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The best Stomach and
Liver Fills knowE and
a positive and speedy
cure for Constipation,
Indigestion, Jaundice,
Biliousness, Sour Stem
ach. Headache, and all
ailments arising fron: a
disordered stomach or
sluggish liver. They
contain in concen
trated form all the
virtues and values of llunyon - Paw
Paw tonic and are made from the
juice of the Paw-Paw fruit. I un
hesitatingly recommend these pills ns
being the best laxative and cathartic
ever compounded. Send us postal or
letter, requesting a free package of
Munyon's Celebrated Paw-Paw Laxa
tive Pills, and we will mail same free
of charge. MUNYON'S HOMOEO
and Jefferson Sts , Philadelphia, Pa.
$5, S4, $3.50, S3 & S2.5C
Boys' Shot» C l C Boys' Sfiocs
B3.00 OnVbd 32.00 i. 32.03
W. L. Douglas
shoes are worn
by more men than
any other make,
w. l. nougiuR ns.oo
and 94.00«hoe#<Miual,
in stylo, lit anti wear,
other make« costing
•'LOO to •8.00.
W.I^Dooffias •3.30,
•3.00 »nd 99.50 Khoen
are the Ioweit price,
quality considered,in
the world.
Fast Color Eyelets.
Th«* Aconitine have W. L Doiur'as name and price
stain t'ed on the bottom. Takt* !Vo ittit«*.
Aak vour dealer for W.L.I>oaglas show. Ifthey
are not f.»r **!•» inyonr town write for Mail Order Cat
alog. giving full direeHenn how to order bv mail. Shu* r
order? 1 direr» from factory delivered to tin- wearer
charge^ prepaid. W. !.. Dol'til.AS. Brockton, Musa
m heb?*
iiumot **nt)I or t >
: -i
Til not f
Mi thintr
ßa tr< (1 I)
3sA nlid»al.»r* * r *.ou
tlQ prr jratd firr liüo
MMf.KfvSi 1*0 l-.'Latb Ave. iirooktjtt. t. '
$12 and $15 in Cottage
$17.50 Without Bath and
$21.00 With Bath |
S. J. THIGPEN, Manager. £
Brown'« Wells,
Mostly In Gold, and Some of it Hun
Been Buried for Fifty Years.
The First National Bank of Logan,
W. Va., hag received a deposit which
has an interesting story 'behind it.
The amount is $6,020, of which $3,
000 is in gold coin, some of which :3
fifty years old. Twenty dollars is
In silver and there are fifty $20 bills.
The money had 'been accumulated
by Milton Mullens and represents
the savings of a lifetime.
tMullens began hoarding his sav
ings when a young man. This was
before the civil war. All his sur
plus he concerted into go'd, which
ho buried in tue yard. A few
years ago when gold coin was scarce
and almost out of circulation Mul
lens began to exifrange his smaller
money for $20 bills.
These were hidden in a safe p'.aco
In his barn. It wag believed for
many years that he was hoarding his
money, and on numerous occasions
marauder« have endeavored to force
him to reveal Its hiding place, but
without success.
A few days ago his wife died and
believing that he would not live long
he called his grandson, J. M. Perry,
and told him where to search for
the treasure. The young man after
digging for some time found the
treasure, and this snug little fortune
went Into the bank to the credit of
the now aged and Infirm mountain
eer.— Roanoke correspondence JjaJti
more Sun.
The Appetite
Calls fof more
Let a, saucer of this
delightful food J served
with cream'tell why.
"The Memory Lingers"
Pkgs. 10c. uul 15c.'
Postum .Cereal Co.. Ltd?,
Battle Creek, Mich. - '
rays There is No Use for Short Girls; That the Companies Want
üiris Who Can Reach—Some Require Girls With a
Calm, Clear Eye and Good Appetite
If you have any trouble in getting ,
our telephone calls through blame '
.aber Commissioner Neill of the De
aitment of Commerce and Labor, and
iobaLly you wont be far out of the |
ay. Every hello girl in the country j
ill be busy trying to find out just what
Commissioner has said about her.
y a few of them are aware that he
had disserted and analyzed them in a
report 20o or 300 pages long for the
instruction of the United States Senate,
: ut these few have served notice that
they will insist on seeing in cold type
just what he has found out about them.
The commissioner has left little for
the hello girl to find out about her
"Look here, Cora," exclaimed one
of the Washington telephone girls who
had got hold of an abstract of the re
po 1 ". "He says we gotta have a calm,
clear eye and a steady gaze. I know
I gotta clear eye, dear, but am I calm?
Go on, am I, really? (Hello, Hello.
Been waiting five minutes? Well, l
can't help that; wire's busy). And a
good appetite and a healthy, rosy com
plexion. What you think of that.
Cora? Say, honest, I always wondere 1
how I got the job so easy. But look
at this passage about the companies
handin' us men escorts to take us home
nights. That must be a government
joke; honest, it must be, doncha think
Complaints from hello girls that they
had to walk up too many flights of
stairs to their work was chiefly respon
sible for starting the Commissioner on
his investigation. He finds that the
telephone girls as a whole have no
ground for complaint on this score. He
nails them right down on this proposi
tion, giving the exact number that
have to climb stairs and the actual ef
fort that is expended. Says the Com
Of the seventy-three exchanges re
ported upon by the agents of the bu
reau it was found that thirty-three,
which were located above the first
floor, were not provided with elevators.
Of these exchanges fifteen were loearej
on the second floor, requiring the
climbing of one flight of stairs; ten
on the third floor, requiring tne climb
ing of three flights of stairs. The max
imum number of operators affected by
such lack of elevators, therefore, being
required to climb one flight of stairs
was 60; those required to climb two
flights of stairs 108, while 75 found it
necessary to climb three flights or
The Commissioner finds that there is
no use of short girls trying to become
telephone operators.
"None of the companies employ
short girls; they want girls that can
reach," he said. "The girl \\ho is un
der five feet hasn't any show."
The Commissioner finds that very
few of the companies take girls with
out first, subjecting them to a physi
cal examination. In some cities the
girls object to this, but these will be
surprised to learn that they were ex
amined without knowing it.
"In one city where the girls inter
viewed said that no physical examina
tion or test had been made," says the
Commissioner, "it was ascertained that
the applicants are interviewed by a wo
man whose exact height is known, and
in talking to the applicants can by
comparing the level of the pyes with
her own tell within a fraction of an
Inch the height of the girl with
whom she Is talking. Experts in ' ..r-r
lines interviewed the .i:.- ; -:icant 3 avi
ascertained their exact physical ronu>
Some of the companie
quiring of their candidates
eye, a good appente and
plexion, demand that th
a steady hand and a firm re* jr.v
that they shall not bo oas
Of 6152 applicants the
found that 2229 were unable <■> qualify
544 being too small. 33 too old. :? n
young. 11 refusing to work Jewish
holidays; 6 declining t.> b
?. beside
s r-'
u c.ii.n,
a ro - v
co Di
y shall
li a vi
set jr.v;
2 ]
uly »-.veil
ion er
and 169 being lacking
The Commissioner figures
average working life at the ssvPcfi
board is only three years. Ho fi n u
that in no other industry in the Unite i
States are so great precaution^ taken.
tp insure the health of th
in pc, mal ap
employes. !
He has discovered that in the good oil j
Bummer time the hello girls, that is
the few of them that are sick,
from digestive complaints, probably
too much Ice cream and candy.
The girls of many exchanges get
their luncheons right in the omcanv'
office. "Hygienic luncheons," the com
panies call them, and they say that
these luncheons prevent the
uffer j
'dulness and headaches tint raise '
hob with the service when the "peak
of the load" Is reached. Ey the wav
any Senator who reads Mr. Neil's re
port will be qualified to talk telephone
with the oldest hello girl in existence.
, "Peak of the load," "side reach," "up
' reach," "jacks" and "split trick" are
only a few of the expressions that go
to make up the telephone girl's bus;
| ness vacabulary.
j Commissioner finds also that
man y 0 f the companies, especially the
New York company. "Is engaged in a
system of welfare work among its em
ployes." They have libraries and par
lors where the girls may lounge dur
ing the rest hours; also boat ride ex
cursions, theatre parties and art muse
um parties under the supervision of a
competent teacher.
This uplift feature of the report,
particularly the theatre party sugges
tion, has made a hit with the telephone
girls in this city, and the companies
that haven't got onto this wrinkle yet
are sure to be informed of it.
Some of the hello girls also may
want to know of their employers why
they aren't furnished with roof gardens
for lounging places. The Commission
er finds that some companies have such
gardens and he recommends that more
of them be established. The Commis
sioner hands out this compliment to
the girls: "The loyalty and esprit de
corps among telephone girls is greater
.than i-n any other industry in the <
country." !
Mr. Neill takes the part of the tele- !
phone girls against a peevish public 1
M , 0 , -, ___ _____ ,. , , ,
says that the ateiage switchboard
girl has a hundred telephone cafl sig- 1
nais to watch. As each call comes in !
n liost or -, I
3 fa '~ nal t' a P- "any
signal lights glow simultaneously and \
there is a clicking sound in the oper
ator's ear every time the receiver is
moved up and down. With all this
confusion in front of her the hello giil
has to contend too with a supervisor
who stands behind her and calls out
the numbers to ofher operators when
she falls behind in her work. She is in
fear also of the monitor cutting in at
any minute and reprimanding her.
Under the rules of the companies she
is allowed to say only "Number,
please," no matter how much she is
abused. When the peevish party be
gins to scold and asks why in thunder
ation he hasn't got his number, he is
delaying her with the other calls that
are coming in, and is not only lessen
in S his own chance of getting quick
service, but is delaying other people
and making it hard for the switch
hoard girl.
The Commissioner adds that if the
people who put off their morning tele
phoning until 11.30 and their afternoon
telephoning until 5 would only remem
ber that these are the heaviest hours
of the day, the "peaks of the load,"
they would get better service and make
j 'ife easier for the girls.
I Some of the hello girls may be sur
! prised to know "that spasms of rush"
; that last for only a few minutes are
regarded as fun by them.
They really enjoy the excitement
and exhilaration," says the Commis
The Commissioner regards 225 calls
an hour as the breaking point of effic
iency for a girl, although she handles
sometimes as many as 600 calls an
The Commissioner has found that
92.7 percent of the hello girls are un
married or "conjugal condition un
known," 4 percent are married and 2.7
percent are widows.—New York Sun.
Japanese Sensitiveness.
Sensitiveness exists in the Japan
ese to an extent never supnosed by
the foreigners who treat them harshly
at the open ports, ln Izumo I knew a
ease of a maid servant who received
a slight rebuke with a smile and then
quietly went out and hung herself. I
have notes of many curious suicides
of a simi.ar soit. And yet the Japan
ese master is never brutal or crue!.
How Japanese can serve a certain
class of foreigners at all [ can't under,
land. Possibly they do not think
tiiem (the foreigners) as being
ly human beings—but rather Oni, or
at best Tengu. Well, here s another
thing. My cook wears a smiling,
healthy, rather pleasing face. He is à
good looking young man. Wheiever I
used to think of him I thought of the
! smile. I saw a mask before me merry
j as one of those little masKs of Oho
kumi-nushi-no-kami they sell at Mion
j osek. One day I looked through a lit
tle hole in the shoji and
alone. The
saw him
face was not the same
face. It was thin and drawn, and
showed queer lines worn by old hard
ship. I thought "he will look just like
that when he is dead." I went in, and
the man was all changed—voung and
' ' ' ou
; happy again—nor have I ever seen
that look of trouble in his face since.
1 But I know when he is alone he wears
it. He never shows his real faase to
me; he wears the mask of happiness
i as an etiquette.—Atlantic
Awful Burning Itch Cured in a Day.
"In the middle of the night of
March 30th I woke up with a burning
Itch in my two hands and I folt as if
I could pull them apart. In the morn
ing the Itching had gone to my rh.*st
and during that day it spread all over .
my body. I wrs red and raw from
the top of my head to the soles of my
feet and I was in oontlnual agony
from the itching. I could neither lie
down nor sit up. I happened to see
about Cuticura Remedies and I
thought I would give them a trial. I
took a good bath with the Cuticura
Soap and used the Cuticura Ointment.
I put it on from my head down to my
feet and then went to bed. On the
first of April I felt like a new man.
The itching was almost gone. I con
tinued with the Cuticura Soap and
Cuticura Ointment and during that
day the itching completely left me.
Frank Gridley, 325 East 43d Street,
New York City, Apr. 27, 1909." Cu
ticura Remedies are gold throughout
the world; Potter Drug & Chem.
Corp., Sole Props.. Boston. Mass
It takes a lot of courage to enable
a woman to admit that she is growing
Whether from Colds, Heat. Stomach
or Nervous Troubles, Capudine will re
lieve you. It's liquid—pleasant to take
—acts immemiately. Try it. 10c. 25c.
and 50c. at drug stores.
a lot Of
your not
Relatives can give you
kind feelings for them by
having any.
Buy " Battle Axe'
are some big surprises
ahead of the yrung man who thinks
he understands women.
< "® 9 Turning Yellow
! Someone told him that sullowness was
caused by an inactive liver. He began
! talking Nature'« Remedy, his natural color
1 "turned, his brain cleared. His liver was
again active. NR tablets never fail to
correct the liver, they remove the bile,
1 aid digestion and tone the system. Better
! than P' lls for Liver Ills,
I lake one to-night and you'll feel better
in the morning (let a 25c. Box. All
\ Druggists. The A. 11. Lewis Medicine Co.
St. Louis. Mo.
A woman believes in her husband
: so as to know that she ought to.
For Ited, Itching Eyelids, Cysts,
; Styes, Falling Eyelashes and All Eyes
I That Need Care, Try Murine Eye
j Salve. Aseptic Tubes, Trial Size 25c.
Ask Your Druggist or Write Murine
Eye Remedy Co., Chicago.
Most of a man s friends are of the
long distance variety.
Buy "Y> attle Axe' 1 Sh oes.
There is only one thing that a girl
would rather be than pretty, and
that's prettier.
Mr*. Winslow's Sooth.ns Syrup for Children
teething, iottens the ruins, railuces Incarna
tion, allays pain, cures vrturi colic. 25c a bottle.
Pompadours are
many a high brow.
responsible for
< 4
THE JOHN REILY HOE CO., New Orleans, La.
You C ni Save a Model Midien
as cool and white as a dairy. No smell, no smoke,
no heat, no dust. No old-fashioned contrivances. The
New jferrëetiogt
M ag -A KWW J ■ teiMMa ara
Oil Cook-stove
is the latest practical, scientific cook-stove. It will cook the most
elaborate dinner without heating the kitchen.
Boils, bakes, or roasts better than anj/ range. Ready in a second. |
Extinguished in a second. Fitted with Cabinet Top, with collapsible
TRTTïTïra rests, towel rack, and every up-to-date
feature imaginable. You want it, be
cause it will cook a.iy dinner a: d not
beat the room. No hc-at, no smell,
no smoke, r.c coal to bring in, no ashes
to carry out. It docs away with th*
drudgery of cooking, and makes it a
pleasure. Women wit i the light touch
for pastry especially appreciate it, be
cause they can immediately have «
quick simply by turning a handit.
No half-hour preparation. It not only
is less trouble than coal, but it co*t*
Cautionary Note : Be sc
you «et this stove—see
thst the oame-plate
reads New Perfection."
less. Absolutely no smell, no smoke}
and It doesn't heat the kitchen.
The nickel finish, with the turquoin
blue of the enameled chimneys, mskrt
the stove ornamenrtal and attractive.
Made with 1, 2 and 3 burners ; the t
and 3-burner stoves can be had with
or without Cabinet.
Eveiy dealer everywhere ; if not *t yoWJ
write for Descriptive Circular to th#near**
agency of the
Standard Oil Company
Cured by Lydia E.Pinkfo
Vegetable Compound
Galena, Karts. — "A year aso
March I fell, ami a few days a
there was soreness in my right sic,
In a short time a bunch'o; nie and*
bothered me so much at night 1«
1 pp ItkJ
growing larjer:
Li : ! it was y
j large u a hen's «j
U could not got,
b< 1 without a hot
water bottle acpUÿ
to that side. I hj
one of the best dot
tors in Kansasajj
he told my husband
that I would have ta
be operated onajj
was something lib
a tumor caused by a rupture. I wrog
to you for advice and you told mène,
to get discouraged but to take Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
I did take it and soon the lumpinrnj
side broke and passed away."— Ma
R. R. Huey, 713 Mineral Avc., Galem,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herb«,
has proved to be the most successful
remedy for curing the worst forms
female ills, including displacements,
inflammation, fibroid tumors, irregu
larities, periodic pains, backache, beir
ing-down feeling, flatulency, indigw.
tion, and nervous prostration. It costi
but a trifle to try it, and the restü
has been worth* millions to manj
suffering worn*:
If you v.T.-it spolia! advice write
forit toM r- '•»kham.Lymi.Maa,
Te is f; o' , u i'Jways helpful.
Bcipg Deniers,
we css do
[ better lor pa ihar a jests or comshstofi aercaaats.~1
Reiereace: acy bank ia LocisTil'e. We furnish I
Wool Bafs Free to our shippers. Write far price list I
M. SABEL & SONS LwisTille, Kj. [
IKBattle Axe" Snots

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