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...._ 3 ,rO.M RADETV ~~-
Base Bal To-day and To-morrow, 4 O'clock p. m., Ringold versus Winnfield.
New Presses and New Type Advertisementsinth
f aces for Gommercial) ork
ac~s for ~ommercial ork I always give the best results
Official Journal of the Parish of Winn. Official Journal of the Town of Winnfield.
Let in the Sunlight.
Suppose you knew a man who kept
his shades drawn tight all day and,]
burnel ke'rosene instead of letting in n
the sunlight;
Suppose you knew a man toiling
along a dusty road who would not i
accept a lift-when there was plenty
of room in the wagon;
Suppose you knew a miller-With
his mill built beside a swift-running ]
stream-who insisted on turning the
machinery by hand.
All foolish, you say?, And yet look 1
around you-how few retqilers take F
advantage of the great advertising
campaigns run by food, textile, cloth
add every other manufacturing line
that you can name! /
Think a moment! What was the (
last advertisement you read and I
wondered just which store in town i
would be progressive enough to have r
the goods in stock so you could see f
them-and purchase?
More goods are sold under the even
ing lamp at home than you dream of.
Practically every live retailer adver
tises in his local paper. But how? v
Put up your lightning rod! Let v
your customers know that you can e
deliver to them the goods which great a
advertising, paid for by manufac- a
turers has interested them in. a
They will get the habit-and you h
will get the business. tl
Practically every manufacturer
stands ready to help you help your
self. Ask them for electrotypes suit.
. able to run in your advertising. of
Hook your trademark to your store. si
Consumers' demand for advertised pl
goods is now divided broadcast among ai
all the stores in town. J,
Use your advertising in local papers ra
to focus this demand upon your store. w
'And don't forget to send for those Si
_helpful electrotypes.
Read this again for it means money
to you.-Ruston Leader.
Don't Like Dixie.
Senator W. B. Heyburn, of Idaho,
dislikes "Dixie." ci
He created a sensation at a recept- pl
ion given to Congressman T. R. Ham
erat Wallace, Idaho, by stopping the
orchestra while the musicians were
playing the popular strains. Colonel br
Hammer had just finished his address in
and the orchestra had started a med
ley of well-known airs. y
About the sixth number in the i
medley was "Dixie," The senator
leaped to his feet, strode across to the
musicians and cried out:
"This is a Republican meeting. We m,
want no such tunes here."
The amazed musicians stopped W
immediately.;: The senator strode ri
back to his seat. Aftet a moment of pm
silence .Mayor Hanson arose and en
closed the meeting. bt
Today the north bound passenger fri
train on'the Rook Island road had in
attached to it a special car which had lo'
streamers hanging from each side of
it announcing that it was the ear of
the Hang Investment Company. The ye
streamers also announced that Louis wl
iana is the richest ahd best state to Oc
:live in the union.-Ruston LTader. o
Winnfielad, La., July 17, 1910
Wm. Polk, Gen. Agent
Louisiana Nat. Life
Alexandria, La.
Dear. Si:r:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of o:-heok
to pay the policy in fui- upon the life of
m , husband., J. N. DeLoaoh, who died on July
I want to thank the Louisiana Life
1Insurance Co. for their promptness as' it
has tak en only ten days to get a settlement
Yours truly,
6 -ý..L -
Rock Island Officials.
pt Three special cars came in last
id Monday over Rock Island and were
in switched on to .the Tremont & Gulf.
The cars carried railroad officials, and
ig we learn they were on a tour of
At inspection.
T. & 0. News.
,h In a recent number of the Ruston
g Leader a meeting of the stockholders
ie of the Tremont & Gulf Railway is
called to meet at Tremont on Septem
bk ber 10th to increase the capital stock
:e and amend their character.
h The Cool North.
1o Mr. and Mrs. Jno. O'Laughlin, who
are on a summer vacation in the
e Great Lakes region have remem
d bered The Comrade with cards show
n ing points of interest along their
e route. We thank our young friends
e for their thoughtful kindness and
wish them a most delightful trip.
Water Works Extension.
The mains for extending the water
works are being laid by C. H. Elliott,
t who has charge of the work, and he
a expects to hale the works completed
t as rapidly as possible. Chief Gibbs
- will have new fire stations located
and equipped at once. It is to be
2 hoped that the insurance rates may
then be reduced.
The Hardwood Mill.
A resent visit f o the Hardwood Mill
of the Mansfield Hardwood Company
shows that it is rapidly nearing com
I pletion. The frame work is finished
and the machinery is being installed.
J. D. Pace has the derrick and appa
ratus at work boring a deep well. It
will begin active operations about
September 1st. It's pay roll will add
greatly to the prosperity of our town.
Biggest Thing in Town.
The biggest thing in our town is the
Creosote plant. They have a little
city of their own down there. The
principal things manufactured now
are paving blocks for which they have
arge orders, cross arms for telegraph.
and telephone service and piling for
bridge work is extensively. engaged
in. They have a saw mill, planing
mill, a 100 foot and 60 foot crgosote
eyclinders and a fine commissary. It
will pay you to visit this hive of
industry. _
Mrs. Hyde Dies.
On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Hyde,
mother of our townsman N. M. Hyde, t
with her granddaughter, Mrs. Essie
Wardlow, and her baby were out
riding at Montgomery in Gramt
Parish, - The horses became fright- i
ened and ran away, turning the
buggy over. Mrs. Hyde suffered 4
fracture 'of the skull which resulted
in her death Wednesday. Mrs. Ward
low and her child were not injured. t
Mrs. Hyde .was buried in the t
family burying ground at Colfax (
yesterday. She was well known here 1
where many relatives reside. The
Comrade mourne with them in their,
hour ofl bereavemnt.
The The
Oldest i. BERNSTEIN Newest
Store ESTABLISHED 1852. Prices
SAll the Week from
Special Now until Aug. 27
(Prices will Change. Watch this Space.)
Special Offer on Sugar this week
18 lbs. Standard Granulated Sugar............ $1.
18 Ibs. Y. C. Sugar .......... .. ... .. $1.
New Syrup, qt. cans,...............15c 9011, Pure Yellow Chops $1.40
New Syrup, 1-gal. cans.......30c 901b, Wheat Bran ........... $1.40
New Syrup, 1 gal. cans ....... 50c
Highest Patent Flour bbl$7.25
Cottonseed Mieal, 100 lb sk $1.75
High Pat. Flour 241b sack 90C
10011, C. S. Hulls .............. 75c
Cream Meal 24th Sack..... 55c
Pearl Meal 24th Sack.... 50c No.2 White Oats 4 bu sck $2.50
Wrapped Bacon.................... 18c Choice Alfalfa Hay bale 80c
Bacon, Extra Clear Sides 17c Choice Prarie Bay bale 45c
Dry -lt Bellies ..................- 16c Choice Timothy Hay....... 85c
Gold Brand Hams............... 21c Choice Bermuda Hay..... 70c
Special on 0 2 lb. Bucket - - 30c
4 lb. Bucket - - 60c
0ottolelle 10 lb. Bucket - $1.40
Phone 13. . Terms: Spot Gash
Ladies Aid Society,
The Ladies Aid Society of the Pres
byterian Church will meet with Mrs.
J. R. Gibbs next Monday afternoon
at 4 o'clock., A full attendance is
earnestly desired.
Removal, Notice.
My old customers will find me in
the building formerly occupied by
Dr. Siess' Drug Store, opposite post
office, where I shall be pleased to
meet all my old friends and many
new ones. Very respectfully,
Methodist Episcopal Services.
Rev. Robeit H. Harper, pastor of
the Methodist Church at Natchi-,
toches, will preach at the Methodist
Church in Winnfield;next Sunday at 1
11 a. m., and 8:15 p. m. Everybody
cordially invited to attend these ser-r
Child Dies.
Byrdnie Elizabeth, the 3-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Mathe
son, died:Wednesday afternoon, the
immediate cause of its death being
membraneus croup. The remains
were laid to rest.in the city cemetery.
Thursday. morning. Mr. Matheson
was in California at the timne of his
,child's death and it- was impossib'le
for him to return in time 'ti rattend'
the funeral. The 'Comrade "extends
its sympathy to the bereaved parents
in their hour of sorrow.
The contract to do the work of e
janitor at the high school building for
the session beginning September 5thi,
1910, will be-let by the principal of
the school next Monday, -August 22,
and sealed bids for the contract will
be received up to noon of that day. a
Those desiring to bid should obtain '
from the principal a detailed state- g
ment of the duties of janitor beforel
submitting. bids. Bond for perforfi
ance of duty will be require d.
Wiinnfeld; La. W `: . J. Avery,'
August 17, 1910. Principal.
Teachers' Examination. -
Dear Editor':-Please-announce that ,
the next. examination for, teachers
wil lbe held in the` Winifield High f
Schol building on, September nd and
3rd,'=,: begiijing - at: seven o'clocik in q
e m eorning a
A teaher must comp f with the if
co t ract: to Iteach ir the ' public
Local and Personal.
Clyde and,Edna McDonald have just
re.turned from Saline, La.,whero they
have been visiting their uncle and
aunt, Dr. and Mrs. C. T. McDonald,
for the past ten days. They report
quite a good time.
A Well known Des Moines woman
after suffering miserably for two days
from bowel complaint, was cured by
one dose of Chamberlain's Colic and
Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale by all
Fred Strong, of West Monroe, who
has been visiting his aunt, Mrs. C. H.
Sutton, for several days, left Thurs
day morning for St. Maurice to visit
his aunt, Mrs. R. L. :Jackson, before
returning to his home.
' To keep your health sound; to avoid
the ills of advancing years; to con
serve your physical forces for a ripe
and healthful old age, guard your
kidneys. by taking Foley's Kidney
Remedy. Sold by all druggists.
'J. R. Heard, cashier of the Bank of
Winnfield, accompanied by his sister,
Miss Margie Heard .of. Bernice, left
Wednesday for' New Orleans, where
Miss Margie goes to have her eyes
treated by a specialist..
Guts and bruises may be healed in
about one-third the time required by
the.- usual treatment ,by applying
Chamberlain's Liniment. It is an
antiseptic and causes such injuries to
heal without maturation. This lini
ment also relieves soreness of the
muscles and rheumatic pains. For
sale by all dealers.
Seeing is believing, but there are
some things you ought to believe that
you do not see, one is that if your
eyes are weak you need glasses and
Whitley & Thomasa can: fit you up
with the best glasses at the lowest
MiessJanie Cole returned yesterday
afternoon, from a trip- to St. Louis,
where she went to buy fall and winter
goods for the store of, C. B. Cole &
Co. T'he customers of that popular
firm will have a most varied and select
stock Oto : make their selection 'from
whenithe goods arrive.
H. C.: Thomas, junior member of
the Whitley & Thomas Drug Compa
ny, is spending the week in- Little
Rock, where he is buying a large line
o: fall stationery; and school supplies
for their store here and their Dodson
store also. '. During Mr. Thomas' ab
sence J.· D. B. Grieg, an experienced
and practical druggist of New Orleans,
is filling -lhis place as dispensing phar
I lihave bght somie shoes cheap
C~n e:arid see. W> F.' Dickerson:
Y8hES ',JTs~ito 'ire v'.- 3{ý:i-~.i"- :iYG ý" ;_ý%'.
Another Burglary.
This city was again visited by a
gang of thieves at about 1:30 o'clock 1n
Tuesday night when the stores of S. n
J. Harper, Peoples' Hardware & Fur- fi
niture Co., and O'Quin & Gibson Dry n
Goods Company were broken into. s
Entrance into Harper's store was t,
effected through a large transom on t1
the second floor and only $1.25 was d
taken from the cash drawer. Mr. ti
Harper could not ascertain as to what u
goods were stolen. fl
The Peoples' Hardware & Furniture
Company's store was entered by e
breaking open the back door. On c
investigation four flie pistols were ft
found missing and $1 in loose change e
from the cash drawer, but the pro- y
prietors do not know of anything else fi
being taken. t]
The thief entered the store of O'Quin ti
& Gibson by removing the skylight it
and jumping down about fifteen. feet p,
on some dry goods on a table. In this p:
store the thief consumed considerable t1
time in selecting certain articles to tl
suit himself, as indicated by almost h
everything in the store being upset. n:
About $50 worth of dry goods had T
been selected and arranged to be fr
taken away when he was discovered jc
by some boys, who gave the alarm. 1t
At this moment the robber made a
bold dash through the front door. In sI
his flight he was fired at three times w
by Turner Machen, a restaurant el
keeper, but it is.not known whether
he was hit or not. Only 51.50 in l
money was taken from the cash M
drawer. .
The L. & A. depot was also entered K
about the same hour, by breaking the A
sash and turning the fastener. The Li
cash drawer was broken open, but as A
it contained no money, the thief got Cl
This is the second robbery to occur
in Winnfield within three weeks, the
first stores being robbed were W. A. w
Mashaw, the jeweler, who lost $40 in UE
cash, and S. J. Harper, who returned a
in time to prevent anything being cc
taken away. His store was again na
broken into Tuesday night. ea
It is believed that this second rob- ar
bery was perpetrated by the same
gang who operated here three weeks as
ago. The police,depwrtment is mak- ac
ing every effort to apprehend the thief se
or thieves and hopes to capture them th
before long. se
J. W. S. C.
A number of the girls of our city
have organized a Jenny Wren Sewing an
The first meeting was held at the th
home of Annie and Nita DeLoach on o
August 4, 1910, at 3:30 p. m. The Mi
second meeting was held with Mabel eq
McGinty on August 17 at 3:30 p. m. he
Delicious refreshments were served
at both meetings. The members are fo
learning to embroider. A meeting ca
will be held every two weeks.
The members are, Nita DeLoach,
Alice and Florence Wright, Ohlotilde
and Estelle. Siess; Mabel McGinty,
Esther Robinson and Bettie Teddlie. Gr
Mrs. I. T. DeForest is the directress. leE
Th$ next meeting will be held with eai
Chlotilde Siess, September i, at 3:30
p. m. All members are expedted to 15'.
be present. me
Excellence flour is always the same. hiE
You can find it at Wood Grocer Co. go
The success of a man in business
depends on his attention to little
things. .
"A thousand get rich by saving,
where one gets rich by speculating.
That person is wise who in youth
makes provision for old age . :.:..
A dollar saved today may be the
foundation of your fortune.
Begin saving today, tomorrow you
may forget it.
Saving, like spending, is a habit.
The place to put your Savings
Winnfield, La. .
Capital $75 000 Surplus $37,5
-- r
irý '"ýýi.. ý,.,axfa, ;,ýý.?:ý: : -..':r...xý. .,..Hae e,.; ."ý . '.ý"ý'-` .....:.T ;:eL '7,c.ý, .ý. .7ý',. : -sý".ý'.+ ;-'>;=., .. . ...ý. -" rt.._ _....{..
At Camp Meeting.
a A merry crowd left here last Sunday
ok Morning, bound for Hudson to enjoy
S. not only a long ride through the pine
Ir- forest of Winn but to attend camp
ry meeting. The crowd consisting of
some of the young people of the town
as took their dinner with them which
)n they certainly enjoyed, indeed some
as declared that "so abundant had been
[r. the chicken and so jolly the crowd
at until they could hardly keep from
re While they were prevented from
)y enjoying the morning service, be
)n cause of the length of the drive, they
re found the afternoon hour very inter
;e esting and instructive. Then too the
o- young people found a congenial crowd
se from Dodson who joined forces with
them in an exploring expedition over
in the Hudson school campus and build
it ings. So interested were the youing
et people in the surroundings and so
is pleasantly was the time passing until
le they, forgetful of the hour, found
to that they had stayed longer than :
st had been their intention. Therefbre,,,:"
t. night overtook them on their return.
Id This, however, did not prevent them
)o from enjoying their homeward
id journey since the moonlight flooded
a. the woods.
a May it again be our pleasure to:i
:n spend a day with these young people K
3s who leave nothing unturned in their:
it efforts to make all spend a happy day.
3r Those who enjoyed the trip were:
in Misses Olyde Bozeman, Katie Lee
h White, Estelle Tannehill, Lorenal
Walker, Laura Wasson, Clyde-Long,
d Katherine VanDyke, Nancy Long,
Le Audie Williams, Vivian Holt; Messrs.
ie Luther Moore, Morrell Milburn,'
Ls Averett Watts, Thos. Randle and.
At Chas. Smith.
SGiant Corn.
le Last week our friend M. C. Bagwell,:`.
` who has a farm east of town, brought:
n us a fine melon, and some samples of
da new kind of corn he is raising. :The
g corn is called the white giant and thekir
n name is not at all deceptive. The
ears shown us were over a foot long=
" and larger than a man's, arm. Theui
e grains were more than twice as Iigei
as the ordinary corn. He has half an
acre in this corn and is selling .it fori
seed at 10 cents an ear. All who see'
a the corn are anxious • to.. secure ·he
seed. ::
Mr. P. C. -Taylor.
Y -The Comrade received a pleasait
g and appreciated call' from this gentle
man this week. He has purcheat
e the Alexandria Marble Works and;ini
now running it as the Alexandraia
e Marble Mfg. Co. The plant is well
1 equipped with modern'applianes anad
he is prepared to furnish firstclass
grave stones, 'monuments and' fences
for your dead loved ones. Read )bis
card in this paper.
Off for St. Louis. :
A. T. Drewett, manage-r o0l .tie
Grand Leader Dry G.oods Co., stil
leave Monday for St. Louis andt
eastern markets to select the faUand.
winter stoek for his company. hl
is Aaron's first trip sinice he becan
manager and his customers iil ilo
for something extra. He is o::i to
his job," and will doubtless~rnsk

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