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T he E nterprise.
official journal of iberia parish
and town of new iberia.
On Monday last, the .Supreme
Court of the State, in passing upon
the motion,on behalf of the city, for
a rehearing in the case of the City of
New Iberia vs. Miss Harriet Weeks
et als, involving the right of the
city to compel property holders to
bear the expense of sidewalk con
struction along their property, ren
dered a decision, the effect of which
compels thewity to liegiu legal pro
ceedings anew if it should desire to
obtain a final opinion from the
Court upon the merits of the points
This, however is not necessary
from the fact that the amount due
by defendants has been collected
by the city, and it is very clear
from the languiige of the Supreme
Court that if the question ever
comes up in proper form before
that tribunal for adjudication the
decision will be in line with others
on this subject, recognizing the
right of nil cities, who make proper
provision in their charters, to com
pel not only sidewalk building, but
street paving likewise. Under our
present cumbersome and unequal
system of taxation, it is the only
way i:. which growing cities can
make themselves worthy the name
Their ordinary revenues are insuf
ficient to carry out these improve
uients ; and left to the voluntary
option of property holders, we all
know what the result would be.
It will be remembered that the
reason of an adverse decision from
the Supreme Court, when the case
was taken up ou appeal, a few weeks
ago, was due to the fact that the
ago, was due to the fact that the
complete charter of the city, intro
duced in the lower court, and form
ing part of the record, was omitted
when the transcript was made up
for the Supreme Court. It was
held that the Council could not en
force such an ordinance uuless it
first derived the right to pass it
from the city charter ; and not hav
ing before it that portiou of the
charter conferring that right, but
only an amended portion of it, the
Court rendered an opiuion adverse
to the oity.
On rehearing, the Court refuses
to reopen the case and renders judg
ment as in case of non-suit, giving
the city the option to begin the
action over as though the case had
never been tried. But as stated
above, the city having already re
covered from the defendants the
cost of the sidewalk in controversy,
it can rest the case where it is, and
go on with its work of sidewalk
improvement, confident from the
Court's opinions that if it is ever
called upon again to pass upon the
rights of the city in the premises,
the case being fully presented, as
it must be, there will be no doubt
as to the outcome.
Let as unite in the hope that
there will be no farther controversy
over this matter, and that all will
cheerfully accept the mandate of the
law, recognizing its beneficial in
fluence in the improvement of the
city and the numerous advantages
flowing therefrom.
Contributed. |
a hotel for new iberia.
In the commercial world the law
of snpply and demand is every were
recognized. In New Iberia we have
the most convincing evidence of a
demand for a first - class hotel . I say
first-class, for this is the only kind
which will All all the requirements
and accomplish for the town what
is demanded. A canvas of the board
ing houses and hotels in town
would convince any enquirer on
this subject. It is a common ex
erience for strangers to go from
louse to house inquiring for ac
commodations to find every desira
ble or even available place full.
Now with a typical Southern
hotel with spacious rooms, wide
halls, plenty of gallery room, a
parlor urge enough for social func
tions, New Iberia could bid for a
fair proportion of northern visitors
to New Orleans after Carnival sea
son. Many who come at this sea
son do not ear« to return to their
northern homes until mild weather
sets in—say the first of May, and
they look about for a pleasant place
to pass the intervening time where
board is something lower than in a
crowded city, which during the
Lenten season holds fewer attrac
The fame of the Teche country is
world wide not only through song
and story, but because it is really
the Garden spot of the Southland.
An enthusiastic visitor to New Ibe
ria (at that enchanting season—the
th of April, when every tree '
canopy of living green and e'
shrub in gorgeous bloom—the air
fragrant with the incense of sweet
flowers, when the birds give free
concerts all day and chant lullabies
at night,) said: "April here is
Heaven." If this is wide of the
mark it is not the fault of mother
nature ; but of man who is oontent
for the most part with nature's
bounty and gives grudgingly the
small rata» which she demands.
There la a rumor of a hold project
in New Iberia; let as hope it is
more than a rumor and that the
plan will be all that ia demanded—
spacious, b re sa y , beautiful in design
and finish, a «redit and an ornament
to the town and a source of wealth
to us f r< ; ,note y«-,
j reason to hope that many
is good
of these
northern visitors may become per
manent residents here or may build
winter homes. In either ease they
will bring a new und much coveted
element into the community.
South Louisiana has this advant
age of Klordia as a winter resort :
the season is from four to six weeks
longer, as our summer does not
really begin before the last of May
or first of June, while Florida be
comes very hot in April.
. ... .
Agam there is no reason why oui
Teche Hotel, well advertised, should J
not be ail attraction to residents of i
New Orleans who want to get OUtj
«•i , .• « a j . i
of the city during the heated term
not care to go far from
and do
Our trolley line in operation ; a
public resort at Spanish Lake; the
Salt Mines in easy reach, to say
nothing of the proposed new opera
house, and our improved streets I
i i t. i XT ii i
and roads, will make New Ibena "j
for tourists. ;
most attractive place
Why not try for itT
Hon. R. E. Hroussard in Pennsylvania.
Hon. Robert F. Hroussard, mem
ber of congress from Louisiana, and
wife, who aie spending a few days
in our city as guests of Hon.
and .Mrs. J. D. Hicks, are enjoying
the afternoon in Tyrone, with Miss
Cora Hicks, as guests of Col.
Gripp. They will be treated to an
old fashioned Pennsylvania winter
sleigh ride over the hills of Sinking
Valley, and will also overlook Col.
Origg's well kept farms. Mr.
Hroussard is serving his third term
in congress and has been re elected
for a fourth term, and has been
favorably mentioned as a likely
candidate for next governor of the
state. He and Mr. Hicks were
colleagues on the committee ou pub
lic buildings and grounds during
Mr. Hicks' service in congress.—
Altoona , ( Pit .) Mirror .
irMoss' Cafe has just received
for the jug and bottle trade a
few high-grade wines and liq
uors. See add on page two.
Mr. Victor 1). Levy, representing
the Junius Hart Piano house of
New Orleans, the largest, oldest
and only exclusive Piano house in
the South, is spending |a few days
in this city. Mr. Levy has brought
with him a beautiful l ' ose Piano,
which he has on exhibition at the
Smith hotel, where he will be
pleased to have any one contem
plating the purchase of a good in
strument call and examine it.
I^T"Moss' Cafe has just received
for the jug and bottle trade a
few high-grade wines and liq
uors. See add on page two.
« » » -
New Iberia, La., Feb. 4, 1901.
The Board of Trustees of theCityofNew
Iberia met this day in regular session wiCli
Mayor John Broussard in the chniraudthe
following members present: Messrs. W. K.
Burke, John Lamperez, J. A. Fagot, J. B.
Laweon, J. A. French and A. M. Bernard.
The minutes of Jan. 7th and 30th were
read, and approved on motion of Mr. Law
ton seconded by Mr. Fagot and carried.
The monthly reports of the City Judge,
Secretary, Collector and Treasurer were
read and ordered spread upon the minutes
and are as follows, to-wit :
New Iberia, La., Jan. 1st, 1901.
To the Mayor and I lourd of Trustors of tlio City
of New Iberia:
Gentlemen—Following is a report of the
» City Court of th<
for the month of January,
$124 50
12 50
operation of the City Court of the City of
New Iberia,
Amount of fines imposed.. .
Amount of fines collected
Deo., 1900
Cash turned over to
collector $ 72 00
Fines for January
uncollected 50 00
Served sentence... 15 00
$137 00 $137 00
Respectfully submitted,
R obert B rown , Judge
S ecretary's R eport cor . I an . 1901.
Am t of Ain't of
Voucher* Vouchers Budget ain't
drawn dur'g drawn ilnee to credit
Jan., 'Ol. June 30, 'OO. of each fund
Mayor'* Saltfrjr
$ 50 00 $ 350 00 $
Seety * Attv .37 50 '225 OO
Regular Pollce.,209 OO 144 H OO
Special Police
Bridge Keeper. 20 OO 140 OO
Oflcfal Printing 12 50 50 OO
Printing and Stationery....
35 25
84 87
72 25
Collector 84 87 173 04
Klec'c Ltghti 302 98
Coroner i Jury. 57 OO B7 OO
Alienor 335 53
F'g Prisoner».. 19 20 143 40
Pauper« 26 30 129 90
Fire Dep't 24 OO 55 75
Public Sch'la
Street« and Bridge«
116 45 2680 28
Janitor 7 50 52 50
B'd of Health . 203 95 237 95
Market home note ft int...
3472 f>0 3472 50 (
Incidental«.... 25 55 250 04 )
M'k Home ex...18 00 124 65
Oen'l fund . 19 00 775 SO
City Recorder. 25 00 93 35
City Manhal . 12 50 46 70
h old warrant« 14 75
Part of price paid/or lot«
Note« to Capt. Mme for «hell«
Interest on water work« plant
Kxpenae« for electric light« and water
work« 575 00
Outatanding warrant« for 1900
250 00
225 00
612 00
100 00
50 00
27 75
338 79
33 00
106 60
20 10
44 25
3125 00
180 28
37 50
262 05
22 59
25 35
131 65
65 80
550 00
972 00
3000 00
New Iberia, La., Feb.
Ivor «n
of New Iberia:
Gentlemen—My report for month ending
Jan. 31st, 1901, is as follows
Corporation taxea ..
Special I. & v. R. R. Tax....
Central Market Revenues ..
Impounded stock
Fines for January.. ....
Dog tax .
.12226 90
. 771 00
. 320 00
. 358 85
72 00
70 00
$3824 35
Respectfnlly submitted,
w. l. D üpüt , Collector.
New Ibeiia, La., Feb. 4, 1901.
Oen'l Fund. Market F. R. R. Tas.
Jan. 8 balance«. .9 531 02 f 904 20 *1440 46
Jan.* Feh 4.-91
To receipt« 2913 14 315 80 674 00
Jan. 8 -Feb. 4—
Disbursement« .
92114 46
866 60 «3 37
*2051 09
550 75- 1092 Ol
Overdrawn #1141 26
Ja». S—Balance $ 359 OS
Raspectfally submitted,
J. P. S vnnrbiellb . Trtaa.
A petition signed by several of the bar
ban of U m City of New Iberia waa present
ed to the eouneil and read, when it moved
by Mr. Burke, aeoonded by Mr. Lawton
and carried, that the petition be spread
.upon tho minute* which ia aa follows, to
λ the Hon. the Mayor and Board of Trua
um it the
Thia the
of New Iberia
of the undersigned
paiti** engaged in the tooaorial aad bu
rn« trade ia the City of N*w Iberia,
reapoettally «all your Honorable Body's
attention to the fact that conformably to
Act <><> of the Acts of 1000 of t h»? (i encra I
Assembly of the State of Louisiana, your
Hon. Body is vested with authority to re
gulate the opening and closing of barber
shops within the corporate limits on Sim
days, and that it is the wish of the great
majority of the parties so engaged in the
City of New Iberia that an ordinance be
passed whereby the closing on Sundays of
all such shops will be enjoined.
Your petitioners show they repiesent live
out of eight such shops in said city, and
that, their purpose herein is to obtain a day
of rest to which all persons should be
They show that unless such an ordinance
is adopted they will be compelled by rea
SOI1 0 f es jg ence 0 f trade to open on
Sunday, seveial of said shops remaining
open despite their protests. They show
tlmt their prayer is manifestly just and
proper and, accordingly, they pray that au
1 - - - J 1 -
{Devillieti Blanche!
,<a K |,r y. _ — —
Mr. \\. K. Hurkt» pioRtMiteu the below
onlinanc Morbidding the opening of barber
Hhops Oil Sundays in the City of New lbe
ordinance be adopted by your Honorable
Body compelling all such shops within the
corporate limits to close on Sunday eon-j
formably to aforementioned Act of the i
Iieneral Assembly of the State of Louis |
iana. Alex Moity, A. E. Decourt, Wash- j
ington Bernard, O. Blanc, Rodney Noddy, i
A. A. Seibeck. L. P.
and P. Moity
ria and prescribing penalties for the viola
tion thereof, which was read, when il was
moved by Mr. Burke, seconded hv Mr.
Fagot and carried by the following vote,
to-wit : Yea—Messrs. Fagot and Burke ;
nay Messrs. Lamperez and Bernard ; not
voting—Messrs.Luwton and French. There
being a tie vote the Mayor voted in favor of
the adoption of the below resolution an
declared the same carried. Said otditt
ance was then presented to the Mayor for
examination ami after examination th
same was returned by him approved and
signed, with the seal of the corporation
thereto affixed. The said ordinance read
as follows, to-wit :
Be it ordained, by the Mayor and Board
of Trustees of tho town of New Ibeiia.
that it shall be unlawful for any person or
persons, (inn or corporation to open, cany
on or conduct a barber shop or business
from 12 o'clock on each Satuiday night to
the following Sunday night at 12 o'clock,
and any person or persons, firm or cor
poration who shall violate the provisions
of this ordinance shall be subject to a fine
of not less than live dollars nor more than
ten dollars or to imprisonment for a period
of not less than five days nor more than
ten days or both at the discretion of the
City Judge for each and every offence.
Thus <lone, road, signed, and seal affixed
in open session this 4th day of Feb., 1901.
J ohn B kouskahu , Mayor.
It was moved by Mr. Fagot, seconded
by Mr. Bernard and carried, that in view
of the fact that all of the present fiscal
year's appropriation for the streets and
bridges has been expended, that the street
and bridge committee are hereby
structed not to expend any moro money
for this purpose than is absolutely neces
sary ; and that tho garbage ordinance be
temporarily suspended and the cart and
team used for the building and filling of
the streets.
It was moved by Mr. Lawton, seconded
Mr. Fagot and carried by the following
vote: Yea—Messrs. Lawton, Fagot and
French ; nay—Mr. J. Lamperez ; Messrs.
Burke and Bearnard not voting, that the
services of Mr. Alex. Chargois as night
policeman and Mr. Frank Stafford as special
police officer be discontinued from and
after tho 15th day of Feb., A. I). 1901,
and that t hoir pay as police officers of the
City of New Iberiu cease on that date.
The resignation of Dr. Alfred Duperier
as a member of the Board of Health of the
City of New Iberia was presented and read,
when if was moved by Mr. Fagot, seconded
by Mr. Lamperez and carried, that the
same be accepted.
It was moved by Mr. Lawton, seconded
by Mr. French and curried, that Dr. F. N.
Brian be elected to fill the vacancy on tho
Board of Health of the City of New Iberia,
caused by the resignation of Dr. Alfred
It was moved by Mr. Bernard, seconded
by Mr, French and carried, that the fol
lowing named gentlemen bo and they aro
hereby elected to compose the Board of
Water and Light Commissioners of the City
of New Iberia, in conformity with Act 3.1
of the Acts of the Ueneral Assembly of the
State of Louisiana of 1900, and that their
terms of office shall bo as follows, to-wit :
Messrs. W. R. Burke and Max Levy are to
serve on said Board until the first Monday
Dec., 1902; Messrs. R. S. McMahon
and Jos. R. Boutte are to serve on said
board until the first Monday in Dec., 1904 ;
and Messrs. J. B. Lawton and J. A. Fagot
are to Berve on said board until the first
Monday in Dec., 1900.
A communication from Mr. A. J. Man
raus in regard to a dog owned by him
which had been killed by the police officer
was read, when it was moved by Mr. Law
ton, seconded by Mr. Lamperez and car
ried, that the communication be received
and that the secretary be instructed to ex
iress the regets of the entire council to
pre i
iress the regets of the entire council to
pre i
Mr. Maumus about this unfortunate affair.
Mr. W. R. Burke reported that in pur
suance to the instructions given him at
the last meeting of the council he had
purchased a vehicle for police service and
that the same had cost the sura of thirty
five dollars.
The following bills were read and ap
proved and vouchers ordered drawn upon
motion of Mr. Lamperez seconded by Mr
Lawton and carried, to-wit : John Brous
sard, for amount expended for paupers for
January, 12.80 ; H. M. Carter, for feeding
prisoners for the Month of January, 15.80
J. Dreyfus, for lime and oil purchased
during the month ofJannary, 1.50; Leon
Dreyfus, for % barrel of lime, one sewer
pipe and one keg of nails, 4.50 ; Robert
Brown, for amount expended in repairs on
the Market House and for key 2.00 ; Dr.
vv. J. Emmer, for inquests and viewing
bodies as per bill 30.00 ; A. J. Cammack
for services as Secretary and Attorney for
January, 37.50; John Broussard for one
vehicle purchased for police service 35.00,
It was moved by Mr. Lamperex and car
ried, that the meeting adjourn until the
next tegular meeting.
J ohn B roussard , Mayor.
A. j. C ammack , Sceretary
A. j. C ammack , Sceretary
S t a te of L ouisiana, P arish of I beria, j
Be it known, that on thia 26th day of the
month of January, in the year of our Lord
One Thousand Nine Hundred and One, be
fore me, Louis T. Dulany, & notary public
in and for the Pariah of Iberia, State of
Louisiana, duly eommiaaioned and qnali
fled, and in the presence of the witnesses
hereinafter named and underaigned, per
sonally came and appeared the persons
whose namea are hereunto anbseribed, who
severally declare that, availing themselves
of the proviaiona of an Act of Leglalature
of thia State, known aa Aet No. 36 of the
session of the year 1888, aa well as the
general lawa of thia State, governing the
formation of corporation a in general, they
do, by theae presents,agree and bind them
selves, as well aa aneh other persons as
may hereafter beeome aaaociated with
them, in order to form and constitute a
corporation or body politic in law for the
objects and purposes under the stipula
tions following, to-wit ;
The name and title of thia corporation
PANY, LIMITED, and it shall have and
enjoy aaceeaaion and exiatenee for the
period of ninety-nine yean from date
hereof. It shall have the power to eon
tract, to sue and be aned ia ita corporate
name, to make aad nae a corporate aeal,
aad make, break and alter the aame «t
pleaaure, to hold, pttrchaae, leaae, sell,
mortgage or hypothecate property, real,
personal or adzed, to make and iaane
bonda, to toad aay portion of ita capital
atoek or iaeome, or mortgage aeeuiity, or
other aeenrity ; to name, elect and appoint
maaagera. direetora aad agenta and to
make aad eatabliah aneh by-laws, rales,
regulationa aa may be ataaaaa ry for ita
T h * domicile at thia corporation, aad its
principal office for the transaction of busi
noss, shall be in the city of New Iberia,
I'aiish of Iberia, Louisiana.
The President, or in his absonse, the
Vice President, shall be the officer upon
whom citation or other judicial process
shall be served.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of Two Hundred
and Fifty Thousand Dollars, ($1250,000.00)
and this charter shall be operative, and to
go into effect, and the said corporation
become a going concern, when the sum of
One Hundred Thousand Dollars, ($100,
000.00) shall have been subscribed for.
The capital stock of this corporation shall
be divided into twenty live hundred
(2,500) shares of the par value of One
Hundred Dollars, ($100,00) per share, and
shall be paid for m cash, or the equivalent
in real estate, mill property, timbered
lands, notes, bonds or mortgages,
„ ,, , any
other property which the Hoard of Direc
tors may approve.
The objects and purposes of this cor
(»oration, and ature of the business
to be carried on by it, are hereby declared
to be, to do a general lumber and man
ufacturing and general merchandise busi
ness. to own ami operate saw and shingle I
mills, planing mills, sash, door ami bliml
factories, and other manufactories, also
railroads, p'jll boats and steam boats; toi
make contracts for the sale of lumber, j
shingles etc., and for the purchase of logs
and timber ; to own and oporato lumber
yards, in this „,,,1 other States, and, in I
fact, to do any and all things, necessary
and proper to the carrying out of its busi I
m ' ss ' AltTH'i f v '
The business of this corporation shall be j
directed by and vested in a Board of Dime 1
tors, composed of five stockholders, each !
owning one or more shares of stock. Said j
directors shall be elected at a general 1
meeting of the stockholders, convened for
that purpose, on the second Tuesday in
January in each year, and each share of
stock present or represented, shall be en
titled to one vote. The election shall be
held at the principal office of the corpora
tion, after ten days notice to each stock
holder. Failure to hold an election on
the dato specitieil shall not dissolve the
corporation, but the directors in office
shall hold their respective offices until the
olection be subsequently held, after ten
days notice of tho time and place thereof.
All vacancies in said board from what
ever cans« h I ui II bo filled by tile remaining
All meetings above set forth shall be
called on not less than ten days notice
published in the oflicial journral of the
The Board of Directors shall elect a Presi
dent, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
and Manager. The Secretary, Treasurer
and Manager need not be a stockholder in
the corporation.
A majority of the board Nliall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of business.
Tho President shall be the General
Manager of the corporation with the power
to appoint an assistant manager, and the
salaries of all tho officers of the corporation
shall bo fixed by a majority vote of the
stockholders at the date of the election.
No stockholder shall be liable or re
sponsible for the contracts, faults or debts
of said cot poration in any further sum
than the unpaid balance duo the corpora
tion on the shares of stock owned by him ;
nor shall any informality in organization
have the effect of rendering this charter
null, or of exposing a stockholder to any
liability beyond the amount of his stock.
This act of incorporation may be amend
ed, altered or modified or this corpor
tion dissolved by a vote of three-fourths of
the shares of tho total amount of the stock
at a meeting held for that, purpose aft
ten days notice in writing mailed to the
address of each stockholder and at loast
one advertisoment in the official newspaper
of Iberia Parish.
At the expiration of this chartor, or if
sooner dissolved, the affairs of this corpora
tion shall be liquidated by the Board of
Directors, who aro hereby vested with full
power to sell any and all assets of the
corporation, and to convoy full and com
plete title thereto nnd shall have tho full
power to do and perform all acts necessary
and proper to fully and completely liquidate
the affairs and distribute the proceeds, if
any, among the stockholders in proportion
to tho amount of the stock hcl<l by each.
Tho following named persons shall coil
stitute tho first Board of Directors : R. II
Downtnan,President and Général Manager
F. II. Lewis, Vice President ; J. F. Wig
gington, Secretary and Treasurer ; II. B
Hewes and Geo. W. Dallas. They shall
hold their offices until the second (2d)
Tuesday in the month of January, 1902, or
until their successors are elected
This corporation shall be authorized to
begin business whenever the sum of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars of stock shall
have been subscribed.
The stock of this corporation is trans
ferable only upon the books of tho same.
Thus done and passed in my office,
Thus done and passed in my office,
the City of New Iberia, State of Louisiana
on the day, month and year first above
written, and in the presenco of Messrs
W. B. Davis and P. L. Knott, competent
witnesses of lawful age, who have signed
their names together with the parties and
me, Notary after due reading of the whole
Witness : J. F. WIOGINGTON,
W. B. D avis , II. B. HEWES,
P. L. knott . GEO. W. DALLAS,
Notary Public.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Iberia
Having examined the foregoing act of
incorporation of THE IBERIA CYPRESS
COMPANY, LIMITED, and finding noth
ing therein inconsistent with or contrary
to the Constitution and laws of the State
of Louisiana, 1 hereby approve the same.
Given this 28tb day of January, 1901, in
the State and Parish aforesaid.
District Attorney 19th Judicial District.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Ibeiia.
I, the undersigned authority, do hereby
certify that the above and foregoing act of
incorporation of THE IBERIA CYPRESS
COMPANY, LIMITED, is a true and cor
rect copy of the original now on file in my
oflice, and recorded in Miscellaneous book
No. 4 at page 15 et seq., January 28th,
A. D. 1901. J. G. LEBLANC,
Clerk Nineteenth Judicial Distiet Court .
Clerk Nineteenth
State of Louisiana, Parish of Iberia,
19th Judicial Distiet Court.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
an order of seizure and sale issued out
the above entitled matter, I, Geo. Hender
son, Sheriff, through Frank j. Mestayer,
Deputy Sheriff, have seized and will offer
for sale and will sell to the last and highest
bidder, FOR CASH, at the Court House
in the town of New Iberia, Parish of Ibe
ria, State of Louisiana betweeu legal sale
the follwing described property, to-wit :
A certain lot of ground situated within
the corporate limits of the town New Ibe
ira, having a front of aixty feet on Madison
street, by a depth of one hundred and
twenty five feet more or lesa,. bounded in
front by said Madison street, in the rear
by property of R. D. Stansb try, north by
property of Mrs. Widow Lamb and east by
property of Mrs. e. Haase.
To pay and satisfy the sum of Three
Hundred and Fifty Dollars with 8 per cent
per annum interest from Oei.o:,er 13th,
1900, together with ten per cent attorney's
on said amonnt and all cost of snit to
be taxed.
Oivea officially this 2d day of Feburary,
. D. 1901.
per F. J. Mestayer, D'y Sheriff.
N kw I iikuia, L a ., Feb. 7, 1901.
The Police Jury convened this
day in regular session with Presi
dent Brittain in the chair and the
following members in attendance,
to-wit: Boutte, Decuir, Decourt,
Delcambre, Orttc, Komeroand Kub
erbielle ; absent—Ooula.
The minutes of previous meeting
were read and adopted as read
A communication from J. W.
Young was read requesting that
two commissioners be appointed
from this palish to co operate with
the New Orleans committee in gei
ting up exhibits to the Pan Amen
can Exposition to be held in Buffalo
in May next.
On motion, Mr. James A. Lee
and Gen. Dudley Avery were ap
pointed commissioners
The Treasurer submitted his
I monthly report showing a balance
• . , , , .
()t ty-eight hundred and sixty
two dollars and torty-seven cents,
j Oil motion of Mr. Sllberbielle,
,l u |y carried, the President was
tltl 4| W v t ,: f ,« J i » . ♦ ♦ .1 m
I , f ™ ^ contract with lv
W. I llllllps for the faithful per
I formancc of repairs oil Court House.
' Ou further motion of Mr. Suber
j t,,e sum ,,f '"indrcd
1 dollars was appropriated and set
! aside to defray expenses in the
j treatment of small-pox in the parish
1 -
,i t . ■
P 8 '!" 1 ' ,<Hlr roa «j S ™°P S
for the year 1001
On motion of Mr. Ort te. duly
carried, the Treasurer is hereby in
structed to remit one hundred dol
lars to the Eye, Ear, Nose and
throat hospital of New Orleans.
The secretary was authorized to
purchase for the at tint of the
On motion of Suberbielle, duly
seconded and curried, Mr. A. It.
Romero's services were secured, at
a compensation of four hundred
dollars, to assist the Assessor in
taking the assessments for 11X11.
Mr. Frere, beiu^ present, immedi
ately deputized Mr. Romero.
Dr. W. J. Emmer's proposition
to fnrnish food, guards, medicine
and treat all .small pox patients in
the parish pest house for one year
for three hundred dollars was ac
Messrs. Decuir, Romero and De
court were appointed a commit tee
to lay out a road in the 5th ward
and report at the next meeting.
Mr. Boutte, on motion, was auth
orized to open the Diiboiii-t'nrlis
Burke road.
On motion duly seconded nnd
carried, Mr. Suberbielle is auth
Fresh Glycerinized Vaccine Lymph
Guaranteed to "Take."
For Rent or Sals—A Fifty-Acre Farm
Located about three miles southwest of New Iberia,
suitable for Cane or Cotton, all under fence, with
comfortable dwelling and outbuildings.
Also a well Improved Cotton Gin,
Situated in New Iberia, on the Soiithorn Pacific
Railroad track, adjacent to the I)e|>ot.
Also Por Sale
Town Lots, in
ALSO TWO LOTS on the northwest side of Duperier Avenue, one improved and tho
other unimproved, situated on tfhe East side of Bayou Teche. Apply to
Geo. M. Robertson,
General Fire Insurance Office,
new iberia, la.
L»« <Sr Lswla Addition,
Smith Addition,
Malaln Addition,
Robertson Addition,
and Fror« Addition.
Just Received!
....Which Wi Off* it Special Low Pricts for latrtiictioi....
Planters' Choice Rye Whiskey
■oss Standard Rye Whiskey
" Old Velvet Rye Whiskey
" Imperial Nectar Rye Whiskey
" 8-Year-01d Rourbon Whiskey -
" Exquisite Table Claret
M-Firc Cent« Allowine* on *11 Wine Hottle» Returned.
$ .50
One Trial Will Convince You of the Superiority of
the Above Brands.
aooSN sxiiZVXKXX) to jurr paht or xzze cxtt.
We »re soliciting the Jt'fl AM» BOTTLE TKADK M a ape«;laity anil will vive name our
liest attention.
Corner Main db Church Allay,
Uoosarr " 155.
The Best Lhnr IMIdM.
Largest Package on the Market
Oaa Paekaga Prfee tie. Fhro for tl-00.
•**0» some umm I was aanoyad with plm
orized to sell to ('. P. Moss the half
of two acres of the pesthousc land
for seventy-five dollars.
It was moved, seconded and car
ried that the time for the payment
of the parish taxes is hereby ex
tended until the l.itli day of Feb
The following bills were approved :
L. (»rant,
J. Yedrini
const a bl<
J . j- P
$ 50 50
5 00
i m I stationery
oil! I
p. L. Kenoudet < y |>r
Planters Lumber i c>
Enletprise, printing
Mux Levy, coal
( '. Lyon, constable
Hurry \ Muiler, bliinkets
( ' Kniiner.carrying meals |M-sthoust
Ii M. Carter, hoarding small poJ
i ) \ Hroussard, ditching
E. H. Landry
E. Landry, j p
W J. I '.inmer, treating small pox
Patoutville Creole ('lui» rent
A. Wyclie. 1.ridge keeper
I'. I>. Hebert, building booth
A Joseph, bridge work
l> Kölnern, ('onstîilile 2 months
11. Fretilin, j. p
J. i>. LeHlanc inquest
.1. A. Provost, drawing jury
I,. Broussard. " "
J. (i. LeHlanc,
Max Levy, " "
J. II. Hacker, witness
J. 1 . I »avis, witness
Mcilyuiaii, clerk supreun
People's bank warrants
A. i! Itomero, secretary
L. ltomero, bridge work
A. • Imager, constable
J. W. Eckert, lamp
I). 1>. Avery, juror
II. Boas, juror
( Houlanger, janitor
Johnny Francois
I'. K. Ximoiicaud, juror
.1. i ioldherg, juror
P. Ii. Kenoudet Lumber I
Aug. IVtitlits, constable
T. I». Fay, j. p
(i. A. Kogels, road work
A. Iloiningiie, juror
A. Derneville, juror
e. k. Jackson, juror
Moresi Foundry, bolls
U .S. Sanders, road work
e. Decuir, constable 2 months
J. A. Habin, j. i > S 00
There being no further business,
on motion duly seconded and car
ried the meeting was declared ad
J. F. B kittalv, President,
A. B. R omeko, Secretary.
Best lime, cement and Horn Is
land sand, at Erath's.
, lumber
450 2."»
:jr. on
21 15
H 811
14 20
I M 00
, r i 00
15 00
:i oo
10 oo
I oo
11 oo
III 00
lo oc
12 oo
:< oo
:i oo
a oo
:i oo
I oo
l oo
10 no
:ih 30
20 85
12 00
5 00
:i 50
:t 20
1 50
:io oo
I 30
:i 50
it :ii
SM 70
10 00
10 00
Iii 75
!» 20
!» 20
8 20
<>!) 54
113 02
10 00

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