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r1.f - ,)_-NO 4___.
Official Journal. of the Parish of West Feliciana and School Board..
LEAVI~~4E, Jr,, Pub. gad Prod. NV. I 1 \WIS\ III, 1\ !'ý+ti'~I' X\~l~'Alt 1'11 11, .LA., SATIUR)DAY, OCIOIWIE3 189(. VOL. 5i.---N) 4
- Ta .-.1
"- , r '' . . . T , " . . .. - + . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -r l . . . . .. . ":~ . . . . .
ell John H. Stone,
Fnwell, ill ito , L.t.
,r -aC1 t - Lott w,
Sgt. E neusvil'le, Ina.
w. I. IEiCYY.
i yr . -' t , 1 . L a. n
p~ractice in auy court in this
ice in Bank Bruilding.-- 4
- TGClILLE, .LO U.I l.slNA.
t.. A. . BARROW, I
lician a nd Surgeon,
i Et. ]r i vlle,' , La.
i Leske building. T'i(elphine
,wered fr'nl , ither K ilbo iurne '
foru's drug stor'cs.
Crown aluil l i.!:. 1 ti tr.
Clint', oi l . 1 -,th ,f t ac
U ldcsvilit, '
Sprepared to (do) all wAork in
Q line. lice at reshiece.
iT. Gastre l,
..11iWA1, S'I'OV.ES, WA;ON
e ,CARRIlifiE WOOD) lWu.IK.
Furnishing Goods.
" PE, TI' 1).v' 'j11 i IN: N MA
INE iAY Rl'i EE, SAS"i,
....Dealer in....
Stable in C i!cionli With Store.
p ;If Horses and Mules for sale.
tis'action Guaranteed.
Ro1yal 1nld Prosperpiy treclts,
St. Fraiulc .vill, iL..
Sl01ions carefully comlpouuded.
t1 aelection of D)rugs, Patent
F edicines, and Notions.
Carden Seed on Hand
and Builder.
S ors and Dressed Lumber kept
Bstantly on hnaud at shop,
near residence,
i to Suit the Times.
New Orleans, La.
. ' .......... ,000oo
Bou lses, Saw MillRs, Coun
iee, Dwelling Houses
nd Barns. Address,
(flar, Jr., Local Agent,
Female Collegialt
The 48th session of this Institution
will open September 1, 1896. The L
memberst.f the IFaculty are ladies of
culture. S'wlAr,.Is in eich depart
nient. Superior advantages are there
by offered to those young ladies desir
ing a thorough anud inisheld education.
I ''h h1:tltlh of the 1 ustitutiol is unsur
For prtitcnltas and catalogue ad
dres, ,
M1 ISS L . CATL!T"T, Irin.,
J.ackspn, La.
- __________--- - t
fa itivere, t stetinenit, and for that
rea:sotn dhulhly vetil rnamied is that ex
13 '
To the 0young hLuies and girls iu its
charge it ;ives t e atantages of in
I tructit n inr literature, science and art,
cum0lii:d w: ith a:ll th1 environments of I
a rerivedl honm: ; so that while the wind
is cultivated tl:u helart is not neglected
in le1br:-ing the ways of noble woman
Sho. d.
For c,Iralgune and terms. aipply to
145t6 Camp Street, New Orloans, La.
Hatibntained by the State for the
r:trmini of teacl'rs. Affords thorough
)r'plartion fior the pr'ofession of teach
1ug: full courste of academic study,
prc::ti:al training in the art of teach
ing, one year of daily practice in I
nidelt-I schools under guidance of skill
,l !:tai;ning teachers. Class work cx
empliitie.i the best of modern thought
in matter and method of instruction.
lDilmttai entitle-s "radhuate to teach in
any public school of Louisian: without
exnri nation.
'lTuttioo free to students who teach
one year after graduation. Entire ex
pense for session of eight month, $110.
Twelith annual session begins Oct.
1, 1`i896.
For catalogue write to
B. (C. 4(!,LWELT, Pres.
?R,. F. 31. I).VI I),0N, Prop.
Bo011by ay,Week or Monthi,
TEIM"1,, $1. O P]ElR I)AY.
Monthly rates made on alpplication.
Location, central. Surround
ings, pleasant. Traun
sients solicited.
lank Euti~,g, St, Frnacisville, Lou'si n3.,
Hotel Windsor,
.,,..SLAU llEI, LA.....
Mrs. J, 0. Howell, Proprietress.
By the day or month. Single Meals
.....B41'O- SARA, LA.....
-BinacsiPlltnl W:elright,
LO 'tC ( and (; : 4NMTrlTH ,
Eoil: ard Gin S l:n dl opaing a Speoialtl.
All w,,rk ti1! rnmaius in my shop over
90 days ii b .: old to pay cost.
0 ....St. Francisville, La....
l Practical Tin Smith,
Tin Cuttering and Roofing
a Specialty.
I, iiAll work guaranteed.
Condensed into Short and Pithy Pararaphs o
For Our Subscribers. a
afour cithe Basin Levee Coanmisslou- o
ers--Murder and Suicide-A Tinner C
:I reaks Ilii Ih -'.ad::a' (lr.uantea-
Johnson Arrested.
Failure aat; Monroe.
Sam Nathan, a merchant doing bu'i
uess on a small scale at Monroe, La.,
was closed by the sheriff Tuesday. .ti
is learned that his jiabilities are some
thing over $900 anad his assets will
amount to about 8.100.
IFusion Completed in Loulisiana.
1It'So, was ugreed ulpon bletween
Dem iocrats anti l'Papuli:s at their con- I
ftlrence hell in .la:ton Rouige Friday.
the electoral ticket to be diviletd, giv-
ing Watston four Louia.siant votics, but,
all agreed to vote for Bryan.
Fal!s Tl'.hty Ft"eet.
JoL.n ('r.er', a tiner, w:ile work
in' on the roof of the new 'aitholic
(hurcth, at Laaete, - Saturaday, fell to
the grou'.'1 , lbre,:t ,ing aI leg a d slaria.in
Sig tihe anikle of th.e other leg. The
fall ,ta at least thirty feet.
Paardo n tGraead.
1A pard1lon to restore eeizenshiip has
been grantedi \i':n. ''obin, co:icted of
la cciny in C('aneron pai'ish July -22,
189i3, and sentenced to tihe p1)litentiary
for oneta yCear. The recommendatiota
for pardon was sigued by the full
I-;tyoul (ola Su-ptret Rel'ease l.
('cloina TIomasto, the Italian accused
of bi:ing imnllicated in the Bayou(oula
Inuplt'r, was given a Ipreliminary trial
Monday by Judge E. B. T1albot :.t
Plaqut..mine, and as there was no evi
dence against the taccused he was re
(7rinaditng (Conunenaced.
The sugar house of Barrow & Li
)bla:ae, on the Pecan plantation inp
PIqalllomine parish, commenced grind
ing Monday. The majority of the
sugar planters will commence about
the middle of October. The sugar
crop will be short in that parish on
account of tile dry weather.
New School lhoard ('rg.tnizes.
The new scho:a 1 board met at Natchi
toches 'ifonlay, for the purpose of
effecting an organjization, which was
dotne b.y the election of Major R. B.
iHodlingworth president and U. I'.
Breazeale, secretary and superintend,
enat of schools. The board adjourned
t until next Monday.
C(atholie ('hurch Corner-Stone La.id.
The corner-stone of the naew Catho
lie .Church in Shreveport, was ]aid
MondIay afternoon, at 3 o'clock, with
ippropriate services. Bight lcv. A.
)utier wats assisted by Fathers W.
PoweI, S. J.:, of Sprinig Hill College,
Mlbile, Ale.; N. J. Boilleaux, St.
Viucent's Academy;, L. Lambert aand
S. B. Scharl, of Holy Trittity Church.
S iurder and Suicide.
At about 7 o'clock Saturday morn
, ing HIarry Blumenthal G(oldsmithl shot
and wounded Joselph Goldstein, an in
timate friend and ycompanion; and
then killed himself, in a boarding
house at No. 218 Bourbon, between
CI(stomhouse andt Bienville streets,
SNew Orleans, on account of a practical
jo!ke whlich had been played on both
S Quiet Reign~s at Amiti (City.
'heo committee al)pointcetl by the
mob at Indeoeuncnce came to Amite
City Tuesday and hlad a talk with the
paris~h officials. The officials stated
that Johnson, tihe mulAerer of the
Cotton family, would be tried at an
early day, at Amite City. This state
ment apparuitly satisfied the molx
leatders ancd thle armed citizens on
horseuack were ordered to disperse,
Sand the militia have retnrned to their
.lJohinson Arrcsted.
The negro lienT Johiu rToharson, who
murdered the' Cotto, fatmtily and otherls
near Indlep.ndete last T'uesday night,
was caplturet in East Baton R:age
parish 'hl::rs:day l a mana named
Shftons, whalt ]ivu. in thata sctiorn. John
- son was evidently making his wtay to
Baton Rouge. The posse were only a
few miles behimid him andl hot on his
Strail wheti Mr. Stones made the capture.
Through the recommendation of Mr.
W. C. Harvell, of St. Helena, the pos
so agreed to take the ne2ro to Green
burg and place him in jail there for
safe keeping until the officers of Tangi
Spaboa parish arrived. Deputy Sheriff
McMichacl left at an early hour Friday
morning to take charge of his prisoner.
Johnson now occupies a cell in the
parish prison at Now Orleans.
- ,
Bunch of Sunday Violators Up.
Judge L. P. Caillouet, of the distrio
,-.~ rr~
court, at Thibddaux, Saturday, called .
before hinm four persons charged with
violating the Sunday. law by selling
liquor on Sunday. Owing to pressure
of business of importmuce, he placed
them under $500 bond each to appear
at the next session of the court, which
will meet in March next, and warned
them that if they violated the law
again he would have them arrested (
.forthwith, "put under $500 peace bond
not to again violate the law; and that
they might expect the extreme penalty
of the law to be passed upon them in
case of any further violatio'. The
judge warned them that there would be
no more leniency extended to such E
Lafourse Hasin Levee ('onmm!ssioners
The newly appointed board of com- N
Iniseioners for the Lafourse basin leven
.Pstrict met at D)onaldsonvilleSaturday~
with all the members in attendance, -
as follows: Lafourche, T. I). Kent;
Assumption, A. J. Lalande; Ascension, I
Victor -Alauriu; St. James, James K.
Tucker; St. John, Paul Berthelot; St.
Charles, Thos. Sellers; Jefferson, Jas.
S. Brady ;Plaqluenines, Rosellus Petez
railroads. J. D. Willis. Mr. Manurin
wus elected president by a vote of 5 .to
4 for Mr. Kent, and Mr. Berthelot
was choseo vice president, receiving (
votes to b for Millis. W. .J. MeJCune,
of Jelersion, and L. D). St. Martin,
present incumbents, were nnlninateli
for seeretary. The vote stood, Me
Cun:e 5, St. Martin 4, and the former
was declared elected.
L:terl .1 ppotlllimitels by the Governor.,
(Gov. o.-ter has appuintit:l D. E.
Nichiolson ai4oteste.or of Ca(ildo parish,
vie' .i. (. Soup, resigned; ulfri'rd Mloss
memler of the board of school diree
tor, 1ar'is of Orleans, view W. (.
iRogers, resigned, and the fllow in,!
slcrv1,ors' of election: Arthur Kelly,
"l'ercrhone parish; John Blu.-.·d, be
ria; ilollilet LeBlane, Vermillion; N.
H. M[cLeod, Red River; W. W. Me
Queen, West Felicitan; J. M. Carruth,
aSt. Hrelena; Geo. K. Bradford, Acadia,
W. G. Gray, West Carroll. Fidonir
Estilette inspector of wei"ghts and
measures, Lafayette parish, and th.:
t following supervisors of election; J.l,.
losmer, St. 'Taitmanilly; C. M. Rich
ard, Calcasievi; Charles F Burn, St.
Lnndry; P. Albert D)ellowver, Lafi
ette; Louis Lozano, Ibervill'; . #.
Sherro,1, Jack:0on; G. C. (oldmnt i1
Concordia. The governor hasi albo ap
a pointed the following members ot the
coxnmmisoi'o for the .tosier~ levee dis
trict: W. (. Vance, T. W. W. Sten
t rou, .' 1B. C:ash, Warren Belcher, W.
r T. Clu.lit;, William Hodges, \ndrew
Presidentl Nicholls Airreslted.
The expected has happened. Since
.the oiing of the statement of the ii
i- tliulators of the Bank of Commerce,
Nf ew Orleans, there has bieet much
said aof the conduct of Presidclnt Nich
oils and some of the oflicials of the
defulnct concern.l The grand jury has
the matter in hand, but Fl'riday morn
d ing t bomb was exploded by the mak
iug o i an affidavit against Pr'esident
Nieholls and Cashier DeBlacn, unde:
i aict of the legislature providing ,
penalty fhor the punishment of any
an "1ok (ofiieer or director receiving d,
h poits or creating a decbt, knowing nu:b
Sinstitulion to be on the eve of failing.
wI.v I ' exactly 10:30 o'clock when 3r.
C . 3. lorles appeareI before tile
I irst retcorder' court, accompanied bh
Shis attdorney, J. Q Flynn, unit swore
Sto n atfidavit against Sicholls aud
I)uBlhne. At 1:30 p.m. court officer
McCerran I;f,, the bank with Prtsi
2- dent. Nicholls, and procceded to the
firstr recorde-'s court. When the ac
u- ensed appeared in court Iecorder hin
negan ascendid the bench and called
ig the prisoners before himnt. After read
n ing the allidavit, they were asked to
a, plead. They replied not guilty and
al were then ordered to fuInnish $500 bond
h each. Chief Justice Nicholls signed
the bonds of both parties.
i M31..11 Train Blown Up.
to A Havana dispatch, dated FPiday,
Ie contains the following items: "The
3d insugents have blown up, with dyne
2e mite, a mail train from Puerto Prin
I eipe. Five soldiers of the eseort \were
C wounded. The,tobacco fields olf'the
)Y Antonio plantation, .Matanzas, hve:
in been burned by the insurgents. The
SQueen BRegent has pardoned Oscar.
ir Lubizarroba, a nephew of the war
minister, who had been sentencl. to
death for taidng part in the insurrec
tion. - At the railroad scation of Villa.
1o Nueva, this province, 'the police have
I, captured a quantity of ashogany
,. which had been hollowed out and used
' ith transport arms and ammunition to
:.. tlt in,~rgents, ."
to . .
,a A Baby Kiied by Rats.
is Three big rats attacked the twg
ec. month-old boy baby of Isaac Ashrer
Er. Sunday night, in Balt.more, gnawjng,
)s- its face, head and neck to such an Cx
n- tent that it died in a short time., Thhu
'ot mother of the baby had gone to mar-"
i- ket and the father had left it sleeping
,iff on a bed in a room on the second floor
ay .while he. went into his store down
r. stairs. .But a short time had' elapsed
he when Mr. A4sher heard the infant cry:.
ing as though in pain._ He hurried up
stairs and as he entere4.theroom three
t large rats jumped 'from' the kabyP
o- couch and&sumpercd off. ":"
The development of the railroad,
the bicyole, and other substitutes for
the horse has brought about a peculiar
condition of affairs. In North Da
kota, Montana, Northern Idado, and
Washington, 'there are one hundred
'and twenty-five thousand horses roam
ng around ,the prairies, and eating
tib.grass that might be used profit
abjy in feecding cattle and sheep. The
Shorses are practically valueless, "nd
the owners are hllnlesa.
In proportion to its size,' Eglan
haseight times s many milep of :rail.
way as the tiuted States.
:u: ::~· -
It is estimated that Queen Victoria
now rules over 367,000,000 people.
A Disastrous Freight Wreck.
A disastroja freight wreck occuirred
Saturday iht on the Philadelphia k
ReaWiug railroadl, nine miles southdast
of. Milton, Pa: A..n empty .eng'inete
dep'eollideI with.a heavy 'laiten cqal
i tai, .thrqwing eleven t oal cars, off tht
track and buying Edgneer Mitcell,
of the former, .beneath .the" ruins.
Fireman K1.lly, who. was on the esain,
engine,. umped o0',, bit - was so- .adly.
injured that bl diid,; too, A'man by"
the name of Burlew, who was riding
o0i the train, .was' terribly- bruied.
The',lrock, itiaj aid, was ldue to dis
obt lienee of orderA: .
-. 4.;~·i
FL X, o. L:awaAsoN, Pres. " A. TzsrscH, YVie-Pres. E. J. BBoK, O:ahiel
Cash Capital, - - - $25,000.
Safety Deposi Boxes for Rent,
Exchange bought and sold. Prompt service guaranteed. Your business is
solicited. Bank hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
])ruIc:roueS:--]E". J.. Buck, S. McC. Lawrasou, Adolph Teutach, O. D.
,\ooks, L. P. Ki!ilournae, ',Jam es Leake, M. 1).; Johu F. Irviue, Sr.; E. L.
Xewshamn, R.ojert )aniel, T. W. Bullter.
,~---U Y~Y ~ U~W4 ~ql-------------hl
F. M. Mumford, M.DU,
.....)DIALE:l, IN....
.....'erfurncry, Toilet Articles, Soaps and Brushes.....
Fine Stationeriy & Blank 2.oo®,
.....I NS, INK and PENCILS.....
CIGAN,'*. and:(I 'i¢.)I'O1BCCO.
Agency of F. Hammer & Company's READY
Roumain Bros.,
The Jewelers,
....ATON ROUCE,' LA....
For the Fa'll and Winter Trade we. have se*
cnred thb( finest selection ever seen in this part
of the State of
oia or ds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Optical Goods, and SiIer ware,
We can and will sell lower than any bhonu in the South. We give a per
sonal guarantee pn all goods bought of us. Country orders solicited and
proimptly attendaed to.
Fine Watch Repairing and Engraving a Specialty.
A Few Words
With You About Clothes......
We have one thousand Suits of Men's Fine: Clothing just
4from the tailor's hantls, sew and up-to-date Styles-wecan
fit your figure ase' well as your purse.
Not to be found elsewhere. Our prices range from $5.00
to $25.00. ,,
L. B. ATeON RO , LoA. ,

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