs. Hees
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bium
field of Bogalusa, were guests
Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Mon
roe Simmons.
M rs. J. Vol Brock entertained
at Six O'clock dinner Saturday
in honor of M rs. Robt. Babing
ton of Tylertown, other guests
being Mesdames W. S. Burris
and J. C, Denman.
Browns Win First Game.
A number from here attended
the ball game at Bogalusa Sun
day and saw the St. monis team
win over the New Orleans Peli.
tans by a score of 12 to 4. The
dext games scheduled at Boga.
lusa are for nxt Saturday and
Sunday, March 12th and 13th,
wlhen the Browns will play the t
Milwaukee team.
Waverley Notes, -
- C
The Waverley Club met on Fri
day March 4th, at the home of
Mrs. Ada Babington for the an'
,ual election of officers. The plan
for the year's work seemed to
,all for the retention of the im- .
:umbent otlicers, and they were a
re-elected by acclamation as fol,
Mrs. John M. Love, President; t
Mrs. Ada Babington, Vice Presi.
lent; Mrs. W. F. Simmons, Re
,ording Secretary; Mrs. D. R.
Johnson, Corresponding Secre- C
Lary; Mrs. B E. Bickham, Trea- a
surer, Mrs, M. W Ott, Reporter.
The meeting was a very enthu
siastic one, and each member t
was inspired and went away feel
ing that this year's work by com
tnunity service was to be the a
best ever. One of the most im
portant undertakings is the pro
curring of a conservatory teach
er of art and music and expres.
sion for the summer.
The following committees were
City Beautilful-Mesdames W.,
S. ,Burris, B. E. Bickham, D. R.
Johnson, O. F. Monk and A. G. a
Smith. c
Waverley Theatre--Mesdames *
W. F, Simmons, J. Vol Brock,
J. M, Love, J. C. Denman. 1
Playgrounds-Mesdames J3. L,
Brock, P. E. Greenlaw, N. D.
Stringer, Ada Babinaton.
Girl Scouts-Mesdames For.I
shag, Carp and Miss Crouse,
Program--Mesdames M. W,
Ott, J. Vol Brock, W. S. Burris,
Music-Mesdames W. 3,J.
Burris, N. O. Bickham.
We were pleased to have as a
visitor an erstwhile member who
now belongs to the Tylertown
culture club, Mrs. Robt. Babing
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank all who came
to our rescue in the recent fire
which so nearly destroyed our
Except for the prompt re. 5
sponse of these fr nds oar, borne
would have been lost, and we I
are grateful for the service,
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brumfield. I
Marriage Licenses. (
John Wasoom Bogalusa, to
Annie Crawford, Pearl River.
Mathew Glses, Isabel, to Bertie
Fitzgarald, Blond. La,
Esooe Magee, Franklinton, to
Janie Hailey, Franklinton, .
I,. E. Bayington, Bogalusa, to
Esther Brooks, Bogaluas.
'- . 4OOitoRuD.
Jerome Woods, Waruetton, to
Do you
it's toasted
To seal In the
delicious Burley
tobacoo flavor.
M. Marx Furnishes C'hurch
The mill work-sash, doors,
locks, hinges etc., for the new
brick church in course of con.
struction here are being supplied
by M. Marx of Bogalusa, a firm
familiar to this section thru their
regular newspaper advertising.
Mr. Marx was one of six firms
submitting prices on these sup
plies and his figures were so de
cidedly the best for the quality
of goods furrnished, that thert
was no chance for a division of
opinion on the part of the build
ing committee,
Varnado Notes.
The farmers seem to think
spring is here to stay, for they
are busy planting gardens, and
some even have corn planted.
The young folks enjoyed an old
time candy-pulling at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Heg Moody last
Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Seale ac
companied by their son and wife,
motored to Sandy Hook, Miss.,
We are indeed sad to learn of
the recent death of Mr. Bryant
The Military Road School clos
ed a successful year's work Wed.
nesday, the teachers leaving for
their homes in the afternoon,
Miss Carter to Sun, and Miss
Carriere to F'ranklinton,
Louis Seale has gone to Pasca
goula, Miss,, where he is taking
his vocational training with the
Government Training Center.
Ernest Seale is expected home
any day, having secured his dis
charge from the army. He has
been stationed at Camp Jackson.
Miss Allie Gann entertained
Thursday night in honor of Miss
Nettie Brock, who was leaving
for her home in Mississippi.
Miss Winnie Parker of Sunny
Hill, spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Asia Rester.
turquoise Talisman of Safety.
Among army officers in some of the
European countries the custom still
prevails of wearing a ring set with
turquoise as a talisman agalnst a
violent death.
Cemetery Comnmittee Bel~rts.
Work day at the cemetery was
well attended and assigned duties
sofaithfully performed that re
sults are more than satisfactory.
Th'ru the generosity and pub.
iic-spirit of Mrs. Ada Babington,
a 50 foot strip of land was added
down the lengbth of the former
plot, which made a sufficient en.
largement of the grounds, A
new feice was made to include
the addition, new drive-way laid
out, all arouni cleaned and
squares beautified, making a
general improvement whioh can
be appreciated by all.
The committee wishes to ex
tend thanks to all who helped in
any way in the discharge of tlis
civic duty, which at the same
time was considered by those
who reverence "The Cityof our
Dead," as a sweet privilege.
tie task was a labor of love, and
wI° ' 4. e 4
Tickle Your Appetite
With Our Appetite Ticklers
* Do you Know that we sell Groceries
and other Foodstuffs at the Lowest
Prices quoted in this Town?
How many people know that we have a rare stock of dis
tinctive APPETITE TICKLERS-those little delicacies that
put the D. M. in a Delicious Meal? It's a fact-ask us about
them the next time you come in.
Best Sugar Rio Coffee
Per lb. ____ 9c. Per lb- ..... llc
Full Head Rice 5l Best Lard Com- 1 l
Per b__------j_2C pound, per lb..1 1zC
SBroke Grain Rice In 45-lb. Tins 1
Per lb---------- C at 12
Pea Berry Coffee  Best Country
Per lb. . ...- 2 Syrup, per gal..
* Phone your orders to No. 104 and get quick delivery by auto truck. ,
We are anxious to please all customers.
Otto E. Pasmanl
.4 .4 4. .4 .4 4, 4. 4 .4 .. 4. 4
Fords on
Mr. Edsel t3. Ford, President of the Ford Motor Company,
gives out the following statement:
"The price of the FORDSON Tractor has been reduced from $790.00
to $626.00, effective immediately.
"This price change has been made possible through lower costs of
materials and the fact that we are now located in our new Tractor Plant
with greatly increased economic manufacturing facilities in immediate
connection with our foundry and machine shops and large blast furnaces
where iron is poured directly from the ore, giving us maximum efficiency
with the power to reduce cost of production, and down comes the price
in line with our policy to market our products at the lowest possible
digure without in any way affecting our high standard of quality.
"We are particularly pleased in being able to bring about this big re
duction in price at this time because the farmer needs all the help we
can give him and this big out in price will be the means of placing a val
uable power unit within the reach of practically every one of them, not
to mention indu~trial and commercial concerns which likewise have ben
elitted through its use and are already realizing, to a much greater ex
tent, its value as a power and hauling unit. But particularly has the
FOktDSON Tractor proved a most valuable factor in the-saving of farm
labor, at the same time increasing the per acre crop yield as well as mak
ing possible a utilization ot previously uncultivated land, to say nothing
ot removing no end of drudgery.
"There is no question that the use of machine power on the farm is
the greatest advancement made in the development of agriculture, not
only in money saving and money making results, as well as raising the
standards of iving on the farm to a much higher level, but because of its
- proved value in making every type of land more productive, and conse
quently our desire to piace the kbRDSON within the reach ot all.
TRUUK PRICES, which are alreadg at the lowest possible figure and
now with rock bottom reached on the tractor price a further reduction
in price of either the Jar, Truck or Tractor is out of the question; in fact,
the big price cuts nave been made in anticipation of continuous maxi
mum production and increases may be necessary before long if a large
volume or ncw business is not obtained. I'herefore, present prices of
Ford prouuctf cannot be guaranteed against possible increases."
Ask for the book "The Fordson at work," which will be supplied free of
-set. Let us demonstrate the value of the i'ordson on your farm, in your
,actury, lumber yard, coal yard, or in any general hauling or power workr
, ou nave to do, and let us nave your order for a F'ordson.
ai tor Sales & Service Co., Franklinton, La.
Spring Is Welcome i
When you are sure of such a chance as
I we offer to supply your every need in
Attractive Spring Goods. ,
Besides the standard goods of the season,
we have in the new stock which has just been
received at our store, beautiful designs and
colors in fancy dress goods, draperies, etc.
, Bungalow Cretonne
Curtain Madras,
3 Oingham
Figured and Plain Voiles
Shantung Silk
Organdy in all solid colors
Voile and Georgette Waists
Silk arid Lisle Hose
Ladies, we ask you to give yourselves the
pleasure of looking thru these attractive new
goods. Make an early call while stock is full
and fresh. A real pleasure cto us to show
WW - - -

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