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Nnw Iberls No. 354, B. P O K
mont« every Thursday, Main A Jolt»
St* Julius .Si iiAurr, K R
W. L. Usant . HiwrnLry
MonU flrnt
- iti I r «I 'I
hull, corner
brothers in
OOO <M>at
ofn.ory month
M «In »ml Hwalm
Tlt«.l to »Itend. I,
SGtnal cost
In ttrpnty-ngMMrmm. pun l.r>orrtKi^u<t iu
March. lllOyWflformstion und Iiterntiit^ fnrn
l»hed on application to any m«mb»r of the order
Max L*vt , Sent y c. VV Wii.nsv
Aildre«», New Iberfa. La. DirUtor.
—Tht* management of the Bean
regard Monument Association,
—Tht* management of the Bean
regard Monument Association,
Francis T. Nichols, Honorary
President, and Samuel I). Me
Knery, Vice-President, give notice
that their Association will give a
grand tournament and other at
tractions at the Fair drounds, New
Orleans, August 7th, and a recep
tion to the Confederate Veteraus at
Washington Artillery liitll August
Hth, in the evening. As the Louis
iana Division ('. V. will he in
session at that time in New Orleans,
the Beauregard Monument Asso
ciation has taken advantiige of the
occasion to raise money for its
laudable object, the rearing of a
monument to one of Louisiana's
greatest sons. The general public
are requested to heartily co-operate
m the movement. The railroads
west of the Mississippi will grant a
one and one-third rate for the
round trip, thus putting it within
the means of all to attend.
See the good books at the Enter
prise News Store. Magazines or
anything you wish.
—It is with feelings of deepest
sorrow that we are called upon to
announce the death of Miss Kmelie
Landry, aged l!l years, who died
at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Landry, yesleiday
at 11 o'clock. The funeral took
place today from the Catholic
church, when almost the entiro
community attended attesting their
sorrow, as well as sympathy for
the family. Miss Kmelie was a
most engaging and pleasing young
lady whose youth was full of prom
ise. She had enjoyed unusually
good health up to four «lays before
her illness, but a combination of
causes beyond human aid or skill
bore her away to the great beyond.
A beautiful flower in this land,
transplanted into the garden of
(loti there to bloom through all
eternity. We offer to the bereaved
ones our hearty and heartfelt sym
pat hy.
Call for the Spanish Hand-made
Cigar at Moss'—the best f»c cigar
in town.
—Advices received from Mr.
Walter dates in New Orleans,
states that he is now the business
manager of the "Harlequin," that
bright fearless paper of the Cres
cent City, which has already be
come famous. Mr. Oates informs
us that it is the intention to enlarge
the Harlequin and make it the
greatest carnival paper of the city.
We think we can assure the public
that with Mr. Oates as business
manager the llarleqnin will go for
ward to greater and more perma
nent success than it has ever had.
The statement that the door of
Harlequin's office has neither latch
nor string and therefore easy of
access will be remembered and we
shall "butt iu" one of these line
Call for the Spanish Hand-made
Cigar at Moss'—the best 5c cigar in
—We learn that the Jennerette
Lumber Co.'s mills have shut down
owing to the interminable labor
troubles. The employees have all
beon paid off and discharged and
preparations are being made to
move the plant to Bartels, St.
Mary Parish, where it is thought
the wicked cease from troubling
and the labor uuions are at rest.
This will be » great loss to .leauer
ette in every way, and it seems to
us that something ought to be done
by which differences could bo set
tled aud this great employer of
labor be kept iu the town.
Straw hats going at cost.—Cy
press Store.
—A serious accident occurred at
the Kureka House last night. Mr.
Ernest Savoy of Eunice, represent
ing the Deering Harvester Com
pany, a guest of the Eureka, fell
from the second story to the Court
yard below, sustaining serious in
juries the extent of which are not
yet determined. It is supposed
the gentleman arose from his bed
and while asleep fell over the gal
lery from the second story as above
stated. He is in a precarious con
Agricultural implements of all
kinds at Erath's.
—There will be a sale of money
by the Iberia Bulding Association
Wednesday night, August 6th.
This popular inatitutiou is daily
gaining in public favor, aud mauy
are availing themselves of its easy
terms to secure a home.
Call for the Spanish Haud-made
Cigar at Moss'—the best 5c cigar
in town.
—Our popular Sheriff, Mr. Oeo.
Henderson, has just received his
quietus from Baton Rouge, Secre
r .f m.
he has Mttled in full with the
State with reapect to his offloe.
—As evidence of the solidity of our
People's National Bank at this
place and the value of its stock as
investment, we note a sale of three
shares of stock at sheriff's sale to
the highest bidder, in which the
stock brought $200 per share the
par value being $100. This is a
fine showing. We understand
that the stock is paying six per
cent ou the above investment. Mr.
L). J. Mulligan, of New Orleans
was the purchaser.
Blank books, letter files, writing
paper, or iu fact everything in the
stationary line can be found at the
Enterprise News and Stationery
—The Enterprise acknowledges
the receipt of an invitation of Co.
B. First Battalion L. S. N. (S. of
Opelousas, La., to attend their
opening ball at that place on Tues
day evening, Aug 5th. We should
be pleased to be present, but our
duties will preclude that, but we
wish Co. B a line time and lots of
enjoyment. Our soldier boys of
the L S. N. O. are a fine body of
men, and the pride of the State.
For gueuine bargains in Low
shoes, see the Cypress Store.
—We are iu receipt of a fine
stalk of cane some eight feet iu
height with six red well developed
joints. Judging from the old say
ing that "a cane will cut tor the
mill to the height of the bud in
August,'' this would have been a
fine cane in November. The cane
comes from a field of thirty acres
belonging to .ludge Hicks Freeman
near Cade station.
See the good books at the Enter
prise News & Stationary Store
—About 2 o'clock A. M. last
Monday morning the alarm of fire
was sounded, caused by the dis
covery that the Bethany Colored
Church on Washington street near
Hopkins was on fire. The entire
edifice was consumed making a
total loss with no insurance. One
of the Ki/./.ack's houses adjoining
was partially destroyed.
The Iberia Building Association
will furnish money to build any
style of house that inay suit yon,
and you can repay your loan in
weekly, monthly or yearly install
ments as best suits your conven
ience. The cost of your home will
be little more thnn the rental of
the property.
—We notico some very com
mendable wotk is being done on
Weeks street, corner of Maiu, in
the way of sidewalks, a stretch that
has long been a menace to life nnd
limb. Now while the good work
is on let it be extended till all the
pitfalls and traps of old worn out
sidewalks are rendered safe and
pleasant to use.
Are You a Slave to the Never Q
Ending Rent-Paying Habit i
The Iberia Building Associa
tion can free you.
—Married, Wednesday eve, Jnly
30, at 8 o'clock at the residenoe of
the bride's parents, Jefferson's
Island, Mr. W. M. Qee and Miss
EHla Bennett, Rev. Hobt. Vaughn
—Attention is directed to the
advertisement on first page of
Messrs. Conway & Blumenthal,
dealers in flour and feed. Oive
these geutlemen a trial order.
You pay for the landlord's house
every few yeara; why not pay for
one for yourself through the Ibe
ria Building Association.
—The iron bridge over the bayou
is being overhauled by the authori
ties and put in flne shape. This
has been needed for some time and
comes none too soon.
Written for the Enterprise.]
A jolly crowd left New Iberia
at 9 A. M. Thursday, aud after a
delightful ride of about two
hours, during which we crossed
several streams, some of them
crossed by beautiful Bridges, we
reached the island where we were
met by Winter of such a mild and
gentle character, that all were de
lighted. Very soon the young
folks were enjoying themselves at
different games. When dinner
was announced, Battle threatened,
with Pikes and other Sharp instru
ments, but the Spirit of peace was
Foster-ed, and we rau-a-day
(Renoudet) through without tron
ble, and Seal-y(ed) the bonds of
peace. Ants (Fourmys) were
present, and we feared they would
"smash our pleasure to Smith-er
eens" but they were peaceful and
their company was enjoyed.
We visited the beautiful mansion
with stately Halls and gazed upon
Myles of beautiful scenery.
In the Baru(y)ard we saw
small Bunch of Hen-shaw ! I mean
geese. Birds were singing every
where, nnmindfnl of the beautiful
Cage ready to imprison them.
Although the Ruffi(a)n and
Earl were both present, we seemed
a band of brothers (Freres) on
pleasure bent.
Leaving the island "just as the
sun went down" we overtook
wandering minstrel, who was
pressed into service, and so en
thused the crowd that they de
scended from the back and tripped
the light fantastic toe on the
"green sward" in the middle of
^ ,e du'ty road. It is needless to
and regretted that the day was
i so short.
Miss Susie Bell of East End, left
for Houston, Texas, last Tuesday,
where she will visit her friend,
Miss Ella Knight, for a few weeks.
Mr. J. H. Carter, formerly of
this parish aud now of I'erry,
Okla., is here among his old
friends, in the interest of the Law
& Bryant Heal Estate firm. Mr.
Carter reports a congested state of
affairs in Oklahoma. Many are
looking southward, and ho is here
as a forerunner for them.
Mr. C. P. Hacker, a native of
this city, will remove to Beaumont,
with his family, where lie will
enter a large hardware firm. Our
best wishes are with him. "May
he live long and prosper."
Mr. Douglas Southwell, an
Iberian, but now of Beaumont,
gave this office a pleasant call. Jle
was on Iiis way to New Orleans to
complete arrangements for erecting
a largo brickmaking plant iu Boau
mont, of which he will be the
Dr. Bayliss after a visit to the
new town of Kaplan, Vermilion
parish, became convinced that his
interests would be served by mov
ing thereto, which he lias done.
We wish him success.
Mr. W. E. Satterfield and wife
leave to-day on their annual
summer trip. They will visit
different places of interest in Cali
fornia, Colorado and Utah.
Hon. P. R. Burke and wife leave
to-day on a trip to Utah, Cali
fornia and Colorado. They will
be absout about a month.
Miss Rena Patin lias returned to
her home Breaux Bridge, yesterday
after a week's visit to her friend,
Miss Ethel Mestayer.
Messrs. Leopold and Ferd
Kling, of the well known firm of
Kling Bros., left this week for
New York and other Eastern mark
ets, to make their fall and winter
Miss Lizzie Lyons of Abbeville
is visiting Miss Haoker.
Mrs. Richard Oates of Franklin
is spending some days with Mrs.
Julian Eves in East End.
A party of youug people spent
Thursday on Jefferson Island.
Among some who went were
Misses M. Renoudet, Maggie Hall,
A. Decnir, Florence Winters,
Lucile Bridges, L. Fourrny and
Jessie Smith of Franklin. Messrs.
Hugh and Will Frere, Harry Hall,
Lin and Frank Sharp, Earl Hine,
Harold Henshaw, Frank Bridges
ami others, and Mrs. W. B. Sharp
as chaperon.
Mrs. T. A. Hutches and children
have gone to Lake Charles for some
weeks stay, from whence they will
leave for Kansas.
Mr. J. J. Forgey and daughters
spent several days last week with
relatives in Franklin.
Mr. Oscar Boutte of the 22d U.
S. Infantry, has just returned home
after serving a long period in
North Lnzon, Philippine Islands.
He is one of onr Iberia boys whom
we feel proud of and who served
with distinction in his regiment,
having risen to the rank of Ser
Mr. J. W. Compton manager of
the Boston Herald Co's exclusive
shoe store, has returned from a
business trip to Memphis, Tenn.
He has been securing great addi
tions to his stock of shoes, and the
most fastidious or exacting can
now be supplied.
Mr. H. L Smith, senior member
of the firm of Smith DeBlanc &
Suberbielle, left this week for the
East in search of fall stock for their
large dry goods emporium.
The Misses Laurence aud Isaure
Croucbet, charming daughters of
Mr. P. E. Crouchet, of Lafayette,
La., are the guests of their rela
tives, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ouidry
for a few weeks.
Mr Chester F. Mar lion, of
Kansas City, Kansas, an old ac
quaintance of our friend, Mr
Preston of the Iberia Cypress Co.,
reached this city iast Thursday
evening to accept an important
position at the above Company's
large plant.
Mr. R. C. Sealy, representing
the Pacific Mutual returned home
this week from a business trip to
We received this week an appre
ciated visit from Mr. Theodore
Fischer, of New Orleans, who has
been visiting friends in St. Mar
tinsville, and stopped over for
few days in our city.
Capt. C. T. Cade is in town for a
few days.
Mr. Fred Oates of the U. S
Mint, New Orleans, is on a visit
among his friends.
dont'do it7
Don't keep on paying rent for
years and years and have nothing
to show for it when old age comes
on. Boy your own home and get
some genuine living out of life
while you're here. Leave a home
to your own when you're gone.
By onr plau yon can dö this even
on small wages, and enjoy living
in a home while paying for it.
Come in and let'a talk it over.
Iberia Building Association.
New Ibf.ria, Im ., July 31st, 1902.
Tlio committee for the selection of
teacher« for the public schools of this
parish for f Im « year commencing Sept. 1st.
1902, met aocording to appointment, in
the ofllc of the parish superintendent,
and proceeded in the selection of teacheis
as follows:
H. 1). Wilcox, principal, salary per
year, $1400.00.
J. (J. Ellis, 1st asistant, salary per
month, $100.00.
Miss Louise Taylor, 2d assistant, snlaiv
per month, $45.00.
Miss liessio DeViill, salary per month,
Miss S. McLaurin, salary per mouth,
Miss .1 u liit Sealy. salary per month,
Miss Sue l>. Cnaiuberlain, salary p<'r
month, $4. r >.00.
Miss.losie ('.Thorn, salary per month,
Miss Daisy Richardson, salary per
mouth, $45.00.
Miss Delia Pollard, salary per month,
Miss Helle Bradley, salary per month,
Miss Lett ye Sealy, sarlary per month,
Miss II. D. MoLaurin, salary per month,
Miss Anna Mosely, salary per month,
jeanekf.tte hmii school.
Mr. S. L. Story, principal, salary per
month, $85.00.
Miss Mary Kader, salary per month,
Miss Nonie Collins, salary per month,
Miss llower Weak s, sal at y per month,
Miss Robbie Faulk, salary p.>r month,
i.okeauvii.lf. ghahf.d school.
Miss May Lee, principal, salmy per
mouth, $<i0.
Miss Eunice Tanner, salary per month,
Miss Emily Horton, salary per month,
Derouen, Mr. (I. R. Kearney, salary
per mont h, $45.00.
Cade, Mr. \V. II. Smith, salary per
month, $45.00.
Segura, Miss Lela ('. Fairchild, salary
jter month, $40.00.
Duboin, Miss Rose Deblanc,"salary per
month, 40.00.
Fausse l'oint, Miss Lulu Wells, »alary
per month, $40.00.
Steckler, Miss Lucy U. Wells, salary
per month, $40.00.
Jefferson, Miss Esther Raphael, salaiy
per month, $40.00
Marcel, Miss Annie Trichel, «alary per
mouth, $40.00.
Patoutville, Miss Cora Reggio, salary
per month, 40.00.
Mr. A. V. Smith, 7th ward school, sal
ary per month, $45.00.
Segura Keflnery, Mr. J. U. Davis, salary
pev month, $40.00.
Duboin school, Mrs. Anna Winters,
salary per mouth, $115.00.
Romero, Miss Nellie Kader, salary per
mouth, $38.00.
Olivier, Miss Isabella Stewart, salary
per month, $110.00.
Helle Place, Mrs. Kate Windybank,
salary per month, 45.00.
Prince, Mr. F. P. Kust, salary per
month, $45.00.
Dugas, Miss Agnes Robinson, salary per
mouth, $35.00.
Miss Rachel Hayes, salary per month,
Mrs. Ida Lautier, salary per month,
Miss Fanny Livingston, salary per
month, $20.00.
Miss Lillian Preston, salary per month,
$20.00. ;
Miss Clara Richardson, salary per
month, $20.00.
Misa Mary Jano Waters, salary per
month, $20.00.
Miss Llonie Handy, salary per month,
Mr. A. G. Brouaaard, salary per month,
Mr. JohnT. Guilliam, salary per month,
Mr». J. B. Olivier, salary per month,
H. O. Nuckolls , President.;
L. O. Hacker , Secretary.
. . n > -— :
To My Friend w.
It is with joy I tell you what Kodol did
for me. I was troubled with my stomach
for several months. Upon being adviaqd
to use Kodol, I did so, and words cannot
tell tho good it has done me. A neighbor
had dyspepsia so that he bad tried most
everything. I told him to use Kodol.
Words of gratitude have come to me frofn
him because I recommend it.—Oeo. W.
Fry, Viola, Iowa. Health and strength,
of mind and body, depend on the stomach,
and normal activity of the digestive or
gans. Kodol, the great leconstructive ton
ic, cures all stomach and bowel trouble*,
indigestion, dyspepsia. Kodol digests any
,<rood food you eat. Take a dose after
ineals. Sold by J iio . K. Taylor, druggist.
Sunday, August 3 d , 0:30 p. m .
Match, "California Exposition"
2. Deaeriptiye Piece, "The Jays of Jay
villa', Laurendeau
S ynopsis —Tho Jay ville Cornet Band,
playing its favorite quick-step in its best
styl«, is marching down the main street
of the village to welcome a band from the
city. The visiting band arrives and, by a
coincidence, is playing the same march,
but in a different style.
3. Schott, "Little Sweetheart" ... Kiefer
Walts, "One Night in June". Harris
March, "Ultimatum" Andauer
March, "Tonophone" Huff
Serenade, "Cupid'« (.'harms",. Miller
Walt/., "Aphrodite," Jaxone
"The Haunttd House," Lafferty
Synopsis —Midnight. Moaning of the
winds. Twelve o'clock. Housing of the
ghosts from their day sleep. They draw
near and their groans and chains are
heard. To while away the time they be
gin a ghost dance, at the close of which
the trumpeter announces the arrival of
King Ghost. The King calls out to cease
just as the cock announces the dawning
of another day. They scramble from all
parts of the house, and then begin their
ghostly march away.
10. Cake.Walk, "Eli Green"... Koninsky
Y. Arnandez.
The Protestant Cemetery Association
will meet in its regular meeting at the
City Hall, Monday, August 4th, at 5 P. M.
A fall attendance of the membership is de
sired. Hobt . W. Vaughn,
The subjoined report of the bull
game between the Juniors of this
city under the management, of Mr.
Kd. Boyle, taken from the Crowley
Signal speaks for itself:
Tho Crowley Juniors went down
in defeat before their rivals from
New Iberia Sunday afternoon at
Baseball 1'ark before an audience
of severul hundred people. While
the two teams were about the same
size the visitors showed sign of
hard practice and did better work
in unity.
However, they did not win it
without a struggle on the part <>l
of tlio locals as the following score
would indicate:
NEW IB Kill A.
A!'. K
Dulie, rf
Berry, If
Jonnaro, 2b
liaiimau, ss
Ortmever, cf
Boyle." lb
S. Pal out, c. a :i
Cardova, lib. c
II. l'atout, n
Zachiarah, I
Bolton, If
Trotter, ss
Furgeson, c
Duke, 111)
Gray, rf
Barry, cf
Guidry, p.
(lore, 2b
1 I) o 0 0
2 1 2 U I
2 I
0 0 2 3 0
0 0 II 5 t
4:i 10 f>
A it K ii
.4 I o I u I
■10 2 17 1
4 0 1112
id i;
Score by innings.
Iberia Juniors
Crowley Junior«
I 2 3 4
.2001 :i o o I :! 1"
.o :t 2 10 10 1 o s
Struck out by Ouidty 7. by l'atout, S;
bane on balls, otT Guidry 1 oIT l'atout, 4;
passed balls, Ferguson 2, S. l'atout I.
stolen bases, Trotter. Duke, Jonaio, Boyle;
Berry; two-base hits, Trotter, S. l'atout,
Time of liante 1:25 I'mpiie Camp.
Ai'ditor's ( irnrr, |
State of Loitisiana,
Baton Ronge, July 20, I1MI2. I
Whereas(ieorgo Henderson, Tax < 'ollector
in and for the Parish of Iberia has ex
hibited to me the undersigned Auditor of
Public Accounts of the State of Ijoiiisiana
the receipts of L. E. Smith, State Treagu
rer, in full for the payment, of State and
Levee taxes for the year 1901 except $19.02
taxes in litigation which is recharged to
account 1901. I therefore issue the
quietus on the part of tho State of Louis
iana in favor of said Henderson and
against, any claim on the part of tho State
for the taxes and years above stated.
(iiven under my hand aud seal of otlice
tho day and dato above written.
W. L. Fkazf.e,
Auditor of Puplic Accounts.
A gasoline explosion at Short
Mountain, l'a., wrecked several
houses and tho others were burned
in the fire that followed the explos
The administration manages to
work for the trusts during the
sessions of congress and to work
the people while congress is not
in session.
No wonder the trusts regard
Louisiana as such an inviting field.
We do not even put them to the
trouble of paying court and law
yer's fees.
Jennings people may spend more
money for liquor, but think how
much some of them will save on
railroad fares.
IIin Sight Threatened.
"While picnicking last, month my 11-year
old buy was poisoned by some weed or
plant," says W. H. Dibble, of Sioux City,
la. He rubbed the poison off his hands
into Iiis eyes and for awhile wo were
afraid he would loso Iiis sight. Finally a
neighbor recommendod DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salvo. Tho lirst application helped
him and in a fow days he was well as ever."
For skin diseases, cuts, burns, scalds,
wounds, insect bites, DoWitt's Witch
Aazel Salve is sure cure. Believes piles
at once. Beware of counterfeits. Sold
by J iio . B. Taylor drug store.
Franchise Proposition.
New Ibf.kia, La ., July 23. 1902.
To the Honorable Mayor and Board of
Trustees of the Town of New Iberia :
Gentlemen I am dosirousof obtaining
a franchise from the City of New Iberia
for the term of twenty-five years to own
and operate over and through tho below
named streets an electric car system and
if the same is granted I will keep in good
order and repair all that space between
the rails and one foot on each side of the
I would ask that you grant me and my
associates and assigns a franchise or
right of way ovei tho following streets,
to-wlt,: Beginning at the lower corporation
limits of the City of New Ilieria on Main
street, thence along said Main street to
Ann street, thence along Ann street, to
St. Peter street, up along St. Peter street
to Chestnut street to Washington street
and up along Washington street to Hie up
per limits of the Corporation, starling on
Bank Avenue and at St. Peter stieet run
ning or. and along Bank Avenue pass
Alfred street to the Southern Coiporalion
limits, starting at Bank Avenue on and
along Alfred street to Weeks street, across
Weeks street to Hacker street, up and
along Hacker street to Iberia street, across
Iberia street to Robertson street, up along
Robertson street to Hopkins street and
across Hopkins to Laughliii street, up
along Laughlin street to Avenue, and
along Avenue to Washington street.
Hoping that yon may seo your way
clear to the granting of this franchise after
tho same has been published as required
by your Charter.
I remain, yours truly,
John A. McIlhenny.
New Iberia, La ., July 23, 1902.
To the Hon. the Mayor and Board of
Trustees of the Town of Now Iberia.
Gentlemen I desiro to secure to my
self, associates or assigns a franchise to
construct, own and operate a line of street
railway of which electricity is to be the
motive power and to extend over and
through the following streets within the
corporate limits of the town of New Iberia,
to-wit: The entire length of Main street
from lower limits of the City of New
Iberia up to Lassalle stieet, thence out
Lasalle street to Lake Avenue; up Lake
Avenue to Anderson street; aud out An
derson street to Madison street thence
down Madison street to Ann street; thence
along Ann street to the continuation of
Washington street; thence along said con
tinuation of Washington street to Lewis
Avenue; thence along said Lewis Avenue
to Main street. The said franchise is to
me, my associates or assigns over or
thiongh the streets named above, and to
be for a period of twenty-five (2. r >) years.
The Municipal authorities are to be used,
which portion so used, will be kept in
good repair by the granted.
Franchise granted will become void if
the bona fide construction of the railway
be not begun within twelve months and
completed within thirty months after the
beginning of the construction.
Very respectfully,
F. F. Myles,
Per Walter J. Burke & Bro.
Alexis Voorhies,
A.Baldwin & Co., ud.
WholasafesHardwate & Machin
ery at all Kids.
ation Pumps
Saw Mills
Engines s
Steam Pumps Ir
Road Machine
Cotton GinalT
Belting 1 and FIttin
Sugar Mills and Evaporators
Challenge Wind Mills
Fire Proof Safes, Etc.
O I h:tv< with im» at all timon tho service
competent Kiißinoor
r»ny HyiU .
Wo liftnill«
1,1 m i'.i . ic
i. 1.1
I 11 Mil t 11 \ J
Corinne and Washington.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Ibetia,
19tli Judicial District.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of seizure and sale issued out of
the abovo entitled and numbered matter,
I, George Henderson, Sheriff, through
Frank J. Mestayer, Deputy Sheriff, have
seized and will offer for sale and will sell
FOR CASH, to the last and highest bidder
at the front door of the Court House in the
town of New Iberia, Parish of Iberia, be
tween legal sale hours
the following described property, to wit :
A certain lot of ground situated near the
Corporate limits of tho town of New Ibe
ria, containing and measuring sixty feet
front on School street by a depth between
parallel linos of ono hundred and sixty
four feet ; being lot, No. 8 oT Block No. 6
of Leo and Lewis addition ty tlio town of
New Iberia, made by George II. Orandjean
aud bounded as follows ; north by lot. No.
9, sout h by lot No. 7, west by School street
and east by lot No. of said block No. 6.
To pay and satisfy tho sum of One lluii]
dred and Forty Seven Dollars and sixty
five cents with inteeest at 8 per cent, per
annum from the 1st of Jaiiuaiy.A. D. 1900,
together with 10 per cent Attorney's fees
on tho principal and interest and all costs
of these proceedings.
Given officially this 2d day of August,
A. D. 1902.
Per F. J. Mestayer, Deputy Sheriff.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Iberia, 19th
Judicial District Court.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
a writ, of Fieri Facias, issued out of the
above entitled aiicl numbered matter, I,
(ieorgo Henderson, Sheriff, through F. J.
Mestayer, Deputy Sheriff, have sei/.ed and
will offer for sale and will sell FOR CASH
to the last and highest bidder, at the front
door of tne Court House in the town of
New Iberia, Parish of Iberia, betwoen le
gal sale hours, on
the following described propel ty, to-wit :
First . Ono certain lot of ground and im
provements, situated in New Iberin, Par
ish of Iberia, State of Louisiana, having a
front on Main street 'if sixty-six feet and
five twelfths of a foot, by a depth on the
upper line of one hundred and fifty seven
8 12 feet and a depth on (he lower line of
one hundred and seventy-live (5-12 feet,
and sixty fuin I'eel on the rear line, boun
ded on I he nm I Invest by lui of II. Cougucu
heim, on the northwest by Main street, on
the southeast by lot, "I ('hurles Pnirson,
and on the south by the lot of Louisa Sun
neuiaii heieinafter described.
Second. A tract, ol' land aud improve
incuts situated iu Iberia Parish, on the
public road leading from New ll.eiia to
Loreaiiville, described as lots 9 and 10 in
a plat of survey made by VV. A. Heirs con
taiuing thirty six 50-100 arpents more or
les;<, and bounded as follows: on tho north
by the public road, on the south by the
lands of Leitmeyer and (ieo. Itroughton,
on the east by the lands of .Jules Mouhot
and on the west by lands of the Spencer
T^ird. Ono lot of ground and improve
ments situated in New Iberia, Iberia Par
ish, La., measuring sixty-four foot front
on Charles street, by a depth of one hun
dred and sixty-two foot, bounded on the
northwest by tot of llayem Coguenhoim,
northeast by lot of Christian Sonneraan
abovo described, on the southeast by lot
of J. G. Holden and on the southwest by
Charles street.
To pay anil satisfy the sutn of Four
Thousand eight hundred and Fifty-five
Dollars and Seventy Ono cents debt, with
interest at 8 per cent from January 1st,
1902, until paid, anil the further sum of
Six Hundred and Sixty-Eight Dollars, with
per cent per annum interest from May
5th, 1902, until paid, anil 10 per cent. At
torney's fees on said amounts in principal
anil interests and all costs of these pro
Given oflicially this 5th day of July A.
D. 1902. GEO. HENDERSON, Sheriff,
per F. J. Mestayer, Deputy
From Ithe f
June^ 19th, o
ing f lei
h or;
?d, tvw> w
me ctrt, al;
high. Anv
tionlleading to the #ecovbry
of same will be rewarded.
R. E. E spenan.
h ii im )WN M AN.
(JEO. VV. DALLAS, Manager.
louisiana h ep cypre ss lumber.
ANNUAL CAPACITY.—dumber, 18 Million ft ; Shingles, 50 Million
Shingles and LhUih , bash, Doors, Blinds, Mantles, Ties, Cypress Tanks, Tubs of
all glades, Turned Work Columns, Window aud Door Frames, Church. Hank, Store,
Bar and Office Fixtures, Turned and Scroll Work, Cistern Tops, Mouldings, Ceiling,
Siding, Flooring and Finished Lumber of every description Job work a specialty
Wo can furnish anything and everything made of l,..^siana Ked Cypress. Estimates
for any class of woik in our line furnished on application. Special discounts to trade
You will
be satisfied
with your day's profits after a
visit to the CYPRESS STORE.
is our attraction for tho ruftfyl this innnlh. Every
tiling in onr Dry Hoods an.I N^tiyiis department at
greatly reduced tlgnru®.
LACKS AT !Oc per 12 VAWDtf.
LACES AT îr.ejpi r 12 VAUDS. \
LADIES VESTSS(|;oin So to ftOc.
All olf Our Immense Stock ol Summer Wash Good'* AT COST.
You will find our bargains are worth moio
tnau the effoit of a visit to our store.
Both Phones. The Iberia Cypress Co., Ltd., low « t mi« it.
Every Day
a Bargain Day!
We are now busy moving off
our stock of Summer Goods to
make room for our immense
Fall Stock, which , will soon
be arriving. Everything is
marked dövac to the last
notch. Stogf nvto see us on
your shopping ti
money/ on your
largeior small.
and save
Polite Attention to Everybody.
Busy Store
0. J. Trainor's Son
tINOK. Manager,
Store and Bar Faires of the Most Elegant ftiQlgns, Church
Pews, Chanoel Ralls, Mouldings, Balusters, Mantes, Turned
and Scroll'Work and all Kinds of Fancy Wood Wdrk,
—. also
For Your Family or Your Horse
Sloan's Liniment
Keep en
Hand Always
ncr. It is the liest antiseptic known
and positively cures
Rheumatism, Cramp and Colic.
Invaluable as a liniment for family
use, as well as a horse liniment.
Canbe taken Internally or externally, and is warranted to be in
every way as represented. SoU by Jnggish an J JtaUrsgmraiiy.
Family Size bottle«, aj et». Horse Site bottles, so c1«. «niljroo. ^
For R ent o r Sale.
Situated in New Iberia, on the Southorn Pacific
Railroad track, adjacent to the Depot.
Also Fdi^Sale
Town Lo
Lev 6k Lewis Addition*
éjmlth Addition,
i Malaln Addition,
m Robertson Addition*
and Prere Addition«
all m ne V ^beria, la.
A DESIRABLE RESIDKNOK with LAROCTk|J, on East Sido of Fulton stroet,
near Hopkins street» can be had at a bargain^^
FIVE DWELLINGS New Iberiaji on east sidri^Uyou Tech« with large lota.
#800 each, $200 «ash, balance on easy terms.
A LARGE LOT with small dwelling and store builing, on H^ornor of Providenoe and
Field street» ? cheap, for cash or on long time.
A LARGE LOT with good, comfortable dwellings and outhou||^ on the northeast
aide of St, Peters street, about 300 feet southeast of Center mt, will be said on
long time or for cash. Tfc
Anyone wishing to buy, sell or rent, apply »
Geo. M. Robertson,
Qeneral Fire Insurance Office,
Old Grandma's German Tea.
For Indigestion, Biillousness, Sick Headache, Constipation,
Bad Complexion, Offensive Breath, and all Disorders of the
Stomach, Liver and Bowels. Price. 10 cents per box.

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