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The Heads of the Two Great Governments Exchange Farewell
Contains What is Regarded as
a Pointed Reference to South
African Affairs.
Bethany, France.-The Czar and
Czarina and President Loubet have
completed a review of 140,000 troops
on the plain of Betheny The maroh
lasted from 10:45 a. m. till 1:10 p.
m., terminating in a magnificent
charge of 20,000 cavalry. The speo.
taole was very imposing as the infan
try went by 150 files deep with fixed
In his speech at the luncheon whioh
followed the review President Lonbet
areated somewhat of a sensation by
"The Franoo.Russian allianne is
pledged to settlements inspired by
justice and humanity."
Whether rightly or otherwise, some 1
of his hearers took the remark to re- I
fer to affairs in South Africa.
The full text of M. Loubet's speech
is as follows:
"Sire-In thanking your majesty I
and hsr majesty, the empress, in the
name of the French republic for hav- I
ing been so good as to attend the c
cheering spectacles of the last few
days, my thought goes back to the .
great political act which preceded f
them and which lends them their t
whole significance. Prepared and t
concluded by your august father, Em- l
peror Alexander III, and President a
Carnot and solemnly proclaimed on g
board the Admiral Pothoano by your p
majesty and President faare, the al- a
lianoe of Russia and France has had d
time to affirm its character. If none r
may doubt the essentially pacifio idea n
form which it arose, no more can any h
one fail to perceive that it has con- o
tributed powerfully to the mainte- 1.
nance of the balance between the I
forces of Europe, a necessary condi- F
tion of peace which, to be faithful, a
would not remain precarious. It has
developed with the years and the tl
questions which have arisen found it
watchful and resolute, reconciling its
own interests with the general inter.
eat of the world. It is moderate be
cause it is strong and is won over in
advance to settlements which are in
spired by justice and humanity. The
good which it has done is a pledge
that it will do still more and it is in
that full confidence that after paying
pious tribute to the memory of the
noble founder of the work, of which
this day is a magnificent consecra
tion,I raise my glass to the glory and
happiness of your majesty, the hap
piness of her majesty and of all your
family and to the greatness and pros
perity of Russia, the friend and ally
of France."
The Russian anthem was then
played and the Czar, in a clear and t
distinct voice, read his reply, as fol- t
"Monsieur le Presidente: At the f
moment of leaving France, where we
have again received so cordial and n
warm a welcome, I desire to express C
to you our sincere gratitude and the g
strong feeling which stirs us. "We a
shall ever retain the empress and my- a;
self the precious memory of these -
das, so full of impressions so pro- a
foundly engraved on our hearts and c
we shall continue, both far and near, J1
to associate oursleves with all that bE
concerns friendly France. The ties fl
which unite our countries have just m
been again affirmed and have received w
fresh confirmation in the manifesta- a.
tions of mutual sympathy which have ra
been so eloquently made here and at
have found so warm an echo in Rus- pc
sia. The intimate union of the two qt
great powers animated by the most S1
paciflo intentions, and who, while gc
ble to make their rights respected, 0
;o not seek to injure in any way the ta
ights of others, is a precious ele- ad
nent of appeasement for the whole of th
humanity. Idrink to the prosperity be
.f France, the prosperity of a friend- an
y and allied nation and to the gal- su
ant army and splendid fleet of an
Erance. Let me repeat all our thanks HI
,nd raise my glass in your honor." he
The Marseillaisee was played and hi
he speech was cheered to the echo. ca
-; CCH~HI hhhhn~H~lrrr~H~M6M
The News of a Busy World Told in Short, Terse
And Put Together in Readable
Form--H appenings by Land
and Sea--Personal and Notes.
Property valued at $15,000 was de
stroyed by fire at Shreveport, La.
The convention of the Krugerbund
of Nord Amerika met at San Antonio,
Tex. t
Jim Brown, a negro, convicted of
criminal assault, was hanged at Ash
ville, Ala.
Plans for the consolidation and di
reotion of all the Vanderbilt roads
are under way.
A vein of oil flowing 250 barrels al
day has been struck by-a well near
Columbia, Texas.
A new steamship line for the coffee
trade is to be established between
Pensacola, Fla., and Rio Janeiro. L
The contract for the erection of
new buildings at the navy yard in Al
giers, La., will soon be awarded. la
It was authentieally stated at New ph
York that President McKinley's life
Insurance amounted to only $67,000.
Charles C. Delmonioo, proprietor aft
of the Delmonioo restaurant, New a
York, died at Colorado Springs, Col. vil
W. Loeb, Jr., President Roosevelt's co`
former private secretary, will remain
with him as assistant to Mr. Cortel- fer
you. Sec
Th4 Czar of Russia and Emperor of sati
Germany have, it is said, guaranteed ban
the peace of Europe for the next ten 1
years, in so far as they are able to ban
do so. thrt
Gov. Davis of Arkansas, granted one
First Baseman Wright of the Little It
Rock baseball team a pardon with a Gen
remission of a fine of $25 imposed on pris
Wright because he assaulted Umpire tage
Johnstone in the Little Rock-Nash. Kitt
villa game. tion
3The Russian grain crop in many
D sections of the empire is reported to
be unsatisfactory.
ble It is reported that Armenians in
Bitlis are embracing orthodoxy in or
ld der to obtain Russian protection.
S Aroiiduke Frederick, a cousin of
Emperor Francis Joseph, was shot at
Ie- by a poacher at his country seat in
nd It is reported that Lieutenant
no, Peary, quarreling with Dr. Dedriok,
the explorer's surgeon, left him in
b- The British Foreign Offoee has sig.
nitied its willingness to settle the
claim of Americans for deportation
s from the Transvaal.
An Italian miner narrowly escaped
lynching at Leadville, Col., because
he stated that all kings and presi
dents should be killed.
The great -stature of King Alfred
was unveiled at Winchester, England. 1
Lord Rosebery delivered a eulogy on i
King Alfred.
Scott Haywood, an owner of oil
lands near Jennings, La., stated that o
the well recently reported at that t
r place was a "gusher. " d
John Armstrong Ohanler, the di
vorced husband of Amellia Rives,
after being "dead to the world" for h
a year, "turned up" at Charlottee
ville, Va., and began litigation to re
cover his alleged property.
General Leonard Wood, in a con.
ferenoe with President Roosevelt and
Secretary Root, pointed out the un- a
satisfactory features of the new Cu n
ban electoral law.
.In a wreck uu the Boston and Al- m
bany Railroad, near ,"arren, Mass., ot
three persons were killed and twenty- jo
one were injured.
It is reported from Brussels that GO
Gen. Botha will hold the 150 British he
prisoners recently captured, as hos- tel
tages against the carrying out of oo0
Kitchener's banishment proolama. ed
tion. as
Killed His Sweetheart for Refusing
to Marry Him.
Del Rio, Tex.-Miohael Woods shot
and killed Miss Fossote because she
refused to marry him, and then
stabbed himself fourteen times, in
flicting wounds which proved fatal.
Woods induced the girl to go walking
with hin, and then committed the
Cousin of Emperor Francis Has Nar
row Esopee.
London.-A special dispatch re
ceived here from Vienna says that
Archduke Frederick, a cousin of
Emperor Francis Joseph was shot at
by a poacher at his country seat in
Hungary. The bullet traversed the
sleeve of the Archduke,
The mayor of Rlheims is "in hot
water," because he failed to address
the Czar as "Sire," and because he
olinked glasses with "His Majesty"
in drinking wine of Rheim's ohoioent
Funds amounting to $200,000 in
cash and securities embezzled by
Oberlin MA. Carter, were recovered by
government autherities at Hunting
ton, W. Va.
Bryan, Texas.--John and Bony Wil
liams, brothers, were shot to death
Saturday afternoon just as they were
leaving town. The slayer used a
double-barreled shotgun loaded heavi
ly with buckshot. Tom Williams, a
nephew of the dead men, has been
The sovereign Grand Lodge of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
voted at Indianapolis. Ind., to have
duplioates of their secret work made.
Experienced Democratic Campaigners
Preparing ftr a Fight.
Farewell Birmingham, Ala-The campaign
in connection with the ratification or
rejection of Alabama's new constitu.
en found tion is now on and will b3 in full
noiling its blast by the middle of the week. It
feral inter- promised to be a much more ani
oderate he. mated contest than had been gener
ron over in ally expected. Up to a short time ago
ich are in- the belief obtained that the principal
nity. The active opposition to the ratification
is a pledge would be among the Republicans and
mnd it is in Populists and that those Democrats
'ter paying who are against the new organic law
tory of the would either simply vote against it
of which or not vote at all. It was scarcely ex
consecra- peoted that the latter would organize
glory and and prosecunte a fight on the new in
, the hap- strument for the reason that consti
>f all your tutional reform has been generally
and pros- regarded a Democratic measure and
and ally the work of the constitutional con
vention in a very large sense the
was then work of the Democratic party. It
clear and turns out, however, that the most ac
ly, as fol- tive opposition that is to be brought
to bear against ratification will come
: At the from that faction of the Democratic
where we party which is led by former Gover
rdial and nor Joseph F. Johnson, General
o express Charles M. Shelley and former Con
e and the gressman Jesse F. Stalling. These
us. We and others are the avowed leaders
and my- against ratification. Gen. Shelley,
of these who is an old-time campaign man
a so pro- ager, having been Democratic state
Barts and chairman during the memorable
mud near, Jones-Kolb campaign of 1892, has
all that been made chairman of the anti-rati
The ties floation Democratic campaign com- c
lave just mittee and during the present week t
received will open headquarters in this city t
anifesta- and begin an active warfare against c
ihob have ratification. Former Governor John- a
sere and ston, whose influence in Alabama t
In Rus- politics it is acknowledged is still n
the two quite extensive, will be one of Gen. b
the most Shelley's strongest aides. The former
, while governor in a statement issued a a
spected, couple of days ago made a bitter at- v
way the tack upon the new constitution and ti
us ele- declared that it was far inferior to R
whole of the old one; that to adopt it would
osperity be to injure the credit of the state
friend- and would not oqly not secure white
the gal- supremacy, but would open the way e1
fleet of anew for corruption of the ballot. e0
r thanks His arraignment was very severe and b'
nor. " he closed by defying any one to turn T
*yed and him out of the Democratic party be- te
echo. cause he saw fit to choose as between nu
~ two constitutions made by the Demo- rc
JRE cratio party, the one framed in 1875 jP
rather than the one framed in 1901.
Ex-Governor Johnston's statement has a
produced quite a sensation, although to
Terse it was generally expected that he an
would be opposed to the new consti
tution. However, it was doubted by
many if he would help to lead an
nmany active and aggressive campaignI m
rted to against it. foi
--- ----bl<
ians in
in - Most of the Passengers Escaped
Injury. da:
Parkersburg, W. Va.-A gasolineet
setin tferryboat running between Elizabeth TR
and Palestine, on the little Kanawha
blew up at 10 o'clock Saturday morn. n
tenant ing. The explosion occurred just at
drick, after the boat was loaded with pas. o
him in sengers from the morning train at
Palestine. The last reports from rca
as ig- there state that nobody was killed, o
le the but the following were seriously and ad
tation some perhaps fatally burned. Wil
liam Webb, Parkersburg, captain of
the boat; A. 8. Woodyard, Harvey bee
leaped Thorn, H. H. Hopkins, all of Pales me
oause tine. The rest of the passengers oe
presi- jumped into thie river and escaped oein
with only slight .injuries. The boat
tlfred was the A. O. Barney and was pro. rea
land. pelled by gasoline which escaped and
gy on ignited, causing the explosion. The M
boat was completely burned up. ret
of oil Everybody has not yet been aso- was
that counted for and it is feared that Hel
that there may have been some passengers was
ives, disol
'for Military Spirit Appears in Strength Edw
ttee- at Chattanooga. West
o re- bousr
Uhattanooga, Tenn--Saturday night, the 1
at a meeting of a number of the lead. Elevi
n ing young and middle-age men of the and
n social set, it was decided to organize verdi
un a cavalry troop here,to become a part seqe
Sof the National Guard of the state limn
of Tennessee. About eighty-eight the
Al- men were present and a number of The
Lss., others signified their intention of jury
uty- joining. The number of members was d
will be limited to sixty. Adjutant turb&
that General Brandon has promised that i
tish he will be present in person to mus- and O
hos. ter in the troop. This will probably oll
of occunr Thursday. The troop is expect- with
Ia. ed to be a social organization as well the ed
as a military one. still I
Pittsburg.-With few exceptions Batc
work has resumed, at least in a meas- made
are, at the combine steel mills 'Fri- W. M.
re- day, and if the disgruntled tin work- second
bat era can be conciliated by Monday, all I. B.
of the plants will be in full operation. laae
at wardc
in Governor Robert E.Pattison has re- 'orten
he signed the chairmanship of the Dem- oonstal
ooratio oity committee of Philadel. parish,
phia. telif
'th The BShobley naval court of inquiry
resumed its sittings at Washington.
SAdmiral Schley stated that he had no water,
a objection to any m~mber ofthecort, the Ccourt
ri. Four witnesses were examined. The
, most important incident was the de. clinkeC
oision of the court withdrawing a indrin
en question, put by the court itself, ask
ing a witness to give his opinion con. produc
Qerning a point under- controversy.
be -- Fund
The London Spectator commenting oash
on the new president of the United Oberlr
vs States, stated that he would "not try i
e to quarrel with England, but woula govornl
show her no speoial favors," ton, W
The Cream of Late Specials of Our Own State as Gleaned by
fk W w w a . ww as a . a w
ore ani
gener- A Spouter Brought in at Jen
me ago
rincinal nings, 4-Inch Stream Throwi
fication Thirty-Five Feet in the Air.
nio law Jennings.--The town was throws
sinst it into intense excitement again Satar
ely ex- day by the report that the oil well or
rganize Mamon prairie had spouted. One of the
lew in- drillers, 0. O. Noble, said:
cOnsti- "When we knocked the gate valve
Lerally in the Sour.inch pipe we then goa
,e and ready to begin bailing. When we
1I con- opened the valve the oil and water
so the spouted to within ten feet of the top
y. It of the derrick. A stream of oil con
oat ao- tinued to flow for some time. We
rought then began to bail again. At 12:30
icome it spouted again and threw a four.
oratic inch stream of oil thirty-five fees
lover- high. We continued bailing, as we
eneral were only down about 800 feet. Our
Con- bailer got caught in the cable which
These we had put in the four-inch pipe to
3aders check the flow of the oil when we
elley, were putting the pipe down. We
man- have sent for a spear hook to recover
state the bailer. We will begin this work
)rable Monday morning."
has Mr. Noble said the oil was forced
-rati- up through 1,000 feet of oil sand. As
com- only the first eight hundred feet of
week the well is open this would indicate
city that there was a terrible pressure in
ainst order to throw the oil so high. "We
fohn- are convinced," he continued, "that
bama this is as good a well as any at Beau
still mont, and the oil is lighter and of a
Gen. better quality."
rmer A great many oil men are in town
ad a and have been at the well. They are
r at- very enthusiastic and do not hesitate
and to say that the Louisiana oil field
or to will prove the greatest in the South.
thite Kenner.-Fred Langhanser, Jr., an
way errand boy in the office of the South
Illot. erland-Innes Company, lost his pony
and by an accident Saturday morning.
turn The pony was going along in a can
r be- ter, when he stumbled and broke his
veen neck. Freddie pitched forward, and 1
mo- rolling, escaped with but slight in
1875 juries.
[901. The local mill suspended work for
has a while auring the time of the Can
tagh ton obsequies. So did the railroads]
he and telegraph companies.
an Angola.--Saturday night when the
sign men were counted at Camp B, it was P
found that two were missing. The a
bloodhounds were at once put on t
P. their track, and at this writing they
can be heard running.
pod The board of control came up Fri
day on the steamer Betsy Ann and G
ine returned on the same boat. pI
ha Mansfield.-The Mansfield Railway
and Transportation Company, a local
enterprise, which operates two miles ti
of road connecting the town of Mans- Is
at field with the Texas and Pacific Rail
m road, has been reorganized and will nE
d now be operated to transfer freight it
d and passengers between said points.
i The road has been abandoned for wi
more than a year and not a wheel has M
y been turned. Under its new manage.
sment the road has been put into good so5
r condition. A new engine was re
ceived last week and the road is now sni
) ready for businesse. p
e Monroe.--Among the indictments of
returned by the grand jury Saturday foi
Swas one against Policeman J. A. '1
at Heekin for manslaughter. Heekin oia
r was arrested and gave bond in the era
sum of $2,000 on the first day of last tax
May. Oofficer Heekin, while in the '
discharge of his duty, shot and killed lea
h Edward Houston, a young man of val
West Monroe, on the gallery of the mo
house occupied by Olivia Lewis, near the
, the V., 8. and P. Railroad tracks, in
- Eleventh street. An inquest was held
e and the coroner's jury returned a C
e verdict of justifiable homicide. Sub- of t
t sequently Heekin was given a pre- hun
;e liminary trial before Judge Hall of ve:
t the distriot court and discharged. vict
dThe evidence before the coroner's ing
f |jury was to the effeot that Houston pro
'was drinking and had raised a dis- em
t turbance in the house of Olivia Lew- lief
t eIs. Police protection was invoked of
and Ooicer Heekin responded to the pres
Saill. He was attacked by Houseton deope
Swith an open knife. He retreated to for i
1 the edge of the gallery and Houston port
still advancing upon him, fired two cone
sNA ue. ouston was illeda instantly.
- There has been no session of the
grand jury since the occurrence until
Jenl. the present term of the court.
New Iberia.-Arthur Hebert, who a
4irt year ago was convicted of manslaugh
ter and sentenced to twenty years in
thrown the state penitentiary,and who effect
Satr-. ed his escape from the jail here, was
ell on arrested in Kennett, Mo., by Sheriff
of the Satterfield on instructions from Sher.
iff Henderson of this place. The dia
.valve covery of Hebert's whereabouts was
en got made by Mr. Henderson in a very
en we clever manner. Several times during
water the past year Henderson, knowing
he top that Hebert lingered near his home
i con-. on the Peebles place, made excur
. We siones there, but was never successful
12:80 in catching the fugitive. The last
_four- time the home of Hebert was visited
fees it was learned that he had slept the ii
as we night previous with two coon hunters s
Our in the swamp. Sheriff Henderson and c
which his posse, with the aid of a guide, tl
ipe to found the camp and surrounded it, 8
en we but Hebert was not captured. The n,
We trappers were questioned, but said
cover they did zqt know Hebert, and were t
work brothers fimed Roberts, hailing from w
Kennett, Mo. A month after Hender- it
'roed son was informed that the trappers d
As had packed up and left. Mr. Hender
Bet of on being convinced that Hebert went
lioate with the coon hunters, had the Hebert
e in family's mail closely watched, with
"We the result that a letter from Hebert
'that was intercepted in which he wrote he
,ean- was in Kennett, Mo. Sheriff Header- v
of a son at once wired the sheriff at Ken- Di
nett to arrest Hebert, and a few days
town ago a telegram was received here re
y are stating Hebert had been captured and
'itate would be held to await the arrival of t
field the proper authorities. Deputy Sher
a)th. iff Charles Maridat left here Monday
and will be back here this week with
the prisoner. I
., an a
pony Plaquemine.-Messrs. Stuart and d
ring. Co.. the contractors who are erecting
can. the Plaquemine looks, having finished I
his with their cableway,with which they 1
and built the walls of the looks, removed CC
in- the same this week, and have set fire A
to the wooden towers which support
for ed the cable. No more work will be P
Jan- done on the locks proper until the
8de5 stones on which the gates will stand
are thoroughly tested, which will E
probably be a matter of six months the
or more.
the This week's clear weather will saol
was prove a great help to the planters,
The who were anxious for good weather
on to harvest their crops.
Pri. Governor Heard directed Attorney 0sno
and General Guion to institute amicable br
proceedings against the state of Mis.- ea
sissippi to determine the state line "n
ED beyond the shore line. in a
ray C. L. Gillespie, acting secretary of ':
cal war, announced there was no inten
les tion of discontinuing the purhobase of
ns- supplies here. no
ii- The Louisiana delegation to the ifu
ill neral of President McKinley returned
ht from Canton.
s. Battalion Washington Artillery for
or warded a letter of condolence to Mrs.
as McKinley.
e- New Orleans defeated Selma by a
od score of 15 to 5.
e. The city attorney was instructed to
w sue the New Orleans Railroad Com
pany for $11,972.08, representing the
cost of lowering Pryania street.
The eteamship Llangallon, the first
Is of the Radoliffe Line to sail, oleared
y for Rotterdam.
. The Louisiana Improvement Asso
In oiation applied for a mandamus to
e erase an assessment of $27,000 for
t taxes.
e The August exports from New Or-.
d leans amounted to over $7,000,000 in (
i value, an increase of $1,000,000 and
a more over the value of the exports
r the same month the previous year.
n - . -.-.
C Ohicoago, Ill.-Durlng the progress
of the memorial pageant nearly one
hundred persons were injured or
Soveroome. Many of these were the
victims of their over-wrought feel
sings, but others were caught in the
Spressure of the orowd. The Geneva
emergency corps, constituted for re
lief work in just scoh occasions and
of which Mayor Harrison is hionorary
president,oo.operated with the health
department and the police in caring
for the injured. Of all the cases re
ported only three are in a critioal
condition. I
Baton Rouge.--Governor Heard has
made the following appointments:
W. M. Conerly, justice of the peace,
seoond ward of Vernon parish, vice
E. B. Bloodgood, failed to qualify;
[eacc Fortenot, constable, second
ward of Calcasieu parish, vice A. O.
Fortenot, resigned; J. R. Bidwell,
3onstable, first ward of Concordia
parish, vice 0. W. Wade, failed to
zualify; Oliver Riobhard, constable'
fifth ward Arcadia parish, vice Du
plex Landry, Jr., resigned.
Armour Plant Destroyed and Loss of
$35,000 is Sustained.
Shreveport, La.-Fire destroyed the
office, cold storage plant and ware.
house of the Armour Packing Compa.
ny. The building was value at $10,
000 and is contents at $25,o00. The
loes is fully covered by insurance
The mayor of Rheims is "in hot
water," because he failed to address
the Czar as "Sire, " and because he
clinked glasses with "His Majesty"
in drinking wine of Rheim's ohoicest
Funds amounting to. $200,000 in
cash and securities embezzled by
Oberlin M. Carter, were recovered by
government authorities at Hunting.
ton, W. Va.
Bryan, Texas.-John and Bony Wil
liams, brothers, were shot. to death
Saturday afternoon just as they were
leaving town. The slayer used a
double-barreled shotgun loaded heavi.
ly with buckshot. Tom Williams, a
nephew of the dead men, has been
The sovereign Grand Lodge of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
voted at Indianapolis, Ind., to have
daUite of their sent, wortk ad&.
A *lit WlesalhWg lstoks
An unsophisticated young minister
in rural Pennsylvania, recently or
dained, not long ago wrote to a theo.
by logical professor in Philade'phiS al
follows: "I am a poor speaker and
find it hard to utter my thoughts clear.
ly and forcibly. I have decided,
therefore, to take a course of instiuc
ly. tion in speaking, and, learning from
he the papers that there are a great many
til speak-easies in your city, I would be
obliged if you would recommend me
to one." The professor broke the
news to him as eupemistically as pos
sible that a "speak-easy" is merely an
a unlicensed drinking place.
1 Sugar exists not only in the cane, oeet
in root and maple, but in the sap of 187
,t- other plants and trees.
88 The Typewriter Invention.
[ff A statistician has proved that the invention
of the typewriter has given employment to
500,000 people, but he fails to state how many
cases of weak stomachs and dyspepsia it has
induced. All people of sedentary occupation
0 need Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It is a
y wonderful medicine and helps nature bear
the strain which ensues from confinement.
g It also cures dyspepsia, indigestion, constipa
Ig tion and fiatulency. Be sure to try It and you
1s will not be disappointed.
r- The biggest corn crop was in 1896 (2,823,
ii 000,000 bushels), but its farm value v.as
only 21% cents a bushel.
d $100 Reward. lo0o.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
e learn that there is at least one dreaded dis.
ease that science has been able to cure in all
its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
dCure is the only positive pure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con.
stitutional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
e nally, acting directly upon the blood and mu.
Scoous surfaces of the system, thereby destroy.
ing the foundation of the disease, and givini;
a the patient strength by building up the con
1 stitution and assisting natura in doing its
work. The proprietors have so much faithin
its curative powers that they offer One Hun
dred Dollars for any case that it falls to cure.
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Mrs. Winaslow' Soothing Syru for ehildrea
teething, soften the gums, reduces iufiamma.
tion,allays pain, cures wind colio. 250 a bottle
What has the weather done that it should
be talked about so much?
-- -- -- -- -
I smuere Piso's Onure for Consmnotion saved
my life three years ago.-Mas. ThoxYAs Boa.
alus, Maple t.. Norwich, N.Y., Feb. 17, 1903.
Autsmobiling may be dangerous, but it I
doesn't seem to be as much so as walking. f
Some girls would like to be rich just to
se6 how much ice cream soda they could (
consume at one sitting. I
A man in Calaverase County, Cal., i C
hatohing pheasants in incubators
Pirrx.A rADLEss Dxes do not stain the
nds or spot the kettle. Sold by all drug
Do not despise humble occupations.
Even the hod carrier climbs to the top of
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Durig the preserving season there is no 8
suchwe are pt right. Cn s help nawored.
You to start cetting your hpalth ack. OAs
pln their lody thes warti, the genuine, t
No m tte what aile you headbehs to a O C
ea you will never get wrell until yool i
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i  .lte the stox
EVERYs that tH
BY J. HAMILTON AYERS, A. M., M. D. el, prould
this Is a most Valuable Book for the Household, teachlnas as is d (e t Utuacturer
stie dislauhlabed lyptems of different Diseases, the Causes and Ns as also to
selh Disease,, and the Simplest remedies which will asllevist i1 Cooking,
etsn, leek of855 Pages, Prodfulty lilustraed.
tis Bo*k is written In plain every-day anglish, and s tree from the tgII.I Die, It arg
eel terns whlja render moot doctor books so valueless to the generallty of ru. Ci a real
e This Book Is Intended to be of Servie In the family. and is so weesI b e dse prohl
te be readily understood by all.
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iabte L.eelpte and Presorlptionl Eplasnatons of Botaiesal Psotloes, Oom empirea (
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!ýý' ,. = " . 'apa " by m,
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Salve. That's a blind eye, mor
ally or otherwise. Having the
ourable kind, try " Mitohell's."
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SO rll ZO a ISIT & TResl, r 25.
SOZObONT TIn owdtr 25e
i as Poo
r and
clear; o
. .ded r obly odyes
struc- depression, an was
from poorly. I then tried
many parilla, and in one wwd
lid be new man." Joh
I Philadelphia, P L
,y an Don't forget ' VOL.
"Ayer's" S
f 8t that will make you srprsinel how
and hopeful. Don'Yt - one hears o0
your time and m o ncommon.
at to trying some other ~ew Jersey won
ithsg Use the old, testd, saying "goo-go
anon and true Ayer's , I a terrible
bear rilla. * the baby-tall
,ment. al*Mat
wstipa- As
,d you ag u d et wha the omene
old tfamilly medleicela iu-tem
we will m satisfied.te
2.r.,,eo.,u:j in the oo
2,823,- J. e. Are o.,
Sv as re more or 1
ed to Constpat
in all n idea of the
Does your head ache? industry of
to back of your eyes? rm the f
ojnas taste In your monuh of friegh
: your liver! Ayer's from 95.3
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thin 25c. All druies tn
.In- *. *"!
umre. nt your mo b reported as
brown or rleh blaek? Then .a
0. BUCKINGHAM'S DYE of trade
o on. or ouwns, ore . . k aq, eventy per
works of the
ay SOUTHERN CL g ,oeme
eris tAded, and
SCONCISE TA tress and to
tree Regarding Claims Against. t artisans 1
,Pa. ernment
W Feir homes It
With Full and Expliolt In
S a, to Mode of Proceei. of the
Irea Containing the Bowman & To er
a the bill introduced during las de Registe
Ile Congress for the rellef of Cotton b.truth of V
Rd Rules of the court of Claimsl 1 ch cannot b
for taking testimony; Legal 1ees~, on beginners
Tabulated List of claims paid ad
red paid, under Act of Coagress, Us ta lt is that most
' List of Claims allowed by the Co0d men had t
eluded in the Omnibus Appro ame conditions
it before Congress last win'er. Copl, the of the u
ag. for sale by C. N. Wilson, Ex-Spegi t their suces
missioner of Claims for Bonth their u-aces
aid Commission, 514 11th Street, W courage and per
D. C. Sent postpaid on ree lpi o IK r
Cents by Express or Postal Noasey
Special Terms to Agents. - i the teaching
*ell as of experli
the Iluogauon elitern........ asreached mi
as- 1550 gallon ciatern.........ampyia
2100 gallon ste......... take physical
ne. Cypress sash and dooner of weariness,
of ire soreens and doopr
which he ,,
H. F. LEWIS CO., Limte which he
no 816) BARONNE ST.,NEW ORBLR4 . gs violent than
Bend for Catalogue. Write forpib~ he was used
o- $900 TO $1500 A It is not we
- O age should attel
We want intlllgent Men sad hilghett degree ol
Travelfng Repsenttivesg or I.o i
slary 9goo to SIo a ~ t all lit except a
a ccording to experient I eeht which a
want local repreenatfte..; salr ,i rvert Which w
rweek and omlsson, depeedlg t st. The
e, levoted. Send stamp for fulSt Th
os ate position prefered. Addrius, Dp i nto the best
10 THE DELT COMPANY, Phl udtisnv
ASU It . ...but it is neve
SASTHMA-HAY F state. Exper
A'URYD B. tat there is a lil
R. oTn or weigh
use their brai
SND 1 mauscular devele
I ,A .rT.. L_3Lwi.. minds and
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HILE USe. AtIata, Os ,E handling oi
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Tsu~myTDlr THIS Ph P33- 1.41 ehes and autol
u r .O rt I lf to be, in
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B RYA 5TRArTTQO C uand skill In i
Csnomore thano,. with it, no
the vapor t
stock for sale. Write for priom .cer' cella
loguo. 8. We AilNDIHI/10£_ 0ea. Yet in
'WANTED J b ° ýtIVýISul o
T. W. P(ieSTON, MAgr.. in, 4uW6
"The Sauce that ade rtWetPM'
la 4
"JtsIna wi ThlDll 'I

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