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our many friends and pat- at
is we extend wishes for a rf
Very Merry Christmas
and a n
)St Happy and Prosperous
New Year.
ooper's Drug Store
A Few Eleventh Hour
GIVE HER a box of Lown
y's. We have it in handker
hief boxes, etc.
A bottle of Perfume, Rogers
Gallett's, Spieler's, Pratt's,
to., etc.
GIVE HIM a Christmas pack
ge of cigars, or a gold plated
acquered photo frame with your
)hoto, etc., etc.
Cooper's Drug Store
T. L: Kelly transacted business in When y<
nings Tuesday. t. Theni
ileopha Benoit transacted business plemen
Jennings Tuesday. G. E N
E. P. Willard was in Crowles Tues- Misses M
,y attending to business matters. over from
C. C. Kimball and F. E. Doan were the guests
nnings business visitors Tuesday. Taylor T
Paulin Fontenot returned Tuesday Strengt
om a business trip to Lake Charles. food, du
Officer J. W. Coley, of Lake adds no
harles, spent last Friday in Welsh. ashes, in
Mrs. M. E. Gallup and daughter, For Ci
[iss Emma, spent Tuesday in Jen- fact anyl
ings. day enjo
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ingle are at his di
pending the week with Lake Charles inside.
indred. Have
We will exchange Welsh town lots of stock
or good horses or mules. Call on ae te
tion of
Miss Evelyn Willard went to Jen- of
nings Tuesday afternoon to visit with Minn.,d
kindred. noon
J. B. Lee returned Wednesday af- mained
ternoon from a business trip to Lake interes
Charles. The
Rev. D. M. Lewis returned Wednes- and Cc
lay afternoon from a business trip to each h
`Jennings. having
Miss Eva Cline went to Lake Charles spectil
yesterday afternoon to visit with A.
friends a few days. Lake I
Beautifully illustrated books for formel
young people at the Journal Book Heber
and Stationery Store. few
W.. D. Boyd left Wednesday after- Rol
noon for Greensburg, La., to spend ing r
Christmas with homefolks. hilli
The finest line of package and bulk day
pickles ever in Welsh at New
Mrs. J. H. Labit left for Orange, the
Tepas, Tuesday afternoon to spend rest
Christmas with her parents. retma
k Fountain Pens at the the y
Journal Stationery Store. ist
Miss Nolie Lanclos, of Franklin, is E1l
spending the week visiting at the home cond
of P. J. Unkel, south of town. Sevn
Cash paid for hides, all kinds, of t
skinned or unskinned. OaO
Ernest Radeke left Monday after- Eldi
noon for Sutherlin, Iowa, to spend a er
month visiting at his old home. size
The Davidson - Wesson Implement J
o. have a few odd sizes in wagons sini
hat they will give you a bargain in. sh
A. R. McBurney and Wm. Hall left a:
Tuesday noon for Chicago to spend Fri
the holidays with the former's father. ho'
Miss Clemence Miller, of Millerville, oa
arrived Monday afternoon for a visit
with her-brother, Philip Miller, and to
wife. di'
Mr. and Mrs. Phines Hoffpauir, of tw
Rayne, came over Wednesday to visit
a few days with the family of S. Rto
Groves. cv
Call up 35 for your groceries. We is
have the most complete line in town; st
free delivery. C. BENOIT & SON. t
Clarence Snyder, after an absence a
of several months spent in South Af- r
Srica, arrived in Welsh Wednesday C
G. B. Speed returned last week from
New Orleans where he secured a con
tract from the Hill Top Oil Company
r the sinking of that company's
third well on their holdings in the oil
field. Drilling will begin shortly af
ter the holidays.
Owing to the delay in starting
school this year only one day will be
given to the teachers and students in
which to enjoy the festivities of the
holiday season. School was dismiss
ed yesterday afternoon to resume
IviMonday morning.
Albert Butter is spending the week X. B. Stewart
at Manvel, Texas, attending the con- In the propel
ference of the German Baptist Breth- pears the name
ren church, candidate for
Have you bought that suit yet? If ship of this, t1
not, don't forget that we can fit you at Thirteen yeara
the lowest possible prices. homestead ab
C. BENOIT & SON. Lake Charles.
Rev. P. P. Briol,.a French minister a country sch
of New Orleans, spent several days by which he s
visiting relatives and friends, return- law school.
ing to the city Tuesday. University he
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Ringuet, of in 1898, and 1
Crowley, came over Tuesday afternoon lake, and late
for a several days' visit with their with Judge
Welsh kindred and friends. Charles. He
ence in conda
Mrs. Ollie Bushnell and son, Jesse, his supportel
left Sunday night for Virden, Ill., to competent to
spend a month visiting the former's district attor
mother and other relatives, isfaction. I
Eld. S. B. Horton, of New Orleans, execute his
arrived Tuesday to be present at a same thorou
meeting of the conference committee of distinction a
the Seventh Day Adventists. Operat
Davidson-Wesson Implement Co. The situal
have one second-hand surrey which mains pract
they will sell at a bargain. Also one which is be
second-hand haek and two buggies. farm by the
Miss Rachael Dennist returned to sortium of
Crowley Tuesday morning, after thick bed o
spending a few days the guest of her gravel at a
- friend, Miss Ells Wells, near town. It is report
trated a de
n When you see a man using an. En- this hard a
terprise buggy, ask him how he likes tools are
it. Then call on Davidson-Wesson progress.
ess Implement Co... they will do.the rest. Several
G. H. Morse, wife and daughters, Southern ]
Misses Marjorie and Carrie, drove operators
over from Jennings and spent the day ing their l
rere the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. past sixty
. Taylor Tuesday. point to a
day Strength and'1vigor come of good salt watin
rles. food, duly digested. "Force," a serious i
ready-to-serve wheat and barley food, opIt is re
.ake adds no burden, but sustains, nour- ern Pacif
aish. ishes, invigorates. creased i
iter, For Christmas goods, toys, and in barrels I
Jen- fact anything in which there is holi- rels with
day enjoyment, Daniels has it. Look The ern
are at his display windows and then go this poir
arles inside. completi
Have you tried the various brands this dis
lots of stock feed at West Bros.? If not valuabli
on make your next purchase of them and The ph
watch the improvement in the condi- a thep:
tion of your horses or cows. Journal
with Judge D. T. Calhoun, of St. Cloud,
Minn., arrived here Tuesday after
noon from Lake Charles and re- tOS.
af- mained until Wednesday night in the ing h
Lake interest of the Rhodes estate.
The Methodist Episcopal, Baptist Clau
ednes- and Congregational Sunday schools nected
trip to each held Christmas exercises besides during
having a Christmas tree in their re- ploved
harles spective churches last night. a Drig
with A. Hebert, wife and children went to follow
Lake Charles Tuesday afternoon. The "The .
ks for former returned Wednesday, but Mrs. of Cia
Book Hebert and the childrenremained over feel cc
a few days visiting her parents. tion a
after- Robt. Meyers, who had been grad- ers.
spend ing rice at this point the past two or youni
three months for the National Rice Nport
l Milling Co., went to Jennings Tues- years
d bulk day and the following day left for and t
SON. New Orleans to spend the holidays. habit
nge, I E. C. Willard, assistant cashier of for h
range, the First NationIl Bank, is taking a and I
rest on account of his eyes and will toouhi
remain on a vacation until the first of
t the the year at least. Claud Kelly is as- w
tore. sisting in the bank during Mr. Wil- havi
lard's absence. DAur
nklin, is Eld. H. H. Dexter, who had been ager
he home conducting special meetings at the
Seventh Day Adventist church south G,
1 kinds, of town for several days, has secured buil
Martin's hall and Monday evening in t
NNSON. began a course of Bible lectures there. nest
6y after- Elder Dexter is an entertaining speak
spend a er and is being greeted with a fair
e. sized audience aeach service.ounts which
iller, and t him. parker is aboutenant on the Lacafifth in- or
wadivg sine plantation sou to leave this setion between ms
rgauir, iof two sunshook the dupast two monthwest Louisi-h
lay to visit aThe Southerekn Pacific is preparing
of S. r. to miake some important changes formerth
Sfath home in Virginia, beLacasine extension un-e
paid notes at under ook accounts which b
ier a ist of his appreniation of their line is completed rality
ler, SON. to him.uh trairkeis awill lea the main line
n absence ato suns the past two months. ht
fSouth f- routo make soviame important changes be
cause of the Lacasine extension that
es. We is at present undther cebo cutting of con
t eek fromwn; structed the oma line i's cdhouseted i
tred a con- ueydainal ccordiuipment dto a divispation hed
SCON. through trains will leave the main lineay
company's enctte to New Iberia and follow the shorter
s in th Af- route via the Ailbeville branch to
Thnesday Gueydan and oer the Lacasi branche
into Lake Charles, thefrebsdy cutting offu
day will be delinquent a lon stretc d of track. It isr
avities of the the above date om pe' en ro ue
wasdismiss-quarters will be charednged from Lafay
to resume ite to New Iberia. COR
shortly at- 'ax Payers, Take Notice.
X. B. Stewart for District Attorney.
In the proper column this week ap
pears the name of M. R. Stewart, a
candidate for the district attorney
ship of this, the 15th judicial district.
Thirteen years ago Mr. Stewart came
to Calcasieu parish and settled on a
homestead about fifteen miles north of
Lake Charles. He wielded the rod in
a country school house seven years
by which he secured means to enter a
law school. Graduating from Tulane
University he was admitted to the bar No Opiul
f in 1898, and began practice at West- telieves a
n lake, and later formed a partnership
r with Judge S. D. Read, of Lake
Charles. He has had a wide experi- Don't
ence in conducting criminal cases and
'O competent to discharge the duties of
fhis supporters believe him sufliiently M wa to .
district attorney with the utmost sat- omti-,
isfaction. If elected he promises to a usaerd
s, execute his official duties with the fbui
a same thoroughness that has won him .sJIyurhe.
of distinction as a general practitioner.
Operations In the Oil Field. P.o. fex a
0. The situation in the Welsh field re
ch mains practically unchanged. A well
ne which is being drilled on the Wood For sale t
farm by the Netherlands Boor Con
to sortium of Holland has encountered a It is now
'ter thick bed of pyrites of iron and fine ty that the
her gravel at a depth of about 500 feet. Louisiana
It is reported that the drill has pene- completed
trated a depth of nearly thirty feet in track is no
En- this hard stratum and that Standard the town
kes tools are being installed to hasten worked in
son progress. The people
est. Several of the wells owned by the much grati
ers, Southern Pacific company and other thus far.
cove operators have been steadily increas- paying bri
day ing their production of oil during the C. Americ
H. past sixty days, and all indications
point to a gradual exhaustion of the
ood salt water which has been the most Notice i
I a serious impediment to a rapid devel- holders tI
ood, opment of the Welsh field. of officers
It is reported that one of the South- pany, Lty
lour- ern Pacific Company's wells has in- such othe
creased its paoduction from thirty-five fore them
id in barrels per day to about eighty bar- January
holi- rels within ninety days.
Look The erection of a small refinery at
in go this point is being pushed and on its
completion a portion of the oil from
rands this district will be converted into teest have
[f not valuable lubricating products.
n and The principal shipments from Welsh to the 0
condi- the present time are by the South- Benoita
ern Pacific Company.--il Investor's le all
Journal. all bills
loud, irm
after- Carroll's Studio for pho
nd re- tos. Special prices dur
in the ing holidays.
Baptist Claude T. Walker, who was con
schnols nected with this paper for some time
besides during the first of the year, is now em- Insti
eir re- ploved as a reporter on the Hanford,
Cal., ,Daily Journal, as we learn from
a private letter from him and the MuS.
went to following extract from that paper:
on. The "The Journal has secured the services
)ut Mrs. of Claude Walker as reporter and we
red over feel confident that he will fill the posi
". tion acceptably to us and to our read
n grad- ers. He is an enterprising, steady
t two or young man, wo has been with the
al Rice North Ontario Packing Co., in a re- TAT
sponsible position, for the past four rl
s Tues- years. He has a large acquaintance,
left for and this, with his ability a d steady
idays. habits, will, we have no doubt, quali- Wi
fy him to "fill the bill." We bespeak U)
ishier of for him, from the people of Hanford
taking a and Kings county, a cordial riesponse
and will to his request for the news, which, of
course, is a reporter's strong point." and
e first of cNot
ly is as- When you buy a bug ry insist on atil
Mr. Wit- having an Enterprise. For ease and of
durability there is none better made. plain
had been agents.
rs at the For Sale.
r rb south Good dwelling, barn and other sale
s secured buildings, with twenty acres of land, ur P
7 evening in the incorporation; also dray busi- nd
ures there. ness and teams: liberal terms. er
ling speak- S. A. COVEY, Welsh, La. Patt
10with a fair
ith fir The many patrons and friends of
e a- The Welsh National Bank were yes
the Laca- terday morning recipients of Christ
of Welsh, mas gifts in the way of handsome
est Lousi- urses and card cases with the com- A
1:09 train pliments of that institution inscribed t
his former thereon. Besides being elegant souv
several un- enirs they make useful presents. Th
which be
unts which Farmlers, Take Notice. in
d as tokens Any farmer wanting to build a barn
r liberality or warehouse, or needing a buildingo
e fifth in- or second-hand lumber, can save o
on between money by buying the old Welsh Ma- wI
iths. chine Shop buildiag. Apply to
s preparing M. B. VAN NESS, Welsh, La.
changes be- Wmin. Cox and a Miss Holland, both
ension that residents on the Illinois plantation, re
rse of con- boarded the 4 o'clock train here yes
is completed terday morning and eloped to Orange,
a dispatch, Texas, to be married because of pa
the main line rental objection.
the shorter Shoes and Harness Repaired.
e branch to If you want your shoes and harness
casiiebranch neatly repaired, take them to J. C
Scutting ofb Kiplinger at the S. P. House
track. It is J. B. Clark, local telephone man
roundhouse, ager, was in Jennings Sunday and
ivisionhead- attended the marriage of Ed. Nuck
from Lafay- les and Miss Daisy IRobinson.
MIIIules for Sale.
ce. We have for sale several head of
ea1ti 902 have good work mules at a bargain. Ap
d will become ply to
d on or before For Sale.
nt per month One span of mules, 16 hands high, 8
pp years old, also harness. Apply to
ax Collector.
Cures Catarrh for 25
r A purely vegetable preparation.
rNo Opium, no Drugs. Instantly
relieves and permanently Cpres
i Don't Suffer Longer
L Read what J. K. Lundy says of Catava:
of ew Orltme
1t- I dertre to myru * 7 d
or the reliet 7our Rerm511. s 4 ° ms Iha 
o bee nsufererrom atarrB tot ,eery. ea -
to usued man remedie_ withost obai a
he sef.bet sice OATAVA fountmmedla
wrellef, ad ms.t say a-ter udagS ixbotales am s
P.O. aes b16. New orseem R IA.
lod For sale by BILON's PHARMACY.
It is now almost a positive certain
ty that the Lacasine branch of the
Louisiana Western railroad will be
completed before Christmas. The
track is now down within two miles of
the town and a double crew is being
worked in order to complete the road.
The people of Lake Arthur are very
much gratified with the progress made
thus far. This will be one of the best
paying branches of the company.--L.
C. American.
Notice of Election.
t Notice is hereby given to the stock
. holders that a meeting for the election
of officers of the Welsh Printing Com
. pany, Ltd., and for the transaction of
.1 such other business as may come be
re fore them, will be held in the office of
r_ said company on Tuesday evening,
r- January 5, 1904, at 8 o'clock p. m.
J. T. WALKER, President.
its Notice.
>m WELSH, LA., Dec. 18, 1903.
Lto I have this date sold my entire in
terest in the firm of Kimball & Benoit
Ish to the other members of the firm, C.
th- Benoit and S. Benoit, who will col
,r's lect all accounts due the tirm and pay
all bills due and not due by the above
firm. E. E. KIMBALL.
Instrumental and vocal taught by
Mus. ARTHUR ''. MOOR,., Welsh, La.
Phone 80.
Constable's Sale.
Cleopha Benoit,
John H. Cooper,
Welsh Carriage & Implement Co., Ltd.,
I)avidson-Wesson Implement Co., Ltd.,
Clyde F. Funnenberger.
2nd Vae.rd Justice Court-Nos. 10, 11, 12, 13.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of writs
of attachment issued by Samuel Blaekford,
Justice of the reace of Ward Two (2), Parish
1 of Calcasieu, in favor of the above named
plaintiffs and against Clyde F. Funnenberger,
and to me directed, I will at 11 o'clock a. in. on
e the
the :'r D AY OF I)ECEMBEII, 1903,
at theoffice of the said Justice of the Peace,
in the Second Ward in said arish, offer for
sale at public auction the following described
property, to-wit:
Lots Nos. 7 and 8 and 9 in block 3, in Jarrett
j- and Cooper subdivisioln of the Town of Welsh,
Seized as the property of Clyde F. Fnnnen
berger under said writs of attaclhments.
D)ated this Monday, 16th day of November,
Constable of 2nd Ward.
An ordinance to restrain and prohibit gamb
ling houses and gambling of any nature in
tile Town of Welsh, and providing the pun
ishmont for violation thereof.
lBE IT ORDAINEDI by the Mayor and Board of
Trustees of tile town of Welsh. That it shall
be unlawful for any person to conduct with
in the corporate limits of the town of Welsh a
gambling house or to rent a house or building
to any one in which gambling is conducted.
or for any person to conduct or take part in
any game of cards. dice. roulett. pool, billiards
or any game whatever where money chips or
other representation of value are bartered.
wagered or bet upon the result thereof, and
that anyone who violates this ordinance shall
be subject to a fine of not to exceed Fifty dol
lars. or to be imprisoned not to exceed thirty
days. or both. at the discretion of the Mayor.
Be it Ordained, &c., That all ordinances in
conflict herewith be and the same are hereby
Sa. Davidson, H.aye; S. W. Day, aye; C. P.
Martin, aye:.Tohn H. Coner aye.
l'assed the Council. Deiember 1st,, 10•.
Approved Dec 1 1 0.3.
LiE E. ROBIN*ON, Mayor.
Defining dutiesof and regulating Marshal and
Police Officers.
eic. 1. Be it Ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Trustees, That it shall be unlawful
for any police officer. or Marshal of the town
of Welsh, La., while on duty, to enter a saloon
except in the discharge of hia duty.
Sec. 2. B;0 it further ordained, That it shall
be unlawful for any Marshal or police officer
to take a drink of any spirituous, vinons, malt
or intoxicating liquors, in a saloon, while on
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That any
Ma-rshal or police officer violating the provis
ions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction,
1)e ined not more than Twenty-five Dollars,
or be imprisoned not more than ten days, or
oth, lat the discretion of the Mayor.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That this
ordinance shall he in force from and after its
John i. Cooper, aye; C. P. MIartin, aye; S.
w. Tiay. aye; H. A. Davidson, aye.
Passed the Council. Dec. 1, 1 S0.3.
Approved, Dec. 1. 11)03
IO1 Wf I4Wm
Exchanged for Horses!
TOWN LOTS In Welsh will be exchanged for
good lIbrses or mules. Call at
We can fit your size, your taste and your
pocketbook in Overcoats, Gloves Mittens for
Men and Children, Rubber Boots, Overshoes and
all kinds of Footwear.
We handle the celebrated Star Brand, and
our stock in that line is complete in all styles and..
G.,,.,,, Our line is up o dat
GROCERIES both quality and prices. We
k- will save you money on every purchase.
For your Xmas Presents call on
SWelsh Furniture Co.
We have all kinds of
furniture, including:
Dressers Beds Lounges Rockers
a. Sewing Machines Picture Frames
- Picture Frames Baby Carriages
SMoulding Carpet Lineoleums Mattngs
- Window Shades Chamber Sets, Etc.
~i ~l~llllll~lLIHL14 00L1LI
Rice Storage
Warehouse No. I at Welsh, La.,
Will store Rice at regular rates. Low rates of
Prompt shipments on orders from patrons.
Rice buyers given every facility for purchasing
and inspecting.
- Builders'U
d AT . :-t3.
SLewis s
INm t:d
C. , . -
_ . K."

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