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State Fair of Louisiana
October 27 to November 6, Inclusive
Reduced Railroad Rates--Free Parking for Autos
$40,000 Offered in Premiums
For Catalog, write W. R. Hirsch, Sec.-Mgr., Shreveport, La.
Service and Security.
The ideal bank serves and secures.
It is composite of strength, stability,
service and safeguarding.
This bank aims to enlist and hold
the confidence of the public through
these qualities.
Consult us freely on all matters
pertaining to your business.
Superior Service Guaranteed Protection
Just ReceIved-Caridad
Essex Bath Tubs,
Sanitary Toilets,
Lavatories and
Kitchen Sinks,
Our prices are below New Orleans prices
6" Essex Tabs 50 L, rim... eo ry,
eachTub....... $30.50 "- rim.... $10
Tank, enameled Enameled 18x30 6.50
inside and R.50 R. One-piece 13.50
outside ...... 2.5ink, 18s 30 .....
All above prices F. 0. B. Bogalusa.
We hase a licensed plumber at your service, who will U
InstaJi any of the above at a very reasonable price.
The Million Article Store U
M. MARX, Prop.
Box 527 BOGALUSA, LA. Phone 150
Th- Management of the
!lornda Parishes Fair,
mmsond, Oct. 24=29th
gehass th the
. r INow For Sale !
ya,. ox 7 b7, Banta to hear
,1oatý L the ori
Som~pleted and we
FPor Maliln.
4i F
++++++ ,
Continued from First Page.
"Anti-No-Fence" law supporters
organized for the fray and will
lock horns in the special session
over fence question,
From the standpoint of interest
in the rural communities the bond
bill introduced by Representative
A. M. Smith of Vermillion parish,
is as importaut a piece of legisla.
tion as has been offered. It curee
irregularities in existing brnd i,
sues anrd iimits the )if. ,f sucri
issuesas good roads and Street
paving to the life of the improve
The coming week will see must
of the major comm ittees hard at
i work. The one committee that is
preparing to plunge into wrri at
once is the Ways and Men tu Com.
mittee of the House. Ttits corm
mittee is the revenue producer for
the state. It has to raise $5,000,
000, to run the state government
i this year. This is one million1
more than was required last year.
The increase was brought about
by the acts of the constitutional
convention in increasing the num
ber of offices and in increasing
It is estimated that the increase
in salaries and officers will re
quire $500,000 additional. The re
maining $500,000 is required to
pay the cost of the constitutional
convention and the extra seesion
of the legislature.
The revenue committee expects
to find the extra million in the li
cense tax and in the new inher
itance tax, which will be passed
this session. The latter is expect
ed to raise half a million dollars.
The two representatives in the
legislature from Washington par
ish have been ,in the lime-light
during the first week of the spe.
cial session of the legislature.
Senator D. R. Johnson, in ad.
dition to introducing in the sen
ate the women's equal rights bill,
has been one of the principal fig
ures in the series of conferences, V
which have been held with (lover
nor Parker on the draft of a strict
prohibition enforcement bill.
Senator Johnson has been in on
all the conferences and is helping
shape the legislatiorn which it i I
hoped will be satisffactr'ry to all
sides, ano will be 'pa~eo withhout
a long drawln ut f: .
ed by thie , L r :.. L.. e i Jh
.ira't,. pr fr I 4qual C ;'i'
Ptit:t` r i t ' 'r'eI l u'. i r .' ci ) I. i - t;: .
prjId a thert afeLi ur 1., et -
adl L -uiia ea> hinij uK.-1
guara!,tee thlir Uep , t
'The Fst-te bank exar, If at;
t:ti(.i :ZrJ tI levy Ian aEnee' L-'" i1
rne twe.ctieth of one p,,-r I.t
all depustt-. ,e. :apnta. ttock and
. r Iu-. r',' bi:i i ar <xi .t ' ;
^Mariage Licensei.
Johtn Wison to Ida C:oley. Bo
Robert Tbomas to artha Tur'
ner, Franklinton.
Elijah Route to Ada skinner,
J. W. Bailey to Fratkie Kinped.
BaraiLn-Second-hand mower
and self dump rake. used one
C. S. E. Babingtn.
Town of Franklinton Tax Sales of
Immovable Property.
Town of Frankit~inn. La.. versau
)Deiinquent Tax Deutors.
By virtue of the auttorily vlete i:n
mI by the LConst:ution antd ilwf of
the Mtate of Louisiana and the Town
of Franklinton. 1 will se:. at the
trl ic)pal tront door of tne Couart
k ouse. in the Town of Fr'an1ituton.
La., wthin legal hours for ;clcia!
sales. oegninnng at 11 o'ciock a. m..
Saturday, September 17, 1921
and continuing on each succeeding
day untOl said saies are completed, ail
immov~avle property upon wncioh taxesb -
are now due the Town of Franklinton,
La.. to enforce the payment of taxes
assessed in the year 1920, together
with the interest thereon from the 31st
day of December of said year. at the
rate of 2 per cent per month until paid
and all costs. The names of said de
linquent ta; debtors, the amount of
Stxes due by each on the assessment
of said year and the property assessed
to each to be oltered for sale, is as
foiiosow: Tab
and c;ost
T. C. Dyson, lots 2, 8, 4, 6, 6 and 7,
block 315, improvements and live
sItoc k................ ...... $18.9. l
SF. F. Morgan, north part lote 170
and 178, wita improvements and live
stck............ . ......... $14.90
Jas. i, Ratlift, lots 1, 7 and 8 and
part of lot.s 2, 5 and 6, lying north of
river road m block 80 and improve
ments...... . ............... * *.6*
Unknown, lota 61 and 69, block 18;
lot. 70 and 71, block 14; lot 60, block
56; eouth-west Oerner lot 2, block
Estate of Chass P. Bradley. lot 1,
square 234 and improvements,, a. 5
Mrs. P. Gallagher, lot 3, block
287........ ........... .......... $2 A5
Mrs. Lilie Warren, lot. 4 and 6,
square 408..................... $i.
Terms of Sale:
On said day of sale I will sell such
portions of said property as each
debtor will point out, and in case the
debtor will not point out suf~cient
property, will at once, without further
delay, sell the least quantity of said
property of any debtor which any bid
der will buy for the amount of taxes,
interest and costs due by said debtor.
The sale will be without appraisement
for cash in legal tender money of the
United States, and the property sold
shall be redeemable at any time for
the space of one year by paying the
price given with 20 per cent interest,
costs and penalties added,
Mmrshal and Tax Collector,.
Notice to Mortgage Creditors:
In conformity with Section 63, Act
5, 1888, notice is hereby given to all
parties holding mortgages on real es
tate located in the town of Franklin
ton, La., on whioh taxes for the year
1920 have not been paid, that I will
begin the sale of same in the town of
Frsnklinton, La., on Saturday, Sep
tember, 1~, 181, at 11 a. m., and that
a number of pieces of property so de
linqtlent are now being advertised in
this newspaper in conformity with the
law: preparatory to such sale the at
tenton of mortgage creditors is es
pecally ealled to these s.vertise
ments of tax sales, and they are
war~ned to take such steps prior to the
sale as may be necessary to protect
their rights.
Blarihal unA Tap Qolndot.
For Women
"I was rdly able to drag, I
was so weakened" writes Mrs.
W. F. Ray, of Ealey, S. C.
"The doctortreated meforabout
two months, still I didn't get
any better. I had a large fam.
fly and felt I sarely must do
something to enable me 4o take
care of my littb oes. I had
beard of
TIe Woman's Toic
1 deided try t," cna
mas Mrs. Ray. .. "1 took
eight bottes la a l... I r.
Pgaied my streagh and lmve
lad no more trombse w wo.
malnt weakess. I hatve te
lde na and am able to do aR
my hoamewOk a alo oMJ.
doora .,, I cant mre reoum
rh Cadw todny. Ift
AtadnQes .
We announce our first s- - of smart
styles in suits and coats :O"--:Zumn and
winter wear.
The lovely models in " ve smart
lines to the figure and the; :re the last
word in style. They are rc;e of the sea.
son's favorite mcterials anc c-,rs.
sThe coats are made oats ~erous lines
and completely envelope tne >-cre, assur
ing absolute comfort frcm ,. nter's cold
winds for the wearers.
Come in today and do your :C.r weather
We sell Good Goods; we Pr, e hsem right,
I Beard's Store
Phone No. 50. FRANKLINTON, LA.
Highest Grade and Mood Fra.
Courses iW asnes, in Shorth d
in English. Bet Equipmi. .
equalec' Facihti. Compile Ct I
SHOULD BE EDUCATED Bank. Only Schoo with Aotd 3Ai
TO SUPORT THEMSELVES and Actual Money in whith
keep the book anc balanoa, en
aeeoamdati ns far ladies. Personal instructior..
iar resentation to secure psaromaga. Gradus s in genem 1d
haie st ..lor tbii- g0GE SOUl & 1O05l
I Hay Ties
* Mower Parts
Lap Dusters
* Steam
Noble's Hardware Store
Franklinton. Louisiana

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