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W. W. LEAKE, JR., Proprietor.
Subscription, per amnun - - $1.50.
SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1896,
Bland's boom's big.
Silver seems to be having every
thing her own way at Clhic(ago.
The Governor hassigued New Or
hlean' new charter.
Ibervillo could not get rid of the
IILptr's Home.
Greasy Jim, though slippery
as he has proven in the hands of
justice, will at length receive the
pniuishinenit he deserves.
The bursting of the Teller presi
lential bubble will be a relief to
Democrats, who do not favor giv
iug new converts precedence by
puntting true and tried men of the
party aside.
Lieut. Gallup says he will not re
sign at the suggestion of the inves
tigating committee. [He likes
Baton Rouge better thou it likes
The Daily Item misses its mark
when it pictures Gov. Foster as a
king and on his head a crown in
scribed "registration and election
laws," Truly a good law is a crown
of glory unto those responsible for
its behiig.
__ _ t
The court house )pump at. Wood.
ville will not work, and our neigh- t
lbor, the Courier, is driven to sigh a
for an old oakeu bucket. bc, to
.,.. ,e well. This shows to what
unhygiouic practices the desper- d
atiotl of necassity will drive one. r
***-- -..
Prof. T. D. Boyd has at length t
been prevailed upon to accept the v
presidency of the L. 8. U. We ti
trust the State Normal will not sut- R
for fly the change, but will secure o
sonie good man to carry on what
Prof. Boyd has so well begun, 4
ashi t is less than all others :
evidently not the place for the iPt. ri
lie Abbey of .the South, its
fassQelations;Us the P_- at
nRiai imoa i . " . - ederal capital.
b-tts ac the logical location, m
".a" ,ew Orleaus is the metrop- II
uas of the Sonth, undoubtedly it of
%hould have the abbey. L
The following verses from an old. d
fashioned text-book on Grammar
may, if memorizede , assist persons, ci
who are doubtfuil when to use shall
and will:
In the first person simply, Shall foretells;
Int Will a threat or else a promise dwells,
Shall in the second and third does threat, C.
Will simply then foretells a future feat, Ce
Some one inslsts that Shakes
peare had a f'oreshadowing, ot the
X rays, when he makes Hamlet say
to the queen-mother; SE
".Come, come and sit you down! You shall cI
ziot budge. tI
You go not till I set yeo up a glass
Where you may see the inmost part of
Every Democrat should support
the nomiuee of his party. There ,
are maniy believy.ers in soiund money ,
who considered that the success ot 1
free silver would be a calamity, hut I
regardless of this they must stand p
by the party when its majority I
speaks through its council. In some ti
of the Southern States should a g
few thousands of Democrats stay
away from the poles either Repib- w
iican or Populistic rnle would be t
the result, and this would be oIi nI
infinitely worse calamity to them t
than free silver.--Hntchez Demo
Cuban sympathisers hero were a
delighted, on 'lThursday, by news n
that came over the wires to the et- .
feet that the President had recog. e
uized the belligerency of Cuba, and E
that in consequence 8pain bad de- C
clared war against the United p
States. It was in vainl that the r
graver-minded pointed out that at- ti
tairs of state were not so hastily re
planned and executed, every one o
else was enthusiastic over this pros- c4
pect of immediate liberty tor Ouba. a
The evening papers arrivedl howev. tl
er and contained no word of the "
matter, so that we were all com- a
pelled to conclude that sither the i
whole is a eanard, or that t4e imews J
.js o little prei'ious.
-il. ,I nl I II I I I
Tho Passing of the Legislature.
The Legislature adjourned Thursday
" night, on schedule tiune. What it has
done and what it has left undone has pass
ed into thljeistory ofLonisiana. Butin the
eyes of implartial ovscrvers what it has
done is mlore worthy of praise than what
it has failed to do, is deserving of blame.
The Democrats of this session had a harder
task before them than at any time in the
last decade, the session of 1892 excepted.
They confronted a more determined op.
position than ever, made up, to be sure,
of anomalous elements, butt no less difficult
for that reason, to conq:er. There were
discord and treachery in the ranks of the
party. Wounds made in 1892 were still
sore to the touch. That hybrid party,
The Citizens' League, introduced new ele
e ments of confusion. All these conditions
rendered the work of the present session
very difficult, and at first seemingly im
y possible of good result. That discord has
been in a great degree dissipated, that
the Democracy has been able to secure
e the assistance of good men outside of the
party, that the most important measures
have been carried through to a most suc
cessful issue is creditable to the level heads
I of the party leaders. The election of
r. Senator McEnery did a great deal towards
Y healing party wounds. The passing of the
election and registration laws viudicated
the Democracy's desi.e to correct existing
abuses, while the constitutional conven
vention me:asure was wisely planned for
the same purpose, but not so as to open
the flood-gates of discord and factional
8 passion.
On the whole, the Legislature of 1896,
has done no harm to the party or the state,
which is more than such bodies in the
Sast can boast-and it has donegood which
only the future can estimate.
The August number of The Delineator,
[ is called the Midsummer Number, and the
c''red lithographle plates of DressYModes
and Miline- begun` in the July issue a
and linfeature of its illns
gain form a brillian, . 'I Improved
trated fashions. The vas, ",troter
quality of the general and literary r,,..
of The Delineator is attested anew by ar
ticles from such well known writers and
authoritiee as Prof. Xavier Scharwenka,
Julia Magruder arl Mary Cadwalaer
Jones, The first 'named di's~,'ass50 Music
as a Profession for Women; Miss Ma1J
der's novelette, "The Serpent and the
Dore," is brought to a satisfactory con- a
clusiib Whilo Mrs, Jones writes enter
tainingly on the Virtue of Simplicity.
Women longingly considering the fascina- 8
tion of the wheel will read attentively t(
what Prof. C. A. Noa Ramdohr has to say
upon the Medical Aspects of Bicycling.
Or allied interest is Dr. F. J. Leviseur's
"Talks on Beauty," this month devoted to si
the Hi!, Varolyn Ialsted continues bher P
series on American Woman's Patriotic So
cieties, and Frances Leeds' paper on Inte
rior Decoration is devoted to Libraries.
Emma Haywood clearly explains the con
structiou of Embroidered Wall-Pockets,
and contributes a fourth article on the r
mFý(eries of Ecclesiastical Embroidery.
H. C.. Wood gives an amusing description
of "A Now Woman's Party,!' Mrs. A. B. g
Longstreet adds a timely warning in re
gard to poisonous Plants and their Anti
dotes, and the departments devoted to a
Seasonable Cookery. Tea-Table Chat, v
Summer Reading, Knitting, Tatting, Cro- ,
chetting, etc., are, as alwaye, excellent.
i n l i i nn nnn 11 m ,
Normal Notes.
A drive and a picnic are under
contemplation by the entertainment
committee for the teachers' delecta
tion very soon. Full arraugements
will be almnoaueed later.
A tew of the ladies requested to
serve ou the committees have not
come forward as yet, bult no doubt
they have some good excuse, since
to be unhelpful in every noble work
is toreiguh to the gracious womaun
hood of this place.
The committee did some good
work at their meeting, Monday
morning. Plans were laid for
the entertainments of Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday evelings, a
picnic and drive in the near future,
The ladies have taken up their du
ties of hospitality with much enthu.
siasm and with all their native tact,
so that the prospects are that there
will be more than one dainty en
tertainwent for the teachers to re
member as the welcome of our towns
to them.
Lecture Friday Night.
The social gathering of the Nor
mal, which took place last Friday
i night, at Pythian Hall, was very
well attended anld afforded munch
enloyment to those present. Prof.
Himes delivered a lecture on "The
Child Garden," treated in a light,
I popuhlar style, but withal containing
much information and food for
thought. His remarks upon being
received into our local order
of "Knights of Rest" which sit
continuously on a certain corner,
and whose initiatory and all-impor
tau't rule is to drop Into the first
5 "vacant chair," got every body into
a laughing humor, as did his pre
sentation of a leather medal to Prof.
J. N. Anglin for producing the most
wildly imaginative, snaske l tery
Blood means sound health. With pure,
rich, healthy blood, the stomach and di
gestive organs will be vigorous, and there
will be no dyspepsia. Rheumatism and
Neuralgia will be unknown. Scrofula and
Salt Rheum will disappear. With pure
Your nerves will be strong, and your
sleep sound, sweet and refreshing.
Hood's Sarsaparilla makes pure blood.
That is why it cures so many diseases.
That is why so many thousands take it
to cure disease, retain good health, pre
vent sickness and suffering. Remember
H od 's
Is the One True Blood Purifier. $1 per bottle.
cure Liver Ills; easy to
hood's Pills take.easytooerate. 21a.
evolved by the nlornmal pupils.
Tihe musical partof the programme
was equally good, reaclhinlg that
happy medium ot being nieither too
short ino:' too hlong. Misses Bettie
and Ella Montgomery and Itettie
Stoekig phlayed a trio; Mrs. J. L.
Golsiln sang one of her sweet sonlgs,
and Messrs. Geo, and Philip Rettig
gave some of their popular selec.
tions on the guita;t Miss AIinna
Belle Cani of Pte. Coupee recited
"Bernardo del Carpio" in a 1mann1er
interesting to the audience.
That more thant one felt guilty
-- iien the True Democra:t hit at
't way trotv the normal.
hat the fair id can well use
her gift of argument.
That sweet Annlie has not Seet,;:
any 1'".o legs in a long time.
" of the School
ThaJt a membL.
-" memj0fe t
Board wants his brothtl M e
ake 1
to come to the 1normal so as to . t
a sharel' ill the scoldiigs thle parish I
teachers have on hai iid for the Board's I1
sllort:-colings. All blame and no0
prI"ise nmakes any one a sad boy. gi
That some one is ambitious to
write "M1. 1)D."after' his name. -
That the umpire did not know his
rewar:rd would be ice cream. a.
That it doesn't do to copy W
spelling olf somle one else's pa. t
That; Gov. Foster has been in
vited here to see the boys take the
'U. A. t."
'Tlhat some o011 is eagerly plan.
ning a ball for the teachers.
Of a pretty pilnk sun-bonlnet
ti:at goes of mornilngs to the lor- -
That the old saying should be p
amended to read : "A shilling for P
your thoughts."
That one person is earnestly desired to
join the Knights of Rest, if it brings
with it the duty of sitting down early
and often.
All the. People
ShIould keep themselves healthy and er.
pecial care should be given to this matter di
at this tihue. Health dopen:ds ulon purl e di
rich b'od., for when the blood is impure et
and impoverished diseases of various kinds ol
are almost certaiu to result. The one
true blood puritier is Hood's Sarsaparilla,
By its power to purify and vitalize the
blood it has prov.ed itseel to be safognard b
of heatI, aund the record of remarkable o
cures effected proves that it has wonder
ful power over diseases It acturally and
permanently cures when all otb~r lu;epa
rations fail to do any good whatever.
School Board Proceedings.
Mt. Framwisvilleo. La., July 4, 1898.
The Parish Board of School Di
rectors met ini regular quarterly
sessioni. Priesent, Mr'. JAs. P1. Bow
nlIU, Presidentt; Messrs. Alrd, Ar.
gue, Leake andu Phares. I
RIeading of mlinntes of previous
meetimmg dispensed with.
n011 llotiol dilly c4rrlietd, it was re
solved that a comumittee be appoint
ed to prelpare llauts arid estimates (
for a thirld Ioou for the first ward"
whlite school 1and rl(esel t same at
iext meeting of Board.
Messrs. Leake aIlld Ard were ap)
pilted on ablove coinmlitet
It Was ilmoved lnd (V'arried that any
teachelr, who shall be appoinlted to
a position in the plublic schools of 04
this parish, must waive all claim for
eahary duriigatten.dauce on Sratmer
Iic0ool, laid ill case any teacher
sihall make each claim, that his or
her contract with the Board for
leaching in the future, shall be
thereby rendered null and void.
• . Warrants were drawn for the fol
lowing approved accounts:
E L Newsham sundries.............. 75
A T Gastroll " .............. 75
True Democrat J contract......... $10 00
R W Town work.............. 9 00
Ed Keplow " .................. 1 50
It was ordered that applications
for positions us teachers of the white
school be filed by the 4th of July.
It was resolved that when the
Board adjourns, it adjournl to meet
on the 25th of July.
The Board then| adjourned.
Board of lteview Meets,
St. Francisville, La. July 6, 1896.
The Police J ry mot plrsuant to adjourn
ment, the following members answering to
their names at roll call: I). Stewart,
Presdt., Geo. Baier, R. Daniel, S. C.,Stir
!ing, J. A. Beckham, E. Ortis, J. J. Le
Sassier, N. IT. Barrow, F. O. Hamilton,
S. L. Lavergue.
After organizing as a Board of Review
it was resolved that the present officers act
as officers of the board.
The assessor was authorized to make the
following changes in assassment:
Swamp lands of Mr. Leonard from "• to
$1 per acre on land not in cultivation.
Swamp lands'ofA. Schlesinger from $3
to $1 per acre.
Stock and tra!e of J. Freyhan & C., to
be placed at same figures as last year.
'I'hero being no further business pertai:i
ing to the Board.of Review, i t adjou:ned.
II. H. FounIsrERn, P'rsdi.
~._..... ~--~ --i - l_ -A II
Wanted-An Idea 0 m
qtcct iour Idea:they mtay bring you wealth.
ney. _Wasbington. . C, for their t i,rOO prize offer
rw lit of twIo hundred lvaentlonu wanted.
For Sale.
Shrimp, raw or cooked at all hours, at
Ij~ UHouse, Bayou Sara. Apply to .
August But!er.
StrajYd C.r Stol'n,
On Saturday, June 27, 10,'; frin Tu.I. l
' Dido's plantation, eight or nit e u'.:".I fito
e Bayou Sara, lighlt sorrel horse, blaze in i:l,°
that runs over the nostril and hangs ov
the left eye. Ono of ihis hind feet,
or . Between his cars, tr,'iihu.!id ianes,
white, -"her the collar works. Any
and back "_. -"rhing same, will hli
information con..,
gratefully received by '"E KEl?,
ELDRiL.. "',ideo,
Care of N. B. L.
St. Francisville, ...
Trespass Notice.
From and after this date all hunting of
any kind on the Greenwood plantation is
positively prohibited unider p.enalty of
trespassing. Any one fonnd on this place
without permission will be considered
trespassing, nod prosecuted to the full ex
tent of the law.
Trespass Notice.
From and after this date all hlum;tig
of any kind on the Ambrosia Intlependcuc
Plantations is positively prohibited under
penalty of trespassing. Any one found on
these ilaces without permission will be
considered trespassing, and prosecuted to
the full extent of the law.
t 8. D. BARROW.
Trespass Notice.
Hunting of any kind on Greenwood
B plantation, likewise seining, is positively
r prohibited under penalty of trespass. Any
permission heretofore granted is now re
voked. No exceptions.
Sheriff Sale.
State of Lonisiana, Parish of West Feli
ciana. First Natchez Bank vs John B.
and Susie Gilbert.
No. 321.
By virtue of, and in obedience to an or
r der of seizure and sale, from the 13th ,1..
dicial l)istrict'Court, to the 8wrif i:..:';
ed, in the above entitled suit. I hav'ci
ed and will offer for nale at the ,oir d.or
s of the Court House, St Franeinvill,.
StIni(tday, Jlily 180 h, 1896,
Lot No. 2871. lot 288 fronting on Princi
a pal St. in square No. 3 togetuer with a;1
buildings and improvements, in the town
of Ba you Sara.
Ternms of Sale, Cash, with the benefit of
S. A.FRIE R, Agt.
Coor. Ferdiinaid a'd Alley sts.,
At Heunr Tempel's Old Stand,
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes, Crockery,
Glassware # Tinware.
t --Notions of All Kinds.
Fancy Orooeries a Specialty,
Try and be convinced.
For Sale.
SOne six year old sorrel mare, well form
r ed, 15) hands high, a colt of "Vigilant," a
good saddler, works in harness. Address
r Woodvido, Mitsi.
The Groatest Clothing
that has ever taken place in the State will
-A Large Stock of
-Will be Sold for
ALO, ONLY $2.00,
Don't Miss This Chance For C
Fancy Graceries, Fin u. .ar earr.i s I.n
Brands of WhlIkier,
Fruits, Can4ies, LEW IS 0,
Fine Wines, I B E FLTCir ait
RI VE .. -. La, St, Fran
Bayou Sal,.,
F. M. MIji9 i.
-* *-.4 DALER IN 3***
Perfiumery, Toilet Articleb, Soapi and Brushes.,
Prescriptions Carefully Compoun
Wanted-An Idea °-7,-M
f mr:o,.., ......_.osw=. Whynet be py
nere, ahlson, D. C., for their 1,800 p jase off
sad ats of two hundred lVentlonu wanem . w i
Pay but one prolt bet
user and that a rmall ust
O-ur BIg 700 Page
Cold. proves tbhat it's
SA pound. IS,000iluuta
and tellstheone-proflt
. articles,everytfhing yen
SS.. , for1lScente; that's notfor
to pay partofthbepostp
S- .. and keepof ldler. Yoe
..'.j·· L Daily. MONTOMEIRY WAD
Ti. Mere oIAl he
O't of the abundance l*1i6 Micdligam AVO.,
of its Store of News
Will enable you to garner OF NEW ORLE ~
up knowledge of the world
and its affairs.
The business man, the
clerk, the mechanic, the OC~h Capital...... .
farmer, the young and old, d, Assets. .". ..
the grave and gay, will find
fleat and flatter
In its Columns. Loses Equitably AI
SPromptly ral
*)tIy and Snuday ...... .... 12.00 a year • -**
eml-Weekly, iasued Tuesdays
. . d.....a.... . . ,..o year Insures Gin
studay only. ................... ll.s, .o untr Stoea
8emple opie free on application. Mills, ou
The Times-Democrait, ling Houses and
new Orlo.a., f.l. dross,
".-_~ ~ ; . . w. _ : -o, ..

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