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-r~ :~ ,.- .". ..
E R , N1I
1s Itf
for Le's. wr n at'l.IiI B F J~NNENts,
ML. lii. WELSH, CAOc.SIEU PARISEH, LA., FRi D AX. NY, VPIU\{BR 2Ž8. 19k),2. NO. 26.
- - V v ~ - ·i 
. . Elegant Line of .
Mýillinery and Dress Hats
Just Received from Chicago.
A gs Dress Good and Trinuings Just
Line of. .z es ,T in.
Call and see some of the latest patterns.
Welsh, La. The Leader in Low Prices.
*+++++ + + + ++H ++ +++ +++ - ,.++ .44 + + + + + +
First National Banki
OFFICE ~IE : A Oeneral IRC-,'.- " +,'
L. E. ROBINSON, President. : Banling L. E. Robinson, Paul W. Daniels,
B erank Roberts, Geo. A. Courtney;,
. D. CALKINqs. Cashier. A. Davidson. Chas. P. Mart i,
++++ + ÷shier. Business. Dr. Jno. H. Cooper.
egents for M n, a $3.50 Shoe, now for $2.25.
lnsmore, for en and Women, same price.
Ladies' Shoes, fine Assortment, 50c. and up.
Children's Sc oI Shoes, 5oc. and up.
Now is the ti to secure the greatest bargain
of tour life. Call early.
We do all kinds of Tailing. Pressing and Cleaning. 6
C. Welsh, La.
Watches, Clocts and Jewelry.
Succesars to Prentice & Powers,
zLi,, - -•
dware, hoes, Groceries, Etc,
e Meet CQmpetition : t Al: Times.
Our line of
e constantly replenished, thereby giving our customers
ods at all ties. Call and be convinced.
nti4e & Prentice
that 1 llYOtIIP Temnple, `WCelsh, La.
fJot at W. krcher. of
here Iturday to
and h ing tpir daugh
an, t Ne. This is
with , at rc and wife
o ny 0o an they are
As quit with the
9to Jen
Tent Meetings at I ake Arthur.
Elder S" B. H-rt'n and Henry
Johnson are conducting ia series of
tent meetings in our sister town of
Lake Arthur. The result ofthe meet
ings .held at Laurents Point. .just
olpposite Lake Arthur has .b t
addition of a goodly numbe
Advenry t
O Death of Matthew Hackworth.
Our community has been called
upon to part with a fellow-townsman
ibthe death of Elder Matthew Hack
woth, who died November 21, at the
ripe age of 73 years, 7 months and 15
About two weeks ago Elder Hack
worth left Welsh for Marthaville to
engage in ministerial work for the
Seventh-day Adventist church. Short
ly after beginning his work there he
waaseized with stomach trouble which
contiaced to get worse until death
released him from untold suffering.
6His family, consisting of his wife,
son. two daughters and their husbands
S. R.. Winterton and C. B. Fowler
went to his bedside, and he felt com
forted,. and resigned himself to what
ever the Lord willed. Though suffer
ing very much he made no complaint,
patiently awaiting the end which was
a triumphant one, the death of a
Of'his last words he said "I have1
fought a good ftight, I have finished
my course; I have kept the faith.
Henceforth there is laid up for ine a
crownof righteousness which the Lord
the righteous judge shall give me in s
that day. "
His body was sent to his home here 1
arriving Sunday morning. The fun
eral took place in the afternoon from
the Congregational church, whose
doors were kindly thrown open to
. accommodate the family and friends.
Elder S. B. Horton, of New Orleans, t
officiated at the services taking for
his text Rev. 14:13, in harmony with
the wishes of the deceased. A large hi
concourse followed to the grave and g$
after a few scriptual quotations and
prayer the remains were consigned to
mother earth.
Annual Conference. TI
The Louisiana Conference of th(- vi
I Seventh-day Adventists will be held a'
in Welsh, La.. December 19 to 2z and fo
promises to be an important local an
jevent. Delegates from the different
churches in the state will be in attend- i "
ance. 'beside the state lab.rers there plil
will be connected with this annual
meeting Elder Geo. I. Btr',"r, of
Nashville, Tenn., president of the nit
Southern Union Conference, of which a
Louisiana is a part, also Elder John'i Sc.
A. Brunson, who was at one time bai
missionary to Japan. Prof. J. E. me
Tenney and A. F. Harrison are also ac,
The oilicers of tue c(onfere:..e are: oI{
S. B. Horton, president: Anna M. wiV
Horton, secretart : Frank Peabody, tha
treasurer: C F. Dart, state agent hes
'irculation of literature department: am,,
Ruby Roach, secretary Church and con
  Sabbath School department; E. S. 'con
Abbott, J. R. Hudson, S. Broussard, han
members of executive committee. n rl
A program will be furnished later whi,
giving further information concerning :.
the coming meeting.
Notige. Oil
Taxes for 1902 aretrnow past dueand mon
the tax roll is in the hands of the o
collector for collection. gati
Big Well Gushes Steady
Stream of Oil.
t as of Very Fine Quality and May be
Utilized for Lighting Purposes
Refinery Talked of.
The conditions at the oil well are
practically the same as reported last
week, except perhaps, a trifling in
crease in the oil output and less water,
while the gas pressure is quite as vig
orous as ever, so much so. that it is
considered sttll unsafe to entirely
close the valve, and thus the well
gushes unceasingly with the valve
closed three-quarters, as it has since
Sunday week. The well gushes
through the pipe leading to the impro
vised reservoir made last wee.k for the 4
+ purpose of confining tne oil.
E. M. Clark is at work with a large
force of men erecting a mammoth
earthen tank with a capacity of
60,000 barrels and it is expected to be
completed within a few days.
There will be no ditficulty regarding if
transportation of the oil to market, as cc
the Southern Pacific is on one side of
and the Kansas City, Watkins and a
Gulf railroad on the other, with Bayou 13
Lacasine as a water route, and all ur
within a short distance of the Welsh of
oil field. T:e transportation question th
is settled in advauce.
J. M. Lee, general agent of the Vi
Southern Pacific railroad for the State en
of Louisiana, was here Wednesday, ed
Illed but no delinite arrangements were de-. an
acn cided upon regarding side tracks and lilt
ack- loading racks. It is thought, however, tht
;the sufficient ground will be purchased at C.
the railroad opposite the oil wells for Vii
tihe necessary sidings and at the same got
to time a site for the erection of a big the
the refinery now in contemplation. The ed
deal will probably be consumated not the
ort- later than Monday when work on the
picIpe line will begin. An oil refinery is
th Imost a certainty as it is the opin- et
ion of experts who have examined into ile
n the quality of the Welsh fluid that it
ife, is, too valuable for fuel, and if relined all
l may be utilized for purposes that will ti
m- reap a larger consideration for the
n- promoters. Engineers have experi- seer
gat- ae dii
meuted  it and pronounce the
c Wei oduct in its crude state at
nt, the
grade of lubricating oil thanL
a.. . rades that are now on the 1
after having been refined. and
q'estion of saving the gas is prot
considered by President LRobin- inll:
d the dilrectors, and already this
h. stee', have been taken to obtain ex- nine
i perts' iLadice as to its utility as a fuel the
id and for illuminating purposes, and if Smil
satisfactory it is in contemplation to and
e pip it to WVelsh for use in lighting the few
ren siee't'oaud lpubiic and private build- Tb
im ngs. A c2, und steam gauge was Iec
e applied to thi:well Saturday, and the sued
pressure was found to far exceed its st
ocal)aciiy, and there being no gauge ofil
(Isere to re ster a higher pressure the wli
S' test was c ferred until a 500-pound with
oh guage co- d be procured. The cost of Co
building storage tanks and piping the road
gas to Welsh has been estimated at Fr
d $1,,0)(), buit whether or not the gas is snk
of sull;eic" t quantity to justify this shi
o explenditLr( of moneuy is a lrobleti
thlt its solut,on is hard to arrive at. short
The comipainy is awaiting experts' ad
; vice regarding this question. Thus
d an additional sourice of wealth is
d found in the gas now being wasted,
I and the fact that it is not of a danger
t ouns character will result in hbeing
utliszed, if experts decide it can be
lpipedl here without loss of force.
fi os. Espali a, .Jr., (has. A. (un
ninghuamr, eo. H. Leathelrbury, of
ol biic, Al\la.. and F.. . l.\\wis, of
H!Scm anton. Miss., mienulteins i1 the A la
baina comi lpany whoiii w(. last weekX
nlentiollnd as having Iunr cliased two
i acries in the V'i-lsh li.l, ciwere here
i briday and (laseid an aidtitional tri t
oh 2-b10 - .(.~e s ini i( ldiat(] ly adjoiiiing tlthe
WV i 's furiin. Ii. I"jpalla stated
that h.' c(),tisiere( d this ttal (hne of the
Ibest I.rlot,.jitionUl in the Vel-lh field
a, lbhat ithe W(IulId at on)c( organize a
company tio develop the holdings. A
(coIILtLct has b(ei. let tot S. If. Keoug
han, of lennings, to put down two
wells, the miaterial for the derricks of
which are already in the 'etl. Mr.
Eg alla will open an oflice iii WClsh.
A rel,-esentativn of the J. M. Guffcy
Oil and Petroluem ('oinmtany, of ea-u
mont, wau in this city Friday investi
gating the oil prosliects- herT. The
nliuan submitted a mirolohsition to
*.va e effect that
I o- COOK STOVE *....
We are offering our customers a bran
. new COOK STOVE which will be given -awgy
absolutely free of cost to the person gu sijg
nearest the number of beans in a bei4 now
on exhibition at our store. Any one aking
Sa $2 purchase will be entitled to a chance in
this guessing contest. The bottle contain
ing the beans is securely sealed an. will not
presence of comptent judges the beans will
be counted and the cook stove awarded to
the person guessing nearest the number.
__+_*.._.. I+++...+.+.++.+.+++++++.+.......,
ling if two more wells were brought in that
as company would erect a storage tank
side of 100,000 barrels capacity and build
and a pipe line from the Welsh field to
you Beaumont. This would be an immense
all undertaking and neccessitate an outlay
]ssl of something like $700,06,0 including"
ion the pumping stations along the line.
The company recently organized at
the Virginia, Illinois, for the purpose of
ate entering the Jennings field, has acquir.
ay, ed considerable land west of Welsh
ie-. and will put down a well at once. The
,nd land on which the well will be sunk is
er, that formerly owned by N. L. Kelly,
at ('. J. XVildmhan and others, and the
or Virginia people think they have a
ne good proposition. The material for
iig the derrick has already been purchas
he ed and drilling will begin as soon as
ot the rig arrives.
lie The owners of Spindle Top, which
is located two miles north of the pres
ent gusher, have a p)roposition to put
Slown a well on their holdings and in
all probability will accepet same. I
,ll Sindle Top is where the first indica- t
tions of oil were noticed, and there
seems to he no doubt this is as good t
a point as anywhere in the field, and "
ill event of a gusher will greatly widen
the field. V
re ('has. T. Madison. Geo. ('. WValshe
and Messrs. Manning and Morrell,
s prominent New Orleans ca pital ists and
)- influential business men, were here a
y this week. Messrs. Madison, Man li
:- ning and Morrell bought five acres of
1 the Wood's tract and forty acres ir m
f Smith's subdivision in the proven fiedI
o and will begin operations within a
e few days.
The Southern Pacific railroad iI
Serecting a derrick on lot :34 of Smith':i kl
e subdivision, about 50(5 feet southeast k
of the p)resent gusher. This c.omplany'
will probably act in conjunction' ]
with the Welsh Oil and Developmnent' l
Company in piping the oil to the rail- I
From this time on new wells will bs
sunk here as rapidly as rits can be.
shipped in with whic:h to operate, and
it is freely predicted that within a ol
short time the Welsh field will he ai ch
veritable forest of derricks. Ila
(Successors to Knott Iros. & (o.)
General flerchandise.
We carry an immense stock of all
kinds of shoes and in order to make room
for more goods are offering some unprec
edented values in this line.
We have a complete line of Under- .
w r and Groceries and the prices we .
se them. are gaining now customers
evi v cay. Core aid see us. 4
Aat A Remarkable Showing.
n E. Scharff, one of the largest and
most successful rice farmers in this
to vicinity, while in Jennings Sunday
Ise gave out the following to *the Times
ay man, which'is a remarkable showing
ng considering the season: "1 finished
e. threshing the 27th day of stober.
at One hundred and ten acres of n y crop
of I did not cut, but after completing
r. threshing r found that I had 4,628
sh sacks of good milling rice that would
he bring the highest price on any market;
is 2,322 sacks of Honduras and 2,306
y, sacks of Japan. I sold the lower
Ie grade, which had been dampened be
a fore 1 could get it under shelter, for
)r *3.05 to *3.30 per barrel to the Welsh
- ice Milling Company.
Ds During the month of August just as
my rice was needing water worst one
h of my wells gave out and on account
of this I lost 110 acres of my best rice
it leaving but 3009 acres which made an
n average of 11 sacks to the acre. I
have been offered $3.35 per barrelfor
the remainder but refused the offer:
e Messrs. Hutchison and Scroggins,
the deep well contractors, have just
comuleted a well on my p)lace which is
about two miles west of Welsh and
which throws a ten inch stream thirty
six inches high."
"lWhen the frost is on the window
and the kitchen pail is froze, when the
little icy needles come forom every
liteath that blows, when chilblains
make us sick and faint and cold feet
give tus pain. it's safe to bet that we
all wish for summer days again. For
while we sweat and fume around in
gauzy summer clothes, it's easy
enoug ii to get cooled off, as.everybody
knows: but its different in the winter
when the world is full of ice, and the
weather is as hard to beat as a loaded
pair of (lice. We may talk about our
climate, and aboutourspring and fall,
but the balmny days of summer are the,
days that suit us all."
Telephone Operator Wanted.
An industrious young lady for night
operator at the Welsh telephone ex
change. Apply to Manager Cumber
land Telephone Company, Welsh, La.

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