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a ces for ýommTrcrial" W o r, { E
.,· · .. .. . + ;:: :: c. · ·- ::- .: +: + ++ +++ .. . . . . . .. .
" Official Journal of the Parish of Win. Official Journal of the TOwn . o i fid , , -.t ?.
""ýýR fleW Areses`; nd Ne
L. & A. ý . " for
+-VOL. X X+ .++:::,,+:.:,:
. A.~". .. ..... --UISI'A'A ,FRID AY- ....... 9 , ',
L. & A. Hn~~w6
L. & A. Hotel Burned.
On New Years morning the alarm
of fire was given about 7 o'clock and
the L. & A. Hotel on Jones street
twas discovered on fire. The hotel, a
arge two-story structure, was owned
y 'C. H. Elliott and occupied by S.
. Smith. The fire originated from a
l efective flue and was under good
eadway when discovered. The fire
Separtment responded but the long
i stance to be traversed, the inade- C
" ate apparatus add the headway.s
aingd by the flames were too great
handicap for the boys to overcomes
,~nd the best they could do was tc
ave the ' adjbining buildings. Th: i
ome of Ed Gallion was. badfl n
orched, windows broken by t
iat and furnishings badly damagel, f
it the building was saved, ce
A small building adjoining tie
tel and occupied as a real est~e bli
ce by Mr. Elliott was burned. ha
T.he hotel was valued at 85000 i'd I
sured for 84000. The furniture ch
cWned by Mr. Smith was insured for foi
750 which will about cover the l]5. set
iThe fire burned so rapidly tat th
arrow escapes were made. One by
Ubg lady had her hair scorehedind mn
veral of the firemen were bliste'ed sit!
y the heat.
--- wh
The. First Gun.
Sity M.7Iarshal J. . Payne opensD
,the Winnfield Campaign with his
announeement for re-election to the bi
ofofc e he now holds. Elsewhere in anm
.this'paper will be found his annoui c- s
Snnt And what he stands for. Ir. sh
Pyne has been marshal since 0 C. wil
'WMalley resigned, and has fa ith
ully performed the duties o the
flce so far as we have heard t the
tisfdtibn of the people. His ar
ter is above reproach an the Wu
titer is glad to name him as er- dui
nal friend, a citizen of moral eti- ing
de and undoubted integrity if ear
is elected th interests of th wn of
11 be carefully conserved his
Sast Lynne at the Opera use ipg
ht by. the Mabel Thorne q go
'Coats a.d Cid o :::'dr eIsat ;n
" AtaN On Hal
STHISw~ be the greatest opportunity the people of Alexandria and Rptislile
buyino' ljrh class merchandise at less than the c03 to  anufacture eti
ryot-re Syck wt Ladies' Tailor Made Ladwl,. take .......... '
Coats and Children's C ý9 'o·cv·n::~i~i ! ~sI
; ;I
ýV t A ,
r~ Tmsbe thae greatest, op ors nit the eo le o Ale. andria ar~: d ,Y i .,y
:Ibyin~p · hclss arechandseat less tharn the cost to nanu act re1:;:ýa~~·
car ~ty ap e ny minter, aeeeha ddise so 11 /je Ro o84~r e r l isses now P. ;·to:·, i :S aFk {ýNy n
ý 1t ý , { ds ý Xt r }ý{ + F
* **M¢~ re - .o u at sv - -a a a." u-m _ x s : . .a ---- . -- - - . .. ý _r ano
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,,.,. ,.,c '. :: ,. , •. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 3 , . . ...
0 Ladies'I o earance Sale price for .......... 2.50 4, 00 Co(ats, learance Sale p'rice for-- ..- ------- . 2 00
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mIe ----- $ -- -Coats. ý_r
-le. d ie s ' D r e s s e s . . . . .co.. .o, C learance ,_i, rrie ,o< . ., ............ . I.o o
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- 4000 Jieses. shed li.ce Sale price for......... 20.00 $30 00 Coats leir;ce Sale7t price for ............. $15.00 ,
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6.25 15 I 0 Co, a t. Sale p4ice for .. -
;.ev' xaa, kc fo .clia -.ne Sate prce r-1.0
~~---.----- W yl e ` JeGC4~i price for.......
ke yor
anc6Salc price for.:..... .. 6.25 $ 7 J0 Coals, " ears te for ........
~ ~ -~ the de )1
!a quek any of the above ..t . -.
-oen tha ho 'ase charge bI
tired eye *f i ZN
-s L
!h1 1S
Ln 4 'R rý'1: yt Pý4r rY +t- (
t1slar Pis 'tis love! 'tis love!
and That n the world go round."
treet -DICKSON.
el, a We nes• afternoon; January 5,
wned at 5 p! , at the First Baptist
y S. Chr Winnfield, Miss Zelma
om a Loti, Mr. Thomas J. Frazier
good - ve q ly united in holy wedlock,
fire Re! Edwards officiating.
long thyoung couple entered the
ade- cch rs. E. R. Cooper, who pre
dway saed the organ, rendered the
read grandly impressive wedding march of
me4 Mendilsohn, which filled the church
3 I with melody. During the ceremony
T1 the :Sweet strains of Rubenstein's.
Idcn melody was played.
t Only the family of the bride and a
ofetw friends were present at the
tie Miss Zelma, the bride, wore a
i:e blue brdadcloth tailored suit and a
handsome fui turban. Her costume
1d was very becoming and lent great
ore charm t') her pretty face and graceful
for form. She was very popular in her
ss. set and always wVon the hearts of
,at those with whom she came in contact,
ne by her charming personality, gracious
ad manner and lovabld, sunny dispo
ed sition.
Mr. Friazier has won a rare flower,
who willibe
"'A guardin angel o'er his life presiding,
Doubling his pleasures, his cares dividing.',
- --RociGs.
is Mr. Frazier is a progressive young
le business :man of admirable qualities
in and has many friends.
W- ' We are glad to learn that after a
,r. short wedding tour the ytioung people
will return and make Winnfield their
future home.
ie Beautiful Snow.
le After raining steadily all day
r- Wednesday, the temperature dropped
ie during the night and Thursday morn
e- ing it began snowing and at noon the
i- earth was covered with a thin blanket
if of the beautiful. Shortly after noon
rn the clouds broke, the sun appeared
s and befoire night the snow had dis
appeared.. The tempe*rature is hover
e ing around the freezing point as we
go to press.
The The
ofs M. BERNST E e wees
Oldest Newest
Store ESTABLISHED 1852. Prices
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e 1 l Now until Jan. 15
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Bacon,, Hay, Grain and Feedstuffs of all kinds
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r ý:czmi\_^ý -: . -·/~ra'L _CW\t a MIYrs ý -~ :
oL, tSu.day Mr. and Mrs. H. I
Bria eiterta.iied. a largei party of
friends and latives at their autiful
home in :terda ; gLa, in honor of their
charming daughter, Miss Celeste, who
was spending:. the i olidhys at` hme
from school. "`k
Mano y o1i:u!nvited guemt .nwierei
frdiom Winnfield.i and arrived on the
early morning train. .
A light breakfast was: served the
guests on arrival,' and the :young
folks attendedh Sunday. School and
siniging eeriss at the i church.
'Ater fteservices, the `party returned
withi':raveniousphetites :to thih hos
pitable . mansion ::o. thehosts ' d a
most. delicious t.urkeyi dinner was
The 'table was tastefully :deforated
with fern8s -and hot ýhoise flowers, and
ma4 albeautifuil pictire.
After enjoying the dinnerthe party
spent I he' afternooxi strollfig anout
the' pretty village 'and . retured or a
cold luncheoni to foftifytliemn onitheir
homeward trip, and  , e'ere adcom
panied to the traini by 1 'Mis Clara
:Alm.a Brian and a 'number; ffriends.:
The .guests were overywhelmed with
dourtesy and? profuse in' thanks fr
oneof lhe pleasantest days i their
Oit of town gests were Mr. and
Mirs: W ' F `ickerson, Mr d M=sr
.J R Hall, Me danmes4 B. W ailey
an Ferrand; Mises Cawford
Shaw, Bailey and Dickerson, Messrs
Wyatt, Wrght,'Terral JenkinsIotg
Robinso m FPredan Arthtr c eiu``
and illis d rid RobertHal
Home uts: . 'Mrs.,Harris,. Miss
Showers, Messr:i ar is `Baser and
'.:perfect day of enjoynenti'-was
spet  by', all.
-d ,~~~~['ection.v h
The dia4ten ho diirhes ri
Sgtifusnidd a'i o
u dte.fr:maortrr'ldr riý yn
anoine .; I :.:ý :
3" ~thee( 6# orn
m ingw nouemnen
"Iy waigtyanoneetua ~a
,democratic }addt fo"h fleo
a i tlii~iefx.t e'fie:o: :
eity marshal tike" ttv otii:i .`fled: o
I d 'wth ther beftsta d
qualified to fill-the Qoffli. -;to whi h _
1spire ad f e.
requ resthe `attention'o a mau *w,
experience alon the ine of dibgx:gY
with the criminal elementhat ome
times `floods our btherwise e tru
little cy or
dimy dtr a Isit theame
asi piow t
-... ill - - ins
°`.`am willOng' o or teohe~p 'POPl)9: ;
aolely n tupnhe .rsoord, I a a t
as an officer T uMla :p. e i3
maniy favorse that have; eef w
me by the. people of innfield an
the entire: parish, , nd ;xi greater
deire:: to repay. themn isa n servin4;.
the to .my' bestý'abi iiy. I ha a no
other .platform to pfter the popt
Vhfn yn : rord °y "M ltcate0
victionsa are too weU nown o `
brought into explanat n ti, nfleldy' V
f:the .atown at heartan w
i:.iestly 'for the moral ared'
tionalupbuilding oft etn e '
thanking you in aaiee for e
favors that you h e nhe a 5
coming eleection;," : be
S tr
Yours; to.ýere
"«Another ah> te
:leu hands,, a 4
a sand d afe fcordit` ii,,
"to the ay o actio . ' e to
onpar. oitdn ieht
iaarshal ~ ~ ~ Wll Y'Ti'.'
mis r les
adim` uineal(
tbeyic h ic ~as 4

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