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Religious Notices.
Services at Star Iill.
Second Sunday in every ipontlii, Rev. W.
,g. Coant,. ]lptist. Third Sunday in
every month, Rev. F. D. Vanvalkeuburgh,
Service at It oman Catholic Church.
St. Mary of Mt. Carmel, St. Framuisville,
aecoud Sunda"y o( evry ionth, Rev.
Father Gcons, priest.
lMetlhodist Services at Bayou Sara.
Fourth Suinday of each month, at 11 A.
M. alnd 7:3t0 P. M.
St. John's Church.
.There will bo sxtrvic e in St. Jolihn's
,Church te.:norIow at 11 a. ill.
iv. rE. . )a[.oranlo will hold seivice at
.Tunica to-nlorrow at 11 l. im., and ;n St.
M3ary's Church at .i:"0 p. 1i.
This issue is not .i G. A.P.P edi
Ladies' lov quartelrs anld slippers, in
black or Ianl, just reccived at F. li.'rEN.
.sNEY'. Also good line of children's shoes
Grass linas and lwhite lembroidericfcheapl.
The arrival ot Miss Amy Leake
was welcomed :it the 1homeil of Mr.
and Mrs. \', W. Leake, Jr.
PRESERVING C:rAMsriot, tho best made
destroyer 111d disinfectant only 25 cents I
.per pound, at
SMmlllfOrd's Drug-Store.
It any 11att er persondit or local is
,left out, please don't ntkoe a plersoRn
al mltiter of it.
CREAT SALES prove the great
' merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla.
.H*ood's Sarsaparilla sells because it
.accomplishes CREAT CURES.
llaster Johliiie Tempel has been
qmnito sick, but we are glad to report
him bettcr.
A ftll line of lohist's Guardei Seed, tun
'jip, clabbage etr. .lust received at 1uma
ford's Drug St ore.
Mr. G. 31. Miller left a bottle of
,Tom1ato Catsup at onr office the
,other day which we have ,siamipledj
anid lound tobe A .So. 1. Le makes
it for sale.
Granulal efl;rtirveent; headace salt,; ten
.ceuts bottle; talcum lpowder ten ccunts
iex; lMu|nford's :omnpound extract sarsa
pparilla 75 cents bottle; tasteless quinine
tablets; Menthol Cone inhalers; house
hold anon onia 10 ets pint bottle ; tangle
oct fly lpaper etc.. etc., at
Mr. Jos. Town not only put the
* addition to his house, but lie has
given it a new coat of paint and it
ilooks very pretty.
.Ask your neighlbor which is the best.
machine in qtuality, lightness and dturabil
ity. 'I'he 4eneral alswer'is, the light-run
niug New l[o:ae, which las justly becomue
Stk(ladies 1favorite nmaclhine' iii this parish,
Slie wise anld buy no other, $1'10 cash or 'It
liberal terms on the installnent plan.
.For sale at Freyhan's upper store.
PIot. (G. 1). Picfels lectured hIst
night on "'Providiing for the Future
'Turnip Seted.
A fresih spllR)ill of Cahlhage, 'T'turuip andul
full garden seedl, just rtecivedu, at Munl -
fl'ord's drug store.
On \\'ediesday ,tle plicnic lilanned
by the entertillillellt conuiiiitie
calve of and was v\e:y lluctih ejoy
ed ly all.
Feed the Nerves upon pture, rich
blood and you will not he nervons. Puro
blood coltnes y tlkillng Ilood's Slrsanp:lril
"lIa which is the greatest and h33t nIerv
0ood'sPills cure l:ulseal, sick ]load
iche, indigestlo, hilio~ltii ess All drug
gist. .Sc.
Unclaimed Letters.
The following is ial. list of unchlimted let
teraellr l niillg in tile St. Frnneis;villo Postl
* ice for the week ending- July 1, 18i: :
Baker Jnlo ]heel .Moses
Ca'nady Lawrtneno Soutloiu.h Abiraml
Persons calling for ilany of tlhe above let
tr will please say they ia'e advorl itied.
Prof. It. L. lHitnes will lectlure :at
8hu' Ilill schooll hlouse Monday
Veinllg, , '5- IIi.
Nicola Iitimpela (hotter known1
8 CuHftrlery) aldl famiuly left for tNew
Orleans Thursday, wliere they will
Iiike their tutiir hoime.
lIlanUar's Prepared Paint .hi gallon
ertlS at $1.03 at hMuliforld' Drig Store.
The Bistei's tof Clharity desire tIo
returll their ailcee, thl;uiks to tlhe
generll public for its kinld aissist-I'
alice, Ii
SWhysuffer with Coughs, Colds and La
"llre yon in ono day I Does not pro
'4lce tie ringing in the head like Sulpluzte
o fquiniue. Put up :, tablets convenielnt
for taking. Guaranteetd to enre or mduey
file Price, 25 Cents.
SFor~ ale 6y F.b. MiMFORD.
Mr. A. T. Gestrell has loft town on
a combined business and pleasure trip.
Mr. and Mrs.0. D. Ih.Brok left on last
Saturday for an outing over the lake.
Mr's. Hattie Gordon concluded her visit
on Monday to the Rectory having been
called to New Orleans on business.t
Mr. Geo. White is expected to-day to
spend awhile with relatives.
Miss Louisa Klein of.Jackson is hero on
a visit to the Misses liettig.
MiassS.L. lhausey otClintonarrivndTles
day to visit the Sununer - ,ni l. i' \ ;.s
acctoip'iied by her brothi ,,, " . I. ":t:i
sy, ho r'et.'ur,l I he x t d1.\y.
, Miss Addie Tiunnuos of Sht!iihl.r, 'm:
cletld rh'r visit to the Mises. Ri'yau!am
iand the S:iI i:c:r t.'bool .i 1T -s,,
it :,ý I: i~l:,'i!ý ? : I.l rlvi i, \'t:,;iliii ' s.
Miss .h lli:1 Tom it; :nimot j'v 'oritr; to
rimu;s t'f thoSe iwho ide the w'hel
Miks S.llie i'i"Tit h 1'. t .e h e ] ,j
afte r i enj yahle vi. - it to isettli.a, f;i -.
Will are. pleased toh!. ^ olr .Vollln, fiend,
1!". l:%th i ich.i , who rItluri:n l hii r:
1+": l it" iy, : r !: a n;:I c, (t : ve:ral
yio;i'r, in .\, \" Ite iec. *
,:Fss ex cli ia i n'lh the 1i.',s K _ -
. A- . I'. rt.t..I'(.It li, (. ictI O'l.:l l fr''ont a
1;) l Ir. 1, to N*n',':' ]r,
M.,i'i 1. W. Zoller jof Asiwoodl is ',i:iltig
h r tliht.:, Alr'. J. r.!' islciil.
:i.'ss M' i ltc i l i viitl;ng Mi-;s 1 i:r.ie
1lh , .J. V. C:lhiliin a'ri'veld W\ ditnesl;hy
to \viSi: t., Smimilnr .iioinii;. 110 left on(
lri.dayI for Aleit:anlria:l.
il in. t W. -.it re t;riicl Tihuri'sI:iy
 ri' h.i lg bee!i o oilt a triip to Mt,
bell na.
I's A. l. 'h. llT .pstti n of (tr;i!t 4 4 ( t t:tia lh is
41on a lilf ti her iorthlerr , ?r;s. A. T. Gas
ih's. Vai\nee tnmiiiton will return to her
oiminlc iil N;itubhe.., tt)-datv.
Miss Zilla Christi an and little brother
are visiting at Afton Villa.
Mr. Harry Converse left f'r Now Orleans
accoimpanied by little Miss CI'ra and LtEi
Mls. W. 11. Taylor and children left on
last Saturdlay 1'r Mondayvillo, to spend
two or three weeks Outing on the lake.
Mr. A. R. Falconer of Smiithiand splienit i
oliO day last week in town with his
brother, Mr. W. R. Falconer.
We were pleased to sece Mr. Mor'eno of I
Sminit.hlaul in town on Wednesday. '
Mr. E. J. Buck left on Satuird:y for
New Orleans iand Detroi:t 211 ic.. Ile will
lie gone aliboult a week i the interest of
his uncle's e.,tatc.
Miss Susie Kiliibourne accompanillied liy
her two nieces t1hel and Ilethellda left for
hter homne in uliitoi on 'TlueIsday.
Mrs. Carrie Irvine is on a visit to Mrs.
... A. 1i.
Oil Tuesiay the lenlnl of he (.
A. P1 Inrived 1ro1i )1 ilatoli touge
neoip'. i iinied by Omile, lithier, wh.,o
had been aiiiltiated in that (lgceQ,
to ctoinei' it Oil liea:li er.' of IlrIyoil
;arat lolge, No. 1T, K. of P. 'There
werel p .(iliention:4, but SI)lm Werl'
ilseilt fo various C'ises,1 however
thLeeC we'rvee 41 who w\\'(lef made ilicin
be's of the G. A. P. The folhowigio'
is a list of the o,,iceri:
Htarney Skoihield, GrandPalI ; Troward
LLytle, Chief Couussellor O; 0. B. Steete, I
Vice Counnsellor; A. D. Wiili:uns, Coinu
sellor; C. 1U. Jolly, Guide; Philip Burg,
A list o' thosI lromO Blol H0ug(:
are us fllows
Chris. Jolly, A. D. Lytle, Howard Lytle,
Andrew Jrickson, J. W. Niekolson,*Mie
Chaumbes, Marx Lehmni, 1r. P. ,itld, "
Dr. S. B. 81aldes, Dr. John Jastremski, V
Hrrney Skolhield, Capt. Philip Ilurg, Pa.
Aldrich, Bonj. Iloehendel, L. Granauy, A.
Doherty, O. B. Steele, Leon Gang, 8. 11.
Jones, Dr. Coats, Gen. John Mec1irath, S.
P..Schilosler, A. 1). \Villiams aud Prof,
D. .M. Borrow.
'hue 'ollowinig are those who were
initiatediii Il e nJsteries o lhe G,
E. 1. 24lses, J. R. M'attthexwi, Jle Miller,
5. Dir'cfis, '. Percy, R. M. Leake, Isidoro
Hiller, A. Tentsch, :J. C. Magearl W. 1.
tEatOlcinr, S. o.cuithlll H1, Lofton, ,J, 11.
(.lrlk, iM'., Leyuiiud, A. S. Brasieiux, Vt 1.
tI. Taylor, W. WV. Leake Jr., T. \V. Towii,
Ben Mann, C. H. Argue, F. H. Tenn'y, D.
L. Barrow, T. 'lalbort, W. L. Stir'liig, Samn
Stern, J. -J. Wynn, O. Leonarl, A. M.
Harris, J. L. Golhan, J. D. Wood ;ir., M.
.Michel, L. JR Harrell, -P. G. l-ocheudel,
Geo. Baier, Cris Metz, Jun. Brown, A. T.
Gastrcll, Cheston Folks of Hcliauce Lodge /
Jackson, La., Bro. Shelton of Grecuville, t
Miss., Prof. Pickels of 1DeSoto . hedge,
Manslield, La.,.Dr. Aluey.of Fraalkiuton
Lodge, La. t
At, the residence of his parenta, On 'f-iurs
day, Jnu;y 16, 1896, -'t about P. ZM., Henl
ry Ilearsy, inhact son of Chas. Toortacu
and Kate .Maguire, aged about 5 niolit A.
"He calk-d little dchildren unto
Base Ball.
Tlhe Jac Millers of St. przawnis.
Villa left about 10 o'clock lasct Stil
day, mioriniig for Vow~ iloads .to plaiy
a matchel gamie of ball! withI *the l)e
Uniouys (of thllat lajceO. 'iIliei ' ere
met at lie ferry banding .by 141'. I.
Morganfr, who with ·'oiveyance took
1l whiii toteQin(oe,1m t2
(o'clock s:a t clownto diin(,whi,
wVas mueb 0 n~joyedl by atll. After'
(liii11n1n' they pr'weeil Io' to O' iI nd c
[ai'rk, etve ilta ex eelleut ga ino took
Millers by a snoreo of 12 to 7.
The fo1llowing is ther stwee b Iy it;
Plugs : , 8110b
jMiittoi'..... 0 0 2 2 1 2 1 4 S-12
ik!,r~cat.s...0 3 (1 0 1 1 0 2 o- 7
'.stitir--T'eii pel, Eutuerster and
'iempn pel J e1ell ,Soemiig Iigen a lPab
IT'113.m p"11i'('-i-)e 11101.41. or
Slau1ghter', La., Juldy 1t,1.
Thle Jhwglo Hills i~ of East, Fc'lici
aii~a a114 Stai' liii! teamis meot at: the
above pl; e :and(1 hail it out, ainid
siicli tilt out it Wa83. I heard sonlic
one0 s~lm it wý:.,i al elephant. seome.
After the third ininiig thle Roughs
were 110t; ini it, t heir atteiipts to bat
nPil Boot 1',s ballts were poort in the(
cxtreume. At the Imomenemt the bahis
settIled II ja he catchlr'.' li mds 11ile
1ºonghs would strike and *you could
hear ilnpii', U. JeoIIi " 51 ag I int.
lsame old dlolefu It tune, i [ree stirikes
TIhc Ihlolglts are haiitsonlile fecllows'g
anid as dlaeull as smioothI wa ter' awl
sioolul be i InIIdit tda:t town iihal I
Was pldayed (lurng tIP Ihe war. '1'110
War is over, boy, pWaen
thIle Eautional -ntne: calledl bast, bull.
About the o1nly play of' (hit Ilighll
1was a Inlet' caught by J. Lrvhi!, withi
I IllS exception it was a r'el'y loi:ggodtl
Attemla11('(1)! .::lun:t 300. i eol'e,
Star Hll! :; ruts,, 1Thogh Hills ).10
l+ ltteriies-Eindis, \VWarneri'· 1)a vms,
P~eebles, Boo~k teir, 11Vozsh a n, Daniiel
andl Wi'ldblood. I'uuime of' game, 2_
Iloni's andi '10 nintte i. !o1pie, UI.
Jeauic. Scorer, Chias. Lb ydl.
Some one satid iie Sla ughtfor team
i had their.fentlmei's uillm2iled hi use
the-Starms "41,1i' hilhted tChow inthi
liast glille. E.oulne over boys, we Cai ll
cotton baskets i:ut ctd of in its.
Our' New Specialties.
(U roiii ii h rI iitr'vesceui t,
l Ila:ll; clu; ! -a~ls, te~e c coal, .llottlc,
'1'atlouini P'wdtcr, tll cents iBox,
lxtiact SC:!1ssa Paii I Ia 75 cls5 !hdtler,
llousiN b t le ?i~tloU ia, 1 Clt :4 I~i of;But I.
Ot;.Minor' 1re-3tie
The~r not~le. tol ri Ie~,v t
W'iS t lit· iot' jiit~l' aot 1100 )Oiit.
thai~t thiere is 111010e thi~m~i one0 2ie·
Thati wit cii 3'OZ1 3110 Ia to to I lill 1101'
1011(1 whileii " 3(11 gioilr 11010a; 2 o'i lookl
inth !iiu)1Iiiiie g.11!Ii~cc ~c ~~
samy·~) fo~r o1il tle!. h~rdt thmi;igxs the;y
Mfiss Kliei~iipeel i' ll ~~ ~A (i
fT'il BI'Olo l)(11(.' a il ; Mi i~st .[elci otiOi
t~liu hizi miic oit M ~i45 Ixoi ti~iii fL"Vd 33
·i'klMs0l, iii theu tSpio~l~norle dl1ii to cii1
me'WJ the( Jlc )i:ckl.f?, &reat;o',"
SOU~010 1 J!SkJ,'\\U ll~ at iii I~i~'. 'F '
feimieo put aIl'Oiiid hliS ya!rd.
dcl ig atlid 8135 orilc ('011 nl'M8css. sw*'i't
''i3' ~it i
At~Mio~fe~1'sDrulg Store.
Picnic Notes.
The otrt(le of fortune revealed1 the
liysteries in ai tlnhfulfilwag.
The sui i nter ntornial itosi have glt
toll out of the piickel as to the la t
The swing'Iing hi:limimic ';7: t~lis
('ii1l.'- of I110 down fall of i~e~~zai.~
Ji n pitles, but st dl I they dil ?d~ wt do
A. ptIOliitiiztt teacher wa~s UIl.1:'aIii
wthen the wagoni drove off 1'. thudi
not eXplainº. \Was hle oft' A7qlvn- ini
t he creel; I
The wtti tte~-111oni se1i-i ni inu o w as
exui t rig, MittI linit eqmua to the 60) yd,
ihaih et filie thre i(0you lug laq~lies.
thereit (illS a y oung forrester t here
T ('onli liiihce had reasdonu to be
proud1( of I 1he spot, seleete d, -fro i (he
i t.
Tim1( charzge wvithi bayonets (Ii ii
b)1-lla) wars; moreo that :l ht) couild
Sm1te on1e wished to knio~w v ieiiu
was thli~ pr of ti'st- grout of(I gilrls.
The~0 gaeo ival cutuips wts
veryI juclg a iid (enter'tainiung.
rfhen1 Sifl lt Normial has al:traiettil
130 ciiferet I Ot, i$tois to the Court
1[flouse mtanuy 0of l~l wh om wm Ifrom
I1ý. (10) ()1y, ini thait Way flhnitl'c i nge.
theic ntt c'z the exrie have t.l
We w~o ud iikce to be, :Lile to sauy
thait l110 1 ( !tlie, molthier anid f~lt Ii
{ -'.i titani have, 'vet- iii at teiidaiue
at thle schlool 111)1.1. W hna youi
'call this, ask y5IiIýicl ýai In wit -ii
0110 on 1110.0 week is hel1, fur ,111\n
to) seei' this school!. Wiiould hiot V')li 1
clhi~t1li 1)101111 It) s00 aelu t nl
olily toi show oft stm'.l.
-$100 Rle~var $a04),
Theo readers of thisj paper will el~iepia s
ed to learn that there is at leas(, onie dreadr-i
eel diisease that 'science lhas- beenu able to
huc nall' C ta tae and that hi Catarrhl.
BatsCtarrh cure is the only positive
C1)10C 10 no iuowt to toe inedic~ul f'r-ul-znit, f
Caalanith being a Coils titntiwi-I v Misele
require-s :1 cannst I itutiouai tre-ttiniit. Ihal' 1I
airC 'cliv uip1)1 the his1t 'isi : ii 01)1L1OII snl
fidt~es of tlict satsii,-i. t11-i i dostroy ing
jaYCiit u li~n i S CU; e ati vo po.'e. a lidt givin
thler I,: lntud~rne~i indolaiin- ing up th
ith work. fut w1"a)1ot1S heaved sy Iinet
VtI )' a 1, ; (11 a ll lc 11.) (,1 ,,....ý1 1. . l ýa i i'i,..
Great Slaughter of Prices
- mile Cltn1llllu mvii it -ý
Ou) i~Uºt 'Vln :tl~i U (1 te s tock of L d iet' wnaists,
i+ $1.00, $1.25,. $1 0, sold for 75c
2 C~iý t- orfigiurcil IUlý Ws altl tnUi nI hts Ford( et' price, 17je uoW 2t
I ca~ c of white cirek"S gooud, worth 10, 15, 20e "c 86,
I lot of figured pique, fin ml et' pr'ice 124cj, "c- g(t:
cc a cam 1ric' .ii L :'
2 ( ~ixcs iildst Ic a :ltid Fa~iit of th Imuo 4.~~lr·4 ceol ci, at
L lot of SuiBah, (2 in siii k ,Int satiiin 35 a ud .0c, oiw
.OUlt ('lith ie sota (cI 11;(1 t'rl' 1 U:dc, lWI U I at pi loos IIi(lIld oif Leflo(e.
1 (atec of silJ I llspie :d mnd Itf, ecl I:itlic s 'sts, :1t 25c
Out'c Cli u tiruock (it l~itIs' it!uiu.wquet (aire. anltl sfvt1 .its gloves itt 5Oc pr""
I e:'.: of'imlljiorttd.l toil&'tixtra cI j ll t ecei veii. (JIteap iif orSOc. OiI, pric
J.s cccircd a Full IEaic ef Ladies' hSes and -Low Quarters.
Res' A I 'ROS.,
Wa tchmakers, Jewelers
end Opticians;
,""- ~·' .". ._ ...-; r~r :.:C.Yu' '':t teZ? · SN.gat;C sabS~rAtlicfIE)·L+CT 6'
1_ itil1 tk Wtchers,, Clucksn,7 1
Jelryel m, Optical (oods.
SO v&t ':iu' l an Mte(1 wareJK
(':ii !i nt·g1 t r 1.; iri ;g t(u'iL tºI ri by 1 nil will recoive out
. ' ,l s ý :". :a.ctli~i:. IC paneim gratrnial uii. our imotto:
"U.i , , f: c il ·' t!iily v Low Prieis!'." .
ýi.i , aton Rouge, La;,
C:: "_-.ý _ -- e s ::"_ _ _ ýý ý. . _Y_ ___ _ r _ ._-...._ .t m.. ..
"F ront Stre:3t t,
ro Fresh :a ;kjQ~
lbý (,TIt
NewOrleans' Pries
;'clcu 'v $2.00 lo $2.25 per thoustnnd.
imvdteios l 't 2.Q0 pie thoumnd,
"' '' 1.15 '' five hundrd.
DANCE14 P111 B 1: . }::,
P41)STE RSt 01? AI1 SI ZE..
Printed at this offico on ilwrt noticjs.
F~og Gale,_Cheap.
Tw'vo (2) (n1 lctt I:; ii a tis, 00 s:eiws
(3:1(11, and will) 1gideV':4 andi :o~nklInI'e4.
'1ii, bruseh, and saws, ,in f:t tho whole
sfailtiy a .6 i 9;2.0o l rdt'r 1111d1 tlloue n'lnltl.
st:w d!ncs 111 II 044 (14'L ao 14 W44 hpii
('41 niclyi4~ll 'J5 at Gullvtt Factory. For
pric" ,t(., . ppt' to (hlia. 11. heed(I at
(heenwomod Plamntation, ur to'Mr. Wolf at
Fl ey hain't,. '
A t, otcsc of I}lait le' il, J ut 3loe3, 1iM.
+ (Btgni buisan'si. au. 2, 1X 0 .)
i Lome and Dise rlllt-............ as, 731.67 a
I 4Vlait( lt'cu a ni d , 1'i tt ......... 2,'011, . 0"
(((((() 41!,1:1 l '2'J,'laigt 1:t--') 4ti
( t. t '1 . . .. . :ý
w'?( 017
IA , Ii iT i~ii'I'EK4
(Stnpi t: `; tool: (palid inI) .....25 l(t
I: Ii ilel hiltt: a tr ltH lt in
4lit'itl4ild \ot. 2, and tilr`
heIl :4!M to date ................1.0;h4A1
Dividend No4). 2............. 1,000.00
! i( jJ4)4t' 1 I ltiii t'il on $ ~2.4r .54
81, 330.17
Parish of Weab .F:hciaua. (
I, Iý.. I Buck, CashIicr of1 the Bank of
"4 tt 1 PeIl icIIu, (ot St. F'rfleisill114 La4., do4
) .Isol ] uldi. stteat I hAtt thlP, ivtI)oi HttlteOIeiit
is tr le to theo best ol 1111' Iclly knoledge 3 and
htl 1t e f
I. .J. DUCK , Cashier.
'Sworn1 to a11d subht4riI )l4 lMtltoro 113 atI
113IOIl 441 2it~. !'ral)(eavilI(3, La., thise 30th
Netnrv' 'Poliho.
^ Ed,-ucat io n.al.
_ _. . n 1
Bauldiig SclhooL foir Boys,
Rlato: extremely low owing to an on
do\vWient. lhealthfulilocattonin the *'hill:
couutr." HIoio iluflucnce. New gym; ?
unsi n. Instrucrtion thorough. Discipr
line nlnsurp:.scod. For Catalogues td
cdrcss, ,J. W. P~ RSON, .
______ Soc'y.
,,j-rQji*,l S\ EE'r, HOMEIL ,
There's No Place Like Home,'
Is a universl stficlint, ,"nd for that i
retaoi, doubly well uinued, is
To the yongludies andt girlsin itnschprge.
it gives tle adtdv'.motages of istruction in"
lit,,'atur; , sctjo.j and art combined with
all .the c:,u;inbonmets of it relined hom0o; so.
that while tho minl is cultivated, the.
heart is noI ncglectled in learning the ways
of tobl. w(olllallhood.
For catalogue andtl terms, apply to .
444 Camp St. New Orleans, La.
Elovonth Year-Musical Art, ,
5l15-5l37 ! CH. lIARLES AVEitNUE.
Ample Accommohlatiouns for Bonreding Pu
A splendlid oppoirtuaity for teachers and 
!advainIced\ sturdent to perfect themselves.:
Studcnts can tentcrut ~ny time. All branch .
es of music taught, lnd jlangtages. l'ho .
Ihigh;est degree in nasie conferred. Ad
drea New Orleans C nservlator'y of Misnli ,
Dr. WM. 11. I'ILCHER,
10.5, 1-u. Mus. Doe. Mi C.
.SOUL> is a nos
The EhUreTeer
"stM eoter
Al isy Tiee.
Buta for Catalogs
MEFA. A"D L!fLlfA awv..rled this school by
Worll' Colu mba;nu .Wxposition, for great excel
hnce anId improOved rmethods in Iook-kepingLb
O';fng over ;)0 a;wards Iby Am ericac - anl
V",re::ln Ebthp,:l.,ition#. tas E~nglish, Aca emnlo
andi Whorih:acd $chooI.4
For ' year< rcenowned fr its High OGrtae "
Courses, I'hlloophiF Sy::emrn, Advanced :
Accounting, 1'ractical : td ] etc-'l .ec
It practie,,s non ch.rh'";'im. anc¶ makes
no fae 1i:lecrne ;a;d tlt:triling promises t*
del'ei'v. .ini I l P ', *. .i.. ptinIg. Many
thouslnds tl s .~ tiludel.ts arei leaders in all listi
Conerc!al Cov.rr Gunanteed JH igtet
end Superic t to rciay o!, i n the [;Uited SilSta,'
Write for E:1lit Spchll.!un I'lelu of Sotl6's
Great Work, 710 pp., on tuok-iee";;g.
Address: 08e. 8OUI :. SO.,, NHwr Orllns.
If yo want the best expert and sclentfie trestat.
Lent bythe leaina gbyalclassantd speciaUstC of ths
country, consaultohlylDR. -ATHAWAY & C(:O. 7
Dearbomrn St., Clhictg. , I All ll C Ihroe Di.eac
of mon and women, Private. nkn, Bl. i an s er-ri
vous Dlscases. treated ba ull overe Ume
world by sendlng for ymptoBm iank No. I for m
No. for women No.3 kln lismues. No. 4 or
Oatarrh. Beet of profeslonal and lnancialrfcer
ences,. a legal guarantee given if necessary.
F"ER - 64.page Medleical Referxece.
FRE EJ' Book for men and womene
who are adieted with  ay
forra of rlivate dlsease
U . . .peculiar to their se, oa.
alous difseses, female troubles, etc. eald two 2
cent samps t pay poslagq, to tlCe ledlal lipa.cla./.;
Irts arindrlsiolanl mltha country. 6
Old Ne. 8, St. Charles St., Mueabls Tempsr
- New Orlesas, La. - / :.

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