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S, Per ca "en.l ý
F L U;ý ý .-- - -- - -- - - - - - -- -- - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - -
ca.O Jor ar Tow of Franklinton. $2.06 Per Year.
.V ,' .2'" .ý~F:. Irýl,, LA,7 THURSDAY, JUL'Y' 21, 1921. - -- - NUMBER 17
c..1,ýýfu~n n f ... . f , - - . t
blltli ll 1)t ý'il'1' i' A !?ýl.
n Jregard to the 1. riu
I , etc., of the nL 5., " rn
'esupply of pjibVrir n id .vhich
tole sold to furn, rs rt ~at,
publish the ' .Wi1l ef; s
ma letter from ('nr ( .)' r- ,s
,Hon. Geo, K. l'v vrt to C.
E. Babirgtn 1 1ish city:
SBureau of I'uU!ic Itond,
,s. Department of tAgriculture,
shington, D. C., has some 12,.
pounds of picric acid
ible for distribution. Pioric
Sist a surplos war explosive
Sble for use clearing stumps
lstones from riciui tural lands.
isto be dlstribilted for the pur
of stimulating interest in
Sclearing. The picric has
allotted among the States.
allotment for Louisiana is
e allotments will be held for
use of the several States until
1,1922, at which time any
mente that have not been
in up will be cancled and such
bution as seems most equi.
will be made of the remain
piceric acid,
e distribution of the picric
be'made in each State thru
tate Agricultural college; or,
ah college is unable to act in
capacity of co-operating
ties, through such State or
agency as may be agreed
a. An agreement covering
terms of the *ooperation will
entered into Ltween the U. S.
partment of Agriculture and
designated cooperating agency
encies in each State.
cooperating agencies will
re individual orders for picrioc
doneolidate them into carload
re,and forward the latter to
ureau of Public Roads, U.-S.
went of Agriculiure, Wash.
D. C. The Bureau cannot
oe individual orders or remit.
for picric acid. No land
whether corporation, com
or individual, will be sold
than 1,000 pounds of picrio
This maximum individual
ht may be decreased in
fate by agreement, between
to cooperating agency and
8. Department of Agricul.
`,Each carload order must
ewscompanied by a list ot all
her downers among whom that
5 t will be distributed, to
5 with quantity purchased
* No orders for less than
um carload will be accep
* freight rates on less than
lots being such as render
of picric acid in small
to but littleif any less than
Oommercial dynamite. The
nt of Agriculture reser
tight to refuse shipments
Rtch refusal is deemed to be
pbie itereet.
carload order must be ao
by a draft, sight draft,
Or'sacceptance for the cost
gand shipping the pic.
,atthe rate of six cents
ouad for the full amount of
*aoid ordered. The draft,
jStaftor banker's acceptance
2 made payable to M. J.
and Co., Washington,
C. U., but mu<ý _e e:>t wilb th
onler to thy l lr "l of Pubie
Rolaid, U. S. I)-ptrtmelt (f . ri
culture, \Washington, D. C.
T'he parties ordering the picric'
acid wll be reI'cl ir.d to pay the
freight. Tlue pieria wid i: oe sted,
;i,800,000 po'unOl.at Sprta, Wýis.,
and s,700,i00 putnds at It. Wi:.
gate, N. MI. Since thin cirt! iIging
plant is alirealy estuhlihll d at
Sparta it is planned to make all
early shipments from that point.
Agencies cooperating with U. S.
Department of Agriculture in the
distribution of this picrio acid
will be permitted to make a con
tingency charge to the buyer of
not to exceed 1 cent per pound,
to cover the cost to that agency
of the assistants, accounting, and
other necessary expencies inci
dental to the distributing of the
explosive, the funds thus provid
ed to be handled in accordar;c
with agreement between the ag
ency and the U. S. Department
of Agriculture.
The cooperattng agency should,
at the time each individual order
for picric acid is taken collect (1)
the cost of cartridging and pack.
ing (6 cents per pound), this to
be forwarded with the order
to the Bureau of Public
loads; (2) the freight charges; (3)1
the contingeucy charge (1 cent
per pound) . The freight charge
would be retained by the cooper,
ating agency until the arrival of
the shipment; the contingency
charge will be handled as provi
ded in the agreement with the
Department of Agriculture.
Picric acid should be denotated
with a No. 8 cap, eithsr an ordi
nary blasting cap or an electric
blasting cap. This is larger size
than is usually carried by dealers,
so that a supply of No, 8 caps
should be ordered from a dealer
or manufacturer at the same time
that the picric acid is ordered.
The Department of Agriculture
has no caps, fuses, electrical
equipuient or other accessories
fot distribution. If the coopera.
ting agency will secure orders for
the 'caps as he secures the orders
for the picric acid the caps can be
obtained in large quantities at a
considerable saving over the cost
of the sAme number of caps order
ed in small lots.
Sumnmer i' Nor iai Expresses
The following was much appre.
ciated by the Wavarly Club:
Franklinton, La.,
July 15, 1921.
The Waverly Club. In behalf
of the faculty and student body
of The Florida Parishes siuminer
Normal just closing, we desire to
express to you our he&Ot-felt ap
preciation for the many courtsies
and kindnesses extended to us
during our short sojourn with you.
We shall carry away with us
pleasant memories,.and look for
ward to the time when it may be
our good fortune to be with you
11. R. McCulough,
,Paul Weiss,
May Hemby,
12 Hours Leave."
A good laugh awaits you.
Douglas MacLean and Doris May
in above Comedy6
ley Theatre, Friday, July 22nd
- 1tJilio. 10l t See S tS
Baton fllu)e, I l,, July 12.
That Louisinna will well repre.
sentel at leadin;g strte f;airs in the
Midfilh* West next fail i; oid: need
by the faet thel. £xtine Depart
aevrt, the D)'pat'tmrint of Atxricul
ture and immlni ratiion, thr" rCns~er
vatioi I)Departmelnr , the Ilnisiana
State Univerit.y, and private
farming and lumbering interests
of the state are co.op.ýrating in
procuring exhibits to be displayed
at these fairs.
It is planned to advertise the
state's agricultural, l!imbeor and
natural rtsounrses, X. A. Ormsby
will leave Baton N uge about
August 10 with the exhibits. lie
will go flrt to Sprirgfield, Ill,
where the Illinuis St:te Faair is to
be hjeld August 19 to 27. From
thlrJ he will go with the exhibits
to Milwaukee whet? the \Wisconsin
State Fair is to be heldl August
29 to September 3
The next exhibit of Louisiana
products will be at the Kansas
'Free Fair, at Toptka, September
12 ti 17. This is ono of the larg.
eat free fairs held in the Cnited
States. From there Mr. Ormsby
goes toýtiutchinson, Kans,, where
the State Fair is to be held Sep
tember 19 to 23. Leaving there
Mr. Ormsby goes to Trenton, N. J.
where interstate fair is to be held
Septembeir 26 to 30.
Six hundred square feet of floor
space has been reserved at each of
these fairs for the Louisiana ex
hibits. It is estimated the com
bined attendance at these faire
will be more than three million.
After the close of the State Fair
at Shreveport it is planned to
have the best exhibits of the
state's products shown at the big
International Live Stack Show at
Chicago in Deccmber.
That the people of LouisIana
are realizing the educational value
of fairs is demonstrated, in fact
there will be more than twenty
five parish fairs held in the state
this year, besides numerous com
munity fairs.
At Love Bros., Inc.
One Day Only
Saturday, July 23
Read Big Circulars Carefully
Full of R(al Bargaines.
Loss and Prevention Hog
The animal lose from hog chol.
era to the United States is $65,
000,000. A few simple methods
of prevention will greatly reduce
this loss. Louisiana has suffered
the lose of approximately 135,000
hogs in the past year. Hog raie
ers should remember that in out
breaks of cholera, buzzards, dogs,
horses and on the shoes of man
the germ may be carried if visit
ing a neighbors cholera infested
hog pen, thereby infecting your
own hog premises unknowingly.
Keep away from these infected
premises and above all have your
hogs immunized for life by giving
the simultaneous hog cholera
control treatment,
Agitation over the question of
rents was said to have halted New
Orleans real swte market
llýu'vv 1) X\-iI~on to :1l~ll'ka
BuIshi, S a;j l i [lay. J ul 23.
Mr. lHarry 1). Wilson, State
Agricultural Conmisionpr, will
pe'ak at Bush, La., J uky 23. at 10
a. m. Everyh:baly cordiiaºlly invit
ed. This will be a meeting in the
inlterest of truck growiwGv, farm
irig tnd firm pr)od Ictrc.
Farimers Crippled f1k i ice
Washington, July 11. Profi
teering by middlemen, speculative
gambling, arbitrary restricti ;n of
credits by the Federail Reserve
Board, exorbitant railroad rates
and the breakdown of foreign
markets are responsible for agri
cultural and industrial depression
in the United States, Col, Smith
W. Birookhart of Iowa, represent
ing the National Fannrmer' Union,
declared today when the special
joint congressional comnuission
opened its probe of agricultural
Cooperative distribution, prohibi.
tion of gambling, freer credits and
taxation of war profits were urged I
as remedies by Col. Brookhart. E
Investigation of the operations t
of the Federal Reservo Board, the
Chamber of Commerce of the
United States, the "great trusts, ,
such as steel, coal, credit and ]
money trusts," was asked of the
commission by C. S. Barrett,
chairman of the National Board
of Farm Organizitions anid presi
dent of the National Farmers'
The commission is charged with
malting a general survey.of agri
cultural conditions, and Mir. Bar
rett said that all of" these great
aggregations of capital are engag- 1
ed in operations which affect agri. I
cultural interests."
Charles A. Lyman, secretary of i
the National Board of Farm Or -
ganizations, told by the commis
sion that agriculture was fatucingi.
bankruptcy and ruin.
A policy of deflation of curren
cy, a restriction of credit, was
institu:ed by governmoe:t agen
oies, he said, '"This p iley dri: rum
utically carried out has reuil oi
in a lose to farmers during tiit
past year of seven billion dollars."
Screw W0or1l.s,
This is the season for the screw
worm to apply his nefarious trade
on live stock. Where there are ,
wounds, skin abrasions or tick
the screw worm fly makes its ovi.
parons deposits. The frequency
of rainy weather is very favorable
to the progress of the screw worm
and southern Louisiana is exposed
territory. The dipping solution
to eradicate ticks is a disinfectant.
It heals cute,abrasious, tick or fly
bftes and is a preventive of the
screw worm.
Sheriff Sale-foc. 3655.
Cox & Pasman
D. E. Sheridan, et als.
26th Judicial District Court of Louisi
ana in and for Washington Parish.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of a commission of sale issued out
of the 26th Judicial District Uourt of
Louisiana in and for Washington Par
ish, in the above entitled and number
ed cause, to me directed and deliver
ered for execution, I will proceed to
sell at public auotion to the last and
highest bitder on
Saturday, July 80, 1921
at the principal front door of the
Court House at Fianklinton, Louisi
ana, between the legal sale hours for
judicial sales, the following descibed
property, being situated in the Par
ish of Washington, State of Louisiana,
Two Ford trucks numbered re
spectively 3909017 and 8908981, now in
the garage of Cex d& Pasman, at
Franklintop, La.
Terms of Sale-Cash without ap
This the 11th day of July, 1921.
J. E. Bateman, Sheriff.
Se wise-a4 savertiae,
General News In Brief.
Japan's reluctance was expect
e l to be overcome and the United
States set forth a new its idea of
a disarm ameit conference.
Mexioo sugeest-1 the formation
I 1f joillnt commissini to adjust all
AnrPrican claims against that
Junis Reux, Jr., Biloxi, Miss.,
baker, killed his wife and self in
a family quarrel.
The Senate recommitted the
soldiers' bonus measure after
clashes between members and
party splits on final roll call.
Early establishment in New
Orleans of a United States forest.
ry experiment statioin to study
Southern timber was reported
Plans were announced for a
party of 250 American Legion
members to revisit the American
battlefields in France.
Plans to unite thousiands of New
Orleans tenants to protect them.
selves against rent profiteers were
announced Wednesday.
New Orleans' death rate for
1921 is lowest in history of oity,
Dr Callan reported to the City
Board of Health.
De Valera was given a rousing
welcome on hi.3 arrival in London
and long negotiations over Anglo.
Irish peace were foreiast.
President Harding toldthe Sen
ate the passage of the bonus bill
now would imperil the national
Loyd George and De Valera
held an extended conference over
peace negotiation plans and drank
tea together as women prayed,
Dr. A. G. Smith
Office Over Washiigton Bank
8;00 A. M. to 6.00 P. M.
Franklinton, Louisiana.
$ $
$ What Becomes of the $
$ $
Money You Earnm
$ $
$ $
$ If it goes into a bank or into an investment $
$ for your maintenance in the latter years of life, $
you are wise-also fortunate. $
If it is frittered away from day to day you $
Sare unfortunate now, and you will be even more $
$ unfortunate when old age overtakes you. $
A savings account starts you right and $
$ keeps you going. It also gets you there. $
$ _____$_
$ $
$ $
SWashington Bank & Trust Co.
$ - OFFICES---- $
$ $
$ Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits. $
$ Over Ninety Thousand Dollars. $
The House began night debates
on the tariff measures and fixed
July 21 as the day for a final vote.
Henry Ford offered $5,000,000
for the government nitrate plant
at Muscle Shoals, Ala,, and asked
for a 100-year lease on two dams,
Judge Wright of Oklahoma was
arrested on a charge of accepting
a $100,000 bribe in an oil case;
Threatened cancellation of li
censes is a club the Housing Com.
mission waved over the heads of
rent gouging realty dealers in
New Orleans.
The commission of the League
of Nations to study disarmament
announced co-operation with the
Harding conferences.
Commodity prices threatened to
rise if one-third of the world's
gold, now in United States coffers
caused any inflation.
A meeting of Federal Reserve
district governors was called to
decide on the system's cotton fi.
nancing policy.
Louisarina farmer Legislature
members were reported to be form.
ing an agricultural loo to obtain
favorable laws at the coming
Opposition to the League of Na.
tions was said not to be contem
plated by Presioent Harding.
France insisted that the Rhine.
land customs barrier would stand
until Germany punished war cul
prits and abandoned upper Silesia.
Democratio representa tives
from cotton states agreed to vote
almost solidly against the propoe.
ed 10 per cent duty on cotton.
General Perishing outlined a
plan for uniting the regulars and
National guard into a great
American army.
All makes and il styles $1 up. Some that were
used and releaaa by the U. 8. Gov't. Bargains.
State your needs and we will describe and quote.
The LINOWRITIR, a printing office xcusarni
Ribbons any color 75 delivered. Give name and
model. Carbon paper 813 100 sheets 61.95 deliv'd.
Impln stn Foundry, Mf . iFood T ,i
IldrtrJ Typr, ? inkrrr Supplwr, hlOl Y

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