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1F ~ iN A` I I Se lf4
ells It for Less.
for Leis. o. 24.
"_ ........\ IRU ULOWOUT AV" .TEED. ý L Il 1rlN 1 I11 I
. _ _ __--- -Ga
Elegant Line of . .
Millinery and Dress Hats
Just Received from Chicago. be
lo a Big Dress Good and Triminings ust
Lfne of..
Call and see some of the latest patterns. i
Welsh, La. The Leader in Low Prices.
lFirstt- National 4 Bank
++++++++++++A General DIRECTORS:
" OFFICERS: L. E. Robinson, Paul W. Daniels,
L. E. RoBINsoN, President. f Banking Frank toberts, Geo. A. Courtney.
PAUL W. DANIELS, Vice President. e H. A. Davidson, Chas. P. Moarin,
SF. D. CALKINS, Cashier. NýU.44+444444++
4444.4+++.+4444-- -- N._.
Successors to Prentice & Powers,
Hardware, Shoes, Groceries, Etc.
We Meet Competition a.t All Times.
Our line of
Will be constantly replenished, thereby giving our customers
fresh goods at all times. (Call and be convinced.
Prentice & Prentice,
l3iatonic Temple, WVelsh, La.
J. P. Clark, a large contractor of
Lake Charles, disappeared Saturday
with more than $2,000 on his person
and his whereabouts have since been
unknown. As a result several big
contracts are left unfinished and many
workmen are left unpaid.
Full line house furnishing goods.
Call and see. PAUL W. DANIELS.
i N
F. E. Kimball, who last week bought
an interest in ('. Benoit's general
merchandise store, assumed his new
duties Monday. The style of the firm
is now Kimball & Benoit and we pre
dict for them a successful business
Scat er.
For winter goods in all lines go to
quait 1L
A Slam at Early arriage. it will
We don't know the author of the within
following but we take the liberty of
reproducing it in the JOURNAL: and
commend it to the thoughtful atten- The
tion of those whom the cap fits: cate is
"A raw boy without a dollar, pres- on the
ent or prospective, sparking a girl nings.
regularly and talking about marrying, shallot
is a spectacle for gods and men. He well n(
should be reasoned with, and if he twelve
will not quit it until he is able to sup- of a ja
port a wife and know who he loves: The
and the difference between love and insign
chicken-pox, he should be quarantined temple
or or put in a convent erected pur- this u
posely for such cases. Nine-tenths of out sl
the unhappy marriages are the result but tt
of green human calves being allowed oil to
to run at large in the society pasture surfo
without a yoke on them. They marry
and have children before they do or 0
moustaches: they are fathers of twins
before they are proprietors of two for i
pair of pants, and the little girls they pract
marry are old before they are twenty. In
4 Occasionally one of these gosling less
marriages turns out all right, but it is low "
a clear case of luck. If there was a
4 are e
law against young galoots sparking are
before, they cut their eye teeth, we clos
suppose the young cusses would evade
it in some way: but there ought to be
sentiment against it."--Ex.
A Flowing Well, men
DEARl SIR:-To correct erroneous sl
statements that are being circulated thal
concerning the deep wells that are hap
being sunk on the Illinois plantation, acq
I want to say through the colums of T
your valuable paper, we have one 10 cal
inch well completed 470 feet in depth. the
It flows over the pipe to a depth of wog
one inch at the surface of the ground, ing
and when cased will rise 4 feet above we;
C the surface. There is a continuous I
strata of gravel 100 feet thick at the an
bottom of the well, in which is placed
80 feet of screening. The water is as ad
pure and fresh as ever flowed from a be
well. A. Brechner, an experienced as
driller, pronounces it one of the best
he has ever produced. Test hole of un
well No. 2 is finished and casing being de
put down. is
u. SAMPLE, Supt., th
Illinois Canal and Rice Co. re
Lake Arthur OUcials. a
Lake Arthur, the extremely lively
and growing little city in the south
eastern corner of Calcasieu parish.
has in the hands of the governor a
petition of its citizens praying that the
town be incorporated, which will
doubtless recive attention at the prop
Ser time.
)ought Tuesday night at a mass meeting of
;eneral the citizens municipal otficers were
is new selected, to be recommended for ap
ie firm pointment. They are:
'e pre- For Mayor--John Lovell.
siness For Aldermen--Peter Iteimier, I)r.
V. A. Miller. "Boy'' Landry.
For ('lerk and Tax Collector-J. J.
Is go to I. MIouton.
IROS. For Marshal--Newton Sweeny.
Gas and Oil gushed High Above the
The drillers on well No. :3 of the
Welsh Oil and Development Company
were almost thrown into spasms Sun
day afternoon by the sudden and un
expected spouting of gas and sand Rege
and roaring noise underground. Dins
The cup rock was thought to have Ladl
been reached and Scott Clay, the head Chli
driller in charge of the day shift. was
removing the old rotary drill that had NOW
been practically rendered useless by
constant wear, preparatory to putting
down a new one with which to pene- We do
trate the cap rock. All along the S
greatest care had been taken to pre
vent a repetition of the previous wells
` but despite this fact the gas pressure
was so strong as to force. a fissure in ...a
the piping.
Oil and gas gushed high above the
derrick and for some time it looked
as though there would be another
blowout equal in magnitude to that of
No. 2 which blew out about two months
ago, but the fact that the piping was
securely anchored saved the well. The
gushing continued through the night Deal
and Monday the cap was set and the
well brought under control.
Very little damage resulted and
Tuesday a new drill was put in and
work resumed. Wednesday the cap
rock was penetrated and immediately
beneath it was discovered the finest Albert
strata of oil yet found. The strata is appearai
of a good depth and the oil of a qual- ing since
ity highly satisfactory to both the him last
drillers and the company. Drilling inious d
ceased yesterday and the liner will be court op
placed today. Those interested are manacle
more hopeful than ever that this well the temA
Swill be an oil producer of the finest As 50
quality and the JOURNAL predicts that the mor
it will have some interesting oil news sel offered
the within the next week or two.
y of -- in his c
and Shallow Oil Stratum. prisone
ten- The Jennings-Heywood oil syndi- diced it
cate is testing the shallow oil stratum ish of
res-- on the syndicates holdings near Jen- motion
girl nings. The oil is found at a very stan
ing, shallow depth--ll10 feet-and the one
He well now down is found to produce tihns
if he twelve to fifteen barrels daily by means
sup- of a jack pump. He a
oves: The cost of drilling to this depth is He a
and insignificant, and the syndicate con- to hi
tined templates sinking other wells to tap an
pur- this upper stratum. The flow is with- musce
out spectacular features or much gas, he b
result but the drilling thus far indicates the the b
lowed oil to be there and to be gotten to the tis
isture surface at small expense, state.
arry Twelve to fifteen barrels daily at 40 amine
ey dor 50 cents f. o. b. cars in Jennings is discu
insa paying proosition with small cost ar
two for drilling and a ump that will har
p they lractically run itself.
wenty. In the East and North wells of far
osling less capacity than the Jennings shal- A
ut it is low wells are paying propositions and Nage
was a are eagerly sought after. These tests ale
arking are important and should be followed whic
th, we closely.--Oil Investor's Journal. MaN
Levade -. - Na
it to be Never Happy. ago
An effort has been made to ascer- after
tain whether or not some of the richest whic
men in the world are happy. The
In every instance where they have in tl
oneous spoken freely it has been ascertained The
culated that no such thing as contentment and L. I
hat are happiness comes to the man who has Son
atation, acquired great wealth. and
lums of They always want more: indeed the T'
one 10 capacity for tpossession enlarges with and
depth. the acquirement of riches, and it suit
lepth of would be impossible not to be grasp- a le
ground, ing and ever anxious for greater nee
above wealth. cot
itinuous Perhaps it was never intended that
k at the anyone should he entirely contented. oil
s placed The old rule that men must he either oh
eer is as advancing or retrograding could not the
from a be a fact if there was any such thing of
eerienced as absolute contentment. ar
the best Going on the preslumpltion that the co
t hole of more a man acquires the greater his in
ng being desire and the happiness he enjoys. it
is well to call attention to the fact
Sult., that those of less prominence get more
Itice Co. real happiness out of life. The man
- of small m ais t fewelr troubles and
and better /lpl)ortu:ity to enjoy him
yi self. At 1 ast this is the philosoplhical
hlit-view to tke of the matter. Little
lhe south- I ock Dem (t at.
,vernor a w i Kinds of DIebtors.
rg that the The a(.aaml'i'on says: 'hen a man
the prop- owes yvmu and sees you coming down
t the po- the str'eet.he will drop into a cellar
in of or rilUi up a stairway to avoid meeting
eeris were you. it is only a question of time when
foticers ap- vo get your mno te, ileiause he hates
edto ,,iwe. lHnt the tian who owe's you
arnd sees youm ciming (on the other side
eir, r. the street and will call you over
iier, . and mnake you walk through the rmudl
trt--J. J.- get to him. and tell \you he is going
t to pay next week. doesn't hate to owe.
I and you might as well burn his ac
weenty. I cout.
B1f BRICflHS IN 8g E1
Regents for Men, a $3.50 Shoe, now for $2.25.
Dinsmore, for Men and Women, same price.
Ladies' Shoes, a fine Assortment, Soc. and up.
Children's School Shoes, 5oc. and up.
Now is the time to secure the greatest bargain
of your life, Call early.
We do all kinds of Tailoring. Pressing and Cleaning.
S- Welsh, La.
ht Dealers in
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Batson Wants a Change of Venue.
Albert E. Batson made his first
appearance in public Tuesday morn- Chical
ing since the jail doors clanged upon
him lastMay,condemned to an ignom- Soi
inious death upon the scaffold. When invad
court opened Batson was brought in, south
manacled as usual, and was seated in ing td
the temporary court room. land
tAs soon as the routine business of tion
the morning was over Batson's coun- abou
sel, Messrs. Overton and Sompayrac wells
offered a motion for change of ,venue local
in his case, upon the ground that the and ]
prisoner cannot obtain an unpreju- the It
diced jury and a fair trial in the par- La.
u ish of ('alcasieu. In support of the for t
motion Batson was placed upon the stocl
v stand and testified that to the best of $1.0(
his knowledge and belief the allega- Ti
e tions of his counsel were true. are
e The youthful looking prisoner ap- of a
pears to be cheerful and in good health. sull
is He answered the formal questions put pet!
n- to him in his accustomed calm and the
ap and dispassionate manner. Not a T
th- muscle in his fihce'betrays the intense Job
interest he must feel in every move in vic,
he the battle for his life. ret,
lie District Attorney Moore, for the 'I
state. requested a day or two, to ex- co!
4l amine into the motion and after some .Tol
is discussion Judge Miller fixed the hear- Iii
ost ing for Thursday moorning. --Lake Hu
nill Charles American. H.
-- H-. -K
f ar Important sult Filed. Kf
A suit was filed today by Ilent'y
and Nagel, of Maryland, against .1 ules J
ests ('lement for the 118 acres of land upon nu
wed which most of the oilIvwells on prairie to
Mamou are located. 1l
Nagel owned the land several years is
ago, and gave a mortgage on it and ti
cer- afterward moved to Maryland, after It
hest which the nuortgage was foreclosed.
The suit is founded ol alleged( defects
have in the foreclosure of the mortgage. .
,ined The plaintift is rep15 resented by James t
and L. Dormuan, of ('rowley, 1). ('atffery &
has Son, and .1. S. Martel. of Franklin,
and Branch K. Miller. of New Orleans.
I the This land is now extremely valuable
with and produces a large revenue, and the
id it suit will not only be interesting from
rasp- a legal standpoint, but it is almost
eater needless to say will be stubbornly
contested by the parties interested.
that Some Ipeople object to the titles to
nted. oil lands being contested, but such
either ol)jections are not well founded, for if
Id not there is any question as to the validity
thing of the titles, the sooner such questions
are settled definitely, by judgment of
at the court. the better it, is for all parties at
'r his interest.-('rowley Signal.
. h t t ti - nti
e fact Fresh meat at Prentice & Prentice.
News Stand,
Cigars and
Shoes Repaired.
""P rW. S. CASE,
"' Prop.
Chicago Capitalists Organise With a
Ialf a Million Capital.
Some of the Chicago capitalists who
invaded this section of the sunny
south a short time ago on a prespect
ing tour, have invested in 320 acres of
land in the northeast quarter of sec
tion 33, township 8, range 5, located
about four miles from the present
wells, and together with a few of our
local business men have organized
and placed on record the charter of
- the Merchants Oil Company, of Welsh,
- La. The new company is chartered
e for twenty five years and its capital
e stock is $:500,(x)l), the shares being
,f $1.H00 each.
L- The genaral objects of the company
are prospecting, working and mining
p- of any and all minerals, such as salt,
a. sulphur, natural gas, rock, oil or
at petroleum. and also smelt and refine
Id the same.
a The officers of this new company are:
se John C. Lee, president: F. G. Stevens,
in vice president: Jacob L. Keller, sec
retary, and H. L. Oldham, treasurer.
he The following named gentlemen
;x- compose the first board of directors:
Imc John C. Lee, John H. Herron, C. A.
ar- ichmond, Jacob L. Keller, Charles
ike Hughes, Chas. A. Parker, F. G. Stev
ens, John W. Carey, J. L. Drake, W.
H. Carter, H. L. Oldham, A. J. Mc
Kellop, John A. ('ooper, S. H.
Keoughan and N. L. Kelly.
n1y With the exceltion of the secretary,
les Jacob L. Kellar, and the three last
pon named composing the board of direc
ilie tors, the company is composed entire
ly of Chicago capitalists. Mr. Kellar
ars is a prominent business man of Deca
and tur, Ill., and Messrs. Cooper, Keough
ift('ir an and Kelly are of this place.
seC. Considerable stock has been dis
frets posed of and it is thought they will be
age. ready to sink a well some time during
Lnes the present month.
klin, Canal Company has Been Organized.
ans. Goueydan, La., :Nov. 8.-The syndi
.lalr <*ate that bid in the work of excava
ting twenty-four miles of drainage
front canals between this town and Grand
lmost Lake was organized today into the
:1l Inland ('anal ('omnpany, of (ueydan,
La., calpitalized at .10().0t0. with the
s to following otti(cers and di rect ors: .T.
fo iuch lIo . of Iloannoke, La.. president:
iT. J. :urtis, vice-lpresident: Henry L.
Slidit uevd an, secretary and treasurer;
tions (. D. Blabbit, V. Wainweight, D. L.
t t McPherson, of Abbeville and Bernard
tis at iche of New Drleans. Work is to
bergin before January 1, 1903. C. D.
tice. llabhit is the engineer of the comlany.

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