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t-ýg-'-- ____________a t Y
ýTMTAdvertse etpa r
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V0 1d,=::PT" ' -.- alw ays ive the best res t
for Go~Ime'ia`Work - ~ i~j iJ J ______
SO ii of the Parish of Winn. Official Journal of the Town of Winfield.
Offic i a.. . .. .a " -"2
D T hie Forces that Move the Wheels of Industry are
I Shaking off the Lethargy Produced by the Panic
, and the Hum of, Machinery will Soon be Heard
Again in Our Midst.
¶I:" uii COMRADE this week brings 7
ai-::1ly to its readers the message that Wil
Y i.: end of industrial apathy is in tw
.ai"t The agencies that will bring h
o'' wo k for idle hands and business to hex
ou: t commercial interests have
S::awrkened and the lethargy that has an
S rde4 over our town for- the past ce
Sw yeaTrs has been dispelled and the an
era of prosperity, nipped by the cold an
t off the financial panic, has t
ret ned and our little city will take to
Sap Us interrupted march to the goal is
of fiancial importance. The primary pr
caues for this grateful state of affairs th
wlt be tfgund in the, new industries
-- being put under way in. our
4 ti . , .,
ieLouisIana Creosotingh C do
Sthe~lead by doubling its oapaso
iy d seeking more commodiops a
i.,a hcvast volume of its,
bu ess 1 has been retaided.by want
of ieessary .machinery to fillt orders D
=- anu .nd y 100-fpot tylinder has been
ord d. The old ;pl.ant "was too
as, and' a new site, south of the
L; A. Railway has been secured.
TheomPhnyf s..l putting .in a small
s an4 planiinnill. -Work is al
, a undert way and.the :indutry is
Sseed. Mr. H C. Conuch, of the
8ox1ern- Telephone Co., is president,;
Mr . O. Brown is manager and W.
alker is in charge of the office.
SThebusiness-: of "this concern has
tesilyh increased since it-was started
Sand; ithb" theadded facilities the pay
~ rotll seal into the thousands of
do achnmoth, andthat is where
our miroial friends come in, as it
giay rolln that icounts after all.
I4 I Have iew Quarters
Wi . Kelley, informs us that
V ne .ad ,opening- of his ,t;
` new ck~of -sprin loagidd in hls new w
and nO0opDqi 1 by the.w
t :;'ýu5aPU+qaAR: the. yaiey block 'on
O:r=aourti1'VV ry:stok ilg g
iembne the prettiest line oflPrig g
ta; in t.ish mar_ V
He sthe celebrated MrajestiO I
;y2lteif o .clothing; whose s"tyles. :and c
: quaityj aieihebiest made. The motto` t
4 sOfth:sS w: m l ain thle sameas 3
Palay5sybeen oget To t
the RacketStore."
Miss Wird Ingram
rned Wednesday fror her trip
o market o. se urO ; her.: sp
mmne lneo As so.o.x 66
gnods arrive thi& lady wilI.
e i
g.f*ui y slooked. fot 'aid `';to. vw
; by' ` b .the fair sex C in "
;iii' ti ý= - - · ý, :"
,r,..,, Ex r T
of tnio8IfI.h& e92
i Will ao
4. . .·:'
sr:" :f = y ;4
- S Ti
- T!ýfl
-" 7·to
pp i
v  y
a l h} rt -M·a
.a -I
+r4 = _
The-Winn Lumber Company
Will be another factor in the scheme "
to boost our progress. This company,
which now operates a plianing mill
here, will put in a 50,000 foot saw
mill. as soon as the details are
arranged. The pay roll of this con
cern-has been an appreciated factor
jn our system of economics for years
and the increased output will give
the town a greatly enlarged payroll
to help along. Mr. T. R. Van Cleave I
is president, Edwin Winlock, vice
president, and Allen Whitley occupies
the office of this concern. ;
- The Dalton-Clark Stave Co..
This was the first industry that
came t& our town, and, although fire .
destroyed it once and the general
ofices of the company were removed
to Alexandria, it is still a valuable
s asset to the general good of the town
Si'nd its pay roll is looked upon as
a stand, by to. our merchants. Mr.
9 Morgan and Mr. Fietcher are the
n presiding geniuses of the plant.
" The Stone Quarry
. Is also:one of the industries that help
11 to make our town prosperous. A
,. large number of men are on the pay
is roll and it is almost impossible to
ie keep uD with .the orders. They do
t, not run'a: commissary and the mer
. chants have the- benefit of their trade.
In summing up the, industries that
s o to keep up our town we see no
excuse for pessimistic . forecast for
ed the business of the town. It is up to
ay us to boost. When you have atfriend
of who is looking for a location send
him the home. paper. and tell him
re what we can offer .the home seeker.
it Stop croaking and; become a genuine
That Fire Whistle.
Suffering ModesI EHave you heard
,it? BicW of course .you have -if: you
were iii Win parish. It arrived last
week aid chief Gibbs had it set up on
e works~J boiler: and Monday it...
l'was 0 1-going.D ee whiz! but it did ur
The unearthly osound starte. H
the cattle on the, como to cutting.
p ianics :and bellowiig leke emad i
I . ceat.r . P andemon -: seemed re
Sturned loose. Gibbs informed the L
' writer tha'the cotnebotlig pipe w ls od
too small to give it a full volume of :
sound Well the pipe is big enough ti
foa us-any larger wouldwake up pthe
ad a
l' More :eople are taking iFoley's
consird the mot 'effective emnedy
11,4for :all; kidney- ..and=bladder :troubles;
;h at;'t dical :°-science F a. n- devise-'
ities, "boil lt 1t ate ii
nandestoresst italIty ya
druggi<s.- -
Ii- -I-** *,llIIl
Store ESTABLIISED 1852. Prices
-I ~
Se Alu the Week from
Special Now until March 5
(Prices will Change. Watch this Space.) in
2 Special on 2 lb. Bucket - - 30c the
W ttE 4 lb. Bucket - - 60c o
'e 0e"" 10 lb. Bucket - $1.40 er
>r di
Special Offer on Sugar this week
18 ibs. Standard Granulated Sugar....... $1. -.
e '19 ibs. Y. C. Sugar ................---- ........ . $1. ir
20 lbs. Prime Sugar......-------..........--.-- -
ire New Syrup, qt. cans..............15 9Oi Pure Yellow Chops $1.50 r
al ew Syrup, -gal. cans..:...30c :90o Wheat Bran ............. $1.40 i
Shorts ......x.....
ble New Syrup, 1 gal. cans.... 50c hort ..... $1.50
Fiwn ighest Patent Flour bbi$7.25 :Cottonseed Meal, 100 lb sk $1.5
o. High Pat. Flour 24b sack 90..... 75c
t M '100T h C. S. Hulls
the Cream Meal 24Th Sack...... 550c o.2 White Oats 4 bu sck $2.75
Pearl Meal 24lS ack..... 50c 75
Wrapped Bacon........:. 17c . Choice Alfalfa Hay bale 75c
elp Bacon, Etra Clear Sides 16c Choice Prarie Hay bale 45c
pay Dry Salt Bellies ............... Choice Timothy Hay. .. 5c
to Gold Brand Hams .......... 18~c Choice Bermuda Hay.
g do
ade. Terms:
orders Phone
f Spilled Spot
dsend 1 Gash
i Promptly .
i-in e " ,. . . .. "
It It *V.a Souti
HlYMENEAL s recorde
_..x · by. the
ge.SR.ý a ý.l'it9f.ýf 9 ý~gR 3 9-ý " pany',
lierbert-lalSeIll anaTel
On the17te h of February were to the:
united in marriage Mr. Wilmer L. of Ark
'Herbert :of Winnfleld and Miss ana, w
Elizabeth Halsell of Monroe. The Shreve
marriage took place in Rustoni, at the tween
.residence of the groom's brother, Mr.. betw1
amar HErbert; Elder L. W. Moore anhd be
o offciating., a- togetb
f he happy counple. left on the next locate
s train for Wiunfield, their future home. ZwoIll
SWe, wish them- much happiness, and and>
abuindaint success , Junet
Ls Land-Dumfas. .db
SAt the residence oMr . g toget
- -..lj
Snear' .the ioak salan psls n un"
h e 910, M. U: =HSalti
ta' day~ 8~e ; ·Y:::
aLan nd Mi i Net e .mas tion
S: . arperto fat ng. par
T e briD is nie'O of Trs 41A.,g puru
d as muhi admired by her a-
quaintaflee and friends for her ;peae
ing ersonality and bright and sunny Th
disposition.'` Mr.and, the bridd a
groom, is well and most favorably the
known iiiour. comniy heebep
;linus ~ lru ':pain~
has resided for several years
The weddings W ` a q a rbeer
o-~ a Le fied and rela ve5 being 01
fo~rendsf. OiMe
invited M1Vrs
Te py ouple Will`niake their
homin 'here arid ile-!aho "to S
t`eirfriends, at the resp46nO0 -of Mr.
~J. Dickersozi D 'i
::: ut _befo leavii-g the ,parsonageN
to ni e r. Lana" and M iss, Domn~ et
ito4;unit , M o~~ya o~e o
ootl~l dua fI Has
th ^~d w eedn dW(lQk Ne
r' Qeo rge $steph fs d id.'S?)Tihi Sm1 , TTýr:
wshld° p~at :he: oioz Soce w r
> f` ra .
za Fe
"N nosh' goad ; m t ý
4 /~. po_
ttc j'-ýý
Southern Telephone Company.
•Lake Charles, La., Feb. 17.-Deeds,
recorded here today show the transfer h
by the Southwestern Telephone Com
pany, of Beaumont and North Louisi- game
ana Telephone Company, of ibsland, Louis
to the Southern Telephone Company Louisi
of Arkansas, of their lines in Louisi- is beii
ana, which: include the toll lines from lbrougI
S Shreveport to the. Sabine river, be- ness n
twieen DeQuiney and Lake Charles, will be
between Logansport` and. Mansfield,. ,i our
Sand between Many and Fort essup; We
together with the telephone exchanges 'ices
it located at; Logansport, Mansfield, mnark4
z Zwolle, Many, Leesvile;.: DeRidder
d and Merryville, the toll lines betweIen
Junction City and Alexandria:; be
twewln Alexandria and Merryville,
aind between Bernice'and Farmerville,
together with the, telephone .e
Sexchanges at Jonesboro, Dodson, 1
. Salinei aid Bernice. TiThe considera
os 233P,000oo , `payment to be niade.
part In stock' and part in bonds of the.
gg purchasing company. .
- White Se.
np Tho ýemorll Asociation' will hold
Swhite ale Strday:: March: 26, for
blY the purpose of raising money f or
Ve' painting the cemetery fence.
beenappointed to solicit for this sale :
Mesdame; 1-W. earni,
osee W: Wlams,' "Misses
Lag1 Bern. tenMary `(le. a2n;,Ella:
es ý d e a eeeoei
SY" ,:"; i" ,M ,vC ' Fy tsý~, t
- t.3t
01~ the
.3ý1J ti,` 'aa.ý-f"v ýiý,ý
The Initial Basket Ball Game with Louisiana College
was pulled off and our Scalps hang on the Belt
of the College Boys, but the High School Boys
are Not Discouraged.
The Winnfield High School "Babes" of
made their debut on the basket ball int
field lMonday by going down before dec
the Pineville, Pirates. The Pirates i
can hang the scalps of the "Babes" wo'
on their totem pole and hold "ex- vill
ercise" over the victory. 'Though but
Senator Oglesby was chosen umpire, the
the genial senator was not at all as an:
well up on the rules as he is on ha
politics, and left the decisions to the
referee, who, by his rulings, showed Pil
clearly that he knew he was alone wi
in power. Rt
Mr. Cottingham of Louisiana Col- pr
lege acted as referee, and, were he to to
attempt to referee in a league game
the way he. did here, he would be c(
ruled out before the first half ended. p]
HIis misinterpretation of the rules
made an easy victory for Pineville.
Many times he called fouls on Winn- tl
field for things he paid no attention h
to: with Pineville. For instance;
twice, one of our men was pushed e
over the line by one of the pirates,
and instead of calling a foul said.it
was "referee's ball", and a few
minutes later one of our men, running
after the ball, slid into a 'pirate,
pushing him over the line and a foul
wvas immediately called. During the
first half he called but three fouls on
Pineville, when they had mde. 12
clean fouls, and one foul in the second
half when they made five.
There is 'o doubt that Pineville
completely outclassed us; for they
certainly .played the game, but if
their, previousi record is based on .the
same referee's decisions, no .wonder
they made such high lscores before.
S:Clean sport is admired everywhere
. but when an official takes advaltage
of his position, the game loses its
Ll interest, and for this reason Winnfield ,
e declined to finish the second half.
s It is not contended that Winnfield
" would have won the game, for Pine-.
V- ville outclassed us .in every respect,
h but when a referee attempts to run
e, the score to the highest point by
LB any means it is high time to call a
,n halt.
le In the game between Ruston and
3d Pineville, Tuesday, the game ended
ae with a score of 39 to 23, in favor of
Ruston. During this game it was
al- proved that we were right in regard. I
to to three men on the ball.
ne In our future games we will have a
be competent referee as well as fair
3d. playing.
les At our school we have students of
Lie. both sexes who, having seen that: !
they are not the centre of popularity,
ion have taken to knocking and tryingto
ce; run down basket ball especially, and
ted everything else generally. 'These:,
tes, "measly muck rakers", are' found
d it everywhere;and are the "undesirable
few citizens" of a school. Studentsl take
itng heed and see if you are one of these;
ate, some of you are.
the Last Friday the E. L. . rendered::
on an" excellent program, consisting.:
8 1o mainly of selections from Washing
a1nd ton. The students have taken a firin
ond grip, on their literary work and
vile resblved to make our, society worL :
they thorough success, .and they will
at i without a doubt.
Sthe There is a current. rumor atschooli
nder but, of course it is 'onlya rum orthat t .
re. the 7th grade has taken to studyig";
whore Just think ' ITo doubt our If:ture'"
stage presidents will come from the.m,
May Play Here.
She stta eJhampionship basket ball
game may be played here by the
Louisiana Industrial Institute. and the
Louisiana College teams. An effort
is being made to hive the game
brought here; and we; trust our busi
ness men will lend their, aid, as it
will be of great -interest and benefit
jo our ipeople.
We keep af u lline of feed stuff our
prlees are always in line ,with.. the
market. Wood Grocer ,ompanY
SIrSenior L
I Mrs. Lawson' McDonaldl enteirtaine
theni eorpworthl LeaPe' at he~i
the Bp
lovely, h6me on Wednesdayee ning r4
SOwing to _ the I men th
Sweather, only a fe
After transacting businiessa enjoy6
a social hour's chat duri
time the hostes served ma.t:
and calke which was relished b all=,
I Let every onde remember te Se
SLeague dhaschanged thetime of niee ;.r.
in from Sunday to'Thurdy
It has been Positively Establshed that =
Lime Acts as a Fertili
Try a few sacks of thig l~ite in. your garden.
: .. -'f ·!'i ·l!;
The old method of appYigime by takig lump
line and i piing it in heaPs. ovei the fiekd1 a
leaving it there tiiti it ai-sakes, is a ry
Sexpesve one By usg Sni
Drift Hydrated~ imne~ whichlcomfes'in litiiformu
packages,, is 'absolutely P1ure adid ful stren~gthf~4
.. 110 .1"
with ahl impte matStemoQed u ca ge
Ia oul exaetly -what ototaetdin
it in ani Mec1 rte.Afl tniLform maIne1r.
LeGie this a Trial
<~/~~L1 Punish Vou Lime in Barrels or Sack >
~D~it~::~of4 Snow·rif
' ~~~e have just received d cart of Snow cari
ca 'ycrted Lime and have had par of tisable
cuto ss t sma ao.nt
1: cka' iýtU,.t.l:~ ;sr ~8
ý :hnii 1:i:
dl it ý . a - ''r · . · r y: ; , g
A . .?ý T
,.e rrii"výýý t44
°i"`. t'' -";i3'`'" _ Rte, . : yvie· _ -Of-I
1` "Yýý ýý.ý r;,:' ý yam..: p r~d
'y u··llc 0~j~tle _~~~
Wit Ej+
iý 'Y- '
"afro .ý f illkc
i0 ý ?vi'f 4 i%!±i ýýi ý. e rýYSr^^ - -

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