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"Ouja! What
*he good word?
MY YOUNG sister. SO I shut off quick,
SHAS A Ouija board. TO HEAD off any,
AND SHE believes it. FURTHER FAMILY scandal.
4 4* . * *
AND TALKS to Noah. THEN I stopped to smoke.
* + * * *
AND I think she talks. A CIGARETTE.
TO HER best fellow. AND AFTER a while,
WHO'S DEAD but doesn't know it. I CRANKED up weejee.
O * * It . *
AND I used to give her. AND ALL of a sudden.
THE LOUD, rude laugh. IT STARTED off.
* * * * * *
BUT I'M sorry nowT AND QUICK as a flash.
BECAUSE LAST night, IT SAID something.
* ** * **
I WAS home alone "THEY 8ATISFY:W
80 I got the board.
AND PUT in a call,
FOR JOHN Barleycorn. "ATISFY".-flhat's the good
AND OTHER departed spirits, U word. Just light up a
* Chesterfield and see what ex
BUT THE line was busy. perts can do with fine Turkish
* * * and Domestic tobaccos when
FOR NOTHING happened: they blend them in that can't-be.
THEN I cheated a little copied Chesterfield way. You'll
E ** say "they satisfy."
AND IT spelled this.
Did you know about the
"GRAMMASHOTTA SEVEN." Chesterfield package of 10?
Semi-Annual Statement
June 30, 1921.g
Loans and Discounts., ............ ..... ...8394,09,.84
Overdrafts..................... 5.80
Liberty Bonds.............. . ....... . 44,514.50 be
County and Municipal Bonds.................. 148,000.00 en
Guaranty Fund.......................... ....4.000.00 bL
Banking House and Fixtures....... ......... 24,500.00 b
Other Real Estate................................. 389.19 fr'
Cash and due from Banks................... 77,800.81 ea
$694,238,94 clf
Capital Stock........ ................ 50,O0.00O ex
Surplus...................................... .... ,00 .00 jel
Undivided Profits.................................. 2,074 82 ex
Reserved for Interest and Taxes............... 11,833.96 fri
Deposits.... .................................... 590,8306 ot
$694,238.94 di
- Officers--- - Directore---- tor
L. L Lampton, President *L. L. Lampton rip
J. C. Rimes, Vice-President J. C. Rimes rip
R. B. Lampton, Vice-President R. B. Lampton
Robert Babington, Cashier T. R. McDonald
E. O. Murrell, Asst. Cashier Thad b. Lampton S
We Carry a Complete Line of
Sash and Doors
Franklinton Lumber Company I
L McLauren, Manager. ti
pFull stock of Legal Blanks for Wsle at The Era-Leader office,
lMaking Jelly "Jell."
Experimenters in the federal
home economics office recently
had a quart of grape juice which
refused to become jelly. A small
amount of apple pectin was added
to it and a firm, fine flavored
grape jelly was -obtained. A
whole shelf full of jeily failures
were soon oonverted into success
eesy applying the new discovery.
Pectin is what makes fruit
"jell." Some fruits, like straw.
berries and pears do not contain
enough pectin for the operation,
but by the addition of pectin
from another fruit the jelly is I
easily made. Other fruit like
quince and grape contain suffi
cient pectin, but have juices that
will bear diluting with water if
extra pectin is used, so that more
jelly will result, Pectin may be i
extracted from apples and citrus
fruits and kept ready to add to
other fruits which lack this ingre.
dient, As fruit ripens it loses 3
some of its pectin; hence the cus. t
tom of using fruit that is not very
ripe, when jelly is to be made. t;
thedford's Black-Draught Highly
Recommended by a Tennessee
Grocer for Treoubles Re.
siting from Torpid
east Nashville, Tenn.- The effie
lency of Thedford's Black Draught, the
genuine, herb, litver medicine, Is
vouched for by Mr. W. N. Parsons, a
grocer of this city, "It 1s without
doubt the best liver medicine, and I
don't believe I could get along without
It. I take it for sour stomach, head
ache, bad liver, indigestion, and all
other troubles that are the result of
a torpid liver.
"I have known and used it for years,
and can and do highly recommend it
to every one. I won't go to bed with
out it in the house. It will do all it
claims to do. I can't say enough for
Many other men and women through. t
out the country have found Black. Q
Draught just as M; Parsons describes t
-valuable in regulating the liver to r
Its normal functcions, and In cleansing
the bowels of impurities. s
Thedford's Black-Draught liver medi
1ine is the original and only genuine.
£ccept no imitations or substitutes
SIyw ask for Th4togrd'i, g
- I
1 Mr. .1 Ok Wnt riti' I r:: z6 l 1n::'r `
" Iut o1 m i 'l: 1N11atr1r 11'11r
anti'' i. Jer i k .u!ly .t lilut' l ittle whil
houe an u it n11ywa. '
"If you'll c i ' stop yr ." f l rr t
speechl ~vas brutally fralnk.. 'It i~ii t
lL yE'cu."
siM o her Jaks p tone bctraehu n. "Yon uf
fcrinl. Se had i h 'en arllllried for si .r
ni tsil, nil to lullg tilhat tiunie inr. Jack
hadl rececived 11 re~jectiozi slips,s He
as ohsl s. ith te i tt he
could rit perhaps T'llr his wife nor
tohis friends gak ve him ny "ncour gen
WIe anrew hy reluctant ie yay.
"Yfrom her drm sell a stion of the
ueecho w as brutally frank. "It isn't
in You."
rsted aout onetone hrd anyd one trivialsuf
fethring. ntl they reachrried fotheir psixrt
menths, In during that the r.found a thick
had env relved 11 rejection slips. e
was obsessed with the iJac spoke ithe
ould write, but neithe had seen sife noilar
misies bgave him any encourage-fore
"'The Finnt l ment' h come
He drew his, reluctant rife away
from her dreamy contemplation of the.
bamuch-desired white cottage, and chait out
again tonighlt."
ted abouldn't ione hundered and one trivialhe
things until they a tourached of sarcasm, " apart-'s
ment, In the mail box, he found a thick
onlv a ste of postage"lope.
"What is it?" Mrs. Jack spoke wtre
out enthusiasm. She had seen similar
missives before.
ing, bu"'The Final Payment' has comen,
back,"re he dlannoun picked up a currend t out
again On the title page, the t."n
"I wouldn'n t of a prize hyou." Stor con
spoke with a touch of sarcasm, "It's
tonly a waste of postage."
Mr. Jack wisely refrained from re
plying, but made his way to the den,
where he Idly picked up a current
magazine, On the title page, the an
nouncement of a prize short-story con
test stared at Jimi.
'"One thousand dollars," he read,
"will be given for the best short story
Without saying a word to anyone, he
in-prtedl "The Final Payment" in an
envolope nand sent it to the magazine
edmul ting the contest, Then he await
ed results,
Meanwhile he maintained a discreet
silonce. He applied himself industrl
- ously to his law business, and managed
to secure one or two big cases, which
promised to turn out extremely well.
i1 "I told you that you were never
meantt for a writer," Mrs. Jack remind- 4
Y ed hini one evening, about two months
h after his prize story had been submit
11 ted. "Look at the way you are pro
d gressing. We ought to save a thousand
dollars easily within the next two
d years, If you had kept on trying to
Swrite, we'd be worse off than ever." A
B Mr. Jack smiled, and went on his
way. Then, one afternoon, his office
' maill brought an envelope stamped
with the name of a certain magazine.
t It wasn't a long, thick envelope, but a
short, thin one, and it contained some
Sthing which mnade his heart beat furl- "
D otsly.
That night, at the supper table, he
' broached the subject to his wife.
1 "Do you remember that 'Final Pay'
g Imient' story?" he asked,
, "Yes." She showed little interest,
"Well, I sent it to a magasine about
two months ago."
t "You did?"
"Yes, and I heard from thetm today."
"They kept it a little longer than
u1suial." $he changed the subject. "I
went by the house this afternoon,"
Mr. Jack frowned. It seemed to him
that his wife still had little faith in
his literary powers. Which was true,
"And someone was looking at it,
Mis. Jack continued. "I went to the j
agent and he said he had a fine chance
to sell it."
"Well," Mr. Jack arose from the
table. "I think I'll go down to the club
for a while, I'll be back before nine."
In an hour or so he returned, smiling
When he mine home the next eve*
ning, Mlrs, Jack mnet him with tear
dimmed eyes.
"Oh, Jack," Bhe cried, "the little
house is sold."
"Who bought itt" There was a happy
light in his eyes.
"The agent wouldn't tell me. But
the person defiosited the money last
night, and now we've lost it for good."
"Well, that's too bad," Be was ap
pnrently indifferent. "I'm going to
write some more tonight,"
"Oh!" She turned away anglrily. "I
hate your old writings. If you had at.
tended to your business, we could have
had enough money to buy the house
"I'm sorry, dear." Touched by the ,
keen disappointment in her voice, he
led her to the wicker couch. "Do you
know who bought the house?"
"I told you I didn't." She was still
"Well I" le paused a moment for
effect, "It was Mr. Jack Winter!"
"What I" She looked at him with -'
"Yes," he continued, "yesterday I re.
ceived a check for one thousand dol'
lars for mity story, 'The 1Final Pa'ment,'
It won first prize in the mnagazinte cons
They didn't bother about supper that
evening, but walked together to the lit'
tie house on the hill. After they had
explored every nook and corner to
their heart's content, Mrs. Jack turned
with beaming eyes to her husband.
"I guess," she admitted slowly, "that
short story writing does pay, after alL"
(Copyright, 1019, by the McClure NewsDAp.
per sYndicate.)
If you've a good case, try to cor.
eromie; it you've a bad one, take it
K -
r e ,.a~i8~ ~·r,:
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things you want when you o nythitig,
" No matter what you bu; frorn us or
when you buy it, you wi ind that we
tstand behind every article w et sell. Corme
in and see for yourself, whethecr or not our
price, quality considered, is iowr.
We Want your business, anid in order to
get it
We sell Good Goods; we- ("-'r: ý;hem right,
Beard s Store
Phone No. 50. FRANKLINTON, LA.
prlI'ice, qultycnsdreissw
Wehng o want we your busiess andin ode t
get i at- e htyuii~~Fo s
We1 selld Good Goods; wrle ki.~ Wem right,
Beard's Store
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Highest Grade and Most Practial
Courses ia Bus;ncss, in Shorthand sad
in Engli,!h. aBst Equipments, s.
equa!ed Faciiti. Complete Celep
SHOULD BE EDUCATED Bank. Only " chol with Actual Sto
TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES and .ctuai Morey in which studedas
keep the books and balance cash.
SpeciaI accommodations for ladies. Personal instruction.
No misrepresen'ation to secure patronaae. Craduate3 in general deauu
tw"rtk th#i e.p.;*. rlinsiR CGEO SOULE & SONL
Hay Ties
SMower Part
I Buggy
SLap Dusters
I Cookers
i Noble's HarBi Store
F ranklinton, Louisi -
{ .xl" - ý!ý r fir ýý°1ýQk'rt~tiýIi'ýhi'°º'ýx: ýºti!ýt Jýý' ! .

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