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t4cw Presses' and New Type 11Advertieetbnti ae
wif aces for Gommerial'Work 3$always leteesrsusg
Official Journal of the Parish of Winn. Official Journal of the Town of Winnfield.
POLLY"The Seminary ay Tuday Mar 5 erBenefit U D. C's. and
"iPOLLY", Te Seminary Beauty, Tuesday, March 15 Opera ouse. Scooimprovement Lau
proved a Howling Success in Ruston=-Beautiful and
.ý-Successful Spectacular Play at Opera House
. Next Tuesday Night--All Home Talent.
~jast Saturday night. the young
ies and gentlemen of TRiston I
e~;ghted a large audience with
Sollege play, "Polly," the Semi
rBeauty. The cast, under the
,rough staging and drilling of
i!ogers, took their respective
tswith ease and grace and
.was not a hitch in the entire
ormance. Members of Pierian
j ere highly pleased and be
Miss Rogers long continued
a cast of twenty-four young
ieand gentlemen, who com
ihe cast of the coming per.
iRce, are delighted over it,
jiy are working hard to come
g up to the expectations of the pub.
n lic. The following is the cast:
h Mrs. Winters, college............Mrs. W. E. Heard
j Polly Primrose, Seminary Beauty...............
Audie Williams
e Ophella Barclay, popular............Blanche Jones
Daisy Lyle, Athletic girl..............May Crawford
Jane Mitchell, society leader.........Lease Bailey
re Maggie Eagan, Irish waitress......Celeste Brian
d Gentleman Principals.
,e Billy Hickson, football player...Frank Emerson
Dickie Murphy, coach.....................lvin Hearn
II Jack Dawell, trainer.....................Louis Geagan
e. Johnie Jones...............Harry Davis
Bob Jenks, Freshman.......................Roy Wright
Hon. Thos. Jenks......................
Girl Students.
Katie Lee White, Estelle Tannehill, Beatrice
Pace, Eflie Shaw, Florence Peters, Laura
II' Wasson, Lorena Walker, Ottice Barnes.
rT" Boy Students.
it Edwin Banks, Harry Davis, Clabe Terral
Sam Godfrey, Sims Nettles, Webster Godfrey,
Qe Caven Freeman.
:Mercantile Company.
Louisiana Mercantile Corn
ij ;ithe name of a new firm
Srenovating the brick store
ond street next door to the
3 !yDruig Coy stand. Mr, T.
:dy is in charge and will
stock of general merchan
arloads of freight are ar
r tli company. and they
Sopen their dodis in a few
They will probably have an
e in the next issue of
er Mr.- Peddy-was,, form-
the:Winufield Mercantilo
iineeds no introduction to
w r.'ople.
irlln E
,- '. fitll
111111 ftr
ýý .rtT" .Ir~lý f S~
_ _In
'L .. -, - to
"4C S 4 ý" .I. _ , a l'
:" o
L. ill~~~..- iifiir iij ~ :- - n
mow` ~ .r j g i ~ imohnsia t:ufc a beci~molded to sut'
'th emend ifb~ii aUsa ry:eRaijge,:onethat its'easi ikl kept clean'~~:
- hf ce;bt dn istaut1l rem~oved to polish the Range, and ROhW i
r, a ikrad that secrete greaoisead duat.
ý5n"h{'Be ut~i~oneardit resemnles In smany -r'eapect's ethe 'steel :ranige and ftlls the
` o Ietelt oPreoa who prefer. a ei ra mac e entirely. o~tih best X1
ýý `i opc om giveeyon mor~e;room than ono? with a hearth, died you )iave a ;
, 5ý ven;door hals. always the ideal oven shelf = k,.
. r' r om;adteei h convenieint neeterI cover, re:
. Yn llil ',tt~ >taafi$ ' zIn'r ten slid tis Range ars It is auý easy,'way
Th fre of' g''d z1:: ae~ eav urbe b 0lCl tiý ~ ~s~
tee lasativyesswe coal ias~ ot~'twit when wood eulyis used., ;3! *sale sd t'
- ý !Thý' e`ýea% 4sa;i~itkte;,e~ba ýmakeaah~easy 'di~aftt;ad gys_ aptiren
,4"ei1 ýCOVei$r >s."ý -i.;s :y ,ý 11*ý;`
r a` :aexert la~ fiesI l $a ý;ns reaqnk ,akin a:; swill1I4, vyv:are
eitie, i~oftbakdngbetw1vieenithIiý %ýaEn3;~on&Ofle m c.d a5teel.'.Thu3e ý;.,,-.
,c `Sa ngn - ra r;;~A iO~ ee '-W½ , r ,-.:".
` e-& k~~6 I"i th .nlJ. ý"e \
G e t e ns:Mlhe ov ` e e ~tedt~hl ataoca ho lll4-bwhe whalef -,;
- -4
t 1 g. .4 ,t." ý yýý ý,y y,.;:ý
Sold Out.
The Smith-Grisham Drug Co.
has gone out of business, and Mr.
J. F. Whitley of Dodson has taken
charge. The transfer was made
yesterday and Mr. Whitley took
charge; He will make his an
nouncement to the public as soon
as he has settled his plans. Our
people are` invitedto call at his
store and make his acquaintance.
From a personal experience- the
writer can promise them a most
cordial. welcome. and courteous
Lots of comedy, plenty of special.
ties and a strong play all go to makE
"The Girl and the Conviet.' a strong
entertainment. At the Opera HousE
tomorrow night. 25e, 35c and 50o.
The The
Oldest Ml BER-NSTEI N ewest
Store ESTABLISHED 1852. Prices
pAll the Week from
pe al Now until Mar. 19
(Prices will Change. Watch this Space.) to
Special on 2 lb. Bucket - - 30c
tt le4 lb. Bucket - - 60c
U0 I J0 0I I0U 10 lb. Bucket - $1.40 si
Special Offer on Sugar this week
i8 lbs. Standard Granulated Sugar............ $1.
19 lbs. Y. C. Sugar ............................. $1.
20 lbg. Prime Sugar........................... $1. ti
New Syrup, qt: cans,...............15c 90 1b Pure Yellow Chops $1.45
New Syrup, ½-gal. cans....:..30c 90so Wheat Bran .............. $1.40 a
New-Syrup, 1 gal. cans...-..50c 901b Shorts .......................... $1.50 4
Highest Patent: Flour bbl$7.25 Cottonseed Meal, 100lb sk $1.75
High Pat. Flour 241h sack 90c C. S. Hulls ............. 75c
r. Cream Meal 24th Sack..... 55c
n Pearl -Meal 241b Sack..... 50c No.2 White Oats 4 bu sck $2.75 1
k Wrapped Bacon.....,............. 18C Choice Alfalfa Hay bale 80c
I- Bacon, Extra Cleari Sides 17c' Choice Prarie Bay bale 45c
i Dry Salt Bellies ....................... 1c Choice Timothy Hay...... 85c
is Gold Brand Hams............ 18ac Choice Bermuda Hay..... 70c
Or rders Phone Terns:
filled Spot
SPromptly 13 Gash
Teachers .Entertained.
The reception . tendered the 1
parish :teachers by the School Lro
Improvement League on last Fri.
djay" night int: the high school ed
auditorium was a brilliant success on
in every particular, except that of
attendance. on 'the part of . the pl
out of towni -teachers. :There was,
scar;cely half the numbe:expected
present mulch to the disappoint- to
ment'. of :the: President :of the
:League, Mrs. Moss; :and: the com-r th
mittee twhio .had 'worked for the
success of the ei tertainment Th. e
reception- commiiittee consisted of
young ladies from the _:faculty of
the high `schooli Misses, "Noloen Ji
Huey, OMalley,` Gibson,' Green, bi
McBee, Jacklson, PetersHowell,
and Durhamn:with- M`i Adaris as ni
master of' ceremonies.. That he
filled is pbsition: creditably, may
be attested by all present.::The
fi.st part of :the vening was spent
ii making everybody acquainted
with e erybodyi else.. D-uring .this
iiinterval of.ifriendly exchange: of
gr etiigs, Mr. Adams handed out
to ,iach ;dne .present a; caird con
itaining an historical conttest. ._The
q-es(ion af were suctii-t t i wet:eih aiv
a11 know but iight  forget, and
it wias very: amsing jito find that
some one .else b:- forgotten aore
feather in .thlap ofa ;riofPr obinf
son wben t o: is pupl ldre
.an .. , M a 1.. Bozem ant l M iss
nIng ve a biy' of. tationy.: .s
into' &= adjoinhgrn room where the.:
htdi~s ba e pae eicious Y
- l if acefor-these nforna :'`aairs, i
a _.1
a ý.i~~i
Birthday Party. "
e Friday,.afternoon, March 4th
A from 3' to 5 o'clock Little Miss
Louise Wallace,. daughter of Mr.
aind Mrs, O. K. Wallace, entertain.
1 ed her little friends with a party da
on her fourth birthday. : us
* The liappy little boys and girls bu
played all kinds of games and had t
a good time generally. When they
seemed tired of play they marched tw
to the dining room in pairs. There
n they were: served dainty refresh. Pr
ments. The table was beautifully e
e decorated. with violets. In the
center iwaa a large white cake with
ote four: candlesone for each year
ofer life. The little. folks had i
lots of fun trying to see who could [.
blow the 'most candles out.
iittleI Louise rceived qiiite a
as numbe of beautiful priesents. The A
guesist :,were Clifford. Barnette,
ai Jianita Haiwley;Olive Ann Kidd, I
he lario .Hart. Willie Ma, Wallace,
it CarrieMaud Bevill, Johiýn T. Mos
ley, Jr., : alarie Baker, Corinine
of IMachen, Velvfeegarden, Oiphelia b
o. Moss rlivo Sadie Jenkins > and
Ruthl Mahen, Among -the' groin
Sfolks present were.: Louise!s: two=
grandmotiihers, Mrs. M1 r. Mchen
and Mrs.:J T.. WallaceM and also
nd Mesdames >iW. H -Baker, J. Henry
at art, 'Bolb ~ clieif and Ede Gallion.:
ore The little follks had  sucha good'
ime, ":they didn't care <to leave
when time came to 'go home.
ers - Last show 'ofthe Season
if What 'will be ýno doubt be the
ted, takes plac'i-atf the . opera; house
the next Baturday and' Mobday ights
oan -when 'il and Gussy Andrews saps
ported by'tbo AndrewsStock+ Com
`a` pany, - will holde forth. Th'icom
aie Iany is ander the nanagement of
ery 3. A. lawleyand'he Las: secured
:ny exceptioally str oipau n
v T pl JAY, turday ni gj -will e
ir siniiioal coiedy'in for acts
i h r . the Cnvict I
tir to oi yu~rtrul
Z f .'?iiý `'" yK' rk" fS.' +i f r+'
Our Basket Ball Team Goes to Alexandria and Takes
the Scalp of the High School Team in a Warmly
Contested Game===Return Game Saturday.
Last Saturday our basket ball or
team went to Alexandria and beat at
them on their own grounds with a
score of 10 to 6. It was a spirited a,
game, -while it lasted, but the ai
halves were to short too make any ye
staai playing. The game was call- g
ed. at 3 o'clock and was attended al
by a good size crowd. c.
About a minute'.after the ball g
was thrown up at the centfie our a
first goal was made, and from then
until the game was called we kept s
the lead. Alexandria's men were p
exceedingly quick and fast and it e
took swift playing to hold them. y
Alexandria made one field goal 1,
and 4 points on fouls. We made r
4 field goals and threw two fouls. I
By this you can see that it was a I
relnAarkably clean game, - .
Mr. Perrault of Alexandria
refereed, and Mr. Adams umpired, t
and the two were kept on the I
jump looking for fouls. Not one'
man-of either team has been heard
to complain against the manner in
which these two men did their i
Col. Smylie of the Comrade has I
followed our athletic teams every
where they have gone, and attend-.
ed every football and basket bill
game we have played. It mnakes
any kind of team better no. matter .
where they go, to have it rooters
to yell for them. Col. Smylie has
made himself the friend of every
I one of the boys by his loyalty and
t actions in these things.
rN ext Saturday we play Alexg
I andria here. Don't forget to come
e and see the game, you will be glad
y you came, as it will be a clean :.
I- game throughout. We guarntee:
d an entire game, as our men have ~,
cut out the rough playing and :
I1 got down to business. Be sure
r and come.
n Last Thursday night the Peter
)t son Sisters rendered an excellent
e program and the music was rend-:: ```
it ered with great skill. It is to:
n. your benefit to attend these school
tl lectures. The people who take,
le part in them are. not ordinary
s. people doing an ordinary ,stunt,"
a but men and women \who really,
skilled in their various -li es:. ofzi
ia duty, and when it is aunt tuced
d, that one of tho numb(r °of. tbisA;
he lecture, course'will be here, if :you
ne are looking for the real tlinog :.you :7i
rd will come.
in Last Friday the High Sch6oi o
air society had a -change ia 'their
program and instead of the .usual i y
as features, one of the girl students.i
ry sued a boy student, for $100,00:
id- damages °for breach of f.proims
all and :n. It s 'very` excitin g.,
:es throughout We shouild: - e
ter advertised it and .iarged admis
rts sion, but, will know -:tie r
ias time.
.ry Don't forget the game Saturduay
SW. H. M. S.
" The Woman's Homne Mission
Society. met at the. Church Thurs- C
Y day aftsinoon at 3:30. After the.lE
usual. devotional exercise, the s
is business was thenm, taken up and 1;
d the instalment of new oficers. t
OOwing to the inclement weather t
d tewo of the new officers were t
se absent, but a good crowd: were
h. present and a great deal of inter:
y est was shown by all.:. These i
ie meetings continue to grow both in c
3h interest. and .number. Twoknew 1
r members were, iaddedr to the roll,
Md M rs. Fick :and 1Mrs. Gillis, making
Id a total of thirty nitie- neniberis
The ::-following ladies': were
I present;- Mesdames Pace, Lanwson
1e McDonald, Winlock, Harperi, Gole,
e Watts, Bailey,-- Rhdei, Fick;
, foore, : Spencer, Gillis, Ferrand
SJackson 'and McDonaldi
he' theSociety will 'hlave a picture
ne shoW Tuesday March 22nd fot tihe
I;: enefit ofi. the parsonage.
SAND HA nowts
, ...m.- -------
LWe cary a large stock of B. F. Avery's
wer, Hay akes, Hay Presse and, in
fact eeryting for the Farmer. We, alWso
he & Conpany'Tools for the Blacksmiths,
SCapenter Machinists and Milel Wrig
Scataiius Most c8fmplo te :lines of g
ardar and Mill plies in t
L....a .:.i
ar eV ers' -.~ .1-V a. q. :
iidrhe; in
cata Most:. p
In St. Louis.
"J. . ,Hyde, resident;:of the
Grand LeaderDrj G6pdC :, e I
St. Louis this w ek. buying th1 ;
spring anhd snimer stock ti ,
large store. 2His experienc an
.taste are sure to giv aii tiu
thi best thiat -he mar teford
to c oose froniM -Ois retrn'
will tell ourreaders ofthe result :
of his tri and hisstory will dout
less be- interesting to te fan
custofier who avoearne to
trust hi judgment ipicit
In moNei
`W. -W.' Kelly the 3'iieket B` ~ ;
tisa t movin his ~toc into shia'
L~nwqart in= the ]3ailey =boc
fornierlyo Cu ied
&urreaersmaylook .for? an: an
inounceineiadtfrom -thi u-to,
mer'chant8'OD s ari: order°:is }re : i
3 st reid} nd ' hsstocl i ready
sniehiai h s8:s the place;ee
"ySou A get it iessY

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