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tJe Era Leaber.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
,nitered as second class matter April 5, 1910
at the postoficeC at F'ranikinton, La., under
he Act of Corgress of Mahreh 3. 1~79.
Ad'ertisin" Rates on Application
Address all Communications to
The Era-Leader, I.ranklinton, La.
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Franklinton, La., Sept. 29, 1921.
The Louisiana !.-gislature has
159 members, and as they now
receive $10 a day, their total pay
is costing the people $1,593 a
day, Saturdays and Sundays in
cluded. That was oe of the love
ly ideas incorporated in the new
constitution. Guess they are
worth it, all right, but oh, Lord,
boys, hurry up and finish !-Ham.
mend Sun.
Rich Comedy.
Wallace Reid's new photoplay,
"The Charm School" presents
Mr. Reid at his best as the young
principal of a girl's boarding
It debates the age-old question
as to whether woman's business
should be to make herself charm.
log or to qualify herself for big
business and politics, thus sub
ordinating her femininity to less.
er things of life.
It provides romance a.plenty
when allof the girls of the board.
ing school fall in love with the
handsome young principal It is
filledj with delightful complica
tions and rapid-fire comedy situ
Frolics Versus School Work.
Will sociables, entertainments
and frolics in the community aid
or hinder effective and thorough
%Work in the schools of that com
munity? This is a question that
should address itself to this and
any other oommunity that is en
deavoring to maintain a good
school. Some may get the idea
that if the high school student
reaches his classes on time and
devotes an hour or two at night
toward the preparation of his lee
sons for the following day right
along from Monday till Friday, it
matters little what that student
does or how the time is employed
fro Friday till Monday. There
never was a more fatal error.
You may employ the best train.
ed teachers in the country, you
may have the most competent and
hard working principal in the
State, but unless the community
lends cooperation the money spent
to run the school had just about
as well be thrown away so far as
the high school is concerned. If
the homes of the town expect to
throw the doors open to sociables
and entertainmPnts two or three
times a week, and if the parents
of the students permit the at
tendance of the student to every
invitation to a "party", an atmos
phere of frolic and play is broad
east and the students, and many
of the teachers themselves, soon
fall into the stride of just having
a good time. The foundation fr
in educ:ti ,n in the high school is
much mrere important and serious
than that.
When we were at war every
body worked in a spirit of cooper
ation and concentration toward
\winning the war. We regarded
that as the one big thing to work
for, and talk for and fight for.
It's the only way. Durt-g school
term everybody ought to keep in
mind the best interest of the stu
dents. To give them the proper
atmosphere for careful study,
and to aid them in thorough
work should be the aim of the
community. When a child or a
student fails the teachers are
blamed. When a high school
graduate takes the teacher's ex
amination anil ecures a third
grade or fails, we -ay the school
work was not thorough. But why
was it not thorought Nine cases
out of ten it's the community's
Whenever you present to the
minds of boys and girls Saturday
evening "parties" on top of the
English and Mathematics of the
week, whenever you close the
day's work on Chemistry and
philosophy with an automobile
excursion, whenever you offer
the rudiments and principals of
education as set forth in the text
books and as expounded by the
classroom teacher to the mind of
the student and then permit the
enchanting whisperings of the
"sweetheart" to the ear of that
student, it is needless to prophesy
what will become of the English,
Chemnistry and the education. It
won't mix.
Let's all get behind the school
at Franklinton, quit our "foolish.
ness" and try to help the student
body get down to work. There
will be ample time during holidays
for sports, frolics and sociables.
Varnado Notes,
Miss Wilda Creel, who has
been suffering from a broken an
ikle since school opened came
Sunday afternoon and took
charge of the primary depart.
ment ofour school Monday, reliev.
ing Mrs. N. L. Smith, who has
been in temporary ciairge of this
Our new building ",ill be com
pleted in about 15 d . and we
are looking forward w;th much
pleasure to tliat ti:ne.
Miss Welch Smith was elected
captain of the girl's basket ball
team last week and anyone desir
Sing a game with our girls should
write her at once,
N. L. Smith and Miss Neva
Wood attended the teachers meet
ing in Franklinton last Saturday.
Misses Neva and O-da Wood
spent the week end with thir
3 parents in Franklinto:ý,
N. L. Smith spent the week
end with homefolks at Sunny
1 Hill, La.
We are beginning to make pre
parations for our part in the Par- i
ish Fair to be held in C). tber,
t This is rather a new thing for
our community but we believe
we are going to make a credita
ble showing on that day.
Mrs. R. H. Magee visited rela
t tives in Franklinton last week
' Our popular druggist, J. F.
Willis is spending a ten day's va
t cation in Illinois.
Mrs. Julius Corkern's motLer
1 and sister are visiting her this
t Prof. Ratcliff of Bogalusa, was
a up one day last week looking
a over our new building.
George Stewart was a Varna
do visitor Sunday.
J. V. Rabb and Miss Martha
Crouse were visitors to our
school last week looking after
the interest of the club work.
They enrolled 50 students in the
h clubs,
Suoerintendent D. H. String.
'" field made us a visit last week,
3 and [gave us a short address
g which we appreciated very much.
A protracted meeting is in pro.
gress at the Baptist church here
e and at Pine Grove.
Lamar Moody and Miss Vida
Seal were married at the home,
3 of the bride Sunday. They will
I reside in Poplarville, Miss.
Mt. Hermon Notes,
September 25, 1921.
Mt. Hermon is the one town
that continues to raise its own
population and does not depend
on movers, and it uses the old
fashioned methods which priests,
prophets, saints and philosophers
have failed to improve upon. Last
Tuesday Mrs. G. M. Tate present.
ed her husband with a junior
Police Juryman, a fine boy weigh.
ing nine pounds. Thursday
morning, Mrs. F. R. Miller gave
to her husband a fine girl, both
doing well.
The protracted meeting which
was to have begin at the Metho.
dist church today, was indefinite.
ly postponed owing to the failure
to get the required asesistance.
The Mt. Hermon High school
and community fair will be held
on the school campus October 14.
Many features of interest will be
pulled off that day, among them
will be dinner on the ground.
Mise' Blanch Alford went to a
Boga'usa yesterday to be with
her sister, Miss Rose Alford who
went from Angie, to the hospital
to have her tonsils removed. t
They returned home today in the ,
oarw with Mr, ana Mrs N, D. Ott, b
Misl. ord'q throet belt g in a
serious condition.
Miss Nellie Bateman left Mon
(lay for Pine, where bhe teaches
this session.
We forgot to mention last week
the very pleasant trip HIon. H. M.
Bateman two weeks ago when he
went with his brother sheriff, and
his deputy to Monroe, and while
away visited his brother, J. W.
The hunting season is not yet
in, but its no trouble to hear guns
in the swamps killing Equirrels.
Have we a game warden?
With a substontial increase in pre
miums added this year, the attrac
tions are greater in the Agricultura'
High School section of the Louisiana
State Fair than at any former period
Besides the regular State Fair pre
miums, there will be a number of val
uable special priies offered by in
dividuals and firms interested in the
progress of the Agricultural Higl
School movement in Louisiana.
At these schools the students are
given the benefit of practical lessonm
in farming. They are instructed it
the most modern methods and show=
how to get the best results from their
efforts. That they have made wonder
ful progress will be shown by the ex
hibits that will be entered from va
rious schools and teams in competi
tion for the premiums and honors tt
be won in this section of the agricul
tural division of the Fair.
Prof. P. L. Guilbeau of Baton Rouge
director of Agricultural High Schools
who has for years been looking afte;
this feature of the State Fair pro
gram, will be in charge of the Agri
cultural School exhibits,
For further information, write to VW
R. Hirsch, se.retary-manager, Shreve
port, La
MPelting of Circle Number 3.
The "Cheer All" circle of the
Woman's Missionary Society met
with Mrs. Chess Mizell, Wednes
day, September 21, for the elec
tion of officers.
The following were elected:
Mrs. H. F. Stafford, Chairman.
Mrs. H. V. Foil, Co-Chairman,
Mrs. C. C. Fortinberry, Secre
tary anld Treasurer.
Mrs. 0. E. Passman, Chairman
of Personal Service. "
Mrs. H, E. Pettus, Teaching of
After this came the social hour.
Mrs. H. E. Pettus and Mrs. H. F.
Stafford tied on the prize which
was given to the one who could
make the most words out of the
one word "Missionary". Then
last we adjourned to the dining
room, where delicious punhot and
cake were served,
Everyone had a delightful
Mrs. R. A. Magee,
Card of Thanks.
Following the accident which
caused the death of our sister,
Mrs. Mirah Poole, much love,
sympathy, and help were given
us, everything possible being
done by friends and relatives.
We thank all who so kindly as
assisted and pray God's bless.
ings upon you.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Seal.
A Glorious Revival,
The Mt. Sinia Baptist church
began its annual meeting Satur
day September 17, which proved
to be a glorious revival continu
ina for seven days,
Rev, Ben Toney assisted the
pastor, Rev. M. C. Thomas with
the meeting. Dinner was spread -
on the ground on Sunday after
the 11 o'clock service where' a
host of people mingled together
in brotherly love.
The services were helped by
the delightful song service con
ducted by Mr. Eliot, who held a
singing school in the neighbor
hood some weeks prior to the
The church was lucky to have
with them as a visitor, the Rev.
W. F, Clarke of Poplarville, who
addressed an interested congre
gation Tuesday night on the sub
ject of "Preparedness."
The meeting closed with bap
tsing Friday afternoon. There
were 33 added to the church, 28 it
by baptism. vi
**********....... f****.9..
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t Helen Lawton Coffee
Young's Cake, lOc.
Mother's Bread
SDainty Flour.
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I r;-'9I
tobacco makes 50
8god cigarettes for
We want you to have the
best paper for "BULL."
So now you can receive
with each package a book
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the very finest cigarette
paper in the world.
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Red Seal Lye is absolutely pure lye of the highest
quality. It is free from any adulter:-2ions-.and be.
cause of this, a little Red Seal Lye does more work
and better work than an equal quantity ci ordinary lye.
Try and see how thoroughly and quickly it cleans.
Use Red Seal Lye to clean the bathtub, toilet, wash
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can, MAR
Philadelphia, Pinna.
.Boys Suits!
I Fall and Winteri
We have a full line of Boys' Suits
up to 18-year size. Good material
and workmanship and a sorted col
ors so that every fancy can be suited.
Prices right. Lot us dress your boy
S New High Shoes for Boys and
SMen-also for Ladies and Misses.
New goods coming in every day,
Sso let us supply your needs for the
season while our stock is fresh.
j Love Bros., Inc.
Phone 47. Franklinton, La.
* *** **********+* .4*4.****
American Legion Convention
October 3rd, 4th, 5th, 1921
Excursion Rates
Have been authorised from all stations on the
Tlclets will be on sale October 2nd, 8rd and 4th, good on trains sobeduled
to arrive in Bogalusa before noon of October 5th. Good returning to re
original starting point not later than midnight of October 6th.
M. J. McMahon. Traffio Manager,
N'ew Orleans, 1
Parole Notice.
I -
e I, the undersigned, am apply
. ing for parole, having been con
victed of the crailwe of larceny on
lovemrbe U, 19;0, in the 6th
Judicial District Court of Lousi'
ana, Washington Parish, end
sentenced to the penitentiary for
one to two years.
tous e Jekil ~

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