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Uml The True Democrat U
The Bank of Commerce
Solicits Your Business
- ----- - -- -----
Barrow's Drug Store
Solicits your Business
(with apologies to the Bank of Commerce)
Stone's celebrated cakes---Golden
Sunbeam, Silver Slice and Spice
.-Fresh every Friday and Saturday
Order early, before they are all gone.
Phone 77-J CEO. RETTIG
.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , . . .... . . . . . --
(J 8 McGEMtE 1836.1913)
Success Lies In Mutual Service. *
The eatire civilized world seems In one of those periods of un
certainty that usually portend a change for the better. It Is time for
every man to roemwber that Ood is still overhead and our brother
man beside us.
Buch times as theo are necessary to test our falth and courage.
In the meantime we should grow every pound of food we can.
Theor is no work Ilke Team-Work.
J. S. Moaehee, L urel Hill, La.
Seed Oats; iaspede Seed; Fine Red Polled Grade Catnle
(j--_ -- - .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. L:-~- _-_-_- _- _- : _- -::---~-~
- I l- II I -- p I
If it's Hardware,
I have it or I can get it
for you on short notice
Chas. Weydert
St. Francisville, La.
A. L James owDNTtr
PAINTER, PAPER HANGEr Itas returned and will resume
- his practicee here.
Let me U wth you wt hen in _---__
m0od of lnything f my lOm. OFFICE HOURS
--- 9 A. K. to 4:30 r. .
Calle let at Ikrrow*s Drog ePhoe
On bins, p0eh tte pt powt ln. Phon 7
noear the bok.
will IVO ppOfot ma n.P tt A separate ofae for colored
• .. . - . . .
Am.trica headj. tlhe arld in aerial
Iav igutolt .
The fairy tale' hlas c(ome true Men
can fly across the waters more swift
ly than sea Rolls.
Itlazing the way of the first air trail
from the aestern to the pastern hernia
phere, the U'nited States navy sea
planie N('4. under Lieutenant ('om
mander Albert ('Cshing Read, flew in
to the harbor at lislln. Portugal. Tues
da). May :7, the first airship of any
kind to have crossed the Atlantic
ocean under its o.wn power and through
its natural el.ements
Taking thle air at P'.nta I)tlada.
Az.ore. at 6 18 a m Washington time.
on t,,'· I.-t leg of the transoceanic
portioit. Ot Il, rvagKe from R'ckMaway
lit.ah. Lon I land. to Plymouth. Ensg
land. the N(' I covered the 80t mfiles
in 9 hours and 4: minutes,. maintain
int an erasge r-peed of hbtter than
Sio knot. an hour The total elapsed
flyint time fronm Ions Islatind to Il.i
lbttl was 26 hours and 41 minultes
It I requested by the Sctretary o:
the 1919 Fair that Interested people
sav.e- -arnples  oats. barley. rye,. qnd
Shbeat (tNOW for the Fair. If you . ill
pichk out thr.. laIundles of either crop
a;tlt good long straw and hea y .well
filled heads and eithler give themn to)
the Secretary or notify him that youi
haa.' them.n, he n ill stop and pick thIem
up whent he fusses. and bring theims
to his office and prepare them for ex
hibition and keep then, In good con
ditoion until Fair time.
Premiums are offered for exhibits
of this nature at the local Fair, and all
exhibits obtaihnable in this nature at
the local fair. and all exhibits obtain
able in this clas.s are needed for ex
hibition at the State Fair at Shreice
port Space' in the agricultural build
ing has ber allotted to West I'eliciana
with plenty of room and wall back
ground. and now the people are re
quested to cme forward and help make
our exhibi at t hreveport a big suc
'ess The West iFeliciana Parish Free
Fair is YOUR F'air, so help the Secre
tary to make a success of it.
It is requested that several samples
of spring potatoes be turned over to
hint for exhibition purposes. and these
will be placed ill cold storage until
Fair time and kept in proper shape.
One peck is the quantity required for
an exhibit .f Irish potatoest. anad we
hope to have several exhibits in this
Quite the worst storm experlenced
In West Peliciana for some years was
that of Saturday afternoon, the rain
accompanied byhv stlrong wind. The low
er part of the parish and the town
aeemed not to catch the full force of
the wind. but from W. . Ri.chardson's
on up. the wind did much damage.
and particularly aloLng the L R. & N.
On the Schlesinerr tract and land
adjolning t Ist estimated that over
500 trees were blown down. The scene
presented ia like that of a syltematic
clearing The warehouse at W. H.
Richardson's was blown off its sup
ports. and his tall siallo blown dowa.
The barn at R. i Stlrling'a was tom
pletely destroyed. Mr. J. M Barrow's
barn was also blowt down Hete and
there cablns were blown down. For
tcnately no one was Inhered.
. II. Stilrllng relates thbat three
safes on his back igaller)y, filled with
preserves in jars, were blown Intu the
* yard and only one smaaall glass broken.
There is an amusing example of the
ambIguitles that lie hidden In our
Rngllish tongue In the following story
that we found In a recent newspaper.
A lady, according to the narrator, wrote
to an army offictrr at Fort Sam Houston
as follows: "Mrs. Smythe requests the
pl-asure' of ('apt. Hunker's comlpay at
a dinner onl July 17, at seven o'clock "
The ne.t day she received this note:
"Wi(h the exceptlon of three men
who have the mearles and one who is
! in the guardhouse. C('apt. Bunkter's coa
pany accepts iMrs. Smythe's kind Iarv
I, tatios with pseure.'"
Whatever in the. formn of e'ntertain'
miteit .may or may not fail to attract
an audience to the local theater hall I
rertalin it In that the Clcaloing xcret.lIscs
of school never faill to dram a large'
crowd Such was the c(ase.. last Thurs'
day evening fVond parents and inter
rated friends %were there in numberr
The stage was tastefully decorated
aid the followitig program carried out
I Opening ('horus Carry Me Back
to Old Virginia Mr.. (. T Harrow.,
Mrs. J 1. Uolsan. Misses 1eila and I
Mamle Golsan
2 Salutatory . ....lvin Blckhanm
3. History . Frances Stephens
4 Music ........ ...eorgie Rtlig
r.5 Prophecy.. rance, i u laer and
Mary lladden
A. Will. ........ Margaret Barrow
7 Valedictory ...... Georgiie Rettlg
., ('lass Song ........., ... (lass
9 Address to Graduates ....upt
T. I. Harris
1t0. Music Song of the Harp.-Mrs
S E. Maguire. Mrs (. leonard
11 Presentation of Diplomas Supt
I t; I.unsford
12 4 aarding of Scholarships . .)r
A FI Harrow
'rhe. short but excelle'nt sNalttateri
asIs by ElRn til khamt,
The class historl was partic-ularly ,
cI'v.er anird will i-' c'rejl)yed by a vwider !
rangeP of persons than those who heard
it at pleasingly presented ioy Miss
Stephens It reads
I'lI tf-ell i now of the' I iss ten' :te e
TIhr) rtWee ris c'hls that ever hat ,ec'i
in our F'r'shllmani vear Ua a er, 16
lIit to tell of each aould take toos long
I'll tell of the eight who fought It ot 1
That they area the best ones no dne
aouid doubt
Ueratle tettig, the star of our clalh.
intelred this school as a wPPe little
hi ,I
She has stud(led hard arid won rencainl
She is one of tinh s' wa horl n ·o I cal't i'
keep rdo ii
As ;t In thican  you'i an she' is c.lear
ccit of reach.
If slon ask miy opit)i'on,. I'll y twhoi'" a
ir in ic'kharn conmes from Star Ihill
l)o sou think hell ge't thcere' We,'ro
sure he will
I e is timiid and sh). and all of that
But when it eomner to LatiIn liW has
it pat.
If' conies through the rain and he's
learned a lot.
And to all his (class mates' he's knocwni
as Tot
Mrargaret Harro (our (curlr) haired
Is about the bilgget duck in the pond
She giggles. and laughs and loses her
And the new words she coins she givesa
off in reels.
She's been with the class from the very
first grade
Iut I wont a. mtIch I of cthe rc.ord
she's made
Another rone who startled early
Has eyes of broan and hair as curly
Out from Iayou Rara she sade. when
it rains
Acnd oh! how she alahes for sero
I could ainl her praises until all wonld
But I'll only add thi., She'. Prancea
The one who .njoys ehool nmost of all
I i afayette Matthew. so strong and
tie ha been comlnl here for many a
And always he rocks the ione who It
his Wh'a or his lIuh'h in heard all
dlay long
And evenl morer' ofltell when sonethlchng
goes rOlng
tHotik! honk! )you hear the horn of a
And in rushes a sFcilor all in a quiver
She comIes every da) the creek will let
And she studles hard Now whi could
do better?
She's Scotch !r.n kno and a little
Hlt a bit of all rIght is entr illghlilln
You a Ill notice that smile of celr
Tht belongs to the member we got
this year.
She comes with her smile to Juliwus
Freyam High
.1nIi he'. tiulks stud she' talks 1i~i? I %4114
think eh(, wouild di.'
Hitt hv 1.' 1(hoigld I limiter the'!'' ejitihe 9s
14i1 all kiln, I'm ee ospakaaug 4)f Luiele'
A iud nioi' I'll it'll )ou all ithoait MIe
i cale' freotmt o'e'r it I Pointe I' 9 'e
I 4'1!1)io' Ito the lb.' (11$ ll'et t'ar
I'11e' le4'e'io to 9041100 1e'%'1'r'. a he're' tough1tIe(
1'htii I't e* dloto4 we'll $ lolsiu i19 tl1''
Itu It 11 V Out tel'1 l 4t1 11 o ttoo4dve''
ta tl'ls tint'
'i ('11 ar 1l$ i4rI 41tedu4 I lid I hear leim
0.1 dlfr ItIj~p C
We'll %4itllo lt * r hearig tours' orf Is hi%
oft nel 1 Ij
Of lt.' rittlitnre' ton':t v toIale plCt' (4h1'4'104
"T IM reaiii t hatt .'ah (1 4ne tof 111$ $14
(tut l.est I hUth(ld b(trst or ecroach onr
the diatle'm of jsrophet
This hi tot'v Initid en tel s '.'-m 111ll op
iI.'h law, , aIll ande clawi. lorolphe''l
%% ere' also t ery ( hut4(4, hi rMertit aIp
pil'ci:dIt d bit thne 4144) n 14'r 4t)44 1 th
il~ e 4 ktt rs alb iii ts, ihe orolt l94'
cot jore'wt'iittn tu9ho' priophe'e' Oat si rig i
ii,. sctiti hajeto1 the' 9444to Yedlg Hu.'".
M tlt4$,' haute .el Itiad'4 it. 11to 1 e 1 1,1
oe"lo'rdtao l 1it', t 'g seglalto jafter 1a ''1t1
)I 'in. . 1d itti 9l.itt tt to ach (9 ohe' iii
ftcrtistltiteio 14) toh th' (aieo'j0e'1%0' 4.4.1(1.1
*of their .'lawsio l)a'fall' cliiteogt1 ' Vo it
1' it ple miooh
'I .' '.ale'elt'cr, teo Xlieos ItoHi ig A ''
gtritetfaitl 41)!1 dvi.te'el stid 4x1 sts M foll
'lvii lli atflter fioar ~'art otf hared
po11t ic a.' ha'e. (ettiie' to. bid Ocodbye
too thigh S'hool We have long looked
f~owl Ri'd 9(1 thi' towcsion, buti having
arrived at (Jradination, we find that our
jo'l is nt fitall euttnt aeci with feeling,
of ouIt4ltiP5M for e111henger whall 8e hast
1I1h1- jol'busiar' oif lwttti htgh '(t'houl girl w
a14 i bieys We' Ki t'tit into th fl'aorld
to 1t4((t a1' kvoooa toot ahat, total wq0 go
dIto'nio ' t4o la41lel tie .dll' otetto atid
leo h"ight it 1I1 9.a o'.luteve't dltth'oalt.
W.e' calntot 50a055 410119 of hit ih Sttietie
Ilfe', 'o.it hoot fsr1l t hatankita 'our ateatel}
Iloostit Veer Itt.' itte're'tl the.'' hIi.'.' e'tt1o t
III taw (t11t e't IIlI Ith tie ttl' o t'Otal4" 41(1il
ouor ate lda t rai e'l tback Ito %4utandt tiole
Iho' miooI% kill I thinags( you ha'. e drone
or.' litelol foof 144 Mt1 moan' lruoe tri.'vdit1
Antd too yooc, dear teachers, ?ot r iuoin
v e shall otteta wanaat to lotok for adv i'e'
ittnel geiidajwte. a ~eo aluh to ezpress our'
4ioia('orP thanik;, ande apptreciataion feor
e '(ontlltut"' eolO Je1{g~ tWo t
, -,° itt tse'' f ichIr rbon have- atl
'.oti4 le4t 'e eih'el Ito the Parish acict .n
,1e'iltIson tie I hei ie alr'adyv re t'idlelt
Pthi el havl'e he''li tIlt or thre.4 nortal
e~a' t. at ticlitude.', Poett (tl'iee The
tde,.otnstrat iti agent'. assisted by Mr
Sll'idhlad i ai-rrclatred 1I25 head there
%tienda ft :tertltrMtl There' i atihnother
e , t;ilcu,l . ('Rci,' nlear Ilritherc Mrtatlon
IhIi l jaiutil cheed tneret It it awarnI *
Iti te, all tcll k () ne t.r tlhat Ihartci t11
t9 I. ti111 utisl it and that ail sticPk
iihclui hle' i atc-hei t'Io(ely. and that
the' c t ar'ie s ctf all anitinala dlying Pue
Jlt 4 eti.4 'h) l he1hl,I Ix' hurned iII fact,
th tloal detale'r ti hide's tells us that
lit, el'f'lws to' buy hides during the pro.
:t lciit,., e.fci-hiritnllt in tIhe e't lttttUlity.
l eand to ikti :allttlltal that has dited
I'rorll chat;r tirwn is exsce'edtliliy dangerr
clllse anlti the, il' Ilit not worth the risk
SI.t tlle' r'epe)at w hat I hate said be
fire, There ia no use to depend on
vaccunatlon aIone if the premises are
not thoroughly disinfected, ItiHN T!R
itt' \l l'H W i1.R i' Y ANIMAI. TIAT
le'l'eort " hs-r 1e-.)n ' in that farniers
I- Ipl''a~.'el itih the' niethod of burn.
11 55 eu'tse'eld 1 the' Parish Agent in
! arttle I' In Theii True lknue ratl two
r,!' ehre',, ie'e'k ago. and have found
tii t tti td e t 'r @ciltutl
F"or furthlr ilnformation, isee iHentot.
%11 f, thi,'e' farri.'rse who had tlnt
pi i lntcle '(ocld their aooi crante in on
-,ldall% and Tue rutsday with what they
hail ton hantl, tolalinllg 17& pounds net
:4it el ift Itlalrnging to the Parker
Sli k ltarta IIlweaser. Mrs . IH. Sat'
rcL  41 r\wel graded the highest. dlus
iir am light hurry and brought thirty
cents per pound. The remainder of the
i,e ,1 c4lamsed as hard hurry and sold
flr tIenty ce'nit(ts r pound V. o. h
ltstc itl airn This eame class of wool
I6 eitiott'd inll A I lAlss lIaullvllle. and
savanitt h att tIweSnt t twenty.three
c.f'tlts Ji4 r Itristnd. atter shipping Pis
telI ,.i4 arife tilid and thics price II about
1.4.' cntsilt $4t i#4! ind tare tlhan wasl
iacide fort 4colc h 'all. rwfotrP the hlel
illl -'t At3 t t 'Ik t k tip ithee elue'htion
,it i-'.,tci'tt r 1le' l 40 ci tillng
SI the o Iitol had te'll shipped, it
% 1c11il4 h1 %'4 hI*. ''t ,Ie'ues'ary 1o put it
11i I'rllar wtiihl earks which (ost arty
r ''t. t ".' h, f o Ih ~t Ic0ils There
Iort. 4' euin rilcer the wool well sold
.Le't ii' call c lour attent ion again to
thei fallt that the illght burry wool
Irollught ten cents per pound more thin
th,- hard hurry, and clear wool would
it: ve ,erctlght thirtly ellts per poundl
e'noltltne uon empa two I
"My Kingdom for a Mechanician!"
How often have such lamentations lost them
selves among the hills and valleys, plains and
prairies or woodlandss of our rural districts,
far removed from the friendly garage.
The Next Time it lappens
raise your voice to a pitch that will carry to
our ears, and we will respond quickly, willingly,
gladly. ('all for phone 108, and we will do the
rest. ()urs is expe'rt service.
Feliciana Motor Co.
"'Service with a Smile"
St. Francisville, La.
b!. ,

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