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Local lte WsE' . :;7
Brlef Mention of Local and Pecrsonal
Happenfmg$ of The Week. Y
The Era-Leader.
Franklinton, La., Dec. 29, 1921.
Miss Emma Wood of New Or- Vii
leans, s ent Christmas here. Racel
'J. A. LaCour "of Meridian, is holid
spending this week with rela. Mi
tives here.
No more voting unless poll tax
is paid before January 1st, wo- Orle
men and men.
Miss Vanda Burris is enter
ainirig Miss Dolly Bean of Ohio, little
btru the holidays. spen
For Sale-Lime, cement, fire
brick and building brick. A
C. S. E. Babington, was
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Burris,
Mrs. W. J. Dobson and H. E.
Dobson spent Christmas in Ty. B'
ýlertown. Gay
: Don't fail to see William S. the
Hart in O'Malley of the Mounted, daul
,'Friday, a thrilling story of the M
;great Northwest. Bog
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Babington of E
and children of Tylertown, came of t
Monday for a holiday visit with man
-Franklinton relatives. M
Mr. and Mrs, W. F. Simmons of I
sand son Wilfred, of Bogalusa, Day
rwere Christmas guests of Mr. al d
and Mrs. D. B. Walker.
Tanlac, that celebrated medi.
cine, makes you eat better, feel
better, sleep better and work mel
better. Sold by Babington's Jan
Drug Store.
Mrs. G. B. Herrington of Alex- par
i andria, and Miss Mae Fussell of
'Meridian, are with their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. W. Fussell ofla
thru the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Monk and its
children and Mr, and Mrs. J. Vol Thy
Brock, and daughter Marpie, mo
tored to Angie, for the day Mon
sy with Mr. and Mrs. W. I. SP
Baniel. Da
J, E. Wood, Miss Josie Wood, Bo
r. and Mrs. Robt Wood, of wil
.New Orleans, Mr. and Mrs. W. ma
M. Wood of Bogalusa, spent
bChistmas at theFern hotel with
;Mesdames Wood and Goodbee. - an
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Simmons co
mnd Miss Clara Mae Simmons of M
Bogalusa. R. E. and Loyd Sim- an
mons of New Orleans, Mr. and He
:Mrs. S. L. Smith of WarnertQun, J
were here for Christmas dinner Bi
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cl
{ J. N. Simmons. te
SMr. and Mrs. L. N, Varnado of V
Picayune, and Mr. and Mrs. W. R
SE.' Varnado of Slidell, Mr. and of
Mrs. F. A. Varnado of Cheraw,
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. McLain of
Hackley, Mrs. M, I, Varnado
-. and children, Altpn, Milton and ol
Elgin McLain of Bogatusa, and a
Geo, Varnado of Folsom. spent t
Christmas with Mrs. W. F.
_ 1444HltIi:A" .
A Happy New Year!i
To All
Our Friends
and Customers
Isthe Wish
on0'sDrug Store
... .-. ; " ,
..r-. .. -. ,· · .
Tanlac, the .r. r itcd mnedi
cine, is stcld by B1hbing.ton' Drug
Miss Edith Wood of Frmer I
ville, is spending this week with tha
her parents.
On Monday, December 2;, a the
son was born to Mr. and Mrs. it
L. T. Burkhalter.
Miss Jessie Male ,Bozeman of dc
Raceland, La., is visiting Miss
Clara Mae Simmons thru the co'
holidays. 60
Misses Texana Carter and
g James Brock came up from New
Orleans, to spend Christmas in
the Carter home. .
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Magee and th
little daughter of Ponchatoula, T
spent the holidays with Frank- tr
linton relatives.
A beautiful Christmas program
was rendered at the Methodist
church Sunday at the regular a
E' morning service hour.
. Born--To Mr. and Mrs, Harry fri
Gayer Sunday, December 11, at
s their home in Lincoln, Neb,, a
d daughter, Mara Helen. bu
ie Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Magee of
Bogalusa, and'Mrs. Steila Moody
of Kiln, were Christmas guests ill
of their sister, Mrs, J. E. Bate. en
bh man.
Mrs. J. I. Waller and children Bi
of Nashville, Teni., Mrs. C. W. hi
Davidson of Bogalusa, and Mrs.
. J. L. Pounds of Rio, spent sever- ar
al days this week with Mrs. D. so
C, Wood, S.
iel Everybody, women as well as
rk men, must pay poll tax before M
is January 1st in order to be per- t
mitted to vote in town elections at
next year and also in the next
ex- parish election.
of William S. Hart in "O'Malley a
ell of the Mounted", a tale of the T
law of the Great Northwest and
the red-coated riders, who guard
nd its wild frontiers, Waverley
Theatre Friday, Come! h
Mr. and Mrs, Joel Magee of t,
I. pring Hill, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. 8
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Sim
mons and Miss Ruth Bateman of
Bogalusa, spent the holidays
of with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bate.
itb Town is full of the college boys a
- and girls who are home for the
holidays, the following having
s come in since our last issue;
" of Misses Inez and Mildred Moore
im and Lura and Alma Burris from
and Battiesburg, Willie Poole and
an John Richardson from Jackson,
ner Burt Brock and James Bailey,
Ire. Clinton; Carrie and Melba Car.
ter, Alberta Thigpen, Pineville;
o of Victor Stringfield, Ab Wood and
W. Robert Jones and Robert Magee
and of Baton Rouge.
raw, Notice.
a of
aado The regular January meeting
and of he Washington Parish School
and Board will be held in Franklin
pent ton, Thursday, January 12, 1922.
F. F. B. Bateman,
Kiddies' Colds Can
Be Eased Quickly
Dr. King's New Discovery will do
that very thing, ensily and quickly.
Don't say, "Poor little kiddie, I wish
I knew what to do for you"'" \'heA
the cough first comes, give a little Dr.
]King's New Discovery as directed, and
it will soon be eased.
It's a good family ceugh and cold
remedy, too. Loosens up the piilegm,
clears up the cough, relievos the con
gestion. No harmful drugs. For fifty
years a standard remedy for colds,
coughs, grippe. At your druggists,
60c. a bottle.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
For Colds and Coulhs
Constipated? Here'sRelief!Clcanse
the system, with Dr. King's Pills,
They prompt free bile flow, stir up
the lazy liver and get at the root of the
trouble. All druggists, 25c.
r. Kin 's Pills
lin -II~~~l~l l II 
- -- -Oui
Miss Allie McClendon of Mc- Stella
Comb, is spending the week with cuit,v
friends here, here.
Miss Jennie Burris of Colum- Wave
bus, Miss., is with her mother,
Mrs. S. H. Burris this week.
Fleet Willoughby is critically
ill at the home of his wife's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Foil, Sit
Jesse Burris came over from Denn
Bogalusa, to have Christmas with the V
his mother, Mrs. B. B Burris. ze F
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Walker early
and M rs. W. E. Parker of Jack- piant
son, are guests of Mrs. D. S. muct
S!ocum. Mi
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frey and were
Miss Joyce Jones are spending bora
the holidays with Dr. Will Jones hono
and family: Mrs
Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Brock and
twin sons of Mt. Hermon, made
a Christmas visit to Franklinton type
Tuesday afternoon, thin
Grandmother Magee who lacks and
only afew days of reaching her gue'
87th birthday, is in veryV feeble and
health at the home of her daugh- Mrs
f ter, Mrs. Amanda Gayer at Bo- Mrs
galusa. E. F
Tanlac has the largest sale of Bats
any medicine in the world. Over Bro
s Twenty Million bottles have been Bro
sold in six years. No other med. Mal
icine has ever approached it as a
s seller. Babington's Drug Store.
e Miss Cassie B. Smith who is
g in the Missippi Woman's College N
at Columbus, made her first visit
to her Franklinton home when.
she came to spend Christmas noo
with her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
F, M. Smith. 1
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Gayer and urg
e; young daughters, spent Christ. ber
id mas in Bogalusa with Mother In
ee Gayer, the two younger sons of wog
the family, Frank and Louis, ma
having come in unexpectedly prc
from Baylor University for the pet
holidays at home. for
)ol See William S. Hart, Friday at hid
in. the Waverley Theatre, a story ob
l2. that races across the screen like o
a thousand galloping troopers.
Quickens your blood like a blast
from the North. Leaves you
thrilled at the courage and love do
that can live in a buman heart,
The Masonic and Eastern Star th
banquet given Tuesday night in th
the basement of the Baptist bI
church was a splendid success li(
from every viewpoint and re' B
flSects great credit upon the man. 8,
agement and committee of enter
tainment. It was largely at.i
tended, at
The overflow house at the Wa e
verley Theatre Tuesday night a
shows the great appreciation of $
the public for a good show and
the management is glad to an.
nounce that as long as the atten.
dance holds up like this they will
jbe justified in buying the same
high class films, Make the thean
tre popular by ,very one urging
your friends to come.
Ford For Sale.
A Ford Car in good ri~ning
condition to be sold at scrtifice
I Frsnkliann L.
aW heaoit.u1 S
bra stssmd entd
ull Value paid lee
Bar Furs
Mrs. W. . .Burris and child- " ai
ren returned Tuesday night from
their visit to Alexandria.
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Wood of
Covington, spent the holidays
with Franklinton relatives.
Barred Rock eggs for sale, at .
$2.00 per setting.
Mrs. S. H. Burris.
See how the royai wmounted
works! See a real western
Rodeo! Waverley Thll,:tre. Fr'iday.
Mr. and NIMs. Otto Buu riis º,:d
children with Mrs. Mar'y lur'is
spent Christmas with Greens
burg friends.
Our own prima donna, Miss
Stella Pierce of the Lyceum Cir.
cuit,who is spending her vacation
here has consented to sing at the
Waverly Theatre Friday night. "
'Every one should come out to "
hear her.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fortinberry "
and Miss Wanzie Fortinberry,
Mr. and Mrs. Ora Simmons of
Smithburg, visited Mrs. J. C.
aDenman Tuesday and enjoyed
a the Waverley show. Miss Wan- F
zie Fortinberry entertained the
r early comers with her delightful
. piano mnsic which was very
, much appreciated.
Mr. and Mrs. Dyson Booty
d were host and hostess at an ela
g borate dinner Tuesday given in
s honor of their visitors, Mr, and
Mrs. Walter Coco of Lansing,
d Michigan. Thedining wasof the
old-fashioned typical southern
in type so seldom seen now, with
its elaborate spread of every
thing tempting and good to eat
s and was enjoyed by the following
'r guests: Mr. and Mrs. Coco, Mr.
le and Mrs. Archie Booty, Mr. and
h- Mrs. Wright Wilson, Mr. and
0' Mrs. E. A. Burris, Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Burris, Mr, and Mrs, J. E.
of Bateman, Dr. and Mrs. J. L.
er Brock, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vol
en Brock, Robt. Brock and Otto
d. Magee.
ýa -
'e. Notice.
Mrs. H. R. Babington and Miss
sit Selma Richardson will entertain
the Waverley Club Friday after
noon at 3;00 p. m., at the bome
of Mrs. Ada Babington.
The department of agriculture
nd urges farmers and owners of tim
st. ber lands to grow black walnut.
er In the event of another war the
of wood again would be in great de.
is, mand for gunstockg and aeroplane
ly propellers, and even in time of
he peace there is a steady demand
for the timber, which commands a
at higher price than most other
woods. Full information may be
obtained by writing to the depart.
ment, at Washington,.
ast President Harding is holding
o down the world's biggest job at
a low cost to American taxpayers.
S This year the total expenses of
tar the chief executive's branch of
it in the government will be consider
tist bly less than a quarter of a mil
ess lion dollars. KIing,.George cost the
re' British Empire $2,500,000 a year
nan'ad he has had to economize to
ter- make ends meet. President Hard.
at' ing receives $100,000 for salary
as traveling expenses; his office
Wa expenses will amount to 880,000
ight and a fund for contingencies to
n of $86,000-a total of $216,000,
an· Pacific Deepest Ocean,
It is believed that the Pacific is fully
ten a mile deeper than any other ocean.
Twill 1 4
hmea Notice.
rging The annual meeting of the (
shareholders of The Citizens
Bank, of Franklinton, Louisiana, 4
for the election of directors for
ning the year 1922, will be held at the
ie banking house on January 10th, 4
1922, at 2:00 p. m.
Louis M, Bourgeois,
" To All Our Friends f
f and Patrons:
f ...Greetings...
* Once again has Christmas rolled
d around and the New Year is now in
* sight. May the year be the happiest
one you have ever spent and your
* every desire be fulfilled.
We wish also to thank you for
s your generous patronage that has
r' * made this one of our most successful
e years.
SsLove Bros., I n..
n- * Phone 47. Franklinton, La.
Happy New Year
For You and Yours.
Ir It is with great appreciation and
d thanks for the generous patronage
d accorded us that we extend our
heartiest and best wishes of the
L. season to our many friends and
ol customers throughout the .town,
parish and our entire trade territory.
Our business during 1921 has far
[ss exceeded our expectations.
cme May the new year be full of better"
things for all of us is the wish of
d. The Boston Store.
Thanking you for your generous
patronage in 1921, we wish you
one and all
- AHappy
and Prosperous
- New Year.
Phone 104. Franklinton, La.

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