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The true Democrat. [volume] (Bayou Sara [La.]) 1892-1928, August 08, 1896, Image 1

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,PR. 1UTING- ' m a
D r EOcir AT AM IT
OFH~c~'i :.1E
- .. .. __ _. ._. -... .- .- .- .. _- . l... A 'I'i;u1'·H V ''L . J [ t 'i
LV· .24L ( CA 1, D;-;
a ctiv t ih l
in lu. et'1 n tlt(':'tOi. Yr
O~land ~UdgeWOrk,
GecI Iflll t Ii.j~
St o t? I (i U it',' '.e I
pr&~prc d t do ll o
D 1ST. ' A11N' L 1,Cl L
rS5I1A and 6U :e P
bH i lS t . F ' ' l 1 1 ; "ý'' . ' L
aI wor ) t latr ,'eiails iugi ioyº i.ýhoiu ciV
0rDAill hl l e sold t o 1utc:; ooi tý.
irney POare", Dr ýr ýr~
St. H'r~tucisa~illctlaL·
ltropare'I to (lu all work in~ III's line
eilt rusliclrucu·
e dS. kded 't,
]Iiagol ara, La..
,ock &L CunsmitI :o
uOI14h1:S A:ý 1) Gl ; ýý1 A DS ltl:
ti ork tknt rettnt~in, in tub' shh~,l' r,\ c;
U1ý' , will be soltl to 1º:ý. cuJ3t
of I
IVEIIY. $i'rlu.A"L INS COS~EC'!'l n C rc
SuplIY of llores nnand Mules fu:' Sa le.
hoot of l hi1,
larivare, Stovefs A'V o1 4it:
and Cirriage a VOO(Vrki j
Rope, Woods' jcl irtilg liwa
chiines, 1-~Lay R eS, Sash
Blinds, D)oors, Etc.
J. G.Diem
St. h 11?RA C IS V iTi"L, , LiAb C;
Tin Smi optU P ' &
Sheot Iron Worke '
All Work
G: narautcc d.
?Central Maulufacturlng and
Lumber Co., Limited.
All Iands of Storo anud Office ljttings,
'Offiee andt Factory: Cor. IloctaVrd.Av enle
Wran Drvailaes $t., 1leadl of New Basin.
It'iI ITACk:NFA, Pres. and (Gen'l. Mgr.,
Chamberlain's Tye and Skiin Ointment
Is unequalled for sczerna, Teter, Salt
Tlrteuni, Itrn Seld Head, Sore ii)plcs, Culli'l'-"
~jklrlP ItcdnR es~, Iurna, Fr~ost 1lites,
nieCroiSore Eves a'i G~ran~ated Eye· Lids.,
Torsaleby druggibt- at 25 cents per box.
For putting a horse in a line healthy' conf
4litioI try Ur. (:adv's Conditioll Powders.
- They tone uip the sytcfli , aid tligeatilon, cure
ios of appretite. reieve constijption, torreCt
'kidney di orle-;N .lld destroy Wu1'3filn, giving
n ew life to an old to Vi:'- t'Orkhed1 horse. 25
£e1t',Ir jTcý{;I~ e l r ~::1 by d t+.trlr
. ' r - . - .Z.; C- r. Y "
t1 :. tl Ii.t r.;'* !. \" 10. xi r Il . it 1.;
(~LeN i'.. Ii't ': ..':' '.k' hu::t i:i 's t1:. 'i
"3 F ,ý . IN I
I.; .
iii ... " J"t .i~i)* i '
It 1' .ý "", "r ,!l 'i 8x't s
' " t " , ,:! 1 ;i . l i : ii i il'; . : '. .!`; . :: i t; , l " t o l III
II. LI QL '- \ \
'. t\ " i1 -ti
111 : Hall 't. Ne u t'l";i1:' 1.i:
Ample Ar\(( llilid t 1it r ft IIOaLl? ng Pu
1i1.4. ()PL '["'tIIE" ENTIRI El YER
l splendid uil i11iiiitni for tc; 1ci'ers ani
:lad t'iil 8t iiltiits tim ]:trf t Il(t:;1"
NJ u~l ot can unltmiat anc tine AIi I7:nt inI
e; o inmi inn1 [aO ogl an, ll eM 11
ulie~Ss Newv (Jilca1i t I t~iir rtue ; l Cr n.
1- - ----- ----- -1ius. Due.1L C.
SOLILEF /lar Q, L4.
Iii1 Spji',ini
--ý-w {y% Tme Frtlre ~ioar
IL~ if~rri/ A. A!ny Tlno'.
CmrA ~: Cn1:!5~n.
MEN :: ! "D *:O :- wnr(11afl 1 I :;li ',c1oi by
0lete ii l¶1 imp'11 t i 1· '' I i neU:: jl ;
1:1 ;ini 1 Cc1 ' IC 11i ii r. i: i I l it O~ tl
iiit 82:i,r~il' e - :ii .
1'or :'. ycsr- eti no v t d for is 1Amh ;ramce
Courses, 1'iiUOSCii7. EYStei;.u, Adva-l.'2cU
- ccoi-ltInS, 1'racu' &.l id ;t alta lei
Ccturmm:5 1el I: Ci. i-c d'" :'ý :u nI r7
ofItu:r ·J
prnC 1;11; al rl;F :! V N .,.rN : ; r't; ter: L
ni' A I *i,. My ii n~
Great '1k. mlt pp, ii it L .1 ..C *
A'dr~em8 CF* io. c{ L-;. A~o Y'V s!: ~rl
,. ý.~LJ V UT 9
XI 8l UtP.
JACiZM';, L A.
'1he 18th 'ssý 'm of this Inst ito tion kil
faciity "Ve li1alies et' c~alture.
in cub~ d*Clrt Info ~t. tpna~crior.ul ntiv a I
a ~t hrifhy Out 'i'edl to tI hse, ynung 1. dies5
4v1051 i u a1 Riim ulh i a nild Iiuird el iiua1 lol.
'he health of the Instil t iinu is un( Uls 5
rorp1i Jeila.ie I~r aot~I CArtulognlW ;bli'i$5,
11t5$ L. .1 C.'I'LF'I'', rinn.
Covers 1hi steami piping and (drunsi witht
Carey's Aslhesto- ae on oectioii~al Co'
inlings. It. pVc fur its cost~ iin Iless thana
Iyear. Put in t i boluplsonl clipso Itlower,
or hultc~k-w hi t tial. i'ii t or jilicL5 oil
rooting, bujildinl r m lining yaliurs and
e:ngiiners' supplies, to
111.' 11 S tr()IcT ,
9-b. (rvai a
Agent's i-rvest 'ime
-LIFE 01'
Bryan & Sewail,
O-l 1}"t betl t Biography of the Iletuo
iratiu' Nolminiees for resti(Cllt and1 \Vice
Presideiit; ahead of all ot hers.
This wilt be the Democratic Hitand IBook
of 189)o ( and millioins will Ce sold(.
This will hIt the year of wears for the, sale
of Jampla ign I looks, for tiere ijeverha
9 been slich c :citiClie·t and controversyu o
er a National eICCt iion.
Book w-ill lie hlndatifilcnl illustrated;
(59 pae on titre papt'l r, Clot Ii It'di iin
I $i.FO, half Morocci Itinlihn1g `2.Okl ; mail,
Very Liboral Terms to Agents.
Agrent, gtet to work 1nuic'l. seclii'O the
cramm of BnlWies., anti Coin Motlyc. Scottl
tfor elegant lI'rosll'c*tn, 10 cenlts by inai,
ali1d t :ke 0i'tllsl it t (Oiii I. \1d«1oi -
t617 and )19a Emilie 1nl~tiItin; 5t" L~owti .
S -
0ý Ir .». 't,, , 'vein oar f.actoy at
~ 'iSkS XIV.--L_ j
t, lioC-dit: in,
f. i' 0tý'. ii) ý:ir P Rf
ire ý, oill DiZ j
f I I
mrc151 1 N\ ri
j~~8 i_.-.. .-----
ASK the recov;ered til
dyspeptics, bilious suf- O
S ferers, victims of fever I
and ague, the mercurial IIIt
diseased patient, how
they recovered health,
cheerful spirits and good th
appetite; they will tell
d ~ , ® you by taking SIMMONS
The Clheapest, Purest and Reft Family ibi
Medicine in the World! `i
Bilious attacks, SICK HEADACHE Colic, Depres
sion of Spirits, SOUR STOMACH, 14eartburn, etc.
. This unrivaled remedy is warranted not to contain
a single particle of MaERCURY, Or Iany mineral substance,
but is '1
containing those Southern Roots and Herbs which an
all-wise PIrovidence has placed in countries where
Liver Diseases most prevail. It will oure all
Diseases caused by Deranugemtent of t I
iayue tanci bowels.
Ihe -SYMIPITO'MS of Liver Complaint are a iiitr
or bad taste in the mouth; Pain in thIe lack, Sides or
J ints, often mistaken for Rheutmastism ; Sotr i11
Sitomach;l Loss of Appetite; Bowels aiternattely
costive and lax: Headache; Loss of Memory, with a
painful sensation of having failed to do something
which aught to have been done; IDebility; Low
Splrits; a thick, yellow appearance of the Satn and
Eyes; a dry Cough, often mistaken for Consumption.
Sometimes many of these symptoms attend the
disease, at others very fewe: butt the .nrse, the largest
organ in the body, isgenerallytthe seat if the disease,
and if not Regulated in time, great suffering, wretch
cdness and I)EATtI will ensiue.
The following highly-.esteemed persons attest to the
virtues of Sia: tONS LtvRit REGULATOR: Gen. W. S.
Holt, Pres. Ga. 5. W. R. R. Co.; Rev. J. R. Felder,
PerrGa.; Col. L. K. Sparks, Albany, Ga.; C. Master
' i son, b.,Sherifi Bib Co.,Ga.; J. A. iutts, Bainbridge,
A Ga. ; Rev. J. W. Burke; Macon, Ga.: Virl Powers, I
I ( Sept. Ga. S. W. R. R.: Hon. Alexander If. Stephens. I
W1e have tested its virtues personally, and know
that for Dyspepsia, Biliousness and Throbbing Head
ache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We
have tried forty other remedies before Simmons Liver
Regulator, and none of thmt gave us more tian tem
porary relief; theRegtklator not only relieved, but cured
us.i ED. TaLEGttArtH AND MOSSENGIrtt, MACcONt, (A.
J. IIH. ZEILIN & CO., Philadelphia, Pa
W\e'l11 hgiu Wvith a, boX, a1111 the
1 l It t Iie 1)I!1* t'i III t oltX l4u01) e ox.
enI. not oN ('S
7111V0 one {1)11I la 11 g)~'O( 1~ llt.
YetI t he 1>11 Of~ I ro lvet ý31)Otl1i ii
Ilueve I):. ilie('tP.
1Y'ou may jthi.O1 :1 1uuu13 11111: 1)11' 0
11 1 I he ili :at Gi' IIIBi I -T al a
\\'h shuliduit tle jtnu'lr( of 1)111
he (;11mf Bedjol
T he .ci w ill the 1i~ hd I Iuin'1 he
I>nt, 11 (:oe if(1 ,e~atetd Bsuevel
(dl!Ietd knue',
IAnd t he pluulal1 of roe, is os
11131('1'V .0
If I ;p('at of It foot .1iizd yoll "1co«V w
'Anal I givte SJI Au hoot oould aI
II' onie is a tuothl, aniid a wh ole set f
" .are toot it, v
\Vby `h ill'1ili.t the plural o both
1' 11h0 singularU's this and' the3 pi-1a
Slioiiil tlhe. plul'Ol ol kiss ev'e.i be
nicknatne(1 ket i~slc f
Thef (te, lll 1e that br Ilritn\nl three~c
woiuidi he thitixe,
rel .,hiati tin the phinl a1i wouitl never
he hIose,
And lith eIllpill of cat. i-S Cts, not
We speak of a broth ''dt<1 also
B~ut t hough i e sad, iniot her, we
never say tnot~hv eli,,
rflen1 the iii eISC'hil 331)",m p ItsOiI
Ihe, his and llllj .,
Hot -I( magi iie the ThCii nine se,
Se) thle Enghishl', 1.hin k, yOl ;1111
Is t hie qu1eer"estt language yoit ever
9 i 3la ee.
lis wceekao I sjftii'ei1 ' jitb :a very se- I
VeCro told. wasI almost non ide to se11ak.
My friends all dv;idisedl ciU to Conllsult a
pys~icia. Not icing Cough 11nmo(Iy mmdy
vcrtised iii the St. Pauul I o!Ak Zcilm UJ 1
11iocured ai hot tie, and( a fter I Ihing it, a
short iui to was emitirely w~ell. I now tost
heartily rccoIoL'll33 i R Ie3d this ied to anyl"
ot~I sont riflg Withi a cold. \\NV M. 1L, 637
Selhy Ave.. S. Paul, Minim. lor Male by
HeriBusy Ilaids.
I W heim SIt'ý WcAS lilttle hate, (,V
ry one who cm 13tiel. eat'ie spoke
of the re t iers ha ltl, those timy,
lm~timdm wchich Wicro like tIlh pet-18
of t rose. They were alwmays goiig,
ciitclthii 1galt Ilie sun~beMlatlrying, to4
'y I. i n º (t''tNlitillbg that tl cn.t1 .t,1511;
toil IºIi S eoreha~ g w d1* Vsjulst stallin g 8,
and I Oil1 e Ii % g, S . Ic'11 to 11'11'1!.
111(1 hl.tue WitS S) ituilinl Thaert.
those hlttie Ig5la jlt wou Id hove work
to do, or vouldlc ever hitve. to hle!
4i li te eat ly'illg ol huidrtens. 1)aiilty
bIRby I, ids, eii tcll-illg at the suu -
I~carIs, io doullbtt tliy would go on
(atlht5 I I io c iiug but stullda ilns aill
I uloiºg 11(e roaid, lor' all tluiigs a11e
lu)~ihl when (o11ly is dreumiig
oult tlhe fuitteI'e of a lit ho elih.
U / r\V hilt they e l-L, Mill·~cl lJ' S'', and
it, hl thc'le a itdlt Ibuxyc\?t'rl, lli'
eect~~(~led IIthen) Ito jbe bosy, :1,11 ev
ery one& 1:I [i, to hi e ,zx'efltvt) I 110111.
-No o)1e ever, thou il: t 1I luI t hey
illolilg h 101 tirie lutigel' hituti aIAd
a'uti() he wet0i{'( 1)0 ge . han ds ,i1'l hi
sto g l h1t'; 'ºty itl u w <1, froh lo~ts
thyext ec !t)t ndWa
1- t"h l 11011 t1 toil uuecohil
I , plati iigly ; t'int Iheie wats so 101),
ato 414, a id Ihe were WtO o few coutld
d1o it.
* * *
'[he yeni' e lS(I( ; the bu~ll1 1at l
rr tII Ico It a! rs :11161 h1ar', ill iugk 10
wh~at, it Was to toil ~'vhiI41 othiers
his t oil INt their p ortionc,! , fo~r %rhii:i1
they hai~l beenM reaeted.' T1bott
t heir iand, llItd hneei dl non :14d rvli I t
("4)OIdc. I'Jely oW' Sx1i(? '' Iare :{
(4dtII l hale IIh',y t) le 1 spoe110 allcil
i PIau i t k b e a u t I n io w . .
itme was ltng pasIt ; lOl ntOuat
!1 evor. It sh e Ii i 1lt only pI W bU e y
1hl t 1 04{1;"' \hti V they'\ % oil~lt le ,salt'
I deii Aol so the"ý 1101111 thit har
Buds ~ \"1''t Y1,40;~g a
li~eat Wei'
Isle, siti.bro 1115, weioe busy IIt) V w ii h
hotlly liii higs, anud the eIhltlr ell
wellt oil their Ihrcipy gays Wi(l is
V11 1. + "
tt * tt
After while it. caue tio Ipafiss that
these clkildrent expected that another
woll 1 do the roi ghi. wortL, aiind
l onid lkei1 inll the baicgrountid wvheni
thy lhad conpany. Tile p oor (old wit
1hanilds niad toiled Slo hig., aundt this
is wihat iltey earned. Thel hair had gh e
gown while wlite :thl; hands were
tnny ; and the hrow w;as wrinkled
anid the f1n1i was beiiat. All Ihe Ali
tici oty waS r o!nn. rihie baby thaI
ihadl bhen ;0o ctreet and dainty baby
thte halids that had Eheen so sweet
and lIiinty, lianis that were Ineve
still had ttecone rough and bony, n
an~d uiInlpalist to look upon. And ii
the sol rev ard lthat they had earaned ci
was tdt1 the chi-bdreil f1r whoii they ilJ
ind I habored were nahamnedl of then i
foni the siglit of tIhe world.
* * *
But a day caine at iast wheti tlhe
poor 011hi kniotted, unsightly hands11II
were itdded, anll then the childreui n
knew. 'uhey learned iwhell the les I.
son was tro late,; when no crly or
prayer of theirs; could pierce the
s that had ever ibeforeti beCIen
heat to aiiy ligh test tone thait ncate
from them. W heln those busy
.hands were busy 10 moret, hbt lay
- I ite still, with their work all t out:,
Sthen thilley looked balck loug tihe
, path and saw how they had lived
st their buiterfly lives, and Ihnl left
Sheri to toil fur theta. Poor, tired
iiiotliCher, with thle coarse hIandsl shut
Inaway untder tihe cotin lid, if the
tears and1 the regricts and the love
might only h;iave come a little ear
lier-for we pass through the world
Sbut 0once, lid those iue sol:rowf'ul
lessonsL which ,one learus beSide a
ny grave.
Was this a dreami, I wonder.¶
to \Was it ever true? Are there any
r. I hands at niothets w1icuh5 1ow baud
5. 1 M(U. IANV1i S'N, PI.T A. 1'itirl"C, ViLic-L's t. E J. I tl : L ir,,h
st. Fraucisville, La.
C sh Cpital, - - 2 ,
Safety deposit BOES For Rent.
Exvchange bought ni d soldl. Prompt servke guil r intentlt
Your busin' s is resi '"tfu.ly solt :ittdl . d Iastkh atlr h ourn9,. % . to 3 P. 1..
i -r-.4.- -IDIRECTCJ)fl -O -U
I "ý( ~I~W\O 4l)OTPIlI ''.L' UPCU, (C 1). BROOKS
{E. J. lIl(' IR i ~". I n Ti . 1; ,0Al
J:.'1,. \1 ; \t L· u PA0 " I I, '. 1 hi. III"l
S. Have Your GLOTHiSM
mrade to Order C
itby.... Oy Te h
...G bicago
MerchbaIt Tailors.
TIey uatr rntCC to Pit and Please You.
Iooi AT THif SArdPIS* AT
'll- - ____
i t t' Wilt' accept notes fbor tuition, or cam
GCIARAIdeposit moneyy in back nlil Forition
tiI tion. Enter atany time. Cheap board. Send fo free liustrated catuleg. (MM tiwatb e)uer
I( 1Draughon'S , NashlleT
"1 ft tial Tetna
t; i t 8 1 Y ;
peru,! - º'ad zebettrurd ones in the South.
p~t ractical th wrl, sarere eq l ý.
an ro gthe essivnschools of the kindt rd it e os hk
S ndorsed by ban ersg mere hants, ministers,ep d others. Fourweek iOn 1o rofthk hav e
eto twelve. n e fudol or t .F.Dughis author rtdaTePsn,.
IIte of okeeping" which cannotbe tdught in any other school. and
0 3 ( o F ahootheroiae 7BpsonsS Colleges
bgiven to anyocollege if we cannot morwevoritten applicatonts fntor oefi epue s Ca
' tenographers, received in the pt n s. We expend more*
in the South, all "comrbined" can show to have rcceive t Fs yar ua me
In tio"aey in the Interest of our Employment Department than mtostt thUsiess Colleges take in as
tuitioin S50Q.00-Amount we have depositedfn hbatik as a arantee thatwe _ayeit the past (ci
i i" filled, and will in the future fulfill, our c ouarntee WOMB STUDY.-WWe have pred.
especiallo f )nekj`books on Book~cu6e lg, Shorthan~ d PenmalishiP. Wcbrit o rice list.
especially for home sir p, bok nville position as bookkeeper and stenographer'
Iia tl " PROtr.''J1 B' GHony, Nashviille now have a psto
for therSoutheern Gocery Company, of this 1lace; salary, 679.oo per month. Iweitallt ao1Iyou
tt t on book keepiiig~aid shorthau prepard for home study.--llnnrran, Pine 111,Ark."
ºill i
sOellI Loutk at your ntoV hl'~) F iilail, I+
and l'eitrl3 yoiWr lcSo" 1 . neo:
Would nt..YYo
to 'Wouldnt YIu
If I had t son who would smoke cigsri- S.1
I'd iiistil him w
WVith tlhoughts of the evil the hlabit le
A'.d 1'd fill Klir. ofi
With' Cideldof it al flow to (ik 5 fio
its alcts
*1 vwoud drill haft, '.a
And if that did no guod, wVitlhout y 1;a1y
r&e~grotS, e
1. Iwould. kill hilt. li
1.. A. W. Iulletiu.
yi lithle boy, who" two PRm.3 oif age,
.'was taken '.orv ill with blbody llut:. 1 c1
i1 wab advised to 11.90 'luurlrtllal~~in'ýt Co"lic', c e
ii* Cholera an~d D~iarrhlo5e remedy, il$Ol tluc- )
y ily prl(cureid pt of a bottlo. I c:arefutlly'
ut read rho diroct oous',id gave it aecordintg
ly. lit was vcry low, hat Slowlv anid l'
snorly hlie egoll to improve, graduitully ro- 0
covered, auth is now a8 sttot and strong as 17
ie 1 ;oel sure i1t rsaved his life. 1 necv
orA'anu praie the rctIued3' hlalf itsworth. t I
I amn sorry every al1 in' te wor d tdhe
'I nt know 111 good it is, aus I d:,.-'Ml3. "
i8 lina S. Iiiutol, Cra11ahu15illc, Manrioui Co.
or Florida. For halo by t. 1'. :i lboiI·lIO,
itu druggist. I
c li
' waprhillG ftllainps With the Czar.
iY 3 A piliell it'i!LYo'.1I) bgstei's'clicnle
183 Lhat YPaunefi Ont inGreat Shapc.
i , Some limºe 11go the attention of a
Ite phihiluleltiaut!t Ler;t' s at 01 it teted
Ted to her little boy by the tuori. I hint he
left lay a t full IengthIi on the libii'Y
red 11mw, evidentlty inol vel in the iii.
hut tt icacieS of Ielcr whritinig. All l
t the datiries is to the pm'port heel pro.
O vu posed dceti initiou oh the hholarious
u IV- productioli tiled to elicit Ititthier
Wll ietuiit'rk thanini ;ad vice to "''wait a
vthul while." At last the liIuSlSve eu1ded
o e a with a sera" linig 3t8h)CVSCtihIl)tIIi and
au lti~t lel t sighi of relict, awl4 it
was pioudly borne to the father 4andh
he4i mothier that they might be affordhedt
atiy.1 ol)1)orttiity of I pressing their.
l itt c'.11 t't ah~ ppl'obati tiO. whivii c u2!
dentlL~y c:ý}ttcdt'r. t
liimagiite I heir strptise luni Ue*3sir".,
.eyes, full ulwu~ tlat fllcnº itg : _
"Dear ·Cz;lr Since thle cleat" off``
your' father you mu8L have eciv0tied
a grcat dleal of Iordgn postogOr
st~tittn' oti le~tthciii front your Itricialt
'Slho W11 C solT1v I)i' r(tI. 1 ett cMA
f'eeiling post'age stamplh laud if .yoU"' _
Will. }lºliluu HIlud Inc It goiod lot or
,four~s I i O- iclrol yui'utiOllO Atnel
icaln olie iii rctn r" ,
'IheO1 ii'tclh·H alt first Ilatgtett Ott'
tlIti(Y.t1 but th1e litle 1re1 WIgwan bW
oveideutttly 1ikuwl waill' tbis iclcft OrFf
his younlg hi'ai nt ih t .wotdld collY.
Iall t)('elrit h1a the .oyval .:galZE'
1 cofllg a iii'g the ; l o igattell
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t1To makers of' the daily press
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With nothing left to kick nbout.
afll L,. A. W. Bulletin.
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ti ant! WONDERFUL are tae cures by
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h eir I are simple and aturl. Hood'sSara'
parilla. makeS PURE VLQOOP

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