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The true Democrat. (Bayou Sara [La.]) 1892-1928, August 01, 1896, Image 1

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.. i;i API,,. ITSIi:"-N(II'I., A T"SR"
I.' AL1 ITS I  . J.
.I o _.C RA._ - - 72 -D E M O C R A T O F..iC E
V - . . :. .... - --__..-'____'-'._.--.---.---_-- _ - -.....- -. . ,. . .
- 0 - , Em~.; "PP GUISIANA, SATUD AY AUG. 1, 18 ,,,, .6.
O. *.
lice u rc,1:r Ig
offtice i'"! :1
riCt lii'
"MPL, &
TTORNE'3 ,r1 LAW, rci~nuý a nIi .
ST. EUANCI1\,lla . LA.
Ii ; ! 1 t;1'
w 'sN and _vs;Jo J
)vin Ky ~rd~
be . i V.Et. Ernauci Vllc, uu the lit :La.l
uiutn (In th 1th a oth
fneye Powe ýý r
St. l'l;ttlcisi llc,ILa.
prepared to (10, 1ll wuriu i i. hoc
..tr residcclc c.
hhas. W eyd~r
I;ayo " rli , La.
*OCI( & s
[ILERS A1.) GIN S'I AN$ ti
ll wor k, t hIt I i' 0 10' . i) (a\
0 ~ DAYS, Will loc suilt to 1!a: C0i..
JOS E in taa i::
VER~Y S'' rfkrlIE I" (CNE'~~
- I j
,jti~sI'4't I ' si
Suppily of lllol·sr s :I!!i `:kilo~ fuir ,`ial·. tco;
h d r 'it oaf,1! llg Ii 1
-tend Carritýigc X'eo(PVo rIw l
\C ' ''I`c t i n I'º
-iincs, Iby ?ter S Iah
. Blillds, ])oors, Etc.
J. 0. Diem i
St. LLLANCI t A1 lL, La.,)
Tin Smith, Copper
,Sileel Iron o orke ; .~:' I I~
ShT 110R a
YI' \rcarl
U uai'aiiteeJ.
ceara1Manu acpir:ig lnds an
Lumber Co., Limited.
All kinds of Store andt Oflice Fittin ,,
Qffic6 and Factor,: Cur. I ow:atri Avenue-!
Slnd Dryades St., Ilead of New BasIl. i
R:-ll. HACKNEYT, Pres. a wl Gehl. "\, Jgg.,
týA * tebUSif'a3 Eye 'ind Skin jntr2ent I
u for !iLzeoul, Tetter, 'alt
amt ~ % Nj .fdr c. CiU1X UCIe
1 ! Icin -.ls 13;11'11. 1 :0"`;t. Sites~
LneSote bares rnan. u;ranuatcd 1 Lid Lis.
or sale by driggiss at 25 cents per bos.
YSor putting a iorse in a fue hecaIthy con
iition tq I r. Cadd.v'a Condition Powders.
hbey tone tp the svstecu, aid1 dgcstion, cure
10.seofaEpetite, relieve ctnstipa ion, correct
aldne disorders and destroy wnr r_}, giving
.,flew life to an old or over-worked biorse. 2
* tsper~ pa~kag Fcr gate byi irgiuigs.
ASK the recovered
d-spiept5cs, bilionus suft
firers, victims of fever
; and ague, the mercurial
diseased patient, how (Ii
they recovered health,
cheerful spirit; and ge,d
fappetite; they w;"1 tc!t
you by taking ttmxONs
Llvmtt RErcut..un.
The Chleapest, Purest anod Be'it Famtily
Modicine in the World!
l3ilious attacks, SICK Ii .hEADIACHE. Co!ie. )clre
sion of Spirits. SOUR STOMACHI, I ieartiburn, etc.:
This unrivaled remedy is warrantei not to conta.n
a single particle of MIERCURV, or any mintraltt Ir t:,nm.r,
but is
containin those ou tihern Roots ;and IHrh. whic:h an
all-wise irovide:ce ha.s 1ti.:c in cot, ries 1"l'ece
Liver Diseases most prevail. It will .-o G !,,
Dileasesi caused by Deirangetment oi'l:o
Liver and Bowels.
The SYM.PI TOMS of I.ivr C :nl , tz:nt are a i:;.:r
or bad taste in the nmuth Pi1 II the ltacb, S:idU:, er
Joints, often mistakent itr .hiheuilal ismn ; Soatr
ItOtnach; I.rs of R An pctite; itcwels aiternalely
costive and lax ; Heai..-; Lu:s .f M~. mnor y. i.h
painful sensation of haliht filted to do solnthit'g
which aught to have been done; Debility; '.lcw
Spirits; a thick, yellow aplpcrarc" rif ti:: `in :.l '1
E.yes; a dry Cuugh, often ii:: akei f' r C, :-iu::n.
Somlletimes many olls f these s n te,
disease, at others very few ; it:t the L.msi, the iarg.,t
organ in the body, is generalvl the seat fl , di:ie e,
and if not Regulated in timen. g;eat suf.eing, wti::
edness and DEATH iill ensue.
The following highly-esteen,e', persons attest to the
virtues of S1mo:rs L::.:: R(::tAr r : ten. Wi. .
Holt, Pres. Ga. S. W. R. I Co.; lRv. J. R. IieIcr,
Perry,Ga.; Col. E. K. Sparks, Albny, (Ga.; I :x' r
son, Esq.,bheriff Ilibl Co.,Ua.; J.. . fButts,;a:tibrkgc,
Ga.; Rev. J . . ltr'e. Macon, Ga.; \ i:il l'eer'-,
Supt. Ga. S. W. R. R.; ion. Alexa::der li.Y tciphe,..
We have tested its virtues on::ally, and knlew
that for Dyspepsia, Biliousness and Thrubb:ng Head
ache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We
have tried forty other remedies before Simmonts Liver
Regulator, and none of them gave us more than tem
porary relief; the Regulator not only relieved. bat eured
ius."-Ev. T'ILEGRAit 'i A:ND MIESStNGeIt, MACON, GA.
J. U. ZEILIN & Cd., Pihiladelphia, Pa.
1. ) 1 ~i~ :U0o your ji
per1 (hat11101 1ni mal't ghltsLl till uuu I is
SIili do heilW\ a 10! in al ii( ifil: l sup
E Žg 'ver teIl11l t'jo I is lll :1t` editor) l1
1113 lillY (iillli''1 e W 1IV la In! WILtili
butI) hlvl0, gilt Am Iii '4%
grace nodI Ii~ -i; 1 c il't, to I~lep tini'''t
I *1l10i 1)) I t t he (I2 '" 0 1 "'t' I`~1~
iii iti' ilý t':i '' ; ll 1 'S y
I, 1
t~eo t the S:I '"l, Ait
II L iCe the L' of 1 l 1t' ,I`01 , tt i
(It( (t l os . eI so I t ' . iw Io
t~) Il t tl :I O tý !(t~ l 101,l tie 15 ;'(iii
pepl 1 ICII Cil t)1iSt I~ii(tf1
1. blood~ ''1 o il the S higtlt oi'th ee (f 0'~t
\\estId iit tiO. c, .Y: vc't I tctlr(tt; ,t,}raf i1t f
iVst an tidh le.! uniluon, agtin has I the .
motteed tela~e ofl' th ofs o d Ejlt
trype, OSIO rate lly tl gtis d. f~luei!l it) uti
- i
{ lts.'e peoti e 15, 'si'lt ii :t tit the *Ii( vsý
1 1 it t 1 k ! "o o r
;1 F ;I'rei it r ( t ilt il
11111(1 pd I, rot l o 'PO!l' i (it ;
Ott I tOU o( ILv sgestt iiil g the 1ioCti &
1 1 e hi P1 (t lit.1 iiist g i)(It'1t IIHI megs
uted. fLithaed to kel t(e ti~ll'lighel Iiu'I
of' aG tow Eattt ta
lgsj~i whos t)I11t('IO l'f(t'thil( to l'l Iiltlu~lly
21E~lW 1ii(1"lV 1I0(111 ttoidi itt g t 'le( esttlll't 101
). t tth i g oay M 'o e og f1111
slavery gtultow fi grattht the 011
/ oil' ~hri~r·SI i~
siiilCV ll who opo l ýtheir hts t
.S1ieltl ' . 111of tl 1its. 115 lotuS 011(
" I I ell ttCs , y o will, the t the wild
fitis ight o!noy
el% i iitonl AorI
U ro p e , e s g o al t g litlttl . 'U lt I- c ry of ,I1
of i to I i1c, coicl tlit; r( :I'; 11111t :t 1:
This ;real, nd patrol il svol ion o
our cuntr is ettin quie hoest
of ateani vry igheicle . lley(
t I~l( wlUo ~IL'e thleSt' 1!1!'.11 a
i'ut stort ;Ilz;!c,'l o r Ic
1Ic'tlSir l j)(MS ()' d. licJ; Ii I OlCi t h c i I
ti cket aull1 d c 1oiI~l ciii te l~ie pl:Nhu'.!
L ,''1(}II g Li l'I1º It~iitc~ u a t1 hit:i~lVý were
* 14''- 1 1 I 1 t 1: ". 1t: 21 : : .1 \'l l l. -
4,41 s~y'Is pi 1`i iit'1,:4 :4 l t\ 4 1: ' i ýi {1i l
;e Ii;)¶44 I!" 44 44441)
l+ i. :114- r
I I.. ('4.41 i1; :!1: l: l 't ,",:i W
.17 1
Vs, I
I 'V,' \. . 4
4 4 .*. It {II4: l 1: \ 1
" I ;F. + .: 1111: ./) tl
4 I
+'I I l " i : t , :1' , 1 t : .. l,.
(j :" t14 Q'!:1 14)1 j.;:1.! 41 4'!.4tt4V4 h',",4i
jH,'I (t.iA{1 t. hf t I ii~(' l 1i ,.IIdS !' SO a ,h ite 1
t ý I
lt. fiv toti' g' ol i 111.{lt IIIIeV a
ii'l ((t\V (fop 111;( pa I ). " ;,t b tau~licy tiak-'l
in' M O W~CI uit Iiiit ý: , ! 1Oý1tt 1O eiae it,
pi 40it V199. proiivlIb:i the kiu n"t
1;'111 ! t' lil 't (H III ;ý( I !H!.'t' .A)X tVi t vNII
lniow .)11 .t 11:111 ofiI t hi" nlityi ltk be hI 1
f ; " uj g f 1)0\"'1 Wu),Ithe Ia \ hi'tvIOl ll?, 11
I 1
I aidt 9i)..1 Lit ASti) tasc gIIIILPY.
th~e StL'i~dl.1 0) tt igt';1;111 0 lis I 'l
, I
0100 0", the wio.1 l `',b!tsMI O f;iilll
th tILi l la fi i-.
cii(tl ti'. · :t; i I yltit 1
1::)111(+ ln t eS 2 va lo):l ieks ti 1
(.il1~i( Ia.!:il 11Ld t I4 :. 1 v i is 11 I
*4e4 t!i0O5 l~ al iis) he sa
Silve 4) 14 :.44 I \ a 0I)H41 Il
('U;i( i!:)'1 I~a 11i~t:'( 1'1 i1t erc l ml
cr4,1y) 1C( 4)ii. (*it t iio
!;lketf .i (' :1'!I1II.:'() il a ll ltl',l.( 'l :LI
1 .C~Ii',(I l :s;iir
of tiir n\witl canl fix' : ýaIiiiaid, 1w
\'ila 1';1 (u a'w, tlu nto hey not
the( wt;ill'±'(' of all pioliit. ;bill pOt~ti :'
1141 it Ih ' lC\ `C 1!1)11!1 C tll'ltW ii'.t thit it 11
it F &e ti' to Ic tl lh 11
I A l tl '1 lt It ;2;titasi tree entllt- \
Ago :11111 a Ve' weaki' tle, is with ti
tr'ee e'oiit a tzt t Ii;it a fteW mVille it IS will t,
will 1w he nel, clte ile.t who is hone fitlt- t.
e~ti !;tll, it'int wa !a (::"ICItel o1 gold1 I
yII iVl III SOI IIIit wo 1 gld ou till riettd., I.
hoe V.ill1!tig to (ostt iI 'l Slt in la s
for at, ;t l ! '11w taent. is thait I
Iitlltit'1t ilea (t0 11:1 ge of Silv er. a nd go;lti I
tile nb1otCy- will nit he stored nluviuJ
; the vaults lt the ticastlty 11s at.
1)10501 lt, hut wvill passt at once hIt ot I
th cinntes itIr:tl adevrybut
, nett- antd workbinig Hit ii an114 lt1)4 hHctI'
j will tie t(e'iitefit iIt weuld ntot he
- ContllrtolIed se.; it isl : . ! l+t3 a lowV
11 men l call (;;II "t+i 4f 57' ,ttgt~l~et the e
-i wth ild 1);t; t avge a Jti (a id
iU iiiyst tacits as, titiW hit you in ut
1(3,w'( ttt1Jltle that i t-Ivestmottts ol this
re 1 rlteit 01lglit~l iahite vt Iil 11 ll kini 1
,It. CI ic al CsýtiitC hisall stifl4't(tl 'tiroughi
tilt; g:;'litidil si1zzliik 'g otitf Iztltles. S
Own Il';!''i ;h. . ,1ilnc! a'c!;ars ago c, Ite
ene;t'td this fie-I], whecni 4,ttolI to as
"oz Iii 1O'ts nit l a gooi Lt stctrr
(l'b(i Id ,t" zm:ogags og n re z'~'al est a
at I I0 II II ce gt i :ttt i' t t tri 1 iI C hi
To ay i ill"' 1iel ~iionts e 15 rzneitct( ut
i r tl )i'· ain V" lhll t wu (ial 111:1t) i'll(' il
:itlii W til A jli i have no tlhl itoll \ I
*i'iit 'I ' · I I. 1 of t l-,-·? · t~
s ill I a
) :I;11 ihz'ail ai a1)lill lii ad. l'atin o..ui
a i
cit M'I 1' lCti 0lts ti , ~lt) 0lli1 thii cl i i'ap -
c~Iu1. l ol by c'' wil Is a w.;Ie'
vdt :~i '.1 1 (()Il1' tax law11, to 1)IUVi(tIP
a miust. this jieq(.itlily but the Su
pi uiue Colurt lleciilv~.tl it. tincoll~titu
I iiiiil, thleILefore, weC hiave. a p11 ivi
Icuigedl il,,gM \Vili Iiv( an dd l'atleul att
tiro e(xle(-tuie of tI he 5uitity, paty
uittithg toWtiri(rIM its 5~iIPP tIu)- t, % I ho
iiin t~liit.11431te its fjiuiiLctiaI I)tivY I
I anid dIIe d~oiug i 1i031 the a'. to l4.tp&I
It hemusel yes iii w~veu. Tfle piiay~uae
I i uie'i I. i..e 1 l-e crt II&v(l tl of i ie
V1')e agais j m~ii::. ;lai rue to I he
Frenc h revlI~e oluition! . In onie resl'ce:t
itis si uuilat." ili t he risiniig ol time Iueo
!ºte :ugalnst a. 1to-wel'tll :l awi11:1C!'!1
dtcermi lin to IInte at any oot. iin
11111 hiin g tis (o)ta risoui (or its own
I oltish 1tuu'lpa$C, the Picayntuuei iutita
I the Aj 11'ii eui cai vUl)lu ili thel moist.
ii 11;lu:ia:I. uui~la ct'1. Th'is: is t.eu1V4'-c~0r~
~~il(:if s t~c'J ,ifs.
ýt'ti,t VI1 it 7 IIIºlti(' .igilc u M [e I fI 111\ ':; dl; l
Well I : 1 t do tha;t f lie ;j'ei~;I 4 tilt
liiiel icilil eitiZeii is the p)eel' ill 0iCllt t\
1)111ioil l ike the It Sr.tic s oi tiattli h
I lcogh Ihu iev~oliitio~s lie\'el' go,
h,;ll~~vk WliS. (t'h~l~ic tills IIcVcV b~li~t d1
i l
IVt III I iNO('ilii il itiketh
(n..l)tiii' i'iiil('" is a 1im.polu sitbi~i15lit in
Diiifll 1x11Yl-a. It. ita(lites iloe. tVoth'
t i 'iu ,I)I '~'~iitft tlºi itf l Ori t v iui t'i s oti'.
HI 110 lic~i it goni th hyiiuel~tf anhdeii
1!t- l1'i't'S f011b(Wii evolutI1io we will .
Iliii ill tovm e Wf~ ilii Ii t', ive OibOth
. tliotsleli 'Ao thei ldu s to h i #ll ,lOv .
itt ales Iijlise1VI01it ot od Eltigluli ' re
ii I 11110 fori tlci u s to try e delleill ?1o"l ll
'fi,;,lie I, h ran rte a hi f (ý l.r i ja igti
;;1"A'l j tt'd b they greon ld . 1)0 loe'4 iigltift.
;i\ iSt ,10 0 . It it'y 800II t tI gOi" wi
to ;ie 4",li hoP ulI l ie ,114 it my, W ithr
sl soo'I ilpilse Hii, S;id itflogs t'~id.a b-L
i I lintl alt l t ivell . W ie h ave Ith ii!, I ha tl
(it I't lii' jt'tq lor ate itW C O pal ille o l tl g
t ilc rto a llt Ic l i ii g i onlfooP-t
to wll. biiil &lgie oiti b it s, too takther i
iii xcloo racs mid 11voh~C r~'l,eii speuk Iiig
liid o theus lae I near( al t it i in rt'
*hat SI i a idbo u '4 Witb itS byi
1ti systemdeiil.s d to csuit foreign o th -
t tl les s aY sllttl. Sllliet co'x
,i- a st' .tllt Ieto, always in the m w. Is it:(
,.i' ot tie fo ns t tak ils lead $~
\V' adopted by the gold papers t'ri 0\\llt
itj ell 110one.The vei to ftrgt w
S.':º:cUc Lati n ( ·a\ c I I'rtt A. .'1Ii ira1r, ,,iu. P3i't'
St. Francisvlllo, La.
~itJ1, - - 85Qd
Saiy dcpaist Boxvs For Rent:
]'\cl, tng e boulght nnil sold. Prompt servic u ve. gtLti edi.
Your business is re?4.tcttllly 1e4YL tuI l Red, BaIlic ao s from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
1 .. 13 ] 'I{ S. ( c, S VJR( I A.W Io. ADO 1 IPI N L0, ) E SR., 00K
. i L. P E \\BOUR'Siylk 1i OhfT. I)ANIEI, I W. BUJIL.º
j ade to "O rder.
e (tbrcnbr i tl Tailors.
They Csuavratee to Pit-nd PieMs You.
B. jjReeT eraoRTr nt"
It __ r rr ~u·.nrrr. e
;tonic of the hlll'cr lol.#tt Ihat but it
a 811021 W1llil2. ,IA~go thcY W( d hot
221 Vw2Irtes of the Lai. St2th lot I otery
(Do. anid freely ;uºd eliteil 11i uoa
failuii It 18his st~t (3 U21Qus it was
Ii :(3IIse. Pretty 122uls 1C.2(l lnnitil
sO22l0 Coll)IdiI~~Ult they 11(e giving ;4.1pyn h tt tpolet14
011.0 I)Yi4 itig the stttdllt 1iI&osIII 1 Ylie 121(1
:11 of Miss CE i.1V 221(1 1,il 80221 % of Geol2
ownV~ s.t :21', 10c~khn112 of K1'., Sol
2222(1 V'est 21!f 1'is182l i, ,111 21 Iao2t of
0,2 C 1'S 11 o t(32IS 1122222 iivl08 gIl~l uwist
4,h" 11'I,1(liiltorl, Ihan thloser gen~tleue n
2I Ia li 11 1 l l vs. 'Cie small.
QwI2 peopl ha21e1 II2LV C tor 2.2222Oil tideIwQ1ta
:~ii14 2'igiit'y tic, i ill liiso 122C111 1112111
they ha;ve init tIC geilliilem2Lf who1
wI] to Ili r2 (IIi tiiO ~ r 222311l2'21;iCl8',
wit'i2 2 t: 01i.120 Ii4ll 11112W U1 02)1 (222,
S111-01,2~77 s2wk 411(1 other cxcelt ; 2ges
,111(1 who 2() 112))Io,", w ith baunker's,
l)2ht1"C2 .211(1 c(l2il)021 Cli º1Pp("::
M~inurtes of S~1ioouI Bord M3estUng ~L"'
'11w Parrcl ai":tt l3logo 1(:o~iiditit Il
aJi ~lstu tt. qu te 's:dI.1
L Iu~r~l:sou., Pluvea~. a tid thec 8ecy. 8C11
1I'ai1 4i ]I and~ duly 4th~, aittl of ;iiaet
te~i'l ad aplwoed. Bills oil r~~ti
I!wtt..es o'f Q~ic lt·Ii. Wll) rti I IllI?(tl t~he R
Su a utet'l Sc Itotul weai a Itlid ii.\, a 1141 1k
Tulcc (02tt IIjI,~A.cOc ;rjijioi tited tO, p113 lto
pae tl wus lllt't e., !i~a 3lrd 100111 ot I l~ie
ii ' izirhr veiuit;lttt' vi authorized· ton
Li imve'td'l'L1 ' *o advit~ise Ici blidsJ hir Cn
~itdl;S iii ueptiu T4ru 1icnbrltdiC4 Iii qJd 0
1~soil LI. f
tstiti I !sll1 It tl dOlt tt(IO:IhI. Ile o f~ .oth alel
Boardlt hec t~ousttl ttle 11 (x~mtiiitt~ee T
I Ito sceou'O 1w( sigia~';titi1*4 oo t ther t~a x
bre prv'& tled:~ 1' to theu P'oliI3& duty askt
hg II Iiiic! *Itt Iutit ( I~ ixatiutio
ttut ~rtii ri'l5 1111~mlS15a ~
igThe t;,1l~owriig ;iClOeiitik rwere i1P
tg~ 1.(Cof P, ·Ilodge eint J uite 10, mrd for
LieSi I~i1~~CiIOI.............. 2 00s
I J F~l~lk illt, br iregltt. ···· 7
.l Is G: W 1' iNecw tin 111 wundli ic..... . 4 · 7j
It Mix jauitor ............ . ... ..}'
D)aniel & McQleen bill sultdries.... 10 20
Sydney Ke:plow work .............. 50
The ISujit. iriad the Ifollowing re-l
prt, which vwas, oln motholat duly
carried, ordered received :
To The lion. Parish Board of School D, I
I hog to suhlm it the foiilowing for your
'rTh o euumelrlition of white children of
sch5odl a+, in this parish is 715; colored,
4700; total, 5415. The enrollhent in, the.
schools siln Jan. 0, 1896, llai been, whito`'.
336; colored, 120; total 1250. The averagi!
attond:lacet was, whbite, 215.85; colored,
612.04; total, 857.89.
-. suans:"y of expenses from Jan. 1, 'i0
' to date, is as follows: Salaries, whit
t teachers, $2738.75; colored, $1369.50; total..
o salaries, $40t8.25. Other expenses:
Building schovl houses ...........$191 30'
Contingent expenses ............. 503
' Janitors salaries................. 36.75?i
SPer diem ........................ 36 00
3, Lents lad ralia . ..irs .. ......... * . * 6 60
s: pt's. salary... .......... •.... 118 65.
traveling espeuses.... ... 80 00<
''reasuer's commission............ 125 81
Tax Collector's coninlissioni........ 10 5$
T l Total, $1247 S3w .
Tot all expensce, $5345.64:.
'rhe receipts from contiugeut"fTlnds WOe0.
whito, $52; colored, 485; total $537.
i1 The time of the country white schools
e, was 9 nmouths, and of the St. Francisville -
school 91 months. The first ward colored.
[II school was opened for 9 noes., and this'
year the unmud termi of the colored schoola
in the conatry (4 nies) was lengthenitl ou
i:I mouth. The above record will compare
0, favorably with any parish in the State",i
x. the parish of Orleans not excepted:.
:its In connection with the 'above, I wounld
he ask the consideration 'of your Honorable'
Body whether it would not be advisablej
it t to open all schools except the colored ones
in the country, earlier in September, and
,re. .to close thetm on the first Friday in June
Sor 6 moe. after. the first Moudtiy in Jan,,:
nary. The severe heat proves a gret
0 hindrance to regular attendance in th .
uearly summer season. Also, if, when dfitP
to mouths' time is given to the country dolor
re. ed schools, that the schools open in De.
f ur comber instead of adding the nmlth ii}
May when the pupils are busy It thei
fiel ds.
e We may consider as another sign of the
favorable improvement of our .choole, the
W L$ steps that have been taken to provide
the snitable buildings and fnrnittre for thie
trce country schools. With but about two exl..
t ceptions, the school houses of the whitS
schools are comfortable and donmutpoiota
ti to and except four, are practically owned b
ask- the Board. Some of these buildhigs *at
tio m not yet finished, but expect to be soon. It
is hoped that this improvement will cont
tinue until every schbol basna good build=
ing and good furniture, and every build
S1- ing with the land otn which It stands, i
the property of the Board.:' Up to datei;
$5 00 oply two deeds of land have been uade,
glthough several bnildinge have beei!
2 500 0 t wio.
' 50 Two white schools are taught incehuar4&e
- '.-
•,., :,'.

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