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.',I "l' , ,( ('
( t, ' . . . ' I
oft. s r ',: . '.0 un
(' lt 511 a. . , 113
t-re as 't it e . .'or,
the propen' ; :t., . ! ' d
a Crimill1 o' , . 'c Iini '.
capita tax.
rations in b1t '\ l, ra i 1": .f this
State n y lv, ( 'te !.h " :; s fr the
cOnstutrtiot n an4d !:::. aill n:i h of pUb
lie roads and t0 n t,,rril
tOrial ]iaid oI a0 py. eo, a., d a'
incuir (,' ., a'ul i55 1 n'z- tiah,! l bond.
ther' f,'r 1'i t 1h, nonii! . lll( to eX
tend a.l!t l orl d I ( r , l' O',ic i onS of
A rt, ,- " 1. "l , f t ,. ('onstiis il
ton ar!1 1ind I " (' , : 0 ' i to (ar
ry 11,.10 i 1,, -:, ( i11h ." : Tur, " 12.i
ro 'I " ' ' ý . ? , .'( ", - to -
it ". T h:'I t 1 :,' ,
1 . t'. i-:O '1 1 ' . ,
. I . 1 12, :' if :A .11d ,
th, : : h ill (i , tfif;10 t .ln.mi di n -
iy : , ii ::[t, er.
2.iin 2. Be it fu.t!! r r, .i4,l,,
it.. T''at 01 the officiral hallot to1 be
s:u ,l ' at said election th,' 'e shall be
pl:t ':1 ti,, words "For the propos,-d
'*:miued1n1,1 to Article Two Hlundred
arid Ninety-One of thli ('onstitu1ton
of Louisiana" and the words "Against
the proposed amnndmnient to Arti"le
Two Hundred and Ninety-Oine of the
Constitution of Louisiana," and each
olector shall indicate., as provded in
the genrn'al (el4tion laws of tho State
which of the proplositions,. "''r" or
"Asainst," he votes.
1,. F. THOMAS,
'. '(l r "of the 11 1: of : (' .ýl', .o -
' "P I I-!d ".
.Su ,::, :n , r' t1 , 1,.0 ,(le (if h,' St.,te
,i I.li1s;: 11 a ll tI 'endl(inent to
11,, (', Atltution atuthoriz:ng par
i>h - ad 0 c - :1 ' in iuni,'ipali
.:es to e nxnll ,t nOW iln1l strial en
t l 11[. . , l sod s pro' Vctl . 'i uiI,
n u iot i no ta:', s :(Itlded to
!,iii ,eprel V l lintl. by ilinligýrants
:ito) thl,' Stale, who occupy' said
antd:: as ' l, nl sti.' Ids from lo;al
as.Xt ,i Ifo" L ( (' ri;d lint i0o (x
iic~t ii, rs' c "l (Il)) \4 '.q .
+: :, .n 1t . lh, it r,'ulb , S by the
,:i , ': .11-< , o th, 1l tt: e ('
b i w " im:, n' n i; 0)' , -
..,. 44 l,' I '. 'i 4.I.il '
Iu:r: ''  "4 . I ' I . ,I 1 " I, ,,'.4i t4''
1In( to"ex ''' tei (10) 'oxr' ',h
-n , ' IX t 111th i .4 ' i. , Ic u ,l ta o- itl
1t's .") 1x 1 'r81 h icre ii It:lifii P L 4 -
0', '. ti "ll ly 2 ll ' l sit ti,. ol- n ,lx
, p:r l (Ii, eitU c i'i{ so ll .'l , tx itio'
with , h 1 , t, u' nt Ialiotly atd be ('s-*
tich ','. 4l 4 i' '(I t i t said ol } -
t :atn1rxhi,,,g t,,n ( n y .r by rsh
<t,. l,:(I,,( 'to , t( 'elo.s' to cxa
alo 0)l1, , 'th) r x t se .' aljatified l of
lands ]' ach ent.ris,'' so txeStated
:o .,.Ioting undthority and ho e es
"from "1)11 1 (l1 further r1soh1n dt
o:.,...i on .. ,t , us,,d at said elsc
t ,i '..)', Sri -(: " :'01 tIhl ,do1 stitution
,in : .::o-izng parishe's
ollipt. o' ,,to ,ie:n-itr l ,ntr rist s alld
tlrs es m ri, and 1 :'(4 ,. ilr,'Iusi Of
starI 14. , ;g d,:,,,l ;,0 I Ld1 ind1 )rovU ed
lan dss y bynim'as iaito the State
\tato ot OQuUILV sa sad d.,i as ho'iestends
tods, floa t.x s for f puriod not to
1_(xc(,ed ten (I,,) ycrs," and "Against
the 4'otcstitutios al uttndIi' nt author
izing parishes an'd s,,Xf-thxing munici
Iolities to exempt niw indutsrial en
," the Senate.
1.. .. 'J tOM.-\S,
k , bof th. Housc e : . '' 21 s n
4' , .\ut ust 24th. 1 12.
1.. IC. HALI A.
:,.: : of the State o' I u' a:.a.
, " " ' t .
ra ACT NO, 6,
1` '."1 f T :1. ; I.!e TI N
"(.,I " h :::i :t:.:.'. i , :: , } .' o l .f !::s:a :.a
a Itn a.1 : e tl t o t : Co . ii: it, lS: o :l:iO
'X '' Lht I"frot taxailti f-,1, twveq
." V 1 ' : (,p oI'ati ':s O a''' :1
na- ia-d t'o ,ltld l;oi:ee on inortgag s
"oil ('01;ut? '). p lo I'erty at not i.ore
' thanl six (6) 10r (c lit int'rest,
let to tihe borrower, with l:ower
to neiotiate- bonds and si'culrities
his of local taxing districts.
the Section 1. Be it resolved by the
uh- Gceneral Assembly of the State of
I Louisiana, two-thirds of all the nlmul
ds hers elected to each house concur
ex- ring, That the following amendmlent
cf to the Conatution of the State (of
"t1 Louisiana be and the sam' is hero
atby submitted to thle qual:fied olce
r;i - .
or' tors of the Mtate at IN, ('ou .ression
al clc(, It to h e li l on th." first.
Te "ue.,da a; t,'r lthe f:lrs! `,ondty in
the month, 1,f No',;. ];1)r , f th., "ear
cl(, 1112, to ,cil
T h e 1 1 . 0 1:11 a
i:'X I 01:;:l . i:- .c ! 1 i lotlalt r
floV the dato of 1 or 't mi n of
each of ,atu ( i m palit c s ' rov1 i led
that e;1i1 of i I :panies sha llr
be have a full paid cash capiti. l sto k ofl
1-d ((dI furthe1 r t2hat in case nv S:; uch an
I e riot le tlihi 0,0)i t 1, arid i oxid
e'd poration shall on: any 1 o1 0 chargei the
on 'borrower more than six per c nt in
[st terest, whether by way of cominis
(I'e sion, discount, or otller'vise, it sha l
hlie forfeit the entire exemption herein
.lhi grantetd, and be subject to taxation
in from thet time it makes such loan;
ite and any such (orporaton handling or
,ra ncgotiat.ini, any so. triti' s other than
those hi erinabove mt nni onld sl all in
cur a like forfeit'uro.
N1- n o sulch corporation si;all ha le O,,'
'!" to e'('eiVe an:y 1o1:1y Oil toepos.t
o 1o do at lankinga businl.:ss of any
:: rt, but all such c, roret:o:h·:1 h
t,. L t i, "r t i (t : ', . ) ,t ti p " -
...d handle l10o -- secu irites, ', nit, tile
a. [ion ormt a n i( " fo t I' so t pur;
a pose of lend ting a t xmo on t on-t try
It l h stai 0to ' sit l.at ,.t 1 I. n Iuisitn at
d not xat:o for tweany (s ) , per nt ot')
borrower, with power 1o n.gotiate1
- ottend handle local seh.'tls,'' and striies
'n- the Constitution exempting from
, taxation for twenty t2)) y.ears orpo
i('~ O till 110S (f . tl I'oOUtry
Is' eal estate situate1 in Luisiana ai
id noter no of t I1 six () per ',nt -,tlt.
o e orro , o
x-otiate np d an amendmll lo. seuriie. Con
m stitution , of t l' State (ltf o uisi-,
tiona rlatIve to tilt xaomptiol
, I o m (l at l , ,i tl O llil 110 y i Ti n band a
r0'l il d (l t oi. jt. .
I ' (ection 1.1. h e .it io t letl hi' tuie
S 'e li'erial sa iiil't (I f thile Stte! ' o .l
-Lot( ' a iif, two-tIl s of all tlt' , inlll
' lit 111 Al to ('11 otise co1cur- s
,I ring, Tleat tc. follow':g atlmet
to tile Col' stitl b ti ottilt State i)
Ssubmit A ed to tit n(h11 ofied ele7tors
oS tine St, Ie foit. tbltr tion Ot re- l
a jection at the Congressionfjal ellt o tot
to he u hd on tile first Tues ln tf- a0
of Nosxe a eber ndnt to thas 'olotos: -
d There htta1 be texe t fIroi taxau- pi
)f tion all from tnation a ll on deposit. e
d Section 2. Be it fuither resolved ct
etc., That the lofficial ballot to hem
o used at said cleetion shall have orint- tlr
, posed anetdierit to tlie Constitun-p
Sthe Cion of the State of Louisiana ex- it
S1. empting from taxation all mtioney in sti
thand or on deposit," inld the words t
t "Against the p firosed .waydnt tof
the Constitution of the State of Lou e
hisiana exemhllntg froi taxatio tal ti
Smoney in hand or on leI.osit. And ito
uaceh electori shall indicate, as provid- en
t ed by the Sgeneral elction laws of is
the State, whethpici ie votes for or ie
nagainst the proposed 1amndmont. ho
SI.ieutenant Governor and Pr sid.nt to
of the Senate. 1s
SItealker of the Hlouse of Rpres-en- st
tativ s. o
Anproved: Aunust 24th. 1912. to
L. . HALL,. in
.(io\vernor of tlhe State of Lousi:ana. Ic
A true copy: a
S.o :'r "y of Statr
ACT NO. 8,
. , rim,. fill :e . ;y ;'r. \V\.c'
a PropI'.e -l  ;tt : ii ldinlit to the ('O:
Otn stittlol o' 1110ie State of loui>!
I- na, ir'lati'ce to alillorizi ng par
I:- ishIs- anid lannicipalities by a ref
S rmildlllllum to their respective qual
te it:cd electors to exempt from
st, taxat;on an amount not to exceed
cr $2,000.00 to be deducted front the
es value of dwellings exclusively o:
cupied by bona fide owners for
he residential purposes only, and to
of withdraw such exemption by a
1- similar referendum.
r- Section 1. Be it resolved by the
nt General Assembly of the State of
1of Louisiana, two-thirds of the mn nmbers
relected to each house concurring,
'c That the following amtndnmtnt to the
n- ('on.stitution of 159 be submliitted to
the ti qualified elo('tors of th State for
in their adop!il (,ti or rej(tionll . the
lr Co nl ,i tlel t o t:lon to le 1h d onil
the tilr t T i ii :l,\ r th, f: . lo 1 Io -
al oay i n t ll 1 w u;il ' No,,,h < r, 1' .12,
:o- mi (.1r 1 1u ,1 ,.i' ,..;t,', .t: n, ,I ('lion u)
i b l ' caliet d ,nd h,.li for til 1::t.'o (.
p! ,ofitr thir'tty d(ty'/ puifli lhrd ])o'i','
s t.h' q1, : s-t o:e '  sI to wlrthtr or not
of Ithere :.1xl b,-(.xe lupit( frohi taxa
,d tion anil. hounlit not to t x CeI d $2.
ill O1,.0, to lie dTrhlttl fromi the value
o f f all1 buildings . xclusiv ely occupied
d by bona fide owners for residential
i- purposes only; provided that any ex
lie emption niay be withdr,,awn in the
n- isamce nti-nt(er iii which it itmay be
is- granted.
Ill No such ex*-mpltion, voted by a par
n ish, sthall operat,' to grant any tax
n payer owning and occupying a home
S1; within a munitcipality the right to de
or duct the exempti(d amount from the
In i nprovement vahlue of his property in
I- respect to muniip(tl taxation.
Section 2. lo it f rther resolv-d,
w- That the-re sh.1 be 1)rintted on the
S, s fO t' i " a d t io d
1"10 ,.\1 (. ,.,R ET . ,
it L,,: ,. ( .1,'n,; and lq.:id It
i .A f th Si 1 ,."t. c :11
I. l. THleOlASl
t'.Aproved: A gust 'i 24th, 1912.11
1e i L.E. ALL,
;e Governor of the Stale of Louisiana.
-1 A Srue eopy:
in S ,ecri tary oif State.
ACT NO. 9.
S ne - il1 No. E. BLy Mr. Barrow.
Sul ii, ting to the people o f Lo uisari-i
it' t tiO atnlonmenlt to the c(onp
tO ituion lrovid ing for refl r
d t o t , lroitati ) of each pta
i o i terib tnooe r ie w elth 1r (.iti
it i
;. n d inle ororiatl d to n tflBd Tu i B i
. or tn y ( - ,o n . n to e o of tlh l
1 1 ) R frSco fl'omt tIaxes and li
el' 1. ,vi d by pIar)2thihl tu
thoritic s .ftr Ia rochial purpos, s,
su4bit ( to the 0oblifZattionr to mak
certain coniribu tions to the i ar
i lies.
(ectton I. lie it resolved by .li
SGeneral As- fonly o- the Stae t of
Loouisiana, two'thirds of all the moni
bt'S (lOtted to each house concur
. ring, That the following amendment
to the Constitution of the State of
iouisiana be and the same is hereby
submitted to the qualified electors of
Sthe State at the Congressional elc
r tion to be held on the first Tuesday
l after the first Monday in the month
of November of the year 1012, to-wit:
e Every partish through its Police nu
r1 shall have the right to submit and,
upion lhe petition. of one-fourth rof
the qualified electors therein shall
submit to the qualified ebetors of
t said parish, at an election to be call
ed and held for that purpose after
thirty days published notice, the tues
Stion of wheother or not all or any one
or tmore of thte cities, incorporated
towns and villages within the limits
.of the parishes (unless already ex
eupt) shall be free anld exempt
from all taxes and licenses levied by
parochial authority for parochial pur-
poses, provided that whenever such
exemption is granted, each city, in
corplorated town and village so ex
empted shall contribute to the paro
chial authorities its fair proportion cf
- all parochial burdens, debts and ex
Slpenses common to bothi. Such pro
portion to be adjusted between the
Police Jury and the municipal author
ities, aond in case of disagreement
such apportionment to be made by
the State Tax Commission.
Section 2. Be it further resolved,
etc., That thers shall be printed on
the ballots to be used at the said elec-(
tion the words "For the amendment
to the Constitution establishing a ref
erendum to the people of each par
ish to determine whether or not cit
ies and incorporated towns and vil
lages shall be released from paro- s
chial taxation and licenses, subject t
to the condition of contributing to
l arish expens s," and the words
"Against the amendment to the Con- t
stitution establishing a referendum t
to the pc-,pIle of each parish to de
termine whether or not cities and
incor'lfrat,,(d towns and villages shall
be r"lel-sed from paro-hial taxation a
and lbcenses, subjec; to the condi- s
tion of contributing to parish expen
" ';:,: v" " ,,-,or' shah' iarl',ate
Son his ballot, as provided by the
general election laws of the State,
vwhetiher he votes for or ana!ins the
said amlenildln(nt.
l.Lcuti:t (Governor and Pr' side-nI
of the Senat-.
iS_ 'aker (of the house of llepresen
Approved: August 24th, 1912.
L. E. HtALL,
i Governor of the State of Louisiana.
d A true copy:
Secretary of State.
)r ACT NO. 10.
a Senate Bill No. 7. By Mr. Shaffer.
of Submitting to the people of the State
rs of Louisiana, at the Congression
, al election to be held in Novem
It ber, 1912, an amendment to the
to Constitution of the State exempt
ing from taxation for ten (10)
oe years from the elate of compl -
nt tion the capital stock, fr:anch so
and certain alrop(erty of all ( orp,
rationns c(on.tnuc('tino.,, ow\iing I, "n1
operting within iti, Si at-, a on
: inled s ` st ! l of irri-,at Ion, , :i'
ý,, [l'1:1ý r tall t r h i r" 'urni a' r
f watX : . s:ts, 1Io;lO ided that ("ach
Sa.,-t rle ,coIprlt, d and in o!p
'r vt,. jithi n five (!) y a, rs fro0l
T:n' nuarty ]t, 1913, and providing
furthi r that not less than: five
million dollars sha:ll have be:n
expwIcided in thei co:istruction of
each system.
le Wihereas, the State of Louisiana
d has large areas comprising millions
1 of acres of land that can be reclaim
s- ed and brought into cultivation by ir
e rigation, whereby large additions will
to be made to the population and, the
assessed value of the State; and,
W- Whereas, canals can be construct
K- ed so as to provide irrigation, navi
ie gation 'and power, and it is the State's
e- duty to encourage and promote the
c organization of such concerns:
n Section 1. Be it resolved by the
General Assembly of the State of
1, Louisiana, two-thirds of all the mem
le bers elected to each house concur
ring, That the following amendment
d to the Constitution lbe sub:mitted to
Sthe qu lifi'ed electc:rs of thei: State
; for their adoption or r:j tin at the
- i'ong ri sional c c:on ,,,t be liho:d o:t
1 the first Tui;ed . aft( tie first
2, lotday in the itonth of Nove! b:',
i 1912, ns follows:
: There shall be ex.'ni:p frotm taxa
1 tion for ten (I0) y ars fro!n th11 (ate
of completion, the capital ::!oek, fraa:
chises and property of all c1',rora
:t tions constructin,i own : and opor
ating within the State, at (o':bincd
system of irrigation, navigat on and
- hydro-electric power, using fresh
water of Louisiana streams, and wat
er-sheds, provided that each system
shall be completed and in operation
w. within five (5) years from January
1st, 1913, and provided further that
not less than five million dollars
shall have been expended in the con
struction of each system. No real or
corporeal property shall be covered
by this exemption except that which
iJ necessarily connected with and ap
purtenant to each canal system and
forming part thereof, nor shall this
exemption (extcnd to the assessed
value that such real estate had at
the time it may be acqu'rced by the
company; irovided thiat the right of
the State to regulate the divc-rs:on
of its lpublic waters fromnt thiieir natu
.ral beds slihal not !e waived by this
St ction 2. Ie it furtiher rsc':d-l d,
Ii tc., That the official ballot to be
Sused at said election sball have 1 rint
ed thereon the words: "'For the pro
posed amendment to lvh Constitu
tlitn of the State of Louisiana ,x
'ncnlpting from taxation for ten (10)
-years from the date of complection
certain new canals for irrigation, nav
igation and Imower purposes to be
"completed within five. years with a
I capital of not less than five million
Sdollars," and the words: "Against
. the amendment to the Constitution
t of the State of Louisiana exempting
from taxation for ten (10 years from
fI the date of completion certain new
Scanals for irrigation, navigation and
Spower purposes to be completed with
in five (5) years with a capital of
'not less than five million doldars."
v nd each elector shall indicate as
Sprovided in the general election laws
of the State whether he votes fori
or against the proposed amendment.
jjLieutenant Governor and President
S of the Senate.
L ,. E-. THOMAS.
. S tlaker of thile House of Represen
ta, tives.
Appro\ved: August 2th, 1912.
L. E. HALL,.
Gcvernor of the State of Louisiana.
A true COlpy:
S Secrcnary of State.
ACT NO. 11.
SSenate Bill No. 8. By Mr. Voegtle.
Proposing an amendment to the Con
stitution of the State of Louisi
ana exempting from taxation the
legal reserve of life insurance
companies organized under the
laws of this State.
Section One. Be it resolved by the
General Assembly of the State of
Louisiana, two-thirds of all the mem
bers elected to each house concur
ring, That the following amendment
to the Constitution of the State be
submitted to the qualified electors of
the State for their adoption or rejec
tion at the Congressional election to
be held on the first Tu'sday after
the first Monday in the month of No
vemcner, 1012, as follows:
"ere shall be exemupt froni all tax
ation the legal reserve of life in
surance companies organized under
the laws of th!s state.
Section Two. Be it further resolvd,
he etc., That the official hallo: to Ie'
to, used at said :lection sil:l i hav., pri't
nhe i thiren the, wo:ds: "-or the !ro
I posed amentdmliint to tthe ('onstitu
tion of the State of Louisiana ex
at elhptig fl'o111 all txation the !egal
ir.1ser' ve of life insllIranlce collp,nip ts
organiz/ed under the lI'ws of this
n- State," and the words "Against the
proposed almendnlent to the Coast1itu
lion of the State of Louisiana exempt
ing from all taxation the legal re
a. serve of life insurance companies or
ganized under the laws of this
State." And each elector shall in
dicate, as provided by the general
election laws of the State, wheth
er he votes for or against the pro
posed amendment.
I Lieutenant Governor and President
of the Senate.
ite Speaker of the House of Represen
n tatives.
Approved: August 24th, 1912.
he Governor of the State of Louisiana.
pt- A true copy:
Secretary of State.
ACT NO. 12.
1( lll m e B; ll No. 2. B- Mr. Polo rts.
l, itti, to the pCoPlde (if Louti>!
"na 1(1 amond1,dment to t0ýh, Can
ci: stitution reorgani and re
modc!ing the Stat'.;'S systlem of
;e1sc ise.;nent and taxa ioal.
g Saection 1. lie it resolved by the
e .General As.sembly of the State of
SLLtuisiana, two-thirds of all lhe n':-m
of bhers elected to each House concur
ring, That the following amendment
na to the Constitution of the State of
ns Louisiana be and the same is hereby
n submitted to the qualified electors
ill of the State at the Congressional
he election to be held on the first Tues
day after the first Monday in the
- month of November, in the year 1912,
he Article I.
1. The taxing power shall be exer
he cised by the State and by its sub
of divisions for public purposes only.
r- 2. The taxing powcr shalinever be
ant surrendered, suspended, given, com
to iluted or contracted away; but wh:re
e ;;0ri1he,;r o mullul-ipal corporations
:: ýill grant exluptionils from pa:rish
t ,r1 mu'ic pal taxes for a period not
:', tj xce. d tell yea':is front date of
c'(,,tliel-tionl to encolirage the eAab
i- lshnenTt of indus aa1l ienterpris s. or
to a similar ex(eniltion to ilni;li;raltis
;:- of the value added by them to vacant
a- lPro(perty owned and occupied as a
r- homestead, such exemptions shall not
d be withdrawn either as to enter
nd prises established or substantially bc
shi gun in good faith, or as to immigrants
It- who have actually acquired and im
,m proved or in good faith begun to im
on prove their homesteads, since the
'y granting of the exemption. The Gen
a·t oral Assembly on behalf of the State,
rs and the governing authorities of all
11- subdivisions of the State on behalf
or of such subdivision, may defer for
ed inot more than three years the col
eh lection of taxes in localities subject
P- ed to overflow or other public ca
rd lamity.
is 3. The General Assembly shall have
td ower to classify all property for tax
t ation, and to adopt different rules
e and rates for different classes, but
f such rules and rates shall be eqlual
Sand ut luniform on all subje:ts; of the,
. salie class throughout the territorial
Slimits of thie authoriity lvying tlhe
tax. All such classifications shall be
based on thile characterlistics of the
pDroperty itself or its use, and ney
tr on Iersonis or ownerhIip.
S 4. Except in case of foreian inxva
Sstion or domiest ic revolution, the Gcon
e ral AssemIbly shall not have power
to a lev'y any atd va!orem property tax
in excess of four per cent; but the
Generalc. Assembly shall not exceed
Sthile raIte of two and one-half per cent.
a except by a vote of two-thirds of all
n the members (-lectcl to each house
n Article II.
g 1. The sources of State and local
n revenue shall be segregated and, ex
Scept as hereinafter specified, or as
1 may be hereafter .permitted by a
vote of two-thirds of all the members
)f elected to each House of the Gener
al Assembly, each taxing authority
I sh1ll be restricted in taxation to its
own sources of revenane as herein i
' assigned.
2. Until otherwise provided by a
Svote of two-thirds of all of the mem
hers elected to each House of the
General Assembly, th:e following
shitll be the sources of State reve
nuile: I
1st. The special taxes hereinaft r I
provided for. t
2nd. All corporations, private per
sons and unincorporated as~sociations
that operate any railroad falling un- s
der the jurisdiction of the Railroad E
Commission of Louisiana; street rail- t
road; combined street railroad and (
electric light and power business; 5
heating or refrigeration plant, (not 4
inclusive of cold storage plant); tel- f
Sephone line; telegraph line, wheth
er wireless or otherwise; express s
line, dining car, sleeping car, oil car, n
-refrigerating car, or cars for any t
other purpose operating upon rail- a
roads in this state; steamboat, mot- a
or boat, steamship, ferry, barge and t
tug, or other water craft, where op
eerated for hire, canal for transporta- t
tion or irrigation, and pipe line for n
oil or gas. When the electric light a
and power business conducted in con
f junction with any street railroad can t
be practically .severed from the street s
railroad business for pIurposes of as
sessment then such severance shall r
be made by the Tax Commission and j
e such electric light and power business
fshall not be a source of State reve- s
3rd. All banks, State and Nation- e
al, including savings banks, trust p
banks and trust companies, and all fi
private bankers, whether individuals a
or partnerships, ,save that the real n
estate of all banks and bankers shall a
be locally assessed and taxed. The:
assessments of the real estate of
rbanks and bankers shall be equaliz- tr
ed annually by the Tax Commission fi
to the basis established and in evo- f
le gue in each localiy vwh. re such real
,t- i estate i- locat: d.
o 4th. All insuran(, 'nii a:t;es in
"l c luding loudio a'ud lc rty <l onupjanies,
foreign 01' do!llest:c, and ital p) >'sons
al and partnershilps engat, g in insur
s i persons or )prop,r:y, -ave that
I at. the real estat, anI corporeal
1C property of such companies, persons
u- po partner:dlips shall be 1,;cllly as
't- sessed andl taxed.
e 5th. All sugar rel'ineries, ri ce mills,
cotton seed oil mills, cotton seed oil
is refineries and refineries of petroleum
,i and its products. A sugar refinery
h- is hereby defined to be a concern
that buys and refines raw sugar ex
clusively, or a concern that buys and
refines more raw sugar than the ag
ot gregate of the sugar produced by it
from cane grown and purchased by
n- 6th. All mines of sulphur, salt or
other minerals, all oil or gas wells,
all stone quarries, sand, gravel and
shell pits.
a . Only the operative property of
state sources of revenue shall be
segregated to thi S!i;te. The Gener
a, Assembly shall define, in a man
ner not inconsist, nt with any pro
visions of this am:'endullnt whil:tL the
operative property of each such
sou'' its. RIeal estate and lth, im
s)l'ovelmeclts thlercrenl formni;ng part of
any railroad ter'mi:ial, depot. or yard
or" warehOls, or sh'lp, acqu'red after
.July 1, e', ven tho.ught it my form
t ::0tr of the o],..atI,,, p)oelº rLy O- any
rlilroad, si:ll not be ,o1:;lnsid red a
s;O l , otf Itat'e rIv'eltIn oxoCept by
conlstit 0ti.o l a1 atcndmi ,nt unless
;uch pirolpI'iry had been, prior to said
di te, part of a railroad termiinal, de
pot, yard, warchounse :or shop.
if 4. All other property subject to
n- taxation, except as herein specified,
r. or except as may hereafter be direct
ed by a vote of two-thirds of all the
members elected to each house of the
Df General Assembly, shall be sources
)y of local taxation.
rs Article III.
al The General Assembiy shall have
s. power to levy for State purposes the
following special taxes:
1. A tax on the transfer of stocks
2, in corporations not to exceed 2 cents
a share.
2. A tax on the organization of
domestic corporations, organized for
profit, excepting banks, fraternal in
surance companies, and building and
loan or homestead associations, not
)e to exceed ten dollars flat, plus not
to exceed one-twentieth of one per
cent of the authorized capital stock
'e and sirplus, vlwhi h tax shall be lev
is ied upon iltcrteasec of canital . tock
- as well ,as t)po1 original issue's.
S I. A tax on private corp!orations,
lorganized forr profit. for t it. privilege
of exercising corporate functi:ons, not
rto eXceed on1e-twe\\ntiith of one per
? cent per an!numP1 on the outstanding
capital stock and surplus. excluding
banks, fraternal and li1., insurance
ot companies anti building and loan or
homestead associations; no such tax
r- to be less than five dollars. On for
eign corporations this tax shall be
levied on such proportions of their
n- capital stock and surplus as is used
°- in this State in intra-state business.
ie In lieu of the franchise tax on capi
tal and surplus, life insurance com
e panics, foreign and domestic, not in
II cluding fraternal insurance associa
tions, shall pay annually a flat fee of
$150.00 plus $2.50 on each $10,000.00
of premiums collected in Louisiana
during the preceding year.
a- 4. An annual ad valorem tax on
all automobiles and taxicabs, and al
c so on all other auto-driven vehicles
u- sed for transportatiion of persons or
s freight for hire, with permission to
t thIe local govcrnntafnt of the resi
1 dence of thile owncer to levy an annual
I license tax not to exceedi $5.00. One
11 hailf of thile proClr ds of this State
tax( collectedl from eachl ow\ncr shall
c g o to the State goodl rolids fends;
Sthe remainina moiletvy of such tax
shall be paid over by thile State to
the governing authlr:rity of the locali
1- ty from which the mac1hine is regis
Htored, to be devoted exclusively by
r suchi governine authority to thlt im
x procivement of the public hiyhways
c within its jurisdtliction.
ii 5. A tax on cotton future con
tracts, in lieu of all licenses to fu
1 ture brokers, of not more than fit
teen nor less than ten cents on
each purchase and sale of each 100
bales, to be paid on each transac
1 tion, one-half by the buyer and one
half by the seller.
s 6. A tax on grain, coffee, rice
a and sugar future contracts, in lieu of
s all licenses to future brokers, of not
more than one and one-half per cent
' nor less than one per cent on the
s commissions paid on each transac
Stion. Each unit tcontract as estab.
lished by the rules of the respective
1 exchanges shall be the basis of the
tax, to be paid, one-half by thile buy.
oer and one-half by the seller.
7. A true. progressive inher'itance
tax for the benefit of tlhe General
Fund, and if such a tax is levied all
beneficiaries shall be divided into
the following maximum exemptions
for each class:
First. ascendants, descendants, and
spouses, with an exemption of $2000
Seach, except as to the widow, when
- the exemption shall be $5000, and ex
I cept as to children under the age of
sixteen, when the exemption shall be
t$3500 each. The widow's marital
fourth shall be exempt.
Second, collateral relations of the
Ssecond degree, including nephews and
nieces and their descendants when
the estate is divided by roots, with
an exemption of $1000 to each root,
and daughters-iin-law with an exemp
tion of $1000 each.
Third, collateral relations of the
third degree, excluding nephews and
nieces and their representatives, with
an exemption of $500 each.
Fourth, all other collateral rela
tions within the sixth degree inclu
sive, with an exemption of $250 each.
Fifth, strangers and all collateral
relations beyond the sixth degree,
with an exemption of $100 each.
SThe maximum rate of the progres
sive tax shall not exceed eight per
cent for the first class, twelve per
cent for the second class, sixteen
per cent for the third class, twenty
five per cent for the fourth class,
andi thirty per cent for the fifth class,
maximum rates to be attained when
any inheritance, legacy or donation
exceeds a half million dollars.
Anl the minimum rates of such
tax shall be one per cent for the
first class, two and one-half per cent
for the second class, three and three-

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