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New Iberia enterprise and independent observer. (New Iberia, La.) 1902-1944, August 02, 1902, Image 2

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pound and qui
Seed in
/ deed Merchant,
80S ßi 204 MAIN ST.. NEW IBERIA, LA.
official journal of iberia parish
and town of n fw tdfria
Niifiscrlplloii, f I.50 per Annum
Our renders uoticed no doubt in
our Inst issue tlint Hon. John Me
11 lien ii v nnd lien. 1<\ F. Miles had
eneli put in n petition to the City
Coumil nsking for n frnnnehise for
LT> yenrs for the pupose of con
structing nnd operating an electric
railroad on vnrious streets of our
city. These petitions will remain
in nbeyance for thirty days, when
they will he tnken up nnd ncted
upon nnd possibly franchises
nwnrded t<> both petitioners, whose
standing in every respect, is n
guarantee of the fulflllnient <»f
whnlever requirements the Council
may see proper Id exact in order
tn protect ninl ndvnnee I he interests
if the peuple. This is the downing
uf n new cm fur <»ur city, with
electric lines running through mn
principal thornuL 'hfai >■ -, mnkinir
siunc now vacant !i rnloi v valuable
and desirable as n i• I• utial proper
ty, or II I'll e| 111 \ lie; ! n which till'
working pcple cn.i h.iv • rapid ami
easy ncccss, will greatly ndvnnee
the mnterinl inlcresis o| our citv.
Then it is but n question of time
nnd is within the plnns of the pro
jectors lo extend these lines east
and west, into the parish of St.
Mary, touching the towns between
here and Herwiek Hny, nnd to the
west in the parishes of St. Martin
nnd Lafayette, making a summer
nnd winter resort of our beautiful
Lake Tasse, and also putting our
city in touch with the other towns
nlong the route. This is nil practi
onl nnd easy of accomplishment nnd
the population along the proposed
routes dense enough to justify the
outlay of capital. Throughout the
North nnd East lines such as are
lioro contemplated nre already pny
ing investments, with n populntion
of less density than ours, therefore
it would seem that our lines as
contemplated will be a success from
the very start. We trust our citi
zens will do nil in their power to
forward the laudable efforts of
these gentlemen and that ere the
dying of the present year we shall
sec the great work under way.
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Concluding a strong reply to a
captious interrogator of the "What
is it" variety of newspapers, the
Commercial Appeal of Memphis
thus states the contrast between
Republicanism and Democracy :
"The Republican party repre
sents pretty nearly every coticeiv
able vicious tendency in American
life. It stands for extravagance
for the trusts, for the tariff rob
bery, the ship subsidy steal, and it
stands for nothing in the interest
of the people. The Democratic
lenders may be wastiug valuable
time on ghostly issues and shadowy
notions, but there can be no doubt
that the Democracy stands for
what the Republican party does
not. It stands for tariff reform,
economy, honesty, aud the people.
Some of our leaders may forget the
creed at times aud some may chase
will-o'-the-wisps, but in standing
for all that the Republican party
does not, the Democracy leaves but
little doubt in the minds of its fol
lowers as to what it is. It is only
the renegades from the party who
•re continually asking the ques
tion, what is Democracy T"
The contrast here presented
could scarcely be improved upon
for clearness and conciseness.
When we look at the Republican
party of to-day witli its profligacy
and its riotous disregard of the in
terests and rights of the masses,
with its trnst-breeding tendencies
and its love, "surpassing that of
women," for the gigauticcombina
tions formed for the oppression of
the people and for wringing the
hard earnings from the pockets of
the consumer for the benefit of the
trusts aud favored classes, it seems
almost sufficient to say that the
Democracy "stands for all the Re
publican party does not." * 1
/ St no 11 in a Itrawf/hf
with my coat off aud caught this wretched
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The Lily Whites are eating Cuban [
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•while, and quite likely end in
cholera wf*ntnm. The only cure
is a big dose of cam spankum —
Abbeville Idea. i
We lind occasion to refer in a re
We had occasion to refer in a re
cent issue to a party who had been
investigating our wnter supply.
We publish below a letter from one
of the party, whose testimony ns
to the quality of the Teche wnter
is valuable, and whose suggestions
aro worthy of being adopted by the
people of the Teclio country. Un
less some such steps as he suggests
arc taken the upper Teche will be
useless as a nnvignblc stream or as
a supply of water for irrigation.
We trust our people will interest
themselves in this matter, and re
deem this fine section from a fate
tlint seems inevitahleunlcssprompt
action is taken. As the develop
ment compnny which Mr Alexnu
der represents lins on its Hoard of
Directors three of our liouisiaua
Congressmen, it would seem that
Congressional interest could be
awakened through them —supple
mcntcd by the voice of the people
in the section interested :
llHKAIN ItllllHiK, I .A., .lllly 22. I !H>2.
Being one of the part y who made the
trip from SI. Marlin lo the mouth of the
Ti'i'lie last week with Mi . !.. K Kohinson,
desire to mlvisn ol
desire to mlvisn you ol our liinlings.
were, first of all, looking out for
watei, anil numciotis samples weie t:ikeu
.-it ilepllis rangiiiir from Ii to 10 feet everv
few miles am) directly at the month of the
Teche and I am happy to sav that no sail
or brackish watei was found, and our
friends were absolutely convinced nfler
going over I he route anil viewing the
Atchnfalayn nnd llrand Lake of the utter
impossibility of ever having salt water
any where on the Teche.
One great and only trouble is the supply
of water in the upper end of I he bayou,
and we can overcome that if the progrès
sive citizens will get together and work
for the dredging of the Teche and opening
through lo the Cortarbleau, allowing I he
waters of the I 'ortarbleau and Atchafalaya
to come this way, it will clean out the
Handbars now existing and make the en
tire bayou navigable without any doubt.
I ain in touch with people who will pour
their money into iriigating and other en
terprises in this section if the supply of
water can be assured and now have a
proposition on hand that is being held in
abeyance on account of water supply.
I know that the plan of opening the
Teche into the Cortarbleau is feasible and
will cure our ills, as the government en
gineers have examined it and made a
favorable report and the statistics going
to show the desirability of the National
government taking hold of same, have
In en taken and are on file in Washington
and I lie proposition ii ripe for concerted
action on our pint to push matters al this
time. I would siiirgesl that mass meet
ings be held anil petitions signed through
outtlie district urging an appro) riatiou
! fortius purpose, I am in coriespondencc
Willi our representative and also have
spoken to several of our prominent eil i
zens in St. Martinsville, and I eau assure
you our hearty support in any measures
devised by yonr League for our mutual
Mr. Armand Hioussaid and myself have
been spending much of our time and
money in endeavoring to develop this sec
tion and are al all times willing to join
auy movement looking to the improve
ment of onr section. Would also suggest
the name of lion. Kobt. Martin, of St.
Martinsville, who would also join in any
movement of progress. Mr. Kohinson
suggested my writing to you after meeting
you last Friday and I want to assure yon
■>f our hearty good will and help in any
movement organized for the benefit oft his
section and our bayou.
Yours very truly,
•I. II. A ' F. xandkr .
Shaffers All Itrrorils.
Twice in hospital, F. A. Oulledge, Vei
bena Ala., paid a vast sum to doctors to
cure a severe case of piles, causing 24
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Drug Co.
During the week there was de
cided irregularity of demand and
ultra-conservatism maintains. This
experience is seasonable, the trade
in m id -su m m et- naturally inclines
to limited operations and prefer to
buy in moderate way and at shorter
intervals, thereby securing more
recent or freshly milled stock. No
one at this period can be ablivious
to the destructive tandem trio
weather, weevil and worm: thus
far however, little complaint has
been heard on such score and the
present like the past season, is
likely to find goods carryiug in
safety to the end. Recent advances
in Japan have cheeked its sale, nnd
while still in the lead, it finds a
close second in the Honduras sorts.
Advices from the South note
steady but limited enquiry along
the Atlantic Coast. In New Or
leans and at interior points, there
has been a quickened movement.
A firm front is maintained in the
matter of prices, but holders appear
to be a bit less confident and more
disposed to cultivate the buyer.
Although no large arrivals of new
crop are due for a month, still with
the hot sun where moisture has
been ample the growth has pro
gressed rapidly, and from such lo
calities may como an early supply.
Several small parcels have been re
ceived during the past week, and
the moral effect of their arrival
tends to make sellers pliable and
on the other hand, buyers cautions.
Talmage, New Orleans, tele
graphs Louisians crop movement
to date: Receipts, rough, 1,499,
725 sacks; last year, 1,127,806
sacks. Sales, cleaned (est) 1,293,
215 pockets ; last year, 1,031,235
pockets. Steady market ; Rnyers
holding off.
I enco reigns in South Allien;
Peace reigns in South Africa;
that is to say, that Hoers and P.rit
is h have laid down their arms; but
it would be a great ltiistako to sup
pose that because the Hoers were
unable |o attain their end by force
of arms, they are not going to try
to attain it by constitutional means
if they can.
This means is al their disposal,
and the famous Afrikander Hund,
which is slill more alive than ever,
is going to place it nt their disposal.
It is now the Knglish who have to
face the situation which the Hoers
hail to face before the declaration
of war. The Knglish had demand
ed the franchise for the Hit landers.
The Hoers refused because, by ac
ceding to such ii request, the Boer
element would liuve been swnmped
by the Knglish in the Bond, or
Transvaal parliament.
Todny the Afrikander Hund is so
organized that it will cause the
Cape parliament to have au im
mense Dutch majoriiy, and that is
why the laic Cecil Rhodes ami the
present Lord Millier were in favor
"I suspending the constitution.
suspending the constitution.
Mr.'Chamberlain, however, lias
decided lo leave tilings as they are
Some people think that the posi
tion taken by the colonial minister
is a sign of farsighted wisdom, but
others fenr that the Afrikander
bund will again get the upper hand
and govern South Africa for the
sake of the Dutch.
My personal idea is that Mr.
Chamberlain's idea probably is to
meet the immediate desirability of
the Capo government passing cer
tain measures, such as the indem
nity bill. If these measures are
not passed he threatens to have thei
constitution suspended. This may
have a quieting effect on the Afri
kander bund, but only for a time
It will be like playing a game of
chess, in which the bund will be
given up a good "man" for sake of
expediency, and with the ultimate
intention of check-mating the very
following session. For the pre
sent we must admire the English
government for not profiting by
their victory to govern Africa for
the benefit of England.
Cuvrtl I'tiral({sis.
W. S. Daily, P. O. True, Texas, writes:
"My wife had been sulTeriiig live years
with paralysis in her arm, when I was
persuaded to use Mallard's Snow liini
ment, which cured her all right. I have
also used il for old sores, frost bites, and
skin eruptions. II does the work." '.Tic,
5(lc aud 'tl.Oll bottle at Kstorge line! *'o.
July 30. I!I0'_\
Published by reipiesl |
Nkw Iberia, Im
l'jlltnr /.'il Ifljuisi
Dear Sir:—I agtiiu notice for the
second time. In the Collums of the
last Edition of yonr Paper; That
supposed to be communicated Col
loquy between Bill and Jack.
Which I was informed by reliable
Parties that the Demon object
sought by the Colloquy Writer in
his Ignorant form to insuate upon
me. Because Im promoting a good
cause. However I had came to the
conclusion to iguore same, and
treat same with Silence and con
sign same to the waste Basket, to
place the instinct of the Colloquy
writer among tho oblivion, where
it should be cast, upon its de
moniac design, not with standing
this fact, after reconsidering the
matter carefully for tho second
time I again nrrive to another con
clusion That I would commit a rape
upon iny conscience, and man-hood
If I didnot uphold its natural dic
tate by complying with tho proper
answer which would meet the in
stinct of the Colloquy writer as lie
deserve although after reading an
article in a colloquy form of mild
Lunacy. Who only aspiration of
the Colloquy writer is an Interdic
tion to the State Asylum at Jack
son, La., where he should have been
consigned with his demon ambition
to use his endavors to destroy the
value of Human testimony. So
under these above mention circum
stances. I will therefore confine
myself to treat of the article, and
the Writer of the above mention
Colloquy in its sarcastic form is
trying to parsuade the uitelegent
mind of the good People of this
commuuity to believe that Im the
organ or in other word the Leader
or the Agent of the Labor union of
this City. I deny same in the most
emphatic term. Im simply sym
pathizing in their rightful cause.
Now as to the writer of the Collo
quy feeling assured or am more
than confident that Im not a judge
of Human nature from a point of
cycology he certainly must be a
peculiar frame of man. Which I
beg from his demon expressions in
his Colloquy, tho entire community
of New Iberia will judge bim ac
cording to his merit in writing an
article with a demon intention in a
Colloquy form written by him in
order to avoid the responsibility of
his ignorance which he would
otherwise assume as a man by
writing an article and afixing his
signature to it and let the good
fair Minded People of New Iberia
pass upon the merits of his article
if there is any to be found in his
evil inclination. From as a broad
logical views as my intellectual
ability will permit me to pass npon
the chief aim of hit endeavors it is
to criticise me because Im syrapa
thizeing in behalf of a good cause,
and to use his ignorant endavors to
down fall a Body of men who are
Law abideing citizens of this com
munity and who have the interest
and welfare of our progressive
little city at heart, and who have
organized themselves to stand to
gather, and striv# for the welfare
their community hand in hand.
Gentle Readers you will Pardon
me when I mention the fact the
I deeply nimrcciatn (lie fnet tlint it
1,1 t' sl l'»bor federation has
Ignorant Writer of the Colloquy,
as you are the Judges of same, and
I deeply appreciate the fact that it
take the Power of Hrains to bo
capable to Recognize I 'rains so I
will leave that for you to pass upon
its merits, and give him his just
dues in accordance with his work.
And you will also take the fact in
consideration That the Writer of
the Colloquy has shift from the
Responsibilities of Iiis article by
not appending his signature to as- '
siunc the tesponsibility of same
So far as upon the merit of my
article. Im more than willing to
rest its equity, and merit with you
to pass upon same the Cond People
of this community to be the judges
of same. I Peg that you will no
lice tin 1 difference between this
\rtiele and the Other Article!
which was written by the union In
which I simply assisted in writing!
the other articles as each member
of the union Ideas and suggestion
was represented in I he other art teles j
as it was signed in the form Official
Capacity of the union, so this arti
cle il I tier from the Others in the'
sense that It is written by me Per
sonally. I will submit that a de 1
mon Colloquy writer cannot de
stroy Ihc value of Human Testimo
n y based, ou sound facts, which j
stand ami speak for itself.
Heg to Remain your respectfully !
•I. A iionis H i.vni
Hill —"Say, .lack ' I am glad
the water melon season is over."
■lack "Why, HillT"
•lack "You know that writinir!
there is not much
lots of water on his brain,
Hill "What has that got to do
with water melons, or the water
melon season T"
Jack—"Well the guv is on a
water melon diet and I am afraid
his brain has absorbed Ihc water
thai was intended for Iiis diircstive
lo indicate brain
Jack—"Yitu are right, Bill; but
it. indicates an active absence of the
article. I bet you can shoot his
head full of holes ami t I m» oiilv
damage you will do is to perforate
tho skull."
Bill—"Then you mean to say he
could wear those holes like a house
does windows and never feel the
worse for the effect."
Jack—"No they would act as a
sort of ventilator to Iiis upper
store and the fresh air that would!
naturally run through the openings I
would be better tlian the "nothing" I
that at present occupies the space." i
Hill — "That last effort is not soi
infectious as you think. It is
generally given a victim of typhoid 1
Jack- "No, nothing can cure
that fellow, save another head, and
I don't know where I could buy
a good one he could safely carry
on his shoulders."
Hill—"Yes, 1 guess you know
how to li\ up a carcass; those old
wagons ready for repair."
Jack—"Why that critter is like
a turtle with its head cut off. He
writes but knows not what, just as
the animal moves but forgets it is
Bill—"Be a little moro charita
ble. Youth has its faults and Time
improves everything."
.lack—"Bill, if you would talk
about liquor, or whiskey, your
statement would bo correct, but
when time tackles a human lobster
its effects tend to only confuse and
Bill—"Suppose wo get up a sub
scription and have tho fellow
scientifically investigated and
everything plugged up. Don't
you think, if properly treated and
attended to he would keep for a
long time to come."
Jack—"He must be somebody's
darling, but I can't seo why wo
should be interested in hopeless
eases. The man may be wearing
bushes for whiskers and briar roots
for pompadour locks. You know
everybody has his particular tastes
and it is only on what yon feed
that you can discover the individual
Read that letter and see if bushes
and briar roots nnd cockle-berry
fricassee aro not the tickles of his
peculiar tastes, literary and other
Bill—"Don't get burlesquy, bo
cause I can't argue on those lines.
I like to bo fair and give every
body their dues."
Jack—•"Well, a whole front
bench in a quiet place (I forget the
technical name) is duo him and ho
could occupy with the marks of his
profession in his eyes."
Bill—"That will do for this time.
Jack, I am going to a watering
place. Maybe next time we meet
you will be in better trim."
(lot a free Rumple of Clinmbcrlnin's
Stomach ami Liver Tablets at, .lames, A.
Loo drug store. Tlioy are easier to tako
nnd more pleasant in nlTeet llinn pill
Then I heir use is not followed by oonsti
pat ion as it often tile case with pills. |{e
Riilar sizn, 25c. per box.
The village of Lob Alamos, Cali
fortiia, has been destroyed by an
earthquake which occurred on the
uight of August .'10. The entire
town was in ruins and the people
leaving panic stricken. The sur
face of the entire surrounding
country was changed by the up
heaval. All this frightful damage
was the result of only MO seconds
earthquake. Prof. Saint B. Christy
of the University of California
says these shocks are liable to oc
cur at any tune, that the earth will
contract ns it cools in its interior
producing jarring effects. A num
ber of other towns were visited
with shocks of more or less vio
lence. Los Alamos had a popula
tion of fiOO arid was situated in
Santa Barbara Connty.
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Q ave Your Hair....
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W ill open for the Kail term on MONDAY, Sept 1st, 1!H)'J,
in the large one story brick building l.'M Hast St. Peter
Street, opposite the Catholic Church property
Only children of Kindergarten age (•! to 7 years) will be
taken. Terms $'2.00 per month
9 >b
The Corset
Ladies Haberdashers,
Notions and Novelties.
Old Stat« Bank Building.
Southwestern Louisiana
Industrial Institute,
Unfuyette, La.
L. STEPHENS, President.
• I l»v tin« St .ito for instruction
u ii. Scicnco. 'tut! Commercial Hrnn« lie*
kvo. three ami four years for completion.
Commercial Course ii.
Shorthand Course. 4.
sexes in the
Offers tlv
as follows
Manual Training Cours«
Potnestic Science Cours.
Arts, Sciences. \\ annal
< 'ourses of Stud v, re
f». Academic Course.
|{e«|uNit(for Admission \ir«', fourteen years, or older satisfactory examination In
mmar Orade I.ram lies, including Arithmetic to percentage, and elementar) ticoiera|ih>
I Amioint me
N rS KS. N«
nt s K«|uipment
•y expenses
ami History.
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very moderate.
Splendid new hrieU Dormitor\ for Young Ladies, with all modern equipment ami con
veilienec-.. iron single Led for each student; spacious and well furnished l>cd rooms, heated
hv team and lighted hy electricity, filtered water from fit y water works for hathing. pure
rain water for drinking and cooking. Apply in advance for hoard. Hoys hoard in private
families at rates of $ into $ 1 'J 50.
Catalegne sent on application For all other information write to
V. L. ROY, Lafayette, La.
O. H. 8HEAKI).
Heavy Forging. Turning and General Repairiiïfestf' all Kinds of
Machinery -WeWIng and Turning Car Axles aS^otalty.
Blank Hooks in all sizes & Grades at Fisher & Southwell.
N ew oni .F.ANs, July 801 It, 1!H)2.
To Piesident of Police Juries; Chairman
Parish Hoards of Health; to Chairman
Municipal Boards of Health.
(ientlemon The President of the Ijouis
iana State Board of Health calls your at
tention to the fuel that the Legislature
has passed Act, 150 amending Act l!t'J of
1898 regarding Health Boards. It was
promulgated on July 22nd, and will be
come opeiative on August Ulli, 1S02.
The Amendments, which are of special
interest to you, and which call for your
action, are the following:
1. Vaccination shall not be made com
pulsory except in cases of children attend
iug the Public Schools of a Parish where
Smallpox prevails, aud when the same
shall have been recommended by a ma
jority of the local Board of Health.
2. Any violations of any provision or
provisions, or regulation or régulations of
the Sanitory Code shall constitute a mis
demeanor und the offender shall be pun
ished by a tine of twenty-five ($25.) dot
lars or thirty days imprisonment in the
Parish Jail for each and every offense, on
couviotion before ony Court of competent
H. The Police Jury of each Parish
shall immediately after the promulgation
of this Act, and hereafter not later than
the third regular meeting of the new Po
lice Jury term, elect and ap|Hiiut a Parish
Boaid of Health to consist of II persons,
said Board io be com|>oRod of a duly li
cen»ed and registered physician, a r?"i j
dent of said Parish, who shall be Chair I
man of said Board of Health and Health
onicer, and tho twrf other members of
said Board shall bo selected from the Po
lice Jury of said Parish.
4. The term of no Paiish Board shall
continne longer than that of the body by
which it was appointed.
5. The Chairman and Health Otllcer of
a Municipal Hoard shall receive such an
annual salary as the City Council or Leg
islative Body of said municipality may fix
and pay.
fi. The persons appointed to constitute
the City Board of Health shall serve dur
ing the term of the body by which they
were elected.
A copy of Act 150 of 1»02 will lie
sent you as soon as the reprints are re
ceived. liespectfully,
E dmond S occhok , M. 1».
President Louisians State Board of
It Xeetls a Tonte.
There are limes when your liver needs
Jonic. Don't give purgatives that gripe
ami weaken. DeWitt's Little Farly
Hisers expel all poison from the system
and act as tonic to the liver. W. Scott,
531 Aighland ave., Milton, Pa., savs; "j
have carried DeWitt's Little Early" Risers
with me foi several years and would not
be without them." Small and easy lo
take Finely vegetable. They never gri|ie
or distress. Sold by Jno l< Tayler dtug
experienced observer nt Wiisliiii^
1 »'»»« , rver nt >vas|iing
Mr. W. L. Burke, the popular in
surance man spent Suuday in New
Iberia. To a Signal representative
Mr. Burke this morning stated
that while waiting for tho mid
night train Tuesday he, with
several others, witnessed a phe
notuenon in the form of a rainbow.
Now, of course, nobody doubts but
that Mr. Burke saw the rainbow,
but everybody is wondering
whether it was cistern or well
water that was responsible for this
spectacle in the -heavens.— Signal.
"f Xerrr Kara- Painkiller to Fail
before, what ean the matter bet Where
I» the bottle? There, I thought so; it, is
not Perry Davis' Painkiller at all, but
something the druggist must have made
himself and I did not nottce it; I have
Painkiller for years for diarrhoea, cramps
and stomach achss and it never failed."
When asked the significance of
the President's turning down of
Wimberly so early in the season,
although the change of officers will
not take place until December, an
ton remarked: It must be that
Mr. Roosevelt has abandoned the
idea of carrying Louisiana for the
Republican ticket."— Item.
"Special legislation is needed!"
exclaimed President Roosevelt
jnst after congress adjourned.
I he undereigned will sell according to
law, on Saturday. August :10th, a cow that
came on his place, bearing the following
description : red muley cow, with both
ears clipped, about six years old. Parties
proving ownership can redeem pioperty,
by paying costs, otherwise same will b«
sold on date ab ive mentioned.
New Iboria, La.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
the Maria Central Factory and Railway
Co., Limited will beheld at the Company's
office in lioresuville, La , at 10 o'clock
M ., on Thursday, the 14th day of Au
gust A. D. 1002, for the pur|Mise of elect
ing Directors for the ensuing year and for
the transaction of other business

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