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Franklin, St. Mary Parish, La
SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1910.
Old Dutch Cleanser at O'Niell's.
Vitagraph's beat. At the
T'Chetimachea Tribe, Order of
Red Men, will tender a banquet to
its members at the Club Restaur
ant on next Monday night.
The regular quarterly state
ments of the two banks of Frank
lin just issued, show that they are
in a splendid financial condition.
All kinds of laces and embroid
eries. Very cheap. W. J. Levy
For a fine buggy, surrey
harness, call on C. S. Brenn.
We note with regret that Miss
Ivy Smith, who has been attend
ing school at the State Normal,
was forced to return home on
account of illness.
The Frisco Cafe on Willow
street, owned by Mr. A. S. Achee,
will open its doors to-day with
everything in the line of some
thing good to eat.
Preserve Jars any sizes, to be
had at the 5 and 10 cent store.
Niel McNiel.
O'Niell has the best butter iu
town in prints or bulk.
The excursion train on the
Southern Pacific Railroad to Gal
veston, Texas, will pass Frankiin
next Monday at 1 o'clock p. m.,
fare round trip $7.50.
Regular meetings of the Parish
School Board and the City Coun
cil were held this week, the pro
ceedings of which will be found
elsewhere in to-day's issue.
Rural mail delivery boxes at the
St. Mary Hardware Company.
Try chip potatoes at O'Niell's,
fresh and crisp.
Mr. Chas. F. Kramer bought
this week the livery aud under
taking business of his son, Mr. E
W. Kramer, and will conduct the
business in his own name in the
future. _
A new market ordinance has
been passed by the Council.
Between the hours of 10 a. m., and
6 p. m., now ail renters of stalls
can deliver and sell restricted
articles upon the streets.
Dry Goods of all kinds. Very
cheap. W. J. Levy.
"The Peacemaker," a Vita
graph special at the Ideal to
night. _
The white
the parish
opened on
schools throughout
have been ordered
the first Monday in
Septômber by the School Board.
The schools were established at
the same places as last session.
The gardener and truck growers
have suffered loss by the contin
ued rains of the past three weeks,
iujuring plants of all kinds. To
matoes and melons in particular
have been damaged to a greater
extent than other garden plants.
Things that you never read of
are here in profusion, at the 5 and
10 cent store. Niel McNiel.
All kinds of repair work done
at C. S. Brenn's, prices reason
able. _
The many friends here of Rep
resentative E. Wm. Dreibholz, of
Ramos, were pleased to greet him
on our streets on Monday last.
He informed us that on the 20th
inst., accompanied by his wife
and two daughters, he would leave
New York for a three months visit
to Europe.
Old and young and middle aged
daily visit our 5 and 10 cent de
partment. Niel McNiel.
A two-story addition will be
built to the Centreville High
School, building. The School
Board has appointed a building
conmrtee composed of Messrs.
Wils on McKerall, A. J. Allemau,
I. S Wooster and W. T. Brown,
with full powers to have the work
Indies low quarters and pomps.
Up-ro-date styles. Very cheap
at VS. J Levy 's.
There will be given next Wed
nesday night, July 20, a boat ride
for the benoftt of the Episcopal
Church. The boat will leave
Delahuu saye's wharf at 7:30 p.
^m. Admission adults, 50 cents;
children ander 16 years, 25 cents.
There w.U be dancing and re
freshments. A pleasant time is
.guaranteed all who attend.
One more week of China sale at
Keenze Jewelry Company store.
Balance of stock in show window
The Justine plantation, about
four miles south of Franklin, own
ed by Mrs. J. L. Darragh, has been
leased for three years by Adrian
Conrad, of New Iberia, and his
four sous, Leon, John, Philip and
Conrad. The plantation will be
planted in rice. There are about
a thousand acres of cultivable
furnishing goods
Good quality.
W. J. Levy.
of all
5 or 6 doses "666 ' will cure any
ease of Chills and Fever. Price 27e.
The following teachers have
been appointed for the Sc. Mary
Central High School: Misses
Lucy Brasselman, Mary Mont
gomery, Floy Edwards, Louise
Abel, Mary Morgan, Beulah
Holmes, Ora B. McMichael, Alice
Theriot, Ethel Sharp, Hattie
Granier, Elizabeth Troth, Lucy
Allemau, Inez B. Crask. Three
vacancies are to be filled on the
faculty—the principalship, a
teacher of French and Latin and
in the commercial course.
For Feverishness and Aching
Whether from Malarious condition-,, Colds
or overheating, try Hicks' Capudine. It
reduces the fever and relieves the aching.
It's Liquid—10, 25 aud 50 cents at Drug
Just received a shipment of ru
ral mail delivery boxes. The best
on the market. St. Mary Hard
ware Company.
Pursuant to a call by Chairman
W. T. Peterman the Parish Dem
ocratic Executive Committee met
yesterday at the court house. Tne
object of the meeting w as for the
purpose of calling a primary elec
tion in the Fourth Ward to fill the
vacancy in the office of Police
Juror caused by the'' resignation
of Mr. W. J. Young. The date
fixed for the primary was Tues
day, August 2nd. Any one de
siring to become a candidate for
the above Darned office shall file
his writteu notification with the
chairman of the committee not
later than midtiight Monday,
July 25th, accompanied by the
amount of §5.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver and
bowels to expel poisonous matter,
cleanse the system, cure constipation
and sick headache. Sold by all
Puffed rice, puffed wheat, grape
nuts, cream of wheat, shredded
whole wheat, pearl barley and
hominy, at O'Niell's.
The semi-anumal report of Supt.
D. N. Foster to the School Board
on Wednesday last shows that the
school finances of the parish are
in a splendid condition. The
total receipts for the six months,
including the balance brought
over on Dec. 31, 1909, amounted to
$68,175.65, and tnat there had
been expended for white teachers,
$21,329; for colored teachers,
$2.450, an<^ for new bnildings, re
pairs to buildings, furniture, sal
aries, insurance, bonds for tne
Third, Sixth and Eighth Wards,
and sundries, $20,951.99, wnich
leaves a balance on hand in the
school |fund of $20,888.43; the
Third Ward special fund is $2,
108.63; the Sixth Ward special
fund, $. M 5,85, and the Eighth
Ward special fund, $331,75.
Teething children have more or less
diarrhoea, which can be controlled
by giving Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. All
that is necessary is to give the pre
scribed dose after each operation of
the bowels more than natural and then
castor oil to cleanse the system. It
safe and sure. Sold by all dealers.
C. S. Brenn is prepared to do
all kinds of blacksmith and
wheelwright work on the shortest
Mr. W. C. Chevis, editor of the
New Orleans Daily States, and
or e of the best known newspaper
men of the State, has been elec
ted by the executive committee
of the exposition company as
editorial writer of its publicity
department. Mr. Chevis is
thoroughly conservant with
Louisiana and its needs, haring
been in public life for many years.
He has relinquished his duties on
the States and has taken up his
work with the Exposition Com
5 or 6 doses " 666 " will cure any
case of Chills and Fever. Price 25c.
For Sale Cheap.
One delivery wagon horse.
John A. O'nielïi.
fContinued frontpage four.)
after investigating it is found, it will
be most advantageous to all con
W. A. Moore,
M. Silverman,
F. K. Robertson,
J JJ, Daxjean,
An ordinance, designating the
public market, situated on Willow
street in the town of Franklin to
be the only place within the cor
porate limits of the town where
fresh meats, fish, poultry, vege
tables and other products, may
be sold or offered for sale, except
after certain hours of the day,
fixing the dimensions of market
spaces and the prices to be paid
therefor, and establishing regu
lations for the conduct of the mar
ket, was introduced by Mr. Boud
reaux, and on motion of himself,
duly seconded, was adopted:
Designating the public Market, situated
on Willow street in the Town of Frank
lin, to be the only place within the cor
porate limits of the said town wher
fre-h meats, tisli, poultry, vegetable
aud other products that aie perishable
anu sold fàr daily consumption, may be
sold or oaered for sale, except after
I certain lAurs of the day: fixing the
dimeusioM of market apace» and stall
and the p&e and manner in which they
may be liBsed to market keepers: e.-
tabiisbiugWregulations for the sanitary
and comm,' 1 eiul government of the mar
ket buildi ^L aud grounds aud creating
the manat^r thereof.
Section 1. lie it ordained by the May or
and Council of the Town of Franklin, that
from and after the passage of this ordi
nance it shall he unlawful for any person
to sell or to offer for sale at any other place
within the corporate limits ot the town of
Franklin, between the hour.- of 0 F. M.,
aud III A. M., than the City Market,
fresh meats, fish, game, poultry, or vege
tables except such vegetables as potatoes
onions, dry shelled beans, pumpkins and
peas, melons aud cabbage, also luncheon,
coffee, fruits, confectionery, oysters and
eggs, which can he sold outside the Citv
Market at any time.
src. 2. Be it ordained, etc, that free
delivery of such restricted articles named
abeve by renters of stalls, will be allowed
without addit'onal cha-ge; thatjali of the
above specified meats aud vegetables in
tended tor the daily consumption of the
city, produced either in the city or its
vie nity and brought by any person to the
market for sale in a wagon or private con
veyance, ami who, after having paid tne
regular market fees, shall upon application
be entitled to a written permit to sell such
restricted articles as named above, upon
the streets of Franklin betweeu the hours
of 10 A. M., and li 1*. M. This privilege to
peddle to include all those who have paid
the regular.market fee provided tney shall
have the necessary permit as mentioned
above and that the hours for peddling be
the same as mentioned above.
!SEC. 3. Be it ordained, etc. That the
dimensions of stalls aud market spaces be
as follows, to-wit: 13 1-2 feel wide and lfi
feet deep, and it shall be unlawful for
le sees to occupy any other stalls or spaces
than those assigned to them: or sublease
any portion thereof to any other person,
or persoas or to place market products or
other obstructionsiiu any of the passage
wa/s between stalls or market spaces or
display or suspend any signs, writing or
other objects above or across said passage
way, or to occupy in the above manner
any portion of tne sidewalk in front of
said market building, stalls aud spaces
may be subdivided into halves, and the
prices for stalls for whatever purpose used
shall be uniformly fifty (50) cents per duy
for stalls or spaces aud twenty-five (25)
•_e its per daylfor half stalls or half spaces
which may be leased by the manager
either by the day, month or year, payable
by the day, on demand of said manager;
and no occupant shall be allowed more
than the space of two stalls for the sale of
the same class of products.
M-:c. 4. Be it ordained, etc., That it shall
be unlawful foi any lessee or occupant or
anv portion of said building to throw any
off-all or garbage upon any other portion
of said building, or upon the street of
property adjacent thereto; but all such
off-all or garbage shall be cleaned away by
each lessee or occupant at the cud of each
day's business, and the stalls and fixtures
left in a clean and sanitary condition.
Sec. 5. Be it further ordained, etc.,
That any dog or cat found upon Lüe mar
ket ground- shall be pursued and captured
by the manager and -aid animal may be
redeemed by theowujr within three days
after public notice po-ted at the market
building on payment of One (tl.00) Dol
lar, at the expira ion of which time it shall
be si ot or disposed of.
NEC. 0. Be it ordained, etc., That it
shall be unlawful for any person to sell or
offer for sale any spirituous, malt or other
intox'catiug liquors, within said building
at anv time.
at anv time.
Sec. 7. Be it ordained, etc., That it
shall be unlawful for any person to burn
wUain said buildinif'any other light than
an e ec.r'c light, provided that lamps aud
pinte s may be buri ed when electric
li 'i .8 shall be out of working o'der; but
c ud'les s .all not be used at any tune.
SEC. Ö. Be it o drilled, etc., itiat the
City Secretary shall be and lie is hereby
designated as tbe manager-of said mar
ket building, aud the d .y and night Mar
shal shall be bis assistants.
Sec. 9. Be it ori'ained, etc., That all
sta'ls and fixtures to be used- permanently
by essees aud occupants for meats, luu
cheo l, confectionery and restaurant stands
shall be erected at the expense of the
lessee or the 'essees thereof, iu such man
ne" as shall be acceptable to the manager.
Sec. 11). Be it ordained, etc., 1 hat
whoever shall violate any of the provisions
of this ^ordinance, shall oil conviction
thereof be fined iu a sum not less than
Two Dollars aud Fifty cents, nor uiyre
than Twenty-Five Dollars or imprisoned
in the city prison for not less than one
day nor more thau ten days or both line
and imprisonment at the discretion of the
Kec. 11. Be it ordained, etc., That this
ordinance shall take effect from amt after
its passage, and that all orrnnances or
parts of ordinan-es iu conflict with the pro
visions of this ordinance, be and the same
arc hereby repealed.
Approved July 12th, 1910.
J. A. Peterman, Mayor.
T. P. Wilson, Secretary.
The secretary was instructed to
post a copy of the market ordi
nance at a conspicuous place iu
the city market.
On motion of Mr. Boudreaus,
a. Ä 1Ä88Ä- .
Watchmaker, Jewelry Engraver
and Diamond Setter.
Wedding Presents
Silver Weddings are not the unis <
lit which Silverware is présent
every wedding that takes place Si
plays an important part. Even
niond Weddings you
galore at the spread.
will find Silverware
Therefore, it is al
ways in place to give Silverware at Wed
dings. Cut Class is also a favorite among
Wedding presents. Whatever you may
give in Silverware or Cut Glass rest as
sured it here correctly priced.
Agent for Gorham Silverware
aud Victor Talkim
The Celebrated Grnen Verithin and Howard
| Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
Choice Fresh Bread, Cakes
and Pastry All the Time
Shouldbe «riven the be9t training lot» e«
pave them for success in business.
Persona) Instruction. Free Employ
ment Department, Complete College
Bank. College Store and Wholesale
No misrepresentations to secure stu
dents. Through the success of its
22000 former students, Soule College
Is recognised everywhere as a Wide
Awake, Practical, Popular and Suc
cessful School.
duly seconded the Street Cominis
sion<r- were authorized to have a
street crossing laid across Wilson
and Main streets.
The following bills were order
ed paid :
C W Abel 3 .->0
\V T. Peterman, Sheriff 7 fit)
St Mary Banner 21 27
M L Harrison 5o 77
Cumberland Tel and Tel Co. 3 00
A J Delahoussaye 4 17
Kyle Lumber Co., Ltd. 2 00
M Bell, Son, Ltd. 9 20
Fort Wayne El. Works 30 50
John A O'Nieil 13 88
Parkerson & O'Niell 10 00
Simonds Manufacturing Co. 15 05
A Reuter 4 35
Standard Oil Co., of La. 405 47
071 28
An application for Public Prin
ter from Mr. W. H. Latham was
read, and on motiou of Mr. Bou 1
reaux duly seconded, Mr. Latham
was elected as Public Printer. Mr.
Latham named the St. Mary Ban
ner as the Official Journal of the
The question of employing a
man to test the meters in use in
the town and to make a list of
same was discussed and was re
ferred to the Purchasing Commit
tee. On motion of Mr. O'Niell
duly seconded tin* Mayor was
made a member of the Committee
to make the selection.
The application of Mr. Buniff
for the w r ork of testing and listing
the meters was referred to the
Purchasing Committee.
On motion of Mr. ^ioudrealix,
seconded by Mr. Ohlmeycr, the
Purchasing Committee was au
thorized to ha-'e the roofs of the
Power House aud the City Market
On motion of Mr. Boudreaux
duly seconded the Council ad
J. A. Peterman, Mayor.
T. P. Wilson, Sect'y.
O'Niell has Spanish PiLueatoes.
A Practical Knowledge
of lubricating problems
with the facilities for its
application has made
the standard for efficient
They are prepared to meet
commercial needs. Secure
economical lubrication by
using TEXACO.
The Texas Oil Co.
Phone 321. Franklin, La.
I make my own Ice Cream, and
it is pure and fresh. It is made
every day with one-half pure
cream and one-half pure milk,
and is the b *st fee cream on the
market. I will guarantee it and
also will say that all freezers and
ice cream cans are in perfect sani
tary condition. We invite all to
call aud inspect the condition of
our ice cream plant. Waen you
make your ice cream at home to
save money it is like stopping a
clock to save time. This is your
chance to save money, and now is
your time to do so.' Do it now.
Your Will get the b 'st of service,
delivered at your door, packed in
a freezer aud ready to use. My
prices are low: oue-ha!f gallon,
packed, 65 coats, one gallon,
it.25; five gaf ous and up, $1.00
galion. To taue home in boxes,
from five cents up.
Sam Serio,
FtankUo, La,

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