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Sells It 1i ~f\ r Less., C
for Lees.
- -l~31 --LU II- -- -- -- g~ -
Elegant Line of . . .
hillinery and Dress Hatsi
Just Received from Chicago.
Also a Big Dre Good and Trimmings Just
Line of.. irns x t rm-g •
Call and see some of the latest patterns.
Welsh, La. The Leader in Low Prices.
!First National . N Bank
L. E. ROBINSON, President.E : L. E. Robinson, Paul W. Daniels,
L. E. ROBINsoN, President. + Banking Frank Roberts, Geo. A. Courtney, "
PAUL W. DANIELS, Vice President. Busine. A. Davidson, Chas. P. Martin,
F. D. CALKINS, Cashier. Business. Dr. Jno. H. Cooper.
Oro Gto
fo to
...........i...... ............ .****** .
Successors to Prentice & Powers,
....DEALERS IN....
Hardware, Shoes, Groceries, Etc
We Meet Competition at All Times.
Our line of
Will be constantly replenished, thereby giving our customers
fresh goods.at all times. Call and be convinced.
Prentice & Prentice,
1V[asonic Temple, WVelsh, La.
The following persons were among
those from Welsh who saw Gentry's
dog and pony show in Jennings Sat
urday: Mrs. L. E. Rlobinson and
children, Mr. L. G. Lewis and chil
dren, Mrs. C. W. Bramhall, Mrs.
Chas. Stewart, E. H. Boling, C. J.
Wildman, J. H. Thomas and A. J.
Full line house furnishing goods
Call and see. PAUL W. DANIELS.
The Southern Pacific painters were
here Wednesday and painted the town
red, that is that part of it belonging
to the railroad company. The water
tank, section house, water cranes and
switch signals are all bright with a
new coat of paint.
Highest prices paid for hides of al
kinds, o'possumn and squirrel.
Lake Arthur a Booming Town.
Lake Arthur, the town situated on
the beautiful lake of the same name,
is rapidly assuming the dignified airs
of cities aud bids fair to soon rival
many larger but less progressive
towns. A large area that has hereto
fore been under cultivation, has been
embraced in the corporate limits of
the town, and Gov. Heard recently
recommended and subseqcentl ap
pointed the following roster of officers
as the "torefathers" of the future city
of Lake Arthur, but who may now be
appropriately termed "town dads:"
John Lovell, Sr.. mayor; J. J. R.
M~outon, clerk; Newton Sweeney,
marshal and street commissioner; Dr.
V. A. Miller, Boy Landry and ).
Hebert, aldermen.
4 Many new buildings are under
course of construction and other:
under contemplation, while real estate
is soaring skyward at a most gratify
ing rate to the owners. We have beet
informed by a very reliable citizei
r that less than twelve months ago h
bought lots for $40 each that woulh
now readily bring $150. Farmin;
land has also greatly enchanced i
+ value within the past year.
A. Brechner, a veteran well mar
who is at present sinking deep well
f on the Illinois plantation south (
town, while drilling a water well o
Laurent's point, recently, discovere
oil in such quantities that an oil con
' pany has been organized and pro
pecting will commence soon near th:
place. It is said the indications al
In the event the Southern Pacil
branch enters the town, there will 1
no more desirable place in the sou
than Lake Arthur to reside.
The Times says of it: "W. H. Ni
has been made justice of the peat
Lake Arthur has been incorporate
j* and the citizens of that little villa
prophesy a high future for it. Tor
lots in the past twelve months ha
advanced 50 per cent, and a gre
many transfers have been record(
There is a great deal of talk of sever
industries going in as soon as t
railroad reaches that point, which m
be some time in the spring. The ro
has already been built to Lacas:
bayou and the rails have been 1
about half way, and work is progr
sing rapidly.
Mr. Ney has opened up a real est
office in connectien with his other b
V. A. A. Bernard, the tailroad ii
nue barber, was rendered helpless
Friday afternoon in a very pecu
manner. He was assisting a chile
were a buggy when the horse that was hi
own ed to to the vehicle started. II
twisted position he placed the chill
rater the seat, but in doing so wrenched
and back to such an extent that the mus
ith a along his spine refused to act an,
fell to the ground. He was car
to the house and for several days
)f all completely paralyzed. We are =
to note that he has recovered su
)N. ently to be around again.
Welsh No. 3 a Rival of the
Famous Lucas Well.
Gushed Incessantly for 48 Hours Be
fore Brought Under Control--his
tory of the Welsh Field.
Well No. 3 of tne Welsh Oil and
SDevelopment Company came in Sun
day afternoon with a rush and at roar
as unexpectedly as a clap of thunder
from a clear sky and has since rival
led the famous Lucas well at Beau
mont. Oil, gas and water were thrown
to a great height and for thirty-six
hours the actions of the well battled
the experienced drillers in charge of
the work, and not until Tuesday even
ing was it brought completely under
Drilling ceased when a depth of 1226i
feet had been reached and by Sunday
afternoon everything was in readiness
for the bailing process. This had
continved but a few minutes when it
became evident that the gas pressure bwi
was too great to permit bailing. The cut
huge bucket was making its flfth des- wit
cent into the well, when water began las
spouting over the piping. Almost for
before the operator could find a place per
of safety the bailer shot skyward, and
with it a mighty torrent of gas and oil
which has continaed incessantly. All on
attempts to subdue the gusher proved fir
futile, owing to the tremendous gas an
pressure. Monday afternoon an elbow me
on was placed on the cap and with a of
me, piece of four-inch piping fifty feet long
airs the oil and water which at that time dr
Lval was exuding from the wall was direct
sive ed into an improvised reservoir, made nc
eto- by throwing up levees around a con- gr
peen siderable areaof ground near the well,
:s of and into which the well is yet gushing. N
ntly At first there was a large percentage N
ap- of water, but no mud or sand as in er
cers the previous wells. The flow of water. 01
citv however, diminished rapidly, until
v be now the presence of water is barely a
ds:" perceptible and the output of oil grad- to
r. H. ually increases and is of a very supe- t
ney, rior quality.
Dr. TWith the valve only partially open
d D. between 500 and 800 barrels of oil were
brought up Tuesday. Wednesday's
nder output almost doubled this amount h
thers and yesterday the percentage of oil
state was greatly augmented over that of
tif- I Wednesday. The pit specially pre
been pared to receive the oil is so arranged
tizen that the water is carried off from the
o he bottom, thus each day's output can be
)ould estimated with accuracy.
ming Driller Clay says that in all his ex
ed in perience in the oil well business, he
has never encountered anything like 1
man, the gas pressure in this well. He was i
wells obliged to open the valve to prevent a
:h of serious blow-out, and for the same
pll on reason he still allows the well to gush.
vered This well is remarable fromn the fact
corn- that he used only one string of six
pros- inch pipe from start to finish, and this
r that fact is important for the Welsh field,
s are as it reduces the cost of sinking a well,
and this alone is a great point in favor
tacific of the Louisiana fields.
ill be The well was brought under comn
south plete control Tuesday afternoon, after
having gushed wildly for forty-eight
Nev hours. Notwithstanding this fact the
peace, utmost caution is being exercised be
rated, cause of the great amount of gas pres
'illage sure, and it is necessary to have the
Town valve partially open to prevent the
have accumulation of gas. which would cer
great tainly prove disastrously as in the
orded. previous wells.
,everal Wednesday afternoon in the pres
as the ence of a large crowd of sltectator's the
chwill elbow was removed and the valve
e road turned on. Oil and gas gushed more
Lcasine than a hundred feet above the derrick.
n laid It was permitted to gush perlpindiclu
rogres- larly for some time and several good
photogralphs were taken of it before
Sestate the elbow was readjusted.
er hus- President lobinson of the Welsh
Oil and Develolpment Comnpainy, stated
to a JOUINAL rIepresentative yes
terday that storage tanks would bhe
id iv'- erected at (once, a piple line built to
ess last the railroad and that Welsh oil woulc
eculiar be in the malrket in a short tilme. The
child in company has already had calls for oi
.s hitch- and it will have no diticulty in con
In a tracting for all its product at higi
child in figures owing to the high grade of oil
ched his- A great dleal has been said abou
muscles the good indlicatins ait the Welsh oi
and he field, but before this time success ha
carried not crowned the efforts of the Wels
ays was Oil and Develolument Company. Bt
.re glad today they can boast of one oe tt
I suttici- best oil wells in the country. It
the third attempt of the company 1
Regents for Men, a $3.50 Shoe, now for $2.25.
Dinsmore, for Men and Women, same price.
Ladies' Shoes, a fine Assortment, goc. and up.
Children's School Shoes, Soc. and up.
Now is the time to secure the greatest bargain
of your life. Call early.
We do all kinds of Tailoring. Pressing and Cleaning.
:Welsh, La.
Dealers in
Watches, Glocks and Jewelry.
wring in a well, and with all the dis- deu
-ouraging circumstances to contend tht
:ith, they have persevered, and at co
last have a good well to reward them foi
for all their trouble and money ex- re:
,pnded. thin
Welsh is proud of this well from tu
another point of view. Besides being dr
one of the best in the south it is the en
first in the big parish of Calcasieu, a
and in years to come Welsh No. 3 tit
may be referred to as the pioneer well lit
of Calcasieu parish. To
Messrs. Clay and Champion are the ti
drillers, and to whom a great deal, if ""
not most of the credit is due for the f
great success of the Welsh oil field. oi
It will be remembered that they are al
the drillers of the famous Southern w
No. 3 at Jennings, and their experi
ence together with their good judg- n
ment has at last fathomed the mystery
of the Welsh field. This is the fourth i
attempt at making a well in the Welsh
territory, but all have failed before tl
this on account of the great amount p
of gas. The third well had the great- t
I est blowout in the history of oil wells,
which lasted for twelve hours and F
practically ruined the well. Four f
hundred feet of four-inch pipe was
Ithrown from the well and burled many 1
weighed several tons, was hung in the If
( Succee(s or to Knott Bros. & Co.)
General llerchandise.
We carry an immense stock of all
kinds of shoes and in order to make room
for more goods are offering some unprec
edented values in this line.
We have a complete line of Dry
Goods and Groceries and the prices we
sell them, are gaining new customers
every day. Come and see us.
News Stand,
Cigars and
Shoes Repaired.
h W. S. CASE,
rerrick. Several feet of sand was
thrown out, and the entire rig was
covered up, and it was some time be
fore the rig was repaired and drilling
resumed. It was found, however, that
the well was ruined, and another hole
must be put down. From the time
drilling was commenced until the pres
ent well was completed, it was only
about fifteen days and some of this
time was consumed in waiting for a
liner. Considering the small expense
for pipe, the short length of time in
drilling, and the location of the
well which is about a half a mile
from the Southern Pacific, it looks as
if the W~elsh lield would be the coming
oil field of the country. Oilmen from
all over the country have been looking
with great interest to the completion
of this well, and it is surely very
gratifying to all concerned to an
nounce that it is a success.
The land on which the present well
is located is a portion of a tract of
5H8 acres belonging to E. S. Wood, of
McGregor, Texas, who purchased it
three years ago from J. I. Jarrett,
paying $12 an acre for it, costing in
all $6,910. Since then some good
crops of rice have been raised there
from and recently several acres have
been disposed of at prices ranging
from $1.000 to $5.000 per acae. The
remainder of the tract is now valued
by conservative parties at half a mil
lion dollars. Mr. Wood will begin
drilling soon near the center of his
f arm.

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