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of tragrance or any other
are pleasing to the numerbas
aof the human family who ad.
puritY and beauty.
tenth of the inhabitants of the
of Long Marston, in Hertford
R3agland, are said by a statis
to have reached the age of 90
S tops the Conga and
$. Works Of the Cold
e Bromo Quinine Tablets. Prioe25
n't fret over little mistakes. They
bound to occur. The man is not
born who can avoid them. His
is dead, too.
erman Manton, o Birmingham,
d, who is now his ninety
year, has been a tember of the
council for half a cltury.
.Frances Stafford, of 243 E.
th St., N.Y. City, adds her tes
ny to the hundreds of thou
s on Mrs. Pinkham's files.
When Lydia E. Pinkham's Reme
- ere first introduced skeptics
over the country frowned upon
ir curative claims, but as year
or year has rolled by and the
e group of women who had been
by the new discovery has
grown into a vast army of
dreds of thousands, doubts and
pticisms have been swept away
by a migv flood, until to-day
great that Lydia E.
ns table Compound
her oth. dicines are doing
gthe- a of Amerca is
ract- 'on of many of
lead sts, phycians
t - dwin such (tme;
- S the woman who i
a .es upon Lydia. E.
aa egetableCompad.
20 3
You Bu;
Ist's the amount you can save by trat
i with us regularly. Send 150 in coil
stamps for our 1100-page catalogtre.
ins quotations on everything yq
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' got  d , Winchester. Factory
.r` I  w IRaL1.," loaded with
.na on 'a "- loaded
ith wat
any of V
,s quic pt no,
'Yk i
Preelident's Parable On the Abuse of
President Roosevelt is said to chafe
occasionally under the praise heaped
. upon him for his "independence,"
which some persons, he asserts, seem
to think is without social, ethical or
political limitations.- A politician who
once approached him to urge the Pres
ident's aid in a very radical measure
harped upon the fact that the people
would stand for the results out of
Ssheer admiration for his "indepen
'.You appear to think," replied
Roosevelt, "that a man can be unre
strictedly independent in every depart
ment of life. So do many others I
meet from day to day. Somehow, they
always remins me of a certain am
itious Celt, who thinking personal in
dependence a grand and glorious thing,
determined to stamp his belief on the
Santire world. He selected the crowded
public square in his native town for
the demonstration, stepped to the mid
dle, threw hat and coat violently to the
ground and, as he jumped on them,
Soared that all might hear:
."'Eveybody! Everybody!'
"'he throng surged to where he
stood, attracted by the shouts and
eagerly curious to learn the reason.
When he had made himself the center
of attraction, he went on to declare
"'Everybody!' he roared again
'Everybody can go to the devil!'"
Few of us are too lazy to work on
the sympathy of our friends.
Hundreds of dealers say the extra
quantity and superior quality of Defi
ance Starch is fast taking place of
all other brands. Others say they
cannot sell any other starch.
It would be better at times to know
not so much.
"I suffered for months from sore throat.
Eclectric Oil cured me in twenty-four
hours."-M. S. Gist, Hawesville, Ky.
The bumblebee looks pretty, but cut
him out.
Is because made by an entirely different
process. Defiance Starch is unlike any
other, better and one-thiru more for 10
When a fellow handles counterfeit
money it makes him feel "queer."
I was troubled with severe female
weakness for over six months. I was
treated by" six very prominent physi
cians without any marked benefit. My
last doctor was a skilled specialist,
an operation. I heard of Smith's Sure
Kidney Cure, and after using it for one
month I find myself cured, and even
the doctor who last treated me now
pronounces me well.
Mrs. J. R. FAVER, Atlanta, Ga.
Price 50 cents. For sale by all drug
A successful salesman induces cus.
tomers to purchase what they are not
in need of .
You never hear any one complain
about "Defiance Starch." There is
none to equal it in quality and quan
tity, 16 ounces, 10 cents. Try it now
and save your money.
Bishop Hall of Vermont has author
ized a prayer. for use in the churches
of the diocese in behalf of the state
legislature, as none is provided foz
that body in the prayer book.
Builds up the system; puts pure, rich
blood in the veins; makes men and women
strong anil ,ealthy. Burdock Blood Bitters.
At any drTg store.
The first time Mr. and Mrs. Henr3
Kettles of St. Louis ever faced a t
camera was when they celebrates
their golden wedding last week ant
sat for their photographs to a news
paper artist.
FITS Permanently (nued. io .Ste or nervoulnes ates t
rS day'c une of Dr. Kline'e Great Nerve IRestorer.
Send for lFREE 62.00 trial bottle and treatrie.
e. 2. H. Kies. Ltd.. s1 Arch St.. 1'hiladelphi. Pa.
When there are several wills there
should be several ways.
Defiance Starch is guaranteed big
gest and best or money refunded. 16
ounces, 10 cents. Try it now.
It doesn't take an athlete to jumm
at conclusions.
Mtrs. WLnslow's Snoothing Syrup.'
For children teething, softens the gums, reduces fin
Salmatlun, allay paln. cureswind colic. S5caboCte
The grindstone of adversity is whal '1
makes a man sharp.
If you were more considerate you I
would be almost a stranger to preju I
Remember, you only see from your
point of view. Get the opinion o (
your fellow men. Don't be arbitrarj
and conceited.
Now They Compare With Those of
Some Forty' Years Ago.
Jay Cooke, one of the greatest of
Ameriran financiers, negotiated near
ly all of the immense loans issued by
the United States government during
the civil war. The banking firm of
which he was the head handled over
$2,000,000,000 for the government, and
its profits, it is said, did not exceed
$200,000. What would have been J. P.
Morgan's profits if that astute finan
cier had been engaged by the govern
ment to float a series of loans amount
ing to $2,000,000,000? It has been
stated that Mr. Morgan received about
$100,000,000 for financing the United
States Steel Corporation with a capita'
of about $1,400,000.000. In another tran
saction his profit on a $200,000,00(
transaction was estimated at $10,000.
000. Either Mr. Morgan has cause tc
be astounded at Mr. Cooke's modera
tion or Mr. Cooke would be justified it
expressing astonishment at the vert
high value which Mr. Morgan place,
upon his services. If Mr. Morgan hat
financed the steel company at the
same rates at which Mr. Cooke han
dled the government's loans during the
civil war he would have received only
$140,000 for his share in the transac
tion. On the other hand, if the gov
ernment had paid Mr. Cooke as hand
somely for his services as Mr. Morgan
is reported to have been paid by the
steel company, Mr. Cooke would have
netted nearly $150,000,000.
Important Historical Discoveries Be
ing Made There.
Discoveries of the first importance
to the students of the evidences of
Christianity and to archiaeologists are
confidently looked for from the con
tinued exploration of the Catacombs
of Rome. Of the forty-five cemeterft
known to have existed, only five have
been made accessible to visitors. The
principal catacombs. those on the Ap
pia, Nomentana, Salaria and Ardea
tina, although epen, are not yet thor
oughly explored. The.o I being of vol
canic origin, is tp asft to be utilized
for building purposes, but it is of suf
ficient consistency to enable excava
tions to be prosecuted without the aid
of supports. Until the ninth century
the catacombs were places of pilgrim
age, but from then until the nine
teenth they were neglected. The en
trances became blocked and almost
all the sites were lost sight of. It is
computed that fully 6,000,000 of bodies
lie buried in the Roman catacombs, or
more than double the number that are
interred in the catacombs of Paris.
The most ancient of all known cata
combs are those of the Theban kings,
which are over 4,000 years old.
150,000 Screws to the Pound.
The minuteness of some of the
screws made in a watch factory may
be measured by the statement that it
takes nearly 150,000 of a certain kind
to weigh a pound. Under the micro
scope they appear in their true charac
ter-perfectly finished bolts. The
pivot of the balance wheel is only
one two-hundredths of- an inch in
diameter, and the gauge with which
pivots are classified measures to the
ten- thousandth part of an inch. Each
jewel hole into which a pivot fits is
about one five-th--usandth of an inch
larger than the pivot to permit suiff,
ctent play. The finest screw for ,
small-sized watch has a thread of 2l(;
to the inch and weighs one one-hun
dred and tairty thousandths of a
pound. Jewel slabs of sapphire, ruby
cr garnet are first sawed into slabs
one-fiftieth of an inch thick, and are
shellacked to plates so that they mas
be surfaced. Then the individual
jewels are sawn or broken off. drilled
through the center, and a depression
made in the convex side for an oil
(up. A pallet jewel weighs one one
hundredth and fifey-thousandths of a
pound: a roller jewel a little more
than one two-hundred and fifty-six
thousandths. The largest round hair
Fpring stud is four-hundredths of an
inch in diameter and albout nine-hun
dredths of an inch in length.
Love's Debt.
Clod helpl us! for the flesh i weak;
'"'ime's Fhadow's dim the sight,
And we for get
That tasks ;re set
W'e needs must do aright.
God hell, us! for we laugh and weep
And drift on easy titlde,
And scarcely know
The hours that go
Are meant for aught bosidle.
God helpl us! for the wealthl of days,
The goldenl string of hllcr.
Is tresure loallnetd.
(Chrlist's blood na toned
For sins we knllow as ours.
But, shall we ransomed stand, unstaine,
If heedless of our trust.
The days go by
As breaths that di{.
Life's gold be-turned -to dust?
God help us! life Is given for work
Naught else the needs suffice;
For noble zeal
To bind and hentl;
For service. sacrifice;
For wea ing while the day is ours,
For smoothing life's rough waiy!
If we forget
'0o pay) love's ldebt
Who will our runsom pay?
Must Have Red Ink.
Henry Sienkiewicz, the author of
"Quo Vadis," has a somewhat peculiar
habit. He invariably uses red ink
when writing his manuscripts and can
not be induced to use ink of any other
Literature in the South.
Three hot literary suppers are
scheduled to come off soon. The lit
erary committee is now in the swamp,
hunting the 'possu ahs for 'em.-Atlan
ta Constity-o
I Nlegro Rebuked For Using a "Last
Year's Calouletor."
L. M. Cross of The Baptist Common.
wealth, tells a story of a negro planta
V tion owner in Bouth Carolina who, like
3 some other black cotton-growers In
i his district, had not always been get
r ting a fair deal when he took his crop
to a particular warehouse. where the
custom was to make calculations like
the following in quick, imprele, bus
iness-like tones:
"Four hundred pounds cotton at 8
cents-six-teen dollars! Cashier.
give Sambo six-teen dollars!"
The grower wondered why although
getting a fair price per pound for his
cotton, a large crop had such small
monetary returns when all gathered
and shipped. An itinerant pedler sold
him a "lightning calculator" in the
form of some computed examples of
multiplication often employed in ev
eryday commerce- and the negro mas
tered its principles. When next he
delivered a Icad, he heard:
'tour hundred pounds cotton at 8
cents- twen-ty-four dollars! Cash
ler, give Sambo twen-ty-four dollars!"
But Sambo had consulted his tables,
and profested
"Look-a-heah. sah! I find by this
kalkilator dat it 'mounts to f't'-eight
dollars, sah!"
The weigher strode forward, pulled
the "calculator" from the darkey's
hand, examined it for a moment, and
then, with a lock of disgust, threw it
in a corner, exclaiming:
"You ought to be ashamed. Sambo-
ashamed! That's last year's calcula
tor, and is no good now!'
Turkeys as Star Witnesses.
A modern Solomon's judgment, ap
proved by a flock of turkeys, after the
decision had been referred for final
adjudication to the latter, has just
come from Lower Providence town
ship. The flock of birds in question
had strayed from their own farm
home, as turkeys will, and had been
cooped up by the distant neighbor on
whose fence rails they roosted.
A warrant, a trial before a justice
of the peace and a proposition from
the real owner to let the birds settle
the question for themselves, prevailed.
"I'll forfeit the lot if they don't go
home," proposed the owner.
"And so you shall,"' responded the
Justice. 'Turn them loose."
,The liberated turkeys, as if they
appreciated the weight of their new
legal responsibility, went in a bee
line to their home roosts, and judg
ment was entered for the plaintiff.
Philadelphia Record.
S . "cs truly as a Laxative.
S.:.Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured and the
• well-informed and to the healthy, because its cornm
.-. / ponnt parts are simple and wholesome and be
";..cause it acts without disturbing the natural funco
S ' _1tions, as it is wholly free from every objectionable
/ . .t : '};,..',. quality or substance. In the process of
manufacturing figs are used, as they are
-, pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal
virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained
S..- . from an excellent combination of ,-'ants
,?': known to be. medicinally laxative and to
'a t most beneficially.
STo get its beneficial effects-buy the
1 , "' genuine-manufactured by the
Lo svi . K new York I.Y.
. or alta by ll dru .ii.ta. Price- fifty cents per bottle..
Frequently it is in order to make
suggestions, at other times it is any
thing but a good idea.
he does not have Defiance Starch. you
rmay be sure he is afraid to keep it until
his stock of 12 oz. packages are sold. De
fiance Starch Is not only better than any
other Cold Water Starch, but contains 16
oz. to the package and :ella for same
money as 12 os. brands.
Some men seemingly abhor cobwebs
so much that they clear them out of
their throats.
Be all things to all men after you
have been true to yourself. That set
tles the first condition.
"Yor want $50 for that old suit?"
asked the second-handed dealer; "why
it is full of dust." "Yes, but it is coal
t" responded the thrifty house
Rev. TT. Stubenvoll, of Elkhorn, Wis., is pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran
St. John's Church of that place. Rev. Stubenvoll is the possessor of two bibles
presented to him by Emperor William of (:ermany. Upon the fly leaf of one of
the bibles the Eitperor has written In his own handwriting a text.
This honored pastor, in a recent letter to The Peruna Medicine Co,, of Oolum*
bus, Ohio, says concerning their famous catarlh. remedy, Peruna:
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen: " I had hemorrhages of the lungs (or a loag time,
and all despaired of me. I took Peruna and was cured. At gave me
strength and courage, and made healthy, pure blood. It Increased
my weight, gave me a healthy color, and I feel well. It is the best
medicine in the world. If everyone kept Peruna in the house it
would save manv from death every year. "---H. STUBENVOLL.
Thousandsef people have catarrh who
would be surprised to know it, because
it has been called some other name than
catarrh. The fact is catarrh is catarrh
wherever located; and another fact
which isof equally great importance. is
that l'eruna cures catarrh wherever
If you do not derive prompt and satia
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
1fll statement of your case and be will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman; President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Will receive, free on application, a little pamphlet containing
points from a
by writing to Lyon Manutfacturing Co., 45 South Sth St.,
Brooklyn. N. Y., giving name and address.
NEW PENSION LAWS t """.o.,o ,,o. o.o ,,o
£pp3 to NATHAN BHWKFORD, 916 F
WApplytolNA sHA ton. RD,1 Whbe Answering Advertisements 1iindly
Mention This raper.
.Pli  1.: t Fr.
P 3 M B .IJ W HISK Y a' . B ts otu r aru e C u h 8ru . a e .
S HYi ahdl;l cured. We wan.t th
- t carse. Rourk n.d references "BtEE Dr.
.tL .OOLLEJ. Hoa S7. A.ianta. GO.
7f ,....

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