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W. CV. JIEA(KE, JR., Proprietor,
Bnhacription, per annum - - $1.50
- r.
Democratic Ticket,
For President:
ol Nebraska.
For Vice President:
of 'Maine.
Rluth Cleveland will very prob
ably be superseded in the "BabyL
White iousoe" by Itl Ii Bryan.
If Bryan siould be elected and
Inakes as good a president as he is
an orator hl will be allright.-Mo-i.
roe Kews.
Mlarshall Field of Chicai-go, who is
reported to 'have made $7,000,00
in the dry goods business last year,
will not allow a line of his ad ver.
tising to appear in the Sunday
Gov. Foster has signed the leg.
islative act to prohibit the game of
craps or the playing of dice toi
money. If the bill is properly en
forced it will prove a great good in
supplressing petty gamblin lg.
The New York aSun hls declared
that it will not support the nomineiiI
*o, the Chicago convention and that
it is fo'r McKinley.
,The Democratic party have shqif
:lied up the cards, and madel a new
clean (leal. Bryan is trumps, a:nd
McKinley will have to hold "a full
liand" when lie calls the "lBoy o0:-t
tor of the Platte."
B. J. Marsto t foruerly of East
Feliciana has gained national notor
ity at the Chicago Convention. lie
will be known as the 4Louisitna
water tank".pr'e cyprLess no sap.
An incidentt occurred at tho Chi.
cago conveitioni whichli may serve
to illustrate the difference between
the Southerit and Nornhern gentle
menii. Mr. Daniel conurteously and
properly voted for Mri. Iill for toni
porariy chairman, while the latterc
-evinced a deplorable lack of good
breeding by faliling to vote for his,
opponen t,--rStates.
When the bulletins were posted
anunouncing tho nomination.of Wi.V
J. B-ryal~ , two lIelocrlats lone a:
silvcr aiid tliho other, a gold lmanll
not on Campillil street itlid coniellncedl
to discds. the candidaite iand the
platform of the (JChicago conventioln.
II the cotirse of colnversatioln tlhe
gohl anlr said to his fi'iend : "Bill,
-if you vote for Bryiini iland hiwis,
we will havo free silver and the
ihardest tinmes you haveo ever
knollwi." "Vell,"replied Bill, "'lthe
times canniiot be anlly harder for nll
thai they aire now. I have got
down to tiin dishes and a dirit floor.
The oilly assets I have are Ia lot of
childr'en and inone of ther are wortlh
a d--n."-+4-Ata.tes.
Royal Weddlig.
This isthe day fixed Ifor thlo miar-i.
riage of tho IP'rincess Miadl, younlg.
est daughter of the Prince of Wales,
to Prince Kiarl, secolld son tiT
Prince a F'rederk,I bile hel aiippareInt
to the throne of Deinmark. 'lThe
princss is ill hIer twenity-seventh,
anlld the pr'ince in his twutyl'-foutih
yealr, Thle nla~riligo is iiiterestiiig,
lbecause it brings togtlertiir i tlhe
iiext gettier-ilioin, the families which
weretlllnited by the narriange, tlhirtlyv
tlhree year's llFago, oft' thle Priice of
Wiiles to the P'rilitcess Alexanldria
of Denmiiark. 'Tie Pri icess of
* Wales is a youniger sister o'f P'rince
Flrede'rik, "lios so SOil Karl niow
-wels the 1irillcess's daughter.
- ?'t8 I7i~ici rl
Silver Threads Among the Cold,
Tiimes chantge, and men change
Sitlh them, it has always been our
hontest conivictio ns, that the views
of President Clevelaud and his ad(
visers oil the noietl:ary question
Wtere c(i roit.
But, .lIe masses of the peolle
sQeein to bie narried away with the
eiw' crl';e ni I a tidal wave of silver
is inuit:lating the whole coOinitry.
WVe sincerely hope Ithat this irriga
tion will prove to be a great ferti
lizer, iend that the comlilng croIps of
prosperity andii fiiure Hllappiiless
vwili be fully realized. Time will
But as a ("Tirue D)emcrat," \ve
humbly bow\ t9 the will of the ,IIa
,jorit', iand to-day we llail to our
Imast-ihead thlle iieICS of Bryan and(
Sewall. \Ve will ulse our uit iost
(eldeavo;iVs to securei the elect ioii of
thj orator of tihe Platte, and the
strip builder of Maiine. Let th
wa tchword l e,l " lWe munst not crucify
inuakinidioni the cross of gold."
Seunaor .en Tillainlu impaled
himiself on his own pitchtlfork alt. Chi
;rgo,  ld this was oie o" I(he ili-ci
;adents of I lie (conlivelntion which cauli
ed general satisfactioni amiiiog the
gold illnd silver Iime there ind else
Norimal Notes.
In the (lebate oni scho.ol dice.
plinC Oil Monday, the peach briiloch
Thlio second year chlis atltendllI
inl body headedtl by its inlstructor,
Pa stylish wveddinig iu the Clerk's of
lice oni Friday, 10th.
The .plhysicl educatlion class
iwaillkeli the echoes .of the .Court
lousf± \whenii Prof', TIiimes tells theml
to pllit force into tlheir it'iionvelnts.
Piofessor B. C. Cahl well ihas been
clected presidelnt of the Normal
School to take the place o'r Professot
Boyd iil lie ihast accepitedl.
Professor R. L. Ilinis hais also
beenl one of the lucky one s nhe hias
been selected to till Prof. Caldwell's
plaile as institute conductor. Thius
1.he lhie of prouialtioui goes on.
Oii Molday, the cll tcrtaiiillneIwt
coniliiiittee will. imeet to pirovid(i for
that drive W\ed nesday evening ant 4
o'clock, of which we have heari'd
soimei talk.
T'loso persolns who have lbeen sio
k.inld as t.o lend their Ibuggies llod
carliages to l.tihe coiliiittee will
Pilese liaveo thenm at Ihlie Court
House at 4 o'clock, ~'ednllestlniy
evening, July 22ind. ''lie dri\ve t
Alton will be WVc(tlilesdaly eveniiig.
G. A. P. Notes.
Did you hear an ly tialk albou tlithe
G. A. P?
Somie oii0 sa('S Ithiy ha:d lihe (. A.
IP. for breakftas, (tallk about it we
~'oiidi, ii' we dIistlurlbed Ille peace
onl Tliesduly i.ight.
T~hie siililolii 1 lhe .latol Ronl gei
boys [lare we liertiinelit to ise the
word loys¶ we thinilk nli ] told tlhe
tale thalitlherl'e ws ifuilli i store for
Olli OlC0110.
ladl not I le hoIr- been late, Ithe
liieiriinliilt t w ithl l hlave beeil i)lio.
loilged, jiudgi'ig .tfroili thie remailrks
lialt wero uiid!'tby the speakeiir.
SoUe one sai tihat the speech of
the occasion (though cold) was lhe
invitatioli to c'eamrn.
Il)o you klnow the pjass word of the
G. A. P.
How about the grip.
Our lMadyo" turniied the keys of'
theli city over to Ihe Gralid P'. P.
;and ait oue a. ii. was 1iunming that
old familiar ail', "'Would I were a
boy agaiu."
\\Wlhent lihe goelies of Iiusic ruili
her lilicigels thiroughithe lfa-gag, it
was Veoly illipressiv\e lo thle wearyl
Tihicre is a run onl r 0 r1iiug
, .ists, every boidy Wllits Ihe Ailnda
lusian perfume.
Our District Judge occiupier lili
(xallced and digiiiified position,i
whWih was pleasiug to his frieids
anid culminiiated iln a hlappy hiit, or
as Arten!'.us X'Vlirl'd \wo'li sdy, thrl'c
Is what gives Hood's Sarsaparilla its great
popularity, its constantly increasing
sales, and enables it to accomplish its
wonderful and unequalled cures. The
combination, proportion arid proce.s
used in preparing flood's Sarsalarilla
are unknown to other medicines, and
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
It cures a wide range of disea:es bccaus
of its power as a blood purifier. It acts
directly and positively upon the blood,
and the blood reaches every nook a:,d
cornerof the human Pystemn. Th'ls ail
the nerves, musels, hones and lis~iue"s
come under the beneficent influence of
The One True Blood Purifier. $1 per bottle.
cure Liver Ills; easy to
Hood's Pills tke, easy to operate. 25c.
happy hits.
The ballet was ver'y lpolular, Ilie
lhil-headed candidlats occutpyiitg
'ronIt sea:ts ris uslual.
lThe Past Giratd Ci iiieellor is ex
lec t(ed Ito explaini the ini . "13nii ..;.
Of the ''grit to ail! who d(esl'(e .infer
Birol ther Mat Il:"' a be c,,mripli
imt~ted on lhis unlittri it elfY rtS,
wVhichmu td, lite coit,!Vott'itoili a. giiil
Thle ,isti ict )eIputy (Granild (Cihai
cellor wai lrather liate on Ito (j-raind
S0aiil, blit "Holly "irs, 1 he
Ihollght, it was ta cycioiito.
The Y. &- M. V.. hid to "i'Wootil
Iplt" hut still wat ont tle, nid our
genial agent got Ithere.
The Uriatd 1. P. will have to sit
downvi on Joe lt yer', lihe is still
i;tnie.iitig and wont stoljl.
Aln ;ilj,'lurn:ed iiti.g o' the P.:ri b
•ho l .i:rd will t Ili Sait' rd:tv..lJy
_ ':. lull ; :c5:; of im"nortailice.
(;U.. \M'. ME\\AN,
R otice,
pa:ilieations for lpoiii, n.ti s as telneltor of
ih I hitIIe sc,:haels of t iht: lrrrirh short li be
hl, vii i the uiindr. teiled not later liih 1
I l; 21, 2,l.
(. W. ,I\ A.,
-anted - n Idea th ith e
thirg to Lratent?
I'.. *.ec your ideas: they may bring you wealth.
;7rita JOHN WEDDERUBURN & CO., Patent Attor.
R ~ab, Vashington, D. C., for their $1,(tt) prizo ofeor
and itrt of two hundred iaventions wanted.
"trayed or Stokln.
il."-: I;~taioi, cight or nilne ilites from
Su nr , liglht lsorrel holi i , blano jir l i. e
hit rsil ivel te lh o;htil nil hangs ov
er the hilt eye. (iOn of hris hind feet'
whilte. Ictween c isit efir.-, lrinnnned nrrarre,
mid back where ith cuillrr works. A.li
it irrritii r on'errrirrg l ca re, l ill 1I e
gratefully received liy
Clre of N. 11. lIiddeh,
t:t. :ranlci\vile, Lra.
VWe'l! s~n. you oi:r OtGnefr' Cat.
tetd us . c,:1nts I: stag s,. 1::.
i:eps .iffi;les.
It's a D'r:'o;e:y c ' Hone .:" s
Full of t:;nr:.';' t .a f.. rr.ati::: r .
; ,, -: v.:" . . .- . " " " "
Thie Four Qualrters
o& the Globe are
Drawn Upon Daily.
(Oit of the a1bundance
of itL itore of News
Will enable you to ganerrCr
up knowledge of thl world
and its affairs.
ThIe hbus-ne s mau, the
clerk, the mnechlanic, the
farmer, thie young and old,
the grave and gay, will find
Pteat and ifatter
'in its Co!umns.
Dadld Srnr:!v...............:. :. . e. r
and rd , .s . . . . " .
Sunday onl ..
Sramppce copies fice ou apl!!ca.:on.
The Tims'Demscrat,
New Orlears, Lr.
S.ATres.PIass Noice.AgL
Curm and .after this dalt all hsting" o
,uy kind on the (Greenwood pldantation is
Asitivelnry roited uldr al y Stand,
trpassiTg. FRAny e fCiuVLd LE, this place.,
1) ithut 1 erii ill ceosidered,
hats, Capsi Boots,
res hoessig, andC prosecuted to the ' y, x
tent of the law.
Glasswaite2,' T iiware.
-Notions of All Kinds.
Fanoy Groceries a Specialty.
T1.3" anid be conv~inced.
Mrs. P, 31ATTilE\V.
Tre'rspass 'Notice.
Fr'om anid after this date aIll hu11 ting o
of ay kind on thie Ahrosinwood plletatioul idenc
Phtla ion is poitively rohiited uud un(It o
penalty of trespassing. Any one ffouiond othis place
ithese lhs wit.hout lermission will bic(
rcopnsidered tresl assigec anted rtedto the ull x
te o f xten of the law.lw.
T'repass Notice.
Fromi and alfter this datle all limiting
'of ii , ,y kind on the Abroia Idpeuei:o
plautaion, liewis witivelg, is rohihiteld unlry
l trohiittd udr y of tressng. Any oe found on.y
these ihlaWiSo' without eilhunissiotli w'ill b~e
onsidered irspi hissinlr, antd irose:e.dto
tin, fill extent of the 1:1 W.
voke td. No ic,';tii is.'
l -7'' ii*L (1'f" a ;' i ui 11: !e''t.
i I' 1 t 'Ii . IAr i*!' '.*
-e f .wit l u r Ile ;irt ,)t l (,;" , , .!,"
nof the CeuuIr [ot h' l 8t F ',i t ,l ,
Lot. No. 2N7, ot 2.i fonti on i i
ni ligs and i: ' np ' ovl; en:l' , , i t i' "i ' oi
it hiV(7i1 Sun);.
T rniil o ii.ttri'. Cu t, , in ii, t.' h ' f i t, . i
etl, ihi llu':ill;vt, )t~t,nti :;:ll it. I1i:.\t-. .,"
ell :ila l i ll o ter t" i' :;:tie at ti+ I rl:. , l v d . ,"
Of thie oitn". lli;:e, St 1'ralci+\'i!1,
OF N W(t i, h LEAit 2 L o 'ri, A.
p:I'l Ft. in hll '(lillU tiio. ' til+,ctill'l it:: ..
lo*ihiiigs Equidi y Ahjlro c iii d in !ii :'.1:d
W" . Wy LEoKE, i'.,i
; Vocnl Ai et
Wanted-An Idea 0 '
v ?"J ýd h :...3J .t , '
neys Washington, D). C., for their *i,StO prise ofter
The N¢"ew" Orlean- a
2?he Leading Newspapeir
of the South.
Is a real newspaper. No exper.se
Sspared in producing it. -...
telegraph service is dnsurpussJd.
Its news gatherers cover all placce
of interest. Its mechanical appli
ances are modern and the best,
its staif of tllented writers and
artiats is complete,
In i ousehold treasure of rnewsg
iniormation and literature, ill@:
tratid and tasefully presented.
Is peerless as a country, famil
newspaper and literary journal
and no home in tih. S ut should
',c without it.
Daily and Sunday - - $;z.oo a year,
Sunday - - - - $2.oo ayear
Weekly - - - - - Id.oo a year.
"P.. . : hittort
Th ewOrleans, a
'The Greatest Clothing
that Lal ever iaakeci pIace in Ilth State vig f ,q!
s~D S
-- ~~rge E&t~ek of-
W 0 -3 S I LU. a SUI
!{ 3FifEIJOti
float Miss This "Chance For Clo l
~a 4
...... ..='.t tFN----''__.. _. .._Iýýrsx'S"r'.yMý "~y
-) L Id -
! I;: A60 _eaii io Stork `
of 1, ~ki Scrb U.
f LEWIS 0E; t
sB~E LIZ of FEL. l lA
- P i.rfsn 'Jni 14 I yonid soap tid 13rss1hei B4c
-~Cnd i'cNf INKkeu ANDi; P1N!S.-
(2IGAd 3 & lOIE.k( (is)
AuiNC' (,5~ I'.SS~ I' B'M1 f ~ (i E 19~ 141
Bna~-.2,~?;lr~~;`~iET, 8 · J
.J~,~ bi
5ma·~ .1- JAO lSO SQURI CIGARS, I· aau7ctue4 b SJJ31·-EZ3 DU.& .~
I!LL, iO P lri CANAL 6
'.';·- ~ S C ir~l .~ Easiet ersL-' t
.ur Lh I. THLLA& L .~r. R m AN AL , '
4---T lfi lalc'm1, bIoauet :iryin.' , I (:p nJT LLi PAldcs
I a~tin W'd', Shades, t
EL E RJ7c·P,'~nP DEflMATOrol. l ~Q.~~~ e Crnlleoa:,
AU.?8P LAci~i " & sOAln~, 6b6Al~ oaNUI I~
~ WcE uu. ~ Povu6 ~:Sv, ~~---.---.LB
________ es Sreot
WAUT D~Nw,.sof entns toubld Wt.. hA D M DE ISTI q.;
U-EPE' ------ ------ "ALER MANLI RACI0
Prce Ccets dha estik I p
it~~nsyL'~3~pl~ c Orilo- swllsdi twyouret Tna-''
&'iYJasi ioC, Seed.~. t~i,~or.is a . pecksl ~LUhf Wst~iTEq To ' E·
W rit o ~l)Jw·o3cn Utoskiaa Selp 1Rm3 CAMP £T ANA Ou wi
5HFT nJ.J l Yo~lFIC
Ls nn. -.r bat lyoIBhAT.M5O5NS&IY - a e61
I bol ~~tijn~~P~ntk~ ..fl~i' tol
)'Nt ~ltd~C-d

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