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1pi17 .i
-.. .
nd every Distressing Irritation
of the'Skin and Scalp Instantly
Relieved by a Bath with
ir SOAPt
And a single anointing with CUTICURA, the
great skin cure and purest of emollients. This
treatment, when followed in severe cases by mild
doses of CUTICURA RESOLVENT, to cool
and cleanse the blood, is the most speedy, perma
nent, and economical cure for torturing, disfigur
ing, itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted, and
pimply skin and scalp humors with loss of hair
ever compounded.
Millions of Women
tCUTICURA SOAP, assisted by Cuticura Olatment,
U for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, for
eansint the calp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stop
Pig of falling hair, for softening, whitening, and soothing red,
sough, and sore handsm, for baby rashes, itchings, and chafings, i
the form of baths for annoying irritations and inflammiations, or too
frse or offensive perspiration, in the form of washes for dccrative
tweaknesses, and many sanative antiseptic purposes which readily
suggest themselves to women and mothers, and for all the purposes
of the toileSt, bath, and nursery. No amount of persuasion can 1in
duc those who have once used these great skin purifiers and beau.
tiflers to use any others. CUTICURA SOAP combines delcate
emollient propertis derived from CUTICURA, the great skin
curej with the purest of cleansing ingredients and the most refresh
kng of flower odors. No other medicated soap ever compounded
b to be compared with it for preserving, purifying, and beautf
lng the skin, sctlp, hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestic
toilet soap, howeve czpensive, is to be compared with it for aU
the purposes of the toilct, bath, and nursery. Thus ft combies
the BEST skin and complieion soap, the BEST toilet and BEST
bhby soap in the world.
Complete lxternal and Internal Treatment for Every Hum
 lerr oz].laun ot Crlotonasowran, (Oe.), to cool and the lsakin of eblod
Ah& ea um1 osL oftn. sumcent to eaure the most trtoarladg,
THE SET, $1.25 ~.th u:prs-p j. .
SIn this Palper and increase your
SAn advertisement Is a silent Canvasser who is
Always at Work in your Interest.
SP.or lleral rates apply ~o th. Publishers.
I**onwe w
the Reason, You Plainly Can See r- His
Conjecture - Their Pllght, Worse - A
Happy Exit-Too High-Harried-His
Preference-Doing His Best, Etc., Ete.
"There is plenty of room at the top,"
Said the poet, a trifle erratic;
And he chortled with glee
As he said: "Don't you see,
That's the reason I live in an attic."
-Philadelphia Record
His Conjecture.
Myer-"I wonder what causes coun
cussion of the brain?"
Gyer-"A collision between two
trains of thought, I suppose."-Chicago
Their Plight Worse.
"He's been talking golf so much late.
Gy he seems to be actually going crazy."
"Gracious! Then what must be the
,ondition of the people he's been talk.
Ing to!"
A Happy Exit.
"Tubbs is somewhat of a snob, isn't
"Snob? Say, he'd die happy if he
could get run over by a millionaire's
Too High.
"D'Auber doesn't shout so much
about 'high art' as he used to."
"No, the last thing he exhibited was
skyed by the committee."-Philadel
phia Press.
The Idler-"How would you like
to live a hundred years?"
The Busy Man-"I'd like to, but I
am afraid I couldn't find the time,"-;
[ndianapolis Press.
His Preference.
"Do you boil your water before
drinking it?"
"Boil it? Well, I guess not. I'd
rather drink a menagerie than a ceme
tery any day."-Life.
Doing His Best.
"Lester, dear," said Mrs. Giddings,
anxiously, to her husband, "I don't
like that cough of yours."
"I'm sorry," replied Glddings, "but
it is the best I have."--Tt-Bits.
"Every avenue to success is now
)pen to you!" said Fate.
"And I haven't a decent street dress
to my name!" faltered Woman, tears
limming her eyes.-Detroit Journal
Quiet Prosaic.
"Well, I wonder how this marriage
happened to be brought about?"
"They simply fell in love with each
"How unromantic!"-Denver News.
The Shadow.
"What profession does your friend
"That of the light-Angered gentry."
"You don't mean it?"
"Yes; he's a detective."-Catholic
Standard and Times.
Not Any For Him.
Cholly-"Ole Chapple, why don't you
iave a pair of these rubber heels put
in your shoes?"
Fweddy-"It would be too much
trouble to keep them inflated, deah
boy."--Chicago Tribune.
Further Froof of His Ability.
"Yapp has greatly misrepresented
his assets to the counsel for his credi
"Well, that's only additional proof
that his lie-abilities are great."-Phila
delphia North American.
Sure to Object.
"If we could see ourselves as others
tee us," began Miss Quotem, "we
"Very promptly inform them that
they were mistaken," interrupted Mr.
Flyppe.-Baltimore American.
His Enemy For Life.
"I've promised to go in to supper
with some one else, Mr. Blanque; but
'11 introduce you to'a very handsome
and clever girl."
"But I don't want a handsome and
elever girl; I want you."--Tlt-Bits.
The Right Word.
"Why do you speak of him as a fin.
lshed artist?"
"Because he told me he was utterly
discouraged and was going to quit the
profession. If that doesn't show that
he's finished I don't know what dbes."
Here the fellow borrowed $10 of me,
"Your friendship is pure gold!" he
I wrung his hand.
"Don't mention it!" I protested.
"Your Midas-touch would turn any*
body's friendship to gold!"
Then I laughed boisterously.
The Hail That Failed.
"All hail!"
Everybody hailed.
But he to whom their acclamations
were directed passed them with stern.
ly averted face.
So it was the people walked home,
for he was none other than the motor
man of the last car.-Detroit JournaL
- Finding Fault Early in the Game.
Brlde-"You can't imagine how hate
tul Jack is to me, he is so selfish,
Mother (sympathetically)-"Why,
what does he do?"
Brlde-"He clways wants to go out
to the theatre, and things like that,
just the very time when I want to
stay home."-Collier's Weekly.
Quiet True.
"You disapprove of some of the con.
ventional fictions?"
"I do," answered Miss Cayenne.
"And yet I have heard you exclaim
to a number of people, 'I am delighted
to see you!'"
"The remark was perfectly true !i
each case. I shouldn't care to be
blind, you know."-Washington Star.
The Deluded Canine.
The dog is one ot the most intelligent
of animals," remarked Willie Wash.
"So I have heard," answered Miss
"And he is the most loyal admirer
a man can have."
"Yes. I never could quite reconcile
Sthoaae. tws. asmeartionas"-Waahintrmb
re a inith Between a Big Bear and
Husky xNege.
While at Batesville last week the
writer was told of a genuine mix-up all
between Edward Brown, a worthy and th
well-to-do colored man living 10 miles mi
west of Batesvillb, near the big Talla- ye
hatchie bottm, and a 600-pound black dr
bear, eays the Atlanta Constitution. It
The incident happened on Tuesday of so
last week. The negro's corn field is br
near the bottom, and for two weeks ch
past several bears had made night vis- in,
its thereto to partake of the delicious pr
roasting ears. Brown is an old bear th
hunter, and in 'his day has killed many tr
losene of them. He built a scaffold in
the corn field near where the bears
entered, and Monday night, with his'a h
trupty gun, he took his stand thereon, 'h
intending to bag Bruin while devour
ing his corn. Now the thrilling part in
comes, and boys who love to read hair- !e
breadth escapes from wild and fero- ;a
sious beasts must prepare to hold their it
breath. The bear came on schedule r1
time and started straight for the ne- ir
gro's shelter. Brown saw that be was Ib
a tremendously large one, and tried k
to make good his aim. He only suc- p
eeded In wounding him badly, how- (h
ever, and the bear ran off to the woods. Ii
Brown called his sons to bring the (
dogs and a fresh gun, and woon the
dogs had the monster'bayed in a brush t
thicket within the field. The moon
shone brightly, and he could see the
struggle the dogs were having with
the game, so to make short work of it
he rushed in to get a dead shot, when
Bruin turned on him with the ferocity
of a Texas cyolone. The negro was
knocked down, tis arm crushed to a
splinters, and he was badly bitten and a
otherwise used up. Brown's oldest son 6)
saw the predicament of his father and il
rushed in, grabbed the rifle and ended b
Bruin's checkered and corn-eating -:
career on the spot. The bear weighed I
aver 600 nounds.
To Core a Cold In One Day.
Take L.AXATIYV Banwo QUININE TAltwrs. All
druggiets refund the m ney if it falls to cure.
R. W. Gaova's signatnre is on each box. 25c.
The man who asks God for hi daily bread
will not. be asleep in the shade when he ought
to he out in the field at work.-Ram's Hors. L
Cures Asthma
Do you know what it is to 0
have the asthma? Or have l
you ever seen one suffer with C
it? The hard struggle for air,
the spasmodic breathing, the a
nights spent in the chair, all
tell a story of terrible suffering. >i
certainly cures asthma; also
bronchitis, hoarseness, weak
lungs, whooping-cough, croup,
winter coughs, night coughs,
and hard colds.
Three sizes: 2bc., , l$1.0l0.
If your druwst cannot supply you, send us one
dollr and we will express a large bottle to you,
all charge prepaid. Be sure and give us your
nearest express ofoie. Address, J. V. Ata Co.,
Lowell, Mass.
All we want is your name and addrem
on a postal card and in return we will
send you free ot all expense a packagse ot
The best remedy made to Cool
Fever, Cure Headache and re
lieve all aches and pains.
Then if you like it, buy the 95 cent esae
from your home dealer.
Send aus rour name at once.
WANTED, Traveling Manlo, , o o.
ine of Beed Potatoes, Onion sets, Seed
Oats, Se art Grasses,. Etc. No samples re
qalred. Bit demand from everyone ti l
May Ist. Liberal terms. GLA8~ COMMI."
SION CO., No. 866 Front Street, Memphis.
eas o of tetimonist and 10 darey treatmen
se. Dr. a. a. Les's s503. se 5. atlasea. qse.
TNMsaxmwr I Rms pn -.V-x-U--1901
'"All the weetness of Lvin Bloisoms, " the match
less perfume Murray & Inman Florida Water.
Iamereser a U I of l erlp,
An sormous and inereasing amount
of burlap is used in this country, 600,.
000,000 yards a year, it is said. Burlap
is used for making bags, it Igure in
coat a131s, among other thtngs, and
is even teolg , In a dressed-u, state,
late wall oe8euin, But it is chiely
uad4 for Packing and wrappling, and
with our tihening export trade great
cuantitles of It are demanded,
3edb meals fee We-lardig.
IUtenanmt Walter R Gherardi, who
is known as one of the bravest men
La the navy and has three gold medals
for saving lives, does not look much
like his father, the retired rear ad
'tmrl. The latter is about the average
I height, but is made to look much
shorter by his great breadth. The
eos is 1 feet 3 inehee tall and built in
SryametrIocal proportion.
Ne that amnet forgive others breaks
the bridge over which he must pra
i et bent--Herbet.
L Cii I O -e
Mas who Travel Muh Prone to uftfer
trom This DIsease.
This distressing affection, known
also as Tabes dorsalis, is a disease of bO
the spinal cord occurring usually in oon
middle life, between thirty and fifty whi
years of age, but sometimes in chil- Am
dren as young as ten or twelve years. hot
It is believed to be due primarily to Biti
some constitutional trouble, but is a C
brought on often by exposure to tioz
changes of weather, by physical or
mental overwork, and by whatever de- can
presses the general health. It is said
that railroad men and others who rea<
travel much are prone to suffer from
this disease. Men are affected more
,ften than women. The first sign of I
the disease is usually a numbness of Co
the feet and an uncertainty in walk
ing, especially in the dark. The patient an
!eels constantly fatigued, without ap- ca
parent reason, and sometimes slight S
ittacks of dizziness are complained of.
the didiculty in walking gradually in
ireases, and then an awkwardness in ac
the ase of the hands is noticed. This of
becomes very apparent if the patient is
iade to shut his eyes and try to touch
(he end of the nose with the index S
Inger. A well person can usually place wi
the finger on or very near the nose, But
but one suffering from locomotor
ataxia is as likely to touch the eye or
the chin. There is also frequently a ca
'eeling of constriction about the waist, tut
ts if a cord were tightly tied around du,
the body. Sharp, darting pains may 0
be felt in the legs, and sometimes there pu
a severe pain in the stomach, perhaps o.,
with vomiting. Not uncommonly there
Is irregular action of the bowels and tre
bladder. The eyes are often affected,
the sight gradually growing dim, or
louble vision being present, and oc- an
:asionally there is deafness as well. Cs
Painless swelling and deformity of one
)r more joints may occur, and some
times the bones become so brittle that thi
they break very easily, as in a simple
tall. A rare symptom is an ulcer on th
the sole of the foot, which it is diff- re
!ult or impossible to heal. Locomotor
itaxia is a very slowly progressive is
lisease, lasting.sometimes for many at
rears, and seldom in Itself a cause of
leatbh When treatment is begun in as
:he very early stages, it is believed A'
that the disease may possibly be cured
but later the most that can be done is C
to delay its progress and relieve the ki
most distressing symptoms.-Youths' be
Kexloan's Experlesee with a Nerd of
A. Mexican freighter whose route at
lies across the deserts of New Mexico A
and Arisona and who is known as da
Juan Riviera has many tales to tell of to
bloodcurdling adventures he has had
during his trips across the sands. Al
though considered to be as truthful as a
the ordinary map by his acquaintances,
some of his stories would indicate that
he occasionally departs from the path *
of rectitude or else the road he travels
must be a veritable paradise for hunt
ers. One if his reminiscences is as
follows: "While passing from Chi- A
huahua to Tucson, some fifteen years i
ago, I encountered a great herd, prob
ably a thousand, of antelope, and this
accounts for the loss of my forefinger,
which you see is lacking two joints.
This herd was not far from a box
canyon, having a very narrow entrance t
when I first saw it. By riding to and t
fro, I succeeded after an hour in get
ting them to enter the canyon, but as
the entrance was narrow I could get
them in only one at a time. After los- r
ing considerable time I got them all P
in. To keep them cooped up, I began
to pile up stones at the opening, in- o
tending to leave the antelopes there P
and notify my friends of the catch.
While at work the antelopes suddenly a
turned on me and began to rush out. V
There was not time enough to bar the F
opening, so I grabbed my knife and b
stabbed them as they came out. Ante- g
lope are hiuch like sheep, and follow a
their leader,afd came rushing through a
so rapidly that my arm was kept in h
motion like the crank shaft on a wind- a
mill. I were out the knife, then the Ib
handle, and was so excited that I kept c
Son jabbing with my forefinger until I -
had worn it down to one joint. It
doesn't nav to tet excited-"
mr sad raenseba un v srons m s
Arwe Deg i e trm wawm
Two ltataces showing how tena
clous of life lobsters and aod m ams
related in a bulletin of the United
s tate n Oommidm. In the fll
Sof 118 about twenty lobster were left
I n a ma ian the 'basin" at a fsh aom-r
mlaton whauL Near the ad of March,
,19 when the ear was epened, all
semsd to be in a perftlty halthy
ondtln On the eat the
Safshlng for brod I am ui aetel lo 139
tourtem ad welghlmg fes four to
Nomam lad or Nalteaket, we In
advrtetlly left In the well of the
Grampn m ad anoL disovered nuntil
the well not litr tthan Nmaber 18,
pmblyhsm days bora DafrIs
tdha time the had nt bean be and
had lyJ h toa d fo o as came rogh
the holes in the well. When released
la Gloss, harbr a AgrIa l thbe
rm ~nla t l ye ad neingn I.
teabh semiewht em.. d. and It
was RaOed that their baks and sid s
wa much darke than normal, while
the belly as nunawialy Itght colored
vraed maeton a Chlss
SExtending from north to south,
i Indo-China covers fourteen degrees,
* necessarily including a wide variety
i of climate." In the southern provinces
- the year is divided into two seasons,
a wet and dry. In Tonkin and Anam
t the four western seasons prevail, with
s the difference that the heat attains an
a intensity unknown in Europe, and the
climate is so debilitating as to unfit
Europoeans foir manual labor.
s ?irst be sure yaour new tall cloup
me all ehand tk en soahea&
In China oarltnals and political prisoners
are beh ded. Some of the eeoutioners ar.
so expert that thhe an arraunie and b ,hhad
a man in eiphbee seCdnds.
The New Cup Defender,
Now being built, is confidently expected to
be the fastest sailing vessel ever built. Its
construction is being kept a secret, but It is
whispered that it will easily hold the sup.
America is rapidly coming to the frent. A
good example of this is in that famous
household remedy, Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters, which las defended health for half
a century past. It holds the record for he
cure of dyspepsia, indigestion, onstipa
tion, nervousness.billousness and Is grippe.
"What are you doing?" inquired the Afri
can explorer of the dusky savage whom he
perceived climbing up a palm tree. 'Get
tlng up to date," answered the barbarian,
reaching for the neal eat bunch.
STArm or OnHo, CITY or ToLDno,, ,
FRANKJ. CR3s3 makes oath that hebthe
s5nior partner of the firm of F. J. CRM3 h
Co., doin basinein the City ofToled°,C°unt
and State aforesaid, and tha said frm wil pa
the sum of orN HUNDnnD DOLLARS for eaca
and every case of CATARRH that canneS be
cured by the use of iHi ALL'S CATARRH CUni.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
-A_.) /presenoe, this 6th day of Decembe,
slUL A. D. 1806. A. W. GLdaOl.
Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken internallr and
acts directly on the blood and mucous e.race
of the system. Send for testimonials free
F. . (Jtrn? & Co., Toled 0.
Sold by Drluggist, 75.
Hall's famly Pills are the bet.
Schools on the line of the elevated rail
roadi in Chicago are seriously interfered
with by the noise of the trains and damage
suits are threatened.
Hest For the Bowels.
No matter what ails you, headache to a
cancer, you will. never get well until your
bowels are put right.s Ca.ota sCihelp na
ture, cure you without a gripe or -pain, pro
duce easy natural movements, coat yoll jst
10 cents to start getting your health tack.
CAsoiAzT Candy Cathasic, the genuine,
put up in metal boxes, every tablet has 0. 0.
0., stamped on it. Beware of imitations.
A fad of the more prominent French soa
tresses is the manipulation of their own an
mobiles. Someof them are experts.
The Best Preseriptleo be Chills
and Fever is a bottle of GROVa's TASTIsL5g
CanLL TOexN. It is simply iron and qulntne in
a tasteless form. No cure-o pay. rioe 00.
Tea and sugar coat Russia yearly $M6,000,
000; spirits, beer and wine are consumed to
the value of $140.000,000 only.
Happiness cannot be bought, but one of
the great hindrances to its attainment can be
removed by Adams' Pepsin Tutti lruttl.
The smallest coin now current in Europe
is the Greek lepton It is worth one-tenth of
a penny.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of
as a cough cure.-J. W. O'Bazzs, 8 Third
Ave., N., Minneapolis. Minn., Jan., 6, 190.
J. W. Robinson, president of-the Kansas
Cattlemen,s Asaociation. says that their ple
nic at Kingman was the biggest affair of the
® kind on record. On two days the crowd num
bered about 12,000.
We refund 10c for every package of PUT
NAN FADELuSB DTa that fails to give satis
faction. Monroe Drug 0o., Unionvllle, Mo.
Sold by all druggists.
Jas. Wallace, a farmer across the Missouri
river from Leavenworth, was killed by Dr.
Arrington in a quarrel over a line fence. The
doctor drove to Leavenworth, but soon went
Shback over the r ver and took his little daugh.
f ter and skipped out.
Millions Use Carter's Ink
which issure proof of its excellent quality. I,
made chemically accurate. Theretore the beat
~akes a Fortuue In Mining Steks anad
Pays Off Church Mortgage
Shrewd investment in Arizona min
a ing properties has raised Rev. Larkin
A. Rock*ell, pastor of the West Pull
man M. E. church, from his position
Sas a struggling minister on a small
salary to a man of affluence. Several
years ago he began buying stock in
the Azurite, Twine Beauties and other
old mines in Arizona. His Investments
turned out so profitably that a'short
time ago he was able to announce to
his congregation that he himself would
t pay off the mortgage of $2,6500 which
. rested over the ittle church where he
1 presided as pastor. At the same time
n he resigned his salary, as he said his
- own income was adequate for the sup
* port of his family. Rev. Mr. Rock
. well was formerly pastor of the Sec
y ond Methodist church at Edlglewood.
. When he accepted the call to West
e Pullman he found that church incum
4 bered by a mortgage and the congre
- gation hardly more than able to keep
W up the interest. The mining invest=
h ments of Mr. Rockwell are reputed tc
n have made him worth $500,000. He is
- at present in Arizona looking after
e his isivestments. He has in view other
t charitable dispensations on his return.
I -Chicago Times-Herakl.
Paris has sixty wholesale firm.
whith deal in mushrooms exclusively.
aunyadi Jan
Endorsed and used by the most prominenth
in the world as the best and safest remey .
ordered stomach, biliousness, liver troubles,
It Cures Constipationi
Take one-half glassful on arlsyg in the mornliP
you will feel the remarkable effects in half an bout.
ASK ~' a,...jI LOOK rt..
Seo Sxperter. Firm ef [email protected], W OIt
"NewRIval, • "Le .ader,' and "Repfaer.
Insist upon having them, take no others and you will pet the best shells that money ca bq
Les Desertla by 8Is Seere y.
The severest blow Li Hung Chang
has received for many years is the de
aertion of J. W. Pethick, an American
who had been his private secretary for
twelve or fifteen years. Mr. Pethiok
was paid a large salary to act as ad
visor and instrdctor in modern lan
guages and sciences, and had charge
of all the viceroy's foreigd affairs and
much of his private business., earl LI
has money invested in all sorts of en
terprises in europe and Asia, and Mr.
Pethiek has looked after his flasclal
business in foreign counftrfe
also taught the Earl nearly
thing he knows of foreign
has read aloud to Li Hug
more than 800 books in
French and German, whioh
able to translate into Chiu~
read them. Last spring Io
not yet publicly explaint.
ick resigned his position With
Chang, and has sines
as untrustworthy and a t
tfriends ho pretends to
Resort.~ .- .- --6I
Is the most important
man's existence. Ow to I
methods of living, hot one
a thousand approaches this
natural change without e
a train of very annoying
times painful symptoms. .
Those dreadful hot flashe~s,
the blood surging to the heart
seems ready to burst, and t
feeling that follows, sometime
chills, as if the heart were
stop for good, are symptoms of
gerous, nervous trouble.
lashes are just so many cae l
nature for help. The nerves ae
Mau. jmu Noza.
ing out for assistance. The ery
be heeded in time. Lydia . I
ham's Vegetable Compound was
pared to meet the needs of
system at this trying period of hw
It builds up the weakened
system, and enables a wnman to
that grand change triumphantly.
"I was a very sick woman,
'by Change of Life. I sufered
flushes, and fainting spells.
afraid to go on the street, my
and back troubled me so. I
tirely cured by Lydia E.
Vegetable Compound."-- Mas.
NOBLE, 5010 Keyser St., Ge
To produce the best
in fruit, vegetable or gr
fertilizer used must .c
enough Potash. For
ulars see our pamphlets. ,
send them free.
93 Nassau S., New York. a
Ths is a datg seamet,
ser'sseeds beer It satee
SStees ortbs perstan
WiHt Is it ?
a b tAeior B ye aeila
t5l.o IA.f
to tany u1
wee onan om r ll
moretshnleaSlment. eOLYVs
diMea, weekneus sadn daordss
eald eoaeadensal £catSoualess
Dr. Bull's C
Cures a cough or cold at once.
Conquers croup, bronchitis,
grippe and consaumption. 5. r

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