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'- m g ai mt h e ah f " m o n- `,:
Wee Nelspper
1:: - I1:-:- '1et-poaa tyPa i
Devoted to the i onteests, of the
" . nd of .Organized Labor, adid engag:
n 1in the defense "of  thei massesi as
against the encroachment of the mon-
S ey.power.' :
The oldestPeoples'. Party Paper in
the ssoutl.ýby twelveemonths, is.thor
oughly i able and always up to dafe
Itgoesfo oeyer 6ooctual siubscrib
pression of he timest
alocalan d gi'eneral.:
news, -nothing but strictly orthodox
PEOP LESr P TY 1 EflA .. if
we can help it, and weknoww can.
O1.00 in Flat- M'one y
Prompt attention given to all eivil busa
Inaslnitastd to hi care. 1-24-~
*J. S. PEARCE,. M. D.
Wiwafi4eld LoIsluana.
T4nders his protesslonal services to the plot
pie of Winn Paries Obarges moder.te. Will
be found at Windfeld when not profeasionally
engaged: 51 lit
St. Louis
Through Pullman
Sleeping Car Service
Through Pullman Sileplng Cars
Direct Oonnectiom at Little Rock with
Pullman Sleeping Oars for
Generd Paneager and Teik tt Sgat,
St. Louis, Mo.
SVIA tH$ Cnce
North and West Texas, Arizona, Old
and New Mexico, Oregon, Colo
Pullman Tourist Sleepers
Lowest ticket ratte, time tables, sadnt l
ired information wTourist hed by anpe y of
the ticket CgeAts of theNIxs A Pa.cle R'y. or
Er. PASO, ALt. Gen. Pass ND& Tgket Ag't
: s-L  H-PTORN3I. Srd VIo4.Pri' iUd General
NEW -ERA' IN ly AT 4tipi
frota of Government On'ned Wnblc Utillr .
ties and the Annual Rental iValne of sus)
Land.. ' I meni
Thre is agreat' change in theys- as
tems of taxation in vogue in: tie United- last 1
States near at Liand. The great changes hold
lwhich science hias -wrought within the luck
last half 'century-has- almost eitirely still
-revolutionized tte modes: of industry esin
throughout. This changel has unjoint veno
ed old systeis and prodnuesinidhrfrie to ui
tion as threatens tnjsaksh the whole that
machinery iofgernien~t., The itural dooi
proipensity of-the aoy oldilg pap
fwrested and twisted-as never before. of t
Gradually:they are relinquishing their not
`old preconciaved ideas- beginning. kno'
to wonder if they might noth ave been ept
-mistalken-in their inherlted beliefs, an on t
ifit may not be possibl that their old of
things, . like former' " gene.atlos'old 1lval
things, may, not be out; of idae a ondifcoin
it-may:not be unwise to .try tq adjust wor'
-to them the new ciilization whichhs $ib
sprung up around themandis fighting buy
for more room and-mOre freedom to ex-z
pand. . t hought i istedily breaking ptha
the crust eof o.cseraatiia h
ing the opposition t the neerahich
is to llt-the twentietl i'nry tI .m
:Ioftiei ezilnecethan; e nod
'if xhe'ced inithe middle of'the vai 'Of Ue .mo
grat isl'ehiolders rebelioin 'and has}paic
s dinw proghessedill now. ast tie
ession of congres did nmore to opeex
the-eyes of the commhonimastof people o blal
f r than any one development.of rascality -sioi
in all this period.of the. third of-a con. real
tury: A'The open bribery id coriuptionow]
practiced in the framing" andpas ga
of the last tariff lawvthas actedtas the- all
: waters fof t-he< 'p :tof Siloam 'on the'
blind -mana's- eyes. The. Micahll W
party, =has well,. nigh ., aban
doned their riun-to-seed theory of
Sinaking a nation rich Aind _p ros.j -'1
-perous .by high.,'rif T hefact:,a
Sthat a few rich manufacturers do not prC
demonstrated by ;,th widesprea well _1
nigh ruin whichAs iitinessedon=every re
hand. Within 'th ss :  'Months 'W
there has ben Igreate si
Sthe partisans of free itrade ,hich ais
at the destruction of the custom house, pr
Sthan' - hyears" befotbid Thie frie, tred ` l
of the' politicikn, whioh meant iotiing rig
is rapidly giving wa}v, to the:'aggoess- un
ive advance :.'of the 'come-out free
traders. Other -'means -of raisini rev- ti
enue ar~being a xamined and theipore ita
they are looked into the more simple soe
and aquitable they appear. `A statisti-.
cal examination of the: modern nieans, ri
, of transportation,- shows that taken~ pe
out of the hands ofcorporations and
placed under government own:riship~ ax
the fare and freightso .the- raiiroads dli
could be reduced two-thirds from pies
ent rates afnd furnishi~ alifmdant: M&# h A
Sto: defray :- every ,epense :of; go!erp- p
ment.'`... . . , or
-whih shlould be ' blc: %V o".-'. ,
public use could be drawn 'fromi the riu
rental value of land is being urged by Al
a rapidly increasing phalanx of advo~
cates. Al
All these new sources of - taxatio$ "1
Spresent the stroigest' ireasts for a ci
radical change in ereating a fund for
the publio use, swhile at the same tiie
wiping entirely 'out bdf exisencei the. i
antiquated system ot 'raising reveue np
t by the inquisitorial and feudal mde of;d
personal property tax. '.
The advocates of all these"sieforms n"
are steadily coming together.and find- ai
ing expression and consideration in c
the people's party, iwhile the two old c
parties have riotlhing but the dry husks
of antiquated systems,to offer to the' it
people, who are wearily turning away
t from them to'the livin issues sff .red i
by the- people's. party. - It will be a ti
bright day for the honest toilingx'
r masses who have been voluntary slave~ ,5
so long for the' -benefit of .an Idle, ti
wasteful few, when th~e tax,asgessdr P
ceases to call on them to render an- ac- e
. count of their little= ~fdity sia pay n
down a heavy tax to the :collector, and r
all taxes are collected from publiid
utilities and every one pays in propor- a
tion to-the opportunities h'e enjoys, by t
their use. - , t
. These changes will mark the new~eira I
that is about opening up forminankind,'
when the, old parties are driven into.
the wildernesslike the scapc-goat,bear- I
ing their dead -issues 'Which are the
Ssins of the people.--Midlandi Journal.:
The Plautocratic Press Tries to Make It Ap- 1
pear That the Farm Mortgage Indebted
ness Does Not Amount to ~Maclih.
How much longer the census bureau
is to contirinue tb-send out fts mortgage
reports and how much longer-the:daily
IT capitalistic press will parade the sta
tistics thus rnish
guess. But aother b o "comn
forting" figures ~iave justr been re
ceived, anothertornado of journalistic
comment upon this S'moag nonn
sense" has swept' the'cou tryend the
soiurce of supply is still in' gbd work
order. This time it is Illin'ois mort
Old gages that are held up as evidence of
the remarkable prospe~rity'- o f the
Sfarmer. It appears that there are only
$99,000,000 in mortgages on e Illinois
farms. What is $99,000,000 to an editor
who is hired to write "pieces" for a i
newspaper that is oigned b yanational
banker or an Englis~h:orAi;ican syn
1'dicate of capitalists? -Itis just a mere
bagatelle. It will only require an in
significant 200,000,000 bushels of wheat
to pay that trifling incumbrance; and
VE the fact that it has cost more to produce
R, the wheat than it can be sold for is a
matter of no importance. The sug
gestion, too, that in consequence of the
bandit financial legislation of the coun
Stry, the dollar of to-day is worth
fy. or more than it was when most of
ER this. mortgage indebtedness was con
ig't tracted, is positive anarchy. Besides
)ral all this, this indebtedness represents
oily one thirdthleavera e
isi report and e the nvshw PanPh .n ~
hhr cen
least twno years it wol semen
holderis offarmhmoefvaesg aretaPr
ostill thr  timy ltheineo
als Butt trq e.-e lirea cOYe
to make :theeoplei baenierve;
eethat when the:shneriff stand.. -
door.vitheanexge.W r foners,'4 l
p his uvisitdesir :arn l
t ir e ere al.prosperityo take a
of :the;yshrinkage. of 'values.n they "
not er u n e vert Hko a d....
euthat eyn h'
on the ntterly loose and sensele
commnity askwhat farm .prpthe p4
worth- afnd. you wil - . e t . .
t l. aere perhrapes. ` : But'iobo
abuying,:ta thate price her i
ane be 'sig t falrdl 1tion sal bile
Sho ts.e o r the prie.
that 'fich p'haialedirs w e rospe
" .:h mo an aot ' h~ ed, whent el
weare notr :seveial h ndred thous :i
y m.urex nout ofwei1Yl. thehad Wf t oi
:i:lstoies were not paralyzers If on
So ifthen mee:ol cin the
(1 ?7a rhsbreei1
paidwii 50-cent wheat and ciheap:i
Stle and cheaper otewool?r s That `is. t .:_
que tibxi that inteorests` us.f
ioan tell us how ti and when 'eunder
ea" rasona l ruden ang " srai
y Midhcudtethat'.vise1 nor a
Itowners monte of h the gprl. I t
gagmd cn ater het indebtedesit 1Lo be
all we require-Farmer's Vuroice. af to
hey Melane t the rtple They Lie, ale
T tl the oeTruth.::e' I
"t is h'ue'ear the'c pesent relo
i ate elaihtig, othate "ie'' hadp ourvert
I ros the y ,uea i i i ' y s' on' ' b ' u t
no oIthey imean ba tinabes
re. aigen ".e. _Chiong leans bankenrts 'e
awundert oHarron. 'oeya
1 I:hdnfe mthyrean lnt t hes moigso1 i*
of'ouronstysteia the pieonpe ooei t
ae irerigc h e W t i ures"i 1 i ine s p
S eT .proe ns er of u ora'isoe. o ein l: .
Sithe moan loanords, they Uarte an
o, right. nWe"ilandlords wereprosperotuI and
i -If>lthey meitian protecte `capitali
SIfthey.rean icoale tbarons, thinoey. a
is right.sem l'n coathe baronswer pre
n perus under ear isop: . ... t
d "if onthy isbmeanuth'Oe goetrusts the
.p are right. . .. r o~, lrt o the tr.s
.o. the e , a. o '
he of4 ursystem anh Ate p rei to
. redteal.t. h ri.-pesro57 ern ed.. ri..
Sf tead _thehres. r
Of .is h suner asy othr repoublJai
yA how, cubld it mortgihse? 'as nt i
o- Ihlrise on one ofn thse, "patrithe '
American "statesmen" who rbelieve i
oear es er stopFot a
ie itelons .. Pris theio id ws Etyled ato
S onr4sume'....th e go a. e. ..a .e ,nd g
etic syal lboerniters bienegoe.. oniu teI
o hir esthpeir'e was.r - on: ror January
lo morals ciene,6 yo scarntyhg ws -inne
do iasetnse poa Chrisarn eement? 'o 1 i i
dka l ho 0 1nesyt, n o hit h t he sinctfg est- a
or lafnitormoeld nos rChitia scienc,
e " of he-ory ,hs spoletwce adeates~yo th
he' mrbl polirdciaorrywand hs batl pbou.
ay othe aimen of-thene ofia thre ting eo-.
at' fatuwharer lhou i their eentioesT
al ty whiles. othe s peosle w hety d
Ters seril Cboris ti an,soome en 0leaim
eto ibe minst prt of ihoods. I the g e a
pre teries adcth "areau farof
ince r iseimbapcesto the Chritsemian ish
'is ot' noney this, but heg wagesto oer itae
s or- adlabotereMidld isJab.olutely uncflst U
byntio eal b stery respect. as irea a1tO
tof mhor6 otprehise opder.ad Oaonrousrt
Ito gement ofawnfat the feeiammoe. Monsey,
ia-e mandino chan thntwitchie itherto615
'ythe nuiaiber of mortagesdmode and
;' -'s - a
4 -PI ~
S5 }r - . .f
Xn ýlyý.r 4 a.,"yt ý'...ý,
:, N -,
Absoutelipu V·
-S X ' " X,
i::> - Y' v14
: } , , . '
--ý 1; .1ip 1 '. d"n
Sýl a » 5
Si t :
: ro o -
Pl ' . bi? 4 ' d r,$,, w art k)V..
r';?y- i,. 'r : N ~ .',it ý ýµ`?.5T. c ý"tý*"Y . ' H . . '"
L~yJa W -":jý ýi i X ýý :,ý 1\ýl'- T"j F ý '=.
i>-Y>'.~ ýýv "i" _& 2u:<_y/`. y + .i;:ay<ý, ý .'}"
'i! :: / ---t y r ^ : i aS p r,' 1 . ý f ý : ° ý fa " y N
iKh .+ k. 'ý t~i: v >,~q '
The prevalence of baldness among t
youngish men of the present genera ti
ion sinds its latest explanatio in the ha
simple fact that men have been cutting -
their' hair ; short now forsome generao -
tions, with the result that its power to c
struggle on and be reproduced under
such conditions has. becomee weaker and
weaker, until it is n canger of com
plete atrophy.
-An Englishman, at present at a
§oitinental watering -place, finds that
ot the termination of his sojourn there
he is expectdd ..to tip, first, the cham-n
-bermaid (female); second, the assistant d(
,clambermaid (male); third, the :head
iter; fourth, the waiter who brings F
coffee tothe bedroom in the morning;
fith, the waiter on 'duty at dejeuner.
and, seventh, the page who goes on .er-w
Omy! those cans forgive who love.-Ram's I
.Horn. _
T s'p ecemaker eed never be out of em' j
I A r Getting Its Work I n.-"ButImust
not dwelll;" cheerfully hummed- the na
uito, flitting away from its victim's nose
n "t as the slap came.
O yeswhen. I was in England I was
Sisiast lly received i:.u court cirles."
snip y)What i was the charge
your-Judgo et
Bro-oks I tell you, Brookly
bwingraidly l SeconddBroo t&'
heould say soe I Theroo; s i si: some .th
tholi'ne fats - remind youf Hrlem!"
f. dear d'j esa - fos' &wer-.ong
ptty: stmyastiitgh. "-Yes
and I was lnt In getting home, and my
Swif was waiting for me, I found it stormier
eA insrdethan oute.
,rj A HuOUSEEPERuptown 'says that her
, gr"cer.s so slow w uith his elivery that
w when she orders ejgi then boy brings chick
`$'ens. -lPhladelpbia Record.:' : .
L LECTURER (to medical -student) 'hi
, subject's right leg louger y than hisleft
which. causes -him -to limp. Now, what
1 would you `do In such a casel" Student
it "Limp, too, I guess.''-Philadelphia Record.
( I DO not know whetherto accept Willie
?inkins or not,". said the young woman.
i- "He's so wonderfully well satisfed with
"' himself." "Well he'd surely be easy to get:.
along with," sled the co dafte. "What
e, makes you thfi so?" "He must be. easily
FLUH F E-"' id bliss Gaygirl make any
Sremark when you handed her my bouquet?"
is The Messenger-"Yep; she said: 'Oh, the
Idear, dear flowers.' " Flusher -"HumphI
That florist must have sent the bill along
g withthe bouquet."-Buffalo Courier.
v ON Account of Business.-Worth-"Why
didn't you have your yacht in commission
r last summer, Bond?" fond (of the Stoo%
y Exchange)--"Humph I simply because
a. didn'tl have a single commission."-Trith.
r despondent, nerv
ous, " tired
out " nien
_-those who
suffer from I
backa'ci'he, d
loss of en
ergy, im
kpaired mem-:
or y, diz z i-:
ness,- melan
eases, or drains upon the syistei
respondeice' at their hoimes, with
uniform success, by the Specialists
of the Inivalids', 1otel and Surgical
Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. A book
of 136 large pages, devoted to the
cofnsideratioi of the mfaladies above
hinted at, may be had, mailed se
curely sealed from observation, in `a
flaina envelope, by sending .so cents
in one-cent stamps (for postage on
Book), to the- World's Dispensary
Medical Association, at the above
-mentioned Hotel. For more than
a quarter of a century, physicians
connected with this widely cele
brajed Institution, have made the
treatment of the delicate dis;ease;
above referred to, their sole study
and practice. 'Thousaiids, lhave con
Ssulted them. This vast exlperienc
has naturally resulted in inlproveie
mietliodi and mitains of cure.
E7 an t you ; ,~mins aThomas,,said' Ma.
lhappy parent to a-neighbors r~y sogi7rnest~
has` got aifrst iiize'" "
Thom s.: "I felto ust the same when our
yodun} is cared oft'a medalk tthe algri=N
c iltursaiL. OW.-i~
"'YJEbs aRC sy a .ygou roping. a your,
trunk= You are not go aayi ills nor=
row."a :Jumoup pe" ii° Iave ime'to
dfin alli:the :tfiin tsIehAyfor o ten tg:uk
it. `:. One: never, fnds: those thi n
his trunk is locked & and ro ."-Harper'
YovNo Man--"Look g-out1` There's a
n1ouse:.!W The Advanced Young < Woma
(calmly).-«1' how caning.dCan't you
coax the little Aear out this way?"-Chicago
S `The:Heathen, Vhiee
Is not a beauty. No more are' you when
your complexion has anu'orange tint.What
means that you are bilious, a fact further
oevinced bydiscomfortv oi therigtsidejsick
bile oitwof youri blood, reulateyour boels
setyour stomach in good&workmg order-m.4
'two words, cure you. Useit and~ceaseto be
yellow. It cures malarial, rheumatic and
idneytrouble . '
PAT's Objection to the Bicycle-"Begor
ra ! whin I'walk Iprefer to have my feet on
_ ithegground.?--Bostou Transcrigpt<
teno. opla o Steet or oorgns; ,
S peE rea lforE do
WDecore' r t"ons. 1n d 1it > )il in . ri some of 9 ' '.
;I ]' 2 I f '. o, ce n ts.- :- ' .. . .T A <t m.
" eR -. . :V . SO S" CHRISTMAS. ." .J ; "onAR
'"-A HAPPYL D E USD, NEtAE" Wank ;.i
toCHRISTMAS. a ll ber e e c Prighted'ossin brose
YEAR Ea d THwards. o"da n rtoa. . ,e.as . . ..
WalnANo r OaBkO Ve , p
. green, no facing or
ons. he y 1-4)e
Decortionsan sitelle to coreei oe
10 cC areIS. .
HAPPY .'E. Y ".T' 4DSllQRlglCe.o,
wood, ;aon. or PWss 1ADB wI HIol
Y S ET s" All sheetm alc n m l tl 1' " a r
tenrofliy -r alhso
muicand eok d5)malusign s intruentos.0
" + CARO . !( )i: T
LI pa:y ,IIY°+ TI E. ·Ai o
evergreetn; n wor or ouu , i'b 01ate 1C3: h ;Zl0W IGtC
aand lstd or Cihilisitmas m youredi t A odOl
De-oSoptiomaens.; fSizde 15x10 ,1 Ie tsom
ghe tlsi Ct prise b ig =Aai rtWh oI.
T__ _ `-= T -ai eir ti.
___________ o ou "eNt, nC s ii d r~d »br e _.it:,tofip
a a
ji OP s'~i~:l'~ 4~
QI1·. oo~fF+7.7tidi~par:g~ei4:~dI~
as" linr toac
Is akener y ' .5 __
woud igotInl : o$ vi ' º .s
«-ý ý..: 1. ýý, ý. :ý? Zi;:, ., -..rrý...Par..`,_::'. : `,:ý·
lPike's T~hache Dr~ops Ctfreanoe minute
8ni idimtza1y a U
rien~is.:.. :ý ý, ý
Kil. ~ You ote
WiwhRý BI· '_6 =CHEAnRAC
SF's,. €1r--- r ''r~qný ýsF:;z .'
'.`"Ctste Qit*1qi u uý??ths 3dn

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