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The true Democrat. (Bayou Sara [La.]) 1892-1928, September 28, 1901, Image 3

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jill T] u"li: J)EMI() , 'Aj"
T''rain Schednle.
art fir !: ,h .r ,' . .n: . i, I
r e t ll r ht ": ,ý I) . t ,
t!ixes, train ai'rivcs from W ,))(d
9ile;:40 a. tn., leav:ls 1f"' lnug"her
10:10 a, in.
3lixi trrailn flt('rives from S .,
te, 3:3-ý5 I l, l, e;Ies for W oodville
1:35 1. l..
Orter of Sf,'r.'ic.si folr tl, St. Fl"ran
lo a 1 !
,ath , k Stir : lt :Iana ilrd fnllh dys t:v at
o Snllda' ! .l Iti 3rn and -lith S n
'cloel an..
T,,ir.:e : `'tervices every tlth ,nh oath
pllI,'cloc'k a ((t. All 'rle (ordlally in
G. P. W iiTF, P. C.
IAin agent for and can giv'e special
lteis on all , tw spaph , er. iteroltcal.s anti
'lT'here as i all il'ir i of lire at
l[orgpn's ;ih0onl1, Friday inorilihlg.
Nitlliii seriouiS.
Miss 11. E. lowI , wil have her
lqlifg of pattern ];hats -(cl, 3rd.
Te most dlii.itt cI ti tiii ilh n I'll
aely Iuse l2all2ari':s ]ltirehoi2lNl .IiNlh !.
1t ih a nare wildl pleasati remltndS for
eungill, liss of 'voice. anld all Iltroa and
lalg troublhs. 'Price 25 ailld 50 cU,.
(C1ti Lawt'asci l is stcrvin ig a lio\i
tite at the Baik.h.
A uliscased liver declir'es itself lyY
l2ll'tIe2M, il(: tl l dt i e: -:-it lion, lack of01
lnergy, ies411 !,.l2-s lilt, lncii;oly 2n(1
cnstilti onli l, ilt. iin w ill rii -estore ti le
liver to. heallhy i o ((! ilitin. Price 50 c
Mrs. \.'1. Forrester entertainiod
the ladies .1 ini, Tilestily aft'ernoli.
Itiull.t2 t1ll iagh nd \li ks tilf tIle Colid
lliat,%llre toisie quiulht Til b frlhles N(ll'es
c1il Ill int one (.. i ., so lire, nIo 1,:ay. I rite
Iew lilte of nilti ll anid dress
,,ruls at I1. '(. T ,' . ,'us.
Take Ir nt\ l -o 1' , "i'u'(to ( ; i'ineý
ki 'hlnc. illl ' *il lic refun~; " l" '
rutl'slt ilig li.re11 . il l'n Ie( ) 'i "
--------_.----- i
holo 1 iks fotr e:hi only. 01
1i((ehr2 c I l"hin I '~ \ tli e il. llt'o( l f jal It
I i. 11 exp2rih nt: it.i 8.1a hl.r2llai(ese i
tr nltghl itls e let . lvey hottle g nlllrai
12(1. ice' 59 ((s i12 lolt ecs, ltuit's750
-Ptiyrititure, dry ,vgoods min(l a (chloic t
lIoIf ladies' skit'ts. Call and set
I1. lliller.
I.  l.rtin, lthe pil , will ..'ive
nil ig nd ktilsontinin aind at ill
Ilterial pertainiig to santo.
-llis tor fish, crab, oysters etc.
--- eirtnlr ritions on th possessit
sf a little daughtel now a week f
O l01 aily li. " the year. nout.h
m -l , deciveread h)\ i; rir or tiouing h
MtRiill ieftrrsl. A lo acht for anyll
Soid will 1moli'( o'ery, W lwn.
i l of healh. Il'rice 25 ts.
- N 1)TI , l th\
OPOsIlIloN 1
Fine Gold and IPear
. l111ar lUrice iKino to }2our
teel Dollars, each now
yO will sco d you one Te
o01 applroval, ifi not satis
factory return at our ex
i t, l', i. r 501<
1v ii
.1 i . P .. ... l1 r l l'Of l I,
TI ic' *i.j '1 ,. .. ,
I+ io te 1ý 21 1 11 Y
( '1i ., liI !v c ci.'ioi enjt}'edl the tini
"'I!1 1' tIi: ;and other dainti.es..
1i.s Nellie lly:ci.s of l aton
t ,,u., visiiii, Mrs. May Lealke.
*I. J. L, S'iier returned from1 a
l trip 'i'chlr.da:y eveliig.
Miss IHattie leed has gonle to
Stalitin College, her two brothers
l to ,Jeffe'rsI College.
'l'h '.Mis.ses Kilhourne have re.
It 1ned from their visit at Dr.
3( Woods.
:1 lisss Marion Irvine left Friday,
t conluding a pleasant slunller with
r- elat ives here.
lMatt Gilmnor, Esq h''as returned
fronm ('ooper's Well, and will "not
lake his trip to Iowa until later. ills
datigliter andii SOilS' ti'ij) to the city
has also been o]stpollld,
M11'. C. W. Tempel has retuirned
tfroll)ti ierratid of love to her atint
Miss Anna iPurnell of Arbrroth,
\\ho has beel critically ill bill who,
1t Ie are glad to learni is now better.
lMiss L. J. Catlett wtient (down to
Netw Orlenis, 'yesteriday, to resume
, her (ditie. as 1,'incipal of Sophie
1. Newtcol1b Ilipl School. Mliss
('orlin'i Christian remaihs at Afton
t"~" Stood Death Off.
d B t tnllnV, a lawyer of lic1lrietta,
Tex., oct fooled a grave digtvr. lie
S:i1 s "'My brother was very lotw with
'iiula ihil t ai d e j:ran tl jundice. I lioluided
himt toi try Liectiih: li.tters, and he was
81ooi clili0 lietter, hit continued their
Siuse until ie was wholly curedii. I am
if fisilre ' El' tric ilitters a.ved C i i, life."
1 I hi s retlndy expels nmalaria. kills di
t ece e t a ini rid 8 l ritiries llh( b lood; aide
dlig ttioni, regtilatei, liver, kidneys andi
S Is. 11 te1, re Oistiaipationt, dysille sia,
i iervc'ts diseases, lidiitey trouhlIes, leliici
com1lalini s: gives leir'fect healt h. Only
50 cist . at all (druggists.
I have wit in an ultnsually la"ge
antiat 'lrc tive mlock of fitinit nre,
intd ivill he _lld for vin to call iand
i>" "Wt same. 11.08u;Ire is "wayi t
ll,'," bit vilt wcll finid lily prices
'.I Illli'i I)
As,'4: 0 xtmX ul. i Unli,,ienlt of llo.st woll
cit ' Ii t't l c cin l , 1 'i:lliiVe power,
Il l, ', --., I i iiim:t,:: is noteqt lit](t le
bI liI c thir i: the cit. ]'ice 2- atd
A ' t h .n,:c X yo; Sara v
• i F a:cis','i, v i c he Ilayed to
t;icr,'t. at 3 ]p. iu. Oue half of
S ':i , :,..iI, 'es wi;! Ie donated
In Ihle syttagogule building finud.
A lirge crowd is expected.
fuller has a large stock of furni
titte just in, special line of chairs,
Ntlaight and roikers, some hand
soRllt, all good. A fine value given
in a straight cane bottom chair only
Your Sunday dlinoer
will be superb, if you let 1\lax Mann
order the fish and oysters for you.
A Sh ickiiig (al'liity.
"l,:ttely heft ll a rail r'tamt laborer,"
wriltes )r A Kelh ,tt, of W ilifti>d, Ar..
"' i- tfiott w , bas tll h l' 1 utitrili l, ,ut Buck
. i'.
lI's Ati'nt Stilve qitickly cired himit.
It, 'intply woclerful for bni'iis, boils,
piles i-nd all iskin eruptiotis. It's the
w\,l ei's el :i iUtion tietier.Cure guaranlted
ley all drtggsitet, 2 cts.
We have a quarrel whit the yolulig
lady's r(,lationtl' for not letting us S
kno'ie of the arri, al of Miss Howell, .d
daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. C. g
Howell. By chance we learn that ti
she is already two weeks old and tl
is at the home of her maternal a
grundnrother, Mrs Ilebert at New d
If you have a want in the furni.
tire line that I have not in stock,
snnme may be ordered and had
ltrompitly-through me. Call and exL
amine my catalogue.
I. H iller.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest aud lniightites little thing
that ever was made is Dr. Kirig's New
life Pills.These piill change weakitess in.
toi stingthlil1sllessness into energy,hraini l
fiug into uerntil power. They're wonder- at
uli lhi buiilditig ip the health. Only 25c gi
per box. Sold by all druggists. It
Served in every style. Orders q
taken for fish, game and vegetables.
Telephone 28-2 F
J. G. Plettinger Agt. v
You may bridle the appetite, but youe
edaniot bribe the liver to do its work
,wll. You must be honest with it, help
it alotg 1ow and then with a dose of
aletiune, the best liver regulator. Price
50 ctS. dr
Fish, Crabs, Oysters. Max Mann
\\ill order then for you. &ee him. PI
....1 .1Z" 1{ : ,t It 1 ! 1", .1 \' . 111 }ii .,l ; | I ,( ( 1 1r J"!.,
1 led her. 1 T1 his l ilii vello , 1 1' " li ,i , l
g1'014 la ,d to t all T o , Itst m
L. il Di4 .se,'. Oi y 504 aiit 1.0. Trial
" , 1.1 ` Ili00 1iS!I
tihe h,:rish tf Vest Fe'lic iaul to sup,
Set y thoae books diitied b the Stat
ti illd of ,u(alion I hi a\ wi e oit halto in:
; ht k . K, 1it tl 4M iI 1- stine'Ii nS i(hell 1" t hlet
Sj a largne stick l (f sc(iool eookis1 for4
1111, tl il~ayolst"t :Si~i:tia, Siiuiilety at. 1114
a i' a liu ( c tishail,t.
I clso he i st(ttk t f t sch. ool Sl -
10 telies.
L. P. Ki ijoli'i, e.
(he d l e;i lhie; ies it ma lny fiendl', l.
to ihnk lan' Pan a n p lieitr to
,I ,t , 1 01 1't u ,t e nth i oi lil1a i111ju11y wilth
i st I i5th :,lit y llte pai'i ll'I 1 will 14(i
linri s i, l ' 1 ine Ihs l 'l(y o'h r
t reat ieli. Nli ht i o f i'le; y yr
,ev(ele it will IIo< leaive I1 senll' 1P inl
N hitii' 'al g d n llr rheln litiSt l, al ihe rs
,we ! h :ome l in llollrss. For , il! {, oy LP
posKil teoUl ye, S. Fou lS Suvilde; V alhlr.t t
io Ao'lliii, Iiii tl'r: t ono hiliroggis N,.
to MissionaIry Services
Will ini held at' the Methodistl'
e Chin'ch, the 29th ist..,oniducted ey
Lo be\'. El N. Ea'inlos olBaton andge.
1101. Mr 1iii'1sleaves nlny frnineuid 10 'tria
ofWe s ohdially h ieo iw e every hody to
datteond. Contribtllions will be re
G. Ia, W.IlTTE, P. C.
Cured of Chr-nic )i1rrhoea After Thirty
' Itt1'4 ai'1 for th wty yailt wio th diar-lo
-ho. r of th Lde~ueration 1 havel on latuuls
Srhoit l d 1. 1 ilic lll4lllf, eltl 1k11o h oitig'
eI ct ed," ,s 'ys ,ohl H Hilleow y, oh el Fineleih
t ie C ier h iats. "I hnl g eht, so hi nt h tiiiel
aild mioliey alid lilfered soi rniuh thiat I
had give lip algl hNe.s of rcowehy. I
was s, foeelhae fi tole effets of tcli
115 wiarrholin 1 e I s lihd do no kil 1nd o al1ol
co not evl', travell l , ls i t -1),0 l cidiI , sill
(waSi her.'iith tlhis d I ale p ottlh of(lhd i i eit
.eri 'l; tls illio, a ' leh1 and Disar. lo a,
llmiiedy, al d ftoer takini isevorl Soll IIeS
le e iely (rod of th t rul I
.1(1 Mh aissionar ServFeicea~ osti
a in l so tle sed wibh the result ha I st
vsiixio is lh tha it It int r.ach of all whb
Boa red .N vn of EABaio atve Pon l.ae.
iof aWae stockh:41 itIt. scholt' h~ooka tor
li atfeir . I hlvI." For oe ib LP Kil-e 1
1 l~ourlne, 80 Fran('ieville; Villeret& Allatin
Irs. Lucy Miller, widow of p
Merrick Miller lied at li ia, La.
Sept. 2. SIar leaves two ligttle ohil
cut, ''I: "nIte, tiiic~ll or14t lie iis~il~ Wvitl (iar
.id- 11who are ind the care i if their
c that placs. The lWatter has lost u
dthree miemibers of her fa"pnily withinni
la year. She is sick, and the chi, -
dren are in bad health. It woill be
remembered that The True Demtic
lcrat raised about forty dollars for
this family, last year. Their pros
' ent need seems worse thg n at that
thne. Any thing that their friendlsC
in this parih will contributle for I 1
111heir be.eit will be 'heerlly for-.
warded by us.
iOlerhaitats Coit gh Relii edir ea Great
. Favorite. i
1 The sSothing lild healing Vilperties of I
edthis rene__,itsle ___t taste a_ d _ rompt
ard Merri Millen cues have tLiade it La
c great favorite with people everywherei
It isl eslp.cially prized by m~othiere of
mnall children for chlds, crollp and ll
whoop~ing colghi, as i, iilwa3"s aifterd, 1
quic, relief, wh nd iie it tontais lio otiu '
or thatperlaari.'l drltg, it may h a given
as eoltidee ly tu ni b aoy hes to fan adilt, i
For uale by L P Kilbournre, St Franceis- 11
ville; Villeret & Allain, Bay~ou Sar, 13
druggists. he
Sugar eane on dealih !Itatioll. b
Prefer to sell it sTheTrditg. D.4 .
dress this office.
IThei best wlda water in town a
w Pardnedr is.
1 1 h hl ' , fi te ' ,ar i l, e X rli illi
r- l f"-u ' : ':.w w.r l~s ill re''.li t o l ,
lt ine+ '",,orl i't-1 .,,+ll +Iww+;\+ slta!'ju'nni.
Il' h lave hid five ti(_ar. CXlc .li'iiece
that lus;iiit'.ss, ndil I ll tt. I ts:V t.hl'i
, ,e:" lb f'orl f ie have I hll sinchl tinu
6.' workI le as yours. Thou h I h:,d
sonc Suaws filed from fat oi'y, tler(
IS ':In 1 t ::o g(oil' a i'tsu' lt s t Ih lose
'r f1'(111 you 11hh~h I testetd yes Yerd 11
- Fin"t sltille that call bhe stel evenl
e out. (f a lbrand ew EaIgle gin stlitll.
e I.au very thankful for the job.
" Yonr friend,
'1d w. Langlois.
e You know -,what you liro taking.
w le!) v t~i' ( 'ro'e's T :;ste'les,
1 Chill 'I'onic hec"iatise the forln a
1, is p in:i y 11incfd on ever'c 1' b)11, tle
a sh<lig that it is siml.ly Iron atiud
Quliniltne in a , t 'S'teleSs fomi. No
enre, no pay. rice 5th..
J. St. C' air Favrot of 1,:toni
a u e, reprentative ,of the
t ruIt h, and the leco'(deri of HIawn
i/,n". LT d,. 43 A. O. U. NV. was
with li)Clty Sanderson from Sat
1 urtl:ly nilght till Mohnday mlrning.
I )epties IFavirot 1111nd ndl:llin il e\.
I lpoet to go to New IRoals SaturIIdav
~ to o'r1i;u1ize a I!ote tlhere. i' here
have ie'n S aS l'lication filled to
join the nIew Lolge )Teputy Smnider
Sson is organizing here. Fifteet
1naiu.es Compilete the chltrter list.
Ali l p1:t'ti.5s:re herevby ;otifii,' not to
trie.las-, on the ftllwig p,! l e.: (ro',n
Oa:1,, :ti:te'rwllite anU d lionue place,
' wirh 10e.' rold (r ýn1.
A II A ,liirmi ,iot, heret tu ire granted,trevok
C. Ti. Ilfamilton.
A seritous Aecident happened to
M. I. Lee at Lee li,'s. saw mill
'which 're ulited in the breaking of
his eg below the knce.
Loi.is Noland andl Wil!ie Gore
went to Angola, i1e(nd I', seekin "
Iemlloypent. Frank SpiinIman w'ent
a few days previous.
Miss C(lara Millr is still very
sick with tyvlli d fiver, her life
l)in; g ideslpaired of. l ier Ir'oi lhe
,Jle is ahl-lo critically ill with the
s +ale disease.
Cland \\right has gone to Louis
West's to work in his store.
W. B.Hogillio has ret'rned home
from up the river. lie has been
1 quite sick d uring his obsence.
G. F. Borlnud went to Rt. Fran.
cisville on business one day this
W. W. Thotms (if New Orleans
is visiting at his mother, M Irs.
Mliller's, this week.
Miss M. E. Rogillio or the 3rd
ward is visiting her sister, IMrs. P.
S. 'T'hOiis this week.
We are sorry to hear of the ex
ireme illness of Howard TIlomns.
The Rev. Mr. Ellis of Jackson
passed through here Wedniesiloy
afternoon en roite for Potlonr
Slprinns where he ia going to as,
sist, in a l'r.iCted meet ing in pro- 1
gless tt t I ]lac('.
There is a great (leal of sicknesst
in this ileig'hborhood at lrsent
consisting of ty lhoid malarial and
bilious fevers.
W. ]i.Camlpbell spent Saturday
anI(1d Swidihy with; relatives in St.
Francisville ,und Ha:you Sara.
C'. i. Wiltiames.
Jury for the 1st week of the
October term begin lng Oct. 7th
1901. 24th Judicial District Colrt..
1 AlcWalers, 1in 2 ],ejenne, Ovide
3 Ailvnc, Clnoi 4 Ard, J P .1 r
5 Pain'r, Alzuro b SNiding, W L
7 Iecker, SHn 8 Co(vers, V F
. Early, V 11 - 10 MAcGeh.e, E J
11 Wright, i1 W 12 Spi hIin, L P
I: Percy, Sargetit 14 XlcQ.een, I WV
15 lorre.,ter. WT 16 ifa, H'vey, N
17 Leet, I",d 18 5ains, MD
1.9 Madden, J D 20 Legtoe, 3
Jury 2nd week, Oct. term, be
ginning Oct. 14Lth,. 1901.
1 Butler, T W 2 Le,, ,T .J
3 Perty. AD 1 ) ,terson, XV W
5 l'lettinger, J G 6 Lhvd, V A
7 Leet, C W 6 Iletz, C
9 Spencer, H C 10 .Jor, Liddell
11 Hiller. Usidloe 12 Hlowell, W U
13 splilhnan, H A 14 Hiiasseaux, A S
15 'lack, J S 1 Wilblodod, I D
17 Daniel, A R 15 West, Bruce
19 Percy, C .Jr 20 Hlamilton, C H
21 Arlun1, 1 lenry 22 Smit]h, Kemp
23 Davis, C M 24 Pia;lt, H H
25 Newton, John 2ii lLa3.nham, T WV
27 laylor, E E 28 Merwin, !) 1F
29 XWatson, W 30 Wicker. Blen
A true coly,
A Pale Face
Sis a promlnent svyr 'nr of vttlated
blood. If covered wviti pirples, the
evidence is compi.te. Its nature's
wayof warning you ofyo'Arcondltlon.
never fails to recti.y cl d~Isordsrs of
the blood, slight or e.vete, cf tl, g
,.andinor recent orirIn. Its t}irty."
ea'rs record guara::te-s its etiic:tc. .
told everywhere. Price ;:U..1 pr ,I!i
quart hbttle. Preps.red orly b'.
MICHIGAN i)RO a.c:.; 57,
Entertai. ,'n It.
SBenfit tof Syiiayi:ce F!itld.
SThe philmour' that shliInes about
"old tites"'seied to11 hover over
t ]his rl'illiahn, f a:,ir, 'i 1huarr,;:. (,\ n
ing, sep, `6th, so Il 1,!h like,, o
+ times wais the marre, enth'.i.lati;c
,! thron ti(m,, il'at filled I'P ltiau Ball.
SThe w'e:ither and other :cir cil.mstall
s't's wore lrolpitious, the entire col
:tniltily felt that they, inli lil ; I!tl
of aIIno y IdebtHs o(f gl':titile },ihuill
rally to (he aid of t:eir .iewii.h
fritends, every d(I.tail was well ar
raniied, every eontinl ini y Iirovided
for, res5lt:-a gi id ~sul:'ccss
friom every point of vi;,w.
ITtie hall was well licihted and:t
heiautifully d(ecorated(, the ta:Lles aftl
b)ooths beingll especially i' attl ti i.
The wheel of fort une )was con:o:d
of artificial ch rysanthentiuns inll to:es
of jiiik an(d yCidow. T''he stace  Ic) -
rl-.ila ;ii eonsistItd of overlu ire by the
"'Vhy;" recitation by Miss M:arie
KI:aifulan, "4ehii d thle (:urtain.;'
little M1iisI elen Sch!e!iuger isang
"Ain't Ti a Shamte "' n,,l :its 1111 nti
core, '"The ho vsucilo LS'!e ind tihe
'lThe aImIsiit" f:lrce "Ini oui P il,
Fralrn'is"wa ls th, 'e ,'ent ier . ,lea:ir',
.lattiews, Villh'it, No",rwo>od iad'
t 1iss l Knufnaiat, Pi let, (,uenek.
lland F1red i Stern were ea(5t for the
sev(ral part'is and all (t e. . r.
Gus Friend was state, i',n 'tager.
M.ess's. lnl:is ad 1\eis w're dooItt
keeplers anitd lsc:srs. I'ircl uis 'id
A. Michel were uh:t ':. O)tIhers
were equl lly heIlf'ij l IhiiaIu t hl uti
hioldingtl aiy oiflcill jloSiti, for
instaliCe the youig gelIiitIItli wh\t
Ilas bli ol lhe souill of the arff;tt, a:lll
Vet stav so0 de teunimiiedly in l he
alicling hullyin y nd .sloin~g andlll
clnjtyiig thle nlegtllit syi lrt at d re
freshnieits on sale Vat i etld(hd Ih
e()'tlilng. 'Those who lresided it
tIi e iieat ta!e were Mitnes. E. \'olf,
A. T1'itseh, M. C. Le"vy, M. V. For
l'stel, C. Mihhel;" at the it e (i0',ii
tMIlCle, Miines. Jos..miyelr( (2 mIlilnllllls
liinSed lemonade, l1nd ( n es. iosen
thai aud R. Telpel,* .efee. titlies.
"Leoihld, GoI anid IPiss -Melne
Levy phiyed IUidy ]hElnliful. uis.
liilhtr and mii, .il'hum Levy llre
sidted over tihe destinies of t Ihe
wheel of' forttie, Mvmes. Uhi'rga:s,
iilnUl ite oking I iand :dis M'anh
Stet.i' fed lhe hooks that dipped in
the iihT lptnd. Very ii'olriOl'e!y
M[les. Lejiune, Dreyf.us flld Fisehe!
eohl the exquilste finy wott k
while irs. A. Schlesincoer litd W .ii
K!tlii very easily disosed of the
dlainly handere.liefs prol'vided for
the ha'taar. Thl net proceeds: were
over *700.
[ii brief the congregatoltn of Ter-11
ph; Sitili are to be coinigriatulated on
their sICCess.
r - Well is clerking at Levy's,
and Imlaki'ng nIew frieLds' "
Will practice in tllhe colts of Ellst and
St. Francisville, a
Bf'st BrOid and (Ihke in tiwn.
.Retsoili ble prices.
AlwaiyN plrtinmpt and polite alletilioni
Daily Bre. d for all.
This signatare is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo rii e Ttibfts
the remedy that cures atr old in o.e day
Ii t t I ft
oI l 1 HI !il
. 1: . i ' S " , ,,t . ... f: .i. . 1 ,lii .
! i.,' . ( :. r' 1., 1: . t,":. t"11vl !1 (1 1.1 I ,I -
th i.,n t e :.i -h1 1 :ý 1 1 -, m t' t : -
1108 0- { e I, 1' ./ary t.:i " 1 ,,t t ti e t.
4 . ' I''' e liiw li ! . i nti i .T
U."'.[ !;Jt] i~lbg,* tii t ,: ,tl.z;IT
fi n N na R o G tIBSON, luIcal. r
1 ii. l I H W I TOli
'"i:,lane live rsitylf tLa.,
I :,:Ii)h tli.\ 1I" 11'4 It', ) lil l}ý ( I-: 'll(I!(;l,.
E( . A. Ali.DER i MAN, LL. t'l;D., E') irTT.
t i 'Tj.Ful conii e tidi~:iin ' tx L ina es,iiSiii.'.Iii
l I lTau tl : ake 0 , ; i adets i ll (t _ "H tii'ui. It "
f1iilitie. . .!' injst' y t.ittin i ii .i i , in teri .
ft ýt l'1 i i,,r' 11 '111111.1ipl ,i iu.. tI h t:_l i:,.sli tic.
1r11 n oIs (rpuseV . . (tI'x1e"1ed pi t - i !'
liif ics fo the stuily i Sugar (hIe:1 i' rv.
l i idiutic le.
- prt m n. U ar n antd im
i t hi'iist. rut. I pjioitiunitieN aftirded
t laneWp i versity of La.e
E. A. AL.DERMAN, LL. D., raIMTirx.
s]'ii eli ttin d away frle niile ,. our nws.
('1 tI cblairs e, lahlish': fll " for n xt session. '1'nl
II t illllan IIIItl"," |(lc tlerl' iI :Ill| \'Oe:tious,. Its
1 f f iei is f, g inslit'ell i.t i lO-t.. i er
a Me unsurpassed. 1lu'xuee lhd op| alae
iiTh~eie's No Place Lilke Hlone."
01: Sl ALL THE PUPILS ofgr 1hiry,
, 'The Hoslll'shiie i Inst.,
Now Orleans,~ La.
rneijui with ilij thoe eviloliuuicti of a
1I-I larluen tl, 'llai,|tr anl nn r,'.m ,1111t ini
:i-I t l \l- a tw : rate. Illp o~rluttilicst. lfli',.'d i
it .lu  l iihd ip. No w. 'lhy i tii ieglieted in
shalt be r i rnmd :1 way' toro its Vona'.
Sext sssio phie BOi . Wright,
1 1t Cu Cat; .AMU T. ."
NE O L . K. IR F,A
"1Ii} a loeg-uuii' ctre n flure, with
t Thtric lighi-gitudern cpotintmes Ciieti,
, Tnh re, 1 laa c h o P i e j oLi e i o m e . i
,The Homo last,,
,nC.ew Orleansr, La,
t ' '1'o thlt nny , i:- ine , and girls in it
(n raiul s ii i Wi ii ley 1 idiv Vi Ilt'nrilr
(1 Chllalge. if ,,i e, II it odr:ii' I l !e " t i iuisrd l -
; i iok. in -t rdera l-'; iuiim.it th aift . i'd aol
Inhntv.l Wvi~lh all the enV'it'onltunt4. of it.
o wreined hot e;w rotlts ws le t he nihi l i.
i t cut Iti\'tii the ha~tirt is ;,,I. ].'],,eh.'d in
t' Wr'ii t f2 the w:tisg of 8tlh ewoi a, ihooilch
i" 'enu .:tI e i ,11i tier 24 l.' a
" N issx Ssin ophi Sept B. rig4th, 1901.
(¾itrscs leidii ng tog i (liglic of A. II. anud 4
;II.S. A -Prinocipal. "" i
Typi-wiiiting uni Siiiit-hiuid haugrh~t.
uiuii- hs i-t Lititry 1) , .tt ntt . I,
iirnetiint l (ll n-mIe4 i Dep, rtiie. t ten -
. mon ths. Boaiil11 Jin rivatte faimil iiu ttiemn
S$12.50 to $15. Meals itt Phati Hail, iii
nlu:ing cali- of 100 tr1 $8.75 per mowth.
Siel for catalogyiut.
' . W. COOP]RT, President.
'l l'til']i~ tuu at ithe'1 poivtou utrim
T'he whiky homee is n o
l.rin. ad .eases o regrets. Pure
I h;and frip.grant e 0ol ar.d mellow. Sold
Sh. SeBLU M.
Solo agelit for liarlper and Oki
1ioa., _t. Frylianll&Ce, oa.
Wholesale and
retail dealers in
General Merhchnlis. e
S-t. Franoirville,
w~r . i:,r~h',;lim tedfo ifyn d a
, IA.JS), A .
i%,'f Sss~n oet~ Set. 4~b 901
(71)ll't' h':dlu I. d,''t~s o A. l. lll
I l. S h lOlrl (Olll''~ll (Ol'
t' s io i the -'lk , :i r :t.1
... i- ? st irs' tiietºliit i9, 5 ii
"' t
j)Iwtt1'ý etc. etc.
It Pays
to kiep in totiehl with our
sl-or., atil if saving money
is :. a io i of votirs, ,ittrO
nize i-we'l ll encoIurage the
1:ollih \.
Batton oRouge, La.
Tresspass Notioes.
TIhp rpn1lie is lInreby wvarncd tlhat the
Afton Villa, Ln'on and Maxwell ilanta.
tion11 are postedl against all intruders and
agent4is of asly ( ecrtlptionl.
Mrs. V. Z. Howell.
From u tnd after this date, fll bunting
.1t au11 boiln on Itosedow( n planltation
"' 1'it ively prohlilbited under penult
.JA. P. ,loinwnin.
T11h , n1hlie is h reShy warned t ainlt
,I\.iig Wooo(l, l'Tline,. o01 tnlelk flora tei
bets oi Ore I ll ag aind Ist a rtn pl.a:Jn
iuns.4 or driving 'titer( lruu. y dock
writhout tpcciacl l('rmlisshi.1I
:Mrs ,. V. M.lllewels.
Fromn and alfter This date till linting
anl" .]iing ofany.kid are poitively plol.
III ittcd ii I oriest plantation, iuder p)ne.
lt.f r t:e nlaw. .I. W. McQueen.
Ioi) flesp athwihl gun' . Clog or ro, t en
'lsil ing thro ;iZ11 toy \Vo(dlwni Sltock
Iarminu.allwd un ler lntsialty of the law
Iagsiilst tresFpass.
J. Bunrrnse MIcGelee.
· wih to th l l repofrtedll now stelillg in
elyion rtnars of the pI;rilh, notice In here
liy g v that 1I .i souis entWriong 1igb
klln(Ljilahtetitioniº withtr l perptiesion ewild
tIla itroit'ltild 14,tlie full extent (j tlhe
law No euxcetions. A. F. Barrow.
411 years renowned as a ~lad.
er. loe f'lsao pronlktes made,
no charlataeim PraCIlced.
S Over l0o'h anod atl rver MIeda
awb L'lploms B tc., awarde4
1sbyg Ameirican and dEnrbpea
I xposiltione. ~Cpenteal
Course liclades .Ert Se
counting:and Auriteta, a4
I t Guaranteed Higher ead
Stuperior to nan orUitl a tlhe
?iouthx. We own onr college
b.ildlog and a iver ouqlald
acliUtes riand ad booeoulled
Crnon-tea hold le~xdl positions. all verth
Count'r ltalrucotinall pteSonatl
Having nurucrous burtuess connecttous an4
being uiersally arnd repatably klsowa,.re
rave superior' advaatege Ino aidiUsn ondentl.
secure sta atlo ns.
-q &atov es condected witt ao0)6 Oollq
In whIch rstudents do actual eala esoa
real goods and actual mone, and they hqsp
the books In the lat6st labor la g foerm.
Stadents enter at any :tl me., gl 
demic, Shorthand and lusinesl c oo A0
-eparate iueltie Send for cataloge. -
Aldreu GR8O. o0U ,& a0 I5
F.RANK 82FrO N's
For a Clean dhave and Hair .Puat
A sharH of the publio
patrluag' solicited
Seedman andfElorist
Mmin Sto1e 120-131,Oamp st.
B:anch Store, 1107 Decatur.j
P. O. Box 1320, Newr Orleans, ~TL
.I'portcr mid dealer in flower, iteld
and garden seed
'Speci'alfe~se-rtold. Oufdn Seed4
,! ?ot,&tr es, uholce oeed torn '
ruit aind Orage Trees, uOulot
Flower Setsda and Plants.
Hardware Store,
Fuill liie of hardware, and all
other goods usually carried
ill s:ock by such st):'es.
Right Goods, 1Iight Pr ces.G·a~ *.
• .

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