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* John H. Stone,
Is-ll.s Clinton, La.
g & STONE,
- t a Law,
f rancisVille, L. '
ee in'~ . erits of the
.. ic. . d o di rictN. Dur-.
`~ij1 ineet eifeatet at the
in Baou. Sara wlieneve
iee' i
S tar blic,
e'iin the 13th Judictal
.Cireuit; Supreme and
t,. Office in Bank Build
y - at - 1iiaw,
r court house. Will pra).c
18th Judicial and Federa!
an and Surgeon,
SFrancisville, La.
;ae building. Tgophone
from either Kilbourne's
a'drug stores.
- Louisiana,
do all work in
Office at residence.
, Gastrell, t
urnishing Coods.
,Do00oRS, ETC.
`; .Dealer in...
. ohandise.
SCaonnection With Store,
bf arses and Mules for sale.
action Guaranteed.
eat of Hill.
d Chemist,
sal and Prosperity Streets,
t. rancisville, La.
carefully compounded.
etion of Drugs, Patent
ioin, and Notions.
Carden Seed on Hand
and Builder.
and Dreassed Lumber kept
ty on hand at shop,
Mar residence,
t Suit the Times.
In this
,your Business,.
hcreost.For liberal
Y to the
U office
4ion byl' tough on Rats.-Twp Attempts
to tl' eck a Train--.Atlanta's Polide Chief
Jd-- ..L..er erer Breaks Jail-..Will Nol
Employ Pinkerton Detectives.
Shut Out of India.
The Official Gazette, Calcutta, pt
lishe. a n6tification to the effect thhl
the * Turkish newspapers, Sabah and, T
Ilumat, will hereafter be prohibitec h
rom ciroilation in India,.
- Washington Selected, '
At Thursday's sesbion of.the national 81
coundil oQf~ the Daughters of America, s
Washiigton, D. C., was selected as the f
place of baeeting in 1898. Tloounci f
hasgdjourned. .
Anarchists to be Punished.
An official' note issued Friday after. F
noon in Constantinople says: "Si
Armepian anarchists who perpetrated c
criminal acts yesterday have been art c
reated and will be shortly tried. They ,
will rdceive prompt punishment." 1
A Rolling Mill to Resume.
The Union Rolling Mill, Cleveland,
Ohio, resumed operations Monday, af.
ter a shut down lasting nearly tw(
months, owing to the scarcity of coal)
and the men refusing to work until the
amalgamated scale was signed. All
departments resumed, giving work to
400 men. _
Murderer Breaks Jail. I
Albert Voiers, one of the notorious <
Lewis gang of murderers, under sen- <
tenco to hang, broke jail at Fayette- I
ville, W. Va.. Thursday morning just I
before daylight. The sheriff and posse
are after him. Jerry Brown is con
demned to hang with Voiers.
Poisoned by Rough on Rats.
The family of a farmer named John
Britt, who live near Roanoke, Ala.,
were poisoned a few days ago and sev
eral of them became.very ill. A diag
nosiai showed that Rough on Rats had
been' sprinkled in their 'food. All of
the members of the family are recov
ering, and an effort is- being made to
locate who poisoned them.
A Michigan Bank Failure.
The People's Savings Bank, b6f
Mount Pleasant, closed its doors Fri
day morning and is now in the hands
of the commissiongr.of banking. No
statement has been given out. Ao
cording to the last statement, made in
SJanuary, 'the capital stock of the bank
was $100,00000, with $90,000 in depos
its. George E. Newall is president
and C. A. Carahon cashier.
A Change in Routing.
The roads of the Central Passenger
Association passed a resolution at Chi
cago to the effect that hereafter all
business from Mobile, New Orleans
. and the Southwest, south of the main
Iine of the Missouri Pacific between
Kansas City and Put in Bay must be
routed via Toledo and not via Detroit.
Say Pinkerton Will Not Be Employed.
The operators at Pittbburg, Pa., are
determined to start their mines, but
many of them are willing to submit
the question to arbitration before any
radical steps are taken towards ending
the strike and with this in view an
effort is being made to have a confer
once with mine ownese and officials
') If any agreemeht can not be reach
ed at this conference, then the oper
ators will immediately prepare for
z,. resumption with new men. The
operators admit that a plan of action
has been decided upon, but refuse to
say what mines will be started first.
The report that Pinkertons were to be
employed was denied, but assurance
wan given that the men would have
ample protection.
Two Attempts to Wreck Freight Trains.
d An attempt was made to wreck a
Ssouthbound freight train two and a
half miles north of Embry, Texas,
Thursday, by placing two piles of fish
plates on the track. The engineer dis
covered them and stopped the train.
The same thing occurred Friday. Five
piles of plates were placed on the
track. The engineer of the southbound
freight No. 31 saw the plates but could
lot stop his train until they were
, struck. No damage was done.
Atlanta's Police Chief Dead.
Arthur B. Connolly, for sixteen
t years chief of polide of Atlanta, diet'
at his home in this city at 4 o'clock
Friday morning, after a long illness.
He began his career on the force s a
patrolman, rose to be captain and was
finally elected chief, which position he
held through eight siccessive terdie
until his death. He was a prominent
- member of the Natinal Association of
SPolice Chiefs, and known throrighout
the country as an able and vigilant of
A Railway Disaster.
A freight train going up the Tam
pasaeca cannon on the Central railway.
sixteen miles from Tampico. got off
the track and caught fire Thursday.
SThe train consisted of tour tank cars
of crude petroleum, and five ears of
Svaluable machinery for the new electrio
Splant of the City of Mexic9. The
flames soon spread to the oil tanks,
one of which exploded and the otherp
soon followed, The Mexican laborers
who, were attempting to put out the
fire were very badly, if not ,atally,
burned, and 'were c.rried to Tampico A
Friday night.
A Terrible Indictment.
Special Commissibner Phil. C. Bird, 11
who was appointed by Gov. AtkinsonV
ofLGeorgia, last spring, to investigat4
th;condition of the county misde
meanor convict camps of the State,
Friday filed his report at the gover?
nor's office. Epitomized, tblwieport if
as follows: Bobbing conviot bof theirt
time allowances for good behavior,
Forcing convicts t' work from 14 to 20
hours a day; providing them no
clothes, no shoes, no beds, no heat in t
winter, no ventilation of sick rooms in
summer, in which three-score convicts
sleep in chains; giving them rotten
foods, allowing them to die when sick
for lack of medical attendance, outrag
ing the women, beating to death of old
men too feeble to work, cheating the I
1tate. The report gives names, dates,
places and is the truthful account of I
the special commissioner's trip to the
camps. The 25 county camps inspected
contain 1,167 convicts, of which three
are white' omen, 101 are white males,
76 are colored females and 988 are col- I
ored males.
Struck by Lightning.
What was at first thought to have
been an earthquake shock, felt at Buf
falo, N. Y., Thursday morning, turns
out to have been the blowing up of a
powder and dynamite magazine at Port
Colborne: Ont., about eighteen miles
from Buffalo. About 5:30 Thursday
morning lightning struck the magazine
of John Reed, located half a mile west
of Port Colborne. It was a small
framne and stone building, the founda
tions of which were in bedrock, in
which Mr. Reed kept a quantity of
gunpowder and dynamite. The shock
shattered windows in all the houses of
Port Colborne, woke up all the resi
dents of the town and heaved up the
waters of the Wellaud canal. The only
person nearby was the watchman em
ployed' in a limekiln and glass factory
close by. He escaped uninjured.
There is nothing left to show where
the lightning struck.
0 Heartrending Distress in Cuba.
The correspondent of the, Daily
Chronicle, London, in a letter from
Cuba, tells of further cruelty and dis
tress in that island. He says the' paci.
ficos are dying by the hundreds, "their'
bodies tainting the air close to a Span
ish fort." The Daily Chronicle corres
pondent, continuing, remarks .that a
private letter has been received-at Ha
vana from Senor Sagasta, the liberal
leader in Spain, in which he says:
"These atrocities are raising a thrill of
horror in Europe and I fear that it, is
impossible to raise fresh loans, without
r which we cannot retain Cuba." The
correspondent further says: "German
1 syndicates are buying the devastated
estates at nominal sums and intend to
go in extensively, for coffee planting,
abandoning sugar. This will directly
concern the United States and French
sugar trusts, and will probably lead to
extensive sugar growing in Georgia
and Florida.
tgBSecures Control of the Mexican Telegraph
Under separate agreements entered
into with the great systems of the Re
.publio of Mexico, respectively, the
SMexican National Railway Company,
and the Mexican Central Railway Com
Spany, the telegraph lines of those conm
epdnies have passed under control of
n the Postal Telegraph Company. Here
o tofore telegraphing into the Mexican
. capital has either been by cable, via
e Galveston and Vera Cruz, or by the
e American land lines to the Mexican
e border, and thence by the railway
companies' lines from Laredo or El
Paso to the city of Mexico. The con
* tracts entered into gives the Postal
a Company a continuous system from
a the United States to all the principal
c, ities in the neighboring republic. To
h make this possible the Postal Company
Sextended its lines south from Denver
' through Albuquerq'e to El Paso, to
connect with the Mlexican Central eyse
oe tem, and is now building from Little
d Rock to Laredo to connect 'with the
d Mexican National system, which ex
e tension will be completed on Jan
uary. 1, 1898. As a conee
quence of the extension, the messages
from American cities have beee re.uced
S40 per cent. making the message rate
from New York tdtheo city of Mexico
$k 1.85 for ten words, and the cable rate
e. from the City of Mexico to London has
a been reduced from 60 cents a word to
he 89 cents a word.
nt Crushed to Death by a Trali.
o Stephen Wheeler, clerk of the
t United States Court at Fort Smith,was
t killed by the north-bound Santa Fe
passenger train Saturday night at the
depot in Gainesvlle, Tex. 'the wheels
of two coaches had passed over him
a- when discovered. The train was stopped
y. and his body removed from the track.
of His body was terribly mangled, hil
y. head cut off belowthe eare, his right
rs shoulder and side crushed and his right
of leg broken near the hip. No one
ri knows how the accident happened, bui
'he it is thought that he had attempted tc
ks, board the train whie it was in motio
er and fell beneath the wheels.
Indiana Investors Igspecting Real Estate.
An Engineer Meets With an Accident. C
Insane Negro Attempes Suicide.--Meeting
of the Bar..Property Listed for Taxation.
Engineer Meets With an Accident.
Conrad Bunn, employed as engineer
at Natalbany, just north of Ham
mond, had his arm caught in the E3
maaBinery, resulting in the ;breaking
of, both bones of the forearm and cut
ting a seven-incb gash in the flesh.
He was earried to Hammond'for the pur
poseof setting the bones, but for,aome
reason this cannot be done for two or
three days. He is confined to his
room in the hotel.
Indiana Investors Inspecting Real Estate.
A party of thirty-six prospectors
from Northern Inadiana arrived at Lake
Charles Friday morning over the Kan
sas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad.
They are guests of the North Amori
can Land and Timber Company, whose
manager, Mr. Eastman, secured them
low excursion rates. They will remain
about three-weeks, inspecting that city
and vicinity, and if favorably impressed
will return and make large invest
ments in real estate.
Meeting of the Bar.
A meeting of the Lafourche bar was
held in Thibodaux Saturday with a
view of determining whether or not
this pariah shouldi be represented at
the Alexandria convention to be held
on September 1. There were sevenn
lawyers present, and of the number
Judge L. P. Cailouet was elected as
chairman and Earle Knoblock as seo- i
retary. A motion was made and adopt
ed to the effect that all of the lawyers
of theVparish be named as delegates to
the afotesaid convention.
Shrevoport and Red River Valley Railroad.
The mayor and board .of supervisors
of fhreveport have ordered an election
to be held on Sept. 22 for the purpose
of taking the sense and wishes of prop
erty owners upon the question of levy
ing a $70,000 tax or 2 1-2 mills per
annum in aid of the new Shreveport
and Red River Valley Railroad. If
the tax is votoy the company Fill ~ begini
constrluctioh Imnediately Wn4 will
complete their line from Shreveport to
.Coushatta within a year.
Insane Negro Att6mpts Suicide.
At Alexandria, last Friday- night
about 8:30 o'clock a negro by the name
of Arthur Pembroke, aged thirty
' years, while in a state of mental aber
ration, attempted to commit suicide by
cutting his throat with a knife.. He
partially severedthe'windpipe and lost i
considerable blood. Physicians were
immediately summoned and a tube
inserted. He is now lying in a critical
condition, but it is thought that he will
recover. Pembroke became insane
about three years ago, and was sent to
the asylum at Jackson, La. He re
mained there some time and was re
leased as cured. Since his return he
has been in the employ of Mr. J. A.
Williams, as porter in his store.
WVholesale Orbcers' Association.
h The Wholesale Grocers' Association
of Shreveport, sent the following rep
d resentatives to Texarkana Friday
, morning: W. H. Hunter, Jr., J. B.,
SArdis,. W. T. Crawford, Will Glassell,
, 8. B. Hicks, W. F. Taylor and W. B,
SOgilvie. The party departed on Fri
. day morning's Kaneas City, Pittsburg
f and Gulf train. On arriving at Texar
. kana they will meet the wholesale
Sgrocers of that city and from other
a points in Arkansas-and North. Texas.
e it is understood that the object of the
Sjoint meeting is for the purpose of
y forming an association to be known as
Sthe Louisiana and Arkansas Wholesale
. Grocers' Association. The object of
al this new association will be for mutual
m protection, to maintain uniformity of
al prices so far as it is possible and to se
co eure better freight rates.
iy - Arrangements for the Annual mlair.
en The management of the Jennings
to Fair Association have decided to hold
e the fourth annual fair on the 26th,
le 27th, 28ti and 29th of October. More
6e liberal premiums will be offered for
x- stock, fruit, grains, vegetables, fine
n- poult~r~, art and textile fabrics than
ie- ever befdrl, the premiums and purses
es amounting tejbout $2000. Each day
ed there will be bi.'ycle races and three or
to four trotting,pacing and running races,
o with various other anmiiements. Oct.
It 27th will be Educational Pay, with a
as speoial programme. Oct 28th is Derby
to Day, upon which will he contested the
Jennings Derby, half-mre running, for
a rich'purse. This racejis endowed by
the merchants of Jennipgs and will be
* made an annual event. Oct. 29th will
" be Farmers' Day, with a programme
of peculiar interest.t o.the agricultural
he classes, Premiam lisets and programmes
els will be issued in about two weeks, and
im may be had upon applicatioto the
ed seeretary. ,
ht A Noted Lawyer's Snicide.
ht Hon. John C. Bills, ex-Stateiienator
ne ad ex-mayor of Davenport, 14, aged
)Oi 0 years, one of the most ptominent
to lawyers in Iowa, committed suleide by
ion ebooting. He was despopdeit over
4iiii health.
 ," .i ,
I. MaC. LAWAeoN, Pres. \ E L. NUIIIA, Tio-Pre,. E. J. BOx,jQa~O ler.
Bank of Wet.Feliciana
Cash Capital, - - $25,000:
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Exchange bought and sold. Prompt service guarsateed. You bunem- 4_ -
solicited. Bank hours from 9 .m. to 8 p.m.
DIREOTORU:--E. J. Buck, S. MoO. Lawraon, Adolph T.ptsk .D0. D.
Brooks, L. P. Kilbourne, J. L. Geolan, John F. Irvine, Br.; . L.
Newsham, Robert Daniel, T. W. Butler..
, , .·
F. M. Mumford, M.D.,.
.....DEALER IN.....
.....Perfumery, Toit Artloles, Sops rand Brushs..... 
Fine Stationery & Blank B
.....PENS, INK and PENC S.....
I, i'er READY
Agency of F. Ham READY
Roumain Bros.,
The Jewelers,
S ....ATON ROYCE, LA....
ý ipr 'eall Tand Winter Trade ire wsn e*
rethe eai t election ever mse i thin part
of itate of
SOiamonds Watches, Oloks, Jei I .
OpticaJ Goods, and Silverware,
We can and will sell lower than any hone. in the SBoth. We give a per
sonal guarantee on all. goods bought of al. Country orders lolloited a
promptly attended to.
Fine Watch Repairini and Eiramir Spdcialty,
School Furnit eY Suppies
The "VICTOR" FIolding Desks are especiily adapted for use in
District and ParochialT Schiools.' Our line fis eaplete, including
Stationary Desks, bouble Desks, Adjustable Dks, etc.
Agents Wanted Everywhere.:
THOMAS KANE & CO., Racine, Wt$s
• .. . m. . m "- ,
U I*[email protected],@nEl i ,
SGreat C[tehing Sale I
0 Beginning May 4th. .1
* 100 Men's Suitsat $8.99, Worth $5.00. ,
200 Meh's Suits at $5.00, Worth $7.50. "
100 Men's Suits at 7.50, Worth $10 to 12,50. @
* 500 Men's Percale and Madras Shirts at only 99 CENTS, the O
" regular $1.50 quality. '
O If you want the very best goods for the
Snleast money attend this SPECIAL SALE. *
* Cor. Main and Third. "
* An ordinary family ironing can be done on the "RACINZ"
Mangle in twenty minutes, without heat or fuel.
Prices within the means of every' family. Mlade in six styles Ip4
ten sizes, for Families, Hotels, etc. Every Mangle Cuurant6Qi
Send 2c staimp for new illustrated Caitalogue, with prices..

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