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T*MewPese bd wTye I. Advertisementsin this ppe
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Official Journal of the Parish of Winn. Official Journal of the Town of Winnfield.
,,-- - :IIK'[ INI l tl "IN
Opening of Schcol.
The opening excrcihs of the Winn- 1
field High School w:1l) he held in the red
auditorium at nine o'clock Monday At]
morning, Sept.i mber 5th. There will St(
be two or hreec talk by prominent a t
citizens of Wiinfield, in addition to pri
which there will be some important bui
announcements made by the princi- Wi
pal of the school concerning the ple
course of study and the policy of the eat
school in general. It will be worth in
the time of any patron of the school bej
to go to the school building for a ha
short time to hear the talks by the me
citizens and the announcements of ok
the principal. the
Everpbody in Winnfield is cordially hit
invited to be present and it is hoped M4
that every person interested in the
welfare of the school will take the
time and trouble to be present.
The first faculty meeting was held
at the high school building yesterday of
afternoon to make final arrangements at
for the opening on Monday. Entrance M
examinations will be held on Monday in
afternoon for all students who are w
now unclassified and for all who are at
not regularly classified in the high
school department. This does not to
apply to grades below the sixth.
The Election, pI
On Inoxt Tuesday the Democratic al
voters will select their standard bear
ers for Congressman and Board of
Equalizers. For the latter office the
present incumbent, Hon. W. M. Wal- T
lace, has no opposition. For Congress t1
Hon. J.'T. Watkins, present incum- sc
bent, and Judge A. J. Murff are can- di
didates. The endorsement at the a+
primary is equivalent to election. A as
warm campaign, full of acrimony, has r(
been carried out, but the voters have ti
taken little stock in the charges pre- n'
ferred. The result cannot be fore
told, but we do not look for abything S
: •like a full vt:.
The Dodson Fair. p
The Comrade was visited this week L
by Dr. Talbot and Mr. Glen Fleming, h
promoters of the contemplated fair at ti
Dodson in October. at
,,.They reported good success in fin- ii
S ancing the proposition and were much L
gratified at the interest being manul- T
fested. The time is short, but we are ii
satisfied the fair will be pulled off,
and, become a fixed feature in the
future. - 0
We are glad to see the enterprising a
i people of our little sister making this E
start and will have more to say about v
i: --the fair from week to week. It is
: hoped that every farmer in the par
ish will take a part in making it a r
r;, success.
Stubborn as Mules
are liver and bowels sometimes; seem
to balk without cause. Then there's
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nervousnes, despondency, headache.
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ach and liver remedy. So easy. 250
: at all druggists.
:- School Shoes. School Shoes. The
b::: iggest line to select from, buy your
/~';r .Tg.oods here and get premiume. Winn
S"ield Mercantile Co. ,
C. B. COLE & CO.
.Our buyer, Miss Janie - Cole,
has just returned from the
wholesale market with a nice
line of
A'We ia: : Fall Dress Goods
of ,v lis Ladies' and Gents'
Furnishings o 4
: Shoes, Hosiery and
Notions a 4 -
Our goods are new and up
.:... to-date. Let us fit you from
eadto foot. We are always
glad to show you our goods
Bailey Bock Winfied Louisiana
xs ý`%ý- . ý,-"ý uyglf ý .,,ý ý .~'"",ýýf"rýý~ :i LSYý ýxr': t
Atlanta School Building Let.
S .Dear Comrade:-August 30 was a
,e red letter day for the little town of
Atlanta. Contract was let to A. T.
11 Stephenson of New Orleans to erect
ia two-story brick school building, the
o price being $8,285. Plans for this
it building were drawn by Architect
i- Will Drago, and I think, wben com
te pleted, we will have one of the neat
ie eat and most convenient school houses
Ih in the State. Mr. Stephenson will
o1 begin work at once, and agrees to
a have it completed by Dec. 20. In the
ie meantime we will open school in the
of old building. We propose to make
the coming session the best in the
ly history of Atlanta. School opens on
,d Monday. Yours for success,
he Teachers' Examinations.
ld Today and tomorrow the teachers
of Winn parish are being examined
and receiving instructions from Supt.
cc Mixon for the school year which com
mences next Monday. The schools
re will open under favorable auspices
ire and a prosperous year is looked for.
The Comrade congratulates the
ot teachers upon the favorable outlook
and offers its columns for :an expres
sion of their views from time to time,
promising them its loyal support in
tic all things.
The Lord Has Visited Tide.
he A great meeting has just closed at
al- Tide, La. It began Saturday before
Sas the third Sunday in August and lasted
m- seven days. Pastor J. B. Durham
n-. did the preaching. There were 20
he accessions to the church, 10 by letter
A and 10 by baptism. The church was
ias revived greatly. H. C. Eagles led in
eve the singing, which was second to
re- none.
re- The church was organized the third
ng Sunday in September, 1909, with six
members. Now it consists of a mem
bership of 41. These members com
pose a strong band of workers in the
ek Lord's vineyard. The undersigned
ig, had the pleasure of attending part of
at the meeting, and have never seen so
small a band of workers have greater
in- interest, atd try to do more for the
ich Lord's cause than did the church at
,ni- Tide. May the Lord ever bless them
are in'their work. N. D.
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A Crowded Edition..
m Although we publish a ten page
em paper this week we are compelled to
re's curtail our home news as the Con
,he gressional candidates and the Consti
ig's tutional amendments demand so much
om- space and -will not be denied. We
250 will try to make it up next week.
The For Use on Face and Hands
rour Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve is the best.
inn- It is a creamy snow white ointment
and one 25c box will last 3 months.
Oldest M EIINewest i
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to- br
h Phone 13. Terms: Spot Gash a
of as
Pr ...
Local and Personal I
i Red Goose.
e Miss Maude Howell came in Thurs- Co
a day for a short visit before the Ca
e opening of the schools.
, Get the latest pieces for your in,
3, graphophone from W. A. Mashaw, Lc
it the jewelr.
Master Dayton Neill came home an
Thursday after a pleasant week with Gi
relatives at Minden.
o Watch for the Red Goose. ha
Miss Lucille Peters of Alexandria is vi
- the charming guest of Miss Vera
;h Heflin this week.
e Call and see the new belt pins, a
collar pins and mesh bags at W. A. tr
Mashaw's jewelry store. f(
Mrs. A. S. Pinski and grand
t daughter, Irma, are visiting at Mr. E.
J. Stoeckles in Winnfield. ex
See the large rocking chairs we hi
give away as premiums, they are
free. Winnfileld Mere. Co.
Perry Mercer has just recovered la
from a week's illness, while visiting o1
his aunt Mary Allen of Smith..
Have you seen the fine 7-piece d'
kitchen set the Winnfield Mercantile.
Co. is giving away free, s
Miss Ethel Allen has returned from C
the Normal. She expects to teach
at Atlanta the term of 1910-1911.
New Fall goods are arriving daily, e
let us show you, we will ..treat you
right. Winnfleld Mercantile Co.
Miss Vivian Holt will return from
Shreveport Sunday where she has I
been visiting friends this week.
Our school book line is complete. L
Buy while you can get them. Send c
us your mail orders. We will take a
care of them. Phoenix Drug Co., the $
Leading Druggists. a26-2t c
Miss Olive Dean of Boyce and Miss
Maud Dean of Colfax are the guests
of Mrs. J. H. Hart this week.
Don't fail to see our ready to wear
hats. Grand Leader Dry Goods Co.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B: Hall of
Haughton spent' Sunday with their
daughter, Mrs. George Bland.
Alvin Lilly went north on the Rock I
Island train Thursday. and- Madame I
Rumor has said he is to bring some
one home: with him.
Our Milliner, Miss Thompson, has i
arrived. from St: Louis and will be
glad to show -the latest, things in
hats and millineiry. Grand Leader.
'Don't forget that we give 25 more
sheets of paper to the: tablet than
any pne else. ;That his why we save
you money in buying your choo
,,,.sppis honxDugC.`ýaG2.
.. .yr ,"., : 7. ý_ 't .' _s"*:' " :i5 '.ýý
ý(riýi.aý'%3'ýc :w ' ":=w''pi-ac:ý.' ~
Have you seen the Hiandsome 36 clott
inch Mirrbr that the Winnufeld Mere. per i
Co. will give away absolutely free? the
Call and get one, \ you
Mrs. Fonville and her two charm- exar
r ing daughters, Misses Stella and be b
Lucille are visitors here this week.
If you want the latest dress goods
e and fancy trimmings call at the TI
b Grand Leader Dry Goods Co. Win
Rev. Henry Harper, wife and baby, duct
have returned to their home at The,
Natchitoches, La., after a pleasant direc
visit to Rev. J. D. Harper and family. Higl
Young ladies and gentlemen vyho effoi
are going away to school would do Inas
well to let us figure with you on your
trunk. New line just received. Winn- paid
field Mercantile Co. pror
Mrs. Felix Wardlow of Montgom- cam
ery, after a pleasant visit with Mrs.
W. M. Wallace, has returned to her of e'
re home.
Mesdames W. H. Horne and J. M. S,
Wagar of Whitford were visitors here I us
last Friday and paid The Comrade my
g office an appreciated call. it 1
Assessor J. T. Durham left yester- thei
e day with his charming daughter, Miss '
Vara, for Murfreesboro,'Tenn., where
she will matriculate at the Tennessee
m College.
Alvernon, George and Ruth
Marshall of Shreveport visited their
YD cousin, Mrs. George Bland last week.
Have you seen the Red Goose?
lm -. H. Weeks and familly and Mrs.
as Hawkins and daughter, Ruth, left
Thursday to reside in the future at
Hot Springs.
;e. Mrs. Florence Thompson, who is in
ad charge. of the Miljinery department
ke at the Grand Leader has arrived and
he will be glad to. have the ladies call
and examine the stock under her
charge. She is an experienced trim
ts Miss Clotile Siess, the pretty
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. I. E. Siess
ar entertained a number of associates at
an evening party at her home on
Tuesday evening in honor of her
of cousin, Miss Lucille Siess, of Alex
cir andria.
Diarrhoea ,is always more or less
ek prevalent during September. Be pre
me pared for" it. Chamberlain's Colic,
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ore always headquarters for everything
an ewe carry. Phoenix 'Drug Co., the
SLheading Druggists. a26-2t
.. - ' t ' i .'
Whitford Dots.
Mrs. Broadway and three daughters,
Florrine, Olivia and Dora, are visit
ing at Clarks, La.
Mrs. P. Bristol had her mother,
Mrs. Williams of Colfax on a visit
this week. tl
Dr. Broadway has gone to New a1
Orleans. bU
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wager have the We
latters mother, Mrs. I. Falk, and V
sister, Miss Emma Falk of New r
Orleans on a visit. g
Mrs.. Walter Bristol and daughter i
spent two weeks with her mother at Y
Mr. I. Barnes is a frequent visitor
to Whitford.
There was singing at Mrs. Bristol's 0
last Sunday night and quite a iumber J
of people were there t
Mr. Earl Huthnamce made a flying 1
trip to Shreveport last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Byrd's little daughter a
i9 doing nicely from hlir recent illness f
and is able to be out.
tIr. Geo. McBeth was in Jonesbero
this week.
Mrs McHenzie has joined her hus
band here,
Mrs. W. H. Horne and Mrs. J. M.
Wagar went to Winnfield last Friday.
The saw mill is running steady now Gi
and cutting lots of timber, he
Last week an unknown negro broke hE
into the company's store and stole th
a revolver, but was frightened away er
before he could get anything else. so
A negro child was scalded to death
by falling into a tub of boiling water.
Merchants Praise cl
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. J. W. to
McDaniel, Etherton, Ill., says: There
is no medicine which equals it for
coughs, colds, grippe, asthma and B
bronchitis. Look for the bell on bottle. 5t
The Mercantile Co.
We call the attention of our readers
to the large ad of the Winnfield Mer
cantile Co., in which Mr. Spencer g.
lays some enticing propositions before S
them. His new goods have arrived 1(
and you are invited to inspect them ai
and take advantage of the bargains
he offers.
. O'Quin & Gibson.
As usual R. R. Gibson is at the
front with the latest and best crea
tions in the dry goods furnishing and
36 clothing lines and he takes the pro- fi
re. per way to reach the public-through 21
ee? the columns of the home paper. If 1l
you accept his invitation to call and n
,m- examine his stock you will not fail to t,
and be benefitted.
the The Musical Department of the
Winnfield High School will be con- b
by, ducted by Misses Gamble and Ewing. I
at The, Department this year will be 1:
ant directly under the supervision of the I
ily. High School authorities, and evey t
ho effort will be made to give satisfaction. N
do Inasmuch as the teachers are to- be
paid by patrons, bills must be settled 1
promptly when due, the department
cannot succeed otherwise. Rate are
rs $3.00 per month, payable at the end
rof each month. s21t
Best for the Hands ,
M. S. L. Chapman, Massae, Ky., says:
Iere I used Dr. BelPl's Antiseptic Salve on
de my hands, which were sore, and find
it the best I evertried. It cured
t them completely.
The success of a man in business'
depends on' his attention to little
things. .
A thousand get rich by saving,
where one gets rich by speculating.
1 That person is wise who in youth
makes provision for old age.
A dollar saved today may be the
foundation of your fortune.
r Begin saving today, tomorrow yol
may forget it.
Saving, like spending, is a habit.
The place to put your Savings is,
SWinnfield, La.
. Capital $75,000 Surplus $37,500
:7. rye .M« ;, ' "3ý" ..s r7 ' 3'a.i'''ý -r.ýý. .ý:;`:,,.uy.^".,.'%:,.T J' '"
ý`,,";^ý ýr" _ i:`n ýýs`4. ; 'i'ý `=ý'ýýy r. '"ý_;r:ý`ý.af'':s`: cý '',',a y;:-e`:'-ýý ;'
yý, wý ý?,,''';rý :~r:ýý. ý 'ýý~e''Aý1`ýrdrý ý"ý'iý' ý '-ýý' :ý :,.c'.;yt r;ýý:ý5ý "'ý`R
it If you do, come to us for any
thing you may want in Jewelry
w and Sporting Goods. We have
been in business here a good
ie while; to be exact, just 35 years.
id We are the largest and most
w reliable jewelry and sporting
goods house in Central Louis
Lr iana. It does not matter whether
at you are familiar with the qual
ity and price of the article you
wr wish or not; you will get exactly
what you pay for here. Bring
's or send us your watches and
or jewelry to repair. If you have
trouble getting your watch to
g give satisfaction, bring it to us.
When we fix a watch it is fixed
er and will keel) time. All work
ss fully guaranteed.
ro 2nd St. Opposite New City Hall
Mail Orders Solicited.
p7. Back at Home.
Ly. A. T. Drewett, manager of the
)w Grand Leader Dry Goods Co., is back
home from his trip to St. Louis where
hke he bought a fine lot of new goods for
Dle the fall and winter trade. Our read
ay ers may look for his aunouncement as
soon as the goods begin to arrive.
er. Elocution Taught.
The undersigned will organize a
class in elocution. Persons wishing
W. to be instructed in this art will please
for call at the Central High School
end Building next Monday morning, Sept.
Jl. 5th, and discuss the matter.
ers Sunday Closing.
er- From this date the Phoenix Drug
cer Store and the Whitley & Thomas Drug
ore Store will be closed on Sundays from
ved 10 a. m. to 2:30 p. m. in order to allow
em attendance on divine services.
Mgr. Phoenix Drug Co.,
the Died
and Mrs. Rosy Hatten, wife of our
ºro- friend, J. W. Hatten of Sikes, Aug.
ugh 28th, after a few days illness. She .
If leaves a husband and five children to
and mourn her loss. The, Comrade ex- : = s
1to tends its sympathy to the bereaved fam
the The death angel has visited tihe:.
:on- home of Mr. M. H, and Mrs. Alice: :=
ing. Mercer, and called away to' rest the
i be little daughter, Alie, Aug. 16th, 1910,;`'.
the Little Alie was 4 years old. She was :ii!
rely the blossom of the home, her smiles A
ion. will be greatly missed in the home.:':.i
be She was ill only a short time, but the,: -'
tied kind Father always knows best. We
ient extend our greatest sympathy to the!i
are lonely family in their troubles.
end A CoustN.
Sore Eyes of Three Years Standing
cured. Miss Effle Faulkner, New' I
Cy: astle, Pa.,writes: Sutherland's Eagle :
Son Eye Salve cured me of a case of sore0:
find eyes of three years standing. I cheer-i
ured fully recommend it to any one ini
need of such a remedy.

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