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C. H. Argue was in town Saturday.
Miss Eva Haile is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. W. C. Howell.
G. M. Lester is making a trip to
Natchez this week.
.. P. Newshain went to Baton
Rouge Thursday afternoon.
Miss Alice Riggs is expected to
spend a while with Mrs. Riggs.
Miss Margie Hill is the guest of
her cousin, Mrs. Willis Daniel.
Miss Irene Wadsworth was absent
ftom school Tuesday, being ill.
W. P. Craddock was a week-end
visitor here.
R. M. Leake and .Elrie Robinson
were Monday visitors to New Or
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Strn
have beeh in New Orleans all the
F. S. Percy went to New Orleans,
Monday, returning as far as Slaugh
ter, that night.
Dr. and Mrs. E. MI. Levert think
of taking the "Dreyfus house" and
going to housekeeping soon.
Mrs. R. C. Wickliffe spent one day
last week in Baton Rouge on busi
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bob Daniel return
ed home Friday evening. Harry
Daniel went with them.
Miss Leonora Mahoney has been at
Forest most of the week deta;ned
from school by illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Daniel and
little Louise returned from the city
Tuesday night.
Dr. Dearborn made a trip to Plet
tenberg accompanying some railway
B. I. Barrow was called to New
Orleans, Wednesday, as ('apt. Lane
Brandon is very ill again.
Mrs. S. K. Davis, of Bat-)n Rouge,
and her two children are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Muse.
Mr. McGrath, of New Orleans, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs'. E. G. West
morland, at the week-end, and for
the entertainment.
Mrs. S. T. Allain was in town,
Tuesday. She and Miss Helene leave
Wakefield next week to spend the #4
winter in: New Orleans.
Dr. John P. Leake, of New Or- *
leans, and his littlV daughter, Amelia, "4
were week-end guests of his sister,
Mrs. A. F. Barrow.
Mrs. S. McC. Lawrason and Mrs. .1.
A. Ventress have left for a fortnight's H(
stay In New Orleans and at Mathews, Sc
La. an
Messrs. .Adams and Donahue and Pr
the Misses Day of Baton Rouge were
Sunday guests of Miss Irene Dillon, ly
leaving Monday morning.
Miss Lotta Ventress was the guest
of the Misses Lawrason for the C
Country Fair, returning home Satur
day afternoon. T
Hen. Cheston Folkes brought his
son, Cheston, home from L. S. U., as
he was ill. Miss Mary Folkes has
been ill at Pecan Grove, Mrs. Folkes
being with her a part of the time.
We infer from a private letter that
Mrs. H. W. Jones and her lovely
daughters have moved to New Or
leans. Their departure is a great
loss to the Wilhelm neighborhood.
Charles Quinn is in Arkansas fill- 251
ing a position on the Iron Mountain in
railroad. Ruple Quinn is in Florida, i
where he is grading lumber for a
large mill.
Miss Annie Kilbourne has been at
home this week, detained from her in
school duties by personal illness. pu
Miss Margaret Stirling took her p!ar e fer
in the Wakefield school. mc
Mrs. J. Q. Tempel and daughter, bet
Miss Belle, went to Baton Rouge Sat- sex
urday to meet Mrs. J. R. Itvidson thu
returning from a visit of some for
length in West Baton Rouge. to
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith, of Soli. th
tude, have moved into the second le
story of the postoffice building, as fo
it is convenient to have a house in
town for the school children in the ha
family. ac
Mr. Henry Town, of Washington, w
D. C., is the guest of his aunts, the
Misses Town, this week, and inciden- po
tally meeting those old friends with
whom he can talk over the events ft
of seventeen years agone.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Mlontfort ar- ta
rived Sunday night from their bridal
trip to Baton Rouge and New Or
leans. They are cosily Icc'ated with gla
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Bluquoi, taking ish
their meals with Mrs. Powell. A warm of
welcome is extended to Dr. Mont- bri
fort's bride, as she is already known
and liked, as well as admired for wh
piquant beauty and pleasant manners. or
Mrs. Wm. Kahn left Sunday af- tir
t"rnoon for Mobile, Ala., as her sis- r
ter, Mrs. Dave Michel, is ill. The ing
latter's condition is not dangerous, no<
but some one from home was need- org
e-d as Miss Bessle Schlesinger, who
resides with her, has business duties
that keep her from the patient's bed- is
side during the day. Mr. Kahn went olu
as far as New Orleans with Mrs. By
Kahn. rig
Feltus Ard shipped a quantity of rov
sweet potatoes to New Orleans, this era
week. rel
Style "The Store of Certain Satisfaction." Quality
Main & St. Anthony. BATON ROUGE.
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Rev. Alvin W. Skarden, Recter.
Sunday next before Advent
Holy Communion, 7:30 a. m.; Sunday
School, 9:30 a. m.; Morning Prayer
and Sermon, 11 o'clock; Evening
Prayer, 7:30 o'clock.
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day-Ho
ly Communion, 10 a. m.
Friday-Litany, 9 a. m.
Saturday, St. Andrew's Day-Holy
Communion, 9 a. m.
The offering at Grach Church on
Thanksgiving Day will be given to
the Children's Home, in New Or
St. John's, Laurel Hill, Sunday
Service at 4 p. m.
Rev. S. L. Riggs, Paster.
Preaching at New Hope next Sun
day at 11 a. m.; at Ninth Ward 2:30
p. m., and in town 7:15 p. m.
Quarterly Conference Monday, Nov.
25th. 2 p. m.; preaching 7:15 p. m.,
in St. Francisville church, Rev. C. C.
Miller presiding.
Next Thursday, being Thanksgiv
ing Day, it is timely to remind the
public that the custom of making of
ferings in kind at Grace Church
morning service on that day, for the
benefit of the orphans, will be ob
served as usual. The Rector feels
that the recent generour donations
for the entertainment closes his lips
to appeal for any other cause, but
the orphans' needs cannot be neg
lected, nor would our people consent
for them to be.
Tithe offerings of the fruits of the
harvest is a gracious and beautiful
act, and the Lord of the harvest
would wish no better disposal of
them than upon His little ones.Sweet
potatoes have been an unusually
bountiful crop, and no food Is better
for c1iildren than these toothsome
tubers. Would it not be fitting to
make a large offering of these to
take the place of the bale of cotton,
formerly sent, when cotton was as
plentiful as blackberries in the spring
glades? The good people of this par
ish will recognize the appropriateness
of this, and if every potato grower
bring a peck of either sort of po
tato, the two Homes in NewOrleans
which care for our West Feliciana
orphans would be supplied for the en
tire season. Cannot this be done?
The cake sale by the Church Sew
ing Society next Wednesday after
noon is also for the benefit of the
News of Capt, Brandon's condition
is awaited anxiously, as no man in the
parish is justly more popular than he.
3y birth a gentleman, culture and
right living have but accentuated his
native instincts. Mrs. Bennett I Ear
row has been at his bedside for sev.
eral weeks past, together with other
Messrs. R. S. Connell, Wiley Con
nell and James Norsworthy were in
this ward on Wednesday, looking af
ter their cattle.
Mr. Hugh Connell is visiting his
family at Cottonport.
Russell Daniel, son of Mr. and
Mrs Bob Daniel, has been very sick
this week at Elm Park.
Mr. F. S Carney and Mr. Wiley
Carney spent a day in Jackson this
w cek.
The oranges at Beech Ridge pre
sent a beautiful picture and are en
joyed and admired by many persons.
5 or 6 doses 666 will break any case
of Chills & Fever; and if taken then
as a tonic the Fever will not return.
Price 25c.
t +
(Will not our readers help us to
make the "Absent Friends" para
graphs more complete? We are al
ways glad to report news of people,
well-known here and former resi
dents, but who are living elsewhere.
Phone us, or write us a postal card.
This is one of the most popular sub
divisions of the paper, and with news
of a larger circle, would become not
only more interesting but positively
helpful in keeping up with those "ab
sent but not forgotten.")
Mrs. Jesse Carney, of Wilson, has
been quite sick.
Rub-My-Tisin will cure you.
Through the courtesy of Mr. John
F. Irvine, The True Democrat will
next week contain an article on
"The Meridian College Process of
Kiln Drying Sweet Potatoes," by Dr.
M. A. Beeson, president of the Me
ridian Male College.
President Taft replied very fitly to
that faction of the Daughterq of the
American Revolution, who objected to
a Confederate flag's being used in
the decoration of their hall for the
sessions of the United Daughters of
the Confederacy. Mr. Taft said that
it was about time to quit displaying
sectional feelings of that kind; that
the use of the Stars and Stripes and
the Stars and Bars would certainly be
indicative of a united country. He
went even further. He gave permis
sion to have the flag of the President
used in the decorations, and while he
sat on the stage the folds of an im
mnese Confederate flag fell all around
him. He regards it as an emblem of
the sincerity and devotion of the
Southern people to what they believ
ed to be right and a sign of the
bravery of the men who fought under
it and not the flag of a force hostile
to the United States.
Up to Thursday, nothing had beenl
received at this office for the veter
ans' Christmas box except a lot of
linen collars from M. & E. Wolf.
But the ball has been started to roil
ing by donations as follows:
Mrs. O. M. Daniel, 1 pt of pre
serves; Miss Lois Simmons, 1 qt of
As soon as Thanksgiving is over,
p~ease send in your contributions at
once, as it is desired to have this
box a record-maker in the way of
early shipment. Anything in the
shape of non-perishable edibles, to
bacco, pipes, money, warm clothing
will be acceptable.
Dr. Lea, of Jackson, was over Mon
day in consultation with Dr. Barrow.
Mr. Louis West's four children have
been ill some time with fever.
There is a perfect epidemic of
colds with fever. The attendance
ýt school is largely affected as many
children are sick. The great preva
lence of colds is generally attributed
to that universal scapegoat, the
changeable weather. Others com
plain that the dust at the hall dur
ing the dancing at the entertain
ment is the cause of the colds and
throat troubles that have appeared
since. The charge is made that the
floor is not scrubbed to get rid of as
much dust as possible before a large
gathering, hence the discomfort gen
erally complained of last Friday
A gentleman, who is a close observ
er, remarked to us that he attributes
the sickness among the school chil
dren to the fact that during some of
the early cold days there was no fire
at all at the high school. On mild
mornings frequently no fire is start
ed, although the natural chill of a
large brick building is perceptible to
the -children, coming as they do,
from homes well-warmed and aired.
We know that this was frequently
the case, last session, but it is an
error that should not be repeated
this year. No ideas of economy
should prevent the building from be
ing heated regularly and systemati
Miss Isa White has been very ill
but is now getting well.
Mrs. Emma Smith spent Tuesday
afternoon at Mr. R. J. Thom's.
Rev. S. L. Riggs will preach hi.
last sermon for this year at New
Hope church next Sunday. We hope
to have him back next year, or one
other as nice as he.
John Henry Spillman is having
chills and fevers.
Ed Paine and William Griffin made
a visit to East Baton Rouge parish
last week.
We have frosts every morning.
Rub-My-Tiam will cure you.
In the Market Again
We will,' beginning Monday,
Sept. 30, buy corn and other
produce at best market prices.
Richardson & Percy,
Bank of West Feliciana
CAPITAL *50,000 SURPLUS $18,000
8. McC. LAWRASON. President. W. H. BUQUOI, Assibtant Cashier. ±
J. R. MATTHEWS. Cashier.
DIRECTORS-Checton Folkes Vincent M. Jackson, John F. Ir
vine, Thomas W. Butler, O.D.Brooks, Joseph Stern, Joseph L.
Golsan, S.McC.Lawrason, J. R. Matthews.
This Strong, Conservative and always Progressive Bank offera
its services to you for your Checkicg Account, your Savings Ac
count or your funds to be placed on Certificates of Deposit. We
pay 4 per cent interest on all kinds of Savings Accounts, and
4 compound interest semi-annually. You will have safety for your +
money and convenience for your business transactions if you do
business with this good bank. 4
4.imanu l ie un liana inn m u m in
Just Received
Limburger Cheese.
Swiss Cheese.
Dill Pickles.
Fancy Groceries.
Obelisk Flour--Prize Ticket in
Every Barrel.
George Stern.

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