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Official Journal of the Parish of West Feliciana and School Board.
S ,KE,, fi . and Prop, ST. HA IS IllE, (VEST FI I.E('EANA IAIISI. LA.. SATll I)AY, SEPTE , MBE I I, . 1.!, ;. V OL. .- N
!~ , ,_,~ , . . . . . " ..1 " " - "  " "  -  - . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. " -
S ll. . IS N
p.-ý ti o i an +r, f fa ti i,
d l lee res" , (']i t t l, 1N.
.. \. R. ar:ID '.
rS . - .. :it -- nl .
+rFJ ti ill my t u rt in th i ,
_ i
AYUI Sli.L, IA.....
Sa Whe1w4iO ht, .
l{ and (ý I .
gin Stand pairing a Specialty.
kihust reulli' in liy shop over
Sill b, ~,SI to pay C')ot.
l eral
lahilein Connection With Store, l
rof Hor.s alt 3lulles foiur ale. F
Iits lctio n lt larllitecd.
s. ' STERN, n)
a Foot of' Hill.
SG1 Gastrell,
' ltAillE, I'OYiES. 1tW.1,;O 1u
GARl.ll ; W1)t) ý W tK I.
Furnishing Goods.
. PI, WOO .) - O IING x 31%
ti, HLiY ItAKE, SAS11.,
b .svI . Fr.teisv'iilt', Li....
ical Tin Smith, I
ORI aOllE1.,
uttering and Roofing t
a Specialty. t
ie. " cork glsr2lteel.
el Windsor,
.. .,.SLACII !TER, LA.,,,,
Oe , HowiellI, Praprintrass. i
J BOARD.....
a y o ur mnntll. 'ingle Meals.
Fturi ii
le l 0Collegiate
i s~jsion o: tlhis lnuti titiiin
SS jts'el nijber I, I "!. i. ithe
, ' li'pior alvantl .s a"re there
'sit the~c y lilu t ladi( desir
0d. oogh an1 nished eduetdion.
lhbe ofi the Intitution is unsur
e- rtie;lrs si ci eitlllogue aid
of .la(k.son, lan.
Iii -.--
o 0 OE SWI,'.,T I [OMI,
'y ~i0 PI,.('E LIKE 110i.J."
Ersral eltitMent, It an, for iiatl
I " lb l nrlmmel is that ex
ere g
no < youung ladies and girls in its
lio gives the advantages of in
lAh i literatnre, science and art,
P0 ith all the environments of
0 hme.; so that while the mind
oo td the heart is not neglected
oot h ile ways of noble woman
_tgaie and terms, apply to
E14Camp Strees. New Orlians, La.
Condensed into Short and Pithy Paragraphs sh
For Our Subscribers. be]
I- Ian
Negro Killed in Resisting Arrest-- Cc
Colombe Dies- Distress In llicolnt- Fr
('arpenter's Fatal Fall-Bayou (.ou
Ia .Murder.
('olombe E-eaupes by Suicide.
TLouis 'olombl,e, one of the book- dr
keepers of the defunct Union National th
Bank. ,,f New Orleans, La., took a dose di
of morphine Thursday night and died p1
at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
Sm'all a auk Failure. th
'Tlhe Mutual National Bank, i24 and th
t12d Canal strect,New Orleans, closed its Pt
doors Thursday morning. Henry Mas- th
pero is president and JTames J. Tarleton or
cashier. The capital stock of the bank TI
was only :~0,tt), and its line of pt
denouits very small. It has been lii
regarded as weak for a long time. 01
1 Muster atlt( Ilnspectiotl, a
The third quarterly muster and in- so
±spection of the ('reoile (Guards was held I't
at the opera house in P'laquemine, T
Friday evening at 8::10 o'clock. The T
company madl. a good showing, and 'o
are well drilled. A dance followed the R
muster, and every one pretient had a
very enjivable time.
Bayou (;oula 31urdler.
Sergeant Langdridlge and Sheriff tl
Marrero 'hlmrsday arrested and locked e1
up in the jail at (iretna an Italian g
ntroeni Cahlomia ''onlaso, and booked
against him tile serious charge of hav- l
ing had a hand in the Bayou Goula 2
murder, by which Mrs. Landry met u
her death anud Mi:a 3Madeline Herbert s
was dangerously wounded. The arrest o
is considered a most important one, r
and forms the eulmination of a long d
string of careful and persistent investi- t:
gation. t
----- ----------- C
A Carpenter's Fatal Fall. i
Robert Johnson, a white carpenter, r
aged sixty-nine years, while at work on r
a house which is being erected on I
Third street, in Alexandria, fell from c
the top of the building to a scaffold 'j
below, about 4 o'clock Saturday, alftr- a
noon,*and died almost instantly. Coro- i
ncr Lucket impauneled a jury and held I
an inquest on the h,,ly. The jury
' rendered a verdict that deceased came
to his hdeath froa heart disease. John
son resided in West Alexandria has a
dwife and three children. 71
SNegro Killed in Resisting Arrest. ,
James ('olliu:;, of O1,elousas, ali.as c
James .l ord, colorc ý, wented for high
way rbbery, "w;'s ºilledt in New ilherit, t
Friday night, by Slpeial Ofticer lMes
taver. The ,flie,:r, who was searching (
for the . e(r,', i'fltlPd him at the corner
of Washinugton and I-ophins streets,
and attemplted to m:nke the arrest.
The inegro drew his revolver and re
sistedl, firing at the ,t'icer. 3Mesttaylr
Sreturnced Ite irec, lutting three bul
lets into the negro, killing him in
stantly. Deputy,' Coroner Pierson
viewed the remaina..
Worlk on Fort St. PhllIip.
SWork on Fort St. Philip, under the
direction of Lieut. Ritchie, is being
1push,1' as rapidly as possible by a force
of several htundred laborers, who will
She at work until next Feblruary. Quite
Sa iulmber of the residents of Diamond
find ready work there at good wages,
" thus giving a boom to that sect on.
Extensive levece work is also leingdone
by the United States government in
the way of ulilding new levees and
raising the old ones to the standard
grade of three feet above the highest
water mark.
Electric ('ars Collide.
S In New Orleans Snlday morning an
electric car collision occurred and
a lady passenger was slightly
injured. About S::10 o'clock elec
tric car No. -2, of the Levee and Bar
tt. racks line, in chat ge of Motorman
Jnamcs Boyun rnud Condlnetor Johnl
Thiel, anud electrie cu.r No. ;9, of the
Rml:u nlart ail ])auphin eline, in charge
of 3[ltom'iln J]. ('arve' :llltl :ndcoll~ndctor
Louis l1lh., e l ided at the corner o'.
Poland and Ihthuuhine streets. Car No.
S(', wn-s ulamagedl to the exthIt of $ll i,
while the damage to car No. 32 amounts
to$10. 3Irs. Abadie Onglade, residing
on 3Marigny street, between Chartres
and D)ecatur, who was a passenger in
i one of the cars, was thrown from her
seat and slightly bruised about the
ts head. She was given attention at a
n- neighboring drug store.
of Bank Oftlicials Arrested.
nd Frank B. Leefe and Louis Colombe,
ed bookkeepers in the Union National
n- iBan;, New Orleans, were arrested
Friday at the bank by United States
deputy marshals. The arrests were
made in order to hold the men pending
La. a f:rther investigation. The total de
fnUcation so far discovered amounts to
I over $470,000 and the falsification of
the book~, if not done to cover up the I
actual losses of the bank by the fail
ure of a prominent coimmtercial firm,
which o'2ecurred eight or ten years ago,
shows that the stealing has been going
on for some years. 'The government
believes' that there was outside col
lusion and expects that the tracing up
of the accounts doctored, together
with other evidence sought, ill re
veal the conspiracy and result in the
arrest of a, number of other parties,
some very prominent. Bookkeeper
Colomrbe took a dose of morphiue Ii
Friday morning, from the effects of
which he died Saturday.
Di)stress in Lincoln.
The special committee appoited by
the mass meeting at Rnstou, La., to
draft a memorial to the governor of
the State concerning the distressed con
dition of the drouth sufferers of Lincoln la
parish met at the courthouse Friday. th
A memorial was adopted by the com- il
mittee alleging that after a careful and rig
earnest investigation of each ward of
the parish, the committee estimated i
that 25 per cent of the families of the ni
purish are in a destitute condition, and i
that many families are now dependent
on the charity of their neighbors. at
The petition further stated that the N
people have horses, cattle and other ti.
live stock that they a'e not able to feed
or to keep alive, owing to the failure
of grass and feed crops, and that the
people must have help from some
source. It winds up with an earnest
I request that Geov. Foster take some
action in the matter as soon as possible.
The petition is signed by each member c
of the police jury of the parish, also t1
Rejlresentative W. Pipes and MIr. G. t
M. Lomax.
Germany Seelking Trouble. I
The belief is prevailent at Zanzibar, o'
that Germany does not intend to aqui- ti
esce in the action taken by the British
government through Rear Admiral e1
Henry Rawson in appointing lIamoud tl
Bin Hohammed Bin Said, sultan of c,
Zanzibar. Said Khalid, the alleged o
usurper, has been at the German con- si
sulate ever since the fall of the palace b
on August 27, and' in spite of the tl
request of the British consul for his 5
surrender there has been no manifesta- t'
tion on the part of the German officials a
to give him up. Rumors are now in a
circulation at Zanzibar that it is the o
intention of the German authorities to h
reinstate Said Khalid on the throne v
iteom which he:was deposed by force of i
British arms. These rumors have i
caused great uneasiness at Zanzibar. 1
1 There is a feeling that Germany is not r
acting in a friendly spirit and is seek- a
ing to make an issue with Great a
I Britain.
A Novel Sult.
Nini Bertini Humphreys, the prim
donna who has been sin ging at th
Tivoli, in San Francisco, Cal., during
the grand opera season, siied Wells,
Fargo & Co. Friday in the justice
court for .$20. On July 29 she sent
-$250 to the Union Dime Savings Insti
tute in New York City. When tihe
sealed bag was received at the bank
I only $230 was found in it. The money
r was counted and put in the bag in the
presence of a clerk in Wells, Fargo's
oflice in San Francisco and by him the
package was sealed. The company
denied that there had been auy loss
and conducted a weighty experimnent,
showing that the gold coin in the bag
amounted to only $230. This will be
used as proof on the prima donna's
side, however, as beside the gold there
was a $20 bill in the package and this
0 weighed almost nothing. She has a
Sreceipt from the compauy's clerk for
Pistol Against Knife.
Politics caused the death of one man
and the serious wolinding of another at
SSt. Augustine, Fla., Thursday night.
SAbout 8 o'clock Joseph P. Allen and
James 'P. Wiedman met near the
Sformer's r ~sidence, and began to dis
cuss the silver question. The discus
st siou soon grew violent and blows were
struck. Allen then drew a knife and
began cutting Weidman. The latter
drew a pistol, and placing the muzzle
n against Allen's abdomen, fired four
d times, killing Allen instantly. Weid
y man is badly cut about the neck and
c. back ahtnd may not recover. The affray
r. occurred near the residences of the
n metn, and Mrs. Allen, who was on the
in front veranda, saw her husband killed.
lie -- - - ---
fodly of ''. .I. Delbrid re Found.
r l'The bodyiv of T1'. J. Delbridge, a
young busness man of high social
, ,l c.ImnIerdral standieg of Atlanta,
SGo., who diisappelrelld L'uesday, was
ts found Fridray morning floating on the
ri surface of the old water works reser
* voir at Lakewood park. DIelbridge
n was last seen as he entered a boat to
cr take a bath in the reservoir at a late
he hour Tuesday night. The next morn
a ing the boat was found empty and his
clothes were discovered in the bath
house. He had recently taken out
life insurance policies aggregating over
e, ~50,000, and this, together with the
ml fact that his body was not found after
ed the two days' search, gave currency
es to the theory that he had simply dis
re appeared, a theory which grew into a
ug public conviction until disposed of by
le- the rising of the LUdy to the surface
to I'riday morning.
Better Prospects do N t Blig Large: De
r;an.s for Productions.
B)ank Failures in New Or:eanI Cause
Hesitancy--Wheat up a Cent--large
Yield of Corn Expected-.Increas,
in liailures. Es
1. G. Dun & Co's. weekly review 13r
1 says: Better prospects and relief from i
Smonetary anxiety do not yet bring
larger demands for finished products, -
though larg.e buying of pig iron, wool,
leather, hides, cotton and other mate
rials continue to show a growing belief
that a general upward movement in
prices will come with the replenish
nment of deale: s' stocks this fall. Most
prices are extremely low, so that noth
ing more than ordinary demand will
advance them. Big bank failures at
New Orleans causes temporary hesita
tion, crop returns indicate disappoint
ment in some cotton and some spring
wheat States, and prices of corn and I
oats makes it unp1rofitable to sell at
present, the niumber of manufacturing
works and mines in operation does not
gain, but rather decreases, reductions
iof wages are somewhat numerous, cc- C
casionalliy resisted by strikes, and all
these conditions diminish for a time
the buying power of the people.
While many think general improve
meht cannot come until the election
has removed political uncertainties,
I others expect soon to see the result an
- ticillpated in trade.
1 Sales of wool for the week have about
I equalled the normal consumption for
1 the first time in several months, not be
f cause manufacturers have more orders
I or are doing more work, for no gain is
s een in the demand or output. The
buying is mainly speculative, based on
a the belief that prices must advance.
s No considerable decrease appears in
- the enormous stocks of print cloths,.
a although the output has been reduced
1 about half for two months and a fifth
e of the year's production remains in the
o hands of the makers, but they have ad
e vanced the price three sixteenths dur
If ing the week. For other goods, there
e is a better demand and manufacturers
have advanced prices because of the
t rising cost of material, the average for
all cottons have risen 5.3 per cent.
Lt since August 6, but stocks of many
kinds are large. The Financial Chron
icle's anuital export, issued Friday
makes the last crop of cotton of 7,162,
a 473 bales, the consumption north and
South 2,(,95,810 and the exports 4,712,- 1
J912, during the year. ';o account of
Southern mills stock is attempted and'
!no estinmtte is yet given of the crop
t now coming forward. The govern- i1
Sment report is even more gloomy than
e I year ago, making the condition the
k low~st for many years, and there is no
doubt that tht the damage has been seri
I E.ns, as the price has advanced to 8S
with much speculative buying. Wheaut
e declined a cent hut then advanced, clos- i
ing a cent up for the week. Western
Srecdilit, still exceed last year's, having
beeni in two, weeks, 11,229,08 bushels
a.gainst 10,323,288 last year, while At- it
l antic exports, flour included, have D
, been for the same weeks 3,933.265 1
Sbushels agaiust 2,417,872 last year. I
SAccouuts of disappointing relations in
a spring wheat States are numerous, but i
Sis difficult to reconcile short estimates
with heavy marketing at low prices. I 1
Corn is almost wholy out of danger
and the yield is generally expected to
be the largest and the price here is the
lowest ever known.
Failures for the week 315 in the
United States against 187 last year and
20 47 in Canada against 34 last year.
BurIed Alive.
,e John Hugh Gill, of Providence, R.
ad I., who allowed himself to be buried
r, alive on the theory of hypnotic sug
:le gestion, induced by Prof. Watson, of
ur London, has been unearthed. Gill
d- went to sleep but he woke up fourteen
a minutes ahead of schedule time. When
Hugh Gill came to he made it known
eby pounding upon his coffin, and dur
be ing his struggles dislocated his knee
d. pan. When he was brought to he
lapsed into a death-like stupor, which
the physicians almost mistook for
death. He was rubbed with whisky
a and alcohol and revived. Hugh Gill
says that he will never do it again.
a,When he awoke he imagined he hadl
'as been buried alive and this almost
:he orazed him.
Ige The Iioo hIoos.
to The Hoo Hoos convention in 'Nash
ate ville, Tenn., held business sessions
in- Friday and elected supreme officers as
his follows for 1897: H. H. Heminway,
th- Wisconsin, snark; Senior Hoo Hoo,
aut John J. Martin, Detroit; Junior Hoo
ver Hoo, A. A. White, Missouri; bojum,
the Platt B. Walker, Jr., Minnesota;
ter screvnoter, J. H. Baird," Nashville,
Icy Tenn.; jabberwock, E. B. Preston,
lis- Louisville, Ky.; custocatian, Lloyd A.
oa Kimble, New York City; arcanopen,
bY Frank B. Cole, Tacoma, Wash.; gui
ace don, W. B. Stillwell, Georgia. The
convention adjourned Friday night.
Cash Capital, - - - $25,000.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Exchange bought and Hold. Prompt service guarantaa.d. Your ha,e is
Folicited. Baink houra from 9 a.ml.. to 3 p. im.
])IlT:(Toos:--E. .1. ]iwck, S. McC; L~awraaLon, Adolph T'li'ch, e1. d).
Brooks, L. P. Kiibourne., Jamnes TLeake, M. )D. John F. frvi·ne. Sr.; K. [L
Newsham, Robert lDaniel, T. W. Lntler.
F. M. Mumford, M.D.,
.....I)1ALERi IN.....
.....Perrfiu iery, Tolet Arti4..lH, Soaps and rusibets.....
Fine Stationery & Blank Books,
.....P N , INE i aid El t'1 Cl I .....
Agency of F. Hammer & Company's READY-1
Roumain Bros.,
The Jewelers,
For the Fal nl and Winter Trade we 1 ve ý e
cn red the fineht Nelc,ýtion ever .ý'e in this ptrt
of the State of
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,,
Optical Goods, and Silverware,
"We can and will sel1 lower than any house in the S,uth. We giwe r pr
:+Ual gnaranice on tl!l go(ls )oug'ht if 1W. Country ,rtl'trs eiuicite 3ilar
inrom tly attenhad t io.
Fine Watch Repairinag and Eniravink a Specially.
A Train Goes Through a Bridge Near i A
Areata, California.
Four persons were killed and six
teen seriously injured as the result of '
a wreck on the Arcata and Mad River
railroad about five miles north of Ar- A
cats, Cal., Monday evening.
The accident occurred to the regu
lar passenger train, consisting of an
engine and two coaches, which con
nected at Areata wharf with the coin
pany's ferry-boat Alta, leaving Eureka
at 3:30 p. m., bound for Corbel, the
terminus of the road, about twelve t
miles above Arcata. The scene of the n
accident is the company's bridge across
Mad river, about half way between
Arcata and Corbel.
The train had run out on the first
span of the bridge, when, without I
warning the stringers gave way, letting I
the whole train drop forty feet to the
gravel bed of the river, where the
coaches were smashed. The engine
and cars did not pile up or telescope, I
as all dropped together. One span of
the bridge is still in position, unin
In the conches were between thirty
and forty passengers and all of these,
with the exception of two men, who
jumped, wenut down with the train.
This fortunate man was Lewis Ever
dine, one of the iwners of the River
side sawmill. All the bthers are injured
and ten or twelve are fearfully man
gled and are not expeetedŽ to live.
Sandy Cameron, the dead brakeman,
was standing on the platform of the
first car, and was jammed between it
and the tender of the engine.
A relief train was sent out from Ar
cata as soon as the news of the acci
dent was received. Extra medical
help was sent from Eureka and Arcata.
The Dispensary to be Investigated.
The State Democratic committee of
South Carolina, late Friday night,
adopted a resolution requesting the State
board of control, which has charge of
, the dispensary, to publicly investigate
- the charges against offilcers connected
with that institution.
'iRE11+'IET CAR M1A1LT SW3EVI~ . •
Anu Order Issued by lthe leptairtmeuit
Flxing'' Thler Conpensatulaa.
The organization of n a ree1r r aail
service throughout thte cwi stry has1
resulted iu an order jst aride by
Acting Postm:rnter LGeneral Joses, ad
ding the following to th postal reglt
"Clerks on oily street car lines will
be appointed at $700 plr Ia anwnt for a,
probationary period of six mzoths, the
same as olerks on railroad !ies. 'Up
on receiving a permanent appoiameant
they will be lpromoted tI $03U lle;r
annlum, and as soon . therfter (not
less than three months) as their ree
ards justify it, will. he prtaoled to
$900 per Ilalnum, which wa be the
maximm usalary for clklrkt on iuci
Another IUrazed Prlsmoer
The Cunard line stenuhip L eanis,
Iwhich sailed for New York fCroa Liver-!
pool on Saturday, and whilh touchei
at Qucenstown on the tºllowsin day,
embl)arked ,Alfred {G. Whitehed, tha
,Americau p)olticnl tjrsomtr reentlyt
released *from JPortland pr.uIra, WhoI s
disappearance alter reachnig his oa
home at Skibberreen canebrIrd raat in-.
terest. He was'eventmaly found wan
dering in the streets of Cor&k, sad is
believed to be of unsound mind.
Ilorribly n~-id .
While fixing a stteam pipe at the
water worlis Monday evening, .Frank
Shepuard, jr., .of 11eribsrg, 'enuu.,
Superintendent of the pia~t, was
scalded in a horrible maranr. Hli
was dliscunnecting a fiP w;hup n it
twisted offY, with the r sen. l abore
state;3. The wonder is that he was
I not scalded to deatllh. i wiLi *wzeroer.
Haiserrp a GCbE .
Ae Emperor William entered bis
if slecial train at- .oeban, twelvr miles
t, from Bautzen, Saxoiy, acraday, after
:e bidding farewell to the King of taxogiy
if the Dresden express trau coid wed with
e hismajesty'strain. No oneiaurinjnre
i but the emperor was delayed fifty

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