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Offi cial Jcu nal of the Parish of West Feliciana and School Board.
a o u Orts of this tli.
of Fourth Cirieit.
ri Cliiton, La.
W. ], PI:.(Y.
,. st "" IL'ir .
in any c unrt in this
aonk Buiidling. -
S eelwri lit,
dRepa ring a Specjalty.
mains in my shpl) over
wK sohl to p1ay cost.
Dealer in....
cion With Store.
and(l Mules for ,ale.
a Guaranteed.
1i0E WOOlD WlRK.
nishing Coods.
O' V).OIN(; )lIAt.
Allik, |i ....
Tin Smith,
SSand IlEETl1r.IIR
g and Roofing
III, Proprietress.
RD ....
onth. Hingle Meal.;
: institute,
('f this Jnstitu1tion
her 1, 189' . 'lhe
Sin e~ch depart
yonng ladies dlesir
flaoihed elucation.
latittioU is nsnur
aad catalogue ad
(,TLETT, Pri,.,
Jackson, lda.
?T IOM, .,
E LIlE~ 11031F,"
ent, and for that
aareis tAflt ex
ilrles ira its
Soience and art,
environments of
'hile the minl
' oot neglertedl
noble woman.
.. 0
D. ·
A River )iato I[nsults a New Orleans
Lady and is Killed.
'Meagre reports were received in
Cincinnati. 0., Thursday, of a terrible
tight on board a steamboat on the
Missisippi river, a short distance be
low Ellis Landing, the result of a
mate having iieed insulting language
to a young lady from New Orleans.
Three persons are reported dead-
Second Mate Walker, a deckhand
namiied Ste.art and A. F. Wilhoit, the
young man who undertook to resent
the insult.
The young wotiann in the ease is
said to he a Miss Evans, of a promi
nent New O()rans family. She wished
to haotl at Ellis Landing, and have her
trunk put ashore there, where she was
going to visit her uncle. I
It is reported that the mate refused
to land the baggage, and in doing so 1
used some very rough language to Mis ,
Evans. t
A. F. Wilhoit, a passenger, regis- 1
tered from Cincinnati, who was on the
upper deck at the time, happened to
hear what the mate had said to Miss n
Evans, and rushed down stairs in his '
shirt sleeves, demanding to know what j
right the mate had to talk to the wo
man as he did, and as a reply he was t
struck over the head with a club in the
hands of the mate, whereupon Wilhoit
pulled out a revolver and shot Walker.
Stewart. one of the deckihands, was
approaching with an open knife to
come to the assistance of the mate,
whereupon Wilhoit, so the report says,
also shot Stewart, after which Wilhoit
jumped overboard.
It is thought that he went under
some coal barges as he was seen ao n
more. i
Stewart is shot through the abdo
med and will not recover, and Walker
is dead. Wilhoit's coat was foynd in
his room, and it contained letters ad
dressed to Alfred F. Wilhoit, Grayson, k
Ky., where it is thought he has rela
tives. Wilhoit wore a K. of P. button. k
The uncle of Miss Evans is making a
search for Wilhoit's body. i
;Irand Army Encampment Adjourns.
"The thirtieth eycampment of the G.
A. I. came to an\end Friday after one
of the most succeesful meetings since ei
the organization 4'as establiihed, in ti
Illinois, a few months after the close of P'
the war. The weather was the best de
that could have been desired, just el
rain enough to make marching and ! ni
sight seeing; more eldurable, holding I a,
off till Friday afternoon after adjourn- Ic
ment. The crowds have greatly di
mini shid, thousands starting for Iome
or other parts of the northwest imame
diately after the parade. The parsae, is:
while smaller than many that have pre- al
cceded it, was one of tht tst handled sc
ones ever kuown and the veterans are ic
all proud of the line marching appear- thi
auce they made in St. Paul. The as- in
sociated org nizations held full business pr
nteetin.gs during the day. The ladies m
of the G. A. R. elected the following to
oflieers: Mrs. Catharine E. Humrt, of
Louisville, nationalpresident; M3rs. A.
1. Anderson, Minneapolis, and IMrs.
Sarah C. Masmn, Nebraska, vice-presi- be
dents; iMrs. Flora George, of Washing- F1
ton, treasurer. Adjournment followed ol
the election of oificers. At a meeting in
of thie assuociation of survivors df the an
Mlississippi marine brigade and ram on
fleet, tlhe following officers were elected: ed
Commauder, Maj. Geo. Q. White, St. 18
Paul; senior vice-commadider, Geo. H. fo:
Barker, Kansas; treasurer, Capt. W. gr
). Crandall, St. Louis; secretary, F.
W., D)ecoster, Miinnesota.
Workmaan Killed.u
.Tames Long. who resides on Con- H,
stance street, hetween Poeyfarre and o
)Delord, New Orleans, was instantly o
killed while at work in the Whitney fro
Iron Works iMonday afternoon at 2:30 sic
o'cluck. Long was at work bIolting a inl
spur wheel, and in doing so he must an
have raised his head. As he did an- at
other piece of machinery struck him Al:
on the back of the head, crushing his yec
skull and killing him instantly. No
one saw the accident and it was some
time before the unfortunate man was
discovereid> Some of the workmen sh
found Long anti covered the body. of
The eoi~"iiti#as notified. After view
ing the body Coroner LeMonnier gave fir
a certificate of death from accidental fe
killing, and the bh,dy was removed to
the deceased's late home. "o
Powder Plant Blown .Up. t
Part of the ErquitabfPl P1~der Com- prle
p)any's pant, four and a half miles lin
east of Alton, Ill., blew up shortly wh
,efore 8 o'clcck Tuesday morning. th
It is known three persons lost their t
lives. The works took fire and a big
storehouse was in imminent danger
for a time. The shock of the explosiorn
was felt for twenty miles and East
Alton and Upper Alton buildings were
dlamaged. In Alton many fancied an ga
earthquake had come. The names of pr
the men killed are: Henry Ricket, th
Thomas Pepple, Henry Ilogers. A c
second explosion of less intensity fol- Or
lowed the first one.mi,
A Sentence Commuted. thi
Gov. Bradley, of Kentucky, Frida' au
commuted the sentence of Anthony pro
Alcom, the murderer who was to have tor
been hanged at Standford, Ky., on o
IMonday, to imprisonment for life. te
Condensed into Short and Pithy Paragraphs
, For Our Subscribers.
d Mr. lPatton's Accounts-Shooting Af
fray at Baton Rouge-Nude Hody
it Found Floating-Additional Notar
is ies Public Appointed.
i Negro Ctrimhinal Arrested.
s Constable . L. Stewart, of La
mI lourie ward, brought to Alexandria
d Saturday and lodged in jail a negro
o named Peter Henry, who is charged
w ith larceny, and also violation of con
tract, le was arrested in Avoyellel
e 'Joseph Andre Acquitteld.
A preliminary examination was held
e at Colfax Saturday by Judge Mecham
Sin the Case of Joseph Andre, charged
t with shooting with intent to kill and
murder. The whole day was spent in
the examination of witnseses. The ac
cused was honorably discharged.
Negro Accidentally Killed.
A negro by the name of Robert
Logan was accidentally killed Thurs
day on Hart's Island plantation, near
Shreveport. He was engaged in press
ing cotton, and was arranging the cot
ton when the press was let down,
mangling him in a most horrible man
. MIan and Woman Shot.
News has just reached Tangipahoa
that Wright Wilson had killed Dudley
R icks; also a negro woman. Ricks
killed his own brother a short time ago
and was a dangerous man. lie has
kept the county terrorized for several
years. Full particulars have not been
obtained. Wilson was also slightly
Nude Body Found Flotling.
The body of a young white woman,
entirely nude, was found floating in
the liver nr near orville, in the lower
portion of Concordia parish, Wednes
(lay. The head was crushed and the
evidence strong that the woman was
nurdered. She bing nude there wasw
nothing about the body by which she
could be identified.
New Tealchers.
The school boar-d (if Abbeville par
ish met at Abbeviile, Satur-day, and
appointed teachers for the public
schools of the parish for the ensuing
year. Ahbtlville high school will have
the following instructors: [Male depart
•ment, Prof. 31. H. Pickard; female de
partment, Miss: Maggie Price, and pri
mary department, Miss Lilla Single.
Two Pardons Granted.
Upon the recommendation of the
board of pardons of Louisiana, Gov,
Foster has signed the ptardons of Nich
olas Liviochi, convicted of horse steal
ing in St. Martin parish Jan. :0), 1898,
and sntenced to the penitentiary for
one year, and of Tom Vaughn, convict
ed of burglary in G(irat parish Oct. 1,
1892, and sentenced to the penitentiary
for seven years, full pardons being
granted in both cases.
Mangled in a Cotton Gin.h
A. Perrileux, aged about fifty years
was killed while working in the gin of
Henry Cohn, at Port Allen, West Bat
on Rouge, Saturday morning. At 6 i
o'clock he attempted to clean the moats
from under the gin stand, when his
sleeve caught, dragging his right arm
into the saws and terribly lacerating
arm, head and bdy. Death resulted
at 11 o'clock. Perriloux came to Port 1
Allen from Bayou Lafourche about two ,
years ago. He leaves a wife.
Shootina Affray in Baton Rouge. ]
About 7 o'clock Thursday evening a f
shooting affray occurred at the corner
of North Boulevard and Third streets, i
in Baton Rouge. Eleven shots were
fired in quick succession. Within a i
few minutes a large croYd had assem
bled at the Boulevard saloon, kept by
John O'Connor, when it was learned
that the shooting was between the
proprietor and J. H. Kiblinger, the c
leadinE undertaker of the city. Kib- o
linger was shot through the left arm,
which Was broken, the ball penetrating c
the left breast and upper lobe of the
lung, causing hemorrhage. The wound e
a considered extremely dangerous. e
MIr. Patton's Accounts. t
W. W. Heard Thursday morning i
gave the following statement to the
press: "At the time of the death of
the late Hon. W. T. Patton, State tax
collector of the fourth district of New
Orleans, it was rumored that there
might possibly be some error in his r
accounts with the State. In justice to i I
the memory of MIr. Patton, the State I
auditor, Hon. W. W. Heard, deems it i
proper to state publicly that Mr. Pat- t
ton was a most prompt and efficient c
if.icir and thait all his accounts witi 5a
the State were in splendid conditio:(n d
I at the time of his death and have Einee
been linal]y closed by the payment of
I less than $200.
Shooting Affray hIetween Negroes.
S A shootliLg affiiray took place at Ray
ville, Saturday about noon, between
Dan Fleming and Harmon Griffin, both
colored. Four or tive shots were tired.
Fleming was struck in the right arm,
the hall passing through it and enter
ing the side just under the shoulder
blade. The wolnted mlan ran soltle
distance and fell ii: Morgau's billiard
room, where he died in ia few minutes.
y Griffin was placed under arrest by
Deputy Sheriff Wright, and is now in
jail. The origin of the difticulty is
unknown. Coroner Beasley held an
Sinquest over Flemiug's body, and the
jury rendered a verdict in accordance
IWith lhe above.
Ihp:'rtant PubliC Business.
The police jury of Ascension parish
met in D)onaldsonville, Wednesday,
and transaeted considerable business
of importance. The budget of ap
proximate expenses for the current
a1r was adopted, aggregating $20,
I 000, which includes $3,500 for the
1 pnblic.schools and $2,500 for the jail
1 improvement fund. The committee
1 of public works was empowered to en
I ter into a contract with the represen
- tatives of the Pauly Jail Company, of
St. Lomis, to renovate and reconstruct
the parish jail, at an approximate cost
of $5,800, and $250 was appropriated
I to assist the Donaldsonville tire depart
ment in liquidating the balance due on
the 1,200 feet of fire hose purchased
two years ago.
Additional Notaries Public Appointed.
Under the act of the legitlature of
1891; authorizing the appointment of
fifty additional notaries public for the
City of New Orleans and parish of Or
leans, Gov. Foster Thursday made the
following appointments: Jas. McCon
nell, to succeed himself; E. J. Sey
mour, Geo. Montgomery, Geo. Baldy,
Emile Ponmes, J. D. Kiernan, P. J.
Patorn,, IR. L. Tullis, J. Maximo
i Queyrouze, C. J. Collis,E. L. Simonds,
Chas. Forman, (Geo. W. Flynn, R. J.
LeGardeur, A. J. Cohill, John Watt,
E. A. ('Sallivan, G G(. Kronenberger,
Chas. Rlt.sen, W. J. Formento, J. D.
eguin, W. G. hRogers, Robert Segier,
Ernest T. Florance and Winm. K. Horn.
Gov. Foster has appointed Win. lt.
Ross and Wm. B. Atkens constables,
seventh ward, Sabine parish; W. W.
Ward, snrveyor, ind C W. W. Blaker, in
Sjpector of weighlts and measures, Union
Staff' Om]eers' Coinmissions.
':The goverlor has signed the com
nlissios o," the following staff' officers
jof the Stato Nationadl Guard: Thomas
Fletcher Bell, brigadier general and
j"u!gec advocate general of the State of
Louisiana; John Baptiste Vinet, brig
adier general and chief of ordnance;
Etienne Pierre Cottreaux, brigadier
general and quartermaster general;
John 1McGrath, brigadier general and
commissary general; C. L. Walker,
colonel and A. D. C.; William W.
Crane, colonel and A. D. C.; Henry (G.
Hester, colonel and A. D. C.; Winm. K.
Horn, lieutenant colonel and A. D. C.;
Isaac Bogart Ellis, lieutenant colonel
and A. D). C.; Rene Couturie, lieuten- I
ant colonel and A. D). C.; J. D. An
drews, lieutenant colonel and A. D). C.; e
George I. Vennard, lieutenant cal- j
ionel and A. ). C. ; C. L. Widney, ma- a
jor andi A. D. C.; Henry Miaspero, ii
major and A. D. C.; G. S. Kausleri, 1
major and A. D. C.; Maurice Gener- I
elly, major and A. D. C.; L. P. Vinet, h
major andi A. I). C. The adjutant a
general's office is in receipt of the ,
colors of the First regiment infantry, e
sent by the war department, on which L
is insoribed:. "First Regiment Infan- 0
try, Louisiana State National Guard." a
A Concehman's Double Crime.
Wmin. Moran, coachman for Judge a
Wendell, of, New York, whose summer u
home is at Saddle Rock, N. J., shot ,
and killed Mr. Dowling of New York, d
a guest of the Wendells, and then v
committed suicide, Monday afternoon. t
It is said that Mr. Dowling was the
favored suitor of one of Judge Wen
dell's family. The coachman, who
has long been in the family and who
was not treated like the other servants,
is said to have gone mad with love for
the same young woman.
The Detroit's Commander Dead.
Commander John Stark Newell,
commander of the United States arm
ored cruiser Detroit, died in Seattle.
Washington, Thursday, from anaemic a
condition of the blood. His remains
were sent to New York city Friday
evening. Capt. Newell's illness was
contracted while undergoing privations
in connection with his labors as repre
sentative of the United States in the
investigation of the massacre of mis
sionaries at Kiepsin, Central China.
Wheelmen Collide.
Nat Butler, J. P. Bliss and C. Rb
Newton had a collision in the bicycle
races at Springfield, Mass., Tuesday.
Butler's collar-bone was broken agil he o
was bruised. The others were seiligitly
injured. Butler is held responsible for
the accident. Eddy Bald failed to pro
cure a place in the one mile profes
s:onal record. Sanger also sailed to
draw a place in the handicap events.
No final heats were run Tuesday.
People of Hawaii Want Annexation.
H. G. Whitney, ex-postmaster-gen
eral of the Hlawaiian islands, who has
just arrived at Seattle, Wash., reports
a strong feeling for annexation on the
islands and says it is greatly intensi
fied through the belief that should
Hawaii be annexed the country would
be more settled. By what is known
as the existing treaty, entered into
with Japan thirteen years ago, Japan
ese may pour into the island in un
limited numbers. They now number
25,000, and are coming, Mr. Whitney
says, at the alarming rate of 3,000 a
year. He. thinks it is a question of
years until the Japanese will outnum
ber the natives and naturalized pop.
ulation, and, in that case, would cause
serious trouble. They are already
demanding the rights of franchise,
which, by treaty, is conferred upon
them as soon as they can read and
write the English language.
Kidnappers Arresred.
Mrs. Grace Gamo, the wife of D. D.
Gamo, formerly local agent of the
Scribner publishing company; her
father, G. A. Kraft, who is with the
Western Union Telegraph Companyin
New York City, and Gen. E. Dearborn,
a clerk, who kidnapped the two young
children of VMr. Gamo and escaped on
a Chicago-bound train, were arrested
at Glasgow, 3Mo., and will be brought
to Kansas City, Mo., for trial. A
warrant was Thlunsday sworn out for
Mirs. Gamo on the charge of adultery,
and one each against Kraft and Dear
born, charging felonious assault.
Saw 3Itl Burned.
The saw mill of Mrs. A. R. Fiee
man, with half a million feet of lum
ber, was destroyed by fire at Leggett,
Tex. The loss was $25,000; no in
Surance. The mill is to be rebuilt at
Fugitive Murderer Arrested.
Deputy Sheriff HenryCole, Monday,
surprised and arrested Newberne
Thrasher, brother of the.noted outlaw,
Bart 'Thrasher, at Birmingham, Aa.
Newberne is wanted for murder.
Dynamilte Scaire in lhAIilou.
London, Eng., now has a "bomb
outrage" to discuss. At about 11
o'clock last Mobday night an un
known man threw a clumsily con
structed bomb into the premises of
Farmer & Brindley, the marble ma
sons and sculjptors of No. 63 West
minster bridge road. The missile
exploded and the report caused a large
crowd of people to assemble about the
vicinity. The police investigation
which followed, showed that no serious
damage was done. An empty tin can
with its ends blown out was found near
the spot where the "bomb" exploded
and a man shortly after the explosion,
was seen rulning away from the neigh
borhood. 'l'Th police are investigating
the myslery, which is believed to be
nothing moie than the result of fool
ish, petty spite upon the part of a dis
charged employe.
A $200,000 FIre.
Fire late Thursday night destroyed
the immense tive-story brick plow
foundry andl implement factory of S.
IR. White & Bro., at No. 216 Water
street, and the Union stockyards, on
the east side of Nebraska street, Nor
folk, Va. The brisk wind blowing
scattered the sparks in every direction
and destroyed a number of dwelling
houses. One hundred families resid
ing in the first district have been made
homeless and houseless by the confla
gration. Twenty-five houses were de
stroyed in all, atnd the total less was
Ottoman Bank Robber* Wanted.
The port has asked for the extradi
tion of the men detained at Marseilles,
France, who were implicated in the
attempted loot of the Ottoman Bank
at Constantinople, but it is believed
that the request will not be granted.
The culprits claim to have received
their safe conduct.
O11 Mlill Destroyed by Fire.
The oil mill at Taylor, Tex., to
tether with a large quantity of seed,
nws b)urned Thnrdary, The loss was
2t.05to;.; partially insured.
IS. M t.('. LAwUAs ON. i're A. 'TJ'Ea l , Vi,'"e-PI.'.. E. .1. Lur. Cashier.
Cash Capital, - - - $25,000.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent1
Exchange bought and i sol. Prompt service gzaranulteced. Your business is
solicited. Baink hor ls fron 9 a.m. to : p.m.
I)i ECT'rol:s:.-E. J. Buck, S. TeoCC.L t W -en;,. .skitolph Teutt.e4, 0. 1).
IBrooks, 1): P. lhil ourueiýa 44tn Jaeitke, Mr:1 J.
Newsham, Robert Daniel, T. W. 1tnthr.
ayou a,' La. $;, Fraecisvi(e, 11a.
F. M. Mumford, M.D.,
.....)1E ALERI , IN.....
.....Perfumery, Toilet Artiecles, SoaIs anld Brushes.....
Fine Stationery & Blank Boos,
..... PENS, INiK ancit P'ENC'lL .....
CI(~GAI(; , sd TO.1:0 HLA,'-.,O. "
Agency of F. Hammer & Company's READY
Roumain Bros.,
The Jewelers,
....BATO~N ROUCE, LA....
For the FP ll and Winter Trade we have se
enrc d the t1htl t ,oe!cil-ion ever Lee'n in thief part
of the State of
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Optical Goods, and Silverware,
We can and will sell lower than any hounne in the South. We give a per
ioual guarantee on all goods bought of ns. Country orders solicited and
Promptly attended to.
Fine Watch Repairing and Engraving a Specialty.

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