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*'The True Democrat.
Vol. XXI St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish La., Saturday, November 2, 1912
JOIiNT i 1:IS ,' TiN
i' ,' t'lirIa an To I I, it S ',, t [
of Art!icte 1',7 of t11i- ('oni 'i
tition of the S:at,. ,f Louisiana;
real:ativeO to I' . Ir: , t,on of Voters.
Sc'tiotn 1. lie it resolyod by th?
lenoral Assemnbly of tihe Stalte of
l+ouis;ann, two-tthr'ds ( 2-1) of the
members elected to each VIouse con
:urring, that Section ., of Article 197
)f the Constitution of the State of
•,ouisiana be so annrnded as to road
as follows:
Section 5. No male person who
was on January 1st, 1S67, or at any
date prior thcreto, entitled to vote
under the Constitution or Statutes of
any State of the United States, where-I
in he then resided, and no son or
grandson of ary such person, not leasi
than 21 years of age on the 1st day
of May 1912, and no male person ofI
foreign birth, who was naturalized
prior to the 1st day of .Tan nary, 180S,
shatll be ldenied the right to r ,gister
and vote in this State cby reason of
his failure to po-esses the -dneational
or property ',ialifiatiori - lIrosc(rihi (i
'v this ('on itution, hlrvoded I:
t'1 ha , r, :ded in 1mh . Slat. fir
S ye'(a i pr l'('dl :l ih' (late
ti': ;h '' .,ill atipp; ly f r re' istra
t ol si hali !l :', ' ,1'e `s' ' -"1l i ae.
1 it ' w ith i t ,a 'i, o f t he l a e r
i .. i (" r. I w'a; oni the --___" _ " ' ,_
tao: of ---ll ----- ;- entitled
to vot r id: rth onstitutio n fi(',r Sta
h tlr y for then resistdedrto , adt he
.alll m :a o'." bt fo'r,' °u:,l'ii reo is
tratim, offir r 'ds ) hi d lu'. in t Ihe
foin ,ollotuwing:
Iho 7 1 citiel of thl. thnila Sof- -t.
and (1f this Statei , or- t r the auge of
twcntyitioe yoear St I have reaided in
this State for five yw4ars next pre(ed
in ; , th is (la te ,. I w a : o n th e -.
day of --- - ------ ntitled
to ot th onstlut itutionf thi Sta-te.
tutes of the, State vf
wherein I then resided, tor I am the i
."n or grreiadson of -- t
ho was, c,n the ---s (lay of--- -i I
....... entitled to vote under the (
Constitution or Stat.u(. s of the State 1
of -ae- -i- --( - - wherein c
he then re. id(,d) i ii I desire to <
aval mys(lf of th'e privileges confer
red by Section " of Article 17 7 of t
thi, "onstitution of this State. A
('(rtifioates ohf registraion shall h1
"el' rht::.t' I o'! ni i''l a i(atiTi aofl pyi n S -,'o ,
I < 'a iH- .q! : - l t ~ o P.( I
', i it ' ' ' I )' :, ( ,I ,.V I 'Yll ] I :, '
oi ( i r. Ii 'tily . S t:i i t y :01'i l 'e - i1 .
- t I i h l ', s.ly .ti'l d, u)t ila . (,a -.
'"I. 't itl 1 O'clck ha. rh . and frn .2
day I- " .1' ( st. 1 inl, ali int ,diat' ( ly
'iI::, n , , :` :, , h( ,r I i l a t
" and d( )<it o , ot" sa , dttpl tesi
(1t;,:'t,,n s 1 'III b, bv hi . f' .,
. pon th, p 'r lat', t r :OSt1r '
Ii 1cti', - : : i.- I+: i. , s ', ~ . .
I,,_r:ois who .o not b)y IersonalI ap
)1 n l: i (tl t o L'<im (X'olmill r mt l ll tlo,'
"i ;',.HI 1s (;' Sect-ion anid 1 of this
1. . he- .)r S. itptni or is, 1i1')3,
:1I 1, u"'h \ r ! det , i tilt" :ri lht to
"ihr R l. n ':. an l;." e, t', s ' -
;, )' ; r _i:- 'l)(1 ?.' itl 1 nt /n slu the le a h -
St h Se ion a ill b. tored t
' l. It , n '1l-l ,lnd book r, t )o ,, pr v(Mid'd
I. % h P' ari.sh ' r that ,ur l'O:se, and
I ; )i' ht 1 ,'I asi1 tie l'h l r i elt l ie -
:II I- tm1,diat1,ly o ( In )sing the r'e;
.is i- : . l'; 1 t1 neIl ll "r this Sot ion, on All
nla; ue :l , 1,13, it shall be the d tly of
,rs. ., r, istration offid(-r or his depu
the ty :n th ' different Parishes through
of o0;' the State, to lliak ai Swolin state
the erinlt, in writing, of the numb er of
on- 1oters, both white and colored. with
197 the number of each, who have regis
of tered, and whose names appear on
cad said permanent register herein pro
vided for, and such sworn statement
• ho shall be published in the official jour
ny, nal or other newjspaper published in
ote 1 the Parish in the -next issue appear
of ing after said dato, the cost of the
,re- same to be paid by the Parish. Any
or ,registration offiecr violating the pro
e:s visions of this Section or failing to
lay comply with the provisions hereof, or
of ishall rnal a fal.eo or incorrect state
Zed ment of the numboer of voters regis
.OS, tred under this Section, shall be
tr den'ed guilty o a felony anld on
of ( conviction therea,, shall be sentenced
Tlnl to, imprisonment at hard labor for a
0lc tin'l (of nlt exc(eedinlg on11e yea.
TIhe inal 1ne 1r which the names"' of
I :)r . l lons IhSe lhn1110 appo-ir eol -I(
Ie , :istrat in list hall hereafter 'r ,is
I -I tr may it diff rent from that r( qair
1" :'I d iii p,'r ins ',r. lster d ' nder ot1ier0
HIti,: f tih:s Article, and tishall
r1)1 1, 0;. ', I or ii,,r,.aftr or-o
 hy ":1W: ahd the remtedy oat
' . ' di+ 1; ; , ih , subseo tIn't ly to
(':1 I, 1 " , aid8 ri's i strail t! . (ion .oi
o * ,,> ',t , " :t,  i s of anyv per
(1"' .t w hot, h: ve ohbtaitlel d redis
he lt;ion 1 un r thils So:ti n by false.
S-tutel nt of faft-' or (tiler f-rali
Ite ( .all bhe stricken i'otmt1 sa.id roll, shall
ob as now provide-d or bhereaft r pre
Sv lehd by law.
'of ,er ction .. 1 t fit rthe t reolv, id,
in' . ., that this ,roposed amendmhent
"- shall ,,e -ubmiittea to tIle qualified
- voters of this State for adoption or
ed rejection at the ('onlgressional elee
a- tion to be held in November, 1912.
SSection i. e it further resolve-d,
le etc., that on the official ballots to be
- used at said election there shall be d
- printed the words: "For the propos
ie ed amendment of Section 5 of Article
te 197 of the Constitution of the State v
in of Louisiana, relative to registration
to of voters" and the words: i
r- "Agairst the pIroposod amendment t
S to Section 5 of Article `7, of the ('on- I
stitution of the State o, Louisiana, t,
S- l)ative i, registration -of voters," t
a1 an1t (ach elector shall indicate, as t
Spr itvided by the general ec'tiotn laws
- of this Stay,', whether h 'o'tes forl
S ,t 2 ainst 1 :, I, l ostd mf "d ot1 u1 .
). E. "TOMA,,
- : : ,,.u tk,,r ci . :, Hl [ us.- o f -( r 'P .".n-i - :t
t 'I'Tlt)M1AS &. ItARtT,L
h\m 'oved': ,ltne ' 1th, I'.12.
( ivet'lor (f the Sate "f i -Lo .isir .
SA true (olily"
AIVIN F. llhIEI"RLT, 1 (o
Seretavnry oIf State. t
ACT NO. 132.
, n!ate Bill No. 17. 8 c.1- !r. ,.l l,. r
iro( posint all aumendhnent to Art:Io I t
1281) t Io eighty-one of Ihe (on- sh
Stitutiotn of the Stato of Loutisiana :i1
relative to the incurring of d, bt or
and issuillg bunds for work of a!
public improvement, anid to :he i
validation, and refunding of bhnds t.BI
issued for suti h impriovements, byj i'a
imulticipal corporation.s, parisLoS tol
and school, draillage, s,,wern-u s,!
and other districts ilthe City of tes
New Orleans excepted). and the hr
:tssossment of st)e(ial taxes and
orecit cnlltl'ibttiotns to Day "or an%
same. 1ee
'., ct:;n 1 Be it reso-lved lby t! dira
t; lt, r, Assembly of tlht State of
I a a. , t wo-tbirds (2-2t of all thei
S:, elected to each H{ouse, .,n-I
; I;',.. " a .\'tAiclt :w, ]to ulrndr I mId a a
h !h I 2S1) of tih ('015Ustit 'I '
S : T i( o LOt isitna. - (1 l.;.
ART'CI.E 281
ap- New Orleans excepted, hereinafter re
ti ferred to as subdivisions of the State,
lt when authorized by a vote of a ma
'13, jority, in number and amount of the
to property taxpayers, qualified to vote
u11lder the Constitution and laws of
isi- ts State, who voto at an election
:-n --.Ahld for that purpose, after due eo
red tice of said election has been pub
1 d llished for thirty days in the official
ald journal of the municipal corporation
• - or parish or where there is no offi
0:- (ial journal, in a noti"spal er publish
A\u- ed therein, may, through their respec:
of tive governing authorities incur debt
tpu- and issue negotiable bonds therefor,
gli- and each year while any bonds thus
Ite- issued are outstanding, the governing
of authorities of such subdivisions shall
ith impose and collect annually, in ex
;is- cess of all other taxes, a tax suffi
on clent to pay the interest, annually or
Iro- semi-annually, and the principal fall
Ont ing due each year, or such amount
ur- as may be required for any sinking
in fund necessary to retire said bonds a
ar- maturity; provided that such special
the taxes, for all purposes as above set
ny forth shall not in any year exceed
ro' ten mills on the dollar of assessed
to I valuation of the property in such
or subdivisions.
lte No bonds shall be issued for any
is- other purpose than that stated in the
he submission of the proposition to the
en taxpayer, iandl published for thirty
e (20) days as aforesaid, or for a great
Soer amount than therein mentioned;
nor shall such bonds be issued for
of any other purposes than the construct
ii i:.g, iimproving and maintaniing pub
is-,l roads anld hiiihways, paving and I
;ir- improving streets, roads and alleys,
icr ,purchasing and consiructing svystems
ill of waterworkls, sewerag, draiange,
o,- in .vigation, iights, public parks and
!1 build gs, togetlher with all neoe'sa-i
tO L- equipanet ls and f.urnishina, bridges I
oI lui ,Ld thier w'orks of publice iimprove
I0 :.:ent, the title o which shall rest in
i- the sLtbdivision cretating the debt. as
sc the case may be; nor shall .. ucl h
r beInds runl for a lonl'ger period than
11 forty t 10 years froml their date or '
'e bear a greater rate of interest than t
five pe: centumn () per annunt, or I
'l, i sold for less than par. The total
SI a:sue of bonds by any subdivision for n
?( -I purl')5ses shall never exceed ten
ol per c(entuml (10) of the assessed val-l
- nation of the property in such subdi
visions. Municipal councils are grant
ded the authority to create within
e their limit-; one or more sewerage
( districts.
Paragraph 2. Police juries in any it
It parish or parishes may in accordance i
w:th law create drainage districts, a
'n which, in addition to the powers
ilereinabove granted, shall have fur-,
tther power and authority to provide, a
t and maintain drainage systems and fi
the governing authorities of such dis ti
ti-,'ts, when amuthorized by a majori- l
ty in numtber anld amount of tile ,rop- foP
Qrty l taxpayers of said dlistrict quali- sh
' I!,( to voth, under tile ('otistitutio: th
-niel i\ws, \viiho vote at ai election Il
, , for0 that )ritt PIse, altax- illlos' st
:tli! "O lot If " Lt lplUiod nOt eXc( d
in .1' ; eatl-S forcl-d contributio .
(Ir r.o, LLe: taxes Fot ex(eCeding fif-i
t\ ('c!.L- p 0t 0I10re per Yu'er on tev'y ey:
:L i- ( !land inl tlhe subdhivision whlire
-iuch an election is held. Thle go,-s
,Irnin- auLthority of such subdivisioilAr
uh lwi authorizedtl as set forth, imay. in
-ur dcebt andt issue negotiable bo!lids cl
(to rel!present same, secured 1)y th:an
tnes abCove dtescribed lIrovided that p
:h* totail amount of debts thus incur- le
red or bonds i-sued, shall never ex
ce(d in princiipal and interest the ig-rt
gre:ate amlount to be raised by soaid d:r
annfual contributions or' acreage taxesSta
duiring the period for which the same
are imlposed and that no such b1on1 s ter
Sshall be issued for any other pIurpo.;e be
:il;an that for which said ,ont"ibutions of
or' acrease taxes were, voted. run for is
a longer perioed than forty years, bear leeo
-a -reater rate of interest than fiveI
I cial
P :cr cn tum per annum or be sold for lis
Iss that par. All bond issues her-- o
tofore authorized by taxpayers in any ing
subdivision at any election not a.on- .
tested on any ground of fraud, are
hcieby recognized and validated.
Paragraph 2. When tile character o: dr
any- land is such that it imust be le
recd andl puniped ii orider to lehav
drained antd recIaim;d, the Board of of
Drainate Commissioners of the Dis
-eict in which the land it situated, ton
.ll, u 11)on1 the petition of not lcs
:r -n nm aj o i-it y in 001 '12a e ,,t" rh (,
: i,,prty taxpayecs, resident and non- i.
: -hi,,nt, in the arfef. to b," ; 'ff'(tc ?t!', fun1d_
S. l ai It 1,1 cist o(f d raitiagz ,, and hal
ii"'.:n, s id la n di a nti inm i :,r d e b t . J(
S!u -L. t d • I oilt ni .gi (ti'tbl e bonds law s
' Ln, n11ot hltger than forty (4 ) tote
i,/'l: 'rotall Ihei ', d it L atind 11 bat-it' leld
re- interest at a rate not exceeding five
ate, per centum per annum payable an
ma nually or semi-annually, which bonds
the shall not be sold for less than par;
Ot` and said Board of Drainage Commis
of sioners shall levy annually upon said
:i)n1 land forced contributions or acreage
0`0 taxes in an amount sufficient to
b ,aintain the drainage of said land,
ial to pay the interest, annually or
0on  mi-annually, and the principal fall
ffi- ing due each year, or such amount
is;l «: may be required for any sinking
pe- fund provided for payment of said
eIt bends at maturity, provided, that such
for, forced contributions or acreage taxes,
us for all purposes shall never exceed
ing Three Dollars and Fifty Cents ($3.50)
all per acre per annum.
Cx- Paragraph 4. The police juries of
the various parishes throughout the
or State, for the purpose of construct
all- ing highways and public buildings for
unt the parish, and the governing au
ing thorities of municipal corporations,
a for the purpose of paving or improv
ial ing streets or alleys, and for all mu
set nicipal improvements, after making
ed provision for the payment of all stat
utory and ordinary charges, may fund
ich into bonds running for a period not
exceeding ten (10) years, and bear
yhe ing interest at a rate not exceeding
the five (5) per centum per annum,
he which bonds shall not be sold for less
rty thlan par, the avails of the residue
'"t-  the ten (10) mill tax authorized
_A; by Article 232 of the Constitution of
for Louisiana.
ict- Paragraph 5. Should any of the
ub- subdivisions of ,he State neglect or
Ind fail for any) reason to impose or cal
s, lect the taxes provided for in tile
ms f,regoing sections, any person in in
' terest nma by by summary roceedings
nd iin the distrit court having jurisdic
tion, enforce tile inmposition oi col
les lection of such taxes. or both, and
Such proccedings shall be filed and
triable free to any cost to the litigant.
as Paragraph 6 _ Municipal corpora
tions, parishes and school, drainage,
an subd-ainage, road, subroad, naviga
or tion and sewerage districts (the City
Sof Kew Orleans excepted,) herein
0r after referred to as subdivisions,
al when authorized to do so in the man
01 nor Lerein provided, may, for the
t'l purpose of readjusting, refunding. ex
tending or unifying their bonded in
it- debtedness, issue new bonds, cover
ing any particular issue or issues of
bonds or the whole outstanding bond
ing indebtedness incurred by such
subdivision for the purposes specified
ini Paragraph I of this article or any
Sissue of refund issue bonds or renew
Sal or refunding bonds issued by such
rs subdivision in novation or renewal
r- and any bonds, heretofore or here
e after issued for the purposes speci
fied in said Paragraph 1 of this Ar
s ticle. No bonds issued under this
paragraph shall run for more than
1- forty (40) years from their (late, nor
shall bear a greater rate of interest,
1 than five per centum per atniinum,
Ipayable :;ci-anulall or annually And r
Sshall not Ie sold by such subdivision i
islsuing tIe, samen fori' less than par.
Any. bonds issued under this Article,
imay be, either in whole or in part,
exchanged value for value for bonds)
issued, under Article 281, or to be is
sued under said Paragraph 1 of this
A'rticle, or sold and the proceeds a
thereof used for the purpose of pur
chasing outstanding bonds. Before th
jany bonds shall be issued under this t
paragraph the issuance thereof shall
be authorized by a Vote of a majori
ty in number and amount of the prop
erty taxpayers (qualified to vote un-'
drci the Constitution and laws of thlis
State who vote on the proposition at
an election held for that purpose, af
tcir due notice of said election hasS
been published, for thirty days in the
official journal of the parish or par
ishes in which said subdivisions arei
located, or wllhere there is no offi-t\
cial journal, in any newspaper Ipub-I
liished in such parish or parishes, Go
pDrovided, hIowever, that the govern-A
ing bod' of any such subdivision mayi
in their discretion and without a
vote of the property taxpayers, is
sue refunding or renewal bonds un
der this paragraph, if the bonds to
be refundled or renewed thereby
have been or shall be issued for any St
of the purposes specified in said Par
agraph I of this Article, or in nova
t!on or renewal (If any bonds issued
ir to be issued for the said purposes Prc
-p-cified in Paragraph 1 of this Ar
'i4!c, and such issue or isslics so rie
funded or renewed have been or S
,aitl be :authorized by a vote of a (;en
:.:jority I1 nanumber and a1mounit tof Len
laws of thiis State who vit, or 1 01' sltion
tote on the protpoition at an e!(ctioii sub:
,eld fr ti'h:it 1n:'Dr(Jose. \\'hen time l.,
five bonds of any outstanding issue shall
an- have been obtained either by pur
inds chase or exchange, the tax levy to
iar; pay for such bonds shall at once
nis- cease and such bonds be canceled.
paid Each year while any refunding bonds
age issued under this paragraph are out
to standing, the governing authorities of
nd, such subdivision shall levy and col
o. ledt annually, in excess of all other
,all- taxes, a tax sufficient to pay the in
uint terest, annually or semi-annually, and
:ing the principal fallinr due or such
;aid amount as may be required for a
uch sinking fund for the payment of s.:d
Kes, bonds at maturity, provided that such
eed special ad valorem t: x for all pur
,0) poses shall not in any year exceed'
ten mills on the dollar of the assess
of ed valuation of the property in such
the subdivision.
cet- The governing body of any such
for subdivision shall have full power to
a.u adopt and pass all ordinances and
mns resolutions necessary to carry the pro
.ov, visions of this paragraph into effect.
nu- An election may be held under the
ing provisions of this paragraph at the
tat- same times and places and by the
ind same election officers as an election
not on the question of incurring debt
gar- and issuing bonds under the provis
ing ions of said Paragraph 1 of this Ar
m, tide.
ess Where bonds of any subdivision
lue have been heretofore issued for any,
zed of the purposes specified in Para
of graph 1 of this Article, and such is
sue has been authorized by the vote.
the of a majority in number and amount
or of the property taxpayers qua(lified,
al- to vote under the Constitution and
the laws of thi~s State who voted upon
in- the proposition to issue such bonds
,gs at an election held for that purpose
lic- and where such bonds have been is
ol- s:ued and sold by such subdivision for
dnot lss than par value thereof, fr
.nd said bonds or any refund issue bonds
nt. or renewal or refunding bonds is
ra, sued in novation or renewal of bonds
g,, issued for said purposes specified ;n
ga- Paragraph 1 of Article two hundred
ity and eighty-one (281) are hereby vali
in- dated, ratified and confirmed; provid
ns ed that such bonds did not at the
In time of their issue exceed ten per
he 'natum of the assessed valuation of
the property in such subdivision, and
in- such bonds hereby ratified, approved
er- and confirmed shall be deemed to be
of the valid and incontestible obligations t
id- of such subdivision and a tax for the
cl payment of the principal and inter- t
ed est thereof and to create a sinking i
by fund for the redemption shall be le- a
vied and collected in the manner ii
Al and within the limits prescribed by t
al said Paragraph 1 of this Article. This b
entire Article is to be considered a ti
full grant of power to the subdivis- g
- ions of the State, as set forth there- a
is . t
n Section 2. BIe it further resolved, p;
I etc., That this proposed anmendiment b
t shall be submitted to the qualified b(
voters of this State for adoption o;r t
drejection at the Co:ngressional elec- "
: on to be heil in Novemibe, 11:2, N,
and, if adopted, the 5s:Te sha'] talke ui
effect imm' diately thlereafter. yc
, ection ". [e it further resolved, ie
s e:c.. Tihat on the official ballot.s to be ag
issued at said election thicre shall be su
splaced the words "'-'or Ithle proposed in(
amend'ment to Article Two Hiundred tm
and Eighty-one of the Constitution of tht
Louisiana," and the words "Against tio
the proposed amendment to Article tio
Two Hundred and Eighty-one of the si
Constitution of ILouisiana," and ceach ter
elector shall indicate, as provided in cal
the general election laws of the tir
State, which of the propositions, shc
'"For" or "Against," he votes.
L. E. THOMAS, fa,
Speaker of the House of Represen- lthe
Lieutenant Governor and President fy
of the Senate.
Approved July 9th, 1912.
L. E. HALL, 'edC
Goverinor of the State of Louisiana. the
A true copy: 'jud
Secretary of State.
ACT NO. 133. not
Senate Bill No. 1. qua
By Mr. Gee. \Wesley Smith. ig
Proposiner an amendment to Artile a fi
223 of the Constitution cf the and
State of L.ouisiana, c(oi
Section 1. Be it resolved !,- the vote
(;General Assembly of t!e, Sfate of ed,
Leisiana, two-thirds of all i..elmb~Ts the
c''-r- te each i Hou:,- (";:a urrn- , rcra
tion of the State of L.<r!s-ina L','
submitted to the qualified 'l" ..fors of etc.,
tl.e State fir tiieir aprn-oval r "ejc- used
:all tion, as required by Article 321 of the
)ur- Constitution, at the Congressional
to. election to be held on the first Tues
nce day next following the first Monday
led. in November, 1912, amending and re
nds, enacting Article 223 of the Constitu
iut- tion of the State of Louisiana so as
of to read as follows:
col- ARTICLE 22..
ier Section 1. Upon the recolonjenda.
in- tion of the Auditor of the Pollco Ju
:nd ry of any parish, the Governor may
ich suspend any officer charged with
a the collection or custody of public
i'd funds when in arrears.
:ch Section 2. Any officer of this State,
ur- oL of any district, judicial or other
,ed wise, and any officer of any parish
ss- or ward thereof, and any officer of
Ich any municipality or ward thereof (ex
cept the judges of all of the courts
ich of record of this State, the judges
to of the various city courts throughout
,nd the State, and the justices of the
ro- peace) holding office by virtue of
:t. having been elected thereto by the
,he legally qualified voters of this State,
.he or of any district, judicial or other
he wise, or of any parish or ward there
on of, or of any municipality or ward
?bt thereof, shall be subject to recall
is- from such office by the qualified vot
.r- ers of this State, or of any district,
judicial or otherwise, or of any par
on ish or ward thereof, or of any mu
3ny nicipality or ward thereof, at any
ra- election throughout the State, dis
is- trict, judicial or otherwise, o" of any
3te parish or ward thereof, or of any
int municipality or ward thereof, by a
led majority of the legally qualified vot
,nd ers participating in such election.
,On Such recall election shall be held
ids when petitioned for by- such a num
)se her of the legally qualified voters
is- of the State, district, judicial or oth.
Lor erwice, or of any )arish or Ward
fr thereof, or of any municipality or
ids ward thereof, as will equal thirty per'
's- cent of the total number of register
ids ed voters qualified to vote at the last
in preceding general election for the of
'ed fiee the incumbent of which is sought
li- to be recalled. Notice of intention
id- to circulate such petition together
le with a statement of the reasons why
er the recall of such officers is sought
of shall be given to such officers in
ad such maa-er as may be provided by
ed ! law. The General Assembly shall
be 1- appropriate legislation, prescribe
ns the form of petition, the manner of
1e verification and ascertainment that
rthe requisite number of legally qual
ig ified voters has signed same, and
e- also the manner and method of call
er ing such election and the promulga.
Y tions of the returns thereof. Such
is ballot shall contain the Specific ques
a tion, "Shall (naming the officer and
5- giving his official title) be recalled,"
and opposite the question shall be
two squares, in one of which shall be
, printed "Yes" and in the other shall
t be printed "No," and no ballot shall
b he considered at such election unless
'the voter shall have voted either
"Yes" or "no" upon such qllestiolu.
No officer shall be subj(tct to recall
until after he has ben in office one
year, and should his recall he dlefeat
ed by the electors, then lihe shall not
again, durin& that term of office, be
subject to recall. At least three
months, but not mior, than five
months, shall elapse fromn the time
that the necessary number of peti
Stionors has asked for the recall elec
tion before same shall be held. A
successor, for the remainder of the
termn, to the officer sought to be re
called shall be elected at the same
Stime the recall election is held, and
should the majority of the voters
participating in such election he in
favor of the recall of such officer,
Sthen immediately after the promulga
tion of the returns of such election,
the successor so elected shall quali
fy. The General Assembly shallpro
vide by law how candidates to suc
ceed tihe officer sought to be recall
e(d may have their names placed on
the recall ballot of the State, district
judicial or otherwise, paris! or ward
thereof, or of any municipality, or
ward thereof, by petition signed by
qualified voters to the number of
not less than thirty Per cent of the
total number of registeredl voters
qualified to vote at the last preced
ing general election for the office
the incumbent of which is sought to
te recalled. All voters may express
a first choice and a second choice,
and the candidate who is the first
choice of the greatest number of
voters shall be declar(d to be elect
ed, if the election has resulted ill
the recall of the offic, r .soughlt to be
rccanlled. 'hi offic, r ':,u'ht to ;a
Section 3. le it fuir'thr.r r"s',j',d
etc., That the official ballot to be
used at said eection shall havw pria:t'

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