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Knights of Honor "Sj
Now Iboria No. 554 1». P OB
moots cTory Thursday, Main & Jnlia
fits. Julius SciiARrr, R. R.
W. L. G rant , Secretary.
Moot» flrnt
- —ir«I Tuesday!
ry month, at « 00 p. XI in hall, corner
,m.l Swuim streets. Visit ins brother« in
1 ' B ' U ' n 'L- b U " insjiram o of ijcj.ooo ()(i at
cost, ;>., a8.21.">.*21 |i:iii! lo brnofloiarifS
Picht, years. *'J;>4,500 00 paid iu
V.WJ. Inf.
>n applicalio
Lew . Sect'
11 t'l
id literature fii
member of tho
tions (if
1/1 liutt
other <•<
their pr<
uecess attending the opera
i' has stimulated all the
anil 11 M
of the
Company li
Uigues lion
to iliseuss
onipanies, who are now
arrangements to develop
operties. There are also
•nipanies being organized
re lands leased and pur
We notice that theoflicers
Anse La Hutte LeDanois
Id a meeting at the
•, Lafayette, recently
ilnns for the future.
II. 1'
and ;
t ion.
-tuck hold
look lor
in the t
now bids fair
Hurke, I'. LeDanois,
Hon. Hobt. Martin,
ers were present. We
some active opera
ie\v oil district, that
lo rival Jennings or
Kxainine our st
Irnsing elsewhere,
rvl lung.—Noah's
Again are we
I the death of
itizens, Willia
>ck before pnr
We have ev
called upon to
one of our old
n Louis Hrown,
laic proprietor of the beautiful
Interlaken plantation, and of Co
rona, where he died. Mr. Hrown
had been a resident of this parish
for many years, coming here from
Tennessee. lie was a man of
sound convictions and honest in
tentions, and was in every sense a
worthy citizen, whose inlluence
was always cast for the light in all
things. A man universally be
loved by all whose fortune it was
to be acquainted with him. He
had reached the limit of man's life
and his lipe years were his crown
of glory, passing the alotted three
score and ten. He died surrounded
by members of his family, in the
full hope of a blissful immortality.
His funeral was attended by his
many friends from the Episcopal
Church, Kev. C. C. Kramer offi
ciating. We extend to the sorrow
ing family our hearty condolence.
The poor man's friend. Every
t hing sold at the lowest price for
cash—Noah's Ark.
Straw hats going at cost.—Cy
press Store.
—Tomorrow, August 10th, will
occur at the Iberia Park grounds a
good racing program among a
number of fast animals brought in
from the adjoining parishes. Large
purses liavo been offered by the
Association, which have been read
fy accepted by the owners of best
roadsters throughout the Attak
apas. The principal feature of the
evening will be the celebrated ball
game between the Patterson and
Iberia teams for the magnificent
purse of $75.00, which shows the
liberality of the managers of the
Park Association, and which will
draw a good number to the grounds
to witness this match game.
Call for the Spauish lland-made
Cigar at Moss'—the best 5c cigar in
town. •
—Mr. I. N. Satterfield has shown
us a sample of rice which Indicates
the great tenacity of life of the
plant. This particular piece of
rice of about one hundred acres,
did not receive a particle of water
months, and after coining up
fo a stand had a precarious exist
ence, reaching about six inches in
height, when it seemed to be dead
to all appearances. Some ten days
it was cut off close with a mowing
machine and the water turned on.
A most surprisising growth is the
result now measuring about twenty
inches, fine stalky plants, which
promises to yield an average crop.
We give this as an instance of the
great vitality of the plant.
Where are you going! To
Noah's Ark to purchase one of
those superb lounges. They are
being sold cheap.
—The Iberia Hase Hall Park is au
established fact. (Jrouuds have
been purchased and prepared
Contracts for buildings and fences
have been awarded to Mr. Aris
vie Houttc who commenced
work at once and is pushing to com
pletion as rapidly as possible. The
entrance will be on Corinne street
The grand stand will be 100x20
feet, and will seat at least 800 peo
ple. A bleacher of fifty feet
length will also be erected. The
first game will be played nbout
Sept.. 1st.
Co to Noah's Ark for wall paper,
tinware, crockery, furniture, bed
lounges, etc.
—The Angel of Death called at
the home of Mr. aud Mrs. Octave
♦1. Houtte last Thursday at 10
o'clock a. m., and claimed their
dear child Roland for another
sphere, where death eanuot come.
W» sympathise with the bereaved
nts, knowing how empty
Is are in such extremities, but
wo uId say that the Lord and Mas-j
ter pronounced the cheering words,
"Of such is the Kingdom of
Fur genuine bargains in Low H
•ht es, see the Cypress Store.
—The Enterprise-Observer begs
the indulgence of its renders this
week for its shortuess in local
news items, which is due partly to
the editor-in-chief's confinement to
the sick room from a slight indis
position, and to thî) usual big de
maud for job printing.
—Last Wednesday afternoon
about 5 :30 o'clock occurred
death of Mr. .Iules Sue, an
citizen of this town for
»'».'»»» Kr Q)aD J'
years> bein ^' 1,1 1,18 68th >' ear - IIe
was a native of France and highly
respected by the community. His
funeral at the Catholic church
fhursday was attended by a large
body of his friends, especially
those of French extraction, who
tenderly and lovingly laid away
his remains. We tender our sym
patliy to the bereaved family.
Call for the Spauish Hand-made
Cigar at Moss—the best 5c cigar
in town
in town.
—Dr. Shaw is perambulating our
streets with a now automobile
which lie intends to utilize in his
practice. He has been posting
himself as to its manipulation aud
will soon lie an expert in handling
it, when lie claims the expense of
visiting patients will be reduced.
See the good books at the Enter
prise News Store. Magazines or
anything you wish.
—Cypress Camp No. 34 W. O.
W., whose weekly meetings occur
every Monday night, held a very
important meeting at their hall last
Monday night at which eight new
members were initiated into the
order, ten applications were voted
upon. This order is a flourishing
one here and has passed its sixth
year of successful existence.
Huy your
from Noah's
Crystal Crepe paper
Ark. Latest colors.
—The registration office is now
open for the transaction of busi
ness. All parties not registered
in the Gtli Ward will do well by
placing themselves in position to
participate in the next Congress
ional election.
Huy your furniture, wall paper,
tinware, hardware, crockery, etc.,
at Noah'i* Ark.
—We notice in our dispatches
the death by lightning, at Houma,
La., of Mr. B. F. Shinn, who was
a resident of this town for years,
but removed about fifteen years
ago. He was highly respected, be
ing a member of the Knights of
Honor, Pythians, etc. His old
friends aud acquaintances will re
gret to hear of his untimely end.
Call for the Spanish Hand-made
Cigar at Moss'—the best 5c cigar
in town.
—We have been informed that
the lady friends of the Pelican
Hand will in the near future give
an entertainment for the benefit, of
that splendid organization at the
Weeks grove, where stands the
pavilion, sometime between now
and the 25th of the month. We
know that it will be a most enjoy
able affair and that it will be ex
tensively patronized, as the friends
of the band are legion.
We are the leaders in wall paper
stock.—Noah's Ark.
—The excellent choral concerts
that are being given by the Pelican
State Hand weekly at the pavilion
in Weeks grove, are heartily en
joyed by the public. As many as
one thousand people have been
present to listen to the soulstirring
strains of this aggregation of tal
ent, an entertainment that is re
fined, elevating, and enjoyable to
—We have had occasion to visit
the new jail now approaching com
pletion, and from a cursory exam
ination everything seemed to be in
good condition. We would, how
ever, suggest that the Police Jnry
convene the original Jail Com
mittee and if their report is satis
factory the building should be ac
Picayune and Times delivered for
$1.10 per month.—Enterprise News
—Our Republican friends the
Lilly Whites held a meeting of
their Parish Coramitte at the City
Hall last Saturday and selected
Mr. Robert Olivier as a member of
the Congressional Committee for
the 3rd District. They hold a
meeting to-day for the purpose of
reorganization and electing dele
gates to the Congressional Nomi
nating Convention to lie held in
the near future.
We have every thing in the line
of crepon and tissne paper at—En
terprise News store.
—We have received a sample of
sugar cane from Mr. Bonnett's
crop, just south of town. It is very
large for the season and has twelve
well developed joints, all red. If
this is a fair sample of the crop
aud the stand good, Mr. Bon nett
has the banner crop of the parish.
-We are pleased to announce
that the Jeanerette Lumber Co.
has resumed work, the strike hav
ing been amicably settled, and the
meu at work again. We do not
know oil what basis the controversy
was settled, bnt we presume mutual
, ...
concessions were made, satisfactory
Jto all parties concerned.
Mr. St. Clair Favrot, of Haton
Rouge, La,, was the guest during
the week of his friend, Mr. E. E.
Miss Florence Elmer who has
been the guest of Miss Louise
Kramer, returned to her home in
New Orleans last Friday.
Misses Daisy and Minnie Simon
Misses Daisy and Minnie Simon
and their grandfather, Mr. F. S.
J' j Lutzenberger, who had been spend
IIe l;
ing some time at Ocean Springs,
Miss., returned home this week.
('apt. Dudley Avery and Mr. C.
Hrittain have returned from a trip
to Hot Springs, Ark.
Mr. Harold Henshaw left for
High Island, Tex., Friday. Nevel
Henshaw leaves today for that
noted resort.
Mr. Tim Sharp left the latter
j t of tllP woek for Baton Konpe .
1 „ ., .... ,, .
I Mr. \ . P. (Juilfonx, < . E. f has
been appointed Parish Surveyor
by the Governor.
Miss Jessie Smith and Miss
Lucie Founiey, of Franklin, are
having an enjoyable time herewith
Miss I'nderwood.
Mrs. Alfred Hates, of New Or
leans, is here visiting friends.
A dance was given last Friday
evening at the City Hall by the
young men to the young ladies.
Mr. J. P. Russell, after a week's
stay at Mount Hope Plantation re
turned home Wednesday.
Miss Sarah F. Hurniiam, of
Hartford, Conn., is visiting her
brother, Mr. Burnham, also Mrs.
Geo. Henderson.
Mr. Alex Gray, of New Orleans,
is here visiting friends.
Miss Alphousine Decnir returned
home Saturday after a visit to
friends in Franklin.
Miss Cessa Fuller returned home
Sunday after a short stay iu
Mr. C. F. Laughliu, after visit
ing frieuds in New Orleans and
other places returned home Sun
Mr. Leon J. Landry, Cadet at
West Point is at home, called here
by the death of his sister, Emilie.
He will return today.
Mr. Albert Decnir returned home
Wednesday from a visit to Gibson
Architect Dickey, of New Or
leans, is here supervising the finish
ing touches to tho new jail.
Dr. A. C. Gayle and Nie Muller
visited the Heywood Wells on
Bayou Bouillon, St. Martin Parish,
last week and found them hard at
work with every prospect of suc
Miss Teets Gayle, returned from
Alexandria this week.
Mrs. George Easton, of St. Mar
tin, is the guest this week of Mrs.
Frank Patin.
Mr. A. B. Murray and family
have arrived from their ontiug
much benefitted. They passed
several weeks in Indian Territory
and Oklahoma, but he says "there's
no place like home."
Hon. Walter J. Burke is having
extensive repairs made to his resi
dence in east end, necessitating his
removal till completed. He is now
occupying the home of his brother,
Hon. Porteus R. Burke.
Mrs. P. F. Henry who has been
visiting her son Dr. E. L. Henry
at Lecompte, has returned for a
short stay among her friends.
Mr. L. R. Gaidry, confidential
assistant aud book-keeper for the
wholesale house of J. Dreyfus, has
gone to Salt Lake City as a dele
gate to the Grand Lodge of the
Elks. He took a snap-shot and
400 films, we shall have a picture
gallery when he returns.
The Ladies' Euchre Club was en
tertained ou Wednesday afternoon
by Mrs. Oscar Dupre. The first
prize, a comb and brash tray in
cobalt blue, was won by Miss
Annie Archie; {fee second, a statu
ette, by Miss Agnes LeBianc, while
the booby fell to Mrs. Albert De
Blauc. Miss Edna Hacker will en
tertaiu the club next Wednesday.
Miss Rosalis Battle, who has
been the guest of Mr. aud Mrs.
W. O. Bunch for several wesks,
left Tuesday for her home at
Marlin, Texas.
Misses Alma and Ethel Sharp
will leave Tuesday for a visit to
friends in Franklin.
Cards have been issued for an
"at home" with Miss Maud Cars
tens on Tuesday evening.
Mr. John T. Devalcourt and
family have returned to their na
tive town and will become perma
nent residents thereof.
After many years absence Mr.
Robert Riggs has again retarued
to Iberia the home of his boyhood,
where he is renewing old ties and
Mr. E. C. Duboin and lady of
Duboin, this Parish, are spending
several weeks in New Mexico, hav
ing arrived there last Wednesday.
From thence they will visit Utah,
California and other points
j «et a free «ample .of Chamberlain's
! Stomach and Liver Tablets at James. A.
! ^ dn, K 8tore - They are easier to take
* nd niore P le * 8ant ,n * ffect than P* 11 «
Then their use is not followed br consti
pation „ it often the with p ; n# ^
gaiar size, 25c. per box.
Sunday Ai'oust 10th, G:30 p. m.
March, "Dawn of tho Century" .Pauli
Garotte, '"Erminee" . ... Jakobowski
Schott, In the "Starlight" . Rollinson
j 4. Serenade, "Summer Night". Suttfm
5. March, "DeMalay" llâll
! C. March, "Boccaccio" Suppi
7. Polka, "Lightly Trippiny"Laurendeeu
8. Baritone Solo, "Then You'll Karaem
ber Me." Balfe
M k. A. N. M i ller.
9. Valse, "La Seieuato" Jaxone
10. "Creole Queen" Hail
Y. Arnanpez.
■ ■
Mr. Geo. Dallas, of the Cypress
Co., Ltd., has offered to the Uu
sectariau Aid Society the use of the
beautiful little steamboat Sadiô
Downmau, for an excursion. The
ladies of the committee are request -
ed to meet at the usual place to ar
range a program and make such
plans for the excursion as wil'
insure success. A full attendance
of the membership is requested at
5 :li0 o'clock next Monday after
Mrs . E. L. Grant,
Blank books, letter files, writing
paper, or iu fact everything iu the
stationary line can bo found at the
Enterprise News aud Stationery
The Franklin Watchman in tliej
course of a forceful article on the;
subject of primaries gives the re-j
suit of St. Mary's experience in'
that line:
"We had a primary here twoj
years ago, and if anybody says we;
extracted any good from it, lies
must be bowlegged in the eyes and
cock-eyed in the legs. It actually
left more sores behind than any
thing this side of an insurrection,
It came near splitting the party
wide open, and the congressional
election, which followed in its trail,
left us a sad experience along the
line of the sought-for primary elec
»The Kind Yoa mwMwifl Bought
Bears the
Nature is inexorable, but art is
plastic. Some time ago John I).
Rockefeller's hair, eyebrows and
mustache fell out, leaving him a
dead ringer for the Idle Apprentice
in the last picture of the Hogarth
ian series. It was of course very
distressing to this good man, for
he could not explain how it all
came about; and this is terrible
world, you know. He could only
call it alopecia areata, under the
advice of his physicians, aud let
it go at that. Hut art and science
have not. been obdurate, and by
paying roundly for it, Mr. Rocke
feller has now a new growth of
sickly, consumptive-looking hair,
and he may yet be able to appear
again in public.
That aggregation of chronic of
fice hunters and cheap politicians
known as the National League of
Republican Clubs has invited Mr.
Roosevelt to address it at its con
vention this autumn. If the presi
dent does not wish to be mobbed
by seekers for Federal jobs he will
find some excuse for declining. If
he accepts, however, ordinary pru
dence dictates that he shall leave
his watch and pocketbook at
his hotel before proceeding to de
liver his speech.
There is a system of insurance
growiug popular in Texas among
the farmers, certain companies for
a stipulated price, a small cash
payment aud their notes payable in
the fall, proposing to insure the
farmer from the loss of his crop or
crops from drouth, hail or other
natural causes. A Texas paper
warns the farmer to go slow as in
vestigation has disclosed that some
of these companies have no actual
The English are commonly re
garded as slow to comprehend a
joke. It is significant that Senator
Depew goes to London every year
to stock up for his after-dinner
in your
What are yon talking about
What is the burden of your conversation
day after day, in the presence of your
children and in association with your
Whatever the nature of your thought
and your words it is helping to decide
your future and the future of your child
If you are talking gossip, and scandal
and criticising all your associates, and
suspecting your neighbors of wrongdoing,
you are creating conditions of discord and
trouble for yourself and your descendants.
Years to come you will be wondering
why Fate should treat you so badly—why
you and yours should always be in trouble !
of some kind—why people should turn j
against you and disparage you.
It will be hard for you to understand
that you are reaping what you sowed—
that the daily conversation and gossip at
yonr table and fireside furnished the seed
for all this crop of tares and thistles.
Every thought we send out is a magnet,
and attracts other thoughts like itself.
We often wait years before feeling the re
sult, and by the time it comes we have
forgotten the kind of thought we sent
forth. But it is indestructible, and no
thing can hinder it from performing its
The neighbors yon criticise to-day may
not criticise yon in return; the people you
are kind to may be ongrateful, but a* yon
live other people will repay both the cri- !
ticism and the kindness in the same coin !
as years go toy.
Besides this, you are to-day. every hour
in the day, creating conditions fora whole
' community of people, if you are allowing
Î your childron to hear your conversation.
! A child's mind is wax, and it is shaped
! by its associations.
If you talk about hatred and revenge, of
"getting even" and paying debts, if anger
fill your thoughts, the child is going to
J cultivate those brain cells, aud may some
I day figure as a criminal. Auger and re
} venge lead to crime, to the most awful of
, crimes—manslaughter. An uncontrolled
I temper and an uncontrolled tongue are
j dangerous to the peace wf a community.
If you are inclined to ridicule and make
fun of your neighbors, your children will
follow in your footsteps and create oiu
luies wherever they go.
On the contrary, if you look for Hiebest
quality in every one and speak of it, if
you train yourself to rejoice at the good
luck of others, and to be sorry for their
misfortunes, you are creating friends fur
yourself and your descendants. ^ ou are
setting in motion those most poweiful vi
brations of Lovo which will bless you ami
those with whom you associate as yon
pass along life's highway.
Besides this, you are creating success
for yourself. K very body will like you and
be glad to do you a good turn; frieuds will
spring up for you in unexpected places. I
ami when you do encounter an enemy he j
will tie powerless to harm you, for love
and good-will are a spiritual bodyguaid
who walk beside those who invite them,
and protect them from all evil.
You can give your children no greater
endowment than to teach them lo think,
talk and act love for humanity. Not only
are you influencing their lives for good,
but the lives of theii future husbands,
wives and children.
Therefore be careful what you talk
about, and what you think about, as you
close your doors to the outer world and
gather together in the family circle. l'Un
II I,, , /, I- ffil,-ox.
Excellent ash wood for sale, eul to stove
length. Cheap for ca.sh.
A fine property situated corner Iberia
and Madison Sts., measuring 109 by 100
feet together with all improvements therein
to-wit: One large store IS by 7 1Î feet ; one
largo hall|25 by Tli feet;one good residence
four rooms, kitchen and dining room, two
cisterns and one well. All necessary out
houses. For further particulars etc..
Apply to A. SOLOMON,
P. O. Box 37, New Iberia, La.
The creditois of Klias Campbell, de
oeased are hereby notified lo present to
me their claims; which they hold against
his succession opened in the District Court
in Iberia Parish; together with titles by
which they are established.
Curatory of Succession of Elias Campbell.
All parties having articles of any kind
left at my husband's repair shop for te
pairs are notified to call anil claim same
within 10 ilays from publication of this
notice. Will also sell all tools and ma
chinery connected with said shop.
Apply to
Auditor's Office, i
Statf. of Louisiana,
Baton ltouge, .July 20, 1902. I
Whereas George 1 lenderson. Tax < 'ol lector
in and for tho Parish of Iberia has ex
hibited to me the undersigned Auditor of
Public Accounts of the State of Louisiana
the receipts of L. E. Smith, State Treasu
rer, in full for the payment of State and
Levee taxes for the year 1901 except $19.02
taxes in litigation which is recharged to
account 1901. I thèrefore issue the
Quietus on the part of the State of Louis
iana in favor of said Henderson and
against any claim on the part of the State
for the taxes and years abovo stated.
Given under my hand and seal of ofliee
the day and dato above written.
W. L. Frazf.f.,
< Auditor of Puplic Accounts.
Franchise Proposition.
Nf. w Iberia, La ., July 23. 1902.
jo the Honorable Mayor and Board <jf
Trustees of the Town of New Iberia :
Gentlemen :—1 am desirous of obtaining
ajfranchise from the City of New Iberia
fir the term of twenty-five yoars to own
and operate over and through the below
nKmed streets an clectrie car system and
iljthe same is granted I will keep in good
older and repair all that space between
tlje rails and one foot on each side of the
I would ask that you grant me and my
ai sociatos and assigns a franchise or
ri ;ht of way over the following streets,
tc -wit: Beginning at the lower corporation
limits of the City of New Iberia on Main
st feet, thence along said Main street to
A in street, thence along Ann street to
St'. Peter street, up along St. Peter street
tolChestnut street to Washington street
aiid up along Washington street to the up
ptjr limits of the Corjioration, starting on
Blnk Avenue and at St. Peter street run
nilig on and along Bank Avenue pass
Alfred street to the Southern Coiporation
limits, starting at Bank Avenuo on and
ailing Alfred street to Weeks street, across
Wjieks street to Hacker street, up and
al4»ng Hacker street to Iberia street, across
Iberia street to Robertson street, up along
Robertson street to Hopkins street and
acj-oss Hopkins to Laughlin street, up
along Laughlin street to Avenue, and
along Avenue to Washington street.
Hoping that you may see your way
clcjar to the granting of this franchise after
thij same has been published as required
by your Charter.
I remain, yours truly,
John A. McIi.henny.
New Ibf.ria, La ., July 23, 1902.
To the Hon. the Mayor and Board of
Trustees of the Town of New Iberia.
Gentlemen :—I desire to secure to my
self, associates or assigns a franchise to
construct, own and operate a line of street
railway of which electricity is to be the
motive power and to extend over and
through the following stret ts within the
corporate limits of the town of New Iberia,
to-^it: ' The entire length of Main street
from lower limits of the City of New
Iberia up to Lassalle stieet, thence out
Lasalle street to Lake Avenue; up Lake
Avenue to Anderson street; and out An
derson street to Madison street thence
down Madison street to Ann street; thence
along Ann street to the continuation of
Washington street; thence along said con
tinuation of Washington street to Lewis
Avenue; thence along said Lewis Avenue
to Main street. The said franehi .se is to
me, my associates or assigns over or
thiough the streets named above, and to
be for a period of twenty-five (25) years.
The Municipal authorities are to be used,
which portion so used, will be kept in
good repair by the granted.
Franchise granted will become void if
the bona fide construction of the railway
be not begun within twelve months and
completed within thirty months after the
beginning of the construction.
Very respectfully.
F. F. M ylf-s,
Per Walter J. Burke & Bro.
Alexis Voorhies,
A.Baldwin & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Hardware & Machin
ery ot all Kinds.
Engines and Boilers
Steam Pumps Irrigation Pumps
Road Machines Saw Mills
Cotton Ginning Machinery^!
Grist Mills
Belting and Fittings^
Sugar Mills and Evaporators'
Challenge Wind Millsl
Fire Proof Safes, Etc
Writ© if you aro in nwil of
tè'i hav* with me nt /ill times the Horvice
competent Engineer.
On any plank or beam, joist or flooring »old by
us. NY handle the v. ry best «riulos of thorough
Iv SKASONKI» M'MHKK of all kinds. Our
stock is very largo ami cart-fully assoited. and
nothing whatever Is misrepresented. We're pre
pared to supply anything in tlie line indicated at
lowest prices. Orders f,, r any quantity promptly
Corinne and Washington.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Iberia,
19th Judicial I »istriet.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of seizure and sale issued out of
the above entitled and numbered matter,
I, George Henderson, Sheriff, through
Frank J. Mestayer, Deputy Sheriff, have
seized and will offer for sale and will sell
FOR CASH, to the last and highest bidder
at the front door of the Court-House in the
town of New Iberia, Parish of Iberia, be
tween legal Rale hours.
the following described property, to-wit :
A certain lot of ground situated near the
Corporate limits of the town of New I be
ria, containing and measuring sixty feet
front on School street by a depth between
parallel lines of one hundred and sixty
four feet ; being lot No. 8 of Block No. 6
of Leo aud Lewis addition ty the town of
New Iberia, made by George IL Grandjean
and bounded as follows ; north by lot No.
9, south by lot No. 7, west by School street
and east by lot No. [5 of said block No. 6.
To pay and satisfy tho sum of One HunJ
dred and Forty Seven Dollars and sixty
five cents with inteeest. at 8 per cent, per
annum from the 1st of January,A.D. 1900,
together with 10 per cent Attorney's fees
on the principal and interest and all costs
of theso proceedings.
Given officially this 2d day of August,
A. D. 1902.
Per F. J. Mestayer, Deputy Sheriff.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Iberia, 19th
• Judicial District Court.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
a writ of Fieri Facias, issued out of tho
abovo entitled and numbered matter, I,
Georgo Henderson, Sheriff, through F. J.
Mestayer, Deputy Sheriff, havo seized and
will offer for salo and will sell FOR CASH
to the last and highest bidder, at the front
door of tne Court-Houso in tho town of
New Iberia, Parish of Iberia, between le
gal sale hours, on
the following described property, to-wit :
First. One certain lot of ground and im
provements, situated in New Iberia, Par
ish of Iberia, Stato of Louisiana, having a
front on Main street of sixty-six feet and
five twelfths of a foot, by a depth on the
upper line of ono hundrod and fifty seven
8-12 feet and a depth on the lower line of
one hundred and seyenty-five G-12 feet,
and sixty-four feet on tho rear line, boun
ded on the noithwest by lot of II. Couguen
heim, on tho northwest by Main street, on
the southeast by lot of Charles Poirson,
and on the south by the lot of Louisa Son
neman hereinafter described.
Second. A tract of land and improve
ments situated in Iberia Parish, on the
public road leading from New Iberia to
Loreauville, described as lots 9 aud 10 in
a plat of survey made by W. A. Heirs con
taining thirty-six 50-100 arpents more or
less, and bounded as follows : on the north
by the public road, on the south by the
lands of Leitmeyer and Geo. Broughton,
on the east by the lands of Jules Mouhot
and on the west by lamis of the Spencer
Third. One lot of ground and improve
ments situated in New Iberia, Iberia Par
ish, La., measuring sixty-four feet front
on Charles street, by a depth of ono hun
dred and sixty-two feet, bounded on the
northwost by lot of Hayem Coguenheim,
northeast by lot of Christian Sonnetnan
above described, on the southeast by lot
of J. G. Bolden and on the southwest by
Charles street.
I To pay aud satisfy the sum of Four
Thousand eight hundred and Fifty-five
Dollars and Seventy One cents debt, with
interest at 8 per c< nt from January 1st,
1902, until paid, and the further sum of
Six Hundred and Sixty-Eight Dollars, with
per cent per annum interest from May
5th, 1902, until paid, and 10 per cent. At
torney's fees on said amounts in principal
and interests and all costs of these pro
Given officially this 5th day of July A.
D. 1902. GEO. HENDERSON, Sheriff,
!>er F. J. Mestayer, Deputy
From the premises of the
undersigned on Saturda}'
June 19th, one dark sorrel
half American horse, bear
ing the following description:
unbranded, two white hind
feet, mane eut, about 15
hands high. Any informa
tion leading to the recovery
of same will be rewarded.
R. E. Espexan.
K 11 DOWNMAN, I'rest KRKD'K 11 LEWIS. Vice Pres .1 F WHKHNTON Sec. anil TrfSi
UEO. W. DALLAS, Manager.
ANNUAL CAPACITY—Lumber. 18 Million t't ; Shingles, 50 Million
Shingles and Laths, Hash, Doors, Blinds, Mantles, Ties, l 'ypress Tanks, Tubs of
all grades, Turned Work Columns, Window and Door Frames, Church. Bank, Store,
Bar and Office Fixtures, Turned and Scroll Work, Cistern Tups, Mouldings, Ceiling,
Siding, Flooring and Finished Lumber of every description. Job work a specialty.
Wo can furnish anything and everything made of Louisiana lied Cypress. Estimate«
for any class of woik in our line furnished on application. Special discounts to trade
is tlsc dainty Summer shoe in Ox
ford ties, iiml low quarters that, we
are now ottering at midsummer
prices. These comfortable and
handsome shoes are not only stvl
ish for the street, but, when th>'ir
freshness is <jone, make the most
convenient house shoes. Our re
duction prieeson themshouhl prove
a bi«r attraction to the economical.
< iiildr
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: at 4 Sc , I, a. Ii«- !„
1...« Quarters ar..| San.lals ifU .IH».
N..W «ninn at
l,m\ Quarters anil San.lals $1 'jr.,
Nmv goiiiK at
1.1 Ti, f I .?"•
N,.„ K ..in
i.i Ti.., fj.ar,
l.adi— I„,
Ladi»-*' Lo
ig at *1
ng at *1
:»ir Ht fj
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Polite Attention to Everybody.
Busy Store
0. J. Trainor's Son
LUKE TRAINOR, Manager, "ZT. TT.'
Store and Bar Fixtures of the Most Elegant Designs. Chureh
Pews, Chaneel Ralls, Mouldings, Balusters, Mantels, Turned
and Soroll Work and all Kinds of Fancy Wood Work,
For R ent o r Sale.
Situated in New Iberia, on the Southern Pacific
Kailroad track, adjacent to the Depot.
Also Por Sale
Lee «Sfc Lewis Addition,
Smith Addition,
Malaln Addition,
Town Lots, in
Robertson Addition*
and Prere Addition.
A DES1KABLE RESIDENCE with LAKOE LOT, on Kant Hide of Fulton street,
near Uopkina street, can be had at a bargain.
FIVE DWELLINGS (in New Iberia; on east aide Bayou Teche with large lots.
$800 each, $200 cash, balance on easy terms.
A LARGE LOT with small dwelling and storo builing, on tho corner of Providence and
Field streets ; cheap, for cash or on long time.
A LARGE LOT with good, comfortable dwellings and outhouses, on the northeast
side of St. Peters street, about 300 feet southeast of Center street, will be said on
long time or for cash.
Anyone wishing to buy, sell or rent, apply to
Geo. M. Robertson,
General Fire Insurance Office,
Old Grandma's German Tea.
For Indigestion, Bllliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation,
Bad Complexion, Offensive Breath, and all Disorders of the
Stomach, Liver and Bowels. Price, to cents per box.
The annual meeting of the stock holder«
of the Mar (a Central Factory and Kail way
Co., Limited will beheld at the Company's
office in Loreauville, La., at 10 o'clock
A. M., on Thursday, the 14th day of Au
gust A. D. 1902, for the purpose of elect-1
ing Directors for the ensuing year and
the transaction of other business.
See the good books at the Enter
News & Stationary Store.
The undersigned will sell according to
law, on Saturday, August 30th, a cow that
came on his place, bearing the following
description : red muley cow, with both
ears clipped, about six years old. Parties
proving ownership can redeem property,
by paying costs, otherwise same will be
sold on date above mentioned.
New Iberia, La.
j Agricultural implement» of all
kinds at Erath's.

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