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ree r ~ rsemi~wkar"rr+. .
DIIIS. W. LIF''A KI-J-- _T ,. I EAEi tor.
11 RS8. At. i T r 3,:ý 1{ .... .... Et: i nr
$i>bwOenption PI'iV, per yeaCr, $1.50
Entered nt t1e Post Otfice at St. Francis
villo, Lar., as secondc-class mar~il maetter
SAT'UR~DAY, A 1. , 1901
Beet U ,ýuah Syrup. Tine' Coux&. Us"
In ruo. fold by Vn,:p!:t .
seeks to contro! his \\ ife by lil ding the
pur'se him:;clf.
When iunture pits on I is w spring dIress
fresh paint otl hlmise an!i b;rn is iiaturl t
ly suggest.cd. Now is I lie ti ltoe, anild the
Uinan toi do Ibhe p-.ilii ig lhr you as 11.
Martin, llayoi iara. la:.
.0i 41.-,- ....
A depl'it of vali:l:ile chiiemicals bas
ieen, discovered illn Grant parish, near
Ctll, vounds, blilllrins, spr;i1 anli
lbruises quickly lien! iflyou apply llalirdl's i
Stnow TLiniiint. PIi 'e 25ets iand 50cts.
Tolm I. Jobhin11on by carrying tlhe Re
npublicani strollgholll of Clevellandl, ().,
for mayor, puts hiimself i lin - for the
D)emocratic nomnination for the presi
A T'cstiioniili from Old England.
'I cosiider Chaltibilnerl in's Cough 1Rem
cldy the best in the woirl'l for bronlchitis,'
says Mr William Savory, of Warringtoll ,
Euglainll. 'It hai\ saved my wile's Iifie,
shie having been a martyr to bronchit
for over six years, heinlg moist of the
lime colliltied to her bedu. liho is now
nite well.' Sold by Ki'lloulrne alnd For
rester St Francisvillc, Villeret and Allain
iliyoul Sara.
W'omlen drummelnirs are inlCer'sing. So
lonlg as they refrain from cigarette smlok
ilg, and swappiing big stories o tle clears
in the hbearing of other passengers, they
will be, at least elidllrabie.
Real Estate Transfers.
West Felijuiana Planting Co. to
State of La., Angola plantaition.
Mrs. IR. Temnpel to Robt. Ula:s
4eaux, lot on Alley.
Mrs. E. Weher to Jones L. IHill,
land in 6th ward.
Shirt-Waists For Men.
'Tlie Delineator for May shows a
nlltmber of Shit t-Waists for Men
that are practical and tasteful and
that will not prove too coIlsplicuous
if worn without it coat. The shirt
waist for men began to get its hold
on public favor last season, andtl
will undoubtedly be seen much
more widely this season.
Minutes of SchoolBoard.
St. Francisville, La , April 6, 1901.
The Parish Board of School Directors
met in regular quarto ly session. Pres
ent: Mr. Jae. P l!owm tn, President;
Messrs. Argue, Brooks, Evans, Lawra
son, Porter and Smith.
Minutes of meeting of Board in January
and of meetings of Executive Committee
in February and March, read nd ap
'rhe Finance Committee reported that
Treasurer's report for 1st quarter, 1.01,
liad been examined and found corre t.
The report was approved, warrants of
quarter ordered taken up and hill for
Treasurer's eommuissiot for said quar:er
approveid Iaid ordered paid.
The Soperintendent reported for tlhe
qluarter and preseted reports of schools
for tmonth ending March 22, 1901.
Ciroenar fromt State Board of Health
relative to vaccintion was presented.
It was directed that teachers tranesit
list of pupils not vaccinated andthat cir i
enlar be comtmunicated to Parish Board
of Htolith in order that proper arrange
menuts to comply with snme m:ay be made.
Comnunication from State Institute
Board relative to Institutes and suntmer
achotols was presented. It wa:ls resolved,
that the Supt. coninunicato to the State
Institute Board ltlat this Board will co.
operate with other parishee in this sec
tion in procuring the location of a sum- t
uter school at someo central pointiu this
aeetion of the state.
It was directed that the term of tlte
counntry coloreld aschools ie 5 months. (
IU was directed titat time riot taulllght may
hoe mlade ulp as nlch 1as is convelnient.ly
?ossible at end of regular session.
Mr. E A Wright was ippointed "local I
director" of Grange Hall elhool, vice, MIr.
U Lee removed froil parish.
The following approved accounts were
ordered paid :
L P Kilboaurne treas, cotn. 1st
qua:rter 1901................. $45 81
N II Bairro'i, poll tax refunded
paid twice................... 1 00
Jolhn F Irvine & sonl, coal........ 1 00
Kilbourne & Forrester, sulndries 3 20
O Mix, janitor.................. 3 00
1I J Grimes, janlitress ........... 2 00
J FreyhLan & Cp, coal........... 60
F Il Telnney, sunhries.......... 80
AT Oastrell, " .............. 2 15
E Newman, " ................ 15
Pe'orcy B.os, " *............. 80
Afton colored school approprialio, I,
fanily fees...................... $13 35
Wiley McGraw, work, etoc....... 13 05
The Board then adjourned.
8ecretauy. r
-:Ii- i
Canlned Coat.
Coats of paint we imean. Paint t
lI a little and let na suplly paint,
oil and varnish. Black varnish for
the grates, enamel paints for the
baby carriage. Bric-a-brac flower
pots, etc., at Mumford's Pharmacy. i
~. '- ···l · '·
Wood. Lossl
),cinaing to-morirow 1othe night train
ot Hies roal will discontinue its runs to
V1mIIIIl, andwill stod) at this plaice
r i.,te:d. It cla iaed by tlahe railroad
opi)k, tl'at it dos not pay to 1-111u the
Itraino to Wioodv'ille. T'he citizens of
that t.,wn a.re getting up a petition to
have thel service cotiaued.
Meamwhil 'the loss is a Mserious on to
the people of Woodville :ual of the upper
part of this parish. No wonuder the la
mentatio'i are long and loumad.
Not 1eing in pos.wlesion of faets and
figur'es, ''l'h True ])D'emocrat is Inot ill a
position to snistain or con'travert the con
tenation that, theserviceto Woodville dot.:
not justify the additional expense, but
we can point out two thiugs quite clear
y13. lThese, are they: The town muilt
Smar or on a river has a most decided ad
vantage in claiming aml securing rail
road facilities. Freighlt rates to Wood
ville or Wilson as compared with those,
to lBayou Sara amply sustain Ithis. The
preCSent lo.s to Woodvilie of passenger
serviee is aapother proof, and it is one
that will (continue to be felt so long as
the colity seat of W'oodville has outlet
by rail il one direction only. If there
was aroad throighit to Natchez the claim
of its "not paying" wold he untenal'he,
Sand the plople along the routo wofild he
ire'asonahbly r8111e of haviang good facilities
for travel. Connected with two river
towns, Natchez a"1d )Bayou Sara, would
be next best to Woodralle's being in it
self a river town.
The present loss is an obbeet les;on
Woodville should see how necessary it is
to push the project of lengthening the
r.ad, if it would he indepemlent in fu
Stare. To secure the road is to solve the
Our inferest iu urging the matter is
the advantages accruing to West Felici
oana also, should tihe road' to Natchez
Sons of Veterans.
Th't effo"'t made to maintain a
Sons of Veterans' Camp here does
not awaken a great deal of enthu
siam, though it should, as the fol
lowing extract from Commander
WVmi Fa yssoux's'circular letter No..3
will show. lHe says
o Sons of Confederate Vetlerant s
residing in the State of Louisiana,
- I address this communieation to
you and hope that you will give it
, your consideration.
You should awake and appreci
ate the fact that the brave Confed
erate soldiers are rapidly drifting
across the river that borders upon
Sthat unknown lind and that their
Sranks are showing the loss.of, their
i" departed comrades.
) You are the ones who will inherit
the honor of preserving their ree-
or(ds and relics, which are Valluled
so highly by them. Upon your
shoulders will descend the duty of
commemorating tileir deeds of
It therefore behooves you to take
immediate steps for the placing of
yourselves in the position where
you will be fully qualified to obtain
your rights and if necessary, even
now to assist were you called upo,
to do i-:o.
e To form a Camp of the United
Sons of Confederate Veterans, it is
necessary that there he ten or more
male descendan.ts of those whu,
served in the CUofederate army or
t navy to the end of the war, or died
in prison, actual service, or were
killed ia battle, honorably discharg
, ed or retired.
a At plresent there are in this Di
vision a Camp at Napoleonvill,
' Plaquemnine, Donaldsonville, New
Orleans, Iaton Rouge and St.
Franciaville, while others are in
Wmn. McL. Fayssoux.
The best prescription for eals-.
ria, chills and fever is a bottle of
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. it
is simply iron and quinine in a
tasteless form. No cure, no piy.
Price 50e.
At Stern's
Chutt Peabody's shirts atd collars.
Falcon and Star Brand Hats.
Also Novelties
For Ladies and Men.
Mrs. T. Carney and family have moved
in the R. . I. Rogillio house and have gone
to housekeeping.
W. R. Campbell went to Bayou S'ra
Saturday anl spent two days visiting
friends a,:d relative' in Bayou Sara and
$t Francisvilhl, and remained to hear Dr.
Cooper preach on Snnday mght.
A. Pahaer Smith, of Poplar Springs,
naade oneeof his iafrequent visits to St.
Franeiaville oaa Saturday to the meeting
of the parish school board,
On Monday a strange young lady made
her appearance at Rogillioville and took
up permanent hoard with the postmaster.
lie is very proud of the new arrival,
Mrs. Manmio Richardson visited her
cousin, Mrs. Jones Spiliman, on Tuesday
and speht a very plea~ant day.
The orange is budding and soon mar
riage bells will ring in two happy homes
in this neighborhood. We trust they
!may never jangle out of tune,
Tell T. C. V. that he may still expect
to hear from
Yours truly,
C. R. Williams.
For Dew base, etc., go to hlies
H. E, Town's.
Robbing the .ana,
Col. J. B. Kill'brew in aoui.he'n Farm
?lgazine of aln!timore for April.
Ileretofore il the history of :gri
culture in the South there have
been two or three practices which
prevailed almost universally, and
which have led to the imtpoverish
,ment of the soil and to thle reduc
tion of the profits in agricultural
pursutits. One of these is the clear
ing of new land and the abandlnr.
dlonment of old. The evils result
ing fromn this pernicious practice
are manifold. In the first place,
it is not the agriculture of civiliza
tion. It belongs to a savage state
of society. To exhaustI the means
whereby a Utnsiness is sustained (or
d(estroy the capital employed in it
by improper mn:inagenient shows
either a disregard of all busineMiss
Iprinciples or an inability to comI
p)rehend them. The fertility of the
soil is the largest capital which a
farmer has employed, and upon
which depend the profits of his
other capital. The stock on his
farm, the utensils which le buys,
the houses which he builds, the
labor which he employs all count. for
nothing unless the soil which he
cultivates will produce a crop. Ev
ery acre of land worn out by im
provident cultivationl if so much
capital destroyed, and renders in-.
operative and" unproductive to that
extent other capital invested in
f~arming upon sucth lands. Such a
practice robs posterity of its rights,
entailing destitution and want upon
future generations.
Caught a 1):cadulfl Cold.
Marion Kooke, man:ager or ''. M.
Tlhomposon, a large importer of fine mril
linery at 1657 Milwaukee Avenue, Chie:L
go, s.ys: 'l)ring I the late severe weaath
er I caught a dreaadful cold w hich kept
tme awa',e at night and madc nme unfit to
at tend amy work during tilhe day. One of
my nmilliners was taking Chiamberlain's
(',ngh lIrem:edy for a soeveoe coll at. that
time, which stemed to relieve her to
quickly that I iought some for myselCf.
It acted like nmagic mn ' began to im.
prove at once. I am now entirely well
(and feel very pleased to acknowledgeo it..
merits.' Sold by Kilbourne & Forrcrster
St Franeisville, \'illerct & Alla l ,'yiu
IMCNAIR-Iii New Orleans, La.,
April 4, 1901, Columbia vhydtor,
widow of Robt. 1I. McNair, aged
70. 'ye:rs, a native of ltic!i:iuold,
The deceased was the b)eloveC
mother of Mr. Sydlnor MeNair the
supt. of the Bayou Sara compress,
and to him, sympathy goes out iii
his sorrow. Mrs. McNair had beenl
an . invalid for some time, with
great suffering, ,and death came as
a IsIl'ce:Ise of pain.
I)on't think of unyi::g
SYour spring clothes, un1til you ex
aninne Iprices and goods at Jos.
Apropos of leaquin u iller, it
may be interesting to those of our
readers, who do not keep close
count of literary characters, to have
this bit of his biography, as gfven
by the Cent ury Cyclopedia of
Names: "Jonquin Miller, (oiigi
nally Cincinnatus HIeine Miller.)
Born in Wabash district, Indiana,
Nov. 10, 1841. An American poet.
Hle removed to Orego'n in 1854,
º-Ras afterwards- a miner in Califor
iria, studied law, edited the '"Dem
ocratic Register" in Eugene, Ore
gon, and was judge of Grant Co.,
Oregon 1876-70. lie was led to
adopt his pseudonym from having
written in defense of Joaquin Mu
rietta, at Mexican brigand. lie was
a journalist at Washington, D. C.,
and in 1887 lie returned to Califor
nia. HIe is the author of 'Songs of
the Sierras,' 'Songs of the Seven
Lands,' 'The Ships in the Desert,'
'The First Families of the Sierras,'
'Shadows of Shasta,' &c."
From the above it will he seen
that lie has ben Jack of many
trades, though his undoubted ge
nius makes tim good at anything
he undertakes. His genius is, how
ever, so erratic that this prevents
him making his successes lasting.
From time to time, the newspapers
are full of accounts of his eccen
tricities of dress and habits. His
log cabin in Washington city, his
hermit residence in the Sierra;, his
long hair, .&c., &c., have made him
a picturesque figure and a delight.
to the reporters. His more recent
travels in the *Yukon and China
have sbown him to be a virile and
feamlese reporter, and no doubt as
a lecturer lie will be equally strong.
At any rate he is well worth going
to see, (and hear,) so that one may
say 'I have seen Joaqrin Miller."
Even the wmot vigorous and honrty
peopli have at times a feeling of weart.
ness and lasitude. To dispel this feeling
take Herbiie; it will impart vigor and
Manufacturers of'
Bayou Sara, La.
, - 'Long Distal;de Phone, No. 63.
I. \V, I art;pr VWhiskey awarded
o!ld Mieil:il at Cotton Ex )OSition,
SNtw Orleans, '85. Gold Mednl al
World's Colunmbian Exposition,
C(hicago, 93. (old Medal at Parii
Exposition 1900. The kind your
grand father used still in the dlead.
Absoluittly pure. Sold by
Sole a'gent for llarper and old Na
tional, St. Fralncisville, na.
Judge Lawr nson, attorney for the es
tIth' of S. L. .Ilautes, ihas been busily en
:2ated in mnaking a settlement with tlhe
''The sort of slot machine whiel
doles out candy or chewing gun:
when you put in a nickel may l),
:seen at lHarid: .
][ebrewt citizens lare lot observing thce
nwtnwasi of I ulel:lv\'olld T.: ad. Mrs. Jos
Meycr has our thanks for a )ackage of
lnatzos, wlhich is excellent to accolpa;i:3
umatutinal coffee.
List of Petit Jury drawn for the
2nd week of the April term of
Court of the 24th Judicial Dlistrict,
April 15th, 1901.
A (1 !Weil 1st wd, L1 ' ohllerty sr. 7th
wd, lobillI Barrow 3rd wd, l" M P'osey
9th wd, D1) llralnJon 3rd wd, T'1' Me
Crindieli Ist wd, J J illhan 5.11 Th'wd, P
W l'Ilemuingh 5h wd, Adllph Ioasentthal
1st wd, 1' D Iilinc)t 21111 wd, A G Mun
son 5th wd, .1 li Wright 5th wd, J 1' Ritob
erts .4t!h wd, Eltnimett Petersonl 5th w,1,
'I' '1' ('aield Ist wd, A H Wilson 91It wd,
,.Jacol lK:Ltfutnlll 1st d, runco YWest !h it
I wd, ,James .MeW\'te r, 7th w,., A I; riant
1s3 +\(, ,m. ile Ortis Gilt \\'d, T R Inorit
;lth udI, 'W liarr~w !tlh i d, B:t Fi .rd.
:t1l 10th 1'd, V I .:lt:kso, 411i 1 id, Ow-c
il liloltolld Hth º I d. ,I Il .,tkson It.h \,
I p n ih iltb wd, 1' \V tr"illi: 41th i t,
it W "Tlcllt'l 1s.t wd.
A tie top~:y
A. Villeret, G'e k.
Thi Attr tiln of U. S. Circuit
and l)il ricl Court, this I)istrict,
stands atdiourned to meet at Iaton
ottuge, La., Monday, Al:ril 22,d,
.1 At' 8 1.
JIrl:* Grrs, ld iPlet ty...........$ 100
(l. l r o n' .InVry .................... 20
Parl; ir' . a t coti n t.............. 2iO
.herifl", criminal matter..... ..... 1'1)0
Sherif1: atteidtng court..... ..... 200
Sheri t, nita:itlilnilng prisolners.....
M :igisl rates........................ 2,30
Constablivs.................... 400
(h erk 1,lice jury ...................... 12
.lait Physiciane.................... 5o'
atru of canr t i 1 e................ .O0l
'Tax A.r essor...................... 510
St Fra ci oviPo .................... . 100
Tires rer...... ................. 51
Clrrk of court.................... 12.,
Policeo Jury".. ....... .s........ 405
Qnuarantine ......................... 5(
{'rue Detnocrat............. ...... 100
(Con tinget t.................... . 1500
Road antd Bridges............... 250)
Total Budget...... ............$9,910
Jun LeSassier
(C 1IV ISitnjrous
The congregation at the Roman
Cath'olie church was laige on Eas-.
ter Sunday, ar.d the services very
Many people tuffor untold tortures
fiont piles, biecause of the Ipopulart im
pression l atr-tley calinot, be cored. T1'a
bler's Buckeye Pile Oiintmeut will cure
thelm. It has met with absolute success.
,iP'rice, 50cts inl ottlosR, tubes 75 cse, at
Kilbonrne and Forrester.
The usual larege Eaist.er congrega-.
tion worshiped at. G'raOCe, churlch
Sunday. The cmhancel was Ieauti.
fully adlorned wiith slring flowers
of the garden anld wood. The font
was plrticularly beautiful, being a
mass of white flowers and trailing
glray ios1s. Thle offertory was sung
by Miss .loutgomery.
IThe childlren's service in, the af
tornoon was well atteinded, and the
distribution of Ealtereggs followed.
Stern is in colistant receipt of
new spring goods, which h,. is mark
ing at fair lrices.
The eonling of Joaquin Miller to
lecture hIere, at an early date, will
set people to wondering how in the
world to pronounce Joaquin. To
keep our readers from shyilg it as
badly as a skittish colt over a piece
of white paper, we will whisper
that the Century Dictionary calls
it ho-ab-keen. And that by tihe
way, is, we have heard, the way
Mr Miller lhimself pronounces his
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take L:xative Biron oQuinine
Thblets. Alltdruggists refitnd hbe
money if it fails to 'curo' E. W.
Grove's signature is oui each box.
price 25c.
Too Early for Lawiaso
uS:t8~~ h0e
For a Clean Shave and Hair -Cut
A hiharoe of the public
p ltrlr.sg solicited
Tine Rhorep stryedl from tIy d:ttre soRme
time in Jaunary or Febraarv . ill. \ ]hen
l.har.tnon were ii: tlio tld, ofh F F Con
vers'. lay have bhco.n' s. pa,'aited. Ai%
nfolrulation lWaiing to linldineg thern Avill
wo suitably reowarledl.
Reduced Rates.
ITi il firlther noticet, I will de!iver
r'it :II. at l(ects a load, ai:111 coal oil I 1
.cts a barrel.
For ( ;:'c.
One 35 lbn'se power ,:gi"eo, 1oiler.
,It. 70 sw E,,:glo gin stand atn one 60
;aw Unl!att stand. All in ritiuninng crdel
DIrs. Noiiio ici hardion,
SHOE MFcgc o
PAT.QEC.1Z 1899 ,
JOS. o 4:fRm
.FOR1 ?1E- .
B shies ai full nicie lijte' of P.hirt. St" ,  ,
;T'is. and otiher .'tur'iishiilg Good-a: foi
S 'riH- I'PLICVE' AR!' I;!(GHT.
o -- ---------- -
0 Lot,, Str''eote 0" Stolel.
Bay mire about 1. liai1.1s high, ounl
iv!l ile on her nwn,. \Yliit~ {hni'onl f'rnchciad,
itantild indisthinctIv with "'i'e& a"'' hrtili(
oII ri;hit hip. A liberal 'reward will it
SIid fo: r the reti In of the amtiiial to [Mr
J. F. Irvhino or to
)I Flower Hill PIian!tatioti.
Sheriff Sale,
) State of Iounisi:,nn, Parihsh of \West Feli
cilini, 24th ,lud. )isl.. Court.i
0 Louis Levy v, Slephen .. Snmiih.
Iiy vii'ttto Of li writ of l"i ,'"i to io di.
rctc:led front I.tillh liie ilil-lilltlned courl't, I
hlvo neized in llil il oflafor firle hon
altll'davy, May l4th, 1901.
,etween t h l hours precOl'ib:ldl by law
tl1, following dt'scriled lproperlty to wit. :
(620) Six iUninred and Twenty rieies lof
Ihtiidwiih anll bildiigs nii inlmrollentuts,
cast by Mllill Creel:, southl atid west 1iy
'ltolrpsoll's lerek. Terllis of sale cash
with olielfit of apprai'.elilnot.
* J. H. Clack,
'The regular seliii-anllllinal examiiiatiol,
for teacher's celtilicates will hoe held
Api-il 11, 12, and 18th, 1901. For further
infornatilon apply to
S G. W. NIWMAN, Ptr. Supt.
St. Frnuciusville, La.
Rhtweonl Piinckeyville, Miss, atlu \Voey
ant)ko P. u., La., One Simulll FSatclel, cn
tainilig among other things a Gold
Warihl with the name "Robert TL. Bran
don" in hack. A suitable rowlrd will be
given for its return to Mr. B. Rothschild,
Pillckswyr illo.
Of Every Description.
Peri'sonll wantinlg .4ulc work dou(e
will Ilesl'se address E. ENOCOI3, Box 107
St. Franucisville, La., who is here and
lprepared to supply work of
Marble andGrauite
at lowest posriible prices.
151 ilhlildla higlh L yeiirms ohl.
lhiek with Whito blouth.
Will stand for theesin at
Highland Plantation
Fee $10.00
WVith retlrn privilege if mares
do tril prove ii foiil.
Ptstnrage fro bhlLt will iot obe
reaslonsible Ifor loss.
...,. .'::- ,::,., ,. .... .-.-.
.-of Theltongtition
F1nrnisl:ed t+lh Stato l:xa uinr of Srtae j -
At Ithie tose of businss Mar. 29,
8. McC. Lawrason, President. p -. . '
.1. . M:tthlows, Cabier.
D. I. Norwood, Ass't Caesher. ':
T'lhomas W. ..utlor, ,Clet tol Iolkes, Itobt. Da.el
Jos. L. Gol'an, .ohl . I1hrviu, . ,
V. M. Jackson Edwk .. Buack, J. R. Matthe 1n J
Loans on Morigngo mntnring aft.er 9) days.....
Loans on Mortgage nmaturiug within 90 days..... .. .
Other lo;;ra & di:icouintsi maturing after 90 dayv... "_
Othor loans & discounts mi:torring within 90 days..
Demnand loans (secured)............ " ; : I
U. S. Internal Revenue Slat lp .........; ...... " " +
Furnit ure & Fuitures. ............... ... . ..... :.. .
ifno fro liaul : & B1nkers ......... .........
ol ,; . . .................. .......... ..........
Silver Coin .............. .... ..... ',.
Nickels & Coppers........................ .. . " . .. :.... ,
U. S. Notes i. e., Treasury Nuteg or other Currency......
Current expenses to date ...... ..
........ .... .......;:
Calital Stock pa:id in........... .....
Undideil pIrolit... ...... ....... . ............";"
Surpl ...i ........................... . ........
I iiidut l ,,,ic t. . not bearing ii te st. ..........
Certificalte- of l p(sit:,, bearig interest (3 per cent)....
I, J. R MATTIIEWS, Cvibhier of the iBank of West Poli
ly asw.ar that hlie aboltten. le!nlnt is a true iild o ,
ounlition o thin Bank to the best of m'y knliownldge siat'
Sworlo tiandl subscribed before ise this 29th day lpf ".
Be er Fu nitur
Baton Rouge, -
IRON ?. -
. t, N e 0 .. __
II2,1"IC ,,,
ff83" inLI!
Has the sale of these Celehbrted
Glasses in St. Francisville, La.
From the factory of Kell:am &
Moore the only complete Optical
Planlt in the South, Atlantit, Ga.
New ............
Hardware Store,
shY ST., 8IYOU SAR&.
Full line of hardwaaje, and all
other goo:Is usually carried
in stock by such stores.
]-ight GoodM, Iighit Irices . -g;
St. Francisville, IT
Rest Blnad and cakeL in tow,.
r., aso:wa hile I)rices.
Every day, frtesh bread.
Always promhiulpt ll polite attention
Daily Bread for all.
Subscriptions taken for Daily
papers by the week, month or year,
delivered by carrier or through the
mail as preferred. Also agent for
any periodical published.
Daily psapers may be found on
sale at Frank Spolin's barber a~imp.
Geo. Rettig.
Our Stationery Stock
j. rinuY~l1
Dry Good.
G Oroaattes bold Is
ountry. ous
Jim- gi numcrouol
being Inivereepy
have aeparlor va
secure situations.
, A s tore is
In which Etudeniado
real goods ad
the booktl on the
Coudents eostr at
demte, iHhOrttund P
seyasral fcultta.
Havee a
scdy for the IO
George L.:
th boace a
Genunn~ Ina. Ca.;:.
The Yorf iit
G Boeorg L;

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