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0 Per Year. Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton. $2.00 Per Year.
I * N 51.
jngs of (;pjniiI41I TIerm 1
ýlstrict Court.
heregular March jury term
Distriot court, the follow.
'iisal cases were disposed
1 Carter, chargfd with
.stolpn goods in his pos
SFound guilty and sen
to the State penitentiary
arm of not less than six
Riobardson, cutting with
to kill, Nol Pros.
pew, charged with hog
g, Not guilty,
Bikham, manslaughter,
Anderson, outting with
tkill. Found guilty, sen·
-to -Parish jail for 12
,subject to be hired out
I good, Embezzlement, not
Slocum and Jim Burkhal
obbery, not guilty.
Carroll and Percy Smith,
found guilty. sentenced
jailfor five months each,
to be hired out by Police
olbert, breaking and en.
the night time, found
tence 7 to IO. years in
e, stolen goods in
plead guilty, sentence
in penitentiary.
iller, J. D. Martin,
and DeWitt Martin,
,Plead guilty, 5 to 7
breaking and en
Stime, No. 8631,
* sentence 7 to 10
rt, breaking and en,
ht time, No. 3633,
sentence 7 to 10
at expiration of
rt, breaking and en%
ht time, No. 3634,
sentence 7 to 10
ent with No. 3638,
rt, breaking and enh
ht time, No. 3632,
are closing out ceitain lines of
and making special sacrifice
SUi lte stock of
50 to 80%
lwing are a few of our many bargains:
re stock con
Peters' genuine
.* $4.00
Shoes 3.50
----- $4.0U
:Shoes qq e
& -L
Shoes 6.00
"i 3.00
Shoes 2.00
Shoes 2.50
25 1.50
$1.00 Organdies AA
All colors------- 40C
75e Flaxons e
All patterns-. ---- JUC
Various bargains on
other spring goods.
10 to.--...-. 18C
Men's $2.50 Overalls d
75c to...... .
Work Shirts
$2.00 values:_.. 90C
Dress Shirts, $2 to A
$3.50 value. ,$1 to 1.,JU
We also have a com
plete line of kitchen uten
sils which we offer at 50%
i' i L~f~
?.· s
't·:~~·~i"··:P;~~::~·Ij;·-· i
·r i·
--· ·
:· ·! ~·
·i---. .,-·;, ··~:I·''": -,~··
··...~·. r:
( '·
Will Tolbert, stolen goods, Nol
Edward Cage, assault with in
tent to murder, plead guilty, sen
tence 15 to 20 years in peniten
Mitt Gatlin, murder, not guilty.
Arthur Johuson, breaking and
entering in night time, plead
guilty, sentence 5 to 7 years.
Hlayes Penton, assault with in
tent to rape, found guilty, sen
tence 15 to 20 years.
Hayes Penton, larceny, plead
guilty, sentence 1 to 1 1.2 years,
concurrent with 3637.
Ed Quinn, breaking and enter:
ing in the night time, found
guilty, sentence 7 to 10 years in
Two Prizes Given Away In
Minature Fordson Contest
First Prize-We will give a
new Stevens 22 shot-gun and six
boxes of shells to the person mak
ing the best Model or miniature
Fordson Tractor.
It can be made of wood or me
tal, total length over all eighteen
inches. It will help you in de
signing this Model if you will
see the Fordson now on display
in our show room.
Second Prize-A Stevens 22
Rifle to be given for the best
Model or minature Oliver No. 7
Plow; to be made of wood -or
metal, total length over all eigh
teen inches. We have the Oliver
No. 7 also on display.
If you desire to enter this con
test give us your name and ad
We reserve the right to keep
the models that are the winners
and an announcement as to the
date will be given later, it will
not be before May 11th, so you
have plenty of time to get into
Motor Sales & Service Co.
Kindly Advice.
Fldo had gone under the bed and
refused to come out His mistress
came in and sternly bade him come
forth. Little Grace leaned down and
said, FIdo, if you know mamma,
you'll come quick "
Electrical Storm landl Heavy
Rain Fall. Big Rise in 1River.
Sunday night this section was
visited by a teritlic electrical
storm and a steady down pour
of rain for hours. The "'rain-fall
was not only local bnt began so
far north of us that all streams
were swolen and a volume of
water passed into Bogue Chitto
River which was so far beyond
her carrying capacity that the
surrounding country on both
sides of the river bed, was cover
ed with a depth of water up
equalled in history with the ex
ception of the 1900 overflow-an
18 foot rise and a reach of three
miles across.
The river at this place was al
ready well tilled from last week's
rains and the overflow began in
the night, the rise coming so
rapidly that by six a. m. Monday
it had reached the hibghest mark
since 1900.
The guage showeda rise of one
iunch every 81-2 minutes for sev
eral hours, after which it became
more gradual and reached a
standstill at 4 p. m. when, it
began to slowly recede.
There was no loss to stock and
very little to property, the great.
est concern being felt however,
for the construction work on the
highways which has not had time
to settle and in all probability
will require rebuilding in many
Outside reports show more or
less damage done thruout the
section from Brookhaven south,
the Berry crop of Tangipahoa
reporting a loss of $115,000,000,
principally due to delay in ship
ping while railroad bridges are
Washouts above have stopped
all trains at Franklinton, and
trains from New Orleans have
been an hour or more late. Re=
pairs are being rapidly made
however, and the country will be
normal by the close of the week.
Uncle Sam's Income. '
A preliminary report of the in
ternal revenue bureau shows that
for the year 1920 the income tax
was Unole Sam's biggest source
of revenue, netting him $3,98,.
000,000. His second best rake-off
was from the sale of cigarettee,
which netted him $152,000,000.
The automobile industry was the
third; it cleared $145,000,000.
Alooholic beverages netted $140,
000,000; non-alcoholic drinks $57,.
000,000 and theaters $82,000,000.
Taxes on musical instruments
were nearly $14,000,000.
Functions of the Heart.
The human heart is like a millstone
In a mill; when you put wheat un
der it, it turns, and grinds, and bruIses
the wheat into flour; if you put no
wheat in, it still grinds on; but then
it Is itself it grinds and slowly wears
Sucan roll
on. baI
r.`."YL~. a~~ J~e':i
Local Cattlemeon to Handle
What seems the sanest and
most effective solution of tbe dip.
ping question was outlined here
and elsewhere in the parish this
week by Prof. R, L. Himes of the
Cattlemen's Association of the
Mr. Himes does not represent
the government but is in the em
ploy of cattlemen and is going
out to help the farmers get rid
of ticks with the least trouble and
expense to the individual and
with a surety of being able to
ship their cattle within six
Mr. Himes asks that all far.
mers meet him in Franklinton
Saturday, March 19, when the
plan that the farmers outlined
themselves will be discussed and
an agreement made for getting
help from the Police Jury.
The plan is that the local cattle
owners themselves take the dip
ping in hand and working to
gether, get every man's cattle
dipped on the same day and hire
their own local inspector, to be
paid for by the Police Jury.
If you are interested in get.
ting this work surely and com
pletely finished by fall, be on
hand Saturday and see how sim
ple a matter it is and see how
you can have part in it.
Black.Walnut Trees As Memm.
Planting of black'walnut trees
as memorials to soldiers is re
commended by the United States
Department of Agriculture. It is
pointed out that the black walnut
played a valiant part in the Worldc
War, The wood was used for gun. I
stocks and airplane propellers,
and the nutshells contributed oar.
bon for gas masks, while the ker
nels were used in many delioacies
for the boys in the trenches, De
mand for the wood for war pur.
poses depleted the number of fine
old trees, and this method is sug
gested for filling their. places.
It was reported that fifty-two
Mississippi counties now maintain
Agricultural High School.
People With Poor Appetite, Bad
Complexions and "Spring Fever"
Need a Blood Tonic.
Maker Rich Red Blood-Renews
Vitality ed Increases Body's
Resistance to Disease
Spring is the time when good
blood is so vital to health. If you
do not feel the thrill of Spring in
your blood, if you take no plea.
sure in living, if your appetite is
poor, your complexion pallid or
muddy, and you tire easily, you
can be pretty sure your blood is
not up to the mark. So many
feel-that Way in the Spring. Es
pecially housewives who have so
much work to do, They get over
tired and run-down--tbeir blood
becomes weak and thin,
Build up your health now by '
taking that splendid Spring blood
tonic, Gtde's Pepto-Mangan. It
will give vital power to the red
corpuscles in your blood, They
will go racing through your
blood, carrying fresh supplies of
oxygen to all the tiny cells. It
will help improve your color and
your appetite. You'll take more
interest in things and enjoy life
more. You will stop going around
with that tired all-gone feeling.
Physicians have prescribed
Gude's Pepto-Mangan for thirty
years. You can get it at your
druggist's in either tablet or li
quid form. - Take whichever you
prdfer. They have the same me
dicin value. - t the en
General News In Brief.
Better care of disabled war vet.
erans was asked by the head of
American Legion at a conference
with President Harding.
Sweeping proposals to reduce
wages were announced by practi.
cally all Western railroads and
some Eastern lines.
Berlin was reported to view the
entente occupation with complai
sancy and to predict a reopening
of reparation negotiations,
Republicans vigorously oppos.
ed ;President Harding's request
to the Senate to ratify the $25,
000,000 treaty with Colombia.
Rolando Ricci, the new Italian
ambassador at Washington, said
his country was preparing to pay
her' debt of $1,631,000,000 to
The door was opened for the
use of beer and wine as medicine
in a vital opinion by the attorney
general on the Volstead act.
The retrenchment ax started
functioning in the Constitutional
Convention with several delegates
taking turns at the handle.
Rewards totaling 15,000,000
rubles have been offered by rival
factions in Russia for the bodies,
dead or alive of Trotsky and the
rebel chief.
A scare was thrown into some
of the state's bodies by the Con.
stitutional Conventions plans for
abolishing useless offices.
The Louisiana State Tax Com.
mission agreed on twelve articles
on taxation to be recommended
for inclusion in the new constitu
Dr. A. G. Smith
Office Over Washington Bank
800 A, MI. to 6:00 P. dM.
Franklinton, Louisiana.
Young man, what. will be $
SIn41 your financial condition in
1941-twenty years from now?
It is up to you, and now is the time to decide
the question of your future. Twenty years hence $
$may be entirely too late. $
Opportunities for making money are before you
every day, but without money it is difficult to get a $
start in this age of keen competition. $
Open a savings account in this bank. Add to it $
$ systematically each pay day. Later, when the right
$ opportunity presents, you will not be handicapped $
by lack of funds. $
Successful men all travel this road. It is the $
only one that leads to definite results. $
Do it today. Tomorrow is the procrastinator's $
$ 8
$Washington Bank & Trusto.
$ M- $
SCapital, Surplus and Undivided Profits
Over Ninety Thousand Dollars. $
$ 4 D1B I $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$IF $AD
Thirteen lepers from Massachu.
setta started for the leprosarium
at Carville, Louisiana
A clash with the League of Na
tions was expected over the con
troversy between Panama and
Costa Rica.
Negroes, said to comprise 40
per cent of the packing house
employee, decided to accept the
proposed wage cut.
Secretary of Agriculture Wal
lace appealed to help the farmer,
urging a price level 70 above the
pre.war normal,
The Harding administration de
cided to fight for the country's
share in the spoils of war.
MIarriage Licenses.
Harrison Moses to Margaret
Phillip A. Parker, Cole, Miss.,
Annie E. Tyson, Stevensun, Miss.
Felix E. Jordon to Dora May
Corley, Bogalusa.
* Notice.
The next examination of appli
oants for teachers' oertificates
will be held Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, April 11, 12, 13,
white; Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday, April 14, 15, 16, negro.
The examination apon books of
the Reading Course will be held
Saturday, April 16th.
D. H. Stringfield, Supt.
Repair Shop
In Reese Bldg. Oppo. Courthouse
Work Promptly Done
and Fully Guaranteed
Do not send your work out of

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